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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
October 2, 1941     Golden Valley News
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October 2, 1941
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i!: f GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS PAGE S Hf X 1 r AT CARLYLE SAT., OCT, 4th S MEI)Y . " IE , =, HIS RADIO PLAYER ' 3-ACT CO IEGS ANI) MAGG !era over Miles City's new radi station at lp.m. dally F reeYance to all Patr0ns, , oi _now ,,,, ~"~-~_" . '~/&~m~-~,i~:~#~~C~'~ died--not go in. Among those ~---~---: ............ 7":---7( ..... -J .................... . ~ 1 , ..... Alnha who braved the-roads and weather I . ews I I.OlVa i Ijarll i l iwere Elmer gouba Maurice Hogo- W. R. P, rattoil aud It. L. Endcrt~ i -.. "~ ~ ' Fakler and Doro [ Maurlc; Hogoboom has been busy~ boom Richard Kno;'p and Erma Kn: }':el r ws :~rld Phi:-he "- I Lllhan and Thedora Maanum we.~] Mr. and Mrs. John " " i ' .~ , ,. s lu,~ lmr~ B:sm~rck o~'er the week end thy Wassmr, nn were Sunday visitors' the past week measuring birdsfor, cpp, Helen Kouba and Jowayne ann every Thu: sday at Beac,, North Dakota. Entered a, : ~, .' " assmann at loans ~, Ed Scherman Marvin and Eileen Sch- - to v~siL he,he lolks at the Fred and Lloyd W sWred whe .. , at the Postofhce at Beach, North Dakota, OCtober 7, 193o, i " t , . } Mr. Malone~ returned Wednesduylhomes. t a/Irs, i~ozlna rasmng ~urncu~'~'1 wu,~,. ~, under th. act of March 3 1897 _ ~ Da ton Jendro Walter Wassmann! weekend from a trip to Winsted, Minn.Lmght0n__ Nunn was an overn.i.g_ht from a tn to the EastMrs Maa/ Y Advertising raCes furnished upon reques~ i P " " " ' r i ~.uvarths on Thurs- " o ak Mlnn Mont an So Dak Elsewhere $2 50~nura had charge ol %he hardware and Ted Stull attended the show and and eastern N. Dak. i visitor at ~ia o a ..~ $1.00 in N . D ...... d ..... ~torodnrin~ hiu ak~ence i dance at Sentinel Butte Monday night, i Among shoppers in Beach Mondayl day. _ ..... . . i ..... _"---[~.~.--'7_-]-[ --" -~ rowd attended the Auction: were Mr and Mrs Art White and Mr. and Mrs. l:i. ~.. wni~e were i ~~he 'rme Marman has re- Tht~ ~a %~aflh~g day drawing~ A large c i " " :i . t ............ s o I ale at the Bill Dehemer farm Wed Mr and Mrs S L White ~cooer~ ~unaay wslors a~ Mrs ~ozma ra~cn ~at her son Don is now, was postponed on account of weather Is ' -i - - .' . '.. _I. ' " ~h, Calif., after and bad roads :nesday. . I Sonnek, A. O. Fascnmg ann Mr. anni ings~r~iz~r~w~, IOl~! ....... I~ li~ft. ~he uast two months inI ~,~r~ ~, ~,~, ~ ~n~h~m T,~k~! Olaf Orstad was a caller at MeaoralMrs. P. J. Hagen. / ................... " .......... .:-'" ~tl he U] s, Navy. He [M[nn~." /~.l'bert'K~lerof Win~om[ l~in~l~.lWecnesday- i On Tuesday evening a few of the/ to get in on that $1.50 subscrlplioi, ~ered again on Oct. !and Till Anthony of California ar-t Mr. and Mrs. John Stull were sup-! friends of Joe Tort met at his home] o,~ ~_]n~,~ews---~t~ nutty',n st,,, ~__~on ol o~n_-; 3~d. I rived Saturday to attend the funer%l per gues~ at the Lloyd Wassmann{for a farewell party before he leaves[ ~+*,~,~,:+'~,~:-:"-~::~'a:~"~nner"~'~'~..