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December 10, 2009     Golden Valley News
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December 10, 2009
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Page 6 December 10, 2009 Billings County Commission BILLINGS COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 3, 2009 The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with Commissioners Kasian Arthaud, and Thompson in atten- dance. Thompson moved to approve the minutes from the October 6, 2009 reg- ular meeting and the October 22, 2009 special meeting. Arthaud seconded. Others present during portions of the meeting were: Courthouse Custodian, Larry Johnson; Recorder Donna Adams; Clint Schneider, Emergency Manager Pat Rummel; Ambulance Director Karl Klang, Deputy Tax Director Dana Wanner; State's Attorney Jay Brovold; Karen Putnam Doug Rapske with Trane conduct- ed an initial assessment of the court- house HVAC system and found that the system is not working properly and efficiently anymore due to the age of the system. The next step would be to conduct a further evaluation and for- mulate recommendation for replacing or upgrading the system. After discus- sion, Commissioner Arthaud suggest- ed contacting CW Engineering to get their input as to what was done under their contract. Thompson moved to approve the voting precincts for the 2010 elections. Arthaud seconded: All voted aye. Precincts names and locations are as follows: #1 Medora Precinct - Voting Place - Courtroom, Courthouse in Medora - 495 4th St Medora. Precinct includes Townships 137, 138, 139 and 140 Range 102; All of Township 141 Range 101 and 102; the south half of Township 142 Range 101 (sections 19 through 36); all of Township 142 Range 102; all the territory lying west of the Little Missouri River in Townships 143 and 144 Range 102; and the City of Medora. #2 Indian Springs Precinct- Voting Place - Prairie School Junior High Building in Section 10 Township t42 Range 99 - 12793 20th St SW Fairfield. Precinct includes Townships 141 and 142 Ranges 98 and 99; the north one-half of Township 141 Range 100 (sections 1 through 18); Township 142 Range 100; the north half of Township 142 Range 101 (sections 1 through 18); Townships 143 and 144 Ranges 98 through 101; all territory lying east of the Little Missouri River in Townships 143 and 144 Range 102. #3 Fryburg Precinct - Voting Place - Billings County Fire Hall in Fryburg in Section 9, Township 139 Range 100 - 3717 High St. Fryburg. Precinct includes Townships 137 through 140 Ranges 100 and 101; the south one- half of Township 141 Range 100 (sec- tions 19 through 36). Joyce Thompson's term as Billings County's representative on the Regional Human Service Council expires December 31, 2009. Arthaud moved to re-appoint her to another two year term. Thompson seconded. All voted aye. Auditor Jurgens informed the board that in light of the H1N1 virus, she researched the employee sick leave time currently accrued for each employee, and found that some employees didn't have enough accrued time to feel that they can stay home, away from co-workers and the public, if they are ill. The policy now allows trading 6 sick leave days into 1 vacation day, Thompson moved to allow employees, if they are out of sick leave, to trade one vacation day for 6 sick leave days through this flu sea- son, with this window of opportunity ending May 31,2010. Arthaud second- ed. All voted aye. The board was informed that Golden Valley County has decided to combine their portion of the Superintendent of Schools position with the County Auditor. The Superintendent of Schools position is currently shared between Billings and Golden Valley County. Superintendent Virginia Bares has agreed to remain in the position'until the r.eorganization can be accomplished with the Billings County School District and approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Thompson moved to work