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December 30, 2010     Golden Valley News
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December 30, 2010
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December 30, 2010 Page 3 To the editor: As 2010 draws to a close, many families across America are reflect- ing on a tough year economically. While we're enjoying boom times in North Dakota, the hard reality is that the national economy remains sluggish. A lot of Americans are hurting. Some 24 million people are out of work or underemployed. That's one in six working-age Americans. More must be done to create jobs and strengthen the economy. In an effort to accelerate eco- nomic growth, the Obama Administration and Republican leaders recently agreed to a broad plan to extend expiring tax cuts as a way to create jobs and provide vital tax relief for millions of mid- dle-class Americans. I do not agree with all the ele- ments of this tax cut extension package. Most notably, I oppose the estate tax provision included in the package. I favor an estate tax exemption of $3.5 million per per- son at a 45 percent rate instead of the $5 million per person exemp- tion at a rate of 35 percent in the package. But at the end of the day, I voted in favor of the overall pro- posal. I believe the package -- as a whole -- is necessary to strength- en the economic recovery. Above all, the plan provides a two-year extension of all the tax cuts that are set to expire December 31 and ensures middle class taxpayers are not hit with a tax increase at the start of the new year. The package also includes a payroll tax Cut for working fami- lies. This will provide a one-year 2 percentage point reduction in employees' Social Security payroll taxes. This tax cut will increase a worker's take home pay. For exam- ple, a North Dakotan with $40,000 in income would save $800. This measure is widely recognized by economists across the political spectrum as an effective way to boost growth and job creation. Here are some more examples of the tax cut benefits provided by I do not agree with all the elements of this tax cut extension package. this package: A mother with one child with $20,000 of income will receive a $1.105 tax cut. A married couple with $40,000 of income will receive a $1,943 tax cut. And a married couple with two children with $60,000 of income will receive a $3,343 tax cut. The package also extends unemployment insurance benefits at their current level for 13 months. This will save millions of Americans searching for work from losing unemployment bene- fits in 2011. Economists also rank this measure as having very high "bang-for-the buck," because those who receive these benefits immedi- ately spend them on groceries, gas and other necessities. Additionally, the package includes tax cuts for businesses in North Dakota' and across the nation, allowing them to write off 100 percent of their capital pur- chases in 2011. The provision is a useful incentive to get businesses to start spending again and could generate more than $50 billion in additional investment in 2011. The agreement also includes a two-year extension of the research and development tax credit and other tax incentives to support business expansion. Economists estimate that the tax extension package will inject an extra $300 billion into the econ- omy in 2011. Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody's Analytics -- and a former advisor to Senator John McCain's presidential cam- paign -- predicts that the package will provide a substantial boost to economic growth in 2011 and help bring down unemployment. I recognize that this package will increase the deficit over the next two years. But allowing the economy to fall back into a reces- sion would do even greater damage to our fiscal position. So we need to distinguish between what is needed for the economy and budget in the short-term versus what is needed in the long-term. In the short-term, we need to boost economic growth and create jobs. That's job one. And the tax cut extension package will help do that. Then we can pivot and deal with the deficit and debt longer 'term. In the coming year, we need to develop and put in place a com- prehensive, long-term deficit reduction plan that restores confi- dence in America's fiscal future. I believe the deficit and debt reduction plan assembled by the President's Fiscal Commission - on which I served as a member - has provided a way forward. The plan, entitled "Moment of Truth," cut federal deficits by nearly $4 trillion over the next decade, pro- viding a roadmap to putting America back on a solid fiscal path. Even though the plan fell short of the necessary 14 votes in the Commission to guarantee a vote in Congress, it did receive support from 11 of the 18 Commission