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November 1, 2007     Golden Valley News
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November 1, 2007
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November 1, 2007 Page In May, Secretary of State AI Jaeger set February 5 as presidential caucus day for both political parties in North Dakota. States have been leap-frogging their primaries for- ward so rapidly since the announce- ment that AI may have to reconsid- er his decision and choose a day in November. The law requires that the Secretary of State consult with party representatives before making his decision. Even though they disagreed on the date, both party representatives argued for making North Dakota relevant to the primary-caucus sys- tem. That will be difficult with the likes of California, Texas and Pennsylvania holding primaries on that very same day. To me, it doesn't make any dif- ference. I am not going to partici- pate. And I am not taking a winter vacation to avoid facing up to a decision on the issue. I intend to conduct a 1-person boycott of the whole business as a protest over the candidates and the issues. While the Iraq war trumps all other concerns, the candidates on both sides of the aisle are focusing on domestic issues as though the world crisis didn't exist. We are so over-extended around the world that lesser countries are starting to insult us with impunity. Iran is brazen; Russia's Putin is insolent; the Kurds are unruly, and England is deserting us in the MideasL Terrorists are everywhere. All other issues pale in comparison. Under these circumstances, one would think ,intelligent party leaders would insist on candidates that could master this spreading interna- tional chaos. For sure, the turmoil will certain- ly continue into the administrations of two or three presidents. Unfortunately, candidates with international credentials are not get- ting the time of day in either party. In the Democratic Party, the only two candidates with any interna- tional savvy are Senator Joe Biden, chairperson and longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, peace broker in the Balkans and other hot spots. They both have been beating the drums but nobody is dancing. The candidates running for the Republican nomination are also While the Iraq war trumps all other concerns, the Can- didates on both sides of the aisle are focusing on domestic issues as though the world crisis didn't exist. wearing blinders. Thus far, they have spent more time insulting each other than acknowledging the need for competence in foreign affairs. In fact, the two most qualified Republicans - Senator Richard Luger, another longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and former Senator and Secretary of Defense William Cohen - are standing on the side- lines. A pragmatic political adviser would suggest that boycotting is not a practical response to this dilemma but would probably say: "We have always been forced to choose the lesser of evils so go to the caucuses, support the fastest learner, and hope that the world doesn't fall apart before the lessons are complete." Well, that may be practical advice but I feel uneasy about pro- moting folks who need extensive training before they are qualified to handle a job, especially a job that involves negotiating with belliger- ent people with nuclear weapons. Learning on the job is okay for a plumber but not for peacekeeper of the world. My 1-person boycott in a state that has only a whisper in the out- come may not be very meaningful in the big picture but at least I will be able to say "I told you so" as we dig ourselves out ot the rubble that used to be earth. (Omdahl is a former state budg- et director and state tax commis- Hanging out This young football fan made the long trip to cheer on the Bucs in Harvey last Saturday afternoon. Relatives requesting inform To the editor: If mayone has any information Prairie West Development recent- about Pvt. Muggli and would like to ly received a request for information contact the requesting pm~y, please to locate relatives of Pvt. Roger J. contact Prairie West Development at Muggli, KIA in WWlI. Pvt. Muggli (701) 872-3121 for the name and entered the military in Beach. The "addless. person requesting the information Sincerely, was a friend of Pvt. Muggli while the Deb Walworth family lived in Richardton, N.D. Executive Director Touring Fort McMurray Hello, When Shirley and I were in Canada we had a chance to tour the "oil sands" of Fort McMurray. Now, Fort McMurray is not a place you would want to spend a lot of time