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December 27, 1934     Golden Valley News
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December 27, 1934
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t RINES BREeK NAVY RECORD ._.~=j=j=.~=~r~r~a~IWednesday to spend the Christmas No special training prepared the!~~-~q~K~k~ vacation with her parent~;, Mr. al~d Nevada Marines for their feat ex- 1 school at Fargo. the ordinary Gun drills which SENTINEL BUTTE ' Mrs. c. P Reed. Miss Reed atten form a p~rt of the regular battle- ~.~~~_~.~_ ir Mr. a~d Mrs, W. J. Burns had as drip routine. These drills were su- pervised by Captain (naw Major) B~rt A. Bone. of the Marine Corps, and the gun crews were not selected because they were believed to be ex- pert gunners. But when the thundering echoes of the ship's batteries had died A~ :::au~i.:~nd~ng social event of the Burns and YTank Burns. 5cagon was bald Tuesday at the C:%rl Carlson is assisting with the hcp_~:~ of Mr. end Mrs. Paul Wagner clerking at the Gem store. u,h':n the members of the Study Air. gad Mrs. Paul Wagner and club entertained their husbands and Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hovland spen~ Mr. and Mxs. T. A. Wosepka at a Christmas s,t the home of their par- Christmas ,party The house was eats, Mr and Mrs. T. A. Wosepka. prettily d~orated in keeping with l Mr. and ,~][rs Waily Varberg and ~he services. IN THE CHURCHES UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH P. A. Glsvold, Pastor Sunday, December 30th. No Sunday school on the 3t0h. Farewell services. 11 a. m. SENTINEL BUTTE-- Farewell services, 2:30 p. m. Annual business meeting following :a'- ii ~rineCorl, s gun crews of the U. S.S. Nevada achleve a new h= ~ mark in naval cmmery by scoring 47 hits out of ~8 shotz ~rhile at ~] target pracUce with the fleet..Someoft he prize winning sea soldiers are shown above along with their commandkzg officer, | Ma~or ~ert & Bone O-,,et), whose l~o~m ffrmat ~aptain :in C ]San Pedro, Calif, Dec. 24.--Shat-(sults were not known until the war- ] [ ~ering an all-time reacord for skill/ships had returned to their base in ~ln handling naval guns, the U. S. S./the Pacific. ~lMarine Detachment of the U.S.S./ Ordinarily four Of the 5-inch ~Nevada are the proud w~ersofthelguus of the broadside aboard ship !~Navy "E," symbol of skill in naval lare manned by Marines and the re- ,gunnery. I mainder by blu6j~ackets, In the re- {~ ?:. The feat of the Nevada Marines is ! cent target practice, however, the ~tmprecedented in the annals of lMarines manned six of the guns, ,, (~hort range target practice in the[the additional two guns increasing ~Navy. It was performed during the]their hazard of .making a phenom- '~ ~ autumn target practice, and the r~- I enal score. away, it was found that the sea sol- . [ diers had qualified all six of their the Christmas season. Brldg~ was scn of Manet are spending the hob- guns, and that each man was pray- played at three tables with Mrs. idays !~cr2 with Mrs Varb:rgs mo- ileged to wear the coveted "E" on Woucpka and Mr. Burhans winning thor, Inga Carlson. , his sleeve Only one of the forty- head prizes, consolation prizesi Mi~s Jrnet Eunglund arrived here eight shells they fired failed to hit were awarded to Mrs Mason and, Chri~h~a:~ mornir, g to soend a few Mr. Wosepka. Eetwcen games stunts I days ~:!~J~.he~nts, Mr. and Mrs. the mark. w~re held which caused much mer-~ (~#.