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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 14, 1943     Golden Valley News
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October 14, 1943
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PAGE FOUR THE GOLI~EN VALLEY NEWS Danc,e at S Good Music ntin Paul Wagner had dental work done in Beach Friday morning. Mr~ end Mrs. John Sanders were Dickinson callers Friday night. Charile Allen has been working around Alpha this week. Mrs. Oertle Hormold was a Dickinson shopper Saturday. Miss Dorothea Wischow left Tuesday night for Monterey, Calif. Bernard Zinsll left Thursday morning for Minneapolis, ,Minn. to Joln the Navy. Mr. and MrS. William Gardner were Tuesday evening visitors in Sentinel Butte. Mrs. Lyle Petersilie, Gerry Combs and Thomas Tescher went to Glen- dive Friday to get gravel. Mrs. Helen Hovland and Miss Delores Hess attended the dance at Alpha Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huseby and Mrs. Georgia Tremball were Dick- Insert shoppers Satuday. Mrs. Hazel Reed was a caller at the Louie Odland home in Beach Saturday. Mrs. Cecil Tangen and family were Saturday visitors at the Mrs. Hazel Reed home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith were Sunday evening guests at the Mike Thlesen home. Mrs. Ted Rink attended the W. M. F. convention at Hatllday on Sunday. Joan and Jerry Osterhout spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Vic- tor Carlson. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Overstad, Walter Bratton, Clare~ Klppley and Betty Hellemons were Thursday evening callers In town. ~[iss Gertrude Fisher arrived on Saturday morning from Concord, Calif. to attend the funeral of her brother, Clifford. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Martin re- turned Thursday night after a short business trip. to Billlnga, Mont. Ole Wadahl, Mrs. Orrin B. Lovell and Mrs. Helen Hovland were Sat- urday evening guests at the Elmer Rest home. Miss Helen Higley, Miss Mary Tiber, MISs Jenny ,Lambert and MI~ .Myrtles Olson spent the week- end in Dickinson. MIss Helen Higley, Miss Jenny Lambert, Miss Myrtles Oison and Mrs. Hazel Reed attended the show in Beach Sunday night. Mrs. Byron Hogoboom and child- ren and ,Mrs. H. F. Mikelson and Lorna a~tended the show in Beach Thursday evening. Mrs. Paul Wischow, Mrs. Bob Hall, Mrs. Ted Rink and Mrs. Nail Hogoboom were guests of Mrs. Paul Wagner Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. W. R. campin entertained the Congregational Ladies Aid on Wednesday. Several people at- tended and a delicious lunch .was served. Miss Harriet Jones of Olendive and Bill and Delva Mac Howard and Mr .and Mrs. Harry Huseby and Miss Oeorgie Tremba were Sunda~ dinner guests at the Pat Murphy farm home. A1 Rmlth arrived Thursday eve- from Minnesota to visit Miss Delores Hess. who Is spending a short vacation from Seattle, Wash. with Mrs. Mary L~hman and Dale Hess. The stork flew to the home of S-Sgt, and Mrs. Carl A. Carlson at Bakersfield, Calif. Thursday night, bringing with him a fine seven pound ~n ounce baby ~rl. The new arrival has been named Faye Anne. n m u uu m IPUT KITCHEN FATS TO WORKI HOW TO RENDER FAT I. Trim excess fat from all an- cooked meat and keep in ratr/gerator until j'eady to TYPICAL RECIPES USING SALYAGED KITCHEN FA'I PIE CRUST 2 cups ~ :/~ tc~ponn mlt cup drippings of ~ to 6 ud,le~poo~ rendered fat cold wat4nr Sih flour, mee~. add ~dt and 6ft again. Cut in cam fst until particles nee about ~ of pea~ Add cold water, r, ult ~ ~ ~ qu~ddy a~d t-~mly thmush flon~ with fork u~ dimgh jmt holds ~ bol~ U~ as lltd w~tor as pore'Me. ~ill I~t'~ rolling, Thk nmke~ enough