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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 22, 1931     Golden Valley News
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October 22, 1931
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:/?- / , , < THE BEACH ADVANCE W. F. CUSHING, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER Member National and State Editorial Associations PI[I~IL|SHED AT BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA. EVERY THURSDAY postoff|ee at Beach, North Dakota, on May 8, 1905, as secon0 class matter in North Dakota. South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota, $2.00. To all other states, $2.50 4ill communications to the BEACH ADVANCE, Beach. North Dakota OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER COMING FII~E 4~ ~he campaign for money for the relief of the drought-stricken farm- qers of our state is going over fine, an excellent CORPS of solocltors being ~ln the field, and the people generally responding, ,as their means per, mit. The drive for clothing is also being responded to nobly, and the ~ord so far shows that, regardless of pressing conditions with most of lt% the people of the county are maintaining their high record for gen- 'ero~ity in times of stress. No amount is too small to be received and mS~y boys and girls are adding their mite to the fund, while older folks ~mre giving splendidly, far beyond expectations. In some localities the people are putting on special entertainments, he proceeds of which go to the fund, the good folks of Alpha being the, :flr~t to respond this way, even before the campaign had been officially It is this readiness to help which has given courage and spirit and local committees in charge of the disagreeable duty mgrmy at this time, but the cause is so manifetsly just that ew have been found who refuse to give to it. Golden Valley county will dO lt~ full share. Every dollar collected for the relief fund will go to the drought suf- ferers in our GUnS state, just as the money raised in Montana will go to ~helr own people. As to the memberships taken in the Red Cross. one half of the membership dollar will go to the county Red Cross chapter 1or use at home. Thus givers can suit themselves as to where their sub- Ig~Iptions go. 0 BEWARE THE KOff.,E ------O------ A great many people llke to refer to "the good old times," but almost Invariably an investigation of those "good old times" shows they were mOt ha~ l~s good as the present times, even with all the drawbacks that It~l~t u~ When George Washington was president and lived in New ~r'ork~ he complained many times of the "high cost of living," which ]pI~V~ this to be no new term nor condition, and, while Martha was a 1God and careful housekeeper, the times pinched so that George had to l~tke a hand in reducing the cost of maintaining" his home, according to a~cent documentary evidence he left behind. ; What the ordinary family spends for living today would have been ~msidered luxury in Revolutionary war days. The trouble with us, as ~u American People, is that we have become accustomed to too many ]umlrtes and we make a fuss if we have to cut any of them out, which is ~Iso true of our institutions. All have been "going on high" as long as the gasoline lasted, and at ~80 mtle~ Per hour, and it is not unnatural that we don't like to walk or :i~duce the speed to 40 miles which, compared to the old horse and ~gon days of our ancestors, is lightning transPortation. Readjustment from excessive spending is unpleasant all around, but in ~many ways such readjustment must be made, We have been golng al- ~ether too fast and reckless for things to go on always without a l~tc.h. We're up against a lot, and we've got 'to face it. not howl our darned heads off and crawl into a hole without room enough in the hole to turn around in and ge: ouL o ~,I Tire MATTER OF IEP~IIINDSH:IP ----o------ fA Worth While Editorial Selected by the National Editorial Ass'n.) O All that can be expected of any man is to make the best use of the things that are within his power. Only the contented man ls rich; so we must look for the things that bring contentment and first of these is to find a friend; and if you find two friends you are indeed a lucky man; ~ad if you find three friends--real friends--then you are a rich and powerful man. In prosperity it is easy to find a friend, but in adversity 2t is most difficult of all things. No matter how small a man's means may be, if he gives of what he has ~o his friend it is the same as if it was a great amount. A man's pleasures are insured by sharing them "with a friend and his griefs are reduced by securing the sympathy of a .friend, The counsel of a friend is the best counsel because it will be true .~advice; for, when received from a mere acquaintance, it may be so filled :with flattery that its value will be destroyed, and faithful and true coun- sel rarely comes excepting from the true friend. It is said that in youth ~e ahve visions and in old age dreanu, and the vision and the dream ~aay give us an ideal of perfection; but experience and large contact "With men compel us to accept the man who measures in his virtues only %0 the substantial average. If we view a man as a whole and find him ~od as a friend, we must not be diverted from the happy average--the ,e~reryday, human average--b) using a magnifying gla~ upon his faults ~or frailties. We must, in order to have and hold a friend, accept him he is, demanding one thing in return for our affection--his fidelity.