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October 5, 2017     Golden Valley News
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October 5, 2017
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October 5, 2017 Golden Valley News Pa e LI At home on the hill Home On The Range's horses seem to enjoy 'catching a breeze' on top of a hill south of the youth facility. (Photo by Richard Volesky) Famous regiment's last reunion planned for Oct. 14 By News/Pioneer Staff Devils Lake, Harvey, Lisbon, Bet- chat with the 164th veterans of BISMARCK - The last reunion tineau, Bismarck, Cavalier, Grafton, Guadalcanal, Bougainville and the of North Dakota's 164th Infantry Rugby, Cando, Williston, Carting- Philippines campaigns is scheduled Regiment will be held exactly 75 ton, Valley City, Jamestown, Edge- at 1 p.m. in the second floor theater years to the day of the World War II ley, Dickinson and Wahpeton. at the Energy Center. Larry Skogen, event that made it famous. Draftees and others were assigned to president of Bismarck State Col- An open house for the public will bring the unit up to strength, and lege, will host the interactive event take place all day Saturday, Oct. 14, about 2,000 replacements came and to discuss thebattles and will also on the upper floor of the Energy went during 600 days of combat,field questions from the audience. Center at Bismarck State College Those listed as serving and their A short program will take place Fhe display area will open at 9 a. m hometown counties include: in the third floor display area prior and continue until 5 p. m. Collec- - Billings County: Mike J. Ha- to a 2 p.m. band concert by the tions of 164th Infantry uniforms, niuk, Theodore J. Zagurski and Pat North Dakota Army National journals, photos, memorabilia, mill- J. Reilly Guard's 188th Army Band. The lin- tary equipment, and reference mate- - Golden Valley County: Carl E.eage of the 188th Band is directly rials will be available for, viewing. Thomas,Lawrence E. Boisen, Lester connected to the 164th Infantry On Oct. 13, 1942, the 164th In- C. Dempsey, Orville, N. Dodge, Band. fantry landed on Guadalcanal to be- Rodney B. Sheen and Lester Vanvig The entire event on Oct. 14 is come the first U . S . Army unit to - Stark County: There were 85 free and open to the public. In- offensively engage the enemy - in soldiers listed, including five from quiries may be addressed to Edi- either theatre - when it reinforced Belfield: Mike Demianew, Harry the 1st Marine Division against the Dolyniuk, Paul Dowhaniuk, m or (701) 989-2924. The Oct. 13 Japanese in WorldWar II. Clarence Lindbo and Woodrow reunion of the 164th Infantry Asso- The regiment mobilized 1 , 710 Reddy. elation is for members and family men from the communities of Fargo, At the Oct. 14 reunion, time toand pre-registration is required. Hat Tips By Dean Meyer Glendive Medical Center receives Cardiac Recognition Award GLENDIVE, i Mont.. Glendi~ve demonstrate-that they'have the' infra- ' cblS. : ...... This is the 'sixth year that the a Medical Center was recognized with structure and commitment to provic[e the Cardiac Recognition Award at high quality care for patients with ward was presented and Glendive the Montana Hospital Association's acute coronary syndrome, which in- Medical Center is one of 12 critical annual meeting in Billings on Sept. eludes heart attack s. Receiving the access hospitals to qualify Require- 21. recognition confirms Glendive Med- ments, for the recognition include The Cardiac Recognition Award ical Center meets standards related tracking and reporting key cardiac is sponsored by the Cardiovascular to the utilization of evidence-based outcomes, using outcomes data to t tealth Program within the state cardiac order-sets and protocols, pro- initiate quality improvement activi- health department. The a ward sin- vides laboratory services 24/7, and ties and coordinating regular health- gles out critical access hospitals that has well thought out transfer proto- care provider cardiac trainings. Agencies ask for reports of whooping crane sightings Whooping cranes are in the midst groups of 2-3 birds, and may be as- mine their identity. of their fall migration and sightings sociated with sandhill cranes.Whooping crane sightings should will increase as they make their way Other white birds such as snowbe reported to U.S. Fish and Wildlife into and through North Dakota over geese, swans and egrets are often Service offices at Lostwood, (701) the next several weeks. Anyone see- mistaken for