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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
November 5, 1931     Golden Valley News
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November 5, 1931
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/ . i tt ]l 1 s them~to[i _l/ ested thrat thea ese may De a Am c to Aca e e n ~col ~"~meetz]l with vl ' Temperatu[e Weather at at Noon xoaay Noon Today 42 Above Clear OFFICIAL PAPER OF GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND CITY OF BEACH VOLUME XXIII. ALL HOME PRINT BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY C OUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1931 TEN PAGES NUMBER 27 -[ B[AClt COWBOYS AR[(STANL[Y DOBROWil t[PR[S[N[ATIV[ O[ W[ST[Rtl[IM STOR[ ' ' Scenes and Persons in the Current News ' " ; M" " m IAIL RiD CROSS IN BURNS ALL[N [A :r~ RUN Off Tfl[ RANG[IPAULIN[ HARflNIAli iP[Clg R[Li[[ N[[DS ILY LilT D[STITUI[ BY B[LfI[LD IIG[liSIHARR[[D-W[DN[SDAY RELIEF SHOULD OTHER / S'UPPOSED KE~t'uN~IISI,~; ~i]~i~]~ ~~ I~~!~! [] [ SHOwn ~INuE BEaun B~Ar I w~uu,~u ~K~Ar~e'A~'r, UlN- AGENCIES FAIL ] FAMILY LOST ALL ~~}}~ | m I D. E | ii~:~i ..... :(k:::: " O N OTHER- ' T -- , ~J~:~:~ ~: HAND BEACH S WELL KNOWN YOUNG CO UT OUTSIDE HELP WILL NOT!OLD STORE, LAND~IARK OF ~~i~ | Ill _ H' I ELL KNO : THAT S CTION" H~/D DIS ~#~i~i@:.~:f: ;" ~: ~: ~*rltONG TEAM BROKEN WILL FARM NORTH OF COME IN UNTIL OWN EF- ) E - ~.s::~.-.m~:!:i:is:::r' :#!.. FORTS FALL CONTINUED BUSINESS I I I ~~ ~P ~ Belfield high showed much pow-IYesterday mornIn TM af 9"30 a -- The Red Cross Roll Call commii; I Last Sunday evening the old '~ ':i~ ..... ~:: i::iiii~ii~iii: ::::.~.#::::ili:! ~:.~:,; .... - ~. - ~ . m. ak ;tstore bmldin a landmark of West ~ ~ ~ er in upsetting the Beach Co~. hill~ c?u;ch was the s~ ::e:r~bol~ toh~S ~b~iks:t~ l~ge erheim, wen~up in smoke and left ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ast ~n~dl:c~: twh:r~ h:rm:dfiteold ~j;i~bP~:twtYld ~:::l~ng~te:h~ tmber of additional contributions~ the family of A H Allen destLtute ~::; q~ .... ~ ............... " " ' ~ ~~:::::-~| Ill ~ two new men Donald Miller and Miss Pauline Marc|nick, daughttE the Red Cross and relief funds, Mr. and Mrs. Allen and their five Clarence Kne~vlch o h ,ea~d~ ~ ol~l~r.P?ng~e MNr " h" " ~ i h ' iv , n t eir weak- Mr. and Mrs, John Marcinlak asmuch as the varmus commit-Ic fldren escapm? w t. the!r 1. es, 1--Street scene in Mukden, Manchuria, which was occupied by Japanese troops ~fter a bombardment, ened team clue to injuries. W~~hMart nalgdhM:hood. A large num- es have not reported in Ume zor ~some oz [ne cnuaren in tnelr mgn~ r " '" " 2~- View of the. parade of the 40 and 8 organization during the convention of the American I.e,ion in Detroit. Ray who played well in the last ber of friends and relatives tblleation this week, but next tcl~nes. 3--Furl Ovington first of the air mail pilots with letters he carried from Los Angeles to Tucson on the game was unable to play on l~~td: ~o,+ For some time hack the store had ~ ' count of low marks The scorin ~" ~" " ...... = ...... ,ek we hope to have allthe,ceased to exist but the Allen faro twentieth anniversary of hfs first marl fl~ghL . - ..... . . }rl~?'j;d;"w~ ............. ' . ~ , " , ..... of uo~n ~eams ~ooi~ place In ~rle suw**vu .