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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
November 19, 1931     Golden Valley News
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November 19, 1931
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/ ~emperature at Noon Today 34 Above Weather at Noon Today Clear OFFICIAL P$~ER OF GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND CITY OF BEACH . , J ,,, . ~ ,.,. ,J VOLUME XXIII. ALL HOME PRINT ,' ' ' ' , ,I ,, , , ,,' ', I'! " , , " '' BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1931 ,,', , ' ~ ' I Ir EIGHT PAGES I "1rl , - ~ .... , ADVANC[ MAN C[L[ FIREMENS' ANNUAL RALL - THANKSGIVING EVE. TOOK IN CEREMONIAL GIVEN BY INDIAN LEGIONAIRES AT CANNON BALL COL. WELCH. 'CHARGING BEAR' WAS ORATOR AT INTER- ESTING CELEBRATION BRAT'DARMISTICE DAY ment announces that it will, as in Wild SIOUX I~DI~NS years gent by, sponsor an annual ball. This will be the seventeenth annual of the fire laddies and the boys claim it will be a gala event. fit will be held in the Legion hall next Wednesday evening, Novem- ber 25. and the Beach orchestra will furnish the music. Supper will also be served in the same building, upstairs. These dances have al'.vays been outstanding among the season's social events and good turnout for this one will be heartily appreciated by the fire-' men. While at Bismarck on Armistice MOOR[ TALKS TURK[Y :Day the Advance editor enjoyed a very umque experience, it being at- ." .oon TO INT[R[ST[D POUI 35 miles south of Mandan, at the Sioux Indian observance of the day, quite a number of the young-TRYM[N O[ COUNTY er Indians from that region hav- ing gone to France with Company A of Bismarck. of which A.B. Welch now a colonel, was then captaln. Col. Welch, who aLso is'URGED ISIPORTANCE OF SE- ~n adopted son of the Sioux. and LECTING BREEDING STOCK well versed in Indian lore and cus- toms, had been invited to make BEFORE SHIPPING SEASON the address of the day. and very View of the Great "Lake of the" A BAD EGG A letter was received by the Ad- vance this morning from" Bernie Maurek. state game and fish com- missioner, saying that George Pe- terson had secured his present game warden's badge and commis- sion by going to the commission- er's office while the latter was ' I M[MORIAL ADDR[SS O[ H. O. PIPPIN B[- [OR[ B[ACH LIONS absent, and saying Maurek had di- rected the deputy to issue them, and that he. Maurek, had since SPEAKER been trying to locate him, so was pleased to learn of his whereabouts. The commissioner says he believes I the Jamestown authorities are look- ing for Peterson for bum check passing, but hopes the court here l will "put him where the dogs can't bite him for quite a long time." STRESSED NEED OF KEEPING /DEALS OF FATHERS THE COM]~ION GOOD OF COUN- TRY AND WORLD SHOULD BE AIM DEPUTY STATE CAME If we may leave to the evolution- ist to guess where we came from WARDEN CAHG'I PASS, "" where we are going, we still have left for our consideration the fact IN(; PHONEY CHECKS we are here and we are- at a very interesting time, I On this 13Lh Anniversary of Armistice Day, at the end of ~ze DID SAME BUSINESS HERE century and facing a new, it l~ LAST YEAR RUT MISSED possible that one should not look back and equally impossible that OUT THIS TIME one should not look forward. We are just at the close of what we car and call rightly, a century Of kindly invited Frank L. Gage of GETS OFF PRACTICALLY FREE great achievement. We pride our- Bismarck. Watler R. Reed of Far- STRESSES FEEDS AND DRESS- BY PAYING CHECKS AND selves on the work this century go, and the Advance man ~o ac- ING OF TURKEYS AND 'accomplished. We point ~o a go,- company him. , CHICKENS FOR 5IARKET COSTS !ernment based upon the consent OZ The route souLh lay along the the governed such as the world West bank of the Missouri river, a .