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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 24, 1935     Golden Valley News
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October 24, 1935
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---ll~ (Continued from last week) State of North Dakota as: County of Golden Valley Oct. 3rd. 8:30 A. M. The Board of County Commissioners met pur- suant to adjourmnent with Conuni,~- stoners Kirkpatrick and Wosep~ta Present John Kalkmau appeared regarding road work in the unorganized town- ship 144-103 there being some mon- ey in the road fund for such town- Ship, the board authorized $15.00 for road work. Board checked bills filed; Bill of Dickinson Clinic reduced from $133.00 to $100.00 for reason that claim ex- ceeded County allowance. Bill of J. Barkland reduced $5.80 and ~ame allowed to Ray Ziusli, it appearing that such mileage was due Zinsli on ease of State vs. Robert Latteral. County officers were called in by the Board to discuss submission of Project for rehabilitation and reclass- ification of county records. After 8pine discussion the matter was laid over until later as all officers were not present. 12:09 Noon Board recessed for lunch. 1:00 P. :hi. Board reeonvened with commissioners Kirkpatrick and Wo- s-pka present Bils for supplying coal to the and Belief peolde for the season of 1935 and 1936 were opened. ~he following bids were submitted: Harp Bros bid $2.20 per ton; John ~okoloskt $2.16 per ton; HenxT Allen 1bid $2.20 per ton; Louts Hovland hid $220 per ton; J. M. Stecker bid $1.90 Per ton. After careful consideration the jBoOSrd decided to accept the bid of uie Hovland, Contract was issued ~nd bond filed, upon approval of ~tates Attorney and County Board. Commissioners checked the offices Of the Clerk of Court, County Judge, and Register of Deeds and found them regular. Fees were accounted for the qUarter ending Sept. 30th aa ~ollows: Register of Deeds $292.00; Clerk of Court $35.59; County Judge $28.00. 5:09 P. ,-%1. Board adjourned to l~eet at S:3O A. N[ October 4th. Oct. 4th ~:30 A. M. The Board of Commissioners tnet pursuant axljournment with commissioners ~atrick and \Vosepka present. Mr. Austin, representing the Trae- & Equipment Co. appeared be- the Board regarding oils and for the County tractor 'and The Board agreed to accept ~ment on trial, . }dr. Lamb appeared before the iu the interest of Road No. and its continuation from C1olv,'L as it has been" in the Warraant No. 12240 issued, to the CoaSt Brush Co. for the amount of $2.7,~ was cancelled as the was paid in cash to tim sales-. *nan when brush was purchased. meeting of the County of- was called to decide the aecep- of the Project for Reclassifies- and Rehabilitation R~eords in County Offices. All office~s being decided to accept .the pro- and offered assistance in tile of this work. ers adjourned for Noon; at I:00 P, M. and pro- td check the office of the Treasurer. which checking of Receipts continued until 5:00 P. When Board adjourned to meet Oct. 5th. 8:30 A. M. Board met to adjournment with q:om- Kirkpatrick annd Wosepka County Auditor annd Re~ister appeared 1)cfore tlle Board Record Books he purchas- each respective offioe. Mr. representing tile Olobe-Ga- Printing Co.. was present and prices on the record books. Sale Record for .the AuditoCs and a Deed and Mortgage Rec- Book for the Register of Deeds Noon Board adjourned. p. M. B~rd reconvened with Klrkpatrlck and Wo- present. payment on contracts having made by John Beacon for IgW~ SWV of See 8~-138~103 and by Rldenhower for NEM andS- of See. 12--138~104. Tax to them issued covering respectivelY, signed by of Board arid County Aud- completed the check- the Treasurer's Recei.pts nnd ions and fonnd them re-.ular cheek the office "of M. Board adjourned to Ktrkpatrick and Wosepka present. Mr. Nordby appeared