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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 22, 1931     Golden Valley News
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October 22, 1931
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/ Temperstmre at Noon Today 15 ~bove Weather at Noon Today, Clear ! VOLUME XXIIL I ALL HOME P~INT OFPI~I~K. P~ ~ GOLDEN VALLEY OOUNTT, ,~ID~ O1~I~ OI~ BE~H , ...... i , ' llrl ' " ........ BI~A~I-I", ~OY_~EI~ ~TALLEY C~, NORTH DAKOTA, THUI~DAY$ O~-~I~ER 22, 1931 EIGHT PA~: TURK[Y D[MON- STRATIONSTOI fl[LD IN G.V. CO. N[XT W[[K "OBJECT IS TO SHOW BEST METHODS OF FEEDING -BIRDS FOR MARKET GOV. SflA[[ U G[S The fl[LPI:ORSTAT[[ARM- [RS 0[ W[ST N N. D. MAKES PERSONAL APPEAL FOR THOSE AMONG WHOM HE WAS BORN ~SPECIALIST WILL ALSO DEM- SAYS 3if,000 OF OUR NEIGHBORS STRATE BEST WAY TO ON NORTH CRY FOR t DRESS- BIRDS HEIA~ Two important turkey-raisers Bismarck N. D.. Oct. 21 (Special meetings will be held in Golden to the Advance)--In a statement Vallev county next week. according made public today, Governor to plans made by County Agent Russell. One. to be held at the George F, sharer renewed his ap- home of Peter Weinrei~ of Oolva peal to North Dakota's citizenship on Tuesday, October 27th, the oth-to unite for a common cause of er at the home of Oscar Riden- providing succor to the state's hewer, south of Sentinel Butte. on drought-stricken families. Hope- Wednesday, October 28th. Both ful that the combined Red Cross meetings to start at 2:00 p. m. Ev- Roll Call and drought fund cam- eryone interested in turkey raising paign will not lag, Governor Shaf= is welcome to attend, er called attention to acute suffer- Mr. Frank Moore. poultry spec- ing which he declares will t)e in- ialist from the State college will evitable in North Dakota during ~assist Mr. Russell. The pur[~ose of the winter montt~s unless relief is Valley As It Looked 000 Years Ago Restoration of a coal age forest as it is believed to haye. appeared some 250.f~)0.000 years ago. Tills larzc new exhibit with trees and plants reconstructed, i~ natural size, is now on ~:ic~" at Fielcl Museum of Natuz"fl Ilistory in Chica~o. J[$S[ PAG[, S DSIN OF ]905, DI[D SUN-50 TO DAY, BUItI[D MONDtY SUFF[EIS O[ WELL KNOWN AND ETEEI~ED BEACH N~T' YET STI/gI'E~ ~ ...... ~ETTLER OF SOUTH COUN:I~ HAS Sm VOLUNTARY PASSED SUDDENLI~,: BY 18 PEQ~LE INFLUENZA OF 8 YEAR:~ AGO SENTLa/EL BUTTI~ OPENS ~ RETURNED LAST" JI[~E PAI~N TODAY---INDIVID~ TO TAKEH|M~ ~RKERS II~ING WEL]~ ~ In the passing of: J,e~'e WarrenThe Oolva Relief and Rut]~ ~D'~tll-~ Page Golden Valley e.oun~y has committee is tl~ first to rePOrt col- lost another of those ~aunch pie- levtions up to ~ast evening, ~ neers who came with: ~e first rush of settlement in 1905 and did so bins coming In With $I~.50 al~ much to develope tYds community saying the vork was not yet corn- along the best litles: o! human on- pleted. This is a splendt~l" showing dearer, for the committee, whicl~ is corn- His passing wa,~ like his life, ~ brave fight to the last, sitting i~ posed of Mrs. Oeoo Hammond, his chair, all w~k~towing that ti~-e Tony KIvitinger and" Leo Tobias. angel of death stead behind waving George Raisler ann" Mrs. A.M. the wand that took him hence wL~h- Peterson also helped in the corm. out pain ilr sundering his earthly ~ry di~ricts: ties. The er~t was not unexpected The, Beach committee h~ts for he l~ad been gradually ~iling yet got into the field: but $80 lt~ for the pttst few months when the voluntarily been paid in by I8 aftermath of an attaet of influenza, ple, there being several $10 ooa~rl,. the meetings is t,~ demonstrate adequately administered. how t_~ make turkey raisin? pro(- Meanwhile, chapter officers and; Stable by good management, f~ed-campaign workers redoubled their eight years ago, halted his morebunions and as many $5 list~ in~ and fitting for market, efforts in many North Dakota active tabors and made him an in- V~h a few $1".00, $~:00 anct $~,~ Mr. Moore will also demonstrate counties