- f J never seen' wealth which has region full of prehistoric, later In- !piled u such as no count has dish, and early-day army lore, with Frank E. Moore, extension poul- g - de lake, formed by the new Bagnel dam, Is the fifth largest project of its kmd in l This real man ma Last Tuesday George Peterson, a~ P ry ........... e- -* ever attained within any period o~ the T ,, ,, aepu~y s~a~e game waru n v~ all of which Col Welch is familiar tryman from the state college at l: rated States and by far the largest in the Middle West. The Lake of the Ozarks, as the body of wa- ! Jamestown was arrested here i time. It is such a condition of life and which he related as we passed, ]Fargo, assisted County Agent Rus- ter is called, ts 46 miles south of Jefferson City, Mo,, midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. It cost char~ed with passing worthless as never exlsted in any country. first the remains of a prehistoric sell with poultry meetings at A1- Z more than $30,000,000, and its initial capacity of 201,000 horsepower will later be increased to 268 000 horse- i checks several Beach merchants We pride ourselves also upon tl~e Indian village where ancient ira,- I pha last Friday afternoon, and at power. [ havin~z' cashed cheeks ran~in~ from I fact that we can worship God a~ plements had been uncovered, the;Beach on Saturday afternoon. Both ------ ~ - -- $2 to $5 for him on the strength cording to the dictates of our olmg ~nounds plainly showing the method i meetings were well attended and '- ........ I " "-" -- HIGH SCHOOL SINGERS OVER ON[ THIRD OF!SADDLE BUTT[ P T A ~f his story ofn~.b,a g~.~being temporarilylw:l~ienvet'd~eU~t~l~r/:ref~~cnsclence we speak easily of defensive camps and to some'rnvch interest was shown by those ::memOn:e/; ~'d.~.~.n ,theseurlvilebdges ween|ov b'ut it extent the mode of living of those present. " " showing Imknown people. ! In his talk Mr. Moore qutlined . . e ~4 ~ *l Being short of change seems g~. Then. came old Ft. Abraham Lin-lthe importance of selecting breed-IN PF~VANh THFPl flllNTV .~ nflflllCHT HArt Mfl.~I INTFflF.~T t coln, marked now only by the iing stock before the marketing , . " , chronic with Peterson however, have left us a heritage and it haS for in "August last year' he visited brought forth abundantly I WiSh foundation of General Custer's~season. He said that selection for I!1 /LIJU/rlI|I./ /IlL /i I~/~/Uil/I ~/ VIIVU~JIi/ lirll./ Ii~/~// |il/LI|L%~/ :.: ...... to draw the line very clearly be quarters, where a slab to his mere- early maturity for this section of ~ " :~eacn ann c~/ugn~ a numner oz] " ory was placed a few years ago. A ~the countrv is' more important than R T["W[R[ V[RY [[N[ R[[[[[ 0UOTA [N[D ]NC TIM[ 0[ fllSIORYIbusinessamon thesemen'frbeing RsmaI1w amountSJohnson i~hatitween merewhich lsmaterialthe real wealthwealth on,and ~ew of the trees the general plant- ~size if turkey raisers are going to "g - " : 'v " ' 'h' 'welfare of a people Our fathers - tso wnen ~,e~erson aro e up to t e ...... ". .._ :~_ ed still remain, but otherwise the!raise firs~ quality turkeys for the J h n Motor tom an's ara e acmeved no~ ~y tnetr wearm ~ll~ -- onso P Y g g i hallowed ground has little to re-~Thanksgiving market. Only a small Iftnd stored his car there Johnson by their character, the r devotl~ ..... ' " i mind one it was a frontier post portion of the flocks he had visit- PERFORMANCE WAS DELIGHT- TO DATE