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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
November 3, 1938     Golden Valley News
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November 3, 1938
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GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS ' THURSDAY, NOV. 3, 1938 there by a number of relatives, leaving from that train for her lloJz~ Mr. and Mra Leo here from Dickinson Monday night. Mrs. Mary, John~a of Trotte~ ~t of Mrs. P. T. Birmingham I Mrs. Edgar John*ton will enterta~ Wednesday compai~n. the Beach Hommakers club at her ing. home Tuesday. November 15th. Yesterday the Park Oafe installed a new and latest model Wurltizer phone.More Cars Li- graph attractivelY lighted and colored. The new machine carries 24 records, censed This Year llmn~ forget the ~ s~ie at the EplseOlml church basement to. Bismarck--Though on October 1 morrow, Friday, Nov. 4th. there had been 3,600 less new cars and thepast few weeks but is now The school teachers of No~$h DakotaI tastes over an original n~asical play improved, are almost una~mously/supporUng[ ~ love and romance by Gracie Allen. MI~. Win. ~aith of Blghampton, Bill Langer, a $~,dm~te/of the UnL I ~racle has named her tuneful produc- y., ~ her brother, C. H. Clark verity of Ng~h Da~ot~md C~b~ on ~'hrce Loves Has GrarAe Of lg~." family the put few days. Vnivm-sity ~law~t~hoo~New Y0~k, as he eays~ays it will combine the'~ lyric she left for Baker, bein~ eandldate ~or th~Uj~ted States ~ eauty of "I Married An Angel," the ate. They\ 9bl~id~him one d the eenness of "Pins and Needles," the best edueat~ and ~ne of the sma~ reathless comedy of "H --'s a' publle leaders Na~ Dakota ~ oppin" and, as far as her own per- Don~ bf '~'ictorla Regina"(Helen .l~yes)~ "~[t~v ei~r~ ~t-to. "Madam Capet" (Eva Le Oallierme). l m , Fr/day, Nov. 4th. And, oh yes, she also adds that there were Will be a little bit of "You Never Know," but not a sign of Clifton Webb or Lupe Velez. Other leading characters in Gracie's big musical show, in addition to Oracle herself--that is, if they can get a word in, will be George Burns, Tony Martin, Paul Douglas, Ray Noble and a youngster named Dan Cupid, whom Gracie has engaged sight unseen 0e_ cause a Hollywood agent told her he would add great deal of love inter- ...... trl~ ~egtstered in North Dakota . a II li I ...... ~fan on the same dat~, a year ago, es~. r~ wa _ ~l~e total number of vehicles licensed . Ihe Best -2,800 ahead of last year, says C. HALLO~'EN PARTY .... ~ dr" [E. Van Home, Motor Vehicle Regis- Trotters--Mi~ Walker, the teacher I**,,. of the Trot~_.:sch_ool, guvea veryde- L~%ffv/y ~'~tJ ~ l Receipts on Oct. 1, $1,424,130.05 also llghtful Hal~we'en party for her pup- ~/ ~ / / I were ahead of last year's total, $1,- lls anc~p~o~s, at the P. Y. Moo~e! ~ / ~ 1390,522~20 for the first nine months of home,/or~Frd~ evening Her sist~,i - i~ //' 11938" AudrefJas als~ in ~attendance. ~ne ] ]1~ ! ~ , I There were 172,015 passenger cars, guest~ ~ere greeted ~ a ~ r~m,I C ti~cks motorcylcs, trailers buses, etc ligh onl b Jack 0% The rotln{l .ra( ~e .~o~, , . te~oniy by Jac :~( ~err~JTh, I il c~ registered on Oct. 1. Revenue from childr~f~qtYed pl~'in~game~ and] ....... ~.~ transfers of titles and duplicate titles doing ~rick~The~ also -san~ two l MII ~1 ,~K'~ swelled the 1938 total of $1,473,359.55. Hallo'we~t~n~kw~ieh we all ~oyed. i ~,.,~L~.~ .... Application banks for 1939 license Everyone was treated to eandy~pples, i I I II II plates are .being delivered to auto-tpop corn and peanuts. Later~-thel morale aealers, banks, notary publics, I evening, Mrs. P. V.