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October 20, 2016     Golden Valley News
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October 20, 2016
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Page 4 Golden Valley News October 20, 2016 Noti Bids CALL FOR BIDS ON USED EQUIPMENT Notice is hereby given that the Billings County Board of Commission- ers will receive and open sealed bids to sell the following for cash "as is" Description: 1973 Kenworth 31/2 Ton Vacuum Truck WIN #130650. mileage approximately 636,928. For more information or to inspect equipment, contact Jeff Iverson at 701- 290-9581. Sealed bids can be mailed to the Billings County Auditor's Office at PC Box 168. Medora, ND 58645 or dropped off at the Billings County Court- house. Auditor's Office. Please mark "Equipment Bid" on the envelope. Bids must be turned in by November 1,2016 at 11:00 A. M Bids will be opened in the Billings County Commissioners Room atthe Courthouse in Medora, ND, at 11:00AM. on November 1, 2016. Suc- cessful bidders will be contacted by Jeff Iverson to schedule a time to pick up your item(s). The board shall reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids. Dated at Medora, ND this 29th day of September, 2016 by order of the Board of County Commissioners. Marcia Lamb Billings County Auditor (October 6, 13 and 20) Notice ANALYSES OF THE STATEWIDE MEASURES APPEARING ON THE ELECTION BALLOT NOVEMBER 8, 2016 The following analyses are for the five measures appearing on the statewide general election ballot on No- vember 8, 2016. This publication is re- quired by section 16.1-01-07 of the North Dakota Century Code to enable voters to become familiar with the effect of proposed measures. The full text of each measure is available on the 9ec- retary of State's website at or by requesting a copy from the Elec- tions Division, Secretary of State's of- fice at (800) 352-0867, ext. 328-4146, or from the office of any County Auditor. In addition, as required by section 16.1-01-17 of the North Dakota Century Code, a copy of the Legislative Coun- cil's report on the estimated fiscal im- pact of initiated Measures No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 is available on the Secretary of State's website at, by calling (800) 352-0867, ext. 328-4146, or by writing to Secretary of State, 600 E Boulevard Avenue Dept 108, Bis- marck ND 58505-0500. Analysis of Constitutional Measure No. 1 Constitutional Measure No. 1 was placed on the ballot by action of the 2015 North Dakota Legislative Assem- bly with the passage of Senate Concur- rent Resolution No. 4010 (2015 Session Laws. Ch. 500). If approved, this con- stitutional measure would amend and reenact section 5 of Article IV of the North Dakota Constitution and prohibit an individual from serving in the legisla- tive assembly, unfess the individual lives in the district from which he or she was selected. Voting "YES" means you approve the measure as summarized above. Voting "NO" means you reject the measure as summarized above. Analysis of Constitutional Measure No. 2 Constitutional Measure No. 2 was placed on the ballot by action of the 2015 North Dakota Legislative Assem- bly with the passage of Senate Concur- rent Resolution No. 4003 (2015 Session Laws. Ch. 499). If approved, this con- stitutional measure would amend and reenact section 24 of Article X of the North Dakota Constitution by depositing ten percent of the revenue from oil ex- traction taxes in the common schools trust fund and ten percent of the rev- enue n the foundation aid stabilization fund. Except as otherwise provided, the principal of the foundation aid stabiliza- tion fund may be expended upon order of the Governor, onty to offset reduc- tions in state aid to school districts due to a revenue shortage. The measure also would allow the legislative assem- bly to use any excess principal balance of the foundation aid stabilization fund for education-related purposes when- ever the balance exceeds fifteen per- cent of the general fund appropriation for state aid to school districts for the most recently completed biennium. Voting "YES" means you approve the measure as summarized above. Voting "NO" means you reject the A public notice is information infoming citizens of government