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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
November 11, 1943     Golden Valley News
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November 11, 1943
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Thursday, November 11, 1943 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS li PAGE TIIREII j THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS A Weekly Published Every Thursday by The NEWS PUBLISHING CO. Fred A Shipman, Editor Entered as Second Class matter at the Postoffice at Beach North! Dakota, October 7, 1936, ~der the Act of March 3, 1897. WHEN HATE IS BORN From several sources in recent weeks has come testimony to the effect that the German populace is beginning to hate America. attitude is significant. In the other war in spite of the fact that the United States tipped the Scales which meant defeat for Ger- many, the German people didn't hate Americans. They were sure Americans hadn't understood, had made a mistake in coming in, but they didn't hate them. The difference in German atti- tude toward America can be ex- plained on the ground that the Germans can always dish it out but they can never take it. In that other war, Germany emerged practically unscathed so far as material damage and civilian cas- ualties were concerned. There was malnutrition and there was economic chaos, but these things were only indirectly connected with the war. It wasn't like devastated, depopulated areas in France, for Instance. In 1939, Germany started dish- Ing it out again and on a scale which nonplused the world. She gloated over the damage to Eng- lish cities, though perhaps the extent of the barbarity was not generally known. But the only defense agaust barbarism is bar- barism. The United States began to hit back, hit back with ever-increasing power until they now dominate the sky. Seeing the tables turned against them, tasting their own medicine, the Germans vent their anger against America, which made the reversal possible---first by sup- plying Britain with planes and guns and then by clouds of American-manned Flying Fortres- ses. There is no other hate like that which derives from a sense of one's own disdeeds. Frustration is in it, and that protective turn- ing of a sense of guilt outward to hate of the one who thwarted the evil will When the Germans see their own civilians killed in air raids~women and children among them, for in spite of precision bombing it is impossible to spare all--theY put aside the picture of Promiscuous death and destruction Which the Luftwaffe first wrought. Perhaps they never let'themselves realy see it as it was. Anyway, now they hate America. It may be a good thing. Per- haps they will understand how and why so many nations hate them Too long have they waged their wars with cold precision, cal- culating the effects of their pro- gram of extinction, looking upon other peoples as inferior and hence unimportant. But these other peo- ples are not so rudimentary in their Organization that they do not feel Pain, anguish, hate. This is Germany's baptism in those sensations and emotions. Unfaaniliar with them, the people of the Reich are on the verge of hysteria. Panic pursues them night and day. Temporarily fear alone may whip up a desperate courage, but there is an end to the prod- cling of fear. When the crash comes, it will be total and terrible. So let the nazis hate America. It is really their own reflection in the ghastly mirror of a German- I made war which they hate. ~.V-~ J DAY OF RECKONING APPROACHES Whether you are a day laborer or President of the United States, you are going to witness in the ttext few years either the destruc- tion of private enterprise in our county or you are going to see the curbing of wanton waste of public funds and correction of Federal taxation and spending methods which now threaten actual confis- cation of the earnings and capital of many persons and industries. The fact that we are in a des- )crate war makes it doubly essen- tial to encourage thrift in public spending as well as in industrial and private life. It also makes it imperative that the government en- courage the operation of private business as the mainstay of the tax revenue of the natiol% But is government doing that today in its tax policy? One of its principal arguments for back-breaking taxes is that they absorb excess purchasing pow- er and thereby retard inflation. Therefore, the Administration's lat- est demand for $10,500,000,000 in new taxes seeks to boost the annual Federal tax revenue to nearly $50,- 000,000,00, approximately one-thirdi of the national income, i : Secretary Morgenthau stated that] four-fifths of all income goes to people earning less than $5,000 a year. This group receives $120,000,- 000,000 of the nation's $150,000200.- 000 total irlcome. It has the excess purchasing power which threatens inflation, but largely escapes taxa- tion. How are the taxpayers who receive but one-fifth of the nation- al income, $30,000,000,000, going: to pay the bulk of a $50,000,000,00 annual tax bill? The four-fifths group is employ- ed largely by the one-fifth group. Hence, a tax policy which loads the latter group to a point of de- struction, automatically destroys Jobs o fthe four-fifths group. It is useless for the Administration to talk about taxation to curb inflation, and at the same time oppose a Federal sales tax to tap the $120,000,000,000 of income of the four-fifths group which has the great excess purchasing power. It is time for all citizens to rea- lize that if private industry is not Permitted to retain sufficient pro- fits to meet the demand for post- war readjustments and jobs, many private companies will face bank- ruptcy or government aid. The latter course will lead to higher taxes, nationalization of industry,] and the end of private enterprise1 and employment__v__ ~ _. t THE LOOKS OF~ A TOWN ] A city of town gets it reputation l to a large extent by the impression the visitor gets from its appear- ance. A city may be doing fine work and turning out excellent products, but if the streets and buildings and homes look poorly kept up the idea is conveyed that the town is on the down grade. The residents feel it, and visitors to the city notice it. Housep~int, the lawn mower, garden tools, the rake, the car- penter's hammer, etc., are great factors in keeping a town up with the procession. There may be difficulty in wartime in getting maintenance work done. The householder and the family can try their best to keep the place looking well. Any improvements they make help the home town take a better place in the world, and look to the future with more confidence. V'~ Flake naphthalene or "moth flakes" is a protection against both mice and moths. Mice dislike the fragrance of the flakes, while moths die from the fumes. BUT IT DOESN*T-WORK ' ,~.4t ~: # BUREJ UCRAT DREAM MACHINE: Another ibute to "Mr.. Do oley:' October 23, 1943 " '~--'- " I | IIII I I I I i I _ II is Thanks rfh ? the Chinese, who never had much, but who at least had the guts to stand up to the Japs for seven long years the Norwegians, who lost their country but never surrendered themselves. the Russians, who gave their lives and homes and burned thgir factories and fields to turn Hitler's dream of conquest into a night. mare of defeat. Thanks to the British, who might have given up but didn' the Yugoslavs, who still fight in the hills .~thanks to aIl the freedom-loving people in the world who gave us time to gather our strength. Make your thanks to all of these really mean giving generously to the National War Fund through our own community war fund. Give ONCE / for allthese Seventeen war relief agencies have banded to- gether in this great work to make the thanks of America mean something both abroad and at home and wherever our men fight on land or sea. For we owe thanks, too, to the young men of America who gave up careers and good jobs to do the job that has to be done...and to those who cheerfully saw their lives turned upside down so that their men could fight and build ships and turn out tanks and planes and guns, all day and all night. Because the National War Fund is combined with our local united campaign, you are being asked to give only once, this year, for a/l the agencies represented by it. So add up all you would have given to each, and then double the total! There's no better way to show your gratitude. USO United Sesmen's Service War Prisoners Aid Belgian War Relief Society Brr~sh War Relief Society French Relief Fund Friends of Luxembourg Greek War Relief Association Norwegian Relief Polish War Relief Queen Wilheimina Fund Russian War Relief United China Relief United Czechoslovak Relief United Yugoslav Relief Fund Refugee Relief Trustees United States Committee for tho Care of European Children NATIONAL WAR FUND Make Your Contribution Thru--Your County's War Chest Committees