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December 3, 2015     Golden Valley News
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December 3, 2015
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Page 6 Golden Valley News December 3, 2015 busy lives with compli- cated schedules. It is dif- ficult for everyone to get together at one time, but the major characters have been working about five to six nights a week for a minimum of two hours per night so a great deal of human effort is being put into the show, and I am grateful for their ded- ication to the art of the- atre and the craft of acting." Andrus has a bachelor of science degree from Dickinson State, where he majored in theater and speech. He works aS a tel- evision advertising con- sultant. "I have been involved, off and on, with a number of theatrical productions over the years being involved with community theatre, sum- mer theatre at Dickinson State University's Soson- dowah Theatre in the 70s and 80s," he said. The backstage staff is mostly the cast members, but Ben and Mary Jean Brannum have assisted in almost every aspect of the production from set con- struction, props, costumes Melodrama (Continued from Page 1) Margo (Rachel Andrus) encourages the hero, Diamond Dan (Jacob Waldo), as he prepares for a duel. (Courtesy Photo) andlighting. Kim Colbert frontier melodramas,"contributed items for use of Medora Boot & West- said Andrus. "The gam- as props in the play, such ern Wear assisted with bler's coat must be just as holsters and water obtaining period costum- so. The bartender's arm pitchers. "I don't know ing for the cast. "Proper garters, the heroine's who they are but they all costuming is critical to dress - all must be fitted should 'take a bow' for the success of any show perfectly or the show will their help in making this and is even more impor- suffer as a consequence." show a community suc- tant when it comes toMany other residents cess," said Andrus. Nov. 25, 1965 - 50 years ago: Wednesday evening until Christmas Savages shared the conference The Sentinel Butte Athletic Asso- for the convenience of shoppers, crown with Valley City with identi- ciation will sponsor a card party and starting Wednesday, Dec. 1. cal 1 t- 1 records. Ten letter winners basket social at the Community Hall Nov. 22, 1990 - 25 years ago:returned to help the Savages defend on Sunday Dec. 5. Whist and The Beach Lady Buccaneers the championship. pinochle will be played, have successfully defended their Re- The Sentinel Butte High School Janice Brettin, Beach Miss Rodeo gion 8 basketball title by downing reunion committee met at the home North Dakota, will compete for the the Bowman Bulldog outfit 60-52, of Pearl Odland on Tuesday title of Miss Rodeo America in Las and with a 24-0 record lor the sea- evening. Arrangements were made Vegas, Nev., in the annual pageant son will advance to the state tourna- to have the only remaining rural sponsored by the Hotel Sahara and ment in Bismarck. school in the district moved into International Rodeo Management. Dec. 2, 1965 - 50 years ago: town and used to house a school mu- Beach stores will be open every The 1964-65 Dickinson State seum. N F: aware of lake ice condition North Dakota continues to pro- test holes as they make their way out ice is reasonably safe, it is still up to duce a record number of anglers, and on the lake," Timian said. "And the individual to decide when to go many are anxious to get on the ice then, an ice chisel should be used to out on the ice," Timian said. and enjoy a favorite pastime. With check thickness while moving Winter anglers should wear a per- that in mind, winter anglers are re- around." sonal flotation device, and carry ice minded to consider ice conditions In addition, snow insulates ice, picks or a set of screwdrivers to pull before traveling onto and across which in turn inhibits solid ice for- yourself back on the ice if you fall North Dakota waters, mation, and hides cracks, weak and through. State Game and Fish Department open water areas. Anglers should If someone breaks through the enforcement chief Robert Timian avoid cracks, pressure ridges, slushy ice, Timian said 911 should be said this w!nter should provide or dark areas, and areas around par- called immediately, with rescue at- plenty of opportunities for anglers, tially submerged trees, tempts used by employing a long as long as Mother Nature