members, more than 60 percent of the panel. It was a bipartisan vote, with five Democrats, ,five . Republicans, and one Independent giving their support. That outcome proved that Democrats and Republicans can come together to solve this challenge. So we now have a responsible and realistic bipartisan plan on the table, and national attention is focused on the serious threat posed by America's mounting debt. We cannot let the Fiscal Commission's plan fall idly by the wayside. It is up to Congress and the President to come together to finish the job. A summit between the White House and congressional leaders -- Republican and Democrat -- is the vital next step in efforts to get the nation's financial house in order. It is absolutely essential to America's economic future. Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. Hello, I hope 3 ou had a Merry Christmas! Ours was wonderful, with family and friends. The weath- er wasn't real bad. Foggy, snowy, and breezy. But compared to the east coast, it was pretty darn good. Now many people are making resolutions for the coming year. I decided to quit chewing and smok- ing. In fact, I quit years ago, so I jusf. keep on making the same resolu- tion. Why change the game plan when it's working? So, with my res- olution intact and quite achievable, I'll just drift around a little with this article Now, I'm not sure if you told me this or if I heard it on the radio. But someone was talking about the Hat Tips By Dean Meyer weird things people say and do. Seems this guy was campaigning and taking questions and complaints from the local citizenry. This lady stood up and complained about the deer crossing signs along the river outside of town. She thought they should move the "deer crossing" to an area where there wasn't so much traffic! And another thing. I attended a little get together the other night. And one of the people we expected to see there, was noticeably absent. When her son-in-law was asked where Mom was, he was quick to explain. Seems she had been clean- ing up to come to the party and inadvertently, if I'm lying I'm dying, zhe had inadvertently brushed her teeth with Preparation H. Now, I'm not one to accuse a son-in-law of planting that tube there, but there did seem to be a lit- tle gleam in his eye, right behind the tears. Man, I bet that would make it hard to spit your snoose ore, would- n't it? That reminds me of a story, I'm not much of a snoose chewer. Oh, I used to spit a little. Actually, I spit a lot. And chewed very little. I never could really get into it. But when you were a young cowboy, it was just the thing to do. If you were set- ting on a peaceful hill, overlooking I a bunch of cows, you could relax by taking a chew. Or if you were going to step on a colt that was rolling his nose and showing the whites of his eyes, and your mouth was full of cotton, you could get a little moisture by tucking a little snuff under your lip. Oh, maybe if he blew up and bucked, you'd swal- low your snoose, but what the heck, you were relaxed! Cowboys are always bumming stuff from each other. Pickups, hors- es, cigarettes, and snoose. Just to name a few. Some guys get pretty adept at it. And guys know which ones they are. Back when I used to smoke, before I saw the light. That is before my anddaughter gave me "the patch". Anyway, I knew rl this guy that would bum a cigarette or two every time I saw him. And then he would stand there, smoking your cigarettes, and brag about how long ago he quit! Really! He would say, "I quit smoking three years ago. The last pack I bought is still laying on the dresser. Quit cold turkey too!" But the best I ever saw at getting people to quit bumming was a roper. Ropers are really good about bum- ming smokes, chew, and beer. This one feller got so tired of people bumming a chew from him. that he devised a sure method of getting them stopped. When he was done with a chew, he would spit the plug back in the can, instead of on the ground. Now, if you're just getting ready to ask for a chew, and you see a guy spit his back in the can, you can get by a little longer without one! And then there was Uncle Hugh. Hugh had a habit of taking a chew with his morning coffee. And he would sit there and visit, sipping his coffee, and occasionally spit his snoose back in the cup! If you objected, he would quickly point out that there wasn't a big differ- ence between mixing his coffee and snoose in his cup, or in his mouth. It used to bother Dorothy a bunch. Especially cause Uncle Hugh would never let his food mix on the plate. He would build little dams with his silverware to keep things straight! Later. Dean i~i~iiii! ~i~; ~i!i!!~ ~ !!i~i!) ~ ~ i!~ if! ~ ~i~:~ ~'~: ! ~i)~!~iii: ~i ~ i ~i ~i Time to say thanks for a successful 2010. 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