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November 21, 2013     Golden Valley News
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November 21, 2013
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November 21, 2013 Golden Valley News Page 5 Legal Notices Billings County Commission BILLINGS COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING - OCTOBER 1, 2013 The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM. with Commissioners Arthaud, Kasian and Kessel in attendance. Others present during portions of the meeting were: Donna Adams, Stacey Swanson, Jay Brovold, Jeff Iver- . son, Pat Rummel, Andrew Krebs, Craig Kubas, Dave Jurgens, Jeremy Wood, Mary Griffin, Kasian moved to approve the min- utes from the September 3, 2013 regu- lar meeting. Kessel seconded. All voted aye. After review of the annual Joint Pow- ers Agreement for shared Veteran serv- ices between Billings County and the Stark County veteran service officer, Kessel moved to approve. Kasian sec- onded All voted aye. Auditor Lamb presented a court fa- cilities grant for the Clerk of Court. Kessel moved to approve the grant ap- plication. Kasian seconded. All voted aye. Donna Adams addressed the board regarding a scoria pit on her property. Auditor Lamb presented the legisla- tive changes to the oil and gas produc- tion tax for the States 2013-14 fiscal year and how the new distribution allo- cates the funds. Tax & Zoning Director, Stacey Swanson, presented information re- garding weed control and supplemental design standards and a draft amend- ment to the Billings County zoning ordi- nance. Mary Griffin Abrahamson was present to ask questions regarding the required drainage language and re- quested a change to subsection 4A & B. The board discussed alternatives and changes to the draft. Discussion ensued regarding the extraterritorial area around the city of Medora and how the city and county zoning can benefit from working more closely together on projects in this area. The board reviewed zoning requests that had been addressed by the zoning board at their September 19, 2013 meeting as follows: Hugh Hlebechuk: Application for a conditional use permit to mine sand & rock in the NESW 9-14t-100. Property is zoned agricultural and owned by Edwin & Catherine Cerkoney. Approach permit was approved by commission. The zoning board approved the condi- . tional.use permit. Kasian moved to up- hold the zoning board decision. Kessel eL,_se,ndeA4t voted aye: -  - ........ Rick Duval, dba Westdak Homes, LLC: Application to place a modular home on Lot 11, Block 3, Frank's Creek Subdivision 22-141-99 (2733 Green River Dr). Property is zoned residential and owned by ADB Development, LLC. An amended application was filled out to change to Lot 7, Block 1 (2720 Green River Dr).. The Lot size is the same as original application. Sewer & water have been approved by Southwest Dis- trict Health. The zoning board approved the application. Kasian moved to up- hold the zoning board decision. Kessel seconded. All voted aye. Darrell Snyder: Application for a minor subdivision in the $1/2NEl/4 22- 140-100, adjacent to 134th Ave SW. The minor subdivision will create 2 tracts approximately 5-7 acres each Request to rezone the proposed tracts from agricultural to residential. Darrel was present and turned in the surveys to the zoning director. Discussion en- sued regarding the access to the west lot. Darrel has met with road superin- tendent, Jeff Iverson for approval on an approach off of 134th. He marked on the survey an approach that Jeff stated would work with a private road to the back lot. Discussion ensued regarding road size and the requirement to build to county specifications. Anita Kessel moved to approve rezoning of parcel 2 & 3 to residential. Krush seconded All voted aye. The zoning board approved the rezoning. Kessel moved to uphold the zoning board decision contingent upon a recorded easement for the pri- vate access to back lot. Kasian sec- onded. All voted aye. Darrell Snyder: Application for