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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 22, 1931     Golden Valley News
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October 22, 1931
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It's good news for film fans that Janet Gaynor and Charles Furell are together again, and from their expressions,it seems to be lm'fealy all right with them. Their new picture, "Merely Mar~ glmn,'" an adaptation of Israel Zan~will's play of that name, has been t~ff~pleted untler Henry King's direction at the Fox studio and will be 'd~a~d, soon, This interesting photographic study of the pair was til~le bF Hal Php[e+ cdcbrated+_ camera artist. ... ....... -- s~ [ov~c s+~ms ++ 8ally Eilers is an ap#ropriate leading lady ~or George O'Brien, 1he athletic fibn star, because she hersel[ is accomplished in outdoor ~perts. 8he made the most o[ some splendid opportunities to show her ~ill on horseback in "their Fox film "',4 Holy Terror." ,4nd as the ~hotograph shows, the turn players are not so bad at indoor sport, either. SOMEBODY TO FIGHT OVER , , THE BEAOH, N. D., ADVANG~ HELLO, NEIGHBORt (Fro., Burt County t-Ierald, T&amah, Nebraska.) r yOU 11t2,{21. realize how much that shnplc, staunch gt'ectlng you hc:l.r I. so often means unless vt)u go away and hear ]i nut at all--"l tello Nwghbor" you hear it on your to work. It starts the d:w right, gives you confidence, sends rot w th aJ,. cd /cs w th }'resh - . . + , } ~ courage and a dCtel'l]llll:ttlOll to l'Clllattl worthy. ~ "llello, Neighbor" you hear it when you go to lunch. Somehow it makes the food taste better, makes you foreet your worries, makca you spend wtth a glow of reward sansfactmn. Hello, + e ghbor you re greeted as you journev homeward. And all the rancor leaves you, you c,,tch th'tt s nse2 of well-being, your troubles and perplexities+leave you, li'ie seems truly sweet. 'R It is strange how these two simple words can mean so much. How- ever, they do. They contain the very essence of friendship, itself. \\+hen they are spoken to you they really come from the bottom of someone's heart. They are more than a greeting, they say: "\Ve hope you are well and that everything is going along s ?immingly, and that it's a fine worh] if you just un terstand and make the most of it.' The pleasure of he::rin these two words expressed gives evervthing a brighter hue and the somber thoughts which tenaciously abide with us are evaporated in the greeting, "Hello, Neighbor," " flEALIfl D[PARI [NT WRITS I~T[RNIHI]- LY OFflOH[!CANNINC ard Fisher. Mr, and Mrs. Fisher went to Baker Thursday morning WAY DOWN SOUTHand brought him home. Mrs. Emil Rustad and son Gordon and Mrs. Ah, in Woodsend and Bar- Emil Rustad hauled a load of bara autoed ~o Beach Saturday af- hogs to market for Miles Wee on ternoon where they did some shop- Tuesday. ping, Mrs. Lowerie West of Valley View Mrs. Johnson and daughter Orie was an Ollie visitor and shopper were shoppers m Ollie the last of on Monday. the week. Doris Shepherd had the misfor- Herbert Still expects to ship sev-! C~,NNING CAN BE SAFELY rune to injure her finger quite bad- eraI cars of lambs from Carlyle on DONE BY OBSERVING PRE- ly last Sunday. While playing with ~ Friday. Mrs. Bertha Johnson and SCRIBED RULES a B B gun, something on the gun L. A. Bearfield are planning on going clear through the finger. It shipping their lambs with him. has been real painful and as it i~ Emil Rustad was a business vis- Canning is a method of using ion her righ~ hand makes her school itor in Beach on Saturday. heat and air tight containers to work rather difficult. We hope that Leslie Fowler gave a wedding p:eserve food as nearly as poss-lit will not cause any serious trouble dance in the Offley school house on ib?e in the condition in which it and will soon be well. Friday evening, a A large crowd wculd be served when freshly cook- Mr. and Mrs. Fay Shepherd and was present, coming from Ollie. ed children of Ollie spen~ Sunday at Carlyle, Goh, a and Alpha. There Food stuffs are either commerc- the home of Mr. Shepherd's broth-!was not much room for dancing iatiy or home canned. Comemreially er, Floyd Shepherds west of Ollie. !but everyone seemed to be enjoy- canned food being under the govern- Chartie Woodesnd, Barbara and i ing themselves. Pete Gonsoroskl, merit supervision, requires little if Marian were Beach visitors on:Art Mollne and several others any consideration as a health pro- Monday Mr. Woodsend took Mar-. "made" music whicif was all that blem, The supervision is so strict ion to the doctor's again. While. could be asked for. A collection that commercially canned foods Marion is gaining the doctors said was taken and about ten dollars are seldom the cause of food poi- he would not be able to attend'presented to the young couple. All soning. Such is not the ease with school until the first of the year. ! wished them the best of luck in home canned foods. During the Cole Mattie and wife were Beach their new adventure. Fast few months two separate out- visitors on Monday. t Leslie Fowler and Miss Phyllis breaks of botulism in our own Fred McManigal has been haul-iBaughman were married at Baker st.