~F~=g!'ar.d. Ja~s emp!oye.d at , , * _ All available records of the Navy r~ment. The points won m th~,~e ~. c. Pexney stor~a~ A~er~een. fail to reveal a better mark made by three contest~ were added up ~a~d I Herman Dmtz held ht~ Chris~m~ a battery of 5-inch g~ms, or to 're- cord a Marine Detacl.ment aboard a prizes were awarded to Mrs. ~Fred i prod.ram at the Camels ~mp school Smith and Paul Wagner: A dclic- on FAday afternoon. Evelyn Lardy, first class battleship where every ious two course luncheon which w~ :eaq~t~e Nelson schpol had her ]man was entitled to wear the in- h='cu~ht by ::.11 U,~:~/n:cmbL~ve.a|~='5~;~,:I= ~f~u:Lday ev~lk~i. ~oLh [signia of extraordiImry skill in nay- served at midnight./The me~ con-i thes~ progr~ns were g~atly enjoyed l al markmanship, sisted of jellied chicken s/_~d, po/l by p large/audienee/ For years the sea soldiers have taro chips, rolls, je1~y, pie g la mo~i I~r. an~yMrs. E.2~I. Mason enter- [ been assigned to certain guns in the and coffee After ~unch it was d~s- ! taiArd ~ Christz~as dinner. [Navy usually manning the secon- covered that there ~ere presentTonL~Mr.~nd Mr/M. A. Tovey and ]dary batteries or anti-aircraft guns. the Christmas tree for ~familyand~.andMrs. S~weilMa- I The guns of the main battery and After which the crowd ~d~rted son. / ! all others not in charge of the Mar- hopir~g for another :~ood ~ next ' Linfr~Ness and Guy Honnold ar- ines are operated by bluejacketS. Christmas. \ rive~ome from the CCC camp at Sentinel Butte Inde dent b s- ruri torpend have always been infantry weapons " ouri to spend the holiday with I have always beeni nfantry weapons, t~etb-ll team def~ated th~ll-staJ~ ~nmr parents. they have manned various batteries CCC contingent from Medora- at Mrs. ScherL was operated on Fri- [ACli- t[HI}lV[ .,tinued from page one) y frequent ~cr~ltng an .th tean~ Beach being call- ~luently f this mfrac~ the tables The li~e~I~ and ~tum~ry: ~ ~r ~ j~ rf ....... I 0-1 :~ ....... 0 0-O @ ........ 3 I-I , rg ........ 1 O-1 1 Gilman, lg :.......2 0-2 3 Jon~ ~ ......... ...0 0-0 0 Total .............. */ t-5 $ F~ Fr PF rf ........... O 2-2 $ If .......... 2 2-4 0 c ..........4 1-2 0 ........... 1 0-1 2 lg .......... 0 0-0 0 ............ 0 0-0 1 OOlbrese~ . ......... 0 0-0 O .... 0 0-1 0 7 5-10 5 Beach--Ray Jones for Ray @ones for Hanevold. ~',i ~lendive-~-N. Colbrese for Danskin, e~ ~. Berg for MacI~ean, Andrews for L. ~Berg, L. Berg for Grulke, GruIke for 7 ~ws, and. MacLean for L. Berg. December 13, 1934 advised that a meeting at I0:00 A. M., January in the United States District , in Bt~narck, North where a general discussion had relative to the admin- of the Taylor Grazing Act. will be in charge of F. R. ~nter, Director of ~mtrol under the Taylor This hearing ~ be open to the 8~t~ officials, settl- and ltve~x~ ~wn~rs, imterest~l'ln ~m~g the pubUe domain In this ~tmlly, BERTSCH, Reg~ter, U. S. Dept. of t h e Interior, General Land Office, I~trict .......... Land Office, Bismarck, N.D. and Moths and moths employ the them In.-a their fani- do many other animals,. tn4,t~a~ is the to Choir off$pging. precaqtl0a~ they'take iw~to kind of food, on: w h~h will want to feed the eggs. LOCAL NEWS Dorothea ~lliet, Marie-Keohane and Elizabeth Russell were:glimpsed on Beach ~treets the first of the week. Dorothea has been 'in Man- ta~Ang woi'k 'at ' Minnesota Univ., a~ad Eli~b~tth attending school at ~fl'~e NDAC. All -home to spend Christmas with their families Mr. and Mrs. Stanley smith spent Christmas day in Dickinson at the :home of Mrs. Smith's sister. 'Watt Johnson and Maurice Miller left Wednesday morning for Fargo attend a :~r~ "business~eting. If you can't .l~et ~'~phone us or drop us a line, ~v~mail you any- thing you need.~ice Drug Co. $4-2t o The DeMolay "ba.