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Beach, North Dakota
November 3, 1932     Golden Valley News
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November 3, 1932
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1932 THE BEACH, N. D., ADVANCF PAGE FIVE 4. . . ( 1 MR, AND M]RS PALMER OELE- 1 z. SOCIAL STUNTS TO RAISE CONFERENCE For the past six weeks we nave " Tbeen sending the Advance to all 'BREVITIES [ BRATE 33rd WEDDING ~If/.tT I|"T "r[~||r : .... CASH TO RUN SCHOOL ELIGIBLE TO ~lot of former subscribers in the ....... / - , . . ]l After rounding out thirty-three ~U/ /~U[ "'" " A young people's conference is to Fort Yates, October 31. --- Fort be held in the Congregational r hope of securing their, return to The American Legion Auxiliary years of hannilv married life Mr Yates high school will aid in main- church on November 13th beginning ~ITf~rllMIO rll~l[Tll-~ |urtI::c~:nfu:nTh~S,,2a~;e~hnel i met Tuesday evenmg at thehmefland Mrs. B'e~t'Palmer felt 'thatI t - --- taining school facilities despite low at2p. m. and7:30p, m. The meet- l/| ||14. || ]~.~ I.~'~~= . ~:~ ~ ' .. " ~ :w . =j i Mrs. O. R. Niece, with Mrs. Tom l something should be done about it.I | It is ~'ein~ re"rted that I ofter leash reserves by staging monthly ing at 2 p. m. is only for the y~tmg ~xj_ta~..~ a. ~t.~ *Jo l lasl; oz mat comp-qmentary issueI !~. ..... ~^~*., h^~,-~ , ............... l~ ~ ~ v~ card parties, dances and plays, | .......... ~ r~c,~,u., ,t~ ju,,~ ,,~,~. I wlm mat m wew they were noses I tdo work which should be done by people 14 to 25 years of ago, inclu- as announceu when mlS tom-, I ....... ' ....... ~ _ . ]plimentary list started. We are~ ! Tke Royal Neighbors he}dtheir [th;?;~'ei:h~n;stn:t;U~n:::;;Ye o~! l~.vetermarml~:' Tins )s not true. school officials announced. Funds sive. The evening meeting is a gen- gained by the benefits will tm turn- eral meeting for all. This is a Dart Stay At Home Voters Earl- I glad to have been able to send, |regularmonthly meetingTuesday',their farm home south of B^""h I |My work m mm nero is nmltea ed over to the school board for gen- of the county Sunday school work. these s~mp:e copie~ and hope the i .. .. . ,~.a~ . |to disease control among live- mated at Fifteen Per ......... ,imght. , ' . - . . un mew arrival, me guests ~ere~ im roved san- eral use. ' cent tim will come when all those old l i q. I ..... |stock largely by p ~ sea~ea Delore a arc groanlng with l . . subcribers will incline to their. : r~ L M Ulfers of the north~ ...... : .... [~|~tatln" I m~ght add that when- staged,A cardwhilePartYa dance,has alreadYthe been The Advance works for you. - . ;; M ..... (caice aelieacies oi all KlnQs IOIIOW- ..... o!d place on our readers' hat, and n r" was a leasant caller at the ~; .... ,~ . . , . eve~ the services of a veterinarian second ..... ,,cou t ~ , p . . ,,,~ ~,h,~h ~here was dancing until a ]i~, been renuired the work has benefit venture, is scheduled ~or -,~-~-'-o*-- ~,--, " -~-~:-c~ ---- i we ~nanK ~nose WhO llave come ~Advance office last Sa~umay ~ ~ _ , ........ ~ ~v ~. -1 wa~mng~un, ..~u~. z.--vu~mo pre- _ _ ~ ,~ ' .ace no[lr. Alt presen~ aeclarea the Ibeen given to a local doctor and November 4. "~-- I . . . DUCK ~O US. " ~' . ~ I ' . .... . olncts m nearly every Clt5 town and _.- + ............. l e~ent to be one of the pleasantest in, |that ,-a,,ment for such services rt- 1 " " " r" I'g'~ .................. ' lilt many irlenlas oi ouoge ~ugn . . I v ~ village in the the Un,ted States ,111 ........ ~helr memorms I tdurin~, the hast ten years has run MOVED TO BEACH ] at:l~ u,amonu i t._ .~. ~ ", o . ... ....................... intnisneck oItile woo(Isareoub ~ / o .- . t~e ~e conxergtng points nexb ~ues-, - . , _ __~. .... I ........ . ' ~ TILLUTY;oN" c,)mingelection l-:te nas serveu~.cI , ed voters m the natron s history up- ' " ;,.~....~. .,~..-" .~.oo" ...... ,,o took race what promises to bo. a liveb foot-I]~- .~,~..e; ......... ,~ ~,~,.....,oo.....~o~" ..~...f-""~ ---u~ . her residence in the small cottage t } U L:| proximately 47,000,000. ! ..... P~'. ............... - ~- i ball game tomorrow afLrnooh on I I ].,,o; .... a~.