~ ~f ~e and Harold Smith. L. B services of Mr C Anthony On Sun- home Wecmesoay. again for his home at Bottineau N| ~" .... ~'~_Y-"~f F""_:: ~'-'-'Y'. ' ! " -" . ' / Mr ana Mrs rclnm t4ammona a5 L~atton were Wl- day Mr. and Mrs. Glen Keller )f Mr. and Mra Henry Trester an.dI D. Cards were the pastime of theI --: ~~'~ last Thursday afternoon lSpooner Wisc Mr and Mrs Harold family, Mr. and Mrs. Cole Matt~e!evening and all enjoyed another even-I~rea" . ...... P~y attended the Wibaux Vs.'Keller NIr and Mrs( Adam Keller of land Audrey, Mr. and Mrs. John Stul![ingg with their good friend. [~. Mr. an~ ..~rs. ,A..A. ,wnlt~e were ~tte football game which l~r~ 1~'|~ lt~inn ~rriv~a by ~ !~J[r and Mrs .Lloyd Wassmann anl:~ Th~ Alnha U B Ladies aid metl~unaay vlmtors at z_~lgnrcn ~unns. nine yearnS2 ~ {3 vicar~- for the All re'~turne'd-' to"the--ir h'omes M'ond~7 Victor Renstrom were Beach visitors ] Thursday "afternoon "with Mrs. Sadie ] _ A. F. Irons and F~ith _Carew were ~_~4t~Montana ~eam. - lexcept Mrs. Adam Keller who willtTharsday" IShoen in Golva. Roads and weatherl~unauy. runner gueses a the wm. Bolke of the Custer Trail dude stay at the Anthony home several' Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wassmann and lwere not very good but most of the I Carew nora e: __ .... ~m 0 _egon.Oregonwbere shelranch wa~ inwhere she! r -~wn-Moda ~ [ht weeks Mx. and Mrs. John Stull were also, members were nresent The uresident} Mr. ann H. ~. ~ury remrnect . - anch was in town Monday of this . t ~ " - 1L tl~lsryear andmakeiweek making arrangemenntsY for-his Mrs. Ed Shoen entertained the U. icaileis at the C~orge__Wass.mann and appointed the sick committe :for the [W~lnesday from a weeks visit in 8. . grandparents, Mr'll~arvest dance to be held at the~B. Ladles aid Thursday afternoon.',John I~kler nomes Tnursctay. (coming year and other business ofl~swt~" lotz. I Custer Trail Lodge this coming Satur-]A nice attendance was appreciated REMEMBER! Only one week leftI the society was taken care of, TheI II --'-------~1 out Monday for the I da- night Music will be furnished by' and a pleasant afternoon enjoyed '~ to get in ou that $1~ subscription ~ ladies decided not to have their an- I" ' eek after being laid h estr , n w 'offer to the News--better hurry nual sale and supper this year but| Reading Glasses 5Oc to $6 I the Golva orc e a. REMEMBER. Only o e eek left~ " ---- I x~t~.M Lard~ wasaBeach busi 'to get In on that ,1~ .ubserlptionl Day,on Jendro left on Friday tor~lnstead each will pay in cash to .............. r of DriscoU. N. DakI n ~'=~,,~ l~,t ~t,~ .... a ,hu,~ I~i offer to the New~--.better hurry,Fort Warren. Wyoming after having] replenish the treasury. After the meet- i ~Ol{l ~.~laK~ ...... ~bJ[U tO &lO.O~ ,on oi Chicago. m,/ 71),7 ~-- o,-+- --- .... ~..a ,.w..., been home on furlough V~|tA.n.g frlencis1 lng the hostess served a delicious' ]l~l~,,l~ii Viliifln II'lilllll~i g.R _Kll ,,ml . ~" "'~-- "~'/subscri-tlon d*ai ~ffs*red bi the Ne--s tk. .~o.~.~ ,.**~. t^ tl~l,l.r. ~.11..~ Ilia reli.vl ul~ pll G~--l,i ot wer~.I lunch. ue COlleCtion for tile ~lay Was, here with the| ......... i ............... make ...... ~ Olaf Orstad was a caller at the, over ten dollars. Our next meeting[ GLASSES FITTED lilily Mr M I 8aw-I ~_rs. Morris re~urn~ recently lrom|~*~u~y ,~.b, .,u~, u**, c~ ~,le tar* _ ......... IWII, ,._ -l" .... "~-'--- "il~''-" i " " - "--" I +i,. ~+.,. ^ ~*#ooh~,,,.