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October 29, 2020     Golden Valley News
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October 29, 2020
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Golden Valley News October 29, 2020 NEWS COMICS :Snow provides opportunity . AMIDON Snow brought the op- portunity to clear the brush piles that are a result of the work accomplished en the Ponderosa Pines Thinning Project. : The piles were to be burned, as Weather conditions allowed, begin- ning Oct. 22. Fire crews were to monitor the brush piles during bum- lng and were to continue to monitor the brush piles until there was no threat of a restart. Burning the brush piles is the final step needed to com- plete the work accomplishedso far on the project. The Ponderosa Pines Thinning Project decision, signed in May 2018, is intended to increase the pace and scale of landscape restoration in North Dakota. The Dakota Prairie Grasslands and the North Dakota State Forest Service entered into a Good Neighbor Authority Agree- ment to reduce fuel loads in the pine stands in five priority areas in the northern portion of Slope County. The goal of the project is to improve the health and resilience of the pine stands to assure viability into the fu— ture. BLM moves forward with leasing of federal coal ' DICKINSON — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Dickin- Son Field Office has signed a finding of no significant impact and decision record on an environmental assess- ment that analyzes potential impacts from leasing 630—acres of federal coal in North Dakota to BNI Coal LTD. Just Like Cats 8: Dogs HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR! ASKED THEM ‘ To PUT A cANDLE FOR EVERY YEAR. BUT THEY SAID IT WOULD BE A FIRE HAzARD. ‘. w. . HOCU-FCUS The comment period on the envi- ronmental assessment ended on Oct. 8. The proposed lease tracts are ad« jacent to the company’s existing Center Mine ' in Oliver County, southwest of Center. The tracts con— tain an estimated 6.97 million tons of federal coal. by Dave T. Phipps 'pa/uasei stufiu “V ‘our 'ateorpu/ls sainteed mm 0203@ BY. HENRY BOLTINOFF ‘oul ‘eteolpuits SSJnlEGj Sum oaoz© [start site s,"ueLqu '9 'fiuiprgnq oi peppe are snaps '9 ‘iueiegip sg JIBU‘SMBLUOM '17 'uorioaigp eigsoddo u! stqud mouv '9 . '1ueiemp sI Tau sfiog ‘z ‘OUISSIUI sI ufiys MOpUlM ‘t :seoueiegga Do you have a story idea? Call or email us at The Golden Valley News and Billings County Pioneer! 701 -872-3755 goldenandbillings ‘5.» Trivia 1,1981: byHfi Rodnguez 1. MEASUREMENTS: What does a hygrometer measure? 2. TELEVISION: What was the post- man’s name on the sitcom “Cheers”? 3. LITERATURE: Which 20th-cen- tury novel begins with the line, “For many days, we had been tem- pest—tossed”? 4. GEOGRAPHY: The Adriatic Sea lies east of which country? 5. HISTORY: Who was the first woman appointed to a US. president’s cabinet? 6. ADVERTISING: Which compa— ny’s mascot was named Poppin’ Fresh? 7. LANGUAGE: What is a monde- green? 8. GAMES: How much is the Luxury Tax in the board game Monopoly? 9. US. PRESIDENTS: Who was the only president to attend Oxford Univer- sity in England as a Rhodes Scholar? 10. US STATES: What does the name Nevada mean in Spanish? Answers 1. Humidity 2. Cliff Clavin 3. “The Swiss Family Robinson” 4. Italy 5. Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor, 1933-45 6. Pillsbury 7. Amisheard word, phrase or song lyric 8. $75 9. Bill Clinton , 10. Snow-covered 2020 King Features Synd.. Inc. by Ryan A. Berenz 1. An ancient Grecian messenger named Pheidippides is believed to be the progenitor of what modern Olym- pic sport? 