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Beach, North Dakota
December 17, 2009     Golden Valley News
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December 17, 2009
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December 17, 2009 Page 7 Notice to creditors Go Green Tip: Here's a little-15rac- ticed fact in tile life of today's fashion: Notice to Creditors Many clothing items can be repaired. Probate No. 17-09-P-028 Do it right away, though, so the item can go back into the usable clothing Charles O. Peterson cil'cul:ation. The longer it sits, the greater the odds of it being replaced Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm instead, making the original, P.O BOX 10 rei)airable item just another piece of Beach, North Dakota clutter. ND Bar ID#04009 "Use the clothes-detergent cap (to (701) 872-3731 measure detergent), then wash it in tile Attorney for Personal very same load. The cap will stay nice Representative and clean -- no liquid soap every- where." --Mrs. B., via e-mail In Southwest Judicial District Court, . "If you have a noisy bed after you Golden Valley County, State of North purchased a new mattress and box Dakota springs (it never was noisy before), it In the Matter of the Estate of might l'~e you," bed rails. Cover them Donald J.A. Baumann, Deceased. with carpet. We nailed ours on all Notice is hereby given that the over, which ",,,,as easy, and the noise undersigned has been appointed stopped. Our box spring apparently was not made very welt at the bottom. Personal Representative of the above- This really works." -- C.F. in Indiana named Estate. All persDns having -"Save the zippered plastic bags that claims against said deceased are bedding and curtains come in to store required to present their claims within or organize items. My young children three (3) months after the date of the often need a clean change of clothes first publication of this Notice or said when w'e ~we on the go. l pack cam- claims will be forever barred. Claims plete extra outfits (including under- wear and socks) for them in the small must either be presented to Stephanie bags. They work perfectly. The bags Baumann, the Personal are sturdy and reusable for years. I Representative, at Mackoff Kellogg keep these packages tucked away in Law Firm, P.O. Box 10, Beach, North the car or in their school backpacks, Dakota, 58621, or filed with the Court. and 1 send one to the sitter. I also keel) Dated this 7th day of December one in tile car filled with socks for those summer days when they are 2009 wearing sandals and we decide to go Stephanie Baumann to an indoor play place." --A.S., via Personal Representative e-mail (December 17, 24 and 31) By Samantha Weaver It was 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who made the following sage obser- vation: "'If we were not all so interest- ed in onrsclves, life would be so unin- teresting that none of us would be able to endure it." Emmy-nominated actress Debbie Reynolds was fired by Warner Broth- ers after her first movie. Sharks inspire a great deal of fear in most people. However. the keepers of statistics claim that you are much more likely to be killed by a bee than you are to be killed by a shark -- 50 times rnorc likely, in fact. * Growers of coffee beans say that the coffee blossom smells like jas- mine. When a seal goes to sleep, whether in the sea or on land, it stops breath- ing. Every 15 minutes or so it will wake up to take a breath, then it will go hack to sleep. When it comes to irrigated crops in the United States; you might be sur- prised to learn that the plant that cov- ers the most acreage isn't corn, wheat or soybeans; it's grass. Think about that the next time you're watering your lawn. There's an interesting story behind the name of the Caribbean island of Curacao. It seems that explorer Amerigo Vespucci had several sailors on his ship who were very seriously ill with scurvy, so he dropped them off on the island, assuming they would die. However, the abandoned sailors feasted on fi'esh fruit, thel-eby ingest- ing the vitamin C that cured the dis- ease and saved their lives. The word "curacao'~ nleans "cure" ill Por- tuguese. BY HENRY BOLTI NOFF "--z~-'~ ~-~-~ Find at least six differences in details between panels. ! ( Jap!N~ s! Hun J| eeJJ. "9 "Bu!ss!tu s! osnoq Jeeu so J j_ "g luaJalt!p s! JeuunJ pals ~, jefuol s! edoEI g e^ol6 oi peCueqo ue3,1!tu s,uelAI "g "t~opu!M puooes seq esnoH t :seoueJe,q!O test byF i Rodfiguez 1. GEOGRAPHY: In what country is Stonehenge located? 2. BIBLE: What is the fifth book of the Pentateuch in the Old Testament? 3. ART: The artist Gustave C0urbet was associated with.which m1 move- ment in the 19th century'? 4. ANATOMY: What causes a hic- cup? 5. POLITICS: Plaid Cymru is the name of what group? 6. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel "The Russia House"? 7. MUSIC: What rock group had a 1978 hit with the tune "Please Come Home for Chrismms"? 8. MOVIES: What animated movie was promoted as "the greatest [airy tale never t01d"? 9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: When was the Lincoln Memorial dedi- cated? 