lXmry for. twe-ormt 9-inch [Ae~ Roll the dough to M~mt om-elgfith i~h in thidme~ BAKING POWDER BISCUITS 1~ tap~ ~o~ ) to 6 tablesponm 4 te~poo~ baking rendered fat ~" powd~ drippings I ~mh " I cup milk Mix m:d ~ dry ingrcdieam. Cut in cold fat. Add ~n, m~k Ml st ~ t~. Stir with fo~k until *.he dough dln~ in ball. Turn on lighdy ~oared surface and knud gend~ for o~-half minute. Pat or roll oncJtaff inch thick and cut with a mmdl bbamit cutter, dipped in flour. Place on baking d.eet and bake in hot oven (4~0F.) for 12 to 15 mlnute~ S. Cool to room temperature. 6. Cov~r t/ghfly and store in refr|gerafor. /May be mixed w/th other rendered fat or dripp/ngs which have been ~rained.I CRACKLING CORN BREAD 2 ~l~mm~d 2 ~ ulg c~p ~ted ~ t ng~ b~t~ Idt dt~r.f~t b ~der~) o~ i~t through food grlnde~. Slh e0get~r d~y inred, m. ~dd ~, whlch butca ,~g h~ bern *xkled, .~d rain ~dl, Sek ~- emddlnl~ P~ mlmuee ~,,** ~tm md boke ~ hat ov~ (~F.) m** 40 m~nuU~ or ~ w~g i~.owe.d. i GINGER COOKIES $ c~pe ~ur 2 CUl~bro~m mg~r or d~ppi~ molmm and~t Bout oe~e. meamve and ~rt ~ w~th tudt and ginger. Cream fat, add sugar m~l omv~m~ cmuz~g. Add i~tm eggs, vinepr andmolas~ Add dry ingredients and rain. l~oU in ~ the dze of a whlnut. P~ on a cooke ond ~ in a mod~tcly bat oven (400F.) for ~ ~ f~ mwa Yk~i: Sdm~ flFFY CAKE m, demi fat oe "lz/i tal~ d(ted tlour I tap ~ powder i~tdl ~u in. bow~ aed beet wlth s t,~n~ b~t~r, l~ttor dm~l I~ ~ght ~1 nmo~h. Po~r in~o deep kye~ pta md ~ wi~ d~ fo~o~ ~tur~ ~ cup gm~ed v.ort ck,tabte or ~~mt md ~ cup ~aelx I Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Rest were Sunday callers in town. Lt. Edward L. Wo~epka arrived home Monday for a two-day visit with hIs folks. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Woeepka, and other relatives. Lt. Wosepka Is being transferred from Fort Marmou~h, . New Jersey to Fort Custer. Michigan. Mrs. Fred Smith was hostess to the members of the Study Club Tuesday evening at the regular program meeting. After the busi- ness meeting Mrs. William Gardner read an interesting paper on the "History of the Red Cross." The Get-To-esther Club met at the home of Mrs. Ethel Haugse Friday afternoon. Four tables of bridge were in play. The prizes of War Stamps were won by Mrs. Gazena Jordan and Mrs. ~VIary Lehman. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess. Mr. aud Mrs. Paul Wagner were pleasantly surprised Thursday eve- ning when several friends dropped in on them to help them celebrate their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Whist was the diversion of the evening, with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wischow winning high prizes and Mrs. E. D. Nelson aud Bob Hall winning low. Mr. and Mrs. Wag- ne~ were presented with a beau- tiful ~' of la~toria by the assem- bled gt~ts., After partaking of the delidou~ lunch which they brought w~ ;them, the guests dep~ ~ing the Wagners man~1 mo~ h~ppy wedding aru~- versaries. _V~=.=~ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wassmann were dinner guests at the John Fakler home Monday. A very large crowd attended the auction sale held at the Andrew Peterson farm on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Wosepkp and Sharon, Mr. and Mrs. Ola~ Orstad, Mr. and Mrs/ Art Under~ wood and baby, Mrs. Howard Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Johnson, Axel, Charlie and Adolph Johnson, Mr. ,Mr. and Mrs. NIc Johnson and family were visitors at the Chris Johnson home Tuesday evening. Ed Wosepka Is spending a short furlough here, visiting friends end relatives. Rudy Allen spent the past week with Albert Kreltinger, visiting and getting acquainted with Golva folks. Robert Ekre was operated on