TOTAL COLLECTIONS ,N OBSERVATION OF ARMIS-Ireeognized him, but before he to ee~ain prltn~atPles..chW .eal. th .wl~ many stirring scenes and ed were in. good condition for dress- FUL TREAT TO LARGE AU- FOOT UP $550.1,2; MORE TICE DAY GEO. CIIRISTEN- ~could put the sheriff wise Peterson no~ p eserve n ~ wmn ~ney /~ between the Whites and ing that week. he said. DIENCE PRESENT TO COME SEN MADE FINE TAI~K had made the rounds. The sheriff us: not wealth, not power nor wit Reds took place. It was from here, He said that as long as a turkey ~,a tho vbl~f ~me warden at will preserve it. Nothing but tl~ ~and we noted the trail from the continued to grow the bird wouldI ATEEDD Ci~Oi::OMME~KKEERS I L/R~DA;~:GI~E:LNPIETG~KIyG, ~~necwg Vifne~:~t!ii~hw~a~i :~e~ar~tw~t~ t!o~hoP~ uost over the hip that Custer and continue to moul~ and that he would THE LYRICS WERE PLEASING 127G llis gallant men "marched out the not fatten until he finished grow-I AND ACTING GOOD: FINE SP ne ilna~ozt l)and~ ulavin~ "The Girl I Left' Be- ing. Early maturity can be in-IADDED FEATURES .... ~ ~h~ ~n-uirv but has since rises upon the ruins of another no- hind Me,' a token of love from the flueneed by selecting the earlies~ , ~ ~, .... a.,~,~a ~,~ *h~ affair and t on. Un ess we p eserve the char- v 1 ta f ............ ~eneral to his devoted wife, follow- maturing birds in the flockfor . . Up to last e en ng a to 1 o ........................ ,..,_ ...,,, ,~t.~ ,~rom*,t action'acter and the mstztutions our fa- , ~ 1 An unusually large and apprecza ~550 12 had been collected b~, thel ~ne ~aaaze ~u~ce ~ r A nela pruot~uxy wz~z ~ ~, t. .... -.;.. d by the stirring notes of 'Oarry~breeding stock. Then proper feed'ng . . " '*" - ~ ~, ,~,o~,~= ,,~ ,,,o ~,~ ~" 1o,.,, fn~'s removal from the:~rters gave us tnen we wul gO , ' l r i = rive audience ~urned out at the county committee for Red Cross '~ ....... "" ............... .~ "~'~" ;force--~I-n-u---irv also at the James-!down as other natzons have gone. Owen,' the regiment's favomte, as~deve op aped growth in the youn~ Hi~h ~c~.oo .................. the long line wound up over the turkeys, e pointed, out gJoh. i~ ....... a ~a, ,~ w~,,, o,~,~ memberships and drought relief, es~ crowns present in its ais~ory, :tow-" bank on which the checks~We may talk and theorize as much hill, never to return. [Bosserman.'s. zmc~: o z .~ur~:eys a~i~,~of~,,~--~- ,::,:=~ ~..+~*-~,;~,~ Of this $127 .... was collected for the hall being filled to overflow- wer~:" arawn ................. orougn~ wvru ~,~ ~ as we please but this is a law ,,~^ old ~rt Rie~ was soon reached c~o~va as ~emg a spienclid example s'~" r:~ _~ ..... ~.'" ..... s ...... memberships, which g~ves to the ing. The meeting was called to they were no ~ood ~ nature, the stronger pushes the where :aga~in-memory goes back to of _.e~rly development by._proper l~P~e~r~v;~IggY~ Inae:che~leP~ratef' county committee for nome use one~ .......... :4 ......... "%-...2 ............ weaker to the wall and takes tt~ ~-~ ~*^--, ,,~ ~,o so~diors there of'Zeecllng. /(nls IIOCK ne sam m in i_ ~ . %~ .,~*-half ~f ~63 50 and 423 12 en oroer vy k'resl{lenl; rcamstaa ann' wean~a~y usvzs.s~,s ~=~=~,,, ............. - ~'l~e a~os~" c~nstan't ~rties with ; the best state of finish of any flock Itrmance throughout ann was pro- .... "~=:#~s,,~ ......... ~',o~ 'e~. .......... ~,,o~" h=~,~ ~ .... all ioined in singin~ "Music in the : St-ada~Was given andS hearinguleadedbefore~ulltvJUStiCeto: ~mnPlace:'nrs~nonetnenatlonm'S~rYrises~ anaCZ .vu.z:za. ~ .... = " nounced as one of the best amaLeur i ' " '- ' ~ -~' ~" - th~ r---~ ...... -~ ~ ~ife whict~ would ~he had viszted durm~ the past two l ~ . . trifle more than one-th rd of the Air, followed by the Lord~ prayer nassin~r worthless checks He was comes the torch-bearer and then .