+^.. ..~.A.. ol.. I mers wear that serious face when i.h.. 1~. e'. i~nnlellng aria I% wi, aasmann [ t ~ w ~i, ~r~.llieuiill -- li~ i I,. ~.... Mr and Mr Gamder- ~"~ ~*"-- " ..... "-~-'- --*'~-~ .... "-- ........ ~ ro " --. " " i .............................~--Ithink of the threshi-,,, combin,---homes on Thursday. [p vidlng the rivercan be crossed.[ |" | '~|~4bc~ "*ne two men werel"~'~ "=~ ~" ..u~*** .,,.. m ~'l "~, *~i .~., ...... ~.. ........ *- I ,r.. ............. m ....i..+.~ ,oo+I I]I. l~lliDlSl i~ILill m=u w~m +he scemcI --~--. "-~"k'o~'l : "~--" ~1 ......... " . - i tended the annual Fall Fair at Beach ', ~turday when they found it had l r~-ieaI ~...-i-I'~i ~ak. Badlands. _ I"e~ KttrzO ~ elt ~una.y mormngi Arcl~ie t~l~t~er was lain up ior sev- nn Satttrdav - i ralned and snowed enOn=h to make l vl#~m~ o~t ~terton of Sidney was Ior the Twin Cities where ne went t~ [ eral days the past week suffering the -" ~" i it unpleasant drivln~ and so many t Jff~a@J~ r~. ~. at the Elmer Miller!get a ~MC t~uck for t.he Golden Val-ieffects of being kicked by a horse ......... :--" ...... :" ' " i . wao naa piannea ~o a~na ~ne Ialr III I IIII -n. t icy Harvester Co. of Beach. He re-I The Oolva toga school are giving WEi~'ifllh Vli|llllI Cltlllllll i ....... m ll,~**, uie *l**r ~1 ~. RaP, ace ~cott ol WI-Iturned here Tuesday. | a benefit dance at Oolva hall on IV (~lk~,ll l~l.~ll~l l~lFiall|~.e t ~,~ Visitors and shoppers~ Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sleight and. October 3. The Dance Demons will Grain which was threshed before l | m ~r~ I-I i m-~ ~ m-~ n ~,~ { family arid Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wolf I furnish the music. Everyone Is lnvlte!d, it was thoroughly dry placed in farm i i ' I' I I Ik' & ~ ll/I !14" ~ % I .... i and family were Sunday visitors atl Mrs. Bert Coven and Miss Flora stora-e should be watche~ caro,,,,,, I I t# 1" 11t lVll. ill. k) [] ~i~I the A1 Flannlgan home in the Masher MoPhee were afternoon callers at the for p~sslble heating A sample"~f' 1 ..... .; ....... . _ .. l "~=l~/community. While there several hours',A. Scheffer home Friday. wheat taken direct from a threshing 1 I~lq'| ___ [were spent hunting pheasants and: Mr .Charles Anthony passed away machine near Gorham recently show-,I[ U~.~f'IELD t'LOUK lVllLL~ ! DS tc%:%,a Nords-en of Werner N latloh~ h~lm;ss.Ths~rs?y :fv~va~v after ed a. moisture content of 20.9 percent, I OFEERS THE FARMERS THE BEST NO. 1 PATENT ! | o ' "i "~K yul[.~t ny from Ano~ner sampm ~zen rrorn a toad of ~if~iiw t WN E Ft W Dak is now elm lo ed at Doerners the entire communi ~ v~,,. v~ ~ v~,,.,v-,,, ,, ~J ,.~*,--*-,,.,~ ,.~ ~,~ ..... I Cale having staredy work there the, bereaved family, ty is extended the giere~dn :s~Uledl~..4 pnrc:l:~a%res~ wB:J; I YOUR GOOD WHEAT ON A BASIS THAT WILL SAVE I ~,~|[~|2~/first of the week. I Mrs. L. Faschtng assisted Mrs. Mot- made in the "state A~ laboratory ~ YOU MONEY ON OUR FLOUR FOR THE YEAR. | ~L~t~.