before the Board regarding reports on applica- tlon for Grant for County unemploy- ables, medical care an0 Hospttdliga- tlon and of e~,pendltureS made since June 30th for Poor, Relief to be sent to' the State Welfare Board. Charles Justeson and C. E tang- berg appeared to complain of treat- ment in connection with truck work on FIlghway Projects. Referred to Reemployment manager. Commissioner Wosepka presented the following resolution and moved its adoption. RESOLUTION ~rHEREAS notification has been received from t~r. T. G Plomasen, State Director of Projects and Plan- ning. of the ~'roks Progress Admin- istration, that a tentative application has been submitted to Washington, D. C. for a project for reclassifica- tion and rehabilitation of records in all County Court Houses in the State of North Dakota. and ~'HEBEAS. It appears that an al- lotment of $1728.00 has been tenta- ripely made to Golden Valley County for such work. which will give work at a security wage to three persons for one ),ear if accepted, and WHEREAS. Each of the County Officers of Golden Valley County have signified in writing their willing- ness to supervise sueh a project while project workers are in their respec- tive offices. Now. Therefore. Be It RESOLVED That Golden Valley County do siton- sor such ,project as hereinbefore de- scribed, and that Gee, McCuaker be notified at Dickinson, North Dakota. of the sDonaorshil) of such project. Be It Further RESOLVED That upon the completion of such project application, the Chairman of th~ Board of County Comlsstoners and the County Auditor be and they here: are authorized to Sf~n such appliea~ tion on behalf of the County as such sponsors, an(] tilat UPOI* acceptance of such project, the Relief Admini- strator be forthwith requested to sup.ply for the approval by the Board and the County Officers the names of persons eligible to work on such project. Motion was seconded "- Cmnmis- stoner Kirlmtttrlck. and upon he[n~ nut to a vote. the following was ha~i Vgo~epka -- "'aye:" Kirkpatrick -- "aye:" Odland -- absent. The motion was declared carried and the resolu- tion adopted. 12:90 Noon Board adjourned for lunch. 1:00 P. M. Board reconvened with commissioners KtrkPatrick and Wo- sepka present. Bide for Brand inspection hooks and Statement of fee blanks were received and onened from the Beach Advance and the Beach Review. Bid submitted by the Boacb Review for 500 statement of fee blanks $9.50. Brand Inspection l)ooks~ $7.50; Bid mlbmltfed by the Beach 'Advance for 500 Statement of Fee blanks $~.75:, 2 brand Inspection hooks $4.20 each or $8.40. Commissioners accepted the Bid from the Beach Advance. The Commissioners then went on a trip )nspeeting Bridges and inspect- ed the Jordon Bridge between Sec- tion28 and 33 in 140--104 and the Ueckert~ bridge in 141--I~05 and the bridge ~etween Section 6 and 7--141 --104 which hoe not-b~en completed. Bridges in 140--104 and 141--105 have Deen completed satisfactorily. 8:30 A. M. Oct. 8th. the Board met pursuant to adjournment with commissioners Klrkpatricl~ and VVo- sepka present. Mr. Nordby appeared hefm'e the Board and submitted several projects tO be sponsored by Feder:d Aid if smcepted. The matter was laid over until some future time. Commissioners eontluued checking of offices, Completed checking of the Auditor's office and found it regular and the amount of $11.75 fees ac- counted for. Checked the Treasur- er's Cash balance and accepted it as hereby set forth, Ledger /alance From Ju.e "30, 1935 to October 1, 1935 Collections July 9-30-35 ..... 7fl Totals of CommlUloner~ O~o~th Golden Valley County, Dakota. Attest: MINNIE E, SMITH, Auditor of Golden Valley County. North Dakota. