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November 29, 2012     Golden Valley News
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November 29, 2012
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I Page 8 Golden Valley News November 29, 2012 Pyramid dominates homeland security meeting "I'm and heading out." of North Dakota and the Mill." N. D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl On Nov. 15, Erin Schmitz of Bismarck was presented with the 2012 Affiliate of The Year Award that ,was given by the Bis- marck/Mandan Board of Realtors. Erin is married to Jeremy Schmitz, formerly of Golva and is employed by the North Dakota Guaranty and Title Company of Bismarck. Dean and Jackee VanVleet of Bismarck entertained family for Thanksgiving dinner. Among those present for the feast were PaUl and Mary Lee Schmitz of Golva, Jason and Laura Schmitz from Beach and Jeremy and Erin Schmitz and girls of Bismarck. James and Elaine Kremers had most of their family from Bis- marck and Mandan home for Thanksgiving weekend. Henry and Lisa Gerving and boys from Beach joined them for Thanksgiv- chores that needed tO be done be- ing dinner on Thursday. Some en- fore the snow gets too deep. The joyed doing some hunting while vehicles that will travel paved here. roads were getting washed and Shirley Schulte had an eye ap- were looking sharp, however, any- pointment in Glendive on Tues- one traveling the country roads day. That evening, Larry and could be spotted very easily since Shirley Schulte and Darrel and the new coat of mud on their vehi- Karen Schmeling all attended the cle made them stand in traffic. Golden Valley County Historical I hope everyone h~d a safe and Society meeting at the museum in Happy Thanksgiving. Since 1 had Beach. Officers were elected, to leave home early on Friday President Judy Ridenhower was re- morning to travel to Circle for a elected for another two years, late Thanksgivingdinnerwithfmn- Gwen Oech is the new vice presi- ily members, I was.not able to dent, Shirley Schulte was re- gather much news. No, I did not elected as secretary, and Darrel run off to take in any Black Friday Schmeling was elected to the board sales. I guess you could say as a of directors for a three-year term. person ages, they also get smarter, The nice days this past week and camping out in the cold, dark had people out in their yards rak- parking lot of a mall is just not an ing a few leaves and doing other activity I care to experience. % Hope there were many, many our bingo! Joy, Ty, and Elliot vis- visited Florence Miske. blessings to be thankful for this ited with Helen Lindbo. Jodi Smith .' birthday was on past Thanksgiving holiday. Many Friday morning began with hav-Monday, Nov. 19. Resident Coun- residents stayed at the Manor to ing our hair done by Gloria cil was held at 10:30 a.m. At 2 celebrate their Thanksgiving feast Hendry, Judy Vincent and Judy Ri- p.m., St. John's put on our after- while others left to visit and cele- denhower. At 2 in the afternoon we noon bingo game brate with friends and family, peeled apples for the kitchen fol- Tuesday morning exercises Mary Barthel, Helen Lindbo and lowed by afternoon coffee time. began at 9:45 followed by Adora- Frances Kress celebrated at the Many participated in Devotions at tion. In the afternoon we played Manor. Gloria Hendry went to Bis- 4 p.m. with Pastor J. T. Burk.Wii games. In the evening, Pastor marck to visit her daughter. Helen Ruthann Zielsdorf played the Hojnacki led Devotions. Egan visited with her daughters, piano for Devotions We began our Wednesday Mary Klein and Sherry Schillo. We began our Saturday with ex-morning having an early Hair Day Gary Riederer went with Don and ercises at 10 a.m. to prepare for Thanksgiving, The Jean Hardy for Thanksgiving. Edie Sunday' evening from 5-7 p.m. public health nurse was at the Abraham visited Lorraine and the Manor htid its Annual Potato Manor from 9-11 a.m. then at Swede Wagner for Thanksgiving. Bar that turned out to be another 10:30 we went shopping down- Last Thursday we had Mass at 9 wonderful event for everyone in town. At 2 p.m. we made pine cone a.m. with exercises following., attendance. Rick and Kim Misketurkeys during craft time with Downtown shopping began at visited with Florence Miske. Bob, Marlene and Bethine. Coffee and 10:30. Then in the afternoon we Sherry and Jeff Schmeling visited treats followed with lots of fun vis- enjoyed playing bingo. We love relatives. Merv and Irene Berg also iting and socializing. ager at Essentia Health in Fargo. Christensen, along with Cindy Troftgruben, were standing just ten feet from the Bell State Bank pa- rade