towards combining the position with the Auditor's Office. Arthaud second- ed.'AII voted aye. The board was informed that two of the 2009 budgets need adjusting: The economic development loan was paid in full in 2009, and the 2009 budg- et was for the annual payment. The budget adjustment is $79,618.58. The SW District Health Unit's State Aid payments were more than estimated, so that adjustment is $1,300.00. Thompson moved to approve the adjustments. Arthaud seconded. All voted aye. Thompson moved to approve replacing the board room table and adding a podium. Arthaud seconded. All voted aye. Commissioner Arthaud and Auditor Jurgens reported on the Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties held October 29, 2009. Joan showed the board how the oil & gas production tax is now allocated. Donna Adams informed the board that she is interested in having a motor vehicle licensing branch in her office. Some counties have already imple- mented it through the pilot program. Thompson movedthat she get a report of what other counties have done and bring it back to the board. Arthaud sec- . onded. All voted aye. Karl Klang and Pat Rummel met with the board to inform the board of the bi-weekly H1N1 meetings that Karl will be attending. She gave a brief update on the first meeting. She also informed the board that the city has agreed to pay half of the ambulance purchase, and that the ambulance will start billing insurance companies. Dickinson Ambulance inquired whether Billings County could help cover their transports if they need someone to do so. The board agreed to this. Karl is looking into a grant to help fund another paramedic or EMT to cover when she is away for training, on another call, or on days off. Clint Schneider met with the board concerning the riverbank stabilization. He was informed that NRCS rejected the only bid received for the project. Clint was told that the project wouldn't be completed this year and he is very concerned about what might happen next spring. Commissioner Kasian and Clint will visit with Mark Shields at NRCS about this and he was reached on speaker phone. Clint explained that there were some contractors available to do the project yet this fall. Mark explained that he doesn't have much to do" with the bidding process, but it's fine with him if the board wants to get in touch with the Bismarck office to re- bid it for this fall yet. He will be avail- able to assist. A phone message was left with the Bismarck office. Deputy Tax Director Dana Wanner briefed the board on the November 2, 2009 zoning board meeting. The board approved Allan and Lori Marx moving a modular home onto the existing farm site, and also Karen Putnam moving in a used garage. Arthaud moved to approve the zoning board recommendations. Thompson seconded. All voted aye. 12:40 to 1:20 P.M. The board recessed for lunch. Linda and Dennis with the Bismarck NRCS office returned the call concerning the riverbank stabiliza- tion project on Clint Schneider's. The board and NRCS talked about re-bid- ding the project this fall. NRCS will check with their national and let the board know. The board approved the revenue vouchers for the month of October: Sheriff $192.00 Civil fees and grant funds; Clerk of Court $177.85 county fees and $4,920.00 state fees; Recorder $5,192.50 October collec- tions Revenues for materials and/or services rendered in October: Joe Kessel $71.50 dental insurance; Continental Metal Products $336.25 scrap metal; Joan Jurgens $6.97 anti- bacterial hand wipes; Dana Wanner $6.97 antibacterial hand wipes; Kathy Cash $6.97 antibacterial hand wipes; Joan Jufgens $8.59 CD cases; Raymond Hecker $725.76 weed spraying; Albert Kessel $214.37 weed spraying; Bud Griffin $229.61 weed spraying; Frank Karsky $14.81 weed chemical; Curtis Wentz $6.81 weed chemical; Richard Steffan $119.49 weed spraying; Larry Ridl $52.90 weed spraying; Loren .Kordonowy $152.43 weed spraying; Dale Jilek $63.24 