Wednesday night for appendicitis and Mrs. Fred Wassmann, Mrs. at Beach. He Is getting along John Johnson, Mrs. Lloyd Wass- very nicely now. mann and Carolyn were all Beach Mrs. Relnhardt Nistler is visiting shoppers on Friday. with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Fred Wassmann entertained Chris Johnson of Golva. Mrs. the Gotva Sunshine Society at her Nistler is from Minnesota. home Wednesday. Those who ~t- tended were Mrs. Andrew Paterson, Mrs. Bill McManigal, Mrs. A. Zie- barth, Mrs, Harold Zlebarth and son, Mrs. Robert Johnson and granddaughter, Mrs. Daisy Wass- mann, Mrs. Laura Strahan, Mrs. Volney Sehmeling an~d girls, Mrs. Art Underwood and baby, Mrs. F. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bobiney and children, Mary Kremers and Margaret Morton were visitors ~tt the Gee. Rising home Sunday. A lovely shower was given fo~ Mrs. Harold Barthel Sunday.. She i received many lovely gifts and a /delicious lunch was served. [ Many friends and relatives at- L. and Jackie, and /Mrs. Walter Wassmann and JerrY. - V-- GOLVA Schmeling, Mrs. John Faklerltended the wedding of Miss Patricia Work was started on the south end of Highway 16 on Monday. Miss Betty Larsen spent the weekend in Beach. Albert K~ettin~er left Friday for a few days visit at Hettinger. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson are vIsiting here. Mrs. Avis Kautzmann spent the we~kend'at l~er home. at Sweet Br~: Mrs. Roman Finneman and daughter are now visiting at Kali- spell, Montana. Many people of this community attended the sale at the A. M. P~erso~ farm the past week. A large group of Gales people attended the dance at St. Phillips Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bobiney and children were Golva callers 1;'riday. Mrs. Fritz Noll and children :e- tt~med Saturday from a visit In Minnesota. Agatha Nistler left Wednesday after a short visit with friends and relatives here. Al Christenson of Minneapolis has spent the past week visiting here. Victor Bares Is home this week, after haV~g received a medical d~ from ~e/army. Many of the people In this commm~ty .attend~ the sale at Bert Pahners Thursday. Whlte ~ children are v~th~ ~ this Carew and Harold Barthel, held Tuesday morning at St. Mary's church. A dance was held Tues- day night at Alpha and the large group that gathered reported hav- ing a good time. --,V THANK YOU! I wish to thank the people who gave the party Saturday evening in my honor, espec/ally those of the Bonnie View community, and for their gift of silver. Merton Still. ---V-- Do your trsdin~ In Beach! I Fm ~ Yells Of Thrilling Disc~'ee~l New Hope For Miliion~ One of the most ~tional ~-kmtific dis- coveries of modem tirnm is an ~ntt-~ay hair vitnmin Omt re- stores ~atul~l. ~or- real color to g~ty hair in n~tur~'# own wwy. Scientific Investigation has revealed that gray hair, in manycase~may be due to m vitamin deficiency. Scientists have also discovered the particular vi. tamtn thet is n ecemmry to rmtore ~ol- or to the hair in such cases. Reports of tests madeindicate rennurkeble results. Nota ~t a t~nt--not a dru~--no~ a medicine! It is a valusble food sup- plement. If you are among the miUiorm of people who find themselves handi- capped, in Im~nem or mcisny, I~e of gray hak. mail cou~ b~ow (or write) mm vltam~ dim~ov~ry.,Thereisno ~mt or obl~, so m~l ted.. c~~ ~, smm?mffi~uam'm ........ 