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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 3, 1935     Golden Valley News
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October 3, 1935
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OCTOBER 3. 1935 THE BEACtt R~'IEW : PAGE ? Chama News The Rev, Trinklein family ~::jnyed dinner at the Henry Thoemke home a week ago Sunday. The Wtn. %vandke family ls now ataying at tile H. Thoemt~e farlU looking after household (luties durinc the absence of Mr. cud Mrs. Thoemk~. Mrs. A. E. Bell and daughter Were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. John Pierzina. Dad Bublitz and CHs Timboe haw~ comgleted a new g~ll'a~e on lhe ~r. Welner farm, Little Belly lh)l]ar is re(-overing nicely fr()m her tonsil eperatlon. A/lgUs l~ell spent the v, eekend with friends in Yates. Moat Pete Schiefrer was llUll, l)(~red ~inlOl,g the ill last week and unable Io e~n- tinue work on his new I~l'altal'y. Gone Ll~;an drove oat froln Bea('b Tuesday It) see if I)ad Ilablitz could do cari)entor work for him. ~Vm. Itollar is in Minnesnta points attgndim~. |o hllslnes,~ nlflt'ers. Mrs. 1)et~ Schieff(.r killed a large bull snake (in their farm Thursday httd aOracled Oll(-T ~f their eats. Mrs. ],:ut:~ lk~rtlwtt was a pleasant ar tt~" honw of Mrs. Alyce Bell on Friday. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REVIEW TABLETS Dr. O. R. Niece DENTIST Modern X-RaY Equipment - BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA 'OCTOBER PROGRAM THE BIJOU THEATRE BEACH, N. DAK. %VEDNESDAY 2~THVRSDAY 3 "Going High Brow" (?ast" GUY KIBBEE ZAZU PITTS, I~D%~"ARD" EVERETT ' ItORTON, ROSS ALEXANDER, JUNE MARTEL. A brand new picture the whole family Will enjoy. Broadway Brevity. FRIDAY 4--SATURDAY 5 Saturday ,Matinee at 2:30 "Stranded" FRANCIS. GEORGE BRENT, ELLIS, DONALD %VOODS. dranm, and thrill action con- with the construction of the snspension~ bridge across Califor- nia's Goldett Gate. Brevity and News. illl ~CNDAY ~--MONDA~ 7--'rUESDAY "China Seas" HARLOW, CLARK GABLE. BEERY. A rugged, action of life on Chln~ seas gives SPlendid opportunities to the cast. A Dieture all will wu, nt to see. Todd-lKelly ~Omedy. llll, WEDNESDAY 9--TI4URSDA.Y i0 "Murder in the Fleet" ROBERT TAYLOR. JEAN PARK- TED HEAl,Y, UNA MERKEL, PENI)IA~TON. A thrilling fsst- moving mystery with a naval back- ground. Family. Charlie Chase Comedy. IHI 'HAT LITTLE flAME" ..... Wifie Pulls the Switch AINT I'r ? '('h,: l=,wl}ea.d btolher~ ;tad Aaron at the church parlors Oct. ll. .~II(ll'C Sl)OII] t;l ',v~'~:l;-~"ld l~l ~he]F Mrs ('al'l'i~ Slleyry an(l Mrs S. hoilles h*,ro. Slevells were cMlers at the (]lelnellts Y[rs. .I. 5I(:l)rPel] ;,lld parry o" llolne ill Ska/tr Sllnday. Notes of llm Trotters sick folks ~the past web,k: Ehner Frauk:lin- -t(msil!ectonly, nn Tuesday. ht:o wo~k. Mrs. O. Omley--majo~ operatio'l, last Monday. Mrs, Frnnklin. Mrs. l~. ll'. Cal- lender. Mrs. Relch0rt. and Mrs. Lawhead consultations last week. Doe. ,NDerl'y aqd allother n~an fro)in Michigan bl'etlght lip several seCOll(] hand ears which they are trading l.')r horses. They (.,xpec.t h) leave with the horses SOUl1. A nulnbi~r of 1111:'11 gel!lore! ill th(" ehnreh Friday to do some much needed work on th(, Inlilding. The ladles (ame chine to serve dinuer and supper n) the workers. Tide- ladies also finish(-~d a q~filt whi,-:' ,ill SI:BSCRIBE FOIl THE REVIE~,V =] " i i .................. NOTICE ChaP. 27%. 