weed chemical; Don Heiser $115.17 weed spraying; Kenneth Adams $125.00 Pit Inspection; Ted Tescher $160.61 weed chemical; Roger Volesky $143.04 weed spray- ing; Maynard Burian $212.11 weed spraying; Bernarda Doolittle $234.33 weed spraying; George Andreas $16.65 weed chemical; Curt Talkington $42.66 weed chemical; Hlebechuk Construction $875.00 Pit Inspection; Robert Hewson $16.65 weed chemi- cal; Larry Fritz $81.89 weed chemical; Mary Krehlik $123.34 weed spraying; Roger Myers $48.45 weed chemical; Cody Reis $76.34 weed spraying; Dwayne Shypkoski $95.39 weed spraying; Rudy Syminow $320.52 weed spraying; Florian Kuntz $117.60 gravel; Stoppleworth & Sons $417.00 scoria and pit inspection; Randy Mosser $96.89 weed chemical; John Hild $302.22 weed spraying; Kasper Family Trust $244.04 weed spraying; William Kessel $47.70 weed spraying; Gertrude Evoniuk Estate $101.04 weed spraying; Connie Redmond $40.07 weed chemical; Myron Polensky $169.58 weed spraying; Raymond Kessel $51.99 weed spray- ing; Kevin Kirsch $275.54 weed spray- ing; Roger Klym $213.14 weed spray- ing; Geoff Obrigewitsch $156.39 weed spraying; Pat Hedstrup $16.65 weed chemical; Terry Johnson $50.39 weed spraying; James Odermann $151.58 weed spraying; Vernon Polensky $217.21 weed spraying; Joe Kessel $47.70 weed chemical; Angle Chruszch $16.65 weed chemical; Mike Kasian $284.36 weed spraying; Hallie Lavelle $71.50 dental insurance; Glen Kadrmas $196.25 weed spraying; Ronald Bock $56.04 weed spraying; Terry Klym $514.50 scoria; Maynard. Burian $92.63 scoria & trucking; Ted Tescher $176.40 bridge plank; Cody Tachenko $16.65 weed chemical; Arvid Hecker $132.48 weed chemical; State Historical Society $148.60 weed spraying; Ronald Krush $22.66 weed chemical; Jamie Johnston $17.78 weed chemical; Pat Kesel $549.04 weed spraying; Roy Krivoruchka $60.77 weed spraying; Flying Y $102.00 weed spraying; McGinnis LLP $18.84 weed chemical; Alroy Logosz $84.64 weed spraying; Greg Kessel $62.54 weed spraying. Revenues for the month of October: Highway Distribution $7,199.83; Township Road Distribution $12,783.87; State Aid Distribution $40,069.99; Oil & Gas Production Tax $632,836.80; Interest $13,931.24; Royalties $49,015.21 ; Permits $1,010.00 The following claims were approved for payment:. Acme Electric Shop Tools 96127 899.99 Adams, Donna Recorder - Travel Roosevelt Memorial Lodge Notice of Meetings Roosevelt Memorial Lodge No. 129 invites all Masons to a dinner at 6:30 p.m. Meeting at 8 p.m. every 2nd and 4ih Tuesday, Belfield, 1 block west of Great Plains Nail Bank (In December, it will be the 2nd Tuesday only due to the holiday) 96128 175.30 Adams, Kenneth L. Rough Scoria 96129 195.00 Advanced Business Methods Copier Contract & Rental 96130 1,215.34 Alternative Sanitation Haul Waste 96131 141.00 Ameripride Linen Service Mat Rental 96132 42.85 Bares, Virginia Supt. of Schools - Travel 96133 399.07 Barth Ford, Bill S.C.- Parts & Supplies 96134 85.00 Barth Ford, Bill S.C. - 2010 Fod Pickup 96135 16,097.00 Billings County Rural Fire District Taxes 96136 3,474.97 Billings County Pioneer Publishing 96137 396.90 Billings County School District Weed - Shop Rent 96138 300.00 Billings County School District Taxes 96139 237,742.03 Billings County Weed Board Noxious Weed Control 96140 14,755.57 Belfield Automotive Supply, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96141 1,300.28 Belfield Plumbing & Heating Courthouse - Heating Repairs 96142 375.00 Best Energy Propane 96143 4,472.50 Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.D. Dental & Vision Premiums 96144 2,128.70 Boespflug Trailers & Feed Parts & Supplies 96145 43.50 Boltz Construction Blade Roads 96146 1,509.50 Burnie's Auditor - Vouchers 96147 165.50 Butler Machinery Company, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96148 485.86 Cass County Treasurer Document Preservation Fund 96149 141.00 Cerkoney, Cathy Zoning Meeting - Mileage 96150 147.00 Dakota Ag Seeds, Inc. Weed