101 SCIENCE; what]s an asironom: ical unit? Answers 1. England 2. Denteronomy 3. Realism 4. Involunta~ contraction of the diaphragm 5. The Party of Wales 6, John Le Carr6 7, Eagles 8. "Shrek" 9. 1922 10. The mean distance between Eanth and tire Sun Ju.~t rake data 8, D~ by Dave T. Paippa .J LAFF-A-DAY I Thi., Week's Racing News Driver's Bio "Isn't she the sweetest little thing you ever laid eyes on?" u Z-'A )-i, ,~ r x--~-~ " w A LIt-IoIEIH H WHY IS THIS MAN SO HAPPY. Hidden in the above frame is a famous old saying, You can find it by reading every other letter as you go around it clockwise. The trick is finding the right first letter, ascending order, beginning with HAIRSTYLE Racine Trivia Racing History lsoq sqfinel oH. :l!m Nf!J sql u! .H, oq% q~!M 6uEl~e~,S :JoMsW Illustrated by David Coulson [~ !G0 A"NOTHING" WAGER! Bet yur friends that YU can ~F !FI add two to four and end up with nothing. When they,give up, place four sticks on the table (fig.l). Now, add t'~o F 1 more sticks as shown in fig. 2. This spells out the word I . "NIL" which means zero, or nothing. 0elprogress,ve,y,onger. andtheya, sta. w,t~OO Someh,nts: I~:~t 1. COO (in place). 2. A hired thug. p.~oo__ ~ 3. A silly person. 4. Something sweet to eat. t'ec'~---/J/:'~"OO-----Ul'~' 5. Type ol peanut candy. 6. An incompetent person, ~.c.~oo .... 'lleqloo9 "9 (sinueed) s~e9oo9 "9 e!poo~9 ~ esoo~) ' "uoo~9 "g "co9 "1 :sJet~sw 1, The design of a coiffure, 2. Excessive fear or panic. 3. To do things more hurriedly. 4. An old card game, 5. A wide-eyed gaze, 6. To bum the surface, 7. A large body of water, 8. A sailing direction. 9. Symbol for sulfur. 'zlS 'sos 'Jl~ss 'orals 's~Jraeq 3e{lseq ie!Je~sAq 'OlfqsJ!eH :(dn tuo#oq eql LUOJ~.) :SlOMSUv R.ED. " . by Mike Marland I DOE5 IT ~~ ~f~.-~ I EVF_.R FIND A I-.L~/AIIAN J Out on a Limb I~~1 1 by Gary Kopervas H I ] / I OOYZ WWW.MAMASBOYZ.COM JERRY ,IRAFT OH 141, K( QUAN FRO(V 50MG KIO IN A NAT 2009 King Features Synd,, Inc O Pro Racing Weekly Postseason Edition A federal appeals court has rejected claims by a race track that NASCAR and International Speedway Corp. violated federal antitrust laws by keeping it off the premier racing circuit. Kentucky Speedway alleged that NASCAR had conspired to leave the Sparta track and others out of the Spdnt Cup series despite ttieir superior amenities. The speed- way had asked that ISC be ordered to sell some of the tracks it owns that host Sprint Cup races and that the speedway be awarded more than $200 million .in damages.The decision by a three-judge panel from the U.S: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals said Kentucky Speedway failed to prove NASCAR and International Speedway Corp., worked together with other tracks to keep the Kentucky track from getting a Sprint Cup race. NASCAR spokesman Rarnsey Poston said NASCAR is pleased the court treated auto racing like other sports and acknowledged it's right to choose where and when to hold events. Poston said the 2010 racing schedule is set and Kentucky Speedway is not included in the Spdnt Cup schedule. Dec. 14. 1927 - Former Cup driver Hershel Who was the first Father-Son combination McGdffwas born on this day. McGriff made to win Cup Championships? news in 2009 when he started two races in a) The Yarborough's c) The Eamhardt's the Camping Wodd West Series at the spry b) The Jarrett'sd) The Petty's age of 81. He finished 13th of 26 cars on the road course of Portland (Ore.) Answer: d) The Petty's. Father Lee won his International Raceway in July and two championships in 1954, 1958, and 1959. Not far weeks later finished 19th on the road behind was son Richard, who won his first title in course of Miller Motorsports Park in 1964. Six more crowns would come for Kin~l Richard. Ned Jarrett won a title in 1959, while son Tooele, Utah. Dale won his in 1999. Sam Hornish Jr. Born: July 2, 1979 Sponsor: Mobil 1 Crew Chief: Travis Geisler Car: Dodge Biography: Sam Homish Jr. is best known for his open wheel accomplishments, which include an Indianapolis 500 victory and three Indy Racing League championships. On October 28, 2006, Hornish announced that he would attempt to run the final two 2006 Nafionwide Series races for Penske Racing, as well as select events in 2007. In his first two Nationwide starts, Homish wrecked his car both times, and did not finish better than 36th. In 2007, he competed in seven Nationwide races, his best finish being a 15th at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Beginning in fall 2007, he started attempting to qualify for Cup Sedes races and made only two. Homish moved up to ddve the #77 for Penske in the Cup Sedes in 2008 with Mobil 1 sponsorship. In his first Daytona 500 he had a great race, finishing 15th. Hornish finished second in the Rookie of the Year race to Regan Smith. Last year, Homish had 7 top tens, but struggled with consistency and finished the year in 28th place. 505 6th St. N E (701 $2.99 Gumout Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner ) 575-4228 '$99.99 Deluxe Remote Car Starter w/keyless entry & alarm