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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 26, 1950     Golden Valley News
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October 26, 1950
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[- ;:% THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS, BEACH, oN. D. THURSDAY, OCI BER 26, it ._ ....___ * The next ,meeting will be a~t, go over various problems con. date when the club met at the [Dletz Takes Part IHAVE CORN PICKER ]ai'( stressed by Vogel: (1) Keep |~ '~'~ Wi| ~ [ the Morris Douglas home, Nov- .......... ~ " " nected wRh 4-H develoImlent In home of M_~rs. Frank 'Kre~tlnger, Pin D:.....~ oi....., l r.T FOR SAFE USE ]all guards and shields in place. | _ vv ,, ! ember 12. confe~rences with ExtenSion ~er- Jr, Mrs Paul Barthel presented E I ]DLUI ~.D|IUWL i y - . ! (2) Stop the tractor ,and shut off | nty Extension I ,. ** _ vice 4.H staff members. Dale- the" lesson" on "Color in the t Patrolman Hollis Dietzwas ] ................. ou can get more: ............. ano cmaner i .~ e po~ver t'akeoff'before you get CLI|Ii $-1~111 ~'Utll ILCIUS, Wltl| l~b I ,~ I - , . , Trl~ Commeralal FerUlitm# gates tram each county are now Home" and Mrs. S. T. Fmneman I one of 13 North Dakota patrol- I ~ ..... , ....... ~ h. =~t~;~= t o!f ,at tractor, or for olhng, ad- I ~ ~elll: [ on Bzome Field being selected by the club or- reported on the county council Imen blastin~ awa-, in ,Dicki-~,ml:"-s .... J.':" ...... ~ ~'~7-:~1 justing and unclogging (3)Nev- ganizahons, meeting Mrs A B DeForge was last Wed morning The sharn ........ tar permit extra riders on your :: lit | I, ~ A ten acre field of bromegrass " - J -~-" me corn picker ready anu r." , . , , , , , .... :. :. " " _ , v-Lgoou aujustment oeiorecorn .... B~I~ 4-H on the H. H. Hubble farm north aamn~ea m vne cJu~ as a ~aew I shooters werematchin~ their I .~;. }.~ ....... u ~.~.;.~o ', trac[or or pinker. HOMEMAKERS REcEr~E member. Ma's. Clarence Schmltz skill f~r the r.~ght to enter theI Adjustmen~ of your pickerI l,'ollow the instruction manual PI~NS A~I~ITIES of Beach wil~l bea~ wa*ching ne~t . . -- v,c ..... ~ .......~ ........ Blli- Sz,,,~,~r- h,~ds *a~" w~,'b, year to see if the application of SOME INFORbLKTION will be Lhostess .at the next meet- state competitmn later for two i whiD th'- machine is o"eratin~" [ that comes with the picker for lb~=ra~. ................ o,, h ,,. +~ .... ;,~,2 i10 pounds of nl~t" rogen ~ertlii- Thirty.two homemakers at- ing, November 9. top trophies and the statel is a real':hazard warns ~ L Vo~- I making adjustments, a.nd fair .... ...................... . . ~ zer per acre win"" i.ncrease t-he tended the leader training meet- * * * * * ] champioRship, or runner-up. ],,,~ a~rlo, m,,.-~ e-~ineer of! reguh~ting the power takeoff ~mr Other club officials include a n" " -a ..... , DAC E~ ~ ~ v, r . y .... " u mou ~ or n y. ing held in Beach October 16 & TOWN & COUNTRY Dick Schuster of Dickinson ~"" *'U:en[i"~'~--" Se'vice Man- ~p~ed Vat, el adds. ~k~iene Douglas, vice-} res; Lyla ~,,hm,~ V~ltew~,~ the addition of 17, conducted by Miss Julia Mzs. Donald Hardy Sac. t dmtrlct supervisor, and Sayle~ ............ ~. .......... rim~led l ~irtlm, secretary; and Da rell ..~.^...,^~ ~---~'~-'~r ..m, ~...~n~. " ..... ' 'W ........ ,,,.,,~.-.~ e,~c. y~,~ ,~.= ,. v~ , ~ tv,~s.,.v,~r f~ther members ~'*='"'~"*=*""~= --*,, ~,. s Brekke, agent in CIO$11,1~g item ~trl~s J~nn~ ~i~...~]be.~. nr~ t arfl, oI tie.ran, were in I)IEK- ~. ....... +~..t... ..**...~...;..~. +.. "~- v-*~ma~ "~'-" " ............... a - c- into r0 ........... [ A.1 . ~ l~= oi.7 ~i:=81:;;i l~ 1~ ~- | . s. .... pUIIIIdlIt-211LIy u.,v elt, tt:HllpbllL~ I.U [ ItO ,i.*t:**'6~" ~" " " anne hiS orome g ss Da K p - the r~L~At~ ~xienslon bar,ice, ~ar- " lor "n insert earlier a,rranglng ior the - . Rmhard Hfldebrant, Vy d'.'~ion He star"~ that durln~ [sentedthelessons on X3o ~ [ ..... ad~tlst thmr cmn Dmke,rs whlle l ,~,.~ D~. .... ~ ~ ..... go " " " La snoo~. me ~two nigh from each ~ ~ . . - . a.,.. ~,,,,~,, .............. v .... C~ch:'and Mardelle Szudera. ~,-* .... . ,- the Home and Making . rap/ ............ ~.,e machines are running .... , . , ..... Co,,,~. wa M#,mbers will have livestockthe past several years the field The women representing the I Shades" at the meeting on acre- / oi me rour aismc~s .win go .to Even when the picker is in t ~uncta~ ),, ~f .... :,, .... ~,~,, ~. - me s[aze snoo~ at eisner l)mK kota returning I ome mat sa~ -~-"Y'~" --' accord 'has yielded him little bay. 16 Golden Valley County Home- ber 5. with Mrs Andy Bruski as/ ' ,. " c, ood adjustment it may clog oc- I ' ~" ' 'sects again m~s year - . ~*-, ~o~o-~,~ --'~,L~b-ant club Nitrogen fertilizer (the stuff makers Clubs received irfforma- hostess. Eight members were in] insert or_ ,~mmarck sometime casional~v. These safety rules l evening. ~Ka~" ~*" ...... "'" " " ' that gives plants the deep green tion on the care of sewirtg ma- I attendance. The next meeting I ne.~t .tnonm. The ~a~e.ana.pmce * _ - -- , color) is .best applied broadcast hines, the selection .and use of lwill be November 2. /Will De announcect olnmaiiy In- ,a~w~ during the fall season. Recom- ] P , sewing machine attachments , , , , . ] ter. ~, ~, -- . . mended, amounts vary from 100 and new information on textile [ BONNIE VIEW [ ahrolmen scheduled to shoot, ~f. ~ ~'tl'f~tTt ~Jh~t'~ | glf" ##~,~ .Tt~a, ~fa t.~.~ ~[~]~| | ][~][~I][ [ I~'~ to 200 pounds per acre, accord .... in a i i .... " ..................... vvv .-..~.~o~a painting. Pro3ect leaders at the Mrs Howard Vinauist Sac [ dd t on to Champion Ward, ~ ~" l lltll LJl_ l LW ing to the percentage of nitrogen meetina will nresent the lessons I " ... . ~ . " " [ Dietz and Schuster were" Dewirt- "===--'~'~.~7~I contained in the fertilizer, to their club memyers, ho~'~e~s to~t~te ~li::nnnW~rto~aS[ ment Superintendent E.M. ~7~ -- -- g -- .m-- , , , . , * * * * * * * * * " " " ] Kline of Bismarck \ssistan+ ~=~._ YOU Can t Build LEADERS TO SET UP * . 18, w~th 8 members and 4 vlsl-iSupt. Alvin Koth of Bismarck, ~-~k~ Deeu. v or Shallow. STATEDelega,tes4-H COUNCILfrom 4-H orgardza- C L U B N 0 W E S A Better Mousetrap! 