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS The City Council of the City of Beach, N, Dak. met in regular ses- sion on September 3rd, 1935 at eight o'clock P. M. Members present were: Mayor H, H. Halatead and Aldermen Robt. Alguire, l'. A. Cook. C. O, Helper- son. D, L. Logan, H. R Thompson and W. H. Woodhull. The minutes of the regular meet- lag of Aug. 5th and special meeting of Aug. 19th and 30th were read and on motion bY Alguire and seconded by Cook the minutes were approved as reaf~. In the absence of City Auditor It. Alton a motion was made by" Cook and seconded by Algulre that C. O. Halyorson be al~polnted Act- ing City Auditor. Motion carried. C. ~r. Heckaman appeared before the Council relative to a bill for $29.40 for damages to his car which resulted from driving into a wash- out on Third Avenue on July llth, 193,~ After considering this matter .it was referred to the City Attorney for further investigation as to the liability of the CitY. The Resignation of C. O. Halvor- son as a member of the Board of Budget Review and as Alderman from the First Ward were read. Moved by AIguire that the resigna- tions tm accepted. Motion seconded by Cook. The VOte on this motion was as follows: Ayes, five, nays, none. IIalvorson not voting. Motion was delcared carried The bills were on file were next read and considered as follows: H. L. Halliday, assigned to Miller & %Vieting, salary as City Attorney for fOUl" months, $s0.00: Beach Volunteer Fire Department, flremen's services, $42.00: Beach Volunteer Fire Depart- meat. expanses to Flrcmen's school, $15.00: Fairbanks Morse & Co., en- gine repairs, $2.69; Lloyd SParks, labor on streets and waterworks, $15.05: Robt. Walker. labor'on wa- terworks, $8.80; T, B. Lassell. weld- fag, $2.00: Gee. Dllley, labor o~ wa- terworks, $ .70~ (tee. F. "Loebe, spe- cial police, $8.00: M. L Lovell. AUg- n~t salnry, $125.00; .~fontana Dakota Power CoL Light in Pump house, $1.53: Lights In fire hall. $1.53; Street lights. $121.77: C. O. Halvorson. as- signed Yv K. H. Alton.. Auditor's salary, $40,0.0: Earl Jones, ~anitor work. $10,32; James Nelson, lifeguard. $13.55;- Robt. Algutre. two meetings Finance .Committee. $4.00: P A. Cook. two meetings Finance Com- mittee. $4.00: C. O. Halvorson, two meetings Finance Committee, $4.00: compiling and writing report~ $2.00; Extra book work, $5.00 ~ch Re- view, pul~Jtshing not~e 8,~%d proceed- |age. $27.09: Stat'e Examiner, ex~tm- tnstion fee. $10OA~0; L~gne of N. Dak. Municipalities, a,.n~ ~ue~, $5.00: Standard Oil Co.. Fuel Oil. gasoline etc.. $71.57. ~foved by Cook and seconded by Thompson that the bills be atlowed ns read and that warrants be Issued on the various, funds in ~a~ment thereof. Roll being called, the vote was as foliews: Alguire, yes; Cook, yes; Lo. gan, ves; Thompson. yes; Woodhull. yes. Nayes none. ~ Motion declared arrle'd. Ordinance No. 136. being an ordin- ance to amend Ordinance No. 130 licensing and regulatSng the "sale of beer was placed on its second and fln~ reading Moved by AIgu|re that the hours during ~whlch beer may be sold on Sunday be Imnged "from twelvq o'clock noon un.ti! eleven o'clock ' 1a. M. as provided in the first reading of said ordinance, to twelve o'clock nOOl~ ulitil seven o'clock P. ~|. ml Sllndays M'otlon .e(.onded by Cook. members voted aye. was ~ declared carried. q0he a~nual apPr0Paiatlon 0rdinanc~ providing for total aPProPriatl0n$ Of $12,900.00 wa~ Placed upon Its first reading :Moved by Woodhull and seconded the appropri~ttlo~s on its first r~d-~ aye; Logan. The annual leVy ordinance rsrevtd- lng for a total levF of $7.50{)00 W~ PJac~d on its first reading~ ' pas~ed first readt~. On roll call Algutro ~oted aye;, Cook, aye; Logan, Thompson, aye; Wood- hull, aye. Motion declar- see0nded dues of Dakota this me- vote was yes; Cook. ~oOd S; Logan, yes; yes; hull. yes. Moved by Thompson and seconded by Woodhull that the meeting ad- Journ. Motion carried. H. H. HALSTEAD Mayor Attest: C. O. HALVORSON Acting City Auditor i COUNCIL PROCEEOINGS 