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December 13, 1934     Golden Valley News
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December 13, 1934
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~'~'~LIOIA, I forgot to bring ~'~ anything for your Uncle .L Hurry X" Father, mother, and daughter- ~halfway-throngh-hlgh-school were in a huddle in the pantry, with the kid brother Rlpley (Rip" for short) hovering curiously beyond the door. "He won't care, Dad." ~he pretty brunette girl relieved her father of bundles. "With his radio act going ~ver ba a big way he can buy anything he likes, 1 hope he re- mcmbersa wristwatch 'with a little i dlsanond is nleer:thaR a wrist watch /with none.~ "Whatever he gives you, Dellcla, as if it's what you want most," mother warned. "Horrigan would rather be appreciated than anything else in the world. He knows I like pretty negligees. I let him know how I enjoy, his pres- ent~" 'Did you get the new ornaments?" Mother asked. "Here, don't bother that. It's this one." Father tried to take off his muffler while watching the parcels, with eight-year-old Rip calling, "Aren't you ever going to say "Hello, Dad," "Sure, son ! I was helping Santa pack, that's all." humph! Did you get my ~We'll see ] We'll see ]" As he went upstairs, trailed by boyish lin- , #trims Were Full of Holly.Pa- pered Parcels. There'd have the "The important thing ts the tree ~be~. "a~ the giftS under it before Hurry comes. my tt;ee. Felieia, The Beach Advance. Thursday, December 13, 1934 SENTINEL BUTTE Mrs. W. E. Burhans entertained the members of the Study club at a six o'clock dinner Tuesday evening. Following the dinner a business meeting was held during which plans for the annual Christmas party were discussed. The party will be bald a~ tile home of Mrs Paul VCagner with Mrs. Aud Nunn and Mrs. Lyle Martin on the entertain- men~ committee. The refreshment committee consists of Mrs. W. E. Burhans, chairman. Mrs. M.A. Tovey and Mrs. Fred Smith. As a part of the program for the evening Mrs. Burhans gave a report on "Household Gadgets," Mrs. ToVey discussed "The Household Budget" and Mrs. Wagner read a paper on "Cooking Cheap Cuts of Meat.' Mrs. Mason gave a report on "Luncheon Menus," Mrs. Tovey read the Christ- mas Story, "A Candle in the Forest," by Temple Bailey, which was very interesting. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Martin drove to Dickinson Thursday. Mrs. E. D. Nelson, Mrs. William Gardner and Mrs. Paul Wagner at- ~ween acts the glee club, coached by Miss Johnson, favored the audi- ence with two songs and Miss John- son and Miss Ecklund sang a duet which was well received. Herman Dietz is the owner of a dandy new Ford V8. Otto Flaig received a bad gash on his eye lid Saturday evening when he ran into the sickle guard after dark. He immediately received first aid and the eye is healing nioely. Nels Waldal and son Dave are digging a well at Johnny Flasher's Oolva. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Polley and daughter Ella returned last Thurs- day from their vacation trip into South Dakota. Any person at Sentinel Butte who has old clothes to contribute to the American Legion old clothes drive for the needy may leave them at the home of either Neff Hogoboom, Paul Wagner or Guy Hall. The two town basketball teams had their first practice at the hall Monday evening. The girls team consists of the town and country teachers in this district. Nine men were out for practice on the men's team. These are Sam, Ed and Bert Waldal, Alex McLain. Tony Miller, Bert Fa~hing, Carl and Victor Carl- :--:_-: _ ::_ : ALPHA (Edna Wa~mann, Reporter) : .~~-. -:__~ Archle Kennedy called on Mr. and Mrs. Nell Kennedy Thursday. The old folks card club me~ a~ M. B. Hogoboom's Saturday evening. Six tables of whist were played. Mrs. Win. Carew and Harry Wassmann won high prizes and Mrs. Jerry Kauba and Ed Elde second high. Richard Knopp and Eddie Kau~a attended the Junior class play Kt Sentinel Butte Friday evening and then brought home the high school students. Miss Dorothy Hogoboom worked in the J. C. Penney store Saturday. Mrs. Edward Flanagan left for her home near Bismarck Saturday after making a two weeks visit with her parents at Alpha. Tony Barthel was a dinner guest at Julius Larsen's Saturday. Edith Carew was a guest at the John Irons home Saturday after- neon. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sonnek and children made a trip to Dickinson Saturday morning to deliver their .... " @ ~'M~7 a thing ~vhiq~er~l into on~ ear ~- ~CEMBER 10~ubmarlne l~mt~l~l~d~ ~.