~ketbali team will go to Golva Friday night to play their first game Of the season. They viii play the ~olva Independents. Quite a number of theboys plan to drive down to see .the game which is e*xpected to ~e a :hot une. Mrs. Dwight Snow of Golva and her baby son left Miss ~talterman's for home the fir~ o! this week. Both mother and son are doing very nicety. Mrs. Nancy I-rtgley .anti ,~hllfl~en left to spend the h01ida~-with Mrs. Higley's aunt, Mrs. l~Widson of Sentinel Butte the first of the-week. WCTU will meet at the :home of Mrs. C. G. Elllnger, Friday, Decem- ber 28th. Mrs. B. T. :Osbo~e will Jimmy Moran, n, Zas 'been qU~e m aince last ~, he there4om to give upl~ ~,~_ in "The The Catholic ladies will Fat on one of their Justly famo~ card par- ties in St. John's hail Jamiary 3rd. Those who have attended these par- ties know they are well worth while. Everybody is. welcome. Irene Hudson left the end of for Portland, Ore, where wilt ~pen~ her Christmas vaea- sister, Mrs. Vera Klev. Avis Carlson arrived at the ~ho~ae of her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.o~ Oaxlson, to enjoy the Christ- mas holidays, ~Yiday night. Avis is attend~!~hpol a~S~. Olaf's at V~rginla been attending Junior college, Saturday night. Miss Evel3m ThOmpson and Helen Itobm~son, cation wl~ ~heir families; aboard ship since the days of the Revolutionary %Var. The sea sol- diers received high praise for their gunnery at the Battle of Santiago and with Dewey at Manila, while their rifle team has won the team championship Of the United States nine 'o~ of the twenty-two times competitions ha~e been held. Confidence in our Navy and the men who man its guns has been tYP- ical of our nation since America won its waT ~o freedom. Yet few Am- ericans are aware that naval gun crews are cm~tanfly Striving to achieve higher s~andards of profic- iency. The accomplishment of the Ne- vada Marines has set a new-mark for aspiring gunners, although it is doubtful that their all-time record will be ~hattered--at least for some years ~o come. Their feat also gave definlte proof that the Navy can put its full confidence in the man behind the gun. Louis Odland, Jr., came home for Christmas the end of the week from ~e North Dakota Agricultural college at .Fargo. Vern Oech arrived in Beach Sun- day ~night from Minneapolis to spend his Christmas holidays with his .family. Vern expects to return to ~hool when it opens again in January. We are very sorry that owing to being received too late we were un- able to print the Alpha and Sunset Sentinel news this week. The Playmaker's club gave a love- ly Christmas party Wednesday night for the little children at the high sch(x)l auditorium which was very well received. Each pl~ymaker brought a child to enjoy the pro- gram. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Curl left Sat- urday for Harlan, Iowa, where they will visit with Mrs. Curl's mother. The Curl's expect to make an ex- tended ~vlsit. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit King left Saturday afternoon by car for the McCarty ranch near Medora w~re they will spend the Christm~holi- days with Mrs. Kin.~y. If you can't get~I, phone us or drop us a l~e, ~11 mail you any- thing you n~iCRice Drug Co. 34-~t Miss Allison, teaching the fifth grade in the :LincOln ~chool, left on Saturday morning for a few days in New York, Where she will visit dur- ing the ho~. Mr. and Mrs. Safratowich, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kordonowy, of Belfleld, Mrs. Bob Kramer :and Miss Julia Safratowich were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley :Begger of Wi- baux last Sunday. Mrs. Elmer Howard of ~Ipha was a pleasant Advance caller Thurs- day. ~ev. P. A. Gisvol~ will pre~h his farewell sermon to his congregation~ at Beach an~ Sentinel Butte on this coming Sunday, the 30th. Preston Neff is among those for Chrktmas vacation. He has been attending Iowa Iowa City, Iowa, the Joe Gruman t~.P. there. Our classified ~' ads Use them if you have anything to sell, trail, or bu~'. ~ o~..