1935 Session LaWS of N. I)., pro,vides for tile c2,nvelht ti(nl Of 1)ersonal ln'Ope'rly taxes and ill- lerest, penalty [Intl COSls UPOn p;ly- lilt.n, of I'olI/JwJnlg" aluount.~: 1930 and prior years. 40 pereet~t of orJgJna.1 tax 1931, 60 llercell[ of original t:~x 1932, 100 percelt[ ol" orl~4inal six wjillOUl IDler('s[ lind penlllly .1933. 100 1)el'trent O[" original tax without inleresl ~llld penltlly Tt) 'PAKh: AI)VANTAGI)~ O1," THIS Nt~Ht;]DITIA,'. TAX MUST tIE PAID BEFORE JANUARY 1st, 1936, After .January Ist. 1936. the entjre ttl,X wilh a.II illteres] and DenaltK nlnst be ATTENTION ! We have taken ovor lhe barber business fm'merly operated by Mr Merle Adler across from the de- pot. Your patronage will be aP- preciated. We also specialize in ladies' ant children's haircutting. Harris Bros. "E, L. HARRIS J. R. HARRIS 'Pills Inx st:l|;en'lelll ]Ills bet'n figured they habe had on h.tnd for q??ile ;~ ...................................................... ~ under tile above schedule. 'PAI~N A I )VANTAfI I~ I )1r TIllS O1) POI1- 'I'I:NITY OF" PAYING UNI)I':II. "Pills RATE. Exam pie A 1030 original ~ax of $20.00 woul,t ,ow be $30.25 with interest and I;cn- altY.It can be e-ancelled for $S.0t. A 103t original tax of $20.00 wt~utd now be $28.45 wttb interest acd pe~ city. It can he settled for $12.00. A 19112 t~l.x of $20.00 would amounf ~o $29.65 with Interest and penalty. It can be cancelled for $20.00. h 193:1 tax of $20.00 would amount to $24.85 with interest t~tl ~,,~nn~tv. It cnn be (,ancelled for $2(I.00. This z'nu~, be done prior, to JANUARY 1. 193fl. ii i i n i COULD NOT DO HER FRIDAYsaturdayI1--SATURDAYMatinee at 2:3012 [ A flock of geese headed so':th flew lover here ~onday 1~101"I1111~ ,ql/0 lo~qt|e "Little Men'.' lus wo.,ter ,,'bore ,,,. .~.m,,t.," ,,'~,~.'-:.'~ RALPH MOltGAN. EItlN O'BRI-[had gone. Mrs. Wnl. Voyne l'r?t!;r:~e I Vriday from Bismarck where she had speni~ HOUSEWORK ~rTH E N e~y- ~qf thing you at- I tempt is a burden ---wll~n you nervous and irri. table--at your wit's end~try this medicine. It may be just wha" you need for extra energy. Mrs. Charles L. Cadmus of Trenton, New Jersey, says, "A~et doing jusr a little work I had to lie NOTICE FOR BID~ FOR LIGNITE COAL FOR GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NOTICE IS IIEREBY GIVEN that down. My mother-in-law rcom- the Board of County Commissioners mended the Vegetable Compound. of Golden Va]ley County, North l)a. !ca~seeawonderful change now." kota. will receive bids for the fur- [fishing of lignite coal for the County Court ltouse and for relief clients lu Beach and Sentinel Butte. North Dakotn. Said l|~'nitc coal must bo screened and free fronq dirt. mineral and sl'wk and to be delivered tn " J ii ii i / i i ~ . -- ii i _ ~., while. As til~ e:~rp~qlt,-,r WOl"L "n.