-- ~1:/~ ~, Senator Harry B. Hawes in Pathfinder. A traveling man friend of ours from Fargo dropped in ~o see us the her evening and opened up the worst pack of depression talk we ever ard,. wen from our most essimistic citizens Asked if he talked like ~. P . tl',a~ ~ he passed along the line he said, "Of course; everybody ks talk- hag It, and he wondered why his trade had Tallen off so much. It seems ..... to us we are all doing too much of the parrot act: "Talking too d-----d mUCh. Everlasting talk of depression makes depression. It does not ~d cannot help the situation. If we thought it would, we'd go out on the ~treet and yell our darned head off to hasten the day of optimism and :~aith in the future. Let's cultivate more hopefulness and less grief. ~ny :Of us who are here today have pussed through as bad times and Wed to tell the tale. We'll come througl~ this time, too---if we don t ~orry ourselves sick and into the grave. We are rejoiced that the treasury department is issuing a bill of a new ~lenomlnation--something we have been looking for for a long time as ~a means of carry about our surplus change. The new bills are one mill- :tondollar boys and carry the picture of William H. Crawford. one time ~ecrekary of the treasury, who will thus become a familiar figure ~o a :whole lot of people who are not up on treasury history. Most farmers "will appreciate this issue, also, they at present being in the same wealthy ~la~ as the printers and publishers and preachers. October 2'/ will be Navy Day, this date being set because it is the birth- ~iay of Theodore Roosevelt, whom all people consider the strongest fladvocate for a navy adequate for the protection of this country. All ~over the nation exercises v.:i~{ be held by p~triotic societies, such as the ~erican Legion, Veteram~ ~. Foreign wars, and many others, to in- the people of the need of a proper navy and give an added impetus 0 the patriotism of the people generally. The day should not pass with- ~ut recognization here. O What has become of the vast army of "go-gettersT" It used to be the ]~rlde of about every other man in his community that he was a "go- ~getter,, who wasn't ha~my unless demonstrating his talent for putting over, It seerm~ ~." " the closed season for the craft, and it is Ame flaey ~~ m~ ~, ~ ~, their hibematlon. ...... ll be made in Congress to increase the Postage ~,-~ ~ cents. We are in favor of adopting~ ten cent postage 0 Them a Lift ~Copyr/gM. W, N. ~.| I II I I NOTE THE BRIGHT HOURS ONLY "I take no heed of time unless the sun ls shining." These motto-words a dial bore, /And wisdom never teaches To human hearts a better lore Than that mute dlal preaches. We take the cup.of life and taste No portion but the bitter: We bid the joyous moments haste, And then forge~ their glitter. There is no grove on Earth's broad chart But has some bird ~o cheer it. So. hope sings on in every heart, Although we may not hear it. As life is sometimes bright and fair--- And sometimes d~rk and lonely-- Let us forge~ Its pain and care. And note the bright hours only. ---Anonymous. , ,J F I I I I plies to show you a good time-- good music, good lunch. Tickets: CARLYLE a carnival hat, 50 cents; supper 20 cents a plate Come and bring ------" your friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stark visit- The charade con~est was not fin- ed at the Frank Haigh home on lshed this week. On account of the Thursday. lovely weather, we decided to play Mr. and Mrs. Ottie Douglas and another game out of doors and fin- family of Beach visited at the J. ish our charade contest when we Smeltzer home Sunday afternoon.are obliged to play inside. It has been announced that ther~ ___.-- will be preaching services at Car- Born to Mr. and Mrs. William lyle next Sunday. Rev. Ryan of- Naarum cn Thursday, Oct. 15., a hc~atlng~. B. Ladies' Aid of Carlyle nine and one-half pound baby boy will~neuhold its Baazar and dinner at and his name will be Laurence October ~ William., Mrs. H. StiU ks caring for the Carlyle hall Friday, ~3. Dinner will be served from 5:30 i until 8 o'clock. Sale will be on~ during the afteronon and a nice fish pond in connection fl0r the kiddies. Price of dinner, fldults 35 cents, children of scho~ age 25 cents. Come, bring the/family and help a good cause. / Mrs. Lloyd Grlffitb/and Mrs. J. Smeltzer called o]f Mrs. Nick Johnson Thursday./ Mrs. Johnson stated that her ~usba_nd under- went his operatiofi at Fargo Mon- day and was ge~:ing along nicely. CARLYL~ ~-~OL NOTES The pupils] ~f the Carlyle school have been ~y busily engaged in l a poster co,eat, the results were! Laurette Prl~, first; Louise Stryy- wski, secon~L The Posters wereI children's original ideas. I The pupils of the first grade arct at work every day making confetti, for our carnival, doing their bit. The upper grade pupils decided'~ tha~ a few minutes should be taken Friday afternoon to tidy up their school yard. and so as a result we now have a nice clean yard. Our organization for student government is coming along splen- didly. The pupils are proving themselves able leaders. Don~t forget, Hallowe'en, Oct. 31, the Carlyle school is giving a car- nival dance, school benefit. We have every thing in eaffniwl sup- Golden Valley i iiill ii WHEN IN MINNEAPOLIS STOP AT HOT[t RITZ The newest fire proof Hotel in Minneapolis Washington at 2nd Ave. S. With Baths or Sho~,e~ THU~-~nAy, OCTOBF.R 22. 