activities that may affect the citizens' everday lives. Public notices have been printed in local newspapers, the trusted sources for community in lbrmation. Ibr more than 200 years. measure as summarized above. Analysis of Initiated Constitutional Measure No. 3 Initiated Constitutional Measure No. 3 was placed on the ballot by petitions circulated by a sponsoring committee. If approved, it would add a new section to Article I of the North Dakota Consti- tution which would provide certain rights to victims of crime in this state, including the right to be treated with respect, to be free from harassment, and to be pro- tected from the accused. The measure would provide for the right to prevent the disclosure of confidential informa- tion about the victim; to refuse or limit questioning of the victim; to notice of, and presence at, court proceedings; and to notice of release or escape of the accused. The measure would provide for the right to be heard in court pro- ceedings, to provide information about the impact of the offender's cOnduct, and to receive reports relevant to these rights. The measu re would provide for the right to re~utuuurl from an offu,uur for losses suffered as a result of crimi- nal conduct; to be informed of the out- come of the case and of the detention or other disposition of the offender; and to be informed of, and participate in, post-judgment processes. Voting "YES" means you approve the measure as summanzed above. Voting "NO" means you reject the measure as summarized above. Analysis of Initiated Statutory Measure No. 4 Initiated Statutory Constitutional Measure No. 4 was placed on the ballot by petitions circulated by a sponsonng committee. If approved, it would provide for a new veterans' tobacco tax trust fund in North Dakota Century Code Chapter 37-t4 to fund certain veterans' programs. This fund, among others. would be supported by an ncrease in the excise tax on cigarettes from $0.44 to $2.20 per package of twenty ciga- rettes, as well as an increase in the ex- cise tax on cigars from 28% to 56% of the wholesale purchase price at which the product is purchased by distributors. The excise tax on all other tobacco products is increased a commensurate amount. The measure also would cre- ate an inventory tax on cigarettes and tobacco products. All revenues received by the tax commissioner under this measure would be allocated among the State's general fund, the veterans' to- bacco trust fund, and the community health trust fund. The measure would create and amend provisions in Chapter 57-36, including new definitions for in- halation devices, liquid nicotine, and to- bacco products; prohibiting retailers from being distributors and requiring distributors to keep additional records; setting req uirements for registration of liquid nicotine retailers; and regulating the alteration of liquid nicotine. Finally, The regular meeting of the Billings County School Board was called to order at 5:00 p.m. MT. Tuesday, Sep- tember 13, 2016. at the DeMores School in Medora. Present were mem- bers Lynn Arthaud Joey Kessel. Stacey Kessel. Mike Klatt. and Julie Reis. Also present for all or part of the meeting were Principal Shae Peplinski, Assistant Principal Danielle Boswell. Business Manager Tammy Simnioniw. Marjorie Jensen, Theresa Lackey, Jan Kuchera. Kathy Malkowski. and Donna Barnett. M/S Klatt/Stacey Kessel to approve the consent agenda, which included the Minutes from the August 16, 2016 meeting, the attached check list. and no additions to the agenda. Motion carried unanimously. 132 BERGEn ELECTRIC $ 630.35 133 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON $ 7;575.00 134 SIMPLEXGRINNELL $ 3,376.76 135 WEST PLAINS ENGINEERING $ 2,000.00 ~3~f I~l~l FUll(.] DD SEPTEMBER PAYROLL $ 69,349.45 18150-18161 SEPTEMBER PAYROLL VENDORS $ 37,847.11 EFT SEPTEMBER PAYROLL TAXES $ 23,660.07 EFT SEPTEMBERAFLAC $ 777.06 18162 AMANDA COSTAS $142.56 18163 AWl SYSTEMS I NC $ 379.00 18164 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD $1,483.45 18165 CHELSEA SIGVALDSEN $17.28 18166 CITRIX $122.48 18167 CITY OF ME DORA $ 611.99 18168 DANIELLE BOSWELL $1 650.00 18169 DENNIS O'BRIEN $ 7,095.94 18170 DICKIEJO KUBAS $ 385.00 18171 ERIKA HONEYMAN $ 225.08 18172 GARY MEDUNA $ 5,342.40 18173 GLORIA PFLEPSEN $17.28 18174 HARLOW'S SCHOOL BUS SERVICE, INC. $162.75 18175 THE HORACE MANN COMPANIES $ 228.37 18176 ISTATION $ 7,920.00 18177 JENNIFER KESSEL $ 46.00 18178 JESSIE BERGEn $ 59.76 18179 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $ 344.00 18180 KAITLYN DAVIS $120.00 18181 KATHY MALKOWSKI $ 5,232.22 18182 KAYLEEN OBRITSCH$ 250.56 18183 KEMPS LLC (DBA CASS- CLAY CREAMERY) $176.67 18184 KOHLER COMMUNICATIONS INC $ 826.05 18185 KXDI-FM $100.00 18186 LORI NOBLE $ 37.80 18187 MARCO INC $ 4,154.46 18188 MARKIE TOSO $ 74.52 18189 MARLA JOB $ 54.00 18190 MEDORA CONVENIENCE $ 4.00 18191 ND COUNCIL OF the measure would repeal two prowl- EDUCATIONAL LEADERS$ 2,205.00 sions of current law related to an excise 18192 OLSON'S SERVICES 5,902.06 tax on cigarettes and the exemption for 18193 PETER ODERMANN$ 4,873,44 taxes on cigarettes and tobacco prod- 18194 BILLINGS COUNTY ucts given to occupants of the State's PIONEER $ 440.80 veterans' home and the state hospital. 18195 RESP $1,885.00 18196 SHAE PEPLINSKI $ 45.00 Voting "YES" means you approve 18197 TAMMY SIMNIONIW $105.03 the measure as summarized above, 18198 TOM HUTZENBILER $ 45.00 Voting "NO" means you reject the 18199 WEST RIVER STUDENT measure as summarized above. SERVICES $ 3,328.51 EFT JP MORGAN CREDIT Analysis of Initiated Statutory CARD $ 24,758.60 Measure No. 5 Propane bids were opened and read Initiated Statutory Measure No. 5 by Arthaud as follows: was placed on the ballot by petitions cir- West Dakota Oil $.69 per cutated by a sponsoring committee. If gallon approved, this initiated measure would Cenex add a new chapter to Title 19 of the $.85 per gallon throughout period stated North Dakota Century Code creating an n call for bid Act which provides for the medical use Creative Energy $.955 per of marijuana for defined medical condi- gallon with guaranteed downward pro- tions, such as cancer, AIDS, hepatitis C, tection clause ALS, glaucoma, and epilepsy. To par- The board called Ross Reiter with ticipate in the program, the Act would West Dakota Oil to obtain clarification provide for identification cards and cer- on the bid to determine if the $.69 per tificates of registration which would be gallon would remain m effect for the en- issued by the Department of Health for tire period stated in the call for bid. Mr. patients, caregivers, and qualified facil- Reiter indicated he believed it would but ities, if all requirements are met. The Act needed to check it out the next morning would create provisions for monitoring, to be sure. inventorying, dispensing, cultivating and Stacey Kesset req uested to declare growing marijuana to be regulated and a conflict and refrain from voting on this enforced by the Department of Health. issue. M/S Joey Kessel/Klatt to allow A qualified patient could be dispensed for the conflict. All infavor. up to three ounces of usable manjuana, M/S Klatt/Joey Kessel to award the and could grow marijuana if his or her propane contract for the 2016-17 fiscal home is located more than forty miles year to West Dakota Oil at a bid price from the nearest registered facility. For of $.69 per gallon contingent upon West violations, the Act would authorize the Dakota Oil providing written documen- Department of Health to provide for cor- tation stating that price would remain in rective action, suspension, revocation, effect throughout the fiscal year. appeal, hearings, and referral for crimi- Arthaud, Joey Kessel, Klatt, and Reis nal prosecution. The Act would require voting in favor. the Department of Health to submit an M/S Joey Kessel/Klatt to award the annual report to the legislature regard- propane contract for the 2016-17 fiscal ing program statistics, year to Creative Energy at the bid price ~lnd stated terms if West Dakota Oil fails Voting "YES" means you approve to provide written documentation stat- the measure as summarized above, ing the bid price of $.69 per gallon will Voting "NO" means you reject the hold throughout the fiscal year. measure as summarized above. Arthaud, Joey Kessel, Klatt, and Reis (October 13 and 20) voting in favor. Dennis O'Brien submitted a request =',,,, w==;";n" County for the board to reconsider the mileage he is being paid for Route 3 since it was School reduced by 45 miles from what was is- sued in his contract. The board dis- BILLINGS COUNTY cussed the uncertainty of the mileage SCHOOL DISTRICT #1 for the routes at the time bids are ad- Minutes of Regular Meeting vertised and contracts issued. After dis- September 13, 2016 cussion, M/S Reis/Stacey Kessel to Have something that may be newsworthy that you'd like to share or submit to the Golden Valley News or the Billings County Pioneer? We won't know about it unless you tell us, and we welcome sub- mitted news items! It's easy. Just give us a call, e-mail your item and a phone number, or mail a photo and the text that goes along with it. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer: P.O. Box 156, Beach, ND 58621 (701) 872-3755; goldenand- split the difference in mileage and pay for an extra 22.5 miles per day for a total of 82.5 miles per day retroactive to the beginning of the school year to help defray the loss of anticipated revenue. All in favor. Kathy Malkowski and Donna Barnett were present to request additional mileage for driving Prairie students to sports activities after school. It was de- termined that this added an additional 23 miles to the route on days that stu- dents needed to be transported to ac- tivities. Malkowski told the board she would be agreeable to being paid only for the loaded miles, which would total 11.5 on the days of sports activities. M/S Reis/Joey Kessel to agree to these terms retroactive to the beginning of the school year. Barnett will be required to submit a monthly statement for the days which the sports activity transports oc- curred. All in favor. Theresa Lackey was present to re- quest that her son be picked up in their tVoatdenterinq by way of the county road mesoumane mm nor yaro from the back. It was determined that this =s a safer option than directly from the high- way as the turning lane into her yard is to the east and she lives on the west side of the h ighway. Malkowski agreed to this and stated she would not charge the District for any extra mileage in- curred since it was right next to the highway. Barnett concurred that she was comfortable with this option. M/S Klatt/Stacey Kessel to allow the extra stop at Lakey's using the entry by way of the county road, but contingent upon the Lackey's keeping this roadway cleared of snow in winter months. Lackey agreed and stated they would call the bus driver if the approach was not able to be cleared by bus time and be responsible for transport if this is the case. All in favor. Bill Kessel submitted a request to have the bus stop moved from Binkie Miller's to 27th Street Southwest on the east side of Highway 85. Kessel of- fered to donate land for a bus turn- around at this location. It was determined that only Lackey's and the Bill Kessel family were being picked up at the Miller location and there were families with future high schoolers closer to the 27th Street location. M/S Reis/Joey Kessel to allow for the new bus turnaround contingent upon it not being a cost to the school district to build it and to eliminate the bus stop at Binkie Miller's. All in favor. Simnioniw will contact the County to determine if they are agreeable to building the bus turnaround at 27th Street. Peplinski reported that it was deter- mined that there was a need for addi- tional teacher's aide support at Prairie School. She proposed to the board that Tasha Norton spend three days at Prairie and two days at DeMores. She requested that five additional days be added to Jan Kuchera's contract to allow for training of teacher's aides. M/S Joey Kessel/Reis to approve the request and add an addendum to Jan Kuchera's contract for the additional five days at her daily contract rate. All in favor. Boswell submitted a letter of resig- nation to the board from Mafia Job, the Prairie Cook, Her resignation is effec- tive September 23. M/S Reis/Stacey Kessel to accept this resignation. All in favor. An interview committee consist- ing of Mike Klatt, Julie Reis, Principal Peplinski, and Assistant Principal Boswell reported that they advertised the position on Job Service and the school website and had then conducted interviews. The committee recom- mended hiring Jackie Wolf to fill the Prairie School cook position at a start- ing hourly rate of $16. M/S Stacey Kessel/Joey Kessel to approve the