6 Inch Screw or t]ons in North Dakota counties. -" o - Shades. A ,report on the countY l Ande,.son" of Leith Vern ~Vl .... . will meet .at NDAC November t.. w. ~-, I c~uncil meeting was presented~ner of Bowman Buck Sebas~.~n "They're not the be~f-10oking month. Farmers that kill barn Welded Casing ~, 15 and 16 to fo~m a state 4-H Mrs. John Hollsteim Sac. / by' Mrs. Lyle Adams. Mrs. Alex [ of Mort Bill H~mlre of WatI'orci boarders a man ever had," tIack owls are throwing away the be~t~ council. ,The move is a result of Color m the .tome .and / McCdske) v~as added to the c ub ] City Lynn Amsden of Beulah ~ .... r ~-ia o,,o dav "and they've mousetraps known to manY" ' ......... recommendations of an a~vtsory Lamp Shade Covers were the ~ as a n t:w member: On No veto- [ and Jack Sibley of Washburn. ~ot awful tempers But I've found Fram where I sit, when someone .......... .,.,~) group set tip to advance develop, topics given by Mrs. Gene Hath- bar 15 ~ne cm~) win meet at the |--- Z..,'-, ~h::s'- l:SLJl# l~kUl~J[~J~ ment of ~-H work in the state, ~eaYl::LMrsn C(~a~oRrS~2:vh:: Norm~ | ...... It ha::k:::,:al~m;r:b::t a faro- :su;]' ofanP::'~:i= :::=Z~': "m*~'-I Butte N D'~t" expl,ainsGladysNesset, assistant II MECHANIC fly of barn owls, nesting in his silo u lY just based on misunder- ...... ~ . 4-H leader of tile Extension Set- ,~embers nresent * Roll call was ~h~ Pev ~ x ~,~t ,~rov- -, [ | ~-~ this year. Some folks believe those standing. For instance, somefolks ,~RI - M~C V:"" *'" v ................... ' " r " ~ !~ ~ ~ _i ~ Tl~e meeting m November will~mswered by giving fall fashi. Glendive Wednesday of last ll WT IT rift ]'3. ~ little white-faced screechers kill a e plumb mtolerant about those of ............ ~ ..... :..,. ~.,. c,,..~,. ~,,~+~ ......... ve -2,-- ...... ~- ....... :-~ .....m [l ~ /-~ I~ | ~, chickens--and ought to be shot on us who enjoy an occasional quiet ~_.~[ .~ ~,~,.t ~n fh,~ co,,ntv council ~r~la~. eo,~;~., ~.f J~.... ~#....~ I I si ht But Hack disagrees glass of beer. Get to really know tts , . ] meeting. Mrs. Gene Hathaway na and together they drove to][ ~ ! "UpatStateUmvers~tythey've and your, hable to find we're Jl 1 !! d % ~l[ will be hostess to the club on Donnybrook, N. D., to attend the ] | |01111SOil studicA barn owls for years--and pretty good birds at that ! November 8. funeral of a cousin's wife, Mrs. I | o never known one to eat a chicken. ~ /~ * * * * 1 d t other hand a dadd owl Manuel Schwede, who d'e a [| ~I ._~, ~'~,, On the , " y ~.~ ~]/ff,~,#~ HARMONY the age of 33 as a ,result of can-I[ ~0[~|- ~o will clean up around 300 mice a ~ ..... 1 [ IL ~~] Mrs. Roman Finneman, Sec. car They returned Thursday l I 3 " ' ' ltc , " ~ C ' : :tes Brewers Foundatio:t :: tl Hell u Select i[ "- " ' g 8e Piano i] -., : il __. : : ..................... ...... Sooner or later, every : < good American family b } ,: . wants to own a beauti- ',: I z ........... fully-designed, tonal- Iv-perfect piano to i . . ~ bring joys of musm, i, ! and to grace its living room. 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