~ll--Mormons r~4~l again~ Br|ghah3 YofiKg, l~. ~ 14--Roald Amtmdsea rea~ the South ~i~, 1911. ~IS--C~.. r~. w~xl o~ engla~. 18&~. dreased turkeys, ~--'" - "m~ Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Fasehlng and family, Elmer Hfl~ward and family, Mr. and Mr. =d SUNSET SENTINEL Mrs. Herma~gury and I, eo~a, Mr. and Mrs. I~ry Wassmarm, Mr. and ~~ Mrs. O.~oelke, Karnis JohI~on, Mrs. l~:~:Solmstenr and M!Zrtle, A great shock came to thfs neigh- Mauric~Hcgob0~fl, Doris L~Sota, borhood last Tuesday night in the Mr. ~ Mrs. ~m~ Carew and flare- news of the death of Mrs. Arnold, ily avfi Mrs./J~ Gronning (were who has lived in this community Beac~ visit)i~s .~urday '~ about 28 years. Mrs. Arnold will be M~. and ~irs/P~te Hagen ~deliver- greatly missed by her friends and ew ~ressedltutkey.~to Dicklhson on neighbors, We e: ~e~llr..~eartfelt SatUrday. \./ | ( _ sympathy to ~ ~Iatives. ~'~-,~ A~.large amount ~of tt~keys nave William ~:e~. was a Sentine~ bec~ dressed in t~e Sdpha neigh- Butte last Wednesday. borl~p0d the past ~ej~. . I in Michel drove Wfft, Carew brou~fl~t out the high ts~ ~esday. Mr, Ml- school~t~udents~rS~n Beach Friday. a~ hospital there l Mr. ancl'2~r~ Fritz Fasching and family attended church in Golva a Treater and Mr. a~d Mrs.r~illlam daugl~ter E~t~nor at- Junior class~lay in Son- tinel Butte last Fray evening. Ne~ Ness fro.~a/ Medora was a busine~ camel~ at the Wflllam Ueckert'~l~e~ Saturday morning. Mr. and Mxs. Frank Zook and family were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Smith at dinner Sunday. Bob Kramer secured a position as electrician at the Lehigh Briquetting plant near Dickinson. Many from this vicinity attended the funeral services for Mrs. Arnold and her son Price, held in Beach Sunday afternoon. The size of your gift depends on the spirit that prompts it and on the amount you have left. , him one gift from your father me and one from you and your "What would Uncle Hurry like, "M-tara. He has everything he and he never mentions any- he wants. A~k the clerk to something," The silver star was aglow, the last Santa" Claus clinging to a llmb, purchases had been hastily .~a. golden and green fls- when the door burst open ad- Horrigan Carter of "Hurry Haste" radio comedy team. His we're full of red, green and parcels, and behind cheery chauffeur, his tOO. - 'era, J~mes, my lad. Now to that girl of yours and make the snow falls. Come at eleven. Here, don't you a Httle extra~ Ifs Christ- Uncle Hurry put a bill in the hand and clapped the door called Fellcla, flinging the dining room door. the midst of discarded outer a red-faced small boy, struggling with tissue and rib- gee, F'llce. I wanted to tie myself. Aw, gee i Why'd you togo open the door? I spent I ee/rned cuttin' lawns summer and sbovelin' snow this an'~ Aw, gee, it's s fine gill : could get .it fixed, it would look the "Go ahead, old fellow. We look" no use. Everybody's saw.n came toward them with the gift from its wrappings. It salad bowl with a wooden spoo~ it for, Rlpley~' mother began to laugh, uW~at a for Why, Rip, not looked diseonsolate~ "He said passing that they sell old things and Unct Hurry, you a qualn salad course I did. Next day when tO buy It for my Idtehen- mid It had been pat ulde ta get R Sunday morning. On their way home they stopped at the home of Victor Renstrom and joined the rest of the bunch that Vic had invited to a big turkey dinner. Leslie Wassmann spent Monday visiting in the Alpha country and spent the night at the Andrew Koh- ler home, Pete Hagen, Arthur W2~ite and Andrew Kohier helped Ed Scherman with butchering Monday. Mrs. John Kauba returned from the Dickinson hospital Thursday, feeling quite well Alice Kauba stayed with her mother while in the hospital. They are both glad to be home again, Miss Theodora Maanum spent the weekend with her parents in Golva. BOR~ CILa_LLENGED Washington, Dec. 4.--Senator tended the Auxiliary meeting at the so~l~i~l~. Hlglin. Borah, who demanded a reerganis- Ella Gasho apartment Tuesday/~_~M~s" Aud N~el~cted presi~ atlon of the Republican party, re- Harry Smith is recoverint~ely]dent of the Congregatl0ii~l. ladies Iceived a challenge Tuesday from from an operation fo~fupture]aid at a meeting at the C. J.