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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
December 12, 1935     Golden Valley News
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December 12, 1935
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% THURSDAY. DECEMB~t 12. 1935 ~ -+- TH~ B~&~J~ i .,, i la i i i i - oL~ . i ...... , - , ., . - r + , , , , i " , . ~o~ rOved and ordered Paid by the rd of County Commi88|onerl, 8Uho Ject to personal property taxes due No. 4--OUR BRAKES ~fiT~rg all noticed that whenever a train makes a long enough stop in a ' V station, there's somebody on the job, dodging in and out under the cart making sure that everything is in good shape, for the train to continue its trip. One of the things checked at every inspection point is the brakes. For nobody knows better than railroads how important it is to be able to stop when you have to stop. Now, if we think of it in a certain light, we people who own automobiles are all running little trans- portation systems of our own ... just like the rail- roads and airlines and bus companies. Home is the main terminal and there are lots of stops along the line.., flag stops, you might say, and regular sched- uled stops---like the office, the grocery store, the school, the theatre, and our friends' houses. Just like the railroads, one of the main things we need to look out for is our brakes. Of courseeevery- body knows this and yet somehow or other we're apt to be a little careless about it. Not that brakes don't give us plenty of notice when they're going to need adjustment. As time goes on we find that we can push the pedal lower and lower, till after a while we can shove it down almost to the floor- boards before the brakes take hold. Even then we =.%- sometimes wait quite a while before we have them E--'-'~ off things like that. They tell ns the result is that ~ one-third of all cars on streets and highways at any given time have something wrong with their brakes. The trouble is that when, we let our brakes go like that, all of a sudden we may have to make an emer- gency stop, and we may find it rather embarrassing. Engineers say that if we realized what goes on ..'~ in brakes we would see why we ought to keep them :__'.:'~-= checked up. As they explain, it's a story of momentum and friction, the same old forces we've talked about before They say that when we get going we build up a certain energy in thc form of momentum. Now when we want to stop, we r BRAKE "~ can't just destroy that energy, because, scientists tell DESIGN MULTIPLIES/ | us, Nature never lets any of its energy be destroyed. We can only convert it into some other form of energy. I\ ! into heat-energy. When we push down on the brake pedal we press the brake lining against the brake drums and this creates friction that changes the energy to heat. When we have changed all the speed energy to heat, then we come to a stop. Now modern brakes are very powerful. In fact, a 100-horsepower car will have about 500-horsepower brakes. They can stop us pretty quickly even from high speed~ But when they do, they simply'change those speeds into a great deal of heat, in a very short time. The fact is v/e sometimes build up temperatures iu our brakes as high as 1400 degrees! It's easy to see that heat like that can cause a lot of trouble. Some of us may think it's fun to rush up to sudden stops, but we might as well realize that we 40 ~ 80 FT. have to pay for that kind of fun in excessive brake STOP STOP lot faster than it can be thrown off. And we certainly get hardly anything back in time saved. For instance, if we're going 30 miles an hour, our brakes can stop us in 40 feet if they are all right; but it takes them less than two seconds ~onger to stop+us in twice that distance. How much better it is, under any normal ps circumstances, to begin to apply the brakes a few seconds earlier and, with gradually increasing pres- suxe, bring our car to an easy stop. As a matter of fact, M.P.H. I 8[om~$ smooth, gradual stopping wherever the circumstances i permit, is generally taken as a sign of ti good driver. Now if we want to keep our brakes safe and sound, it's important to re- member what