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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 26, 1950     Golden Valley News
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October 26, 1950
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, i'950 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS, BEACH, N.D. PAGE FIVE v ..................... .. t chie Slator home Sunday. . ............. [ . g g as below all the other varletms and family attended the church to compete with ' coal shippedRaw lignite already is burned This is the ist of advice iven w " " | /'~ 1 ~1 j] Golva Homemakers Club will clrcut meeung held a Beltlelo long distances, by ~orth Dakota power plants. the ~ idwest ,'~mley Im)rove- in yield," 1,000 kernel weight and | ~y~|va l~t~.w~ | I meet on Nov. 9, with Mrs. Her- Sunday. Heading the work are A. C. I One problem is reducing the tent ~ ~ci~tion tc guide farm- bushel weight. | ........... ~ [ man Brockmeyer and a pot-luck Carnie Stark of Ollie was a Burr, Dr. John C. Holt and Dr. t water in the lignite. The buxeau 's in tl e producti3n of )arley Amoa~ the objections to this ], .................. ~, dinner w~ll be served, caller at the A. Scheffer home lW, H Oppelt, f~r the bureau, , of mines here does this with for malting purposes {'vari' ety ~ pointed' "- out ~ :-~y the'- ex- '- ................ [ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bostyn and Monday. land Dean L. G. H.~rrington, for steam. The steam pressure squee- Olli barley is a Canadian] neriment farm a~ Br~,w~,~- ~n Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bostyan[Evelyn Weinreis were Sunday "v " " ~ " "- .......... ' ...... " /the unl erslty, zes the coal until water can be variety and ~s recommended in litoba in addition to low yield, and mother of Glendale, Calif., I dinne~r visitors with their moth- COAL MAY BE GREAT [ The secret of gas-making is a ] seen runnlng out. Canada only for high elevations I was thin kernels and suseeptib~- visited the past week at the/er Eva Weinreis of Beach. All SOUlaCE OF POWEla redhot steel bottle, about 18 feet ~ and northern areas in Alberta 14ty to stem rust The maltin~ i~- home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Best- ] attended the show in the after- ~ ....................... I high and nearly ten in diameter. ] OLLI BAlaLEY NOT where it is conside~'ed equal tot dustrv does not" want thin~ker- yan south of Golva. ]noon. ,~ new ~,u~e ul punch, u*~ ........ |FOla NOlaTH DAKOTA ~ ~ " ' ..... ~" ....... *~ ^"~"'~"" ~n Line oo~ue has an inner lining,/ the standard in malting quality n,q barley Weak straw is also M~s. Gloyd Bury entertainedI Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson and r.t,u~, ~,-v=-,~Le ............ - ...... " .... the Alpha Ladies Aid at her[Stuart and Mr. and Mrs. Gee. dustry 400 years was described ~ormmg a corrl~.orct?se to.t.he/ oln variety of barley, now It is not recommenfled' by Ca na-lmentioned' ~and light kernel ............ iv-r-it- of/reo-not outer Wall TnlS corrlctor/ bein~ "-romoted in North Dako ,elan agronomists Ior SasKatene- weight home Thursday afternoon. I Geareywere dinner guests at tins week a~ ~ne un e~ ~ y . , ~, p - * , ................ ~ ~sfilled with super-heated | - and other midwest states ~s wan or Manitoba t l' DaKota. nowara w. /:;laKe- . .. ! ta , .... A. E. Scheffer and Kenneth I the Edna Hammond home Sun- slee,Associated Press science steam, uxfimte, fed in)at the ibot- / not adapted to growing here and In trials at the University of 1 It pays to Advertise In the editor, describes it as the new [ ue top, slmes sown me corrlaor./should be avoided. Manitoba near Winnipeg, Olli ! Golden Valley .