~-Eng-]Senator Couzens, (Rap., Mlch), to which was performed ~he Glen-]lund home rrhursday. Mrs. Peter-Itake the chairmanship and suggest w vi residen a a new platform He said Borah, dive hospital Saturda~f,'Deeember I. ]son as elected ce p t f~! I Bobby Hogoboom~ carrying his ] Mrs. ~Iigli~ secretary and treasurer~ Ilike Senator Reed of Pennsylvania, arm in a sling dufto a cracked col- ] Mrs. ~ngll~nd, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Nunnt] campaigned ag, air~t aspects of the lar bone which ~e received ~ he and ~Irs.]Higlln were joint hostess- ~[ New Deal but neither one was suc- fell on the 1~ the dJ~f ~fore es at~ thl~ meeting. ~ cessful because they offered no sub- Thanksgiving,/ It was tl~ou~t]thatl Be~t l~c~aing spent Sunday witl~ statutes for the programs they crit- ~ ' d " the injury ~.s slight~Ut~h~ h~ h~s l~are~lts/a~lva. / me . shoulder c?ntinued ~goth~ h~m~_ Mr. ~n~rs~ Ng~a~gn Hag~se The Michigan senators entry into he was taRen to Dickinson ~&nd an were S~lffday di~ guests o~/Mr, the party controversy came shortly x-ray disotosed the cracke~mne, and l~s. Loul~fHovland. / after Henry P. Fletcher, chairman of Ted Di~on escaped ~t~injury Kenneth Fl{fm, Alex Me'in and the Republican national committee, Friday at Dickinso~"~c~ ~ c~r Bert ~ching went to W~baux l~rl- had flatly declined to resign at day ~vening to see ~fl~e basketball Borah's request. crashed into the det~ery truck he gam~between Wi~Lx a~d Golva. was driving. Ted was driving down Mrs. Loute ~Svland entertained .. the streets of Dickinson when a car~ .... - ............. . . . ~ne w. m..~.fmemoers a~ her novae N~atrla Slmim ~f B~av~r came o~t of a side scree~ ann rant ~ ~.__,_~. . ....... ~.~ h~= ~.,.,,,.v ,T,~,~ ~.~.~v~ s~a~h ]a~ a o~maess mee~mg wecnesoay. ~Tutrla is a tq~lea of swamp ...... ~'." "?: ............... "I glec~ of officers was held with beaver from South America, resem- ed__quite ,.~y__ ..... I~~ following results" President, bling a cross between a large rat e41as ~.'ve~n ~.aruy, ~eacner OZ .~rMrs --" " ..... ..... -u. . .- ....... _~-v:: I mr~. ~o~sen; vine presmenL aura. and a porcupine, and l~hly valued ~etson senool~w~mnes ~o _~Im~nce [ ~o~ . _ _ . +hat her n, ni~s~'~rr~n~_~mt ~ I r~e~son; secretory, Mrs. Feoerson for its fur. ................. and treasurer, Mrs. Gardner, Bridge Christmas program on Thursday, December 20th. Everyone cordially' was the social diversion of the af- invited to attend, ternoon. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Pederson who received head prize, Mrs. Jordan, second, and Mrs. Gardner, consolation. A deli- cious lunch was served by tile host- ess. Mint South~n-ly Ice Mountain Palisade glacier, in Inyo county, Calilfornla, Is seven miles long, and is the moat southerly Ice mountain on this continent. _ _,- --__: .-._:-- DR. W. C: BRADLEY , MENKE DRUG CO. - LET DE The members of the Young Peoples Round Table club enter- tained their parents at a delicious three-course six o'clock dinner at the opera house Sunday evening. The hall was prettily decorated in green and gold. About 50 people were present~ Special entertain- ment was presented during the sup- per hour. Lorraine Seglar gave a reading and Olive Lemere and Margaret Boisen favured the audi- ence with piano solos. Eleanor Boisen and Virginia Bums drew much appluse from hie crowd with their tap dance. Herman Dietz very ably acted as toastmaster. Father Hake gave a very interesting sermon to the crowd. Several people present were called upon for im- promptu speeches, some of which caused much merriment. The par- ents departed for their homes at an early hour with many thanks to the Round Table club for giving them a very enjoyable evening. . The rabbit hunt with Ray Zi~li and Byron Hogoboom as captains of the two aides, is now in full ~g. The losing side will have taln the winning side coun~ for the" early and la~ a~ wants to be on the losing The Junior class and Miss Velma Palmer, praise for the sucosssfol tlon of their play, the o~em ~very ~ yea~ City Club and Jim :- _- __ :: . BONNIE VIEW The many friends of the Beach Advance editor, W. F. C~shing, in this vicinity, regret to learn of his spring, has been staying at the &t~ bert Meyer home since last week. New England's Anlmab Within the last mllll0n yeal~ l~ew England has among its the camel, rhinoceros and ma~ todon. CORBETT HOWARD ~LI-t _ . i In appreciation of your past year's patronage BEACH CREAMERY CO. , HARLEY SALZMAN POST 1 Am lcan Leglon and For God and country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To up~Idl~e~nstitution of the United States of Ani~e,a; to maintain law ; to foster-and Community', State and | autocracy of masses; to make might; to promote peace "What's;the membership news from Dakota?" Said President Tess from Minnesota, And our Avice replied, (Almost bursting .with pride) "We have 100% of oilr quota."