~ not quite J]ni:~bed ;) f~-~w c:~]~, :~ ,Monday and emnpleted lhe kill. Mrs. E:~ther M~:rille lcfton Monday for her llcp.n,~ it~ PeltllSytvadlia af[o~ several monl.hs visil with her s;st.,r Mrs. Lloyd Call0-nder. Mrs. Abtgrt Turnqllist enter, ail],~r; Mrs. Lloyd Callellder urld Mr.~. Mor- rifle at hmcheou Thursd~v. Mr. and Mrs. C. t[. ('.nli(qldcr ,.n- tertai~,ed at dinner Silll(IPy lil Ilol;o.- of Mrs. Morille. ']'hose present wo].o Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Callender as0 son, Mr. and Mrs IAa)'d Cailpud,~r and Mrs. Morille. I~IOORE. FRANKIE DARRO, t!U,='~- I~D'RKIN. Louisa Alcott's delight- Episode of the serial "~IIRACLE starring Tom 51ix. News. 13--MONDAY 14--TUESDAY 15 "Call of the Wild" CI,AIIK GA)~LIc]. ffACK OAKIE. *f)I.ETTA YO!JNG. Froln the novel Jack London. A beautiful picture the, faro ty Comedy. ................. itl, ........ %V]~DNESDAY 16~THU, RSDAY 1)' "The Irish In Us" ~ast: JAMES' CAGNEY, PAT O'BRIEN, ~I"~tANI< McHUQI-I, 5,IART GORDON. t?~IVIA"3 de HAVII,LAND. A charmin~ (('tare with plenty of hUlnOr, a tear t~lll a smile. Family. Broadway Brevity, .............. i111 ............... FRIDAY 18---SA'/'UI{DAY 19 N iturdnv ~Atatinec at 2:30 "In Old Sante Fe" musical western with KEN ~IAY- 2nd Episode of "Miracle Rider." ................ ~p-- 20~MONDAY 21~TUESDAY 22 "Page Miss Glory" M'ARION I~%%'IES DICK PO%V- PAT O*BI{II,~N. FRANK 5IcHT2GI-I, ASTOR. pATSY KELLY. A [enl eornl'd v L|lat is l'at d one Of best. l~revity. ...................... J',li .......... I %vIqrINEMDAY 23--TttURSDAY 24 I Sanders of the River ~ PAIq, P, OBISON, LESLII~ BANI{S, 1 I~IeKINNBY. .k story dealing the power, force, and vigilance ?O keel) pc'a(:e irt ,%Trice. Comedy. FRIDAY 25---~ATURDAY 26 Haturday 5Tatinee at 2:30 "Red Blood of Courage" KEItMIT s~I A ~KN'AP~D. ANN In a .Tam~:s Q~i~fier Cur- story. 3rd Episode el "Miracle News. 27--.MONDAY 2S~TUESDAY 29 "Les Miserables" , Ft~.EDEI{IC ~IARCH. (~l-I,%RI~:.'g I SIl.'~ CEDRIC ttAR1)- 1 JOItN BEAL. NOCHELL : ] Victor Hugo's story of .Ieon; The entire Production is at- i Ig with its distinguished direction and presentation Silly ~ltlt .............. 30--THURSDAY 31 "Bright Lights,' ANN DVORAK, WILLIA~I DETECTIVE RILEY 'EM UP. ;Y OH,YARE such. quantities and at such times as eo:tl is required for the U~O ill said Conrt ltouse or for de|i~'ery "to relief clients duril*g tile flseal year to end Jnne 30th. 1936 Neah.d ldd.~ will ht~ t'~,ceived up to the hour of 2:00 o'clock, t% i%1. t)n October 3. 1935 and In:,y be- left with the (:oIInty AIl(lilor :tit the Count) (?ou:rt }Iotl~e ill I{etteh, NOl'th l)a - kota F:aetl I,ld is to be accon,panied by :t t-err,lied cheek ill the ;llYloun[ (it ,~Z5.{}1) to 111~111"~' []1:1[ the SI1CCt~NN- fill I,ilhh.r will oilier hllO ('ontr:l~ 1 ;'fill ] II]'lll,%l build Ill tilt! Stllll I)1 $2(10.