in. It is a city that exploded from a hunting, trap- ping, and fishing village of a thou- sand people, to a booming mining- city of 75,000 people, with anoth- er 20,000 workers living in com- pany camps, They are a city that is struggling to keep up with their infrastructure of schools, hospi- tals, roads, and housing. The min- ing of the oil sands pays a high wage. And it takes a high wage to live. The average cost of a small, two-bedroom house (twelve hun- dred square feet) isover $600,000 ! The oil is mined pretty much the same as North Dakota's lignite coal. Draglines, scrapers, huge trucks (three stories high), con- veyors, and slurry lines. But the footprint is immense. The mines go for miles and miles. Reclamation, although progress- ing is far behind. One of the first things you notice when flying into the project is the sulphur. This is a by-product of the mining process. They melt it, pour it into huge blocks, and stack it like a farmer stacks bales. If he has lots of bales. It looks like they are going to build pyramids overlooking Canada. That got me to recalling. Now, I used to smoke. Haven't for years. But when I was a cool, young Marlboro Man I was a smoker. You've watched those cowboy shows on TV. Where the cool guy just reaches down and strikes a match on his leg. Clint Eastwood. Then light that little cigar. Think Pali Mall. I was cool- er than that. Grandpa Herb and I were driving to the river with a pickup load of feed to cake cows. On the way to the river we had to go around a curve around this steep butte. The trail was carved into the side of the butte. It was called "Suicide"! Anyway, I was a cool Pall Mall smoker. One morning, just as we started around "suicide" I went to light a cigarette. But being cool, I just flicked that big old farmer match off my teeth. Well, what makes a match light is that chunk of sulphur on the end of that stick: And when I struck Now, I used to smoke. Haven't for years. But when I was a cool, young Marlboro Man I was a smoker. that match, I used a little too much force. And that burning sulphur broke off and fell down behind my lip. Like a good chew of Norwegian snooze. I let out a scream and was try- ing to put out that fire, hold the pickup on the road, and swear all at the same time!!! When I got the pickup stopped we were hanging over the edge of Suicide. That piece of sulphur had melted into my lip and even the dogs were wanting out of the pickup! Grandpa, who never got too excited about anything, just looked up and said, "Let's smoke when we get past this curve." Man, you don't know how many matches I broke trying to light the darn things on my leg after that. Anyway, back at the oil sands. It is the second largest oil deposit in the world. Behind only Saudi Arabia. It is an expensive, labor- intensive project. Lots of people and lots of machinery. It is costing over twenty dollars a barrel to produce the bitumen that is then further processed into synthetic crude to ship to us. Bitumen is valued at about sixty per cent of oil. So, at eighty or ninety dollar oil, it looks like they are going to be mining oil for quite a while. It was a great trip. I learned a lot. And I don't learn stuff real easy anymore. If I remember, I'm going to take you into the hold 'em game in Edmonton next week. And maybe swing out to Shane Franklin's ranch at Bonnyville and look at some bucking horses ! Later, Dean sioner.) Sen!or Citizens O] e ve n t s o0 october 14, 2007, Medtronic announced a defect in the electrical "lead" wire i! :;i:!!!'#!~!!ili!!!!!'!~ri!~!fi!!~:!!::!!:!:!ii~!~!~! : ';ii~!::!: ;!!!:'~i~!::~::ii!:'!!~;!izT!i!!!~!i:T!~;!:'!!~i!~,:!;::,'!!!!!ii: " f Senior Citizens 12:30 p.m. of its heart defibrillator and recalled the product, Affected models of the Sprint 281 E MaIN - BEaclt ND 701-872-436 HEART IMPLANT LEAD DEFECTS - Nov. 21, health screening, 9 - 12, 1 - 2:30 p.m business meeting - 1 Activity Club announces the follow- ing schedule of events for November: p.m. - Nov. 26, birthday party, bingo, pool, 1 - 3 p.m. - Nov. 4, Thanksgiving Dinner - 12:30 p.m. - Nov. 18, potluck. A - L serving. Fidelis defibrillator leads are 6930, 6931, 6948 and 6949. A fracture in the lead wire can lead to unnecessary, painful shocks to patients and may require re- placement surgery. At least five deaths have been reported in patients with the defective leads. Shasteen & Scholz, PC is representing patients (on a contin- gency fee basis) who have undergone replacement surgery or have been advised by a physician their lead wire may be defective. 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