cooperates. "All of this signals thinner ice," item such as a pole, board or rope.' "Access to area lakes shouldn't Timian said. If that's not possible, throw the vic- be an issue with the lack of snow, The following minimums are rec- tim a life jacket, empty water jug or but that can change in a hurry," ommended for travel on clear-blue other buoyant object. Timian said. "As of right now, it is lake ice formed under ideal condi- "Going to the victim should be just a matter of waiting forthe ice to tions. However, Timian said early in used as a last resort, but only by become thick enough." winter it's a good idea to double forming a human chain where res- Timian said ice conditions these figures to be safe: 4 inches for cuers lie on the ice with each person shouldn't be judged by appearance a group walking single file; 6 inches holding the feet of the person in alone, especially this time of year as for a snowmobile or all-terrain vehi- front," Timian said. ice thickness can vary significantly cle; 8-12 inches for an automobile; To treat hypothermia, Timian rather quickly, and 12-15 inches for a pickup/truck, said to replace wet clothing with dry "The edges become solid before "While we can and do provide in- clothing and immediately transport the center, so anglers should drill formation to assist in assessing if the the victim to a hospital. Is having some sausage and bacon OK? "They have biscuits and sausage ~ to a mall when the weather is cold or gravy on the menu. I bet they know ~ rainy. how to make it here," my husband If you are expecting a biscuits and noted while we were traveling in a sausage gravy recipe, you won't find southem state, it from me. This native Midwesterner Sometimes restaurants cut up links hasn t perfected it yet. instead of using ground meat, so the ture cooking of red meats on the grill I do know a good hotdish, though. gravy is not flavored throughout. As a or in a frying pan can increase the pro- Here's a fiber-rich recipe chock-full server walked by with a steaming duction of carcinogenic compounds, of beans, plus some ground beef and plate of biscuits and gravy, we could Should study results such as these bacon. Enjoy a moderate intake of see that this restaurant used ground make you drop meat from your menu? lean protein, such as meat, fish and sausage. I hope not. Meat provides protein, poultry. When I first met this Indiana- iron, zinc and other nutrients.Accord- Calico Beans Hotdish raised guy 24 years ago, I never had ing to current recommendations 1/4 lb. bacon heard of putting sausage gravy on bis- from, 1 pound lean ground beef cuits. I'm sure I gave him the "you're most adults need 5 to 6 ounces of pro- 1 medium onion, chopped not from around here" look when he tein daily, depending on the amount of 1/4 c. brown sugar prepared it for me the first time. It was physical activity they get. 1/2 c. chili sauce quite tasty, actually. However, I think we all know that 2 Tbsp. vinegar He gave me a similar look when I "vitamin B" is not short for "vitamin 1 tsp. dry mustard made the Midwest staple "tater tot bacon." Moderation and balance are 2 (16-ounce) cans baked beans hotdish" for him. still keys to a healthful diet. 1 (15.5 -ounce) can kidney beans, "Well, you better order the biscuits Most of us know someone who drained and rinsed and gravy," I said. has or had colon cancer, so we want 1 (15.5-ounce) can cranberry When the server arrived with a to take steps to reduce our risk. Re- beans, drained and rinsed 1 (15.5-ounce) can navy beans, good-sized bowl of sausage gravy and search about diet and cancer is ongo- drained and rinsed plate of biscuits, I looked at him with uplifted eyebrows. Eating a bowl of ing. With this knowledge, we can take 1 (15.5-ounce) can Great Northern gravy at a restaurant was not my idea some steps in our kitchen. Therefore, beans, drained and rinsed of"moderation." 