Chemicals 96151 17,414.70 Dakota Farm Equipment, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96152 1,136.34 Dakota Filter Supply Parts & Supplies 96153 221.60 Dakota Insurance Property Insurance 96154 109.00 Dakota Water Treatment Water System 96155 25.00 Dan's Interstate Conoco S. O. - Gas 96156 406.13 Dawson, Dan E.M.T. Class - Mileage 96157 42.35 DF Lighting Company Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 96158 740.30 Dickinson Public Library Library Services 96159 2,362.87 Electronic Communications S.C. - Radio Expense 96160 2,244.50 Electro Watchman, Inc. Courthouse- Security 96161 299.40 Emergency Medical Products, Inc. Ambulance & Risk Mgmt. - Supplies 96162 867.08 Energy Systems industrial Parts & Supplies 96163 806.55 Expressway Inn - Bismarck Supt. of Schools & Recorder - Travel 96164 475.75 Farmers Union Oil Company Gas, Diesel, & Shop Supplies 96165 3,480.93 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96166 124.46 Fiesel, Carmen J. E.M.T. Class - Mileage 96167 84.70 Fugere, Kevin Weed Board - Mileage 96168 47.75 George's Tire, Ltd. Parts & Repairs 96169 620.00 Golden Valley County Social Service 96170 5,746.43 Golden Valley County Social Service Building 96171 308.95 Golden Valley County Supt. of Schools - Registration Fees 96172 205.00 Grand International Inn - Minot Information Center- Travel 96173 63.00 Heartland Engineering Blacktail Road 96174 700.24 Heiman Fire Equipment Fire Truck Package 96175 10,536.75 Heiser Electric, Don Shop.Repairs ' 96176 400.00 Hlebechuk Construction, Inc. Blade Rds, Bus Turn, & Sewer Repair 96177 38,806.00 Institute of Local Government Auditor & Recorder - Class Fees 96178 140.00 Jurgens, Joan Auditor - Travel 96179 318.00 Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson, Inc. Engineering 96180 9,096.90 PUBLIC NoTIcEs A public notice is information informing citizens of government activities that may affect the citizens' everyday lives. Public notices have been printed in local newspapers, the trusted sources for community information, for more than 200 years. North Dakota newspapers also post public notices that are printed in newspapers on at no additional charge to units of government. Kasian, Connie Zoning Meeting Mileage 96181 68.00 Kasian, Mike Commissioner - Mileage 96182 286.00 Kessel, Anita Zoning Meeting - Mileage 96183 158.00 Kevin's Auto & Truck Repair Parts & Repairs 96184 569.30 Klang, Keri J. Ambulance Director - Travel 96185 39.60 Krivoruchka, Roy Road Conference - - Gas 96186 5.7.66 Krush, Paul Zoning Meeting - Mileage 96187 162.40 LaDuke, Joe Zoning Meeting - Mileage 96188 70.00 Mathion Company Plotter Repair 96189 485.15 Medora, City of .... Taxes 96190 8,018.48 Menards Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 9619t 266.46 Midstate Telephone Company 911 Changes 96192 6.00 Midstate Telephone Company Courthouse - Telephone Service 96193 956.06 Midstate Communications Supt. of Schools - Telephone 96194 43.69 Midwest Auto Glass Center Parts & Supplies 96195 226.92 Missouri Basin Well Service, Inc. Winterize Water Tanks 96196 460.00 Mobile Binders Recorder - Recording Binder 96197 663.39 Missouri Valley Petroleum, Inc. Gas, Oil, & Diesel Fuel 96198 14,692.16 N.D. Association of Counties 911 Taxes 96199 213.82 N.D. Association of Counties Recorder - Directory 96200 30.00 N.D. Association of Counties NDACO Convention Fees 96201 820.00 N.D. Cowboy Hall of Fame Meeting Room Maintenance 96202 200.00 N.D. Dept. of Transportation License & Title Fees 96203 10.00 N.D.P.E.R.S. Health Insurance Premium 96204 27,905.45 N.D. County Recorders Association 2009/2010 Membership Dues 96205 75.00' N.D. State Treasurer Clerk of Court Fees 96206 4,946.90 N.D.S.U Extension Pesticide Program Pesticide Training 96207 " 75.00 Nelson International Parts & Supplies 96208 62.31 Newby's Ace Hardware Parts & Supplies 96209 669.67 Northern Improvement Company Omega Mix 96210 950.00 Northwest Tire, Inc. Tires 