rec- ommendation of the interview commit- tee. All in favor. Peplinski presented the board with the state accreditation annual compli- ance reports. Two teachers at Prairie School are on a plan to obtain highly qualified status. The State has allowed for an extension to obtain accreditation with the plan in place. M/S Reis/Klatt to approve an extension for the annual certification of compliance for Prairie School. AI in favor. M/S Klatt/Stacey Kessel to approve the annual compliance report for De- Mores School with all teachers having highly qualified status. All in favor. M/S Stacey Kessel/Reis to approve the District-Wide annual compliance re- port. All in favor. M/S Stacey Kessel/Joey Kessel to approve holding a school district sup- ported Pre-Kindergarten program at DeMores School sanctioned through DPI. All in favor. The board reviewed a grant pro- posal requesting $4,350 for Title VI funds to be used for educational staff professional development. M/S Joey Kessel/Reis to approve the Title VI g rant request as presented. All in favor. Peplinski and Boswell reported on upcoming student activity events and staff professional development. They also requested latitude in making judge- ment calls where transportation is con- cerned for students participating in the sports co-op. It was the consensus of the school board members that it was best to allow the building principals some latitude in making decisions of this nature. Simnioniw provided a report show- ing estimated amounts for repairs needed due to roof leakage while the DeMores roof was being re-shingled. A total of $109,159 in estimates has been received to date. Estimates are still needed for mover's cost for when car- pets w be ret01aced leather coucb_ ann texturing OTWaHS'm an omce mat needs wallpaper removed. The board reviewed estimates ob- tained for replacing damaged ceilings and for replacing lighting in rooms where ceiling tiles were damaged. M/S Stacey Kessel/Reis to replace the light- ing ~n all rooms receiving ceiling dam- age where ceiling tiles needed to be replaced since the current lighting was becoming obsolete and while ceilings were opened due to water damage. All in favor. M/S Joey Kessel/Stacey Kessel to replace ceiling tiles in offices receMng water damage to a significant portion of ceiling tiles. All in favor. It was the con- sensus of the board to hold off on mak- ing a decision regarding replacement of the damaged hallway ceiling until more options could be explored. Damage occurred to the outer cor- ner of the coping above the flat roof. Twin City Roofing will do the repair for $897. M/S Joey Kessel/Reis to ap- prove a change order in the amount of $897 for the repair. All in favor. Simnioniw reported that the zoning variance for placement of the Prairie storage garage was approved and that the County will do the dirt work for the project. Construction will begin imme- diately. The board was provided the agenda for the annual School Board Convention being held October 27-28. 2016. Board members were asked to notify Simnioniw prior to October 1 to let her know if they wil be attending. Discussion was held on whether to purchase or lease a new photocopier. M/S Joey Kessel/Stacey Kessel to pur- chase a new photocopier from ABM at a cost of $6,995. All in favor. M/S Reis/Joey Kessel to call for sealed bids for a new school pickup. AI in favor. Reis informed the board that the fire department has an E-Dispatch unit which is a scanner that records pages and stores this in a computer file. Fiber optic capabilities are needed where the unit is placed. Currently, it is being housed in a Billings County Deputy Sheriff's home. If this option is lost, Reis asked the board if it would be ac- ceptable to place it at Prairie School. It was the general consensus of tl~e hostel. that this could be a viable option if the need arose. Stacey Kessel gave a RESP report. She asked for a substitute for the Octo- ber meeting as she will not be able to attend. Arthaud volunteered to take her place. A thank you note from Elizabeth Odermann was provided to board for review. M/S Joey Kessel/Reis to adjourn. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. Lynn Arthaud, President Tammy Simnioniw, Business Man- ager (October 20) Y0usaidL Billings County School ..... . BILL!NGS'CO, UNTy. SCHOOL DISTRICT #1 Minutes of Sl)~Clal Meeting October 3, 2016 A special meeting of the Billings County School Board was called to order at 1:05 p.m. MT, Monday, October 3, 2016, at DeMores School in Medora. Present on-site was Lynn Arthaud, Prin- cipal Shae Peplinski, and Business Manager Tammy Simnioniw. Present via teleconference were Mike Klatt, Julie Reis, and Assistant Principal Danielle Boswell. Principal Peplinski read a letter of resignation from Jaimie Ishee, Teacher's Aide at Prairie School, effec- tive October 10, 2016. M/S Reis/Klatt, to accept the resignation. All in favor. o,,,~=;n=ki di.~cussed the need of hay- ing a teacher to serve as Interventionist at Prairie School. The Interventionist would develop daily lesson plans and provide individualized 4nstruction for students in need of extra academic sup- port. Peplinski recommended hiring Jennifer Kessel an additional three days per week in the Interventionist role in addition to the two days she is currently employed as art teacher and not fill the teacher's aide vacancy~ M/S Klatt/Reis, to approve the recommendation adding an addendum to Jennifer Kessel's cur- rent contract to employ her as an Inter- ventionist at Prairie School three days per week. All in favor. M/S Klatt/Reis, to adjourn. All m favor. The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m Lynn Arthaud, President Tammy Simnioniw, Business Man- ager (October 20) Notice EQUIPMENT TESTING NOTICE A public test will be held on Monday, October 31, 20t6 at 10:00A~M. MST for the Model 100 Precinct Scanner that will be used for the General Election. The test will be held in the Commis- sioner's Room at the Golden Valley County Courthouse in Beach. - (October 20) Oil activity report Baker Hughes Inc. on Oct. 14 posted its weekly rig count reports: - U.S.rig count is up 15 rigs from last week to 539, with oil figs up 4 to 432. gas rigs up 1 l to 105, and mis- cellaneous rigs unchanged at 2. - The U.S. offshore rig count is unchanged from last week at 23, and down 10 rigs year over year. -,Canadian rig count is unchanged frQ.m l~s! .week at 165, with oil.rigs up &to 9 , and d0w 3 tq75 2' No la Dal 0ta rig count'is at 30, which is unchanged from last week. The following relates to oil and gas well activity, for the week of Oct. 9, in Stark, Gblden Valley, Billings and Slope counties and is.from re- ports of the Department of Mineral Resources: Permit renewal: #24073- Thunderbird Resources L.P., Little Missouri Federal 24-10- IH, SWSE 10-[41Nzl00W, Billings County, "Tight Hole" save Wl Verizon Wireless participates in the Lifeline assistance program that offers qualified, Ic of at least $9.25 on their monthly wireless service. Only eligible may enroll in the program. You may be eligible for a Lifeline discount if you currently participate in a qualifying public assistance program or otherwise satisfy the federal... income requirements. The Lifeline discount is limited tO a single Ii{ie " : ~ : of service per household. Eligible customers may apply the Lifeline discount to either one landline or one wireless number, but you cannot have the discount on both services. Other service providers may use. terms other than "Lifeline" to describe the Lifeline discount. The Lifeline service may not be transferred to any other individual. Applicants must present documentation of household income or participation in;qu~!i~rtg i~. ~ ~- ,, programs. Consumers who willfully make false statements in order t0 obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment, or maybe barred from the Program. To receive further information about the Verizon Wireless at 800-417-3849 or go to www.ver lifeline. Lifeline is only available in limited areas where been designated te offer these programs. Requirements f ]oJJ rlClUgeO. ,[axes surcnargus anu fees. such as E911 an,q g[uss receipts charges, vary oy market and could add between 6{; and 44q4 ,o our ,,,,, 88c Administrative/line/rno ~s not tax fs not rJrorated & is subject to l 1 ~p I cl allgu lit,; ORfANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: SublOC[ to ItAonth [o Month Customer Agreament and Calling Vigil JTI.C,I ;0[ ~] r~l!al),.c, !If ,p flI.c,~is. {,/[ilb;, (~',-~[IK;[K)"S f!l~jy d[)l~ ~' 20t6 Ver zoI1 Wireless LIFE .'..