a minor subdivision in the SWl/4 24-140- 100, adjacent to 133rd Ave SW. Tract will be approximately 5 acres. Request to rezone the proposed tract from agricultural to commercial. Discussion ensued regarding the re- quested use of the property for a pipeline company to park their equip- ment and to build a shop eventually. There is Southwest water and electric running through the property. Darrel will work with road superintendent Jeff Iver- son on the approach. Anita Kessel moved to approve the rezone of parcel 3 to commercial. Krush seconded. All voted aye The zoning board approved the re- zoning. Kessel moved to uphold the zoning board decision with the respon- sibility of Darrel Snyder to bring in a new request should this change to an industrial use Kasian seconded. All voted aye. Doug Paluck: Application to rezone approximately 7 acres in the NWl/4NWl/4 23-141-99, adjacent to Hwy 85. Request to rezone the pro- posed tract from agricultural to indus- trial and allow truck parking. The zoning board approved the rezoning of the 7 acres and the variance for the lot width and to allow truck parking. Discussion regarding the use of the property and the fact that the project has already begun prior to commission approval. Kasian moved to approve contingent upon no permanent or temporary struc- tures being located at that property. Kessel seconded All voted aye. Craig Kubas & Andrew Krebs with KLJ met with the board for the monthly engineers report. Jeff Iverson met with the board for the monthly road superintendent report. Discussion ensued regarding stock- piled material stored at Roy Krivoruchka's property. States Attorney Brovold will send a letter regarding a lease for the County to retrieve the ma- terial. The board recessed from 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. A letter was received and read from a citizen of Billings County. The board discussed with road su- perintendent, Jeff Iverson the amount of county material that could be sold to pri- vate individuals. The board determined that 200 cubic yards should be the max- imum. Dave Jurgens was present to dis- cuss an energy impact grant applica- tion. The 2014 budget hearing was held at I:00PM as advertised. No citizens were in attendance either for or against any portion of the budget. Kessel moved to approve the 2014 budget. Kasian seconded. All voted aye. Kasian moved to close the budget hear- ing at 2:00PM. Kessel seconded. All voted aye. Pat Rummel addressed the board regarding a Department of Transporta- tion traffic safety contract. After review, Chairman Arthaud signed. Rummel then addressed the Local Emergency Planning Committee necessity for a commissioner to be listed and to attend the meeting once per year. Chairman Arthaud volunteered. Stacey Swanson returned to the meeting to present the following ap- proach and pipeline permits. The board received and approved the following permits with road superin- tendent conditions: Construction in County Right-of-Way Permits Roughrider Electric Coop - Section 19 & 20-142-99 along 20th St SW . Roughrider Electric Coop - Section 7 & 18-142-99 along 131st Ave SW crossing 20th St SW Roughrider Electric Coop SEi/4SEI/4 Section 26 and NEI/4NEI/4 Section 35-142-99 cross- ing 23rd St SW Darrel Snyder - Sections 22 & 24- 14()-100 along 34th St SW and 134th Ave SW WestDak Homes - Section 22- 141"-99 along Green River Rd Whiting - Section 16-141-102 along Wannegan Creek Rd Roughrider- SE1/4SE1/4 Section 10-141-98 along 122nd Ave SW . Roughrider - SW1/4SW1/4 Sec- tion 11-141-98 along 122rid Ave SW Pipeline Permits Denbury Onshore, LLC - Section line'between Sections 16 & 21-141-101 and Section line between Sections 21 & 22-141-101 and NEll4 Section 21- 141-101 along TR road for a produced water transfer line. Oneok Rockies Midstream - Sec- tion 27-142-98 for a gas gathering poly pipeline. Stacey also discussed the approach permits fees. To be more in line with other counties, she requested that fees increase to $100.00 for all permits that are not for