[)0 for ill~ f3ilhfll} pi'rfornl;iIlvo of ~,qJ(l ('O]l[l';lt [. C|I('C[{s (tf ll~lNIlt'- (''~:S['kll |)id (lel'.~ will [),' 1 tq Ul'llt'll re li)Olll ;l[ ]]IP CtOS(" )f the t)I)enillK el bld} :l/ld the (']le(.k of SUOCPSSfu] ])i(l(]t*/' will be I'e|:lJn(.d nHlil n eo~l- tr;tc[ is t~llilyl'(.i IllIll :ill(1 alH)rovt-tl by Ill(, Uo;u'd Of ('~It|l:~_y t'l,,/~rllisNiOii. er,~ ;/lit] /~OOd filial 1H'OI)t!r [)OI1t fur- lH.~llPd . Tile l~o:trd el ('o[ l[v ( 'OIIlll) iN- SiOT/('FN )'P,~;I'T'VP~ the- l'i~ht 1~ rojl~(,t nHy or all t,id.'~ l)atod :~r I'~e:~ob North tin]lot . this ]0th (lay of Nellte.rnbcr. A I). 19a5. AIINNII'] E. S~IITf[ Auditor. (leiden Valley Coun]y ,~0],1. 12-]9..];. O('t . 3 H I I - TIRED, WORN OUT, NO AMBITION ~" Women are last dragging them. selves arouad, all tired out with peri. odic weakness and pain? They should know. that Lydia E. Pinkham's Tab- lets relie~e, pcri. odlc ;pains and dis. comfort. Small size only 2 5 cents. Mrs. Dorsie Williams of Danville, Illinois, says, "1 had no ambition and was terribly nervous. Your Tab- lets helped my periods and built me up.'" Try them ne.t month. - L' i. (SVATE,MKNT FOF: PUBLICATION) tLi.h I::il"t'~ JN (;l'~Xl!~lIAh FI;ND A. I~.~l:~}l l!t '*ol ':;'el /Ound Iill hal dS of District Treasurer aIld ex- ,qn(lin,r Sinhil~A~ I"ulld) ,lU/3 l, t 9;t/ ........................ $ ;~lG0.17 ]. "1"OI:11 [I.{llOUll~ re(:eiv,:tl (hlliIl~i xelr frorll tl~bl)or~ [ iOllJll~!i~ O-" ,~t;t re rl'u] Lit111 /"Ulh l ................ .~ 7,%.75 2. 'l'Ol;ll :ll~lOIlllF rP(q~lVt d duritl~ 5'tfaF l~rO]ll il.Pl)Or- IIO/ltIIt~ll~ of ('OllDt3" [['tl[tilm t"Cml ............. 517.]9 5 Alno:lnt r,:.(.~ i'vt d dtu'h~;: 2, v:.:t~. :vol:q T:txes" Levied 12,,," I)istrii'l ~choot I:~oal.d ..... ................... 1106!) 63 t~. ~ll)olntl_ Io(.eiv(.d 0LIFillg ye:11" ~]'olll other I{evt./l- u~.ltocoiD~s ~iot:~t ,,I a ~, (:, ;tnu (t) . .~12.~t| Tuition frorrl other dh'cc] ors --. [.$ J;il[};t; d. l>e I tit. :LII(] Ill]el',.st ]!lN.Dl ~- .2~/)10121i I"t'('q'.t.l[ l/'(}nl " " " " ........ ccipts Lit l~t 1 JlOI 1 - ]'~V('II (]t~ r(,- .......................... ................... ZIS.{M }I. 'l"(~t:d tln]O[lllt 7' by S1ohoo rl,retlsnre1, during the year (Total of itenls l Io 9 it ~ his,v, .......................... $ |:I.t30. t)t~ C. G~'nnd Total aDIOUDt It'ePi%,od 'J)Y S0hool District TFeasurer iu- ('IHdlntr t':'s]} or' tl.'tlld (][O[ll A itl]tl [te|tl ~21) .............. jt;59t) .]~ EXPICNI)I'.~?[Jt.]~S el," GIqNldRAL PI[IND Amounts Paid Durin~ ..ear for the FollOwing Purposes 1. (;eneral Control. (S'11oO1 l;oa~d SoJ:u'ies $436.00; F~x[,ens(!s $1;7 2:{I ..................... $ 2. Irl~,~ruetioi~al ,qervIr.e. (T(,:n.b(~rs' .~:lhtrie~ $'I'(i.- 503.23 I:'0 15: q't'Xt [~.O,~]:.~ $572.]:]: [-ihrztry Igoo~s $;{gi).- ]:3: Sil]l])iit.N -.~2t).t~N: "l'vtloI~'! 's I~,e.tirtqllent P'~nd sI:]2.27~ ,% ~ux'illary .,X~ronpie.~ (Trt, nspo~t:.tio~..~.i.(i/.~.r;." 11914.75 Health $50.1;;) ~ ()],er:,tio. ,f P,;;d' ?id;/ ";d ; ;"'Lihi;t:"