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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
November 29, 2018     Golden Valley News
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November 29, 2018
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Page 6 Golden Valley News November 29, 2018 Weekly teSt d[ e, 1. ANATOMY: What are the four lobes of the cerebral cortex? 2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Which month is Black History Month? 3. LITERATURE: Which early American author wrote the "The Scar- let Letter"? 4. CHEMISTRY: Which element is represented by the designation Cl? 5. MEASUREMENTS: How long is a lunar month? 6. SCIENCE: What is the most abun- dant metal in the Earth's crest? 7. MUSIC: Who wrote thee 1962 song'"The Loco-Motion"? 8. GEOGRAPHY: Which country is home of Great Bear Lake? 9. U.S. STATES: Which state claims to be the "birthplace of aviation''? 10. BUSINESS: What law requires banks to disclose the interest rates on loans? Answers 1. Frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipi- tal lobe and temporal lobe 2. February 3. Nathaniel Hawthome 4. Chlorine 5.29.5 days by Linda Thistle 2 7 4 5 7 4 1 c 7 7 4 1 1 by Dave T. Phipps 6. Aluminium Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way e NOT 7. Gerry Goffin and Carole King THAT S ~ MAKE MUCH 8. Canada that each row across, each column down and ' = rr:~11 ~ k MONEY 9. Ohio each small 9-box square contains all of the TMI 10. Tmth in Lending Act numbers from one to nine. WEEK!-- 2018 King Features Synd Inc. S *Moderate OO Challenging ~ i ~~ 1~~~ ~oo~o~, ~ ~ ~ 2018 King Features Synd Inc. ~~ This weekly puzzle is brought to you by: 1. Name the two major-league teams that have won 116 games in a regular season. 2. Which two former major-league T&A Seeds / pitchers won league pennants as man- 1 Be ach, ND agers during the 1970s? wl 3. When Penn State and Southern ilk ~ ,~ll~ Cal's football teams scored the most (701 ) 872 -3 24 8 combined points (101) in a Rose Bowl game on Jan. 2, 2017, whose mark did they shatter? 4. LeBron James holds the record for :~ most times on the All-NBA First Team (12). Who are the players tied at 11? 5. Name the last NHL team to lose the Stanley Cup after having a 3-1 series lead. ~ ~~ ~~~ 6. When Tony Stewart won his last NASCAR season championship in 2011, how many of the final l0 races of the season did he capture? 7. Before she won her first'French k~~~'~ I Open women's singles title in 2018, by Charles uarry iownsena how many times had Simona Halep ~'~, ~~" "~/I~~ N~ FINDTHE FLOWERS, lost in the finals oftbe toumament?Answers I X R/,~%(,'~'~ ~', ' I} ~INIOIIIT A N RIAIClPINIEIAIZli ',! - IPIUICIRIEITITIUIBILISISI INI F ; 1. The 1906 Chicago Cubs and the 81RIEIWIOILIFINIUISIOIIIOISICl 2001 Seattle Mariners. 2. Bob Lemon of the New York Yan- I ~IslslIIEIWlLIEIPlEIMI~IRIHIOI ~ kees(1978) and Tommy Lasorda of " - IVlLIIILISlUlClSlIIBIIIHIclsl the Los Angeles Dodgers ('77, '78). A MAIZE MAZE! Can you help this little bug ,IAIZIAILIEIAIGIEIRIAINIIIUI I ,14"17"J" ' " " :3~ 3. Oregon and Wisconsin combined find h~s way acr ss th~s mazey ear of corngso 9~ IA I N I E I B R E V I 1 I I I I I Io L G X O F O " for 83 points on Jan. 2, 2012. Oklaho- ma and Georgia set a new record with that he can lo,n h,s buddy at the other end. 21 HI v l AI c l x 1 N I T I H I P IOI P I P IV IS I 102 combined points on Jan. 1, 2018. 4.5. TheK beDetroitBryantRedandwings,Karl 1942. i ~d the four animals ' ~- k ~ . Hidden in the diagram above are the names 6. Five. I . a=,~ S'S~;~U~e I of 17 flowers. They can be found by reading 7. Twice-- 2014 and 2017. I ~~"EC ~ .~'~%;Z I uo or down, or side to side. You'll even find 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc. I ~" '~ ,~, ~ ~.~.~'z~'~,~ I them diagonally going up or down. Letters ~'~~ ~'"'~ ""~ ~ I can be used more than once. Listed below ,are the flowers you're looking fbr. BY ITS MAGIC! Use the numbers 5 through 14 to fill in this I 1191 3 I Azalea Fuchsia Plumbago Magic Number Square. The numbers in each horizontal row, ] I" I I Buttercup Geranium Poppy each vertical column, and even the four corner squares, must laa ,~ I I I Carnation Hibiscus Rose total 45, We've filled in six of the squares; the rest is up to you. I ~41I I - Use trial and error - and a good eraser! I "1 L I ~ sT s ,rlyaclmn ,b, un, rlower I i I 17- 1 ~-oe,we,ss ,r,s verbena 0g '9 'L 'gt :MOJ qwno -I g 'LI. 'kg ' - - Fox" ove L " :~oJ PJ!ql 't'l-'6 't' 'eL :~OJ puo~es " '6~ ' 1-'01. :~oJ :ls'!=l :s,e~Suv [./453 9 Y Add a few drops of water to votive T~,~LE cupsbefore adding acandle. The wax -~---- Y'LL DO IT EVERY TIME BY AL SCADUTO will float on the water, and when the 5 candle bums down, it won t get stuck 'JW//EN/G~=NO(/~/# ,~- ~-"-~ - " " i:the votive glass, i ~ -~,4 ~~.T.~~ ~~F~~i. ~'~~ Experts say: For every foot high your tree, you should plan for 9 feet of garland. So, a 7-foot tree would need about 63 feet of garland. Dropped a glass ornament? They leave tiny shards, don't they? To get the tiniest bits up, rely on a slice of white bread. Use it to sweep up after Find at least six differences in details between panels. the large pieces have been cleared. The soft bread catches it all! t ~ e"1~1 ~IOl~, ~2005b K S Z 8 ~ 9 g lr 6 DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: HOCUS-FOCUS 17 ~ 6 681~ g L 9 g L L g 9 g 8 g I. 9 L 9 L 9 6 g 6 8 I. # L 6 8 9 g I.It6 L 9 9 g l,I. ~ 1~ g 89 L 6 Je suv nHoans ,{I)IeeM 7 ,4F;IC 7RAuMA PEP'T.- -" A POX ON . ; 77~ PglVER WHO G&'7".~ INTO 2 77-1E LEFT LANE e ~ THEN MAKES A ~ss!tu s! ued "9 "lue~e~.p s! uo~dv " "l~u!ss!w e JR spee~'l~ ~u!s~w ~ a~u~18 " "~elJoqs sl let~Ol "g "Sulss!tu s! euoqd I, : eoueJe~.Q ,~Tf.A NI"A ~O,4.