96211 1,445.68 O'Brien Welding Parts & Repairs 96212 57.28 O'Day Equipment,. Inc. Parts & Supplies 96213 99.56 Obrigewitch, Cliff Gravel Royalties 96214 150,000.00 Off Road Software, Inc. GIS Software 96215 1,400.00 Praxair Shop Supplies 96216 121.75 Pump Systems, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96217 481.43 R & R Auto, Farm, & Electr'ic Parts & Repairs 96218 120.00 Ramkota Hotel - Bismarck NDACO Convention 96219 584.00 Ramkota Ho[el - Rapid City Road Conference 96220 150.00 Ray's Auto Electric, Inc. Parts & Repairs 96221 93.60 RDO Equipment Company Parts & Supplies 96222 984.12 RDO Trust 80-5800 Asphalt Cutter 96223 2,300.00 Redman McJunkin Corporation Parts & Supplies 96224 66.48 Redmond, Perry Right-of-Way - Seed 96225 1,002.35 Respond Systems Shop Supplies 96226 64.41 Roughrider Electric Cooperative Electricity 96227 2,180.00 Roughrider Speed Center, Inc. S.C. - Parts & Supplies 96228 79.99 Runnings Supply, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96229 83.84 CONGRATULATIONS! The following were doorprize winners at the Holiday Extravaganza Open House at the Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer office on Dec, 4: Madys Updike (One-year's newspaper subscription) Robert Austin (Box of Russell Stover chocolates) Viola Barthel (Set of local GVN postcards & a local Jane Cook poetry booklet) ABBREVIATED NOTICE OF INTENT TO AMEND AND REPEAL ADMINISTRATIVE RULES relating to Nursing Home Administrator Ucensure. ND State Board of Examiners will hold a public hearing to address proposed amendments to and repeal of a rule in N.D. Adrnin. Code chapter 55-02-01. NDLTCA Conference Room ND Long Term Care Association's Office 1900 N. 11th St. Bismarck, ND Thurs., Jan. 7, 2010 9:00 a.m. CT A copy of the proposed rules may be obtained by wrng the North Dakota State Board of Examiners for Nursing HomeAdministrators at 1900 N. 11 th St., Bismarck, ND 58501. Written comments may also be submitted to the above address until January 22, 2010. If you plan to attend the public hearing and will need special tadlilies or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the ND State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators at 701-222-4867 or the address listed above at least 2 days prior to the public hearing. Dated this 25th day of November, 2009 Beverly Herman, Executive Secretary ND State Board of Examiners For Nursing Home Administrators Sax Motor Company S.C. - Parts & Repairs 96230 44.94 Southwest Business Machines Office Supplies 96231 1,095.93 Kirkwood Scheels S.C. - Uniforms 96232 89.99 Schmidt Transmission Ambulance - Parts & Repairs 96233 247.25 South Dakota LTAP Road Conference Fees 96234 210.00 Share Corporation Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 96235 342.77 Simnioniw, Les Risk Management- Supplies 96236 72.88 Smart Computers & Consulting Computer Supplies 96237 1,400.00 Snyder Repair & Service Tire Repair 96238 37.00 St. Joseph's Hospital Ambulance - Supplies 96239 49.78 Stein's, Inc. Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 96240 403.67 Superpumper, Inc, S. O. - Gas 96241 ' 89.09 Southwestern District Health Unit Taxes 96242 1,174.96 Southwest Water Authority Taxes 96243 383.46 Southwest Water Authority Water Usage 96244 1,217.19 Tczap, John Zoning Meeting - Mileage 96245 70.00 Thompson, Allan T. Commissioner - Mileage 96246 370.70 Tom's Service Center Tires 96247 792.00 Tractor & Equipment Company Parts & Supplies 96248 3,220.34 Underground Vaults, Inc. Recorder- Microfilm Storage 96249 4.20 Verizon Wireless Cellular Service 96250 171.27 Vesey, Emily C.P.R. Recertification - Travel 96251 243.00 Vogel Law Firm Land Use Plan 96252 375.00 WaI-Mart Courthouse & Shop Supplies 96253 195.12 Wall Street Journal Subscription 96254 119.88 Wanner Western Wear S.C. - Uniforms 96255 111.98 West Dakota.Oil, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96256 600.20 West Plains, Inc. Parts & Supplies 96257 100.81 