whooping cranes. The 848-2466, or Long Lake, ing these birds as they move through most common misidentification is ( 701 ) 387-4397, national wildlife the state is asked to report sightings pelicans, because their wingspan is refuges; the North Dakota Game and so the birds can be tracked, similar and they tuck their pouch in Fish Department in Bismarck, ( 701 Whoopers stand about five feet flight, leaving a silhouette similar to ) 328-6300, or to local game wardens tall and have a wingspan of about a crane when viewed from below, across the state. Reports help biolo- seven feet from tip to tip. They are Anyone sighting whoopers should gists locate important whooping bright white with black wing tips, not disturb them. but record the date. crane habitat areas, monitor marked which are visible only when the time, location, and the birds' acuvlty, birds, determine survival and popu- wings are outspread. In flight they Observers should also look closely lation numbers, and identify times extend their long necks straight for- for and report colored bands which and migration routes. ward, while their long, slender legs may occur on one or both legs. extend out behind the tail. Whooping Whooping cranes have been marked cranes typically migrate singly, or in with colored leg bands to help deter- 1)I1) Y()[; It's Farm Credit Services Annual Harvest Days! Producer Education, Food Bank Donations and Customer Appreciation Events, see website for details. Harvest Days - A CELEBRATION OF TflESEASON Yousaidit, N Dak ! Expanding Democracy hasn't helped much ; American history reflects an un- less they have professional polls to relenting movement toward more tell them. Without scientific polling and more democracy, apparently they respond to ideology, party Io5 N. D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl with the goal of producing a govern- alty; hearsay, anecdotes and i.lerc., Farm Credit Services of Mandan For subscribers, your subscription's expiration date is on your address label. It's time to send in your payment if your expiration ,,, is 3 weeks away. ment that would become more and groups. more representative of the aspira- sumed that they would represent On a few major issues, the Co, tions of the people, states in the federal system more gressional delegation can make :~ After the era of elitism of limited than representing the voters. How- pretty good estimate of public opi,~ . voting with the founding fathers, the ever, once they became elected, their ion. Jacksonian era saw a significant in- attention switched to the wants of the When Democratic Sen. Heidi crease in the number of eligible vet- public. They are now expected to be Heitkamp votes with conservativc~ ers. It wasn't long before the as representative as members of the against her party's caucus on guns, selection of the electors who choose House of Representatives. coal and other hot button issues, she the president was taken away from North Dakota got so excited is making a pretty good estimate el the legislatures and placed on the about all of this democracy that it where the majority of people in ballot for a vote of the people, adopted a constitutional amendment North Dakota stand on critical issues The Civil War resulted in the Fif- in 1898 authorizing the legislature to and she votes as a representative and teenth Amendment that gave prescribe penalties for failingto vote not an ideologue. African-Americans the right to vote. in general elections. Polarization in Washington is nut In 1912, the Seventeenth Amend- But what has all of this democ- tured by militant kleologics tha! ha~e ment moved the selection of each racy meant? Today, according to a no room for compromise anti, in ~ state's two senators from legislatures GaHup poll, only nine percent of the diverse society, the choice is corn to the people, people have "a great deal or quite a promise or stalemate. Straight parly Seven years later, the Nineteenth lot" of confidence in our more rep- voting has negated many of the gains Amendment extended the right to resentative Congress. Seventy-one expected from n|ot-e a,ld inore vote to women. In 1960, the Twenty- percent of the people are dissatisfied democracy. Third Amendment gave citizens n with the way the country is being While true believers like Ihe idea the District of Columbia the right to governed, of electing representatives who will vote for president and, in 1971, the Somehow, all of this democracy defy public opinion and "stand their Twenty-Sixth Amendment lowered has not