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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
December 3, 1931     Golden Valley News
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December 3, 1931
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/ .+ \ Temperature at Noon Today 31 Above OFFICIAL PAPEI~ O1~ GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND CITY OF BEACH V~E XXIII. ALL HO~IE PRINT BEACH, GO~ VALLEY OOUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY. DECEMBER 3, 1931 B[ACH HIGH'S BASK[T+ CH,. FATHER AND SON BANQUET ANOTHER ROAD HOG Thursday evening, December 10, AUXILIARY IN R 0L LS +un+ +on flail DI fl_ PFP.T_ there will be a father and son ban- home at Glendive, were forced off V.LLIIIVUILUIU LOOK t ational church that prbmises to b++ I'ILI'iULItOH [ the road Saturday a short distance quet at the parlors of the Congeeg-[A~G[STbaby, traveling eas+ from their fiN[ i:OR THIS S[A$ON CO~VBOYS OPEN SEASON DEC. 18 AGAINST BELFIELD TIGERS PLENTY OF GOOD MATERIAL :FROM WHICH TO BUILD ~S At+ present prospects look very favorable for the Beach high bas- ketball quint, according to Coach Joos. The team will probably be very interesting. At that time, also, Pill" 1% I% g" ~I ||I~I:1% II T eaa~ of Sentinel Butte, by a road will be formed a marls' club of ~ U ~" ~~ ~"~ %S[ II II I hog truck. The Scabad car went church members and others, this L|L |~ ~ L ~ M | ~nto the ditch, but fortunately none being an effort to bring together ...... :__ was severely hurt, although Mrs. clot of the men of the community T"|~ -I-|I~I Y[AR Scahad had a severe chest bruise into closer fraternity and for pleas- /|i|0 || |li and the baby got bumped on the ant social intercourse. But it should forehead. The truck driver went not be forgotteh that the way fath- ers and sons are going to be fed will be something scandalous, so to speak, for the folks of that church are famous cooks, whether male or female and never know when their guests have enough. Don|nick Kukowski is back from a trip last week to St. Paul, Winona, and other places, where, he says, gaily on his v~ay. A passlng car picked up the Scabads and brought FIFTY PERCENT OF ENTIRE them to Beach where Dr. Bradley QUOTA ALREADY IN SAYS was called, but found no serious STATE PRESIDENT hurts to the family. A wrecking -- car from the Logan garage went WATFORD C I T Y DOUBLES down and brought the bumped car MEMBERSHIP AND HELPS back for repairs. This is Just an- DROUGHT SUFFERERS other case where a shooting by Scabad would have been o. k.g and Figures wired to Mrs. A. O.~ Port- someday that class of truck drivers there was little snow but consider- er, department president, for the and car drivers like them will get able rain. I National Telegraphic roll call of i what Is eomlng to them. Noon Today I Clear, Warm I EIGHT PAGES SWEDE SKi EXPERT NUMBER I lflB[[ NOT[D CflI[FST0 GiiAC[ Li0N ANNIV[RSARY D[C. 17 IN THEIR HONOR LIONS MAKE THIS "INDIAN NIGH~ ALL RIGHT CLUB DEN WILL BECOME ~Im. PEE FOR BIG FEED, DANCES, MYSTIC RITES Thursday evening. December l?o will be the fifth anniversary of tl~ birth of the Lions club in ~ ~ and the roaring crowd is going to celebrate as never before, the meet- built around the two surviving let- STOCKM'N CAUTIONED theindianapolis,Americ~ NovemberLegin Auxlliary,24th, show iat'+ R0S~t OF EL MONTE lug night beL~ chan~ed frc~ termen this year, William Kneze- I the largest membership ever enroll- Monday. 