--~ - _ , . . ~ .... t.~ J he ~ zeais ever attempted here. count 's quota ~'- ~ ' ~e snuffed out if one s~rayea alone ~==..o. , . Y ~in unison , sentence~ to serve 30 days in ~all,'another takes the torch as it he.. zar ............ zrom tne post" o, tams oz m-I~ Mr. Bosserman's flock was fed'Thever actmnsmoothlOf thebeiPlay went along a IT~aee CatemrPa~gn" z~fllnogf*~egt ?e:nSl A short business meeting follow-!fined ,50" and assessed ,15 in c~s, icomes stronger, the .stror~,er al_- iq|v~,,~ ,,,a col'l,~ctive heroism ', a turkey starter mash for the first ] . y y, . ng interspersed ge ry Y ,,.~ ..,~.... o~ .,~..,,~, .... ~-,,,~,'. ,,- ' bu ,~rovided he nays back the, ways pusnmg ~ne wea~er asme ann r . w tn some very zme musmai hUro- N " utthe few weeks. They were then g ad . . Othlng remoras here b ber which m 1 s ri ' ,,,,,~.,,,~ ,, ~,, ~,, o~ w,u ""~'"~'~''l ....... a --~o- ~ , ~tonework of the old post bakery.{ually_.chan,ged to the .growing mash: ,ur~tetts and-~aiUde~cho~Is~ trios, convassed by wor e s, namely, most ,~.~t.,.. ~ .^~.~ ~, .~ .~, .... ~.i ...... lUGsail,, obtained whichPe-/becoming in zts turn the leader. Ofl?each:,which work, ~tis hoped~ IT he meeting was then turned over terson had done in part, pays the leach,. ~V'o2. t~,%2%2e:9,, ~ fl~e "-~t -rounds now forma I *rne iznzsnmg zeta aemg wneat ann ~ "~ .... P . .- ' ..*t"~ ........... ,- ..... -' ........ . , " n , ~',~,, ,,- ~'~',.~=~,~.. ,,',~ ,,,,,v,m, ~ s ~ ,,,~., land me iac~ tna~ zc was some~mng fbi.R woolr Tbo roxnnnR,~ +n th~ to the program committee and the ; $15 costs, and promises to sin o ~ ............ , ._. "'"-Y~-" ........" ........... *~-~- o-.~o,~-,--,-,* ~,-" .... -~. ~more the ~ail sentence ar~ fine some pa~ pecunarzy zvs own. we monument, are enclosed . bya l~t- __ .......... a bit different from anything at .............................. * ..... ~e ..... .~ ^ ~ .... i~" b-, the -ate- t ~4r. Moore azso s~a~ea tna~ wzm - appeal for Red Cross .memberships ~ ............ w~ll b~ remitted I bear the torch of civilization lle- ...~ ...~u ~ -..m~ o ~.. # . ~, t ,~ .,~d~ ~n~oa.~ t. n~ioo~ h~fwoon I tempted along that line here for IS Dell~g oetter responaed to as the ~ ~ong America, ' all singing, ZOL- i ""--.7~ - " - ..... Ca.== ~ ,n~a~e eho *x~{,~4~1~ .,~ Tm g g Y Way tells part of the gram story ~',~ -'" v ............. ' s cnar e was orou o ..... ....... ,,, Which ~,,,~,, ,--,~,, o f~ ,~en in' that ] live' and dressed turkeys, it would I many,; years,, made., a very enjoyable need of home helpfulness becomes 'lowed by the flag salute. Topic: l ..... *-.,~^: ~'-" t~ chock cash~ t civil liberty and we have the char-. ...... - --,,~ ~-,a ...... ~ evenmg zor all :Vlcinit,, and a few more at DIS ~ pay to dress turkeys for market __ ..... more apparent and it is confidentlyi' ~eague of .Nat,on;s...~ar, ueck-I;'L~ v"ear.~and~'~h "cou~ts holdm-tacter or should have the chara~, . " " i r .... -~1-~~ ~'f -'~e~her the ,,rices [ dames ~one ann ~:rnesc kieJm ho that b Thank ivin Da eft Recitatmn' l~l~tle urpnan ~ .... ~ .......... o ~, once soldiers at the post, can ~-~. ~.