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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
September 17, 2020     Golden Valley News
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September 17, 2020
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Page 6 . E e,— 2.;m:.;:—:,k=.aea%.=am—w- Golden Valley News September 17, 2020 COMICS Amber Waves by Dave T. Phipps NO NEED To, Tl-ERE'S A SUNSET APP ON MY PHONE. ' T EY'RE DOIN’ Two I sHouw Go To THE BEAUTY PARLOR... ‘pa/uasar mm W cm ‘aieaipu/ls samnzag 6qu 02m KIN 05 THIS Y ‘11:“: f. THE Y'LL DO EVERY TIME To solve, turn around the letters in the first word to get the second, Example: Garb-brag. 'ina-epg '9 'unts-stnN 'a Team-weal ‘L :sremsuv TWO QUICKIES! 1. How can you add 10 to nothing and end up with a large animal? 2. How can you subtract one from 19 and end up with a larger number? usr vowf LIKE The Jams oflME-A Jail/0723‘ 512M 1 I5 OVER ' 22W /5‘ PA/V/O/(Vm 1 HIV, trot/49k? gee/ruse 61F? CARTaN 9252117527 WOW/4 PAKEN?‘ out 555 #44719 “447/ 1. Turn around full of things and get introduced to. 2. Turn around a food and get to: stupefy. 3. Turn around a flood and get to refine. Turn around toys and get a small stain. Turn around a measurement and get a cart. ' 'oui ‘eIeoIpu/ts 59101995 but» cacao 'Aerp-pIeA '9 ‘iods-sdoi ‘p A PROBLEM FOR THE AGES! In this puzzle, all of the xix—“752 weer/MA SPEMT Hat/K5 dad. 5/6 Bucks I’M/(N6 JZIST FIE/WW mass role we AMA/[ML cam-lows Memes 75% 3/6 Mam-mn- words we are searching for contain the word “AGE.” The following hints should help you to “AGE” with dignity: 1 Measuring instruments. 5 7 . AGE (given). One who is wise. Public respect. . Lists of things to do. Corridors . An enclosure. euefieuew ‘/_ 'sefiessed ‘9 'sepuefiv '9 'efieon '17 ‘sefieg 'e '9693 '2 '95V 'L :sramsuv ".1 NEED TO GET MY HAIR FIXED- 'I.__._AGE___. LAFF - A -DAY -ou| ‘eteoipu/is sarnieaj Bury oaozg “Mayl have word with you alone, sir?” i I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT Mil/AS Willi/2217’? W5 glééER WE K557114134” 7:215 SMALLER 7H5 7ZBLE§-~M 7H5 MORE VISA/ES M STWFF 7/IE WAITEZs‘PILE 0M I'LL Be RIéHT BACK WITH your? SQUIV FOMWE, COLE' SLAWAMV Mum'sz WWW. K/WEIfl/RES- COM by Charles Barry Townsend BAKING FUN! Above is a crossword puzzle grid. Below are words pertaining to baking and bakeries that you will need to complete the puz— zle, using the trial-and-error method. Try to finish before the slice of pie disappears. 4-letter words: 5-letter words: HEAT ANGEL OLEO APPLE at: he I firm-C SALT TREAT TA RT WAF E R ’ " WHEAT YEAST ‘Slod '8 '1599A 'z 'eOIds '9 Has '9 185W 'I: 'Inon '3 ‘IBGLIM ‘L (UMOG) 'IeeH 'SL 'IJEI 'aI ‘Ieeu 'LL '09l0 'OL 'eiddv ‘6 'sued '9 'IeieM 'I (ssorov) :SIemsuv O O Wlshlng§Well® EAUHNABBPNULE ‘PPNDOSUVDEACE NOOMTRIRNDECA lENEBSGSOLLLU MOPNIDOINGSSU SOEDHVNTSYAEE 7478487878488 ORUSETROSDDAY HERE IS A PLEASANT LITTLE GAME that will give you a message every day. It's a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less '1??? 8. add The resa'f‘; 3': at key number. Start at the tip-- per left-hand corner and check one of your key numbers. left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. King Features Syndicate, Inc. 1. US. STATES: Where is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame located? 2. LITERATURE: Which famous novel begins with the line, “You better not never tell nobody but God”? 3. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the nickname of Tulane Uni- versity’s athletic teams? 4. MUSIC: Acorn, drop, ball and barrel are all types of what? 5. MOVIES: Which animated Dis- ney movie featured the theme song “A Whole New World”? GAMES: How many strikes must one throw to achieve a perfect 300 score in bowling? 