'l! SPECIAL MEETING A special meeting of the Clty Coun- cil of the City of Beach, Golden Valley County, North Dakota, was held at 8 o'clock, P. :M. on Sept. 12th 1935 in the office of the City Audltor in the CourthoU~ in the City of Beach, N. Dak. Mayor H. H. Halstead preslded and called the meeting to order__Present at ro|l call were, Mayor~ Halatead~ and Aldermen "Robert Alguire, P. A. Cook, ]). L. ":Logan. H. R. Thomp- son, and W H. Woodhull. There were no members absent. Th~ Mayor thereupon declared a quorum to be present ~nd proceeded with the business for which the meet- ins had been called. Alderman Logan introduced the fol- lowing resolution and moved that said resolutlon be passed dnd..~a1opt- ed : Alderman Algulre seconded the motion and on toll call the following Oldermen voted ~oa: Algutre, Cook, Logan, Thompson and Woodhnll. Nays none. Thereupon the Mayor de- elated the mot{on carried. Said res- olution as passed and adopted is in words and figures following: Be it resolved by the City Council nt the City of Beach. Golden Valley County, North Dakota. that in the construction of all projects to be con- structed by said City. which are financed In whole or lu part by the United States of America, through the ageucy of the Federal Emergency Administration ot ]'t*t)lie. Works, the following schedule of wage rates shall he applicable as minimum wages to be paid to laborers doing such work or Derf0r~ming services with respect to such work. ~acfi employee, laborer or person rendering services shall Im paid as a minimum for work or services at an hourly rate set opposite the class~ iflcatton of work such laborer or per- son ehall have performed: Acetylene cutter ............ $ .65' Acetylene welder ............. 6F Are welders ................... 65 rtcklayer-buildlng .80 Blaater-powder man ......... ~5 Brlcklayer-lai~orer . ............ 60 ~.~r~enter-flnish .............. '/5 Carpenter-forms-buildings .... 70 Carpenter-rough ........... :. . ~0 Caulker-pipe water or gas (Jo$~ters or yarners) ........ 75 ~aulker helpers . .. : ........... 5 C~ment finishers - building w~rk (including composition ~nd mastic) ........ ........ 7~ Csment handlers-bulk ........ 5o ~ltectrtolan-flxtures ........... so - l~llectrician- helper ............. 50 Formsettet~bul|dtngs ......... 70 Foreman, Per month ...... 125.00 G~m fitters .................... 70 Ga~ fltt~rs helPor~ ........... 50 Handy man ................... 50 Hod carrier ................... 50 Efou~ wrecker ............... ~t) Metal trim worker (ln~udhlg 1)axtitlona) ................... ~ M0rt~' m~ers (brick-plaster) .~) ~t~-hoistihg , engine (1 Oe 2 drums) ; .......... ..:.. ,$F: Ojm~tor-mlxsr (10S or lee ~r smaller) .' ................ 7C O~Tator~ -motorized equlp- :~nt-exenvaters & hoisting 7n shovels - . ...... $0 ............. 70 .60 **~.o..L ..... $0 "; .gas ..... GO fltter~ ................... 70 fltte~-s hell)st .... . ....... ~0 metal ........... ?0 ...... , ...... 70 i~'~'f'" ~i&'i. .~0 bulldin~ construction ...... ~0 l~lnforelng t~t~l- wOrker's ............... ,70 helper ...... 70 .. IP.00 etc. ~, Teamster & team ...... ~ ....... ~5 lmekeePera, per month .... 75.00 Well drtliers ..,.~ .............. Y6 and Well drillers heIper ........... 50 , Water~roofers ................ 55 Waterproofers helpers ........ 50 Window clsaners ............. 50 Winehmen (nlgger head) .... 60 Furthe~ consideration of the various projects for which applte~tiens have been filed with the Federal Emergeno October 24, cy Administration of Public Works H.H, ItALSTEAD for financial aid In the construction thereof resulted in a motion being made by Logan that the Mayor aP- point a committee to prelmre skeie- to*& plans and speci~h'ations for a munieipa! building and to engage an architect to asatst tn this work: to secure an option on a suitable site for such hulldtng, and to prepare and furnish the Federal Administration with the required information rela- tive to the construction of the wtr- " Mayor At test: C. O. HALVORSON Acting City Audit~or Fish that croak llke frogs anff era which cry like mice have been found off the coast of Englaud. ious projects. Motion seconded hy Woodhull. Roll being L'alled, AIguire voted aye; Cook, aye; Logan.