% ~' Z" ~ .. A1 h~ "- as the two leading male perform- peal y sg g y eft e b Stew~ er, which our fathers have traiz~ when the campaign ends, the Red Ann , Betty and e r ,, "] Knezevich for the check he cashe~ Imitred to us, with which to Uph~ - " were mgn or row. At p a ne~ . ie" Hel n Tosner another charge pr rr d y ~" 1 ..... I demonstrated +h^ ,~ro,~r method of era, sang and acted in brilliant Cross quota of 200 members will !Vocal,,solo:, ,,~ong Trail, en- l for Peterson Tuesday. i them. If we have not then be a~.A~ i'~O~ we wenr~ ~A~rougn scenes oz 1 .... ~ ~ ~'_ at "~-ach the ~ style and ~ Dorothea GolLiet and be attained, as this will give the ~ core, ~rish I~una~y, ~orotnea ~oiT, i Thus we see the courts a~ain ! that with the certainty of a law of aressmg ~urKeys ann a ~e ~les of note between the Indian t ............ ] Virgi'nia Miller who carried the local chapter $100 with which to re- liet. Play: Mazmg Tom ~.augn t .......... -~^~ .......... ~:,: - nature some nation it may ~bes and between Reds and I proper me,nod ._o_I_.,oressmg cnzcK- I leading feminine roles were un- ~ th s O ~.~=u ............. s .... y ....... I ' lleve home distress. At the conclu- ~ Es er Schall, Ioune Nel on, race ! ^_,~.,, .~ ..... **,oU, fro,~ u~-m. Grecian or Stay already knocktngst ~httes, till the Cannonball rzver th L 1 utstandm Doro y ov an the{" It is difficult to say what the usua ly o " g. - ~as reached and forded d i ....... 1 and Harold Kannenber also szon of the drzve all the names of Moyer, Rudy Ramstad and Eve yn t. ^~..,,~, ~n~ +h~ ~nhnt.v ~ttin~ : our door will push US from the Way i 1 i villa e cmris~mas mar~e~ prices zor ~ur- el . g donors will be published, together i Nelson. Song: "The Freight Train" ~.~'.~'y-' ~-_'_7,U*~ xuense ~-:~-:--lan dtake the torch and bear it OZZ--. ~res of the ltte Ind a.n .,g It. ...... ~11 be Ther,* ,s a ~eneral[gave fine performances, smgmg ex- - --~ -,-,~v-,,itt2emg"-~m~ps, _.._ISaddle_,.~__ _ ~_Bu~t~erSChlthe night was seemsa confi~e~ crook when ,~v ~:l~;?~~e~eP;~;n%~'-;~ ! ward n~ve rlv~t~ur~n~;e~oU and'weshal!'g-dwn:~ay that ~acl~ed. Here the par~y oougn~ a ]~'=~.~'~'; +. 'h~,~ f~ ~ha, m~rket l traordinarily well, and Helga Nell- s~ith ?:h~r data,a ~OX OI apples, cartons oz smomngi== ....... ~ ='7_ I".~'T_..L~.~_ ~_=[ ~.L- --(-]ermoe Reese Foster Rex Miller gresses. -~ [ George Christensen, wno spoke on i,unishment for crime is measured~ American civilization wilt contll~ll~ ~n~ ~hewing *obacco as odfts to our I however, ~nere m,.~.u.~ uu~, vv ~, : ' " - " ' ....... ~ .. _ ......... : , h,, i~ ~,~. ~ustice becomes a mock- even at it s present level Skill, ~%Os-ts. Then on a mile or two fur-iadvantage_ m^car~Y~sg or? turk~YeS 1 ~t~: au~c~r:::e ~i.r~D[he~lle~:e~gn~1~_ [ I the "Significance of the Armistice ",v ion "' - z'nls amng wire n~ jokes ann aa-l-~ ....... ~ " -:ener~- and resources for unlimP~' _.~er to a round wooden teepee in i ~a~. a~c ,~ ~u~a ~ .... 1 ...... ~ ing and singing { Reimche. Who played a few piano" vice 'to the younger generation was cry. . . ,~r,~lu~ct~,~ ,~f f~ ~,b-(~'= ~ ~*~he ten*^- "~ a lar--field this t)nrzs~mas marKe~ ~zrus ~zw.~ a~ . ......... ~ , - ' , ~ ~- ...................... o --- ~ ~ ~cz u~ ~v ' L ~ .... = ............... Id~ Too mucn creul~ zor ~nm nne~accordeon solos and made a great very much enjoyed by all Song housin- ran~ortation a-~ ^**.-.- Uildi ~i~ o~,,,,* 50 foet in dia ~not tn ~ne proper nvw ~n~u I ....... ' : ng ~ ..~ ...... " ~ ivin ,operetta canno~ oe gzven MISs ~e e,,',",.., ......................... ~ ~oo,~,,,,arter~ for all ~not be kdled for the Thanksg g ~wagennaIS, ....... azrec~or, and ner I ii~t as. lhit. A fine orchestra also accom- "Tenting Tonight," by the trio:l^,~a~ A~ ~,~=~.l=J~ .... ~i~o~ ~,"~..~ =~,.^ ~,~'~ panied the singers and the boys' I Belle Brown Alma Brown andi~'IRllIIllUll IIII ii,~.iiw~.~,~ ~,,, ~:~,~ ~,u,,~ : ..... ~ , marKec Mr lv~oore ~a11 and the g,rls es gave great ,Grace Raisler For the encore they a/HnVHIIV IIII /La/ in ......... !