~te have occurred, with a total ing coal to Ollie the past week. ion Sunday, October 11. The bride ef seventeen cases and as many L.A. Bearfield and Robert Rid-'.is the eldest daughter of Mr. and deaths, bothhaving been definitely enhower have been working on*theiMrs. L. L. Baughman and has al- traced to home canned foods, road the past week. Mr. Wood-lways lived in this neighborhood. The home canning of foods can send, road overseer, has been hay- Leslie is the youngest son of Mr. be just as efficiently and safelY[lng some necessary work done on]and Mrs. E. lVI. Fowler and has executed as in a factory, if the the road. Some much needed cul- spent several years farming in this house wife. will only adhere to a verts have been put in and some i community. Both young people are few simple rules. ]filling and grading done. This well known and liked by everyone I. Use only clean, soundraw work will put the road~ in this and we all wish them a long and materials. [townships in quite fair conditiog[ happy married life. Tehy will re- 2. Discard all defective cans and for a while The weeds have b%~ ~side on the old Schouboe homstead 1 glass containers. [ mowed at the roadside, also. /[ in Williams township. This is the ' 3. Carefully examine all foods] Mrs. F. O. Gift of Amido~has!second wedding in this vicinity in for signs of spoilage, been visiting at the home2~f her the past month Now everyone is 4. Throw away, untasted, all]sister, Mrs L West Sh0fwas an'wondering who will be next. There food showing signs of spoilage. ]Ollie visitor on Monlay./ are several suspicions but no gen- The most recent instructions for Bettie Woodse~d ~-l~t .several eralities as get. However, time will processing should t~e followed, i days this week ~visit~g at the tell. + Farmers Bulleton No, 14"/1, en- home of her gr~nd/parents, Mr. Mrs. Bowen and daughter Ada, titled, "Canning Fruits and Veget-t and Mrs Tom ~-'u|to~ of Carlyle. spent Saturday afternoon in Olli~ ables at Home , and "Food Poi-] Mrs Richard Fielder spent sever- attending 4H Achievement Day. soning and the Law'can be secured lal days at the ho~ne of-her aunt, Mr. and Mrs Geo. Johnscn and from the U. S. Department of Agri- ] Mrs Robert Johnston of Alpha' Lena Brvson of Ollie visited Sun- culture, Washington D. C. for theI duri'ne Mr Johnston-s absence to day after'noon with Mrs. Bearfield. asking " ms^, x~it." Ia Mrs Bearfield has been quite sick The "following points in the home ~'~r. an~' Mrs. Clair Harp and the "past week: canning are highly recommended family of Curlyle left the first of Jack Ballard is planning on ship- 1. Remember that scalding the week for an indefinite stay in ping hogs next Friday and has water is not boiling water. Wisconsin. been getting up u load throughout 2. Can non-acid vegetables un- Fred McManigal and Barbara the community. der pressure. ~ressure c~okers Woodsend were Alpha visitors on Mr. Wm. Abrams has been buy- should always be used. Tuesday evening, ing hogs to ship the pas~ week, 3. Do not pack vegetables too Joe Harp has got some more sheep '~ Rev. Harry Ryan held services at tightly. A loose pack and more to enlarge his band. the U. B. church in Ollle Sunday water added increase the chances On Wednesday afternoon a brid- evening. It has been some time of food keeping, al shower was held at the home of isince services have been held and 4, The addition of one or two the brides mother, Mrs L L t seems good to have a preacher at tablespoonfuls of lemon Juiceor Baughman for Mrs. phyllis Fowler. [Ollie once more. Quite a crowd of neighbors andI friends were present. The chief} WItY NOT? attraction of the event was a mock wedding with Hazel Bundren as the !