'd at this time of the year in the rich and James McGee. Kneze- 1 II .Ittnm ... history of the department, 3539 PDP P ITP[I RV, Three of the greatest chief80t the Sioux nation wi~ attend the afo rich is a senior this year and play- /]|!/]1]~.~1 |'|'.[|3l~|f |1|33 members, or fifty percent of the 1%1 121,1 lll]Ja]bl|lb]] VII Seen Utterstrom, cross-country fair, which will be 'Indl~l Night.*~ Lug his last season of basketball. _ ..ra~araue~z au~Mzz~a av~ entire quota has been enrolled at --Iskl chum'-ton'of Sweden -'-,~oa For the past two years he has been ~ [] ~ ~w+e~v ~ mv~ve~m, ~ vv ~, this time with twenty-two units i u , ~ta+~,.These famous braves: Ma-l'~-~e~. the main cog of the Cowboys play- Ca i ' | [~ i~ | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11 T i'll out for Mount Baker, near Seattle cheeche, Pe-ota-wanlcha and To~- ..... '~ ,-I ptain Wentworth of the Chl ~lU[fl K. "l'fll~'l'L~fl~Iequalling their 1931 membership!dUl|l~t~ 1/1~. IIIUI,~a ........ ' w sn0 to get In ~orm or me mg a~ center oo~n seasons, ne ~ ..... " i and fourteen exceeding it or reach- t I... . ......... Oyu,,spe, are known to the Whit~ over six feet tall, fast and aggres-, cago ~mct~ ltawl~s, one of the prom. uiympic events ~o oe sta e siva, a very good shot and no ' ment hockeyt.eams. ] ing their quota assigned by the de- f [ " g ~ at bageas Charging Bear," "Hair-many- +doubt will be holding down the ' "-- partment. I /Placid, N.Y. not-any", and "Holds the Entre,V," ~vot r~ition ~aln. McGee is aS| /%!111"1% 1"1%1"1/%111" 1%1"1'1"1% MANY ILLS COME TO LIVE-I Units making this early record EXOTIC, MEXICAN-FLAVORED/ respectively, and they will be +J'~ior and played for the first time ! |||W|'~ ~||1~| ~l||'.~ STOCKINI~OMOYER FEED. ;are Pekin, Hillsboro, Milnor, Wah-t STORY OF SPANISH TIMES t ltrl~ ~INA~t~ ~~ ~ whichWith allthetheslouxbarbariCare noted,finerYand w~l f~P last year, showing up well at that+g~ i! Lit /I|LI~II| l|~ili.~i ~ xn vt~.~ + i peton, Ellendale, Beach, Carson,, WILL PLEASE ALL IW&ll I'iglit'%" I'llMb%" III bring along their teepees, cano~, WILL B[ BOON T0 ++o~, Stanton, Beulah, Rugby, RLU ~RUI~I~ ~IJ|I|l_I' ||'itomabrawks, knlves,,,dance time and he will undoubtedly fur- ] , , ................. Jim ' 'ar NOT MORE THAN THIRD PART COUN y WIT, D~flH~,T nish plenty of oppos t o the 3e I Lakota, Granville, Lmton, Watford -- - p " -- tom-toms and other impedimenta, Both guard positions will have to THIS ROUGHAGE CAN +LCiatkYe HHeasmebl,e~illdeH;bar:~l'GrTa~t~le' CAST HHAS A ~EEA~4DSEL[CLTED as we English say, and put o. & +be filled with new material this IlIF'~'FP~il BI~ 1%il//%11"i BE USED t ' WIT C R WI ~U~/ number of dances, some of which of t t nit ri end t hpee ;: Rill BE PLEASING ~[L][[ AND CLOTHING are now forbidden by the Great year. The success of the team will . -- e 'lepend a great deal upon the ful- Wt~l[flN "~t U~UI~ Farmers" m the drougth area White 3hiex at ~ ~as ingt~ ~ al~ mystic rites will be held for the White Chief at Washington. Ma~ mark while Wahpeton was the first ftllment of these two places. Don- should not place too much reliance . ' ...... mystic rites wi L be held ~r the ........... n ar- two ......... ~o reach l~s quom, ~avmg a mem- ald ]~vans ann ~zen ~uma v on ~ussian t'nis~le nay mr Ieeaing bershiu in 1931 of 161 and 174 for Tho .Tnnin- ~~ ,~ +~o ~ first time off the reservation. 