residential use. Kessel moved to approve the increase to $10000. Kasian seconded. All voted aye. -- Jesse Romanyshyn - Application for a conditional use permit to place a man- ufactured home on a 1 acre tract in the NWl/4 14-142-99, south Fairfield (2000 Hwy 85 SW). Property is zoned com- mercial and currently owned by the Yourk Family Trust. The zoning board approved the application contingent upon Jesse turning in a survey of the property, approved application from SW District Health, and actual distance from property lines All requirements from the July 18, 2013 zoning meeting have been met. Kessel moved to approve Kasian seconded. All voted aye. Jeff Iverson and Jeremy Wood were present to discuss property belonging to the Billings County Weed Board. The board approved the revenue vouchers for the month of September: Recorder $8,343.88; Zoning $400.00; Court $209.00, Sheriff $225.00. Revenues for materials and/or serv- ices rendered in September: City of Medora $200,000.00 reimbursement for ambulance; Doug Paluck $602.40 crushed scoria & hauling; Ambulance Services $670.10. Revenues for the month of Septem- ber: Highway Tax Distribution $21,460.70;Oil & Gas Production Tax $1,078,451.71; Interest $2,842.83; Sheriff $4,825.00 permits; Royalties $87,096.29; Auditor permits $4.00; BLM $352,695.70. The following claims were approved for payment: CHECK # AMOUNT DEPT Advanced Business Methods Recorder - Copier Contract 006083 17.92 Alliance Ag South Heart Chemicals 006084 2,080.88 Alternative Sanitation Garbage Removal 006085 22000 Ameripride Linen Service Mat Rental 006086 145.27 AT&T Cellular Service 006087 71.33 ATCO International Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 006088 222.00 Baranko Bros., Inc. Franks Creek Road -Project 006089 110,677.32 Billings County Rural Fire District Taxes 006090 86.07 Billings County Pioneer Publishing 006091 580.07 Billings County Pioneer Subscription 006092 34.00 Billings County School District Taxes 006093 40421 Belfield Automotive Supply, Inc. Parts & Supplies 006094 1,563.99 Belfield Plumbing & Heating Courthouse - Motor Repair, etc. 006095 1,883.50 Best Energy Propane 006096 2,088.45 Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.D. Dental & Vision Premiums 006097 2,46390 Bound Tree Medical, LLC Ambulance - Medical Supplies 006098 51.73 Bridger, Gina Ambulance - E.M.T. Training Test 006099 70.00 Brooks & Associates, C. E. Land Use Plan - Roadless 006100 3,962.22 Butler Machinery Co. Parts & Supplies 006101 54.01 Care, Inc. Ambulance - Oil-x & Service 006102 90.68 Cerkoney, Cathy Zoning Meeting - Mileage 006103 84.55 Creative Energy Gas & Diesel Fuel 006104 25,562.74 Dacotah Paper Co. Recorder - Copy Paper 006105 250.90 Dakota Farm Equipment, Inc. Parts & Supplies 006106 96990 Dan's Interstate Conoco Sheriff - Gas 006107 230.20 Deans Distributing Shop Supplies 006108 478.10 DF Lighting Company Courthouse - Lighting Supplies 006109 237.55 Dickinson Public Library Library Services 006110 3,359.57 Dickinson Ready Mix Company Concrete 006111 535.90 Dickinson Tire, Inc. Ambulance - Tire & Service 006112 116,67 DJ's Tesoro Ambulance - Gas 006113 112.97 Electronic Communications Sheriff - Radio Expense, Cell Booster 006114 1,588.50 Fastenal Company Shop Supplies 006115 116.35 Fisher Industries Scoria Crushing - Porter Pit 006116 128,129.71 Foremost Productions Rural Fire Department - Promotional 006117 303.45 General Equipment & Supplies Terex Repair 006118 2,35440 George's Tire Shop Tire & Repair 006119 142.24 Golden Valley County Social Service & Building Remodel 006120 15,017.63 Heiser Electric, Don Electrical Service & Repair 006121 3,070.98 Hlebechuk Construction, Inc. Gas Plant Road 006122 42,973.47 Hlebechuk Construction, Inc. Blade Roads 006123 21,907.50 J and J Operating, LLC Parts & Supplies 006124 28.79 Jeff's Towing Sheriff - Oil-x & Service 006125 8263 Jobs HQ Publishing 006126 417.40 Jurgens, Dave Sheriff - Travel Expense 006127 56.00 Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson, Inc. Engineering 006128 