7. ANATOMY: Which human organ filters blood. removes waste and regu- lates salt levels? 8. HISTORY: How many people sur- vived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912? 9. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the island of Palau located? 10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of rhinoceroses called? Answers 1. Cleveland, Ohio “The Color Purple” The Green Wave 4. Drumsticks 5. “Aladdin” 6. 7. Kidneys 706 9. Oceania 10. A crash or herd © King Features Synd.. Inc. by Ryan Berenz 1. Before embarking on a prolific acting career in film and television, Bernie Casey played eight seasons in the NFL with what two teams? 2. In fish market owner Pete Cusimano celebrated a Detroit Red Wings goal and started a new tradition by throwing what on the ice? 3. How many inches in diameter is "the 'hOie on every standard golf course’s putting green? 4. What relief pitcher led the NL in saves while a member of the Florida Marlins in 2000? Hint: He had poly: dactyly (six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot). 5. Name the real-estate magnate who led a group of investors in pur- chasing the Minnesota Vikings from businessman Red McCombs in 2005? The walled court on which sports such as Basque pelota and jai alai are played is known as what? 7. Who became the youngest driv— er to compete in Formula One when he started the 2015 Australian Grand Prix at age 17 years and 166 days? Answers 1. San Francisco 49ers (1961-66) and Los Angeles Rams (1967-68). An octopus. 3. inches. 4. Antonio Alfonseca. Zygmunt “Zygi” Wilf. 6. A fronton. 7. Max Verstappen. © King Features Syndicate. Inc. Cooking a recipe with garlic and onions to start? Invite me to dinner! But first, remember to let the onions cook to nearly translucent before add- ing the garlic, which cooks much fast- er. If you put both in at the same time, the garlic will burn before the onions have a chance to deepen their flavor. - Automatic toilets are great for not having to touch the handles, but they can be scary for kids and some adults too. if I’m being honest. Try putting a sticky note over the sensor so that it will not flush until you take it off, giving you some control. III El E I I I DI—CDI HERE EEEH 0 El E EEI III BE 'squ gz :eLuIJ, uonnios grams-UV promssorg 611-91 —— Just Like Cats 8: Dogs ‘IueJeHIp 8! BECAUSE I’LL START SKIPPING BREAKFAST. bg Dave T. Phipps l AGREE, IF WE Do GET THIS HEALTHY GRANOLA CEREAL WILL LOSE WEIGHT 'pe/uaser stuBu uv 'oui ‘aieoipults 891711293 6qu ozozg 'ouI ‘eteoipu/is semiaed Sum cacao M, 'Vpepueixe ueeq seq “EM '9 'euofi sI pIeIuspuIM '9 fiuurea '17 “tueiemp ere sdeoan '9 'fiuissIuI sI eouezi '3 196121 3! earl 'i :seouerema King Crossword___+ Team gain an: M I see glllwflll 9 II gag; pull-ll! Ill. 13 Igcounterpart 23 ctress JeSSiCa 25 26 27 32 figfiggllll IIII pl- use. ?II yllllmflll ,8 age; 40 EIIEIII 19 Child/ping 43 45 46 TM EIII-EEEIIIII Breakfast for en . g: TESS; bit 54 Legal wrong 8 Israeli indi- Society new- 33 824311?“ 22 grim" 9 $23718 34 [mined cousin 57 Gosgels fol- 10 Help a rigood email 34 Small chalk- lower 11 Partner 38 Tattletale board 58 Longing 16 Journey seg- glfiigstancgeztu- 32 Eggs/$6 59 misting" giggcle ationeg a; 39 Masseuse's 1 Snatch 25 Pod dweller Gator's kin workplace 2 Take to the Pump up the 45 Catch sight of 41 Not this way! hammock volume 47 Old portico 42 gfdermarket 2 Siggglg; — 48 Sgrsrgfhan section 5 Witness Bailey" dog 49 Conclusions Cupid's alias 6 — Khan 31 NAFTA signa- 52 Weeding need. 2,000 pounds 7 Stopper tory Have © King Features Synd.. Inc. Do you have a story idea? Call or email us, at The Golden Valley News and Billings County Pioneer! 701 -872-3755 ‘ » billings