in an attemp~ t9 send the vaiitf. But the news of t~s passing gifts. "how to dress turkeys for market, drive over the top by the end of shea a shadow of sorrow over the, The Se~rtinel Butte Commit~ "'It pays to dress turkeys for mar- another week. Ba~::l jc.v~)~ty~[ left,Ire community, expects tc~ get to work-today. ket rather than ship them alive," chauter. , headed by . , o I The funeral was he~. fromthe The O~rner Sunday school he says. "Shipping live turkeys is of Valley City, was the brat" Red I I:lV~ethodest church here Monday in $2.1{~. In the Golva list wa~ risky business, therefore, the buyer Cross chapter in the state to report I By Courtesy of County Superin- I enumeration consists of all boys grand total amounts paid bv the ] afternoon, Rev. Me~eil officiating Oolva Sunshine society with a must reduce the price and make ~us" ~ quota certain", while" Casselton;i tendent J W Wentland we are on- [ and g'~rls between the ages of 6 and districts of the county for sal~riesiand a choir, composed of Mrs.. tributivn of $10, showing that,-as he raiser pay the risk. If proper a town the size of Beach, in Cassl ...... " in~ h"- -n--ua" __r~121 years, ~2 more tahn last year. for teachers was $7449725 *FnelMenke, Vyonne Teed Butter# Nel-lusu~]~, this worthy organization is auzea~opr ~ is an irepo care is taken to cool and pack count, y was .first to report. Its" ~.$1000 "h -o~ o ....c t "- The State and County apportion- whole amount paid the men" teach- / and and Rex Foster-rendering-~xatch-]i~ the forefrtmb In aiding ~tl~ dressed poultry there is very little goal exceeded, R. A, mnep- ] cn t e song s ~ ~nm Guny we ment is divided among the districts era during the year was $~9 ~47.64. Sing hymns that the deceased loved. [ worthy causes. It Is hoped this risk," Mr. Moore says. ard, Red Cross drought relief di- i do not recall that such areport! based on the enumeration figures. The whole amount paid the women I As the servic~ end e, d Mrs. Thee. I good exampl~ may be followed b~T : Mr. Moore states that four or rector, said today. Other commun-]has before been printed at Ieast] Attendance: Takin~ the county teachers was $54,949.61. The month-I Dickinson played Rock e( Ages.~]other societies. :live turkeys should be brought to Sties m many North DaKota coun- ,~, ~ ............. ~,~a '~ it m~n I aS a whole the average attendance ly average paid men teachers was ] He was buried" in the Beach cem- [ Next weel~ the names of co~trlo -each demonstration for dressing, r z on h ~ ............. s s~ .............. - , ties we e c ose the eels of Cas- ~ ,.~ ....... , .~ .. ~,,~-.~.... ] was very ~ood This is uartlv due $186.16 The monthly average paid ! etery. Many old friends would { butors, but not the amount oontrl.~ At this time of year old. fat fur-selton and Barnes county in their ~ ...... ~*~'~ ........................... ' key hens will be the best to dress, fund cam'~al~ns She,-ard said In { that all taxpayers should know to the excellent weather which pro- women teachers was $10~.20. I liked to b.~ve paid. their, last re- ~ buted, will be published in .bOth v ~ , v ) ..... ~.~, ........ + ~ +~ ~ ...... ,~o~t vailed durin~ the -~ar The aver- n-~ ~,~t,~ ~,~n,,,~ ,~o~,~ ~oo~o,~ispects ~o one old pioneer nod theylPapera so ~ne worta may Rno~ Raisers who plan to learn the o k i ics he am ~ s .... ~ ~ ..................... ~ --o -~ ................... ~, ............ some N rth Da ~ta c t .. t c . p- l ~+ +~ .................. ~ a,e ~ercenff-bf -~endance was 97 3 , ........................ tm ] known or the funeral / whose hearts are in the right l~la~ "method should bring their ownal" did' not start until ~hIs" .... ~ k a~ ~-.~ ~zmv. ~zzv ~vpuzv ~szuw~ ~ ~ *~ u~v-~uuu* ~uuz~ w~ ~o,uoo.....,, " h r gn ~ , ..... .' Imu~h lnh,r in tt~ n~n~ration and[percent The average attendance and th~ ave~ monthTv aalar~t The pall bearers were old time lea. When t e we k is complet~ turkeys. . Governor Shazer'.