these fast t~ops do to them. But it's |ust as important to re- member that all stops generate some heat in qpr brakes. That's what gradu- ally wears down the linings, and sooner or later makes q brake-adjustmeut necessary. And that's why we must watch them and see that adjustments are made when they are needed. So maybe it would be a good idea to keep on thinking of our cars as ' private transportation systems. If we keep them in good running condition, + they will serve us with safety and n~tion. GOUflTY COMHISSiOHERS' PROGEEOIfl6S ~ltate of North Dakota as: of Golden Valley Dec. 3rd. 193~, 9:00 A. M. The of County Commissioners )net "l~rmm~t to adjournment with all ~embere present. The following hills were audited by the county Welfare submitted for p'ayment to Board of County Commissioners. to personal property taxes m~nd delinquent. Mogle, Oct. allow- ance .................... $ S.O0 E. A. Ernest. Board and room for transients 24.14 W. C. Bradley, Care of Poor .................. 43.98 HoslMtal, Care Scherle ......... 63.63 P. Thlll. Groceries for Poor ...... , ............... 10, O0 ]~. A. Ernest, Board and room for 3 patients 27.00 Hospital, Care of !Poor ..................... 110.00 I. G. A., Gro- ~'les for poor .......... ~.6.00 Drug Co., Medi- for ~Oor ............ 23.45 & Wieting, Grocerlee pOOr .... o ............. r & Wietlng, GrOceries Thiti~ " "~eries" "for poor. ....,.. ............ Store. GrOceries " "~r~"" oY'~; Anthony Dru~ co.; "~e~: for p~r ............ Store. Grocerms s~o~: .... d~'rB~ ' ~e;i~ Ho~'l~/" ~'~ ~. Wm. Faust .... try Snook, C&re+ Cf Door .... 54.0C Mrs. Jo~n "'i~'e~.""~/~" vember rent .............. 4.00 Mrs. Fred Stacker. Csxe of E. Bates and Clothing 24.70 Dickinson Clinic. Care of. Mrs. Win. Faust ........ 11.97 St. John's Orphanage, Care of Musil and Niehouse children .................. ~O. 00 ThomPson's Store, Grocer ies for poor .............. 25.18 $. C. Fenney Co., Clothing for poor .................. ~.00 Joseph Pleslk. ~qovember allowance ................ 10.00 Bert Mogle, November al- lowance .................. 300 The following bills were rejected Re not authorized by the County Welfare Board. Woodward Drug Co., Med- icine for Mrs. I~alstad ..$ 7.24 WoodWard Drug Co., Med- icine for Mrs. J. Fisher 1.02 woodward Drug Co., Med- icine for Mrs. Faust .... 3.37 Greene Drug Co.. Medicine for Mrs Seherle ........ 3.06 Beach Hospital. Care of Mrs. Jess Piayle ........ 20.00 St. John's Orphanage, Dup- lication of previous bill 15.00 Dr. Lyons, Care of Mrs. Faust .................... 17.29 The following bills were audited, and delinquent. Claus Rishovd, Plumbing re- pairs in court house .$ 10,30 Dolphins Barthei, R o a d dragging ................. 7.00 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., November bill ............ 52.22 Schroeder Hardware Store. Repairs for county house 3.64 Beach Review. CommisSion- ers Proceedings .......... 39.12 J. Clayton Russell, Expense & Salary for County Agent 211.30 J. F. Hardy, Mileage & meeting of Rescttlemer, t Board .................. 1.50 (Continued Next Week) CHAS. KIRKPATRICK, Chairman of the BoArd of County Commissioners of Golden Valley County, North Dakota. Attest: MINNIE E. SMITH. Audltor of Golden Valley County. ~North Pagers. ~H NOTICE OF EXPIRATION OF PER- IOD OF REDEMPTION II STATE OF NORTH 1)AKOTA ) ) as: County of Golden Valley ) OFFICE OF COUNTY AUDITOR Beach. North Dakota. To Henry Gehrmann. ow.ner of the hereinafter described land. and to McCloskey Bros., mortgagees holding an unsatisfied mortgage thereon: You are hereby notified that the tract of land hereinafter described and assessed in the name of Henry Gehrmann for taxation for the year 1928. was on the ]0th day of Dec- ember, 1929 duly sold, as provtded by law, for the delinquent taxes of the year 1928, and that the time for re- demption from said sale will expire ~inety days from the completed tier- Vice of this notice, to-wit: on March 28th. 1936. Said land is described os follows: Southeast Quarter (SE~) of Sec- tion 34, Township 140, R3nge 103. The amount for which said land was sold for was $33.44. Subsequent tax- es for the years 1929. 1930, 1931, 1932. 