|~oore served a fine county officials, etc. this week. Man-l lUnch co'nsi~s'tll~g okT~llo, cake, cookies ufacturing of 1939 plates at the state and coffee. The gt~sts then departed .penitentiary tag plant will start in a l for their homes after having spent a snort time. I very enjoyable evening. ~mrles Nistler was taken seriously ill suddenly Sunday and was immediately taken to the Dickinson hospital, where RADIO TALKS I combined. /ihalf dozen MillonairQ Centralizers, but .... ~ . . I Between 200 and 300 stations, mostly[ nervertheless 111 of~ur legislators vet, xne ~ews nas veen mzormed that~in cr ...... -t- . -*/: ed for the bill--~ ^-~--An ~ -,----~ ........... [ eamery towns wnl nc~ buy ~g~ml "~" "~$ ~ ~ ~, ~ye, l~emKe, ~ray ann ~az~er wm license ' s ]' ----" ...... ~ .... speak over a state radio hookup three " ~ /I Tins. om na~ne suppor~ m nearly dif ~r~nt t~mo~ r.cmn 'l~h~ ~i,.~. ~= +^ ~ We still have several s~ti~ in[all local farn~ creameries and rude. morrow Friday night at 9 p. m CST, nearly all the towns affected. "-- penaen~ ioc~. creameries and also the then again SUnday night at 8 p. m. Beginning in 1920, one Candian Pro. ~rmers. ~mon ~L~latlve ~hunitt~, ~T and on Monday night at 9 p. m. vince after an~g~r locked up all their This bill gives Beth ~/ licer~e CST. {stations beea~ ~e caused too much $15.00 and no other t~w~rin the otmty waste tnd to~,/mu~ P~0or quality but_ is affected. Tr~ th~ W"*Aa. Iter" |1/ TWO thirds of all l~nse money goes .7 ...... ~,.~,~.,,,~o It was over a n~th from the time into the County ~'rea~ury. VOT~ HOUSE BILL 162 the bill passed th ]~use until it became YES for the welfare of the dairy in- __ a law because tl~ere was such a ter- dustry. rlfic battle against It brought by a Pd. PM. Adv. This bill was made a law ~o promote the general welfare of the[Dairy in- ,~-_=~~ dustry and to equali~ ta~s between v~'~~%~%~~%~i creameries and cream s~tl~s. In 1937, 548 towns bo~ cream. In 401 of these :the license Ts not raised MILDRELLA SHOPPE ( The other 147 towns will have license]~ fees as follows: 35 will pay $15.fl8:\ 22-$20.00, 17_$25.00, 14_$3o.oo, 5_$35.00, 4:t~,0.00, ~.$~5.00, 10. ~ooo, ~_ ~5.oo, 1-~o~:~oo, 1. $70.00, 2_$75.00, 0_~f~0, 6_~5.00, 2. ~o.oo, 1.$95.00, 13-$100.00. j We have had 1400 stations ar~t some. times more. We still have mor~stations thdn all the stations in the~l~tates of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada,[Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Ore- gon, Washington, Idaho and Montana Demo Candidate You needn't anxiously ask, "~re you sure the seams will not pull out or rip " You needn't ask, "When this is washed, will it shrink ?" You needn't ask, "Will it keep its shape ?" You needn't ask, "Will it give me long, satisfactory wear ?" ALL YOU NEED SAY, IS "I WANT A MISS TI~RIFTY SLIP" Miss Thrifty's are made of/the famous nationally advertised PEPPERELL FABRIC. Every slip carries the mark of CROWN TESTE~Y QUALITY--your assur- he was operated on the next morning, ance that each garment has l~een laboratory "CHECK- He is reported as recovering very nice- TESTED" and approved for~,F~d~Ric Strength, Fabric ly, now, however. -~~~l~r~a~allllilral~l~r.~llllr~~ Purity, Seam Strength, Washa~Iity,~a nd Size. That big smile on Harold Owens face " t ~ .; is due tO the fact that his wife on ~ __~ ' . _~ IWINTER IS ALMOST HERE ITS~ ThreeN~Styl~s Tuesday morning presented him with a fine baby girl at the local hospital. ==.