~ statement (el- iw--e"~k-now-~mos-[ of"our r"eaders wil'ii was 1021.8. ~ pai~l teachers'Sn~ on"e-roo'tn -~'u~l tneighlmrs: L. E. Curl, Leonard Kra- ]an itemized statement will be pub- Turkeys to bring the best market lOWS. ~- ............... w-r'h --hlle ............... sch3ols wa~ "~"87 Imer The9 Ma~nnm Frank Schou-/tished showing every cent recoil- "price should be well fattened. It ,, " ~a* i vv g~au ~ ~zvw ~z~vv ~ w ~m~u" ~ne woun~y ann ~ta~e ~ ~ ~ " " " Due to the devastating d~ou~. ~. . . ' ' " i b o e, John Bosaerman and George ed, Red Cross memberships. Cakes only five pounds of good feed --t.h~ rnn.~t xevar~ in th~ hisw, rv]facts ~t contains. It follows. Apportionment which is apportmn-The 70 teachers employed in the._ /___,~,,,+~_o +~ +~. .... a.., ~..~,,~. ~o r~roduce a pound of gain. Corn .............................. " .... ~ear ~u~..u.~....o ~,, ~,,~ ,,~ $, ~,.a~" af th~ 2f~llaa t~rm~r~ I This report bears the itemlzed]ed four times a year: August No-lcounty held the following North~ . Y" _ .... } ................ ~:',;,.~.., ~,, and wheat make good feed for the .................................. ' ' Gosse warern rae was aorn a,=r w,~** ~ zu,a,z~,~ ~,,,~,,~ ~,s -^-- w ...... .1 ~U~l.~.~n .~os|~,,Itabulation of 282 ~tems called for, vember February and May LS bas-,Dakota Teachers Certificates: t ........ g } ......... ,.c., ~,,,,~,, ~,,~ ~,,, ~,:~ --,,, ,.s t o ' ' ~lne lsmnct ~xnn Jan 1019T~ At me ~eu wrass cnap~er, so all b!~d, with nlenty of sharp sand or ~h~l~r~n in North-,oster,~ Nolthlin the annual report. I sh ws the ed on the enumeration of $9 821.'/0 ..... I ..... ' . ~. " ." '_ _ I~. ............. ,u .... .... grit-and of clean water or milk ~, ...~ .......... ~ ........ ~ .......... -~. ~..o.o ..... = ..... , DaKota Willsuffer cu~edl ~ ~ Rout) as a rule comes from impro- for want of food clo/;ing and~ i~el total receipts for all school purpos-I amounts of the apportionment of lS_ec~~d grade professional .... 23 I brother moved to.Long(oral, SoutYiI laer'feeding under unsanitary con- unless considerable assistance '~ies the number of teachers employ-lthe county last year were as fol-,!~'lrs~ gra~e eiememary ....... l~]t~.zo.~a ~ere ne nveaunt~l ne wasll/.~|l=lHiNtl a~" ~F'I! T| dit!ons. . ~ ' .... : ' t ]eapolls where he had a position and t|~|| _ _ It is reported that both the Getz~w,~",~" ~,,~z,*~'~-"' ~Cdthe theirnumoerSalarieSof pupnsand qualificatiOnSenumera~eu I lows' ~ ~econct gracte emmcmary ...... ..... IDia yuuzx~ x,azz, ~zzwz ~zzz~ ~ ~v~zz,z- ~ s.sJss, m~[lO0~- U/s ms. ~Ll,U ~ u L~S'l t and Swift people plan to buy car-I .'I .lm ow. the people living [and enrolled in the various de-art ] August ............. ,g1~.73 i The teachers who ta.uoht in the !worked several years. In 1898 he ............. ~ ~_~ stricken terrx~ory zor whom am xs, ..... v;-] x~ ..... ,.~.. ,...~ ~councy naa me iouowmg years or/~oft~M married to Miss Glen Wllliams i|||lgli-n]tlffbfl MAH~J[Dl]~I-- ~0ads of dreSSed turkeys at Beachneeded With few exceptions, they ,~men~s one number graaua~mg .............................. experience for the Christmas market early in are worthy citizens. Many of them ifrm 'teh grades a.nd high schools Fe::uary ......... 21~13~.~ I : . ~letan':2:~avlve lsiP0:c:h~Yem=d as well as Other m~eres~lng Iact~ I One ear of experience 14 December. }are pioneer settlers who home- . .......... " ................ , Y l~ ....... i ident~ there He was the son of Mr ]||s|l #~ m T||m~ u m am 8TATE~W ~ ' rem~mg ~o me weltare ot tne pug Two ears of ex erience 10, "" ~teaded in Western North Dakota ..... "] The average cost of tuition perl Y P ...... 'and ~rrs W.n~,. A ~ ....~. ~]H|M ~"~|||[~||~V ~ over a getnlera:iont aag:.e f~oo:ry havelnCsc~~" in the County" GoldenImnth per pupil enrolled in the]FT~ivree ::rasrsfexp;r~enCee ....... ~5 Golva'.*His fat~e~--'died'O;t~ober-1Ot'l~|||||~| ~i'~|UaVM| ~, (Cont u o V g ) ' " ~tlblic schools of Golden Valley Y ...... 1926 L The state corn show at Bismarckl __ ItVr?~ey c~UntnY ha:h:7fisSaChslc~io~S1 county was $12.56. The averagelEightyears ('.experience..