Western Fire & Safety, Inc. Safety Supplies 96258 95.70 AIItel Cellular Service 96299 319.31 American Family Life Assurance Premium 96300 674.82 Consolidated Internet Service 96301 234.45 Discovery Benefits, Inc. Administrative Fees 96302 110.25 Discovery Benefits, Inc. Premium 96303 2,538.37 Information Technology Dept. S.C. - T-1 Line 96304 437.80 Medora, City of... Courthouse - Utilities 96305 169.55 N.D.P.E.R.S. Deferred Comp. Premium 96306 4,174.00 N.D.P.E.R.S Retirement, 96307 14205.12 N.D. Teachers Fund Retirement 96308 480.70 Prudential Deferred Comp. Premium 96309 50.0O Qwest Telephone Service 96310 298.96 Ramkota Hotel- Rapid City Road Conference 96311 150.00 Reservation Telephone Cooperative Telephone Service 96312 52.16 Visa Courthouse - Supplies 96313 97.91 Payroll in the following amounts were approved for October: General Fund $62,405.71; Road and Bridge Fund $69,259.14; Weed Fund $3,603.60 With there being no further busi- ness, Thompson moved to adjourn the meeting 2 P.M. Arthaud seconded. Michael E. Kasian, Chairman Attest: Joan Jurgens, Auditor/Treasurer (December 10) Resolution Billings County Resolution No. 2009-13 State's Attorney Position WHEREAS, the office of Billings County State's Attorney is currently an elected position, requiring any candi- date who wishes to have his/her name on the election ballot, for that position to be a qualified elector of Billings County, ND, and a licensed attorney in the State of North Dakota; and WHEREAS, if appears to the Billings County Board of County Commissioners that it would be in the best interests of the County to redesig- nate the Office of Billings County State's Attorney as an appointed posi- tion, due to a scarcity of qualified elec- tion candidates. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HERE- BY RESOLVED: .1. That, pursuant to NDCC 11- 10.2-02, the Office of Billings County State's Attorney is redesignated as an appointed position, with appointment to be made at the expiration of the term of the current elected State's Attorney. 2.This is a preliminary resolution, which shall be published for two con- secutive weeks in the Billings County Peioneer within 30 days hereof, and which shall be the subject of a public hearing to be scheduled in the near future. 3. It is anticipated that such appointment will be made on a year-to year basis, beginning January 1,2011, and that the position of Billings County State's Attorney will not be on the 2010 election ballot. Date at Medora, ND, this 1 st day of December, 2009 Michael E. Kasian, Bd. Chairman Attest: Joan Jurgens, Billings County Auditor (December 10) Meeting Notice Notice of Special Meeting Please be advised that the Billings County Commissioners will be holding a special meeting on Decembeer 14, 2009 at 1:00 PM in the meeting room at the Billings County Courthouse. The purpose of the meeting is to approve payment Of any remaining 2009 bills, go over 2009 budget and fund balances, and determine if any adjustments are necessary, (December 10) Please support your local merchants Dakota Dates for Singles Real People Real Connections Meet Singles of all ages,- no computer necessary, friendship or long term " Light up your life with love Let us assist you in finding your perfect match! Call 701-659-8575 All cities, schools and counties in North Dakota are required to publish dae minutes of their meetings in the newspaper, it is fundamental to informing citizens about what their elected officials are doing. It also helps minimize rumors and misconceptiors about local public entities. In short, it's good government. Yet, there are continuing legislative threats to diminish or eliminal:e this important reformation. What can you do? Tel/your legislators you support the publication o/'government public notices. GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS Bu,laGS COUNTY Pto This message provided by this newspaper and NoFth Dakota Neu,spaper Association.