float, watching it glide by the intersection of Broadway and NP Avenue when the woman, who po- lice ha,;'e not named. "went to the ground" at around 7 p.m,, Chris- tensen said. Each armed with around 20 years of experien, ce, the two nurses burst into action and searched for vital signs, noting that the woman, who they guessed to be in her late 50s or early 60s, had no pulse and had stopped breathing They began CPR, pumping her chest to keep blood flowing. Nurses (Continued from Page 1) "'You know that if you don't do bulance. The woman remained at anything, nothing good is going to Sanford Health on Wednesday happen," said Troftgruben, who is ~norning, but was alert and talking the recovery room supervisor at Es- to police, Lt. Joel Vettel said. sentia Health in Fargo. "Your in- The two nurses suggested that stinct takes over and you kind of go people familiarize themselves with on auto pilot." AEDs, which they said are easy to Before long, a police officer re- use and can be crucial ill saving a trieved a defibrillator from the life downtown bus station. Pads were Christensen said it can be diffi- strapped on and only one shock was cult to feel prepared when you're needed to bring her back to life, not in a controlled setting, but the Christensen said. best thing to do is stay calm. "The CPR was !l~aintaining her "We did the best with what we circulation .... but we couldn't have had, which was good o1' fashioned probably turned the corner without CPR," she said. the electrical shock." she said. Readers can reach Forum re- Christensen said the woman was porter Erik Burgess at (70t) 241- talking to her as she entered the am- 5518 (Continued area. "'When you live out in the Nov'. 29, 1962: country, you have to make do, you Coach Robert Vooge and hig improvise," she said. Beach Bucs will begin their bas- Buchholz said she credits her ketball season this coming Friday mother, Elaine Zachmann, for or- ]light when they' go to Wibaux to ganizing the store and for develop- meet the Longhorns in a game that ing in her a gift of imagination. "My' always prove,s to be a thriller, family and friends encouraged me to Farmers of Golden Valley go out on my Own." she added. County are urged to take part in the Store hours are 1-5 p.m. on Tues- election meeting scheduled for days. Wednesdays and Thursdays, their community for election of and 1-6 p.m. on the weeks that ship- their local community ASC corn- ments of Allison's Pantry products miller. Last week six Beach turkey hunters were successful in bagging their wild turkey for Thanksgiving. Please support your local t merchants Business from Page 1) arrive The store will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 during Beach's Holiday Extravaganza. Put Your Money Where Your .ouse !ocal independent .,-4,~ We~en our bu.~JnesSes are ~ commum,'y your best value a~a our economy Home for the, Holidays: A Six Appeal Christmas Concert I ContemporaryA Cappella Group Saturday, Dec. 22 7:30 pm & Sunday, Dec. 23 2:30 pm Belle Mehus Auditorium, 6th St. & Broadway Ave., Bismarck Tickets on sale November 26t1~. Tickets available at BAGA & Dan's North & South. Call BAGA for more information: 223-5986. packed Garvey Erfald announced as he joined the Homeland Security Committee assembl.ed in the com- munity hall for its 2(113 planning conference, l-te shoved his bulging carpet bag nnder one Of the hollow core door tables and putfed up a chair. Little ,limmy was absent. He was finishing his online master's degree in theology by doing a practicum at the Barren Hills Bible Preaching Inspired Church in Saskatchewan. "Where you ,_,oin"?" asked Orville Jordan, the retired raihoad agent who stayed after the Burling- ton Northern left. "I'm headin' west to work on the big pyramid they're building out by, Williston," Garvey answ'ered confi- dently'. Olga Danske jumped to her feet. "That's an evil thing," she de- clared, shaking her index finger at Garvey. "It's the Tower of Babel all over again." "No, it's not!" Garvey retorted bravely. "It's just a huge apartmem building fol oil workers in Bakken's field." "'God will strike you with a for- eign tongue," Olga insisted. "You'll come back babbling and nobody will understand you, L,0ok at what happened at the State Capitol. They built to the sky and haven't spoken plain English since." Having had her say, Olga slowly "I think these guys ought to ~tart building outhouses first and then move up to bigger thinos before .) . they, start a 370-foot t YramLd, sat down on the edge of her cold Einar Stamstead suggested wryly. steel folding chair. "I hope they build it on a Mis- "But they're not building thatsouri bhtffso