1 atin ..................... ~aep-W:r an~iWboC~l~sit;raba~ d3v~- ACCORDING TO PRESS DIS- their livestock this winter, for the 11932. , High school will present "to the -- I Out of respect to the distingut~l~ " ~ ..................... i~l PATCHES THE CUT WILL thistles are low in feeding value l Perhaps the most remarkable lpublic on the evening of December DISBURSING WILL BE THRUIguests the Lions will also appe~ ~ii~ T e:B~~~::a Det:= ~~iii~ir~vt'!in~~ ~i~m~~!I i~!~i~~!:~!~~ "~CAL~r~'~EEHEar~r~ Ibefeathered and in gala make tt~ ~v.~ ,~v,,....... ,.~,,~u as no ston ill ..... By A. = ~a~TI=N . [+ e w De lelt un~tll~ ........ [so to speak, to make the vMlto~ h~, : d s __ feel perfectly at home in the Whl~ t Ma~s ~igwam, which the dinb~ ' remainin I ~: ~ .'~ " ~ " ' : t themselves essentia to the' com-i are ta-ktug their parts, so the pub- Miss Mary T. Townsend, repre- ~ . o the Golden Valley hotel and Junior Schulz. The . g .. :, :.+. +~.~ +..+^.~, ......... merit at North Dakota Agricultural munitv Hansel in the first district J u .... ,, ....... a ,~ o .~o+~,~,+~,,~ senting the NationalRed Cross, will. re~emble more than anyt boys who have bee g college urges strongly that not al-^-,-ow~ ^ lar+^ increas^ with 65I ........ tle~se came to Beach Tuesday and me ;to ant ain .... "^-- --- +with the first squad are: Jerrycommission, mean considerable say- more than one-third of the rough-t ~ ~ ~ ~ --~ " "9^~ ,, especzaszy as me price ss I art .the ....... Keohane Clarence Knezevich +-~o ~ , . pe cen~ more ~nan in i a . surely aown ~o nard times and . _ _ , ..... s to Western North Dakota the age ration be made up of thistles i A new unit was ora, anizea at ,,,the, ,u ..... h ,,~ ...... ~,,,a,, .r~o with the o;ficers of the Golden leery fine impreasario~ and nt~ Do.nald _.Miller, WLllard l~ay, ~u~,: new rates reveal. To feed the thistles as the onlY lAbercrombie' November Ilth bY~c~'of t'l~e nlav"t~-~f~llowsl ..... Valley Red Cross chapter and the t"feature artists" will be impo~ seU mc~ienanen, ,.oooer~ nanevom + roughage is dangerous he declares,, Li w ......... " ......... drought relief committee which had i to sing and dance for their et~.- __., ,~^,.^_~ ~...~.. I Substantial reductmns m the newt ..... ' . ~ + Mrs. M. H. Lynch of dger ood, t Col. Dumbarton, the owner of ~u ~'='~ "~'~" rates ov^r *~-- ol~ .......... an~ may reset m heavy asses ~o Second districtcommitteewoman .................... been quietly organized in anticlpa-I cation, these artists havin~ ""- ~ " -'~ --~" ;"' ha+ been I + ~ +.~ u are +ztuwzl In .,__ . ..... + ' I *~1 ~+.uttbe ........ ,.uu~ler nuu~m he i9,0.wmg. ~eeuu,e ..... ? _ . ; shipments between the Twin Cities : ~ne ,~s.vz. with fourteen charter members. { Wong, his servant, Ray Lana~er~ tlon of the Red Croas coming into much time among the Reds to ~t arrangea a~ ~ms ~Lme. w*~n t~e,- + and Dickinson between Detroit I Russian thistles have a very high Mrs. L. A. Danielson was elected i Miller Boone his nephe~w . -- - the county with aid. A meeting the Indian atmosphere and load tip field and Sen%tuel Butte thenome and Dickinson 'and between New lash content and cause severe president; Mrs. Julius Borseth,I ' Weslev Nellermoe was held in the office of Judge on their ideals and legends. A fur- gaines t~avenot_ .been secidea. [ York and Dickinson. Between De- scouring when large amounts are vice president; Mrs. Ernest Picette, I Ro~it'a," th'e "1~ of E1 1Vionte ... Kastien that day and the machin- ~her illumination of this will come Decenmr l~--~e,nem v s .