19~I Taken from Beach Advance files business at Ontario, Calif. of October 20, 1911. Otto Stensrud and H. M .Heath Beach was planning a huge mar- attended the institution of a-new ket day the first Saturday in No- Elk lodge at Mandan. Otto now vember and it was advertised with lives at St. Paul. great gusto. Max Zimmerman, so- Mrs. Chas. Christiansen arrived called "trade stimulator." was put- from Mildred, Mont., and prepar- ting on the event. [ed to spend the winter in Beach Thor Plomasen was employed as with her husband. Mr. Christian- an engineer to put in a bridge sen is now county auditor. north of Belfield. [ Mrs. J. P. Smith was in Chicago The firs~ number of a Lyceum ,for an operation. Mrs. Smith ,nov-, course series was held a~ the Con- ed to Chicago after her husband's gregational church, death. ..She died last month. Mrs. Christie Hbward spen~ the At a meeting of the stockhold- week end in Sentinel Butte. She ers of the Golden Valley Telephone and Christie lived many years at Co., [t was decided to bond the Ollie, but now reside at Be~ch company for $15.000. This corn- again. 9~ny is now a part of the N. W, The Butte Drug Co.. of Sentinel Bell system. Butte. owned by a fellow named J.J. Oreiner bought a quarter, Hemstad was sold to a newc3mer section of land nine miles north of~ named E. R Kennedy. Mr. Ken-;Beach. nedy still owns the s~ore and runs one of the finest drug stores in this section. Ed. Perry was running a tailor shop under the postoffice. He had part of what ts now the Advance officb. Ed now has a prosperous Dr. Niece's dental office was the "Bartley block." The doctor for many years has had over the Rice drug store and still taking care of a large Wheat was 93 cents and $2.15 at this time 20 years ago, Mrs. Naarum and son. Hearty con- gratulations. Mr .and Mrs. A. E. Scheffer and son Kenneth visited with friends at Olendive Friday and Saturday. Miss Leroy Moline was a busi- ness caller at Golva Thursday. Mrs. Nora Pooler of Seattle. Washington. arrived at Beach Sat- urday evening for a visit at the Scheffer home in South Valley. Mrs, Pooler left her home in Seat- tle in May and has visited differ- home Sunday. Mrs. Alfred Scheffer was an in- vited guest of Mrs. Bert Covert on Thursday afternoon, when she en- tertained the Alpha Ladies' Aid. Miss Dorothy Zeilinski was pleas- antly surprised one day last week when at noon her pupils brought out a wonderful picnic dinner. which was much enjoyed by all presen~ and such a great surprme. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Weinreis and. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kremers were visitorsat the L. E. Curl home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Albert Still and children were dinner guests at the Scheffer home Sunday. John and Pete Hammervold and sister, Mrs. Moen. were shopping at Beach Friday. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Fulton and daughter Leona and Mrs. E. Mar- tin were business visitors at Glen- dive Friday, taking in the show. "The Prisoners Code," in the eve- ent place In California, Texas, Kan- ning. sas, Wisconsin and North Dakota Harold, Edward and Haugen on her return home, and she re- Hawkaas, Lewis and Edward FOGS ports a wonderful vacation, visited with the Smeltzer boys on Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Davis re- Sunday. turned to their home in Helena, Pete Gonoroioski and Art Moline Mont., the fore part of the week. furnished music for Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hartse and Leslie Fowler's wedding dance the daughter, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bu- past week and around 200 guests shel of Wibaux visited at the J. L. attended. O'Brien home Tuesday. There will be a benefit dance at Rev. Oisvold of Beach visitedthe Ash Coulee school house Sat- friends in the Edge Hill community urday night. Miss Morris teacher. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dealing, Mr. and Mrs. Leo. Ooroski and Mr. and Mrs. C. Delthorp and families visit- ed at the C. Nelson home Sunday. Miss Olive Varick of Carlyle and Harold Owens of Wibaux were s~ o'clock dinner guests of Mr. and M~. Chas. Delthorp Friday. The Tom Quale family were din- ner guests at the Lewie Larson Mrs. T. F. Fisher and Mrs. Dave McCann of Wtbaux attended Edgel Hill services Sunday. Mr: and Mrs. Oscar Anderson visited with Mr. and Mrs. Delthorp Sunday. C. Delthorp, I. Bait and Ralph Stark delivered horses to a horse buyer a~ Wibaux Friday. ADVANCE ADS GET RESLrLTS A hearty welcome al. ways awaits those who let their out-of, town [rlends know they are coming, by using LONG DISTANCE Rapid.. Low I II II1 If ment Every Well Fed Person Knows! REGULAR MEALS ! 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