138,518.67 Kasian, Connie J. Zoning Meeting - Mileage 006129 78.90 Kasian, Michael E. Commissioner - Mileage 006130 165.55 Kessel, Anita Zoning Meeting - Mileage 006131 90.20 Kessel, Clara Risk Mgmt. - Wellness Program 006132 20000 Kessel, Joseph L. Commissioner & Zoning - Mileage 006133 186.45 Klang, Keri .... Ambulance -Training Expense 006134  .................. ,152:55 Kleinsasser, Kathaleen Scoria Royalties 006135 4,343.38 Kohler Communications, Inc. Gorham Tower Rental 006136 200.00 Krebs Machine & Repair Machine Work 006137 358.75 Krivoruchka, Roy Access Agreement 006138 2,500.00 Krush, Paul Zoning Meeting -Mileage 006139 92.46 Lapp, Colleen Deputy Auditor -Travel Expense 006140 451.58 Liberty Doors, LLC Service Call - Overhead Repair 006141 90.00 Light and Siren Ambulance - Light Packages 006142 8,512.10 Lindbo Welding Service Trailer Repair 006143 80.00 Lyle Signs, Inc. Road Signs 006144 428.97 Martin Construction River Drive 006145 6,965.00 Medora Convenience Ambulance - Supplies 006146 7.18 Medora, City of. Firehall - Loan 006147 550,000.00 Meyer Aggregate, LLC Scoria Crushing - D. Adams Pit 006148 10,917.50 Midstate Telephone Company Courthouse - Telephone Service 006149 950.86 Motorola Solutions Ambulance - Radio Equipment 006150 12,514.20 Missouri Valley Petroleum, Inc. Medora Keytrol - Gas Fill 006151 6,452.80 ND. Association of Counties Taxes 006152 143.50 N.D. Association of Counties Mileage - D & A Testing 006153 31.87 N.D. Cowboy Hall of Fame Meeting Room - Maintenance 006154 200.00 N.D. Department of Transportation Road Easement 006155 20,831.35 N.D. Department of Transportation Road Easement 006156 13,688.35 N.D. Envelope Co. Recorder - Envelopes 006157 75.45 N.D.P.E.R.S. Health Insurance Premium 006158 42,188.99 N.D. State Treasurer Taxes 006159 188.35 N.D.A.C.O. Resources Group Courthouse - Tech. Mgmt. Contract 006160 953.00 Nelson International Parts & Repairs 006161 Newby's Ace Hardware Ambulance - Supplies 006162 Northern Improvement Co. Cold Mix 006163 Off Road Software, inc. Off Road GIS Software 006164 Parkway Ford Parts & Repairs 006165 Porter, Dennis Scoria Royalties -Porter Pit 006166 Porter Motors, Dan Ambulance - Brake Inspection 006167 Postmaster Auditor - Stamps 006168 Prairie Excavation, LLC 2,785.49 13.98 3,154.37 1,400.00 2,216.44 4,343.38 356.07 276.00 Culvert Replacement 006169 3,940.00 Prairie Insulation Insulate Fryburg Water Tank 006170 1,531.24 Pump Systems, Inc. Parts & Supplies 006171 26.40 Putnam, Karen Zoning Meeting -Mileage 006172 46.13 Quality Quick Print Sheriff - Vehicle Lettering 006173 13500 Ray's Auto Electric Batteries 006174 386.85 RDO Equipment Co. Parts & Repairs 006175 2,617.36 Respond Systems Courthouse - Maintenance Supplies 006176 118.05 Roughrider Bar & Steakhouse Ambulance - Training Expense 006177 300.00 Rudy's Lock & Key Shop Supplies 006178 23.40 Rummel, Patrick D.E.M. - Travel Expenses 006179 41360 Runnings Farm & Fleet Shop Supplies 006180 376.62 Sax Motor Co. Ambulance - Q.R.U.Suburban 006181 21,038.30 Sax Motor Co Ambulance - Block Heater Repair 006182 256.11 Southwest Business Machines Emergency Building - Chairs, etc. 006183 4,028.03 S.D.S.U. - L.T.A.P. Road Conference Fee 006184 70.00 SimplexGrinnell Courthouse - Fire Detector Repair 006185 826.90 Snyder Repair & Service Parts & Repairs 006186 1,102.76 St. Joseph's Hospital Sheriff - Blood Alcohol Test 006187 104.00 Southwestern District Health Unit Taxes 006188 44.05 Southwest Water Authority Taxes 006189 13.35 Southwest Water Authority Water Usage 006190 1,194.26 Swanson, Stacey Tax Director - Travel Expenses 006191 760.05 Tczap, John Zoning Meeting -Mileage 006192 45.00 Temp Right Service Courthouse - A/C Repair 006193 1,250.45 Tom's Service Center Sheriff - Oil-x, Service,& Gas 006194 168.20 Total Safety US, Inc. Safety Supplies 006195 19.25 Tractor & Equipment Parts & Repairs 006196 418.70 Tyler Technologies, Inc. Courthouse - Software License Fee 006197 10,03550 Tyler Technologies, Inc. Auditor - Training Expense 006198 838.23 UPS Store Ambulance - Shipping Service 006199 17.20 USRecords MidWeSf, LLC -  ':Red6fd'e r" -' R'OI1i" SheMhg ......... 