~ w*~ ~mes and money subscribed bYiily lived in the rooms back of the ........... first l.n .i J;;J, f uquet of red a~ ~tatimeandM~Yos#eopl:erha?lVe ::n~t istoreroom, a p~blic hall being over- ~ ~|| ||||| ~a~ ||~ ~ ~ || ~ ~ ~| |F~ McGee'Davis and Miller workedlW_hire carnations and ferns, while ly ' Y dlhead. The k'tchen of the living Lp~NIIIIU ~11||| m IlL U~'O /~i ~m ~1 La0]U i."" I1~" well in the backfield, all t~ee[the groom'was garbed in the c~, :i~s Robertson was also in con- ! /store, opened. Since the time it has ~. tars..Mary soyes, ~ e at as~ ]information regarding the asse.m- Beach. During the fourth quarter ~definite Red Cross relief were ~ ation yesterday with the Wom-~ The 38th annual convention of lbeen a notable cntecprise of Beach,/ ~uxmary, requests us Io ~/bl~g of clothing . outfits for ~nelBeach held Belfleld twice inside the Ic.ussed. A very lively interest was Auxiliary of the American ue- i the North Dakota State Dairy- [ and is still one of the representative t ~nose , having u_sea. C...ff,,:,~_,i~ | cnilaren of a rougnz suzzerers i ten yard line. A,s the minutes were I shown wnen the response to roll and that organiz,tion has un-)men's association will be held at Istores of the WestP.rn part of the spare ~o eisner ,arte~Yto,~t, hVrsu~_Zt,~s lhas" no~ reac.nea ~ne .~omema~erslwaning Beach started a march Icall consisted of each individual', token to enlist the eooperatio.nlMandan Thursday November 12 state. ~ne wearing app .e PP Y aria other em~s ~o wmcn ~ was ~O]down the field for a counter which answer to the ouestion ~rottl~ 1" th Women s o anizations m ~ and it is underst~d a number of It is litle wonder then that Over aepo~ the Auxzliary has established / have been sent by the state comm- was halted b~, the whistle A nass I vote for a women as readil .... "~: county and thus take. care of i our county dairymen ..... are plannmg~stad & son feel a just pride in ~m the second story, of. the court lttee, in charge of that work so to of 23 yards, McGee to Steeker, a man?" Mrs. Joas gave a re e rg. , . ' ' " " I ..- . ~ .r ~, ~,..~ urgent need of clothing for the it0 attend thLs important and In-]thLs achievement, and by way oilhuse. Tne clothing will be called/give ..a brief summary of. the in-Iplaying in Ralph Jones place, al- of the book,, entitled, "A Lantern in [ght stricken families, or, if the i teresting meeting. I celebration, next Saturday will not I zorn. necessary,. ~ ............... ~o ~ms WorK, tne zouow- i most resulted in a touchdown. I Her Hand,' and Mrs. closed the eman cloth onl observe Beach Da b th lr It zs especzauy ow~reu rresmvn~ in ls m~ ,, ilttons at home d d " I y y, ut e" in' h g P : ~ " g ' a re ew of Cimara~ relief, to usethe clothing col-tll n TH.III~OAll UPTlstlver annivesary also. RealizinglNOyes says,, as muc t Theretsamostpressingneedf]|'||lr I~I~AI~I~II|II llllgl! ~- 'd among our own people. The ]] K /IIlIIIIMAIM mr i tlmt such a celebration would mean Ic.*otl~n~ .as P~eS~I)~m l~[beneX~enMOn- [new or used garments for..the ch*~d-II-INi- PRIII:KflM llfl%~ GOOD PLAC TO ,,suoP Uiary has sent out a letter to in. II. /lilJill UV,I ilL, little to their customers unless,~,aY~,,ou~ne seoP~,w~,.~P,~,_~ ,;Iren l.n the dis~ressea mmnl~,.many]||l|L lllU~llirll'l llrlUI clUbel asking their cooperate|on. IlllPlrll l~r'~lll III Ismething wen~ with it, Manager .~,~.~m~.L:, ~a...i'_~':;~.:~ i~[ol wnom, p,~rty claa i;o a~-]l%rrll li~l~lll|%rl~ rArk~ When we look over the pr|oell Robertson returned to Mort-{ III/I 1 11 Mrl:lll IIIH III.I.I-IOZarence Overstad is announcing in ope?_2 2Z noo, :me ye ,i alatnlm:l, iirllltlq,oted in the advertisements in Ia~ e~ening, but expects tollI i I II /LUuLinl| rl~Jyl I this issue of the Advance (see page I~t?,k~L'~ ~'?