1933 and 1934 have been paid by the certificate holder and purchaser at said sale, The amount that will be required to be Paid in order to make redemption Yrom such sale, ex- clusive of costs of serving this notice, is $266.53. In addition to the above amount you will be required to" pay the costs of the service of this notice and In 10.00 10.00 .ooWe Men or . ,o nybody "s Beat A terest as provided by law, and unless you redeem said I~tnd from said sale before the e.'Piration of the time for redemPtlou as above stated, a deed thereof will iSSue to the holder of the tax sale certificate as provid- ed by law. You are further notified that bY the provisions of Chapter 280 Session Laws North Dakota 1935 the period in which the holder of a tax certifi- cate of sale can ask for and obtain a tax deed, and the time in which // j MODERN OF course you must serve the traditional desserts on Christ, man day. Everyone will expect it and your guests would be dis- appointed if you did not. But they also expect from a modern hostess something new -- a sure prise--an up-to-date dessert that they have never before tasted. Surprise is one of the most im- portant elements of Christmas in food as well as in the presents which Santa Claus brings, so be sure to have something novel up your sleeve or in your recipe book. Desserts form the climax of the meal, and for that reason we're going to tell yOU abo~t some desserts that will make your guests sit up and take another bite after even the most bounte- ous dinner. It doesn't matter how simple these extra touches are, if the~/re new to your guests. For a White ChrtM~nas Y~tlde 8nowbeJl : Scoop up vanilla ice cream, using a ro~md the owner of the property may re- |De cream dipper and making the deem from such tax sale has " been balls as nearly round as pe~tble. extended to and until July I, 1937, Roll ,the balls In canned mot~t and if you wish to take advantage of the provisions of said act you may COCg~M~Ut nut~ th~okly cogted, file with the undersigned a notice to Pour hot cboeolat~ mm~ ~ the that effect within ninety (90) days bottom of ice cream glasses, and after the service of this notice upon deposit the snowballs on top. you. WITNESS my hand and official ~k've at once. seal this 6th day of December A.D. ~fe IO~/e$ Or ~$O~0b~:: Melt three squares chocolate in 1935. MINNIE +E. SMITH double boiler, add the contents Auditir. Golden Valley County, North Dakota. O~O can condensed milk, and stir '(First Publication December 12. 1935). for two or three minutes ~" until Keohane & Kuhfeld. very thick. Remove fxom fire and Attorneys. a~ld two tablespoons butter and Beach. North Dakota. one-half teAsP0on VEIILq. Then Dec 12-3t add about two cups confecUoner'a sugar, cooking it until stiff. When cold. form with palms of hands into slim little rolls like icicles or into small bails like snowbeJls. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS November 4th. 1935 l~ A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Beach. North Dakota was held on the 4th day of November. 1935. with Mayer Elalate~d presiding. Members present were P. A. Cook, D. L, Logan, M, ~'. Lovgren. H. R. Thompson, and W. H. Woodhull. Robert Alguire absent. The Official Oath of M. P. Lov- gren as Alderman for the First Ward was presented and ordered placed on file. The Official Oath and a certificate from the State Bonding Department showing that (~. O. I-~lvorson is bonded in the amount of ~2,000.00 as City Auditor were presented. Moved bY COok and seconded by TIion~pson that the bond of C. (~: I-Iglvor~on in the sum of $2,000.00 ae City Auditor be approved as to sufficiency and. tOgether with the Oath of Office be placed on file. Upon roll being called all members voted Kye. The mfnntes of the pre~jous reg- ular meeting were read and on mo- 41on by Logan and seconded by Woodhull were approved as read. The following bills were reed:- Office ~peclaities Co.; Carbon paper, $3.76; Beach Review, Publishing Pro- c'eedings and Ordinances, $37.29: Wi- baux County, Mont., Taxes, $20.78; Robert Algulre, Attending nine coun- cil meetings, $18.00; P. A. Cook. Attending ten: council meettng~, $~0.