~ ~,~ +h,~ .n, v v a I north of the Win, Neudiek home, ~ ........... ,. ............... i Ti~e third of a series of partiesLwenive years ago ann cnere ~s no ............... t i, ....................... mL b_ a aurvey ay ~ue ~s~ucmbeu rreb~ , .... _ ......... ,me wmaux nero anu a ~oc oI .eaen ~'ertain comnanv The renresen- I ' Her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Kremers, ~ Co--d:rtr e gi,'en by Mr and 5,hs Harry Rice ,reason wny ne snoum no~ ~e return- ' . ' ~ .... , ' ward, Phone | just completed, places the total' .... .......... Irooters are going over to shout the l~ative of this comnanv has denied] !spent several days here helping her number nextf persOnSweeks eligible to take during the.Ha!lowcen season tOOK lea to mar pos_luo~ l locals on to victory, t ghe story repeatediy "b~cause ] to get settled ~ Beach$2.00 part m bMlotmg at 46- IPliace a~h~net nmve :unZ~:~.~:Yd:V;fI Mrs A. E.~Scheffer, our versatilet ...... ~ .... tit has bee~ used ~/argumentl ~.~[Vr~RED, 965,230, an increase oI iour anu one- ] a, _.... 5 ~ t t~o~-l~,l~ ......... flout wn~ in fawn t A.a. U r~eele has oeen lain up ar ]aaainst e~ensta~work and may I Mrs. Bert Sperry and two daugh- g Per Ton half million over the previous re- Bradley Tinotson, Mrs..~me's nepn- I=:=:~'; ~.~','=~=~,~' tour anduaid home with sickness for a week past, l still find ~support where the l ters were pleasant callers at the Ad- ~ regardless of road condi- cord in 1928 and over ten million ew, were garnered togemer Ior sev- i,~,~"", : ~{e~san~ v~t at~ but is now among the convalescents. /facts are~not k~aown I hereby l vance office last Saturday. They re- year.~hrHth~a:r thmex~t::nlt:stte~as[hlat 2~!U;ilhSmeWii[thex~enm:d.d~e ! wi:l~'d!=:h~t~h~ey c;~;sp;n~en~!finTehd:nl? adendn:htwM~l:s~raey:ve: ~.~:~m~:~at~lty:o~2~ countryprt theas roadSvery rough.frm the north i _ _ Itus Calculated on the basis of 15 per-Ihstess was assisted by Mrs. Tillt- as it is pleasant to meet up with cent, the actual vote next Tuesday son. Bradley's mother, them once in a while at least. the proceeds going to the electric of any organization or any indi- light fund of the town. vidual with whom I have been Would be around 40,000,000, or 39,- MUCH BETTER William Carew and the lady who associated. George and Mrs. Osterhout were J.C. RUSSELL, 920,445, an increase of more than 2,- ___ I keeps him in the straight and nar- up from Med0ra Tuesday evening, ~O00,00O over 1928, when the record County Agent. :;popularr balloting peak of 36,789,669 Mrs. C I Cook is about again af- lrow path--whenfromhe goeSAlphaaWaYMondayfrOm thelatterfOrmerto visitt friends.attend lodge and the (Paid Political Adv.) ( was reached. In 1924, the Coolidge- ter being nearly a month confined home--were up ~::Davis presidential contest drew 29,- to her home with a painful nerve, buying themselves rich, Alpha, Bill trouble in her feet. said, being the only place where theJohn Barkland 4.hasObeen laid up ~091,492 voters to the polls. Some ..... , people had so much money they did for the past week with rheumatism, %~ ~leuii~tions figure this year's vote BRIDGE CLUB HOLDS DANCTNGInot what to do with it, which was an-2 is now in town taking treat- bolo~~xl~h- aSthat~5;000,000.of 1928. * Others place it PARTY__ joyful news all around. merits for it. ll/tl l tl ": Ii~- 1928. 257,000 North Dakotans One of the bridge clubs met Fri- In another column will be found Judge Kastien motored to Dick- Thursday~ "Noou and but Z39,867 voted. The day evening at Marjorie Miller's the announcement of the candidacy inson Monday on court business. this year m the sta~e home. Instead of cards, the even- '.of Judge Harry Berry for reelectionI ilumber 280,000, according to an es- ing was given over to dancing in the to the judgeship of this district. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fisher and Northern wheat ............... $ .26 Winter wheat ................. 20 .~nate made by state officers. How Halloween decorated rooms, by the, Judge Berry is so well known here of these will get out to vote? light of many candles ! that good words for him seem un- daughter, Helen McCarty of South Durum wheat .................. 