~ews. were callers at the home of Mr. I day. and Mrs. Carnie Stark and AT- M~r. and Mrs. John Schmeling ~as from li-nite -erfected byIThe~re heat and steam convert/ ...... :----~ /~ /~ , 1~ , the U S bureau of mines, in I most of the coal into gas, known[ ~ II I cooperation with the university. I to industry as water gas. This l1 " s" single bottle makes enough gas ,. O~ THE AIRI He say. In lT .! t "~nite is a black low-orde~ d.aily to furnish power for elec-/I u.,,~ l~v~,, Th,, D AD Al ! Ll.~ . . . ,_ "'tricit" to atownoflO000 ,m ..vva. ..... ,...,,-, ,~e, ,~ars. coal, which is aoout 35 per cen~ I Y , / II ~. ~ ~. ~l~. water. The United States has[ All but 15 per cent of the lig-Ill 900,000,000,000 tons. Thats one-Inite turns into gases. The re-Ill quarter of all our coal still un- mainder is not ashes; its goodllI ~ mined. I fuel, better than ,raw lignite. [ 1 f~ , The bureau of mines is today I The new gas has many uses[I putting the finishing work on a ] besides burning, It can be con- 1 II new $750,000 laboratory, the on- verted into gasoline. It will run[I I~ ~ ~ I ly exclusively lignite laborato~'y la diesel engine. It can make al-[ 1 ~ ~1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ E~ ~$~ ~.,~ ~,~!~ in the country, to give industry] cohol, ammonia, waxes, dyes/I t~ I I [] ~[! [] I--~ ! ~1 [] ~ ~ [~ ~[]~ M answers to technical questions. ] and fad;s---even fats that human | Ill ~ ~ [] ~ ~ ~ V ~ [] [] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~] The cost already is low enough I beings can eat. I1 '" 1949 Mercury Sport 1949 Mercury Sport C Sedan oupe Fordor I A C K B A L L AR] This one is really nice -- Strictly a Town Driven RADIO SERI II ,o__ pl..,... .ar - All tne tsxtras FLUS. Located on Highway No. Ten adloinin9 the tct v, or' Covers -- Radio -- Heater Excellent Care. Z =h sh.p LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT and Overdrive. Phone 181-W Beach, N. ]D. We recommend Sylvania Radio Tubes" ~l~HIm~-~L1~~H~L1~g]~t~IIIIIIIlIIIILllIlIlIIIIHII'IIIIIIIlIIIII13111 _=__- q~ On The Democratic Ticket If elected I will always work for the best interests of Western North Dakota. Sound, Economical, Progressive Leg- slation. | == I have had 25 years of farming and ranching experience in the west. i Features i SNt(/t bI : otfa?r 25 years in Western Now engaged in the Implement Busi- i hess, and Farming. [VE BIG I;ALU[! Your VoteandSupportwlllbegreatlyappreciated. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th S A V E (Pd. Political Advertisement.) Folding Clothes Racks ==- 16 Bars 3 ft. Long, Low Boy it EASTERN MONTANA'S I |eg. $3.95 - Spec, $3.19 i G R E A T E S T ! Folding Clothes Racks Purebred Hereford I 19 Bars2 't" Lng i1 SALE i i leg. $4.45 Spec. $3.59 ill O.on,ivo Men.aria, [ Wood Clothes Pros, 6c Doz. i[I Tues., Oct. 31, 50I i SAVE it! GLENDIVE LIVESTOCK i 12 qt. White Enameled Pail ii COMMISSION SALES RING i | | Reg.$1.19 - Spec. 79c 20 Consigners ! ~ ~ ElaVIN BlaEITENFELDT, WibaUX ~ H.N. GION, Glendivo i S A V E ~ HERBERT FISSEla, Sidney ~]8 OlaEN FORTHUN, Alexander, N. Dak. Quart Size Blow Torch , s, ,oss. - HAMMElaVOLD & MOEN, C~rlyle ~, ~1~ EARL JENSEN, Circle Reg. $7.50 - Spec. $5.95 = I~ RICHARD KNOPP, Sentinel Butie, N. Dak. o i 2 Cell Flashlight 98c 55 Head " -~/~ ANDElaS MADSON, Alex~mder, N. Da~. = [~ GEORGE MAHLSTEDT, Circle 20 ft. Hair Felt Weatherstrip 16c o, Ciw - ]~ ]. W. MEYER, Wibaux - [~ AlaT SCHOCK. Ytda [~ MRS. F. J. STEFFAN, Bloomfield S A V E -ate-----[~ GOTTLIEBoLAF WAAG,ULRICH'SavageMarsh Repatr Broken Glass now. We Set Glass for storm doors and wmdows, ill ~ O" M" WOODHOUSP" Wiba= Make Extra Money By Trading at H.B. SAGER N.A. JACOBSEN____ _______ Our Own Hardware. Auctioneer Judge SHOW 1 -00 A. M.- SALE 1:00 P. M. I AST MONTANA. 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