~ aye; Thompson. aye; and VoodhLtll, aye. Na~s none. Motion declared carried. The Mayor appointed Aldermen Lo- tan and Thompson, City ~ngtneer yell and Acting ~ity AM~tor Hal- vorson on tills committee. Roy Tuttis conferred with the Council relative to work at the city well. Alderman Woodhull moved that tt*e meeting adjourn. M~tion seconded bF Alderman ThompSOn and on roll call the following voted aye: Alguire, Cook. Logan, Thompaou and ~rood- hull. The Mayor declare~1 the motion carried and the meeting adjourned ~{. H., HALSTEAD Attest: Mayor C O. IIALVOTtSON Acting City Auditor ORDINANCE NO, 137 An Ordinance prov,iding for the annual appropriation for the City of ~Beactt, North Dakota. as follows; Section NO. 1 That there is hereby appropriated the sun* of Ton thousand zflne hund- red ($t0,900.00) to defray all neces- sary expenses, and liabilities for the fiscal year beginning July 1st. 1935, and ending June $Oth, 1936. Section No. II That the ~$d ,aura of Ten thousand nine hundred dollars ($10,900.00) is divided and set apart in the follow- ing sums to-wit:- Cohtingcnt Fund. $1,150.00 Sa]a~-y Fund. - 1,510.00 ,Street IAghting Fund, 1,800.00 Board of Health Fund, " 140.00 Pire Department Fund, 1,000,00 Street & Alley Fund, 2.000.00 Poli~a Fund. 500.00 ~dewer ge Water Operat|ng Fund, 2800.00 Total. $10~900.00 Section NO, Ill That there Is hereby al~proprlated the sum of Two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) for interest on bonds am] for sinking fund for the fiscal yea*" beginning July 1st, 1935, and ending June 30th. 1936. Section tqo. IV That the sum of Two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) is set apart in the following fund to-wit:- Paving District No, I, Levy Fund, $2,000.00. Premed on its first reading, SeP- tember ",rd, 1935. Passed on its second and final reading October 7th, 1935. Approved Octqber 7th, 1935o I ublished October 24. 1935 H H. HALST'EAD ~O'or Attest: C. O, HALVORSON Acting City Auditor . ,,~ OR~INANGE NO~ 1~g An Ordinance providing for, THIC ANNUAL TAX LEVY FOR THF~ CiTY OF BEACH. NORTH DAKOTA. CITATION HEARING P, ROOF OF WILL .... i| - STATE OF NORTH County of Golden IN Before In the Matter of the Elten, Welch, Deceased. Auton Kreitinger ami Mrs,) Anton Kreltlnger, VS. tnulia Wright, George IWelch,) d Mary Lu Kreitinger, ~). minor, by Darward .E, Belch,) her Speial Guardian, and all) Other persons unknown claim) lag or to claim any in in the estate of the named decedent THE" STATE OF To the above named all persons interest 1,~llen Welch I)ecea~ed: You and each of you notified that Mrs. Anton herein, have ~document the Last Will and testament Welch late of the the County State of North wlth thetr petition. s~,tmtssion to ment as the of ~ld deceased, and for to them of letters odtsthe on,atdantp on, and that said proofs of said tlment will ~red hy the Court ay of November A. o'clock in the aftern at the Court town of Beach Icy and State of You and each cited, to be Court at answer said ca u~. (Seal) Judge 19D=atedo~. the 16th de3 Let the ~ervlce of the above citatlo~ be made by publication once eacb weektfor two consecutive weeks, in The Beach Review, the official paper of Gokten Valley r2ounty, publtsh~ at Beach, North Dakota. (Seal) A.E. Ka~tien, TO HWAY I ~or a State pertinent of publicly opened and Z. The Proposals for the follow Fund, $ 600.00 1,400.00 1,400.00 100.00 Fund. 1,000.00 1, O0O. 00 Total, $5.509 .DO Th02t ~ there Anehor~ of Cents per '~Vhere be a deduction