made citizens feel that their ground no matter what." these are. the voting age to 18-year-olds. government is more representative the kind of senators and represenm- Other than the Bill of Rights, the or more responsive. We may even rives in Washington who have given right to vote was the most common suppose that the country was just as Congress an approval rating el nine subject of amendments to the U.S. happy when voting was restricted to percent. Constitution, indicating that Ameri- the propertied classes. (Oh horrible It sort el proves that more and cans wanted the government to bet- thought!) more democracy didn'! help wi!hout ter represent the electorate on public Are North Dakota's representa- master compromisers like the issues, tives in Washington voting the will Founding Fathers whose compro When U.S. senators were ap- of the people? The truth is that they raises produced the master plan 1,3r pointed by the legislatures, it was as- don't know the will of the people un- the greatest democracy on earth. Hello, One thing I have noticed, is that, like a fine wine, Fm getting better with age. Most people are like that. Well, maybe not most people, just athletes. Like me. I'm becoming better at football than I wasover a half century ago. I don't play fantasy football. But I could. I don't bet on football games. But I could. I sit in my re- cliner and know what the coach should call. Never mind that as a 155-pound offensive lineman in high schobl, I' ididn't c~ll' many plays. This dawned on me yesterday as I was hauling a load of cattle down the highway listening to the Vikings game. They had a fourth and three inches. Really! Fourth down and three inches! And they punted the ball. They punted the ball! You pay guys millions of dollars and you don't think they can go three inches! They lost. They deserved to lose. Never bet on the Vikings. I quit lis- tening after the punt. Later that afternoon, I was talk- ing to an old, close friend. He was the quarterback on our nine-man football team. We were outstand- ing. We won nearly half our games. Which for us was really good. As we visited I expressed my dis- appointment to him about the Vikings. I told him how I could have made three inches. He re- minded me of how slow I was. He reminded me that I was the slowest guy on a very slow team. He re- minded me that sometimes we punted on third down because we Get the word.out .abOut your business! NOTHINC WOI;MI(S LIKB NL=WSPlM3ER IIDVBll'TlSiNC. .,,,, Have something that may be newsworthy that you'd like to share or submit to the Golden Valley News or the Billings County Pio- neer? We won't know about it unless you tell us, and we welcome submitted news items! It's easy:Oust give us a call, e-mail, your item and a phone number, or mail a photo and the text that goes along with it. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer: P.O. Box 156, Beach, ND 58621 (701) 872-3755; couldn't make any yardage. 1 re- membered. That hurt. That really hurt. But actually, punting on third down isn't as bad as punting on fourth and three inches. But basketball was my sport 1 re- minded him. I shouldn't have. He has a better memory than i. He re- minded me of our basketball learn. i was the sixth man on a pretty dang good ballteam.' We won many more than we lost. 1 would go in when Ralph got in foul trouble. Which was usually mid second quarter. I was the slow- est guy on the team, but I could re- bound pretty good if the other team was real short. After I had been super sub for several games, the coach deter- mined I should start. He shouldn't have. We had won like 14 in a row. A school record. your local merchants I forget where we were, but earl3 in the game I pulled a rebound oil the rim. Well, maybe not that high But l got the rehound and started to dribble down the court. A guy thal was super fast, or at least faster Ihan me, came from behind and siolc ill:: ball. We lost the game. The coach said I would nevc~ start again. Which x~as tim" with me. Less pressure. But for the rest of the 5era. evc~ rebound [ g0tll cQtdd heai-the co~c , ,~.tand 4rod, sl21~canl. '[~/]c:},ei. l')O! l dribble ,that ball !' That hurt. That reall~ htN1 Later, Dean Van or Bus Service Billings County Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL: 701-872-3836 Our board meets at 9:~30 a.m., first Tuesday of each month at 701 S. Central Ave., Beach. The public is invitedt A North Dakota a few years ago said this about his cam is asking for his vote in his cdmmunity 97.4% a Ioalnewspaper the SUl