~%Jh,Ji Miss Grace S__r~e rv returned to BIS- Iris Douglas with fixing up the in- ~ Grain is not considered safe for ~ EVERY BAG OF THIS FLOUR SOLD ON A 1 ]malck Sunday after a visit at the lterir of their new home north and tara storage and is not eligible for ~ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | I parental Sperry home north of town. lwest of Carlyle. I government loan unless the moisture ~ 1 I Mr and Mrs Pete McCabe of Dick- Homer Madison has purchased the content is below 14.5 percent, i ' linsnwereBeachvisitrslast Mn'ItwnprpertyfJhnShaferinC'l'i BELFIELD FLOIR MII.L I I day and while here Mr. McCabe tran-/va and expects tO move soon.I P~o-~ = ~ ~ ~'~--- .... ~ ~ | sac~ed business. } Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kehoe of Kali-t - --- spel, Mont., Mrs. Oscar J. Peterson, Allen and LeVaughn Peterson of &lendlve drove down to (3Olva airport Thursday to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Peterson and Leo. i DAY- SATURDAY ').O/~ Matinee at ,.o,, p- m. MET IN ARGENTINE" AUREEN O'HARA, JAMES ELLI- ERT VILO, BUDDY EBSON. Ro- lind Music. omedy and News Monday "' : - - iuesuay SUNDAY AT 2:30 P. M. IY SERENADE" GRANT, IRENE DUNN. An drama with a good cast. And A Comedy sday- Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE AS A I RII)E" ARY LANE, GEORGE REE- interesting picture for general NURSE'S SECRET" PATRICK, REGIS TOOMEY, , ANN EDMONDS. A Mary story. Those attending the government' horse sale at Medora last Wednesday lrom this vicinity and Beaver Creek were Harold Lowman, Harold Hollar and Art Brown, Richard Moore and Ralph Mos~er. Wm Rathhun was shocking cane for Ted Cook Thursday and Friday of last week. ~eo. Wright has been having a s:.ege of the flu the past week. Taylor Cook brought his family out from Sentinel Butte Friday. Marlyn Cook spen~ a few days at the Dick Pendleton home last week. ?,ir:;. Ted Blue Ls teaching the Lee school on Hudson Creek. :\Irx Harold Lowman and infant daughter are glsiting at Mrs. LOW- Ii:an.~ Illo[i'lt~r's ho~le m Belfield. AI'L }lrow:l i~ il't ulinL', coal and &,l~-clin," for Ll~e s(,hoo]. ( ,;)0(- ~tli" Ol {I-If [)1". LO~Cil~;t[%~ : Dt] BCtJ'}I s:mpper Frid:ty. Sher~ ha.~ be~.n IrtlcklI~g JKI- to Medora tht: p~i~t w'eek. Mrs, Jos. Meyer returned home th~ fir~r- ('f ti~e ~t~t*K II't..~l a tv, o v, cc .;~ visit wi~h her son-in-law e.nd daugh- ter, Mr. and Mrs. Fr~d Wojahn wire live on the old homestead in the Alpha community. CHOCOLATE THAT REFRESHING BEV- ERAGE FOR COOL WEATH- ER---AND WE MAKE IT RIGHT Come in after the Show or for miles south, 1Vz miles east of Beach or 2 miles north and mile east of Thelen. 1:00 sharp Terms Cash -- _- :- - - i~.~ll~. -- -- " .~ HORSES 1 gray mare, 12 years old, wt. 1400 1 bay gelding, 7 years old, wt. 1300 1 black gelding, 7 years old, wt. 1300, sadd|e horse CATTLE 1 red cow, 7 years old, fresh in Oct. 1 red cow, 5 years old, fresh in Oct. 1 heifer. 18 months old with calf 1 red yearling heifer 2 red yearling steers MACHINERY 2 low wagons with racks 1 International truck, '28 model 1 Deering hay rake 1 1 row corn cultivator 1 2 row corn planter 1 Case four-bottom tractor plow and packer 1 four steel section drag ! 1 Rumley four bottom plow tractor 1 bob sled 1 John Deere manure spreader 2 sets work harness ' DeLaval cream Separator, 32 volt elec- tric motor 1 Superior grain drill, double disc, l O-ft. Other articles too numerous to mention 2 wide tire wagons includiug household goods 1[~/57L~2J..~,'..'~';I+,~'~:':;I:tW