= Watt JOtll~on werlt to1~rg0 Sun. !TIME TO CHECK YOU" CAR! day to attend a Ford De~lers meeting, 1. A Mis~/:Thrifty Junior S~p, four-gore, lace trim, ret~'ning here Tuesday, and leaving ! ~" --~-." "- '~i-~ C angeto Fre Fow- ~ \ ~ Shrt ii~gth fr the s~Srt fighre" Sizes 11 t 15"/ for l~argo again Tuesday night on " Tear~e ............. $1.19 business. Harold Hanson Mr. and Ma~. C.L. Waldron of h e l Above is ~pictured Harold Hanson, of 2. A ne~ Miss T~ifty tailored four-gore style with a O~aha,1:o 10Ok afterNebra~;ka'businessartlvedinterestshere SundaYand ~ ~--~ aNr, T_~,~| |ng Texaco Lubrl- ~ ~ew England, prominen~%resk~ent of were also guests at the T. E. Hudson ~ I~- ~-~EZ~~'~ cants Before It's Too~this port~o~ of tj~ state. ~As h~me is bit of ~mbroid~Fy trim to give added beauty. Regula- in Hume t~[~ip,~in Slop~o ~ounw, tion length. ~es 32 to 44. home, They left Tuesday. i |~~ Late! " $ where he has l~med~000 acres of land ~|/'/ Tearose ............. $1,19 Next meeting f the lcal P" E" O" ]I ~~~1 ~ ; else past sev_erar yea~. Mr. Hanson will ibe with Mrs. Hudson, at which has spent almos~ all ,~is life in Slope 3. A stray tailored four-gore style in NAVY. Regu- time the state organL~r from Grand county. He is a candidate for the lation length Sizes 32 to 44 ............. $1.19 Forks will be present Mrs" Victor Thmpsen enter~ed i i ~~ ~!1~ ~ legislature from the 39th district, along .... ih i with J. F. HardyofBeach and Henry , Fries of Scranton. ~. the 13 Stitches sewing club er i . home las~ Thursday evening. .yato., '" r- ' i ote the ,ohnMoses II " A" x\P/ " Fi:~ts:Onse the Lutheran Aid Saturday afternoon, t A ax PI Firestone Clayton Wallace returned to Beach ja l k ~ . .: from HMsboro last Thursday, after I~ having been emplyed there fr sme i~ ~ ~~dayfrombusiness.~time,Mr, morning south and Mrs. ofshopping Sentinel A1 R~heinholz and Butte transacting~ Wednes-were in, ~J ~"h~F~~~r~l~_~ Beach, N.D. Ben Thompson, p rop. DEMOCR AT[C |,ii Word was received here Tuesday from. Bismarck that Stanley Kwako was taken to the St. Alexlus hospital there that day suffering from a severe c~se of infection. Mrs. Ed IAevens went* down Wednesday morning to be with her daughter, Mrs. Kwako and little son. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wolf and family drove to C~rrington Saturday night to v~lt relatives, returning the next day. L. D, R. will meet on Tuesday, Nov. ~h. at the O. H. Moe home with ~o~ and Pauline Peter~n ~n- }o er~by the hn Ad- the tO neco~ry ths after ncrtice. office V| the the Golden Judge of within and for Valley, and )ta, has fixed A. D, 1939, at in the fore- said d&y: at the Court the t House in the ach in said cOunty and time ~nd place zor ~g all claims the said Ber- which have y presented day of Novem~ber, WEEKEND AND BUCK AUCTION DAY BARGAINS 30c Vick's Nose Drops ............ 24c 35c Vick's Vapo-Rub ............ 29c 60c Alka - Sell .............. 49c I STRAIGHT THROUGH Elect to office an Industrial Commis- sion that will prevent the re of the State Elect Democratic Ticket J. J. Nygaard U. S. Senator Alfred S. Dale Howard I. Henry Representatives in Congress ~ll~1~o~es $1.50 Vegetable Co ,ound ........ 89c John-Moses, and him C, ove~__.:~ 30c Hill's Casca: for colds 2"4c William T. DePu , /.~David G. Kelley: 85C UsP.,spiI~.] 1'.....~.. 49c " - . . .: I Li,enant Governor. al and:,give him~ ~ Wolf as [ R~a~. Muruhy 60C,Zlr..a~ol Ant,.. ~r, ........'" ~'.:2~C' ; C~mmissionet of ~ 'e &,La-~ a~re_t._~ ~state:".--, 60c Pab]um.. ; ..... i,: ....... :If3d." " :' ~ ~ " ": ~": '! Mike Ct~yne, ": VOTE AND S~] [' JIM HARDY Adolph ~hchelson 85c Vitamin Food Cofici[,trate .j69c " : 'h : ' State Audito~ . 50c Forhans J ooth Paste ...... /39c ......... i . State Treasurer For Representa ~ ~h District Wil'i m T. "~e" 50c Milk of Magnesia ......... ~. 39c ~ ~ a u ruy "JIM" KNOWS TE ~ EDS OF THE Attorney General 60c Bay Rum (pints).. :"~. .... [.. 39c N-RTH DA- ': - Clarence E Omdahl 85c Solid Albolene Cleanse!i andS200 0 K( FARMERS Comm. of Insurance t Facial Tissues, both fo~...}...47c ' ,, ' George P. Wolf 98c Rubl~ing Alcohol, 1 pt., ~nd~nti' , Comm. A~ri. and Labor "LESS GRAFT MORE BUSINESS" James S. MeGogy ~ septic Sol., both for .... ~..| .. 49c Comm. of Railroads COMb J'+Y l~, *- -- --s J.F. Hardy s.,,o. ,, Vote Democratic~azld~?s:~r. ~, * t,] ~ ..., . . District ,:-~ , ,,., * Representativea 39th