006200 .... 11,079:00 Verizon Wireless Cellular Services 006201 162.10 WaI-Mart Courthouse -Maintenance Supplies 006202 180.03 West Dakota Oil, Inc. Drum Oil 006203 748.71 West Plains, Inc. Parts & Supplies 006204 811.42 Westlie Crossroads Truck Center Parts & Supplies 006205 22699 Centurylink Telephone Service 006271 527.79 Consolidated 911 Changes & Internet Service 006272 232.19 Discovery Benefits, Inc. Flex Plan - Administrative Fee 006273 83.00 Information Technology Dept. Sheriff - T-1 Line 006275 470.35 Job Service North Dakota Unemployment Taxes 006276 1,947.49 Johnson, Joshua Courthouse - Custodial Services 006277 2,000.00 Medora, City of. Courthouse - Utilities 006278 234.02 N.D. Department of Transportation Ambulance -Title 2014 Suburban 006280 11.50 N.D.P.E.R.S. Retirement Contributions 006282 23367.32 Reservation Telephone Telephone Service 006286 42.28 Roughrider Electric Cooperative Electricity 006287 2,563.85 Southwest Multi-Co. Correction Ctr. Prisoner Care 006288 993.10 Visa Ambulance -Supplies, etc. 006289 105.21 Visa Ambulance - Gas 006290 56.02 Payroll in the following amounts were approved for September: General Fund $106,428.12; Road and Bridge Fund $93,191.76; Weed Fund $12,77094. With there being no further busi- ness, Kessel moved to adjourn the meeting 3:10 P.M. Kasian seconded. All voted aye. James Arthaud, Chairman Attest: Marcia Lamb, Auditor/Trea- surer (November 21) Notice eted in District Court on the 20th of No- vember 2012 at 11:03 a.m. and the sum of $58,933.04 is now actually due thereon with interest of $10.13 daily from the 20th day of November 2012 up to the date of the sale, also for post judgment costs and for all Sheriff's fees, costs, and disbursements of levy and sale. Whereas, the execution has been duly directed and delivered to the Sher- iff of Billings County. Please take notice that I have levied upon and will sell at auction to the high- est bidder at the front door of the Billings County Courthouse in the City of Medora, Billings County, North Dakota, all right, title, and interest that above named Defendant Ram Con- structors has in and to the property, hereinafter described on the 4th day of December 2013 at 1:00 p.m. (MDT): 1 Puckett Caterpillar Scraper Model 621 F, PIN # 4SK01088, SN# 41Z18572. Said item can be viewed by appoint- ment on the 4th day of December 2013 from 10:00 am. (MDT) till 12:00 (noon, MDT). To schedule an appointment please call the Billings County Sheriff Office at 701-623-4323. Dated at Medora, North Dakota this 11th day of November, 2013. Is/Fern Moser Deputy Sheriff on behalf of Dave Ju- rgens, Sheriff, Billings County, North Dakota Maus & Nordsven PC, Attorney at Law (attorney for Plaintiff), PO Box 570. Dickinson, ND 58601 (November 21) Notice Zoning Hearing Notice Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 25 at 3:00 p.m. in the Commissioners' Room at the Golden Valley County Courthouse. We will hold a public hearing on the following agenda items: Unfinished Business - NORDAK, Conditional use permit to place 2 RVs on a construction site. Lots 1 & 2 Block 2 Original town site Sentinel Butte. New Business - Marman Earth Construction, LLC requests a conditional use permit for SE1/4 Sec 26-141-105 for a new Scoria Pit. The following items will be dis- cussed, but no applications have been received, individuals and city were noti- fied. Oct 9, 2013 - Chuck Busig unauthorized RVs in a Residential area on parcel 05503000, with a legal description of Lots 3-4-5-6 Block 2, Original Town site. According to County zoning RVs must be in an RV park, no areas are so zoned in Sentinel Butte at this time. - Burton & Cheryl Cook building a garage on parcel # 05593000 with a legal description of Lots 5-6 Block 1, Robinson's 1st ADD without a valid per- mit. House building permit # 241 was is- sued on 7/1/11 and expired on 6/30/2012 no extension was requested or granted. (November 21) Notice NOTICE OF LAPSE OF MINERAL INTEREST TO: WILLIAM RUMMEL, Trustee under Agreement dated 02-01-1993 The undersigned, Andrew H. Smith & Tiffanie L. Smith, hereby give notice of the lapse of mineral interest pursuant to Chapter 38-18.1 of the North Dakota Century Code and does hereby further give notice that they intend to succeed to the ownership of the entire mineral interest in and under the following tract of land, said ownership having lapsed by abandonment and non-use for a pe- riod of 20 years. 