~_e Indian ceremonials of that re ..... s~tant Mrs. Periele. A great deal ' ' chorus . ' why e~ome socm~y. L~rea~ mereasas .~Zlon. Rain had set in before we [of work and patience must haveI .... ~ ~ =. ..... v ,, ~ a, v . came, coz' ann mezzzc- support ,;o tne actors, ~..ang "~.~O0~ l~lgnl;. ~ ,,~,,, ~. ,~ ,~ ,. = ^ ,, i ienc,, in ~nvor,~-,o,,~ ~-=,~- -- ~.~ched the headquarters, but the i been required to present an enter- [ The new stage backgrounds were The rest 0f the evening was spent |s ]!~|| H | I,' | It" I| L N |s U i ---:f. ..... ~= .~: ..... h"P ""~'=~ shown for the first tzme. These !sn playing games, cards and just b ~'~,~ ~ I ~ I |!'~ ~ | ~=l b H :di~t .... .~a ~,~ ~ ...... ~,~,,., *~,~ ~ldian tents round about showed a i ! ~ U~ U.i i U[:~]tainment of the type of "Peggy and { , ,. ~pecum~zon zouoweu 0y econoralC ~:~e gathering, many of the chiefs I | r [Ir~|~ il||| ~rL~|| I the Pirate." June Mills and Marie were painted by Eide & Son and talking until the food committee .................... IY.:5=~=~=~.__~:?L "_~==7_'W_"~. "?, ~_',"~ ,~f other tribes from far distant |. L,||Ll||i || |a'L ||&'llVIKeohane were the piano accomp-[ z st calib r " ' - - ~w~,~,#~ a~msH~ ,~[-~,uuuu~ uz p~r~un~z umc~pnne au m- are of the h'ghe e . Proceeds]took charge .ana served eats to k'Ul||i/k" URill/ /LE'/I," dicat~ wa,.s ~- x~)-i~" " ~l''~'~+~" :!~ints being present, i gM|||flrT | ~[~r |~T||| l anists and did their exacting work I of the operetta will go toward de- which the response is always 100 ~||||~r~,~ ~|#1~| ||~|~:,~. ~, ~., ,~,~.,~,,~,~-~,~,,-~ IL_ :In the center of the teepee was a XlIN%r/ I IIIII-r HI-/ll/., throughout the performance in fraying the expenses of Beaeh'stpercent, and everyone went home v,,~,, ~ , H,,,. |LVll~,.e:~u~ura~, in[ere~s~ts .~n~d.2~fe~ ::~e drum with seats round about ! UUIIOL/ L JUUL M /I/ i fine style. An added feature was [ representatives in the musical fes- ! hoping many such meetings will be i sial'it - " " ~" ~-'~ tival at Dickinson e p 'ng I held this winter ........ ' .?2 ::~Or the musicians. Near by stood IT|~tt #t~|||ll~ |~r|hlprovided between the acts by Mr.] n xt s m " " ~ l~y ~o not msure progress xn ~Dole at the top of which hung a 1111-%- I'IIMINI" II"/11~' ~ ' ' " ~temgence, eaucatmn ann wealr~ :~M~fed coyote, this being a Cribute!]]|LO bUI'ilIIU /LHll , , , , DEMONS:r'RATED GAS AND OILimay contribute to ~iaZ decay I~- .~ the animal, who according to the ] ~'~ / .... USE AT VARIOUS SPEEDS +r,~' leSStedrefinedto goodand dtseiplinede d by andethlcmIdi- Persons m the Current News ~ ,sense and moral purpose. Social ~lans, sees a21 and knows all, itI ~ cenes ana AND GRADES ~ ec n s ~lng the custom in the dance to!FiNE SUPPER BY GOLVA MA ~,~asp the pole in passing and thus ' - The Standard Oil company had lprogrcss is not measured in terms an oil and ~as test car here yes-i of wealth, invention or the dlffu- : )~w from the coyote some of itsI SONS PRECEDES ANNUAL i~dom Around the wail planks ~ EL~,~r~ ~ ~ terday that" was very intere~ing 'rsin of the comforts of life; .social :~ere placed for seats and at one! ~ and a number of Beach citizens lProgress is measurea s01el,y In were taken for a drive an~ th~ i terms of individual bettermen~ ann ,~fie of the room was a long table[ , u ~ . . . .~ed high with food this Col numerous testing apparatus in the !unless indzwdual man Is better be- ~ei ..... : _ ,7_'_ firs~ At the annual election in Sunset car demonstrated The resultant cause of invention or wealth then ~,~zcn lnIormea us, oem~ ~zze '--- A F ..... .~h~win~. nf nil ~'d o'~ ~hd~v rlif i there is no real progress. Man is ;~Ztle a table had been used, and lt~.uge:. ..