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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 2, 1941     Golden Valley News
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October 2, 1941
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2, 194.1 Oregon I in Baker theI sit her sister[ famny. I and Mr Her-i ; been visitiugI IL~I[, . and Mrs. H.[ Lay for their I I Blacock and lr and Mrs.[ nday for Illi-i ke their home. I Shepherd and i that was tol aturday night . ~ muddy roads. ! : one week left ! U 1:~ C O U n t r y, subscription right or wrong! hurry, 1 when right, to be are now daughter,~ kept right; when is also wrong, to be put I right ! hear of ti~e who passed Carl Schurz TWR GOLnEN VAT,T,Ry NEWS PA R $ VEN _ i | , m | Ck Alr , ST. tarots Irramt II l . I I v.L Word has been received from Har-ll I I , I , I l I ----- old Be[[taunt that he is now celyll I I , /I I . I I IDiAne at 10 Holy settled in Burbank, Calif., where he]i | ...--......--... m I Communion. Announcements for Holy is employed by the Lockheed Alr-ii | ~ ~.M~KLI'~ D. KU|M | I Communion are to be made on Sat-, craft Corp He likes his new work very t ! I ,, , , ,, , ,, | urday at the Parsonage. much. [~ OH, FOR THE 6000 OLD DAYs The Ladies Aid meets Wednesday. Mrs. Dale Sorensen and twofhild-I ,. RANDPA BUTLER was 84 Anyone who tmderstands simple =n ;:rrleV2tdal hi~rtnLva:i o 2jn tl ~ when he died, but he held out economlcs will tell you why. Two ------- Sorensen's have made their hoL'- ?~(i o the very last for what he affec- words will do it. The words are ~TTHgFM~cT~I~EOF THE ES- Watervlelt N Y the ~ast ,,oar me oral )tionately called "the good old days." mass production. Deceased. ....... N, nMS~nsen m employed Inthe arse" ~uaHrSiyili~m]de~]httee:/blU~eth~emdiLd~f,~ ~uistMth~aSunStPEa~dUa~!;!i1:/y~l~z, mhw:t~cwS~hb:i~ ~:?;~!~}~;de~n!~:igi!i, el;te ii! .tpu. nn.Short of Medora was a Beach t i had more time to a larger number of things are madecounty of GOllen Valley and State :~r. a~22u%lafternn of this week. i', read and to enjoy a large number of people must be ~rfedNl:rth oDa~t~~' d~cepased;n:htahe ~t~mr:. _ . ~s ~oy rlamtead, Mrs. l ~ our friends. And the made to buy them. InK claims ' against said~ deceased, riarolcl Nmitn and Miss Dolly Gas cost of livin- so- There wasn't any mass distribu to exhibit them with the necessary motor " 5--" J, .... " vouchers within six n ontt _ ed. to Glendlve last Sunday you could live for a tmn until advertmmg was developed, the first' nublicatl~m ,~l tht~sna/ter where mey took in the show and third of what it costs and there wasn't any of the things in ~enSaid~ admini~'trator~at~ i~'ls'r'~sl': spent some time bowlmg a ~.m .... ,~-os~ a .... our lives we e~ll mode-.~ ,,,,,n ~a ~ ee in the village of Sentinel ~ar. and Mrs. Lewis Odland ana Where Grandpa vertising put them there, ty~ or to 't~e" .]~,{i~'of "ti;e~Count'y daughter Lois and Mrs. Lewis OdlandButler's logic fell In many foreign countries even l?ourt ,ff t3,dden Valley. County, a't his office in the Court Itouse in Jr., returned home Wednesday of alst down was in confus- today you have to spend weeks the city of l;eaeh, Golden Valley ', week from a two week's vacationing the standards of scouring the markets for what you 'spent in the Black Hills, ~ioux F,: s living when he was a want. Farmers bring their cattle and Sioux City. Mr. Odland says ~hat boy and when he wasCharles Roth and produce to market. They stay ~coun[ry has suffered from the lackan octogenarian, in town two or three weeks dispos- ;of m~Asture again this