=:-'~,, v,- ,,,~,,~ ,~--~ ~, ~,-~,~, 51 Eight years ago Mr. Page became| "----" notwithstanding the general tm-~ " ~ cost of tuition per month for each " ill and althoughhe suffered he| ~m operation m the county. One i" DEER COME OVER FOR [siGn this is a bad year for suchl:~D[~D||~|I|~_~ ~OID[N~ ][~L ~| year 1930-1931 there were 41 schools) . r tedw ience 9 , ~TWO COUPLES FROM . I" 1 Upll enume a as $10,51. The ...................... worked and was June ibit~, promises to be the best, ~,.~ ~ ~,,~t,~,~ h~ ~,~,~ average cost of tu tlon per day per Of th~ 70 teachers emnloved in!of this year he was stricken with ~v oi~ Onv vet held. The show! .............................. ~ ............ ~ .........u" ' I s ...... ~ pu fl emol ed wa 60 cents The the influenzathat effectedhis HAPPY EVENT be from October 28 to 31, in-] at Beach One first cla~ high r il , the county, 42 were Golden Valley~ | , dye, and Golden Valley county | | U r~| ~'0 !_! ~|[~ ~|~][||~ _ . t ........ lowe.t cost De pupper month m -ount-- -esi~ents Of the teachers heart and he gradually failed un- ,,, ~ _ aid have an exhibit there, for/ LL! ~ULfl~ fl/IKflbmb ~[~?lcl:~ ~:~:t:ic~ in~ the county the past 'teinl O:at~:rw~t~hou~t2stO'Cl~eCklethve ] ------ ". '" :~ corn *~hts year Is of excellent 1 Golva. Thirty-seven one-room ru- ".~,,~ ......... year, almost all were North DaKota d ss , " Saturdav mornin~ there Wt~e two lity and there is a lot of it. We i |'r | ~||~ ~[:~[_] ~| ..... pupil per ...... n m any um~rm~ m neo-le Only 13 have taught out- ing his widow his mother one son Tw~.~,,..,o "., **,o~ ~^.,~..~,':'~,'='~ t , n/ | s~|_ ~i- I|1 .~| ill ~,_~,,,v.. ....... " the county was $44.79 (Henry).sido~" ~" o the state" Phillip and three' brothers: Wallace, I n~r~tm,~"""so *~r~.,~w~v,~v*,~*~v,-~,,~,,a e had a great deal to do wi h~ ~| Lt/I U LMUli /ML.._ nrollmen . :~ne.enroumen~_mr State Aid: The State Aid which l~.. " . " ..... Lyman and Jay who did all they Y.Z'--:-: .... 7""" ~'; "". Btce al~ state exhibits at many world I me year was ~to~ cnnaren, av~ voys Golden V~llev coun~, r*^ei-^-~ ~^st ~lDrarms" :me SChOOl tiorarms ...... t ...... l aalSS a~argare~ ~awu ann mr. rm~- and 512 girls. Of them, 27 we e ,,o~ ~,~ rlL~tvibnt~d ~ ~^1! .... of Golden Valley countycontain ............... [old V. McKnight and Miss Luverne s and other exhibitions, and we! 2 r . -, =~ ,v, ,,, . coma mrougn nm illness ~o reIleve ...... ms imense smzerlng ne was cheer w that when we can show the i _... enrolled in the high school depart- ~ ................... 10,896 volumes. There were 12 vol- . .... his'- m work un" 1M. Wright, all of Killdeer, N. D, MRS WEINACHT SENDS U5 835 were enrolled in the IUl ana plannea mr Id that corn can be profitably~ ment. and Rural schools ............ $ 550.62 umes for each rural pupil, and 9 ......2 ........ ~ -i .... "]were united In m~rriage by Roy ed here, it means an apprecia- ! INTER des The total number of o el s fo ch cit u ~11 almost me las~ orea~n, r~z w z.z ve " STORY OF THIS - eight gra . Consolidated ache ls .....359.10 v ume r ea y p pll. ~.^^,,..~.~^~ I, ........ hi~ ]C. O. Elllnger. The young people t, of land values and other sta-~ EATING EVENT high ~chool graduates for the year Classified high schools .. 1,15439 Transportation: During the last "-ien"s I were ac~.ompanied by relatives and ,ations worth while. Many don't [ was 58, and 112 completed the 8th Federal Aid .............. 