~z .~ .M., Tuesctay eve .............................. ferent speeds and level road andI . _ . i:'~zat it was a marked lionor to the lrang .~ne zouowzng officers were - I no better today because he talks ~t~nguished guests, so to speak, ele~eds"hi ful Ms" hill condillac, rather surprised ~tohe millmnShas somethingVer thebetterradio toUnleaSsay ,~W'e were taken to the table where _ p~ . ster--I. E. Hera. those w~tnessing the tests and hear- t .......... , *o ing the demonstrator's talk The tnan elm our zathers wno ta~'ea ;~ mn.d:f~- f~f #~rpmnni~ .~ a i ~enl r worsen--Guy Cox .................. at, nd consumption of ~gasat varmus ..... i~:~ "in-tx,~, ~a .. -s b- the col-) Junior Warden--George Oster- ' I to their hundreds ~':~ ....... ~ ~'' ~ l hout . ~ man does no~ progress oecause ~:~1, after whichmost of the . ..... speeds was most fllummating and lh ............. e i lreasurer--~t ~:. ~'-astien few nrobahh, ~aliz~ h,~.. ~,~Ch l l e Ines ~nrougn me an" at the ra~e :'.~efs and many of the ladzes came .... ..... , ~- ---a ................ (Continued to Doge six) f " ' vi i ecretary--,: :naeme or mtroductmn it bemg e -, . . . . gas is used in uneven driving and] .......... ~" tahat tho ~,~lone~ w~ o ~onu-I Prior to the meeting a bountiful frequent stops. 1 GLAD TO COOPERATE o. ,~;~, ~'~'o ~,,,=~'*~ ~,[~",,~ supper was served by a Golva and The various test tubes gave thet "a~l"~l~e ~'l~li~"want~ecl~" ~oi~Alpha contingent of lodge mere- mileage on gas at ~arious speedsI ,~ ..... ~ ..... ~ ....I bers which showed how well they and showed ~hat the car traveling t ms" that bein-- the m^n-er/had bee ra nea |n the culinary at an even speed, w~atever that The salaries of the city officers lch'the writer w~as introduced, ~arts by thezr wwes and sweethearts, might be, saved gas over the car t have all been cut in accorda~ rom that was given an In- _ ~ driven at all kinds of speed on the ~with the action taken by ~he Ccam- name. which we failed to - "~ A STORE ROBBED same road. There were oil dem-tcil some time ago, the City Attor- onstrations, the company's pro-~ney and City Treasurer receivtl~ but whic~h the interpreter L ~. . ducts, new and used. being shown their cut this month, inasmuch was "Charging Bull of Near in glass tubes, and how most -oils they are paid only t~wice a year, so we feel. of course, complimented. Each of the Last Saturday night the I. G.A. can be broken down by the leakage Regarding the Treasurer's ~ry cut, Mrs. Kirst states that While visitors also were named with discrimination. Col. we fear, baying much fun tongue, with his Red at our expense. gifts were then presented, (Contin~d to page four) s~ore ,safe was robbed by parties unknown of a considerable sum of l money and over $100 in bank~ checks. The fac~ that checks were[ taken indicates amateur work. No[ clue has been fo~oJad to the thiefI or thieves, J 1--Japanese soldiers patrolling the line of the South Manchurian railway to pr~ect It from Chinese ban- dits~ 2---Abdul Medjid, exiled former caliph, who may be restored ~o the caliphate, with his seat in Jerusalem instead of Turkey~ 3--"White collar" men out of work receiving the attention of the emergency and relief bureau, which has opened many offices in New York hty. of gas into it in the engine, and, of course, showing the superiority in this respect of Iso-Vis and Po- forint, the Bta~dard'a products. The Ford ear used here was paint- ed white and has been demonstrat- ed all over Che country. she understands the Council has no authority to cut the an elective officer, cooperate with ' her own salary tn the amy.