- 00; C, O. Halvoreou, Attending eight council meetings, $16.OO; D. L. Lo- gan, Attending eleven council meet= ln~, $23.00; H. R. Thompson. At- tending eleven council meetings, $22.00; W. H. WoodhulL Attending eleven council meetings, $22.00; Nina Kirst, City Treasurer's sala-,w, six months, $120.00; John Keohane, City Attorney's safety, two months. $40.- 04)" C. O. Halvorson. City Auditor's e~lary, Oct., $40.00: W. H. Wood- hull, Team work on bridge, $1.80; Mike Murphey, I~bor on leak and bridge, $25.46; Rob~.t Walker, Z~tbor on leak and bridge, $25.80; Cll~ord Bartholomew. Team work on bridge, Prices $1.20; Lloyd Sparks, Labor on lea~k, $.~;2 $17.$0; .Art. Mogle, Labor on le~k, 21.28 $4.00; Alvin Bey, Labor on leak, $1,20: Art. Engebrctson, Labor on leak, 10.63 ~ r* ~, ) el0.00; Golden Valley Lumber yard, 5.00 Lumber for stand pipe, $5.97; ~ne Texas Co., 54 gal. lubHeatinlg oil, & JEWELRY_ $.0,: M. L. vell, O+tober +.00 DRUG: .+ Tu.,., Cleant.. BUTTE r& w... $1,0.; Mon oa o Pew. er CO., Street ltghts, $122,23; Light 15.#00 in pum~ house, $153; Light and gas 29.45 in Fire Hall. $3.89. MOVed bY Cook that the bills be DO RILEY ii i allowed- as read an4 that warrants be drawn on the various funds In payment thereof. Motion seconded by Woodhull. Roll being called the vote was as follows: -Cook, yes; Lovgren, yes; Logan, Feel Thompson. yes; Wood- hull, yes. ~ays. none. The Mayor declared the motion carded. The followin~ motion was read:- '~I~o the Mayor and City Council. CRy of Beach. N. Dak. Your committee appointed to con- sider engaging additional council to assist in the case of Odin vs the City of Beach met on the 10th day 0f October. 1985. Those present at the meeting were Mayor H. H ,Haistead and Alder- men P. A. Cook, H. R. Thompson, and W. H Woodhull, City Attorney John Keohane and Attorney Mack- off of Dickinson. N, Dak. Also C. O. Haivorson. City Auditor. After dlectmsing various propesl* tions tO determine which would be to the bent Interests of the City, a mo- tion was made by p. A. Cook that Attorney Mackoff be engaged . to a~ist In the case of Odin vs the City of Beach as additional counsel at a salary of Fifty Dollars per day spent in preparing the case and sev- enty-five Dollars per day engaged in court work. Mot[0h was seconded bY Woodhuli and carried. H. H. HALSTEAD, Mayor F. A. COOK, Alderman H. R THOMPSON. Alderman W. H. WOODI~ULL. Alderman Attest: C. O. HALVORSON City Auditor Moved by Logan that the a~tlon of the committee lit engaging At- torney Mackoff to assist as addition- al counsel in the case o1[ Odin ve the City of Beaoh be approved. Mo- tion seconded by T~oxgren. On roll call COOk voted yes; Lo- ~n, yes; Lovff~en, yes: Thoml~on, yes: Woodhull. yes Nays. none. The Mayo~ declared the motion carried. The' aPrdlcation of O. G. Lindhe for a license to sell beer at retail in the concrete block building situated on Tract A-1 in Block 2 Of the Or- igtnal Tow~slte of Eeaoh, N. Dak.. read. The license fee of |100.00 accompanied the appllcaUon. MOved I~r Cook and seconded by Lovgren'that the application ee ac- cepted and the license granted. On roll call ~ook voted aye: Lo- gan, Aye; ~vgren, Aye; Thompson, Roll thickly in canned moist cocoanut A Pudding with a Pue,~ Pfoz~t OAH~tmu~ Pudding: Mix two tahlespoons corn~areh with one-half cup sugar, add to two cups scalded milk. and cook in double boiler until thick smooth Beat two egg yolks slightly, add the hot mixture slowly~ return to double boiler and cook a minute ~r two longed'. Cool. Add one cup cream, beaten. Add one cup canned mincemeat and one and a half teasDoon~ rum ~avoring and freeze in refrigera- tor trays. Serves eight. Y~ P~mc~: Mix one quart eider, the contents of a No ~ can pineapple Juice, one cup bottled cranberry Julee, o~e cup orange Juice and one-fourth cup lemon Julcev and sweeten with sugar it desired. Chill; then pour over ice t~ a large bowl. Slice into the bowl ~me banana and a slhm of ptnend)ple. Makes from sJxt~m to eighteen punch glasses. If de- sired, this punch may be slightly diluted with water Chriltmu Cookies A really good ~krlstmas dinner should tempt even a hermit to come out a~d eat. Perhaps that's w~c~dthe following cooldse wea~ Ghri~ma~ Herm/t~: Cream one- third cup butter