steamboat excursions thing until next spring/' Madeleine of tourists can marvel at our Eighth Morgan pointed out. "'Why go Wonder of the World," Garvey far/- now?" tasied. "And at Christmas we can "Can't afford to take a chance to string lights all the way to the tqp'. miss this opportunity of a life- People will enjoy that all the' way time." Garvey responded. "The to Dickinson and B~ottineau. pyramid is going to be the biggest Wouldn't that be fabulous?" - - thing since the State Capitol and I "Enough of this dreaming," missed that job by' 10 years."barked Chairperson Ork Dol"ken ~aS "This pyramid is supposed to be he banged his Coke bottle on the 370 feet - 130 feet higher than the table. "This meeting will come,tb Capitol," Holger Danske noted,order so we can plan something ftfr "You get dizzy going up the flag- our own town." "-2 pole 15 feet to change the warning "'I'm in no mood to plan af{eY signal." hearing what they're doing dff..t "Well. 1 phm to work around tile west," Josh Dvorchak venture. bottom." Gar\'ey explained. "It's "What can we plan that woful going to be 600 feet on a side so conYpare to pyramids?" -" 2 there will be plenty work low The electors mumbled agr@- down " ment. That irked Ork. "Well, they'll never build that "'Okay," he grumbled. "That's[it. thing." Einar Torvald sneered.I'll name a committee to come Up .... Fhose guys ale from Athmta and with something better than a pyra- they've neve]" been here to test the mid. Meeting is adjourned." . weather or the ground or anything. "Maybe we should at least de- lt'll likely' colhtpse in the first 40- clare English to be our official lar~- mile wind " guage,'" Olga proposed as tile ,You know, it's people like you members wrestled with their coals. who are a drag on North Dakota," No one responded. ' Garvey replied angrily: "No imag- "Nonsense! All nonsense!" C~rk ination! No vision! The last pio- lamented as he donned his she el~- neering thing we did was the Bank skin coat and headed for the door{ Jim and Mari Wyckoff were included their children Shy Low- from Belgrade, Mont.,his sister and Thank.~giving Day guests at the man. Jeccica and Justin Fjellanger family, Jennifer and'Russ Smith,and home of their son and family. Tom, and children Wyatt and Westen,children Carlie and Jacey joined Ly]m and daughter Kaitlynn Wyck- Jason and Miranda Lowman, them for Thanksgiving dinner Mon- off in Dickinson. Other guests in- Christopher Lowman and Tristenday evening. On Wednesday, Rella cluded Dean, Lisa, and Gabriel Lowman. and her family attended Marty's Wyckoff, Lois Walker and Gus An- Donny Fallgatter fl:om Nashville, marriage to Karl Davis at The derson. Tenn., Jeff Fallgatter from Fargo, Dalles, Ore. Rella, LaDonna and Dan and Grace Cash joined din- and Mitch and Dwight Fallgatter Donny returned to Bismarck on Fri- ner guests at the g'ul'['alo Gap fl'orq Bismarck arrived at the home day, with Rella returfiing home to Thanksgiving Day buffet. It is re- of Rella Abernethy on Friday, Nov. Sentinel Butte later that day. ported that the meal was delicious 16, spending the weekend with her A Thanksgiving Day feast was and a pretty good crowd was able to before Dwight, Mitch and Jeff re- enjoyed at the home of Lionel and attend, turned to their respective homes on Rae Ann Gilbertson. Those attend- Judy and Terry Mollendor, .lane Sunday. Rella and grandson Donny ing and contributing were John and and Mary Cook, David and Linda left for Bismarck that day as well, Wendy Klecker; Don, Saren, Jared Cook from Beach, and Marsha and and on Monday, Rella, her daughter, and Jenna Wojahn; Burt and Cheryl Ron Davison and son Hunter were LaI)onna Fallgatter and Donny flew Cook; Ryan and Jessica Cook and Thanksgiving Day, guests at the to Oregon for Thanksgiving at the their newborn son, Ryder: Harvey home of Judy and Terry's daughter home of grandson Marty Hansen Minks, Jim, Bernadine and Jay and family, Melissa and Lane Low- who resides in Maupin, Ore. Marty's McGinnis and their guest, Julie: and man, north of Belfield. Other guests parents. Bobbi and Marvin Hansen Marie Streitz, Dickinson. NORTH DAKOTA'S NEWEST LAW Effective December 6, 2012 Thanks to North Dakota voters, all workers will be protected from secondhand smoke starting December 6th. North Dakota's new smok -free law protects workers, residents and visitors from secondhand smoke in public places and work places, including restaurants, bars, hotels, truck stops and healthcare facilities, and within 20 feet from their entrances. For more information visit BreatheND,com, Brought to you by the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy and your local public health unit.