1 ,i . Fred Wassmann hauled gravel for John Fakler Wednesday. Lt. Edward W0eepka spent a few days furiough .at the home of his~ ~arents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Woeepka this week. Several people from Garner were amon~ those who attended the sale at the Bert Palmer farm Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wassmann attended the dance at St. Phillips Thursday night. John Stun and Fred Wassmann hauled, wheat to Sentinel Butte Monday. .Mrs. Lloyd Wa~smann and Caro- lyn, Mrs. John Stull and Davie, and Mrs, Walter Wassmann and Jerry were Otolva callers on Tues- day afternoon. Quite a number of Garner peo- ple attended the wedding dance ~xen by Mr.' and Mrs. Harold thel at Alpha on Tuesday night, Mrs. Fred Walter Thursday, October i4, ri. Oct. 15 Everybody Welcome PANTS are two-legged animals by all females between the of five and seventy-five. One the greatest thrills in life for average curly-headed moppet the day she graduates from shorts into long pan~s and is a grown-up just like mother. The years will pass quickly, and the first thing you know she will be a ready to demonstrate who the pants in her family. well, pants should fit snugly ~round the waist and hang neati~nd I for one never expected toe,rive to see the day where the l~verage woman spends more time ~nd effort keeping up her pants tthan she does keeping up with the ~lones. Pants are very democratic. ~ They are worn by humble wome~in and also by those who have livec~ sumptuously, travel- led, eaten well,~]l~ and in ger~ral ~f a full life. I~ fact it may be stated as an almost Inva~ble rule; the fuller the life, ~t~ fuller the pants. Feminine pants are like naval vessels. There is the svelte teen- age model which resembles the streamlined mosquito boat; the middle-aged all-purpose number akin to the light or medium-heavy cruiser; and finally the 2-pounds- of - chocolates - and - oodles - of- whipped - cream - ever-] -day edition which can be styled the super- dreadnaught, broad of beam and with additional protective bulges added as the years go by. Ra- tioning of sugar and other food d~nmodities is expected to result in'~eater manuverabillty for all classe~Jxwith a corresponding reduc- -- "'~tion In-~the size of the average base. A pos~le future innovation may be the ca~ef~model equipped with side and hip ,po~ets. I have written a litt~ song to RATION REMINDERS Sugar--Stamps 14, 15 and 16 good to October 31 for five pounds of sugar each. (Nos. 15 and 16 for home canning purposes). Brown Stamps---Brown Stamp C valid through October 30. Stamp D becomes valid October 3 and is good through October 30. E, Oc- tober 10 through October 30. Processed Foods Blue Stamps-- Stamps U, V and W valid through October 20. X, Y and Z became valid October 1, good to Novem- ber 20th. Shoes---Stamp No. 18 in Book One validity extended indefinitely. Airplane Stamp No. 1 in War Ra- tion Book III valid for one paLr of shoes November I. Fuel Oil~Period One coupons l~ new fuel oil ration book valid through January 3. Gasoline--Number ~ co~p~ of ~'~ "A" book became valid Sap. tember 22 anff ~d through No- vember 21. "'B" and "C" couports are reduced from 3 gallor~ tO 2 gallons, effective October 1. "A'" coupons remain at 3 gallon value. Tire Inspeetion--"B" coupon hold- eis must have inspection by Oct. 31. War Ration Book Four--Regis- tration of War Ration Book Four a same places as last time, on October 21, 22 and 23. Stoves--Applications for purchase certificates on all gas, oil and wood or coal heating and cooking stoves must be made to local War Price and Rationing Boards. ~-V---- A product of the times is the office boy who asked for an after- noon off because his grandmother i was coming home on leave. I I REAL DISCOVERY FOR the tune of "There's A Lo~" BLOOD.