year. When he was young you could ing of it. Consumers have to go In. i . REMEMBER! Only one week lefl~:live for less--but you had less in from stall to stall and dicker for pu~ "~I~ : C~,l Se~,,, m~e ~is sra~e, to get in on that $1.50 subscriptioni iyour life. You put up with discom- everything they want. ~:day. To?, be~/:e C~.,grfs~ in ~7Zoffer to the News--better hurry' I forts which would be unthinkable to- If you have the time and enjoy e leI~ Sat- m~. Scburz served as a sol. ,, . ann Mrs. Ralph Jones and fan- any. zou ate un~mancea meals, trading, that sort of thing is fine, ' d~er in the Civil war member ;l" ~2"ttV,O II~OV ' where she at-" , .. b -~ ed mto the house which hved in uncomfortable homes, had is fun; but most of us have other ~ongress, mlntster to ~pJl~ V~as r " " , ,rid was an ou,srand,n& ub ' fo merly occupied b the L no radm sets, automobdes or elec things to do. We find it simpler to ~ - Y . B. " do our trading by reading the news- Roger Bair hsbe, ~,d w,,e,. P~e-~ger family. They moved there last tric servants ~gton where iTgO~b~i~7~rc;~tT~+~,T~7~,~.~ Sunday --. As a matter of fact---but we were paper advertisements, decide what er Ruth or " i Local people were pleasantly sur- never able to'convince Grandpa But- we will buy and then go down to the i ;prised to see Vernon Hathaway's pie ler of it--the cost of living today, store or telephone. Was a Carlyle' k"~ --" l |~ __ i ture on the front page of the Frlda; dollar for dollar of value eonsid. It saves time. It saves more. It saves money. Without advertising t emmel utte I Fargo Forum. He, with another group i ered, is far less than it was in his to smooth the route of goods from 'wens and two~ Mar, .............. :of AC students, was planning the young uays. di- ,,,- ~a,u,er ann ~aroara Allen ' annual Homecoming e~l~.hrat" "~ dollar ~ner guests.s..~nt ........................ ton to be{ our actually buys more, seller to buyer, the cost of every- ~"-ume ..... ouaaay ~'=Si u~ wee~ end m ~entmel. ~ut~e held there, t brings you more value, than any thing is higher than when advertL~- ' ppy Hess and Lorraine Peter- 1 , ing is in the picture. ~hm"~nond and ls,,, .............. : Word was recezved here the first cf~ other dollar m hmtory. tch calle S ~l "~ were ~aeaora VtSl~ors~aturaay~the week +h~+ v-... ~-~-_~ ....... ~ ~CharlesB. Roth. r ~-- evening , --.-~ u.. r~,esxauu, orzglnallyl ..._--o:_ !scheduled to be at the Golden Valley Jo*-- _ I ~ne ~et-To~ether club met at Jor-~Hotel this wee th~ " Mr and Mrs James Hard Mr and '~ were ) dons k, -t he would be Y, [ |CDlvltt homet.~a., for ~busm.e~ meeting on.Fr!_llunable to be present. Mrs. Leo Tobias, ~ .and Mrs. Jim NOTICI~ FOR BIDS ___ i?;~ de ~e~in~ mncn was servea a,- iGMAa~ogreer .Ted Thompson of the local ~ill. and Frank HaJgh were guests( NOTICE IS ~EBY GIVEN: REl~EE ..... ,... . , } e has recently completed in-~SUnday at the 25th anniversary par-[ That the Board of County Com- ~q[~MY~-'~ [ ~o et I~:Z" ~n|y one wee~ lefti stallation of a fine new meat counter t ty held for Father iVI. L. Lack at theI missioners of Golden Valley County ' g that $1~0 subseription~in the store and will now handle a St Mary's hall in Golva last Sunda offer to the News--better "hurry~ bl~-e .......... I y aNrthTypewriter,Dak0ta' wlltBookkeepingreCeive bids andfr [ Mldred Marv*o ~.~ ..._ ~ .... I s~. r .~m ve~er nne man ever of ] afternoon. Ft. Lack has served the [ Multiplying Machine. , ~ ,~,,, .=-s x~tmcn I meats m addition to ocerles [ ] Sealed bids will be received up ._ [were Dickinson shour~rs Satur,~o- I ~.' .... gr_ ". _ Golva parish for the past 25 years ~. m. ~.r.