1 (15.5-ounce) can pinto beans, moderate your cooking temperatures, drained and rinsed He grinned. Evidently "they made avoid flare-ups on the grill and use a it fight." He even shared a little of his food thermometer to gauge doneness. Fry bacon in skillet until crisp. generous entree with me. It was quite Instead of focusing on what not to Discard all fat. Drain bacon on paper tasty, do, let's consider a few lessons about towels. Brown ground beef and onion What is sausage, anyway? Sausage what to do to reduce our risk for can- in same skillet. Drain beans (do not is a mixture of ground meat, salt and cer. Let's focus on "more" instead of drain the baked beans). Combine all spices. It might be made of beef, pork, less. These tips are adapted from the ingredients. Bake, covered, at 350 F poultry or a wide range of other meats, American Cancer Society and the for 45 minutes. For slow cookers: including game meats. U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Ameri- Combine all ingredients as given Sausage, bacon, ham, deli meats cans. above in a large slow cooker. Cook on and red meat in general have received Get more fiber in your diet. Fiber low for four to eight hours. negative press in recent weeks. You fills you up and can help with weight Directions for freezing: Put left- might have seen scary headlines such management. Eat more dry edible overs in a microwave/oven-proof as "death by bacon., beans, lentils, split peas and other casserole, cover and freeze. Reheat in As my husband contentedly fiber-rich foods, a preheated 350 F oven to an internal chomped on biscuits and gravy, I -Enjoymorefmir~m~a ....... L,_ temperature of 165 F, as measured thought about all the recent neaannes, because they contain phytochemicals w~th a t0od thermometer. Or cook in The World Health Organization re- (cancer-fighting compounds). Have at a microwave on high for four min- cently placed processed meats in the least 4 I/2 cups of fruits and vegeta- utes, stir and continue heating until same carcinogen category as ciga- bles every day. beans are of desired temperature. rettes. Specifically, the report said eat- Have more whole-grain foods, Makes 20 servings. Each serving ing about 2 ounces of processed meat such as whole-grain bread, oatmeal has 240 calories, 6 grams (g) fat, 17 g daily could raise your risk of getting and brown rice. protein, 33 g carbohydrate, 9 g fiber colon cancer by 18 percent. Keep in Get more physical activity. Use and 720 milligrams sodium. mind that your risk for colon cancer is the steps instead of the elevator, take (Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., fairly small, walking breaks instead of snack R.D., L.R.D., is a North Dakota State Before you toss the bacon, let's breaks, and park farther from your University Extension Service food consider that this news is not brand destination. Go dancing. Wear a pe- and nutrition specialist and professor new. You may recall that years ago, re- dometer to chart your level of physi- in the Department of Health, Nutri- searchers showed that high-tempera- cal activity. Walk on a treadmill or go tion and Exercise Sciences.) What's Happening? Listings for high school sporting events, plus public events that are free to anyone and aren't fund-raisers or aren't family or business invi- tations, can be published free of charge in this column. Medora's 20th annual Old- Fashioned Cowboy Christmas, Dec. 4-6 Beach Holiday Extrava- ganza, Dec. 4-5, various busi- nesses to host open houses 800 +/- ACRES 4 PARCELS GOLDEN' a 135 acre pasture is located 7 miles south of Golva, ND access,t This is a rare opportunity to purchase land in southern Golden Valley County, and this will be one of those chances that i will not want to miss out on! PARCEL 1: PARCEL 2: Acres: 320 +/- Acres: 160 +/- Legal: S 29-137-105 Legal: NWI,~ 32-137-105 CRP Acres: 291.42 CRP Acres: 154.78 PARCEL 3: PARCEL 4: Acres: 160 +/- Acres: 160 +/- Legal: SW~,~32-137-105 Legal: SP,~32-137-105 Grassland: 134.95 CRP Acres: 133.42 CRP Acres: 26.25 | A Manor News column wasn't available this week. Following are the correct answers for the turkey scramble contest that was in the Nov. 12 editions: Thanksgiving November pumpkin gratitude Samoset Puritan Squanto casserole feast tradition colonists Massachusetts parade football tablecloth Bil 1-4 p.m., Friday, Dec. 4 Golden Valley News & lings County Pioneer Office 22 Central Ave., Beach 60 2ND ST NE 872-2228 WWW.WCCU.ORG ii i!i!ii i!i!!i!i'i:i iii!!!!!iii i iiii!i!i !iiiiiiii : iii!ii!Y 1111s sale is managed by Pifer's Auction & Realty. All statements made the day of the auction take precedence over all printed materials. ]11e ;eller reserves the right to reject or accept any and all bids. Pifer's Auction & Realty, 1506 29th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560. Kevin Pifer, ND #715. Pif.ero" 877.700.4099 KEEP PUBLIC NOTICES IN NEWSPAPERS Newspaper Association of America