14 many Heart, were dinner guests at the Flax ........................... 77 ~ .... ttnecessary, and there is little doubt,Kermtt King home on Sunday. Mr. Rye ............................ 06 ': Superintendent Waldo of the ENTERTAINED TWENTY t of his retention in that office, and Mrs. Fisher are the parents of Barley ........................ :0~22 lorthwestern Bell Telephone com- 4' [Mrs. King. 4, Oats .......................... pa ty was in town yesterday on one Miss Lucille Kukowski was hostess Tltere seems to be an impression Cream ......................... 13 ~f his regular inspection trips and to twenty of the young folks of around here that the three present Mr. and Mrs, Kermit King and Butter ......................... 18 ,]paid this office a pleasant visit with Beach and the country around her judges of the Sixth judicial district, Manager Johnson, and renewed a home southeast of town. The house, Messrs. Pugh, Berry and Lembke, pleasant acquaintance, home Saturday evening. The house lhave merited a reelection. All are merits; games were played to a late not only fair and impartial judges, ---o~--==----~=====~--~ hour, when refreshments brought lbut good citizens and creditable res- the affair to a very pleasant close, i idents of the district. "rile UHUHGHI i HALLOWEEN HOSTESS | The new type of cash farm lease, ~RDER OF MASSES FROM[ SEP- [in which the rent varies with the TEMBER TO MAY Mr. and Mrs. Rice were hosts I prices of the principal Iowa farm St. John's Church, Beach, N.D. Monday to sixteen of the young lproducts has been adopted by a 1st Sunday, 8:30 p.m. couples of the city, at a halloween number of tenants and land own- 2nd. Sunday, 10:30 a.m. ] party. Elaborate decorations and l era ~ Iowa. 3rd Sunday, 8:30 p.m. ] wierd lighting effects had been 4th Sunday, 10:30 a.m. . i devised by Mr. Rice, lending a spec- Mr. Henry Marman left Wednes- tral note to the first hour. Later day for Sidney, Mont., on business, L Michael's, Sentinel Butte, N. D. ]cards were played, and dainty re- expecting to return today. 1st Sunday, 10:30 a.m. freshments served. It was a delight- I 2nd Sunday, 8:30 a. m. ful and novel celebration of this l Last Tuesday morning there was 3rd Sunday, 10:30 a.m. ghostly season plenty of evidence that the night be- 4th Sunday, 8:30 a.m. " fore had been Hallowe'en, for if On the 5th Sunday of any month: Ben Hess drove co Glendive Sun- there was any deviltry the kids over- 8:30 at Sentinel B~te and 10:30 at Beae~. day with the Henry Marman family, loked it could not be thought of. Father Hake. to spend the day with the members Most of it was comparatively harm- of his family who are still in the ~ less. but the free use of red paint on ST, PAUL'S LUTHERAN hospital, finding them getting along l cars and houses was entirely out- H. J. Trinklein, Pastor very well. On the party's return to i side of the joking spirit, as sre all Beach, Mr. Hess spent the night at pranks which carry destruction of Divine service. 10:30 a.m. the Beckley residence before going/ property on this occasion. on m his farm home. 4. Sunday school, 11:30 a.m. Farmers of New York state are Choir, November 4th, 7:00 p.m. Y. P. S., November 4th, 8:15 p.m.I Social Hour club met Tuesday atlpaying themselves a good wage and Confirmation class, Saturdays at I the home of Mrs. H. J. Trinklein. ' making money by cutting their win- , ter's supply of fuel from the farm 10:80 a. m, Dickinson is confined to his ! woodlot. At the same time they are Ladies' Aid Society, November 9. home with the "flu." l improving their woodiots. CHURCll ]~v. C. G. Eliinger, pastor m. Sunday school. 11 a. m Morning worship. Theme: '~rhe Challenge of Stewardship." Thursday choir practice at 7:30 P.m. 8 p. m. Church night Tuesday, Nov. 8th, annual bazaar. You are welcome to worship with Us. UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH , P. A. Gisvold, Pastor Sunday, November 6th: BEACH-- Ladies' Aid entertained by Mrs. G. O. Hemness at their home in Beach on Saturday afternoon. SENTINEL BUTTE Twenty-fifth anniversary services at 11:00 a. m. The Rev. Dr. David Stoeve. President of the North Da- kota District of the N. L. C. A. will deliver the sermon. All members of the Beach parish and friends are invited. UNITED BRETHREN" CHURCH F. G. Roscoe, Pastor Morning Unified Service. 