_ N. P. Oison, Red Wing Eagle: bride and Mrs. Dewey Fisher as Newspaper publisners are an easy- the groom. Mrs. L. L. Baughman going lot when it comes to ngnung tied the nuptial knot and Mrs. F. for their own interests. They'll peel Woodsend. Barbara Woodsend. their coats any old time to battle in Florence Mattie and Madeline behalf of tax-paying stores against vinegar per pint to non-acid vege- tables will help o preserve them. 5. Discard all spoiled food. with- out tasting. Spoilage is often in- decated by leaky Jars, bulging and unusual odors. 6. Foods preserved with six per- cent salt solution or a fifty-five per- cent sugar solution are considered safe from even the most deadly of food poisons. Canned meats should receive practically the same routine as canned vegetables. Botulism the most deadly of all food poisons or intoxications, can be prevented practically 100 percent by the proper preparation of food Stuffs. To safe-guard against Botulism in canned food, the thermal of heat death point of the causative factor has been determined. The most resistance type of this factor is des- troyed by heating to a boiling tern- Baughman assisted in the cere- mony. A delicious luncheon was served. The bride received a large number of very nice presents. Ev- eryone certainly enioyed the event and wished thebride many years of happlnss. Burns Brothers of Baker were business visitors at the Coatney Hall ranch in Valley View Wednes- day. Charlie Woodsend was a caller at the C. H. Hall ranch on business the first of the week. Mrs. Bowen moved her band of peddlers and itinerant merchants. But they'll sit supinely by and let every advertising stunt under the t sun be pulled without a protest. Many of these stunts are put on without the investment of a dollar and go up in thin air the minute the easy money stops rolling in. Some day the newspaper publishers are going to rise up and demand that merchants battle in behalf of their interests just as the publish- ers fight for the best interests of ! the merchants. sheep to the home ranch on Thurs- After watching the young lady perature for five hours, to 105 C. day so they could get the good of driver ahead wave her hands in for forty minutes and to 110 C. by the fields before the snow comes, three or four different directions at heating for ten minutes. Cooking Art Moyer expects to ship sever- the Intersection, the driver behind decided she was going to turn to cannedtherefore,goodsis a beforesafe.guard.eating them, al cars of lambs from Ollie on Fri- the right and crashed into her as Proper heating in the process of da~r" and Mrs. Alvin WoodsendlShe changed her mind. ! canning foods and before serving lwere Carlyle visitors on Thursday, "Well, all I can say," said the/ will safe-guard against desease. I brtnging 'Betty ~home with them Miss, "is that I'm sorry." No housewife should c~nciderlafter a visit with her grandmother. "Is that all you can say?" "Why, yes." the home canning of meats and] Mrs, Rueben Waterland was aI "Well, then," said the man, clear- vegetables, or the preaervation of]caller at the home of Mrs. Maud meats without fi_~t a uaintingiBowen Saturday afternoon, hag his throat, "listen to men ? -t* herself with it's safe procedure. , Jamea Westergard arrived in l-?"--Delamare Motorist, Olg~ :RJ~D~.~ t Baker from Calif., to spend the l wlnter with his sister, Mrs. Rich- ADVANCE ADS GET RF_,SULTS THURSIIAY, OCTOBER 22, I$$I SHE BANKS-ON CURVES : ":',. ..... - ,>:ii ................ il 2!:. .>:::j! ......... i:i!iiii~.: Alluring curves and an eyeful of beautiful features are t~ao reasons why Firginia Cherrill was bound to attract the attention of film producers. And those same reasons along with real acting talent enabled her to forge steadil~ to prominence since her debut in "'GitF Lights.'" She is now appearing in Fox films under a contract, the" latest being "'The Brat," in which Sally O'Neil a,d Frank ,41bertson have the leading roles with John Ford the director. As An Artist Sees A Star Thls impreMonistic camera study of Elissa Landi b ]amnus photographer. It it his conception of the star in her role :the forthcoming Fox film~ "~icked." The" preen bore in the ground s~uggest the theme. It is the story of a mother separated her child by imprlsonmfnt~ Fictor McLaglcn has th~ leadinS culine role", and z~llan D~wan_wa$ the director. Posing [or ~hotographs has become an old story to Janet 8pine oJ the best cameramen in the business have had her pose them, with Wrying results. ~erently, ~or the first time, she Hal Phy[e, well known painter and artist with the camera. above is the resu#. 8he recently finished work with Charles "Merely Mary Ann" at the Fox Studios and is soon ~o ~tart in with him, "Delicious:"