~ ,-,__ .~, .... 2~"- .... "."~.= I --,o emua Justesen o~ Beacn wentl I to the hour of 10:00 o'clock A M. and a large crowd was resent for on November 4th, ~941, and to be [. ~.o ~-:u ~.~amo~ en~ermmea tne lto Dickinson l~t q[~.rmt.v ~h~...,.~. ,,.,.,..,..- P the filed with the Couflty Auditor, at ~-Umeran Ladles Ald in l ..................... ~ .~.~,u,. ~Pt 3rd -.. ( _ . . the basement successfully passed her fina~ +--~- -^- Dakota. Each bid must be serum- -, ~ a o~ the ~.utheran ~h.,.~. ^.. ~ ~ . ~o~ ~ [ the Court House in Beach, North mn entertaln.[A large #awa .+~'~'."~ ...... ursaay.[American citizenship, and received her The_ Johnson l~$~t~r O.a nfft ...... [ panled by a certified check In the week end p pe s zrom Judge Harvey J. Miller. being re-arranged this week and are amountprtceOf nOtof leSSthe thanmachine.5 per cent I ,o =s nt Mores th. k reded last ..................... , of,he The Hoard reserves the right to --v, ~,u~. I week to F rt I~wL~ ~-o~-----* .... -,~-suu~ a ,vp~u ~a rc-uecora~mgmreject any and all blds I Winners of the Pot of Gold Sat- [he Is s~Io=-;-:'-:'- ,:~u wuere job. As soon as the work is completed[ Dated at Beach, North Dakota, urda wer An ,u,z~u m ~ne u. -~. Armyt a Y e drew Kunlck first, Fred after a nle~H-t f.,.i .... ~. . ,., ..... , he p rts department will be moved this 29th day of September. 1941. i . ~ Nistler second and Paul Wycoff third '.his mother "~--'" :~v,~,: ,~,~ w~m into one corner which will enlarge[ MINNIE E. SMITH, . ~ ~, ,~s..-.zua& ~2rKl~r~lcg County Auditor, 4"~"~ P.- m. Mrs. Ted Rink, Beverly and Kermit[Last Fridav~ r~,~ ............ mug~e urougn~" a the display room for new cars. The] Golden Valley County, were Dickinson shoppers Saturday. real freak ca . ... painting is being doD~ by ~Jrk Freese[ (SEAL)NOrth Dakota. rrot into the News office Larry Sanders spent Saturday and~ wher- i* ~- ........... and E. F. Cook. Oct, 2-9-16-23 ~Unday at his home in ~lt.h ,_ _ ~_ ~ ,,~ ~cu .pu~ on ampmy. It Mr --~ ---- ~ .... --'--T'" m a zreaz oI nature maced and can be ~I-- ~,u m~..~ures~ ~amue~s were seen in the News window. u-her guests oz Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ikl~ Zinsll on Sunday. The W. B. A. Journeyed to Glen- Billing , dive Monday ~fternoo~ .here they S Wheat attended a banquet. Russell Kunlck took a nuraber of Protein Results Sentinel Butte people up to the show = in Beach Saturday evening. Average protein test on ~ samples MAss Page, Miss Holt and Marion of 1941 wheat from Billings county Oarduer were Beach shoppers Saturo amounts to 12.8 percent according to is now employed at Mr. and Mxs." Hau~se were Sunday[wheat loans. Highest protein test evening eallers at Jordons I was 16.1 percent on a sample sub- Ted Rink spent Sunday at his home i mltted by Anion J. Volesky who farms in .~entinel Butte northeast of Belfleld. This will qual- Mrs. Bill Gardner substituted Mon- ify for a protein premium paymentI day for Miss Blue at the school. I of six cents per bushel above the Ida Mrs. Campin enter~ined the Con-Iregualr rate under the 1941 loan pro- Wtth )gregational aid on Thursday gram. Half of the samples submitted and i Mr. and Mrs Paul Wischow dr- tested below 13 percent and will not rived home Friday afternoon from ] qualify for any premium. Premium i Wiaconsin where they l]ave been visit- on wheat testing 13 to 13.9 percent , mg relatives for the past thre:, weeku, iprotein is one cent per bushel. Low- ~Mr Wisehow brought with him ~ new lest test out of the samples submitted truck. , was 10.3 percent. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hall from Wibaux I Ingrtdt ~were callers of Mr .and Mrs Neff -~ -' -: - : With inn~ Hogobcom on Sunday afternoon. ] )~ ~':~ Crisp. Hel Fr:day evening a number of thelr [ [ OFL: StONAI, found s' t I friends held a farewell par[y on .Mr.'~ Inside hi~l land Mrs. Saunders at the Seminel DIRECTORY of Time) ~ BUtte hall t Mar~aret Boisen spent Saturday ...... i ~and Sunday at her home in Sentinel TUESDAy HYDE" i Butte. ~i Mrs. Tom Wasepka and Dorothy ,~ i were Sentinel Butte calle s Sunday. thand, argul e Mores 1 on VIsits Medora 11 This___Past Week C. O.D." and James,' Mr. Russell Reid of the State His- ~ricalSoclety, Bismarck, was in Me- ora Tuesday looking after interests of the Society. Accompanying him was an outstanding figure In the eyes of Medora. He was none other than the Duke Louis Manes de Val- ~Ombre~ (de Mores) son of the late Marquis de Mores, founder of our city. BAT. The D~.e spent Tuesday night and weoneseay here visiting the Chateau and other Places of interest and spent some time visiting with some of the older residents. He states that Me- dora is still of gre~t interest to him ~NGE,, and he thinks of it often. During his stay here he granted the with Union Congregational church two Blazing lots next to the Catholic church wnere they plan to build a church The Duke has been in the United States since last October. Wednesday afternoon he honored the high SChool which bears his father's name, by giving a short talk in the high School assembly. and Charles Buddy Pep. and m Towl PL~]~NQ AND H~ATING mmt Dr. Chernausek Rogers & Gumper EYES TESTED-GLASSEs FITTED Walton Block DIcklnson, North Dakota KEOHANE & KUHFELD ATTORNEYS AT LAW Phone 1~ Beach. North Dakota buys a swell noon meal any weekday in the POWERS COFFEE IN F~!CO AND 1940 DODGE HALF TON PICKUP 1934 CHEVROLET MASTER SEDAN ONE 1 TON GMC TRUCK |, ONE 4-DOOR V-8 FORD SEDAN j 1928 CHEVROLET, GOOD BUY A NUbIBER OF NEW AND USED TRACTORS SEVERAL GOOD HORSE CULTIVATORS SINGLE AND DOUBLE ROW ,Ulll ONE FORD V-8 PICK.UP. A Good Buy! One Good White Fared Bull C. C. Clark, Mgr. Beach, N. Do (:ounty, N(,rih Daka~a. You are hereby further notified lhat H(,n. A. tq, Kasl~,u, Judge of the ('~,lliity ('otlrt witllln all(t for the County of (lolden Valley, and Ntate of North Dakota, has fixed the sixth day ,~ April, A. I) 1942, at lhe hour ~,f tea o'clock in the f(trellOOll Of said (tav :It tile Court ][(>Of)IS, ill th( (?()ur*t' [I[(}IlN~ izl the city of l:e~,eh in sahl {~ounty dud Static, as the time and l)l~tc'e for hearing'and adjusting all claims a.~';til]st i)l~' estate ,~f lhe sahl Ar- chie J. l.hdton, Deceased, which bay(~ been dilly ~'lTld regularly pre- sent~!d as ll(!['einl)(~f{~l.t~ 1)t'r)vided. Dated Sept, 29. A. D. 1941. First publicatiou ,~n the second day of October, A. D. 194l Oct. 2-9-16 ~E FORE- CLOSURE SAI,E~ ]net.llalents OnIF Notice is hereby gtven that that certain mortgage executed and, de- livered by Peter I~orwick and Mary Rorwick, husband and w|fe, Mortgagors, to the Manager of the Bank of North Dakota, Mortgagee, dated the 16th d~y of June, 1924, and filed for record in the office of the Register of Deeds of the County of" Golden Valley, and State of North Dakota, on the 28rd day of July, 1924, and recorded In Book "16" of Mortgages at pages 129-30-31, and 'duly assigned, bF said Mortgagee to the State Treas- urer of North Dakota, and his suc- cessors in office, in trust, will be foreclosed by a sale of the prem- ises In such mortgage and