-...m.pnmll~ Trail A-Winding" which goes as follows: ,, , Dangerotm High Blood PressureI There are long long pants a- (EssentialHy~erte~sion) is usuallyi marz~ Dy distressing symptoms~ winding into the land of my such as dizziness, throbbing head-I dreams Where every woman has six p~Lrs[ aches, sleeplessness and nervous. in dazzling color schemes. I ness. If disregarded, this may lead to Heart Trouble, Stroke, Paralysis, There are long days of toiling Hardening of the Arteries or Kid. because my dreams have come ney Trouble. "Diamonex~ discovery true, ] of a heart specialist, is designed to And I'm busy earning dough quickly aid in the relief of these distressing symptoms. enough to buy those pants for A Chicago t~ident says: "I suf* you. feted from High Blood Pressure for Pants are also worn by men.-- Parke Cummings.. ---V. FIRST MEETING OF NEW CLUB YEAR The Pleasant Valley Homemakers Club held its first regular meeting of the new club year at the home of Mrs. Kathryn Smith on Wed- nesday afternoon, October 6th, with the president, Mrs. Glenn Hatha- way, presiding. The meeting opened by singing "Aloha" and the usual routine business meeting followed. Roll call was responded to by sugges- tions for this year's work. The project leaders, Mrs. Hugh Ross and Mrs. Kathryn Smith pre- sented an interesting lesson on "Known Facts About Foods." The meeting closed by singing "My Old Kentucky Home" after which Mrs. L. C. Zielsdorf and Mrs. Rex Simmons had charge of the social hour. Contests were won by Mrs. Carl Davis and Mrs. Elda Grantler. The next meeting will be held at the Win. Zabel home on November 3rd. Mrs. R. H. Welsh, Sac. ~-V Remember, October 15th is the deadline for Army overseas marling. several years with inereasinglF severe throbbing headaches, dissf. hess and shortness-of breath, I showed the Diamonex formula to my doctor and, on his advice, tried the treatment ~or two weeks under identical conditions as previous treatments. Within only three days my bad headaches and dizzy spells were gone. My high blood pressure was reduced and Isleep fine." Diamonex goes directly to work in three-~iifferent ways to aid in the relief of t~ese dangerous syrup- toms. Results are speedy--within as short a time as two weeks suf. refers often find that Diamonex has accomplished 75% of the total re- duction possible with this formula. If you suffer from High Blood Pressure ~ou may try DIAMONEX ~vithout rmking a penny. To intro- duce this wonderful treatment to a million new sufferers this libers] trial offer is made for a limited time only. Send only $1.50 to the Diamonex Company, 318-A North M4ehigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois fore TWO weeks suppl~ of genuine DIAMONEX, prepaid. Use Dis. monex according to the simple dl. rections for only two weeks. If, at the end of that test period you are not delighted with results yam" money will be refunded tmmedi. ately on request. There are no strings or conditions--you owe it to yoursel~ to make this wonderful ~est at ones. Writ~ today ~ th~ ~er k fully a~nmmteed. II nn REPLACE WITH NEW DELCO.LIGHT BATTERIES For UNRATIONED Power and Light 10% to 100% MORE USEFUL WORK Worn - out batteries are wasteful, Replace n o w with new Delco-Light KXG Batteries that provide low- cost, day - in - and-day-out useful power and light. Deice-Light Batteries are guaranteed for NOT LESS THAN 1000 USEFUL WORK CYCLES ... not just for rationed use over a term of years. No won- der they can produce 10% to 100% more useful work. Compare their guarantee with that of any other battery, and \remember~ more Delco-L~ght Batter. ies, backedby General M?tors, are now in use than any other make ! V NNA AUTO SUPPLY CO. coa qu~ will Bet my SOt chi N. COl ne~ Inl da FOB J~ N. FOil bu W: b~ tC~S O. all -...._ FO~ he --t~l fie At Ill" B~ N( ca al~ AI cL ST~ of OE PI B~ of USI G st tl SI Ot K J~ S~ P.I m~m I | | & ~ 0 & 4 iI