and onv-lm~ cup brown sugar, and add one well- beaten egg. Add one cup camaed mincemeat and one CUp flora" sifted with two teaspeom ba~d~g powder. Dr~p by spoonfuls o~to a greased cookie sheet. Bake in a hot--400 degree--oven for from eight to ten minnte& Make, aboEt thirty small cookie~ , i , ij i Aye; Woedhull, Aye. Nays, none. Motion declared carried An application 9y the Montana Motor Freight Co. to construct a Freight depot on Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Block 3 of R[chards Heights, same to be ~ corrugated metal construc- tion, WaS read. Moved by Cook and seconded bY Logan that the permit be gr~nted. Motion carried. An application for a building per- mit to construct five cabins on Lots 1 to 7 in Block 4 of Richards Heights filed by Rufus Arnold was read. Moved bY Logan and seconded bY Cook that the permlt be granted. Mottoff carried, Moved by Logan that a committee be appointed to fnvsst[gate erecting a building at the dam west of Reach to serve as a hath house in summer and a warming place for sl~ters ~ w|nter. MotiOn seconded by Lovgren and carried. The Mayor aPpOinted Lovgren, Logan and Lovell on this committee. There belng no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Lo- gan and seconded by Woodhuli'. ~o- ties carried, H. H. HALST~AD May, or Attest: C. O. HALVORSON CRy Auditor _ i Dr. W. C. Bradley PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office Phone 13 R~lden~e 181 BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA ij t o:=+ o Me+ +ll OH, NORTH 0AKOTA HOUSE'56 OFFIGE.40 " mcha rrL~ ji i !_ _ 1,1 _ _ jl ] i ]r SUBSCRIBE FOR THN RNVlNW i i i SUMMONS II STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) County of Golden Valley ) IN DISTRICT COURT SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Floyd W. Hguck, ) Plaintiff, -vs- E. G. Favell. the unknown) Heirs of Harry A. Hunter,) unmarried, also knowr~ as) H. A. Hunter, Deceased,) Golden Valley County, a) municipal corporation of the) State of North Dakota, and) all other persons unknown) claiming any estate or in-) terest ill or ]ien or encum- ) brauce upon the property) described in the complaint,) Defendan t~. TH~ STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA TO THE ABOVH NAMED DEFEND- ANTS : YOU are hereby summoned and re- quired to answer the complaint of the Plaintiff in the above entitled action, which is on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the Sixth Judicial District in and for the County of Golden. Valley and State of North Dakota. and to serve a copy of your answer thereto uI~on the subscribers hereto at their office in the City of Beach in the County of Golden Valley and State of North Dakota. within thirty (30) days after the service of thls summons upon you. exclusive of the day of such service, and in case of your failure to appear or answer ap above re- quired the PLaintiff will take judg- ment against you by default for the relief demanded iu the complaint. Dated at Beach. North Dakota. this 25th day of November. A. D. 1935. KEOHANE & KUHFELD. Attoruey~ Yor Plaintiff. Office & Postoffice Address. ~each. North Dakota. NOTIGE You. and each of you, will take notice that the above entitled action is brought for the purpos~ of quiet- Ing title in thP plaintiff and depriv- ing you, and each of you. of any and all Interest in and re the following described lands and premises situated In the County of Golden Valley and State of North Dakota. to-wit: Lol Two (2) in Block Ten (10) of Hunter's First Addition to ]~tch. North Dakota. also known as Auditor's Tract A-22, bein~ the North 147.6 feet of said L,ot 2 and Auditor's Tract A-25~ being the South 100 feet of said Lot Two (2) in said Block Ten (10) of Hunter's First Addition to Beach, North Dakota. as the same is platted and the l~at thereof on file and of record in the office of the Register of Deeds of Goldeu ~Talley County, North Dakota. and of determining ad~ el~ thereto. Further that no ~)ersonal claim is made against you, or either of you. unless you appear and de- fend in this action. KEOHANE & KUH'FELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Beach. 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