~lls for rapms a~d apartments. Pea'lover- look our ~assLfied column ~or bar- ~,,ga~l BeIo~e Birth - It is a custom in Indo-Chl~ for Sentinel Eut~e Wednesday ewnmg, day morning at the Beach hospital The High ~ehool :earn defeated Me- for rupture. dora in their op~nmg game Friday by a score of 28-3. but wen~ down in defeat Tuesday evening to the strongForestry Service Golva team, by a score of 31 to 21. the Beach Independents I Sunday came to Sentinel Butte to play aI scrimmage game with the Indepen-I dents and won by a score of 50-30, I Three of the Sentinel Butte regu-I Jars were absent, however, and a closer battle is looked for in their next match. The two home economic cooking classes entertained the rest of the High school girls at a delicious waf- fle supper Wednesday. Harry Smith has returned from the Olendlve hospital feeling much improved in health. Mrs. Pat Oallagh#r entertained the W.B~. members at a lovely Christmas party at the Win. Gard- ner home Tuesday afternoon. A delicious luncheon was served at one o'clock. The house was beautifully decorated in the Chrismtas colors. Bridge was the diversion of the af- ternoon with high honors going to Mrs. Louie Hovland. Mrs. Bolsen won second high and Mrs. Jordan consolation. Mrs. Tei~en and Mrs. Hess were 1treated guests. Mrs. Louie Hovl~ld~ Spent two days last week With ~.r.,folks in the Garner vtCiraty, r ~/V* ' George Wosepka hl~.tmrc.hased a Chevrolet coupe. Keith Guse left Tuesday for Bry- ant and Sioux Falls, S. D., where he will spend the Christmas vacation with re, staves and friends. Miss Marian Woscpka presented her Christmas program at the Heg- seth school Thursday evening. Be- sides all the fine numbers put on by the pupils a short impromtu com- edy sketch entitled "Two Bad Boys" was presented by George Wosepka and Bert Faschlng. Santa Claus appeared after the program and passed out presems, apples, nuts and candy to the delighted young- stets. Mr. and Mrs. Sewell Mason, Clay- ton Pederson and John Boisen ar-. rived here from Grand Forks Sat- urday to spend the Holidays with home folks. The annual Christmas program of the town school was presented Fri- day evening to a large crowd. A delightful operetta entitled "The Poor Little Rich Girl," with Virginia Burns as the little girl was given by the ~hlldren in the first six grades. An interesting three-act Christ- mas play under the supervision of Miss B~ was given by th Jun- Ior High Grades. Between numbers several fine selections were played by the High school band and or- chestra. After Santa had pa~ed out the gifts and candy the home economics class served a Itmch of cake, apples and coffee. School will reopen on December 31st, following a week of vacation. Miss Pearl Reed arrived here on Gem Wants To Get Far- m e r s Opinion The United States Forest Service, Bottineau, North Dakota, is desir- ous of an expression of opinion from farmers owners of th~-sSate as to the benefits of a shelterbelt or grove to their farm. In these letters it is requested that the writers give specific instances of these benefits, whether to them- selves, their live stock or their crops, or ~o the farm itself. The letters also should state whether or not the shelterbelts or groves have increas- ed the value of their farms, and if so, how much. Letters will also be valuable from bankers or loan agen- cies, stating whether or not they consider a shelterbelt or grow an asset to the farm and what its value is in dollars and cents. These expressions of opinions are requested for a report that will be sent to Washing~n covering the value of such planted groves and windbreaks. The Forestry Service will app~'eciate receiving these let- ters as soon as possible at Bottin- eau, N. Dak. first girl in the other. ST. JOHN'S CHURCH Beach, N. D, ORDER OF MASSES 1st Sunday, i0:30 a. n~. 2nd Sunday, 8:30 a. m. 3rd Sunday, 10:30 a. m. 4th Sunday, 830 a. m. St. Michael's, Sentinel Butte, N. D, 1st Sunday, 8:30 a. m. 2nd Sunday, I0:30 a. m. 3rd Sunday, 8:30 a. m. 4th Sunday, none. Win, Fred Hake, Pastor. METHODIST EPISCOPAL Sunday, December 30th: Sunday school i0:00 a. m. Divine worship service. 