1. The description of land on which the minerals are located is: Township 140 North, Range 104 West of the 5th P.M., Golden Valley County, ND Section 29: SEIA 2. The names of the record owners of the lapsed mineral interests under some or all of the above described property are: WILLIAM RUMMEL, Trustee under Agreement dated 02-01-1993 3.The names of the persons giving notice of lapse of mineral interest are: Andrew H. Smith & Tiffanie L. Smith, whose mailing address is 3510 165th Avenue SW, Beach, ND 58621 4. Andrew H. Smith & Tiffanie L. Smith are the record owners of the sur- face estate of the above described premises and as such by giving this no- tice intend/intends to succeed to the ownership of the above-described lapsed mineral interest Dated this 1 day of November, 2013. Andrew H. Smith Tiffanie L. Smith STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) : SS. COUNTY OF GOLDEN VALLEY) On this1 day of November, 2011, be- fore me, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared Andrew H. Smith & Tiffanie L. Smith, to me known to be the persons who are described in and that executed the fore- going instrument, and acknowledged to me that they executed the same Notary Public Attorney for Surface Owner: Charles J. Peterson, Attorney #04009 Mackoff, Kellogg Law Firm 38 Second Avenue East Dickinson, ND 58601 1-701-456-3210 (November 21, 28 and December 5) Notice SUMMONS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA 17-2013-CV-00049 In the Matter Concerning a 1976 Ford 1 Ton Dually VIN # F37MRC59357 THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA TO ALL PEOPLE WITH AN INTEREST IN THE ABOVE NAMED VEHICLE: You are hereby summoned and re- quired to appear and defend against the Complaint in this action, which will be filed with the Clerk of this Court, by serving upon the undersigned an an- swer or other proper response within twenty-one (21) days after the service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgement by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. Dated this 27th day of September, 2013. MAUS & NORDSVEN, P.C. Attorneys for Monte Harris 137 First Avenue West, P.O. Box 570 Dickinson, ND 58602-0570 Telephone: (701) 483-4500 By:/s/Patrick D. Hope #06586 (November 21, 28 and December 5) We' ve Diagnosed the Issue Alleviating the pain o[ sharing uour medical records. . Easu. Online. Secure. Visit ro learn more. "n.IIAT Under and by virtue of an Execution (Case-04-2013-CV00009) issued out of and under the Seal of the District Court of the State of North Dakota in and for the County of Billings; on the 20th day of November 2012 a judgment dock- eted in the District Court of Stark and Billings County in an auction between Sherry Solberg, Plaintiff, and Ram Con- structors, defendant, wherein judgment was entered in favor of the Plaintiff and against the Defendant, Ram Construc- tors for the sum of FIFTY-EIGHT THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE and 04/100 dollars ($58,933.04) as appears by the judg- ment filed in the office of the Clerk of District Court for Stark and Billings County. Whereas, the judgment was dock- : $1111AILBONUS BUCIfON BIG + H0n00west ............. 745 Villard St. West - Dickinson, ND 701-225-2803 1-888-483-7990 s,u. BE SSE S  A E-r. E'Y'E mCF-mO A,NC ,oPATE CLOTHING. WAV5 OU. S31, "r PF:LT,  FTt:P 1:   k, Rl 0 CO. A@O IE SPI[:i    ON IMFLuK O; 't',,,S O ALC+,t. ON PULK; ROADS O #W',  T.,bI, N ONE p.'GI[:R. BIG RFD 15 OeLV i6 YE AND OLDER. = AND P.S,,FNCR   IA..L ENO FO .AT BELT TO FIX PI.Y ANO