2,500.00 term 121 children were transport- ~z_ u.. ...... I friends from Killdeer and Dickin- lk land values cut any ice; but grade, ed to school by either bus or faro ~Aarly in me ne oecame a member son these try to geta loan from Census. :. The census taken din'- Teachers Employed : Seventy Sly system of transportatlon' . The of the M. E. church, that church The two happy couples journeyed i s and the Mrs Nm Welnacht writes us of of the many agone e Y~ " " ' iu the month of June 1931 shows teachers were employed in Golden total amount paid for transporta- always being his preference." on to Glendive, while the relatives an enumeration of 1323, of which Valley county last year, 58 women tion was $3,615.30. The average "We saw not teh lift of the curtain and friends returned to their s,oon find out that much of the i a gathering of former North Pa- ds valuations forloan pur-,kota people in Long Beach recent- 715 are boys and 608 are girls. Thig]teachers and 12 men teachers. The ~C.ontinued to page five). Nor heard the invisible door homes. as news of the good folks who have H[ D il ISAnd where they will vlx him no rains. Mr. and Mrs. McKnlght will _ . I gone from us to that land of sun- CONFIRMATION OCT. 25 I are over, a farm near the Killdeer moun- MiSS Nellie Larson left ThursaaY,,shine is always welcome for we MR8 reside in Dunn Center, where Mr. 0her 15th for San Pedro, Call(- ~ ~.~-. ~. ....'~. McKnight has recently become lelawifeWlthwhere" herSheorotherWill Alfreamake anaher"l presentgatheringsBelw atYUhereanotherfind a liStin L0ngf oUrBeachf picnicthSein S DD[ [ BUr[[ P T inAst.largejohn'sClaSScatholicWill bechurchConfirmedsun_ MAK[RS 0[D V[RY we/' ThethreshlingeredthreshholdhldandeachWeptmortaln mustthe er.editr of teh Dunn Center ~- f ' day, October 25, by Bishop Wherle -------------~-the beautiful Bixby park. We sure INT[R[ST]N M[[TIN -- ~- ___R tenjoyed ourselves renewing old ac- [OR COMMING WINT[R of Bismarck These services are ', cross. CHINESE MINISTE quaintances, etc. The only thing always most impressive and of in- i Then we showered our tears uponHEADS THE LEGION this time that was lacking, was that terest not only to the members of neither one of our old time lawyers, the church, but to all interested in t Toitmark our sorrow and lass." [Mark F. Jones, G. J. Oppegard, and -- religious functions, and it is prob- our newly admitted to the bar, The Saddle Butte P. T. A. held[able many of these will gladly wit- The Saddle Butte Homemakers' Clarence A. Jordan, would make a its organization meeting Friday, 1ross this beautiful ceremony, club met at the home of Mrs. J. O. move to make a speech. October 9th. =~-------------_- Ramstad last Thursday with an at- The ladies of St. John's church Those former Beach folks at- The meeting was called to order 1 tendance of seventeen members and in this city will serve in the church tending were: Mr. and Mrs. E. H. by singing "America the BeautS- RRADY TO RET]R~ six visitors, hall a fine chicken dinner Sunday, Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. ful." followed by the Lord's prayer The project leaders gave a dem- October 25. immediately after con- Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hoff- in unison. onstration on canning vegetables, firmation services in l he church, and told of a way to make jelly by to which the general public is in- using less sugar, also of the spoil- vi~ed, service of the meal begin- age of canned goods, ning at sharp noon. The fee will A couple of songs were sung and be but 40 cents for adults and 25 :~he Chinese nationalist govern- announced that Dr. W. W. had been appointed the new minister to the United Doctor ~:en. known as one ablest of Chinese diplomats. former premier of the old government. man, Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Oppegard, Miss Nelson was appointed tem- Mrs. C. J. N. Nelson and daughter, porary secretary. The secretary's Mable U1ve, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. report was read and adopted after Sprague and Irma. Mr. and Mrs. correction. Perry Near. Mrs. Ella B. Thomp- Nineteen new members joined at son. Mrs. E. L. Holven. Wallace this meeting. The following of- Lovell, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spra-ricers were elected: gue and son, Mr. and Mrs. DallasPresident--Mrs. J. O. Ramstad. Blue. Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Olson Secretary--Miss Nelson. and family, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Treasurer--Mrs. Chas. Lingk. Letson, M A. Egan and daughters,Mrs. Martin Ueckert gave a re- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schmidt and port of ~he district P. T. A. meet- family, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. John-ink held at Medora. son and family, Mrs. Mary E Jot-The following Icommittees were dan and son. Clarence A Jordan then appointed: Program--Grace and family, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Raisler. Grace Meyer. Evelyn Nel- Baldwin and family, Mr. and Mrs.son, Mrs. Ueckert. Publicity--Re- Frank Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. Nic. bert Still. Ray Lingk. Membershit>-- Welnacht anti Barbara, 'Mr. and Chas. Lingk, Glenn Hathaway, Mrs. Pierce Egan and family, Isabel Herman Brown. Food--Mrs. Zinhli. Crolley, Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Mrs. Hathaway, Mrs. Albert Still. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bean, It was a splendid meeting and Mr, and Mrs. N. B. Hogmire and all look forward to interesting and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Michels, instructive winter sessions. Mrs. Edna (Steiner) Bichan, Mrs, Hazel (Steiner) Samuelson and MANY CARS SHIPPED family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Perry, I Mrs. R. Kraemer, Mrs, Bess C. " (Raisler) Wells and family. ' The Golden Valley Shipping as- Several others intended to come sociation will. next Saturday ship to this picnic gathering, among three cars of hogs, two west and them was Master Mechanic Walter one east. the shipment being com- Dillivan of the posed of animals td~rned in by oar- his captain ious farmers. This makes 30 cars day. Mr. Dillivan ~of cattle, sheep and ho~ the'as- our houSe last b~hE~ this ~ sociatlon has~ ahipped Since last picnic. February first. . Miss Letitia Calhoun, about to retire from the government service, photographed at her desk In the Treasury department in Washing- ton where she has been employed since June I, 1871. She was glven her appointment at tile age of fir teen by Gem Francis E, Spinner, treasurer in the first administration ,of Lincoln. after the meeting a delicious lunch cents for children, so the house- was served by the hostess, wives of the city and country can save themselves the bother of get- tin~ Sunday dinner at home by en- "ONWARD! CHRISTIAN joying this excellent feast. ~OLDIER!'" GOSPEL MEETINGS Too many peo~Ic "bid the .~ey- The Gospel meetings that were our moments haste, and then forget being held at Saddle Butte school their glitter; They take the cup of ihouse two weeks ago began again life and taste no portion but the la.~t Tuesday night and will continue bitter." In other words too many'every, night until Friday night, of us remember we vividly some f October '30th, at eight o'clock. "On unpleasant thing that came into, Sunday morning the service will be our lives, something that disagree-lot 11:00 o'clock. ably affected the community years The public is cordially invited ago, and because of this cannot take [to attend these services. any interest in present day efforts --- for good. It is far better for ull~ LET'S GO! hands to look forward, instead of backward, for, of a certainty, the Why would it not be a nice corn- party who is ever looking baskward I pliment to our Alpha friends if a is bound to stub his toe and fall large delegation of Beach people into worse plight than the party whose face is to the front, watch- ing his step, and gaining ground for his own character- and the general welfare of the community. There will" be services in the Ep~opal church next Sunchty at 10:30 a. m. drove down tomorrow. Friday eve- ning, to Alpha and helped have a good time at the band concert and carnival the good folks are putting on in Old of the drought sufferers? All hands are sure of having a good time--they can't herp it, for those l folks are great entertainers and strictly live wires. Henry L. Stevens, Jr., lawyer, ora- tor and a second lieutenant In the World war. who ~as elected aa~ tional eomn!ander Legion at the conven troit. Stevens, the youngest come head of the Legl0n, Is In Warsaw. N. C~