10:30 to 12 o'clock. Afternoon Third Sunday of each month, services at Trotters, 3 o'clock. Fourth Sunday of each month, services at Stoddard schoolhouse, a.t ' 2:30 o'clock. Evening Christian Endeavor, 7 o'clock, IAll- lan Middleton, President. Preaching srvics at 8 o'clock. METHODIST CHURCH I. Rall~h McNeil, Pastor "A new horizon every week." Sunday school 10:00 a~ m. Mrs. Cordia Wallace, Supt. Morning worship, 11 a. m. Theme, "Defending the Stars and Stripes." Miss Wagenhals, director of music. Epworth League, 7 p. m. Topic, "Sunday Amusements. ' Leader, Virginia Miller. Evening worship, 8 p. m. Theme, "Through the Holy Land with the l~atriarchs.,, Stoddard sshool house, 2:20 p. m. Our motto: "Jesus CIirist the so- lotion of every problem." COME. III I Drive in and let us drain that summer worn oil and refill your crank case with winter grade Mrs. Anna Moyer were supper guests Eggs in trade ................. .23 at the Clinton Taylor home Sunday . , ,, ,, Clean._Clear__Golflen evening. LOWS A ERO l BEACH THEN f yx .o / Bud Haigh and Miss Vera Funk WgA of Oolva attended the show in the " " Get that CEI TIFI n rs a ----- Grease Job Done at the city Thu d y. .. ~ Max. Mln Preclp. ]~] / ~ m. ]~ "~ '~ ed October 27 " 42 26 ame Time A number of Beach folks attend October 28 ..... 46 24 O8 / / ame Time ~! the dance in Sentinel Butte Fr" ay be 29 ..... 30 12 " ~{ / ~ [~ evening. He ::::: IllTexd_ Service Station )I Chester Neudick motored to ...... !1 , "" bron Saturday on business. November 1 .... 42 30 ill ~ . . }J , Goodwm Thompson, Mgr ] November 2 .... 36 23 ]~/ " " f~ M:2~a Plumley motored to SidneyI J. OL~YTON .N,U~ffEI~,~L .~-. .~_....._..~__. i( Y. ! CooPerative t.mserver k~ ~- ~. I __ ......... To fool the farm flock into work-I ' ~ - ~" .... ==---'-:'---~- " 7:~-'-'=-- ~ - mg overtime by the use of artificial TOO LATE TO CLASbLFY =x_- ~.~ " i~ .... _ ......... - ..... - - -=- :: hghts is a sound and practmal prac ---4" " " " FOk'~ROS7 ~eefrigerator car wtli be rice. . loading at Beach with dressed Jack Ernest enjoyed a birthday poultry November 11-12. J. E. Monday, his cake holding seven can-, Middleton, Agent, 2-1p. dies. @ " A1 You will find many delightful gifts for your Christmas list at the A. H. Beckley, Stub Noyes and Bazaar held by the Congregational Schroeder spent Sunday duck hunt-, ladies aid on Nov. 8 in" the Olson ing around Fairvlew, but most of building one door north of the the birds insisted on failing into the Golden Valley hotel. Have a cup of water where they could not be re- coffee and lunchwhile you stop trieved.The BeachWoman's club met on i tn.t~ ~25-3t Monday evening with Mrs. I. I. ADVANCE ADS GET RESULTS Grindstuen. II An Astounding Sale of Seasons Proved Fashions. Dresses WithThat Luxury Look Ruff Crepes, A sale emph~ n L ,le Groups ools, Cantons, In Black, Greens, Browns, Wines, best quality throughout. Everything about these Dresses Speaks Value Some for afternoon and after six, others for Sunday night. FlU your pantry at low cost at Red Owl Economy Prices. You'll find the finest foods priced to save you money as usual on Red Owl shelves and tables. Solve your menu problems the easy, thrifty way with Red 0wl Food Savings. Standard Quality SUPER SPECIAL No. 2 %I JOAN-OF-ARC... Fancy" Pack Red Kidney Beans 3 c CeJ~s MAXWELL HOUSE "VITA-FRESM" VACUUM PACKED, COFFEE ,o. EXOU,~,. F~oR, Pound Co,, 33~ Post ToastJes ou,c E.E oy FOOD . . 10c Beacon Cocoa PoR, 2 19C Kitchen Brooms VAW 25c PURITAN... Richest - Strongest - Best! America's Foremost Quality Malt ~" 43c CAN KR U, CRYSTAL 110 No. 2 1-2 Cans 28C Many Double Date Dresses Cranberries, Z ...... Special Selling Starts Friday Morning, November 4th at ~ ~sp .......... i!c Never Before Weyoulnvite, o medium, per doze;- at so low .The Quality Store2 Attend , 100 lbs. ::; ?!']