11 a. m. Special Epworth League service at 7p.m. Mid-Week devotional hour, Wed- nesday, 7:30 P. m. Choir rehearsal. Thursday, 7:30 p.m. New Year's service next Sunday, A "Motto" for, the New Year. A special service for the young r~~ Sunday. evenh~. All are welcome in our midst. i B. T. Osborne, Pastor, UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH W. ]8. Nelmm, Pastor CLASSlFI[D ADS RATES--Two cents a word for fI~qlt insertion; one cent a word eaelX succeeding: issue. No ad, accepted for less than 25 centS. These a~l aro (~sh. FOR SALE HAY: Choic~ al~ hay and ground feed~ ~ sale.- S. D. Logan ~ 32 -2~ ~EW~-~ RDJ~ONS, pla~ and two co!~r, a~e Advance Of-, nee. ~ ~-~ OFFE~ L~OI~ SALE a number o~ McCormick-Dotting Tra~,~r:~ l~ bm-h th~ 15-30, and 2~ ':rac- clean up pMces on the above mentioned machinery. Come and see us.--Standard Mercantile Co., Glendive Mont. 32-35 ~o~ SAUZ--32-VpIt 2S y amp. hour battelT, 'slight~y/4ised. G. Brenzel. L/ . ~:)R four- door sedan cylin- ders. In :ondition, good rubber, only 23.~00.---Otto Hanson, Golva. N. D. HELP WANTED MAN WANTED I~tlt~ of 8OO Rawleigh, apolis, Minn. 28,7p MI~LLAN~O~$ WANTED~A or small Write or call Zarn, Wibaux .~ c]o Inland for MARKETS , Wednesday Afternoon Wheat ..... .................. $ ~9 Flax ........................ I~9 Oats ......................... Barley ....................... Butte~ ....................... ,25 OYea~a ................ 10:15 Unified service worship and Bible study. New Year Message. 6:30 Christian endeavor. 7:30 Evening worship. Sermon: the "Getting Ready for the New Year/' AND SERMONS ON THE BOOK OF REVELATION Begining Sunday, January 6th, Roy. W. B. Nelson, pastor of the United Brethren church, will give a series of Sunday evening se~mom on the much neglected book of Revela- tion; the last book of the Bible. Sel- dom do ministers attempt to explain this seemingly obscure book. Rev. Nelson has made a life time study of this important portion of Sacred Scriptures and will bring some inter- e~ting facts about this wonderiul treatise. At the SalVe time-of this series ofI Sunday evening s~rmons, Rev. Nel-] O~hioa,. ia son will give a series in the morn- To the building up of ings on Fundamental Founda- States, Ohio has contributed in proportion to tlons." Doga of Preaidenta / Washington, like other colonial gentlemen of his day, kept dogs for hunting, but Jefferson had the largest kennel for this sport. An- drew Jackson kept bird dogs; Grant a large nondescript hound; Cleve- land favm~l setters, polnters and spanlels; Theodore Roosevelt had a number of dogs especially for BER ~-~lS12 war, U. 8. vs. Eng- ~ ended by treity, 1814. nmees to you! @ 26-~urveyofM--n~ F T Reynolds Dixon line complete& I 1767. I ~'--Movie theaters are called nickelodeon~ 1905. of her sisters, says the Clevelald Plaln Dealer. At the beginning Of the century, for example, no than 1~250,000 natives of the Bue~- eye state were residing in other crates and territories, Iu Indian there were 200,000; Illinois, 140~ I0wa and Michigan, 80,000 each:, Pennsylvania, 6~000; New Y~k and e_allfornlsh aO,~ each: Grade, 25,000; Washingto~ 20,000$ Oklahoma, 15,000; Texa~ his children, including Saint Ber- Montana, 7,000; nards, terriers and mongrel~. 5,500; and in remote III - ~ Where You Buy More For Less Carload of Cotton Cake In the First: of the Week. Leave orders Block Salt, 50 .. .......... 28--Woedmw W'~ou, 21Rh Prmld~t, is born, 1856. 2$--]~irSt postage stamps mu~din the U. ~, 1847. ~0-Iroquois th~at~ re i~ Chicago kt~ ~, 190~ Caves Uaed for Mushrooms The famous C%lslehurst eaves Ba Kent comprise 22 miles of under- ground passages, etc. They are 90 feet deep, add could accommodate 80,000 persona Most of the eaves are used for the cultivation of mushrooms.~London MaLL 7:30 and 9:00 P.M. - :- ter IN 29 ALARM FIRE" NEWS i Adults 3~e All