~::,,~;~,:" ,;:';,~:: l a s econcl ap.p.ea~ nat been en2 iiJq.LiI MIII IIIULU IUl|llssue we almost wish we-were rn here for further eonsulta-~ru,~ a~'~ u~r~tlll'~l~illthree) a special sale of hardware '~,~,~'~: ?* ~* .... ~' ""~ ....... /mr haste m couec~mg sucn gar-la~,r ~ ~1, m~rq~l|~Ito housekeeping again beeatt~ December 7, or sooner if need jill.lU| | I1 | WI'|IIIII' |i'V Iand furniture that will be of inter-]womens ciul~s~ties of the sit "ion [ments. , .... l lUb V/U / II Mbb I IIUI ~the great drop in price of all khads it being understood her mis-t~Ll|/LRO/||LYl|LU~//est to all needing things in theirl_'~:ne^nece~ ..~,o,~'o. ,~, Ua~,~ t. Tht~.. county nat peen reques~eal|]L~l[* |. ~. I LLIllIU/oy There is a spl~dk~ embodies no power of decision, / two big lines, w,, uv~=,,,.,v ~.:~y:.,.:l ~'"~" ~"Y:" o ga~ner au complete otlI~Ii~s, zor chance to "shop" in this issue Of .... ins next Saturda ing shall be dis~r ~u~ed m the such children, these outhts con- . the Advance al~d we t v hat gver comes of Miss Robert- and will be a feature of Commun-!county or whether ~ ..~ill_b_e ~.n~ Is|sting of the following. . ................... treaders to look into what Beach beth merely a 'scout. Th:s sale beg Y . ----- n Ite OUr s visit it in no sense is to take I SLIPPED W~ILE PUSltlNG g~ j ity day, and will continue just a ]~o ~ne sta~, ar~ug~o,~l~,t~l~:r~ux~ir,I For giris:--.sweal;er, caP%pa~_o~tMUSJ.C, .~,,DKI~SS ~U I~AU- lmerchants have to ~ay. It enl~ Place of the present campaignuux- ue ~14n,~ ~x,~.~ week. to November 14th, so buyerstar" "'~wll~'~J~"~be cordially'~ "~ ~" .... aided m" this" ml~ens OrwoolenglOveS,orPa*rotherOZ warma~*~ ~r~U~ENTERTAINMENT,~,~ ~v~ ~ouu lool~s as though the town rest- funds to help the drought suf- TWO ~EaS should mark the dates and not let t :Y. - i" has so s-lend|all un /dress of ..... t ehants were going to give their via- 's, as we owe it to our neigh-/ _~____ ~_ .... }the benefits of this anniversary~gOo~ wor~ c P Y -Imaterial, two sm~s oz unaerwe_ar,! __ ~. ,'-'77-" ..... /~tors a 'good time" with their spe- to o our full share toward I FELL ON SHARP ROCK; ~IIA, BE Sli b without rofitsto. them- acr~a~en, two pairs of s~ockings ana on. I Tne nex~ meeting o~ me ~eacn t cial offerings for that day ' relied~, before we sit down and i LAID UP A WEEK sePesy P I.. ~ __ ____~_ .... [pajama or night gown. For ooys--I Parent-Teachers' association willl ........... : .... "" relief for ourselves, for, unless ] OR TWO The Advance in common wita'|lAUl: ~1: Di:I~ pDl~l~lovereo~t, sweater, cap, .pai~ of jbe held at the Line~n school Wed-I Alvin Bay of Golva was a Betl~ ,how a capacity for helpingI -- other business houses of the city,'l~,V~l| ||| ~||| |l~|||~tl~/gloves or mittens, pair .sno.s, one !ne~aay evening, ~ovem~er lt, l visitor Monday ~hor,,~ ur,~uld nr~vent US'. ~ ~x~.~.~o~,~ ~wn~n~ A]he~t ~n~,r~d]]]~t~s overstad & Son upon, '"'" H. w-- ,---w v.,v~ suit clothes, two shirts two suits ! when the following program will J ...... ~" .................. ~ ............. ~ .......-- ..................... ~ a ama or nightshirt The,e are be presented" expecting others to help us. Thompson met with a peculiar ac- this happy occasion and wish them~' D ~ ~|l[~T ~' ! l~ ~ U/ITU l, J : . . s . . " _ ]r~ Tllrl il |1~ I'lalil I~lliJI --- Icident several miles North of town all the good business which their I./111111111 I~I IIA II WIIII=I planed for boys an aglris zrom Vocal Solo ............ dim Stone rlilrll'l /INII lllll RIIBL ma.. ~.a~mln~&ll I~lfqPIIl~ll l .......... ~" ^" ~-~n"~o were curD'J25 years of straight dealing and ~Jri||i|~f| VL ~1~ I~ !! |ill| six to twelve years old. It is tug- I"What the.Sct~ools are Helping | M/IILII M||V UU|| , nv a**u ~ p~-~,~ u~ --,,- ,.~ " - " " ' ssem- eri a i v i U~I [ll~t~l:H [~IIH'ingcamehmeto a car thatfrm a triPwas inwhenthe ditch,|they good service~ent't e ~tillT PitADTFD PnM ['l[bledg by the collection of used t omic Progress" .... A. R. Miller l" fllll:T AT U !: PHIID/ t' Loeb.e, Mr:.piggle going "..'.T, ........... ~. ..... +_ ,.~a,..~anl Dm FINE land any person ao deceiving the l Unhappily the Sentinel Butte of cattle, 6 work horses,100 sheep I their efforts. . _~w.~en. ~wo ereaa wire"~r~e ln'Bea""ch I }public casts discredit on hirn~lf--Ischool news came too laze zor us to and ten brood ~r~, at the follow-l At the conclusion of the m~l ana norse ramsn. I ~wenr-~ ~ .~,,= - . ~ ..... " I ..... ,,~o ~.~ to the I ,.rid take money under false pre- [ uossiblv get it set into type. we ing rates per mon*~h and for a period I Winfield Scnell, as ~oa~ t or the discussion of the An appea~ is ~emg mace vy reel ~enune~ ~ ......... ~--- ' ..... in the .... bef e [ ......... .................. *-~ 9..~ ~sI*~-~.- /trust t~he copy win ge~ nere no~ ~o exceed five months"$3 00/opened the program in a few neat there was another dis on I state reneI eomnu~ee ~or me ala ~trougn~ renez comm*~ ~-~ .... , ...... . at the lat- " " 0 ~tcome being a decisio~ni to of the various kLn.ds .of .m n'.lth t- ~H~e', contribution to_ the t. The_drouetreehg~O~:yT~ ~:rweoa~]Y [~uturebYhMisO~n:ct~lho~t it may be per the ,on ,~ the annual Firemans Ball onI clubs to aid ~ conceding ClowningI renel zuna. TInS .n average woula use[~ "**~.~' ~da~, Saturday and No loans ~lll be made on~ wild o~/~^n- " " Sel ~glving , t a I k out excuse of raising money to aid Monday we have to set up s unbroke~ horses. The Job of Being Dad ..... .. eve he same to nd it is hopea many will respond. $3.10 per person of the 24 con~no- ~ ,,,,~ ................ ,, .... ~'~ "~" "' "tories ' ~" '~ ................... ';" ,ld in the Le ion hall, and the The I~ It I almost an ol H lso tes hat th a |ca / J Ru~fll cold weother has brought un uting, and 21 of these too the , d C g " ut e sufferers as a shield for per- that will do .to run Y e a sta t e ppl - . ..................... 1 cedented calls for clothing for Red Cross membership, thu~ p - t,h / .... a nard to be paced, at a price, so pre ..... . . " ef al in. time, while Tuesday.s, Wednesdays tion for loans on.livestock that does Dad a Necessity, M .y .~ can rezuse m ~uy. Az~er the p~r~r farmers in counties to[tmg $I~0.50,theocounty re lie ~sona g~ h~.ard of nocases of this and Thursday mormng we nave a not appear on me county mx llst Selection: .............. Quaxtet~ '." routlne busine~ had been Ithe north o~ us, wnere a tt~ ..nat_ o~ l~una xn%~ou,~,%.~,~.L~,% ..... [~,~'~in-t'h-is'county and do not ex-l~am that blocks the works, hence will not receive favorable consider-]"The Present Need" .. Prof. M~_~r led ~ the.,,~,~ old _ cry of J mskes~z~s _ zrbe~.~.~re~o~r~eduu~'.l .............. ~ ..............l~'ct" to, for we take pride in the we appeal to all our .corr..espondents. atlon. And .that . applicants who I::! Love My Dad u: ..Ju~_o_r__ M~r .~ and get 1~ resounaea, anal garments ~_e .... ~ . _~ "! __ ~ ...... ~_~__J I ......... ,~ ~,,,nestv of our people liD ~et their matter In trie taut oz have no~ pala tnezr seea loans ~ms/ wnat a Da