2. What Pro Football Hall of Famer and Chicago Bears great was known as the “Kansas Comet” for compiling 4,020?all‘—purpose yardswhile playing .a for the Kansas Jayhawks? tn air? 3. Name the Oklahoma State cat; boys football coach who blasted the media in a 2007 press conference, declaring, “Come after me! I’m a man! I’m 40!” , 4. What combat sport was devel— oped in the 19203 by brothers Car— los, Oswaldo, Gastao J r., George and Helio Gracie? 5. University of Maryland basket- ball standout Len Bias was selected by what team in the 1986 NBA Draft? 6. Name the IndyCar driver who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2017 and 2020. 7. Who scored the winning touch— down for the Baltimore Colts in over- time of the 1958 NFL Championship Game (aka. “The Greatest Game Ever Played”) vs. the New York Giants? Answers 1. The marathon. 2. Gale Sayers. 3. Mike Gundy. 4. Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 5. The Boston Celtics. 6. Takuma Sato. 7. Alan Ameche. © 2020 King Features Syndicate. Inc. - Remember to turn off bathroom fans after 10 minutes. In the winter, if your house is on the dry side, don’t use the fan at all: Open the door so the humidity from the shower or bath reaches into the house. , - “To remove the skin from salmon, I freeze it and skin it while frozen. The skin comes off much easier, and I waste less of the fish. I buy a large piece and parcel it into several smaller, pieces, since it’s just me. I like salmon, and it’s healthy for me!” — LA. in Florida E] In El 'squ 93 :awn uonnlos SJBMSUV _ pmAAssorg But): .— Amber Waves ‘EAR' TODAY, ‘CORN’ TOMORROW! In this puzzle all of the words get progressively longer, and they all contain an EAR. Use the following definitions: 1. Ear (given). 3. Starts off as grit. 5. Secondhand 7. A wellvknown flavoring. by Dave T. Phipps YEAH, BUT l JUST WISH IT WASN’T SUCH A BIG NUMBER. DON’T You ALWAYS SAY ‘ “AGE Is JUST A NUMBER”? WHAT’S WRONG, MOM? ‘ ’ IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT ‘ You Look KINDA SAD. WEEK AND YOUR MoM Is GOING To TURN FORTY. rc.o.o.;.6.;.o‘ ‘ O 0 . . Q 0 Q i o o o o o o o \ ‘o‘o‘o’v’o‘o‘o‘o‘o‘ o o 9 o o o 9 4 EIELII! A THEME THIS YEAR. E AND THEYALéo , I-IOULDN’T WALK AROUND .v THE House NAKED. -' PEOPLE IN GLAéé Hou5E§ 5HOULDN'T THROW 41’0Nes. ‘DGNOSOA siufiu "v au| ‘aleorpuAs seimnad 6qu 03030 g 540/ 41(53770N gamma/he Val/#NOWJV/lAfi-a Parr-v MfiRd/AM FM/ALL‘fwT/lugalf r? 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Part of football shoe. 2. Type of player. , 3. What ends must do. 4. What the fans must do. 5. What the linesman measures. There is a dark frame around the center column of letters. If you correctly solve the puzzle, the letters in this frame, top to bot tom, will spell out what a “tackle” must be. A MATH OUICKIE!‘ You have one minute to arrange the numbers 1 through 9 so that they add up to 99,999. 123456189 ‘666‘66 SBLBG 178th 319MSUV 2._EAR._ 3.._EAR_ AI...__EAR I. -' 5._EAR___ e_EAR___._ 7.___EAR___.. 'tuguueeds ‘xoqieag ‘9 ‘KesmaH '9 ‘Jeeun ‘7 peed '9 'pJeeg ‘z ‘(ueAI6) 123 'L :SIemsuv 2. Rip Van Winkle had one. 4. Related to a straight line. 6. All gas cars have them. knowledge. ,‘Jetee, 61g 2 serouep pJOM uwnjoo Jetueo eui 'SpJEA 'g 19qu *7 times '9 ‘piene 123.3 'I ZSJSMSUV LAFF A'DAY WishingQWell® PLLRFNAREODRP 4767243454257 IAADYEANUDLTA 2487347525846 @ ULEYIYTACTAAT 2348745275762 KNSSOSISROEIM 4268746865454 llDAMSYNSNTAA 5“, 2878474647286 LTEDNMCUEBERM 5 2858575758585 SEDAMEIRRMESD HERE IS A PLEASANT LITTLE GAME that will give you a message every day. It's a numerical puzzle designed to spelt out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6. add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the up- per left-hand corner and check one of your key numbers. left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. @2020 King Features Syndicate, Inc. “I’m makinglva last-minute change to my wedding t I t