herein- after descrtDed, at ths fron~ door of the Court House in the City of Beach, In the County of Golden V~lley, and State of North Dako. to, ~t the hour of two o'clock, P. M., on the 7th day of October, 1941, to satisfy the amount ~ue upon the past duc installments of such mortgage on the date of sale. The premises described in such mort- gage and which will be sold to satisfy the installments due under the mtme are desoribed as follows: H~tke~t ~uowter (~R~4) ot ectiort rl~Irty.thm (~) ad ~outkwo~t ~rter (SW~'4) of Section Thirty-tour (S4), town- ehip Ome Hundr~| Forty-ono (141) North, o~ Ranfe Ome Hundred ~ree (108) Weet, l~ Goldem YnUey fdounty, North Dakota. There will be due on such mort- gage at the date of sale the sum of $346,11. together with t,~e stat- utory costs of foreclosure. The lien of the portion of such mortgage hereby foreclosed is Inferior to the lien thereof for the residue of the amount secured by such mort- ga~e. Dated August 26, 1941. CAR~ ANDERSON, State Treasurer of North Dakota, as Trustee, Asslgneo of Mortgagee. Robert Birdzell, Attorney for Agent of Assignee. Bismarck. North Dakota. NOTE: Owner does not occupy said premises as his homestead. (Aug. 28, Sept 4-11-18-2~, Oct 2) NOTICE FOR BIDS FOR LIGNITE COAL .GOLDlgN ~AI, LEY COUNTY NOTIC I~ IS HEREBY GIVEN: That the Board of County Com- m)ssioners ~)f Go]deu Va]]ey Coun- ty, North Dak.ta. will receive bids for the furnishing of llgnltecoal for the county court house and for relief clients in Beaah and .%entlnel I]utte, North Dakota. Said lignite coal mus[ be free fromdirt, mineral and slack and properly scr~-(:ned al~d is tl~ I,,, (lolivcred in such quantities and at such time ~t~ ~'o:.1 is re(luired f,~r um~ in s~id eotlrt ]lOtl,~e~lF f{)F d~li~,,"y to re- ]b~f elieltts t]llri) t: the fiscP,1 year Lt, {~11(] d[lI|t~ ~0, 1!142. ~ealed bids will he received nD r,> lira hour *f 3:0) o'clex,k I'. M. q]l ()otol)or 7th. ]941. and n|ay be left wllh the (",>|~n~y the ('curt tIous~, i~ ];e~, h, North I)akola. I~]aeh bhl nlllSt be accom- panied by a eerllfied check in the alnount Of $25.(t0 to iUS are that sUce~'ssftll biddur will enter into e,|ntra,:l and furnish I)o~d in the [t i~'l O U ll ? of !~ ~ 00,0() f,~r the falth- ful l),~rformanee qf the same. Bids will be reeeiw~d and con- sidered on the basis of standard contract ~rade li~ntte cnal as de fined by law, Checks of the unsuc- cessful bidder wit. be returned. and the check of the successful bidder will b~ returned when con- tract Is signed and bond furnished. The Board reserves the right to" reject any and all htds. Dated at Beach. North Dakota, this 3rd d~y of September. 1941. MINNIE E SMITH County Auditor Golden Valley County" North Dakota. SEAL Pub. Sept, 18, 25 and Oct. 2, 1941 CALL FOR BIDS The City Council of the CiW of Beach, N. D~ will receive sealed bid~ up to the hour of eight (8) o'clock P. M. Monday, October 6th, 1941 for sale of the following described real estate,- The Northwest Quarter (NW~-~) of Section Twenty-four (24), in Town- ship Twelve (12), North, Range Sixty (60), East of the Montana Princlpal Merldlan, all situated in Wlbau~ County, Montana. Bids should specify the amount of full cash payment offered; or, the amount of time payments on ternm acceptable to the ~Ity Council. A certified check for flve percent (5%) of the bld, to insure fullfillment of the contract, must accompany each bid, Bids'must be filed with the under signed not later than the above state~ hour. The City Council reserves the ri~t to reject any or all bids. By order d the CiW Council.