~eacn. troit and Dickinson first-class rates ~ fed. If it is necessary ~o ~eea a secretary and Mrs E G Ottis, Meredith Fuller ery put into motion for this aid later. + January 8---Beach at Heoron. will sh ...... ~,,~,, ~ o~ .... +~ large portion of this hay to live- historian +~.~," ~'*~,~" "~'~ ",~,.~ ~n~,~ from the ~ttenal Red Cross, which The menu will be typically InJu~ .+Janua~T ~---~,~a ............... ~ the hundred pounds, the present~ stock, Dr. Roderick recommends I Rports from the units throughout I ................... Glen Odman wilt ~mt~ ~ long as there is and the tribal chef is even now ~/~y ~y~:dunan~r:ed~:c~k~~ns" !nuhatrmlyfml~)st~%eeh~rp~nt~h~kUS~li ih~t;;p:rt~~ k~a6e:~d~! l~?~heW?~t~h~td~w ~cOl~a need of such help in the county, scouring the Sious reservation ~ehtlnel Butte vs. i' f either on account of the drought ~he most de,rate delicacies and January 29--Beach at Dickinson unnecessar to feed more than one ~ i ......... 1 i conditions or other emergency cases learning the true and correct way ............... " there will be a reduction of 81 ... Y .. _ [ + work. Many units are making .......... ......... Dorothy Lovell, where help must be given quickly in which they shall be cooked ancl l~_~ru.~_~.. ~-~e~L~e~..~SB~~. vs 'cents the hundred pounds on first- third mistles m me roughage par~+ plans for Christmas, making over, Estaban, the Mexican boy ..... ~ In thl~ connection the ladies 01 ~erved. Thl~ department 15 wor~- ~'enruary ,z--~en~szzv~ ~,u~ of the rauon ~ "6he ". class freight, the present rate be- toys and assuring their commun- . ............... Adolph Ramstad American Legion Auxiliary will tug over time. February 19--Glen Ullin at ing $3.88 and the new one $3.07.Northwestern North Dakota is in |ties that no one will be without a Ramona, the Indian cook ...... t cooperate with the l~ed Cross in No such collection of abo~ Between the Twin Cities and the area where coccidiosis, com- Christmas. As a part of their Am- . ................. Emma Walker taking care of clot.hing needs. All ~obllity has ever before +]Beach. i Dlckinson there Is, per hundred monly known as bloody diarrhea, ericanism program, they are gath- Gloria Downs, the girl from the the clothing so fal~ donated to the each, therefore every Lt~ February 26--Open. pounds, a reduction of i* cents on March 5---Open. first-class rates, of 12 1-2 cents on second, 8 1-2 on third and 12 1-2 A large crowd turned out last on fifth. Freight rate reductions Wednesday night for the Fireman's on canned fruits and vegetables seventeenth annual ball and all re- pOrt a fine time. We understandamountbetweento these16 1-2 centstW perPintShundr~will the firemen sold nearly $100 wor~ pbunds, the present rate being of tickets for the event, which should add materially to the coffers 79 1-2 cents and the new rate to ~f that fine organization, be 63 cents. On iron or steel ar- ticles the reduction is still greater, amounting to 21 1-2 cents per I AND MRS. P[PL[N hundred pounds, the present rate " being 79 1-2 cents and the new {]OLD [rate 58 cents. On agricultural im-, plements the reduction in rates be-i : : " tween these two points will amount +~ to 15 cents per hundred pounds, '~ W[DD]NG THURSD'yithe present rate being s7 cents andlthenew rate 72 cents, l The gerieral effect of these new rates is an increase of seven a gives trouble 'with livestock. With ering current magazines and ship- desert ............ Julia Benson ladies for relief use will be handled should certainly be present, a ~ a high percentage of the irritatin~ ping them into the drought strick- Pete Anderson, of Rancho La- .eparately as they see fit to dis- that must be made known to the thistles in the livestock ration, this en area to counteract the material guna .............. Frank Jones pause it. but before they can give club secretary instanter, as the disease is likely to be more +wide- that is being supplied by subversive Scene: The patio of E1 Monte ou~ clothing sent here by the Red seating capacity of the ceremo~t spread than ever during the corn- organizations, ranch house near the Mexican Cross an order from the county re- teepee is limited, owing to the room tug winter. When scouring and ---- - border, l liar committee, which consists of neeaed for the parades and damm~ A. E. Kastien, chairman, Henry tha~ are to grace the occasion. Th~ symptoms of this disease are in rlatlran 111114%11 /%11 Synopsis: This Is a three-act~ Thompson, John Keohane and W. the visitor's list will be cut and era- evidence, Dr Roderick advises that F/IMMI'KX mlmmlllv IH3 the animals be immediately put oni/nltl'lL.Itu Uillt/i! via play dealing with the attempts of' Miller Boone, Colonel Dumbarton's' F. Cushing, must be presented to tirely dependent upon the ac~i~ a ration of good hay and grain, l~g~ |UM|ll | ~r~'~r scoundrelly nephew, to steal the' the Auxiliary and a~ receipt taken antes of,the members, Tell the ~e- Some treatment from the cater-l|'|| ~ ~|3]]| ~]~||~| inarian will help in f-educing the l~~ ~ |'|3|3|~L, [U.|~[|] cattle, money and ranch of his for the clothing, cretary yes" or 'no." Reme~ uncle. The mysterious appearance I Notices have been sent all grocers the date, Thursday, December l~t. losses. Rather than risk the loss of live-!~gflWp ~[M DDflPD~ of Gloria, the disappearance of Ifsuppliesthe countYthey willsettingbe allowedfrth tow|at t .fur. ~onsiSincecommitteethe aboVehasWaSbeenWrittennotlfl~lthe and holdups, coupled with the ac- I nish the needy but before any can i ~nreeor four chiefs of the Man~ stock through starvation the ex-+m,U, lUlL [m~lliLO0 Rosita and various daring escapes+ tension service of the college andt county agentSawar%eadV~sii~gavthe I - tions of the peculiar comedy parts, !be issued, the applicant must pre-t na ~ras venire tribes also deM~ feeding of str n " " ' - t the audacity of Pete the "Ugh--he ]sent to the grocer the order of the 'to attend this ceremonial, so .............. nsee., FIRST YEAR GAVE IT HARD allee time makee love," of Wong. l cunty relief committee, and no ~o have been invited, which mear[s ame some o~ner nay, ~u~u u .............. serve to make this a thrilling eve- bills will be paid by the committee e guest list on this occasion will ' ' " i h r SLI~DDINUt BUT MADE cake and gram ~n con3unctmn w t ~ NT~E PRO~'-- nlngs entertainment. This stirring unless this order is attached there- be suspended, Russian thistles. This may mean ......... erA+ comedy will keep you on the edge to. All bills will be paid on presen~ r ~ing fewer animals onfarms until the final curtain. Each aid in Iowa Min- in the drought area but it will in- Novel will giv- be asked where he wants buy