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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
September 13, 1934     Golden Valley News
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September 13, 1934
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LOCAL NEWS' BERT SERVICES] LAST TItURSffYI Funeral Held At Sentinel Butte Congo. Church For Runion Coal Mine AItcident Victim. (By Epeelal Correspondent.) Fun:'al sexTmes for Albert Oil- bert. killed in a mine accident, were held Thursday at the~tion- al chureh with~ o~vold, o~lcl- ating. Twfl~i~Utiful hymns ~re sung by/q~trtette conslst~g O..f~]~. H. Ma~o~, Mrs. M. A. Tovey, l~v. and ~)trs. EII~ The pall bea~rs we re/Wm.~lrardn~ Walter D~Lron, E. ~. ~on, #;~ho~0n@arl Eni~Ul~r and Vq T. ~ederso~ Out of ~own relatives w~ wert~ere for th4~une~l We~. lP's- ~W~tun and~daughter Eun~e~ Colton, S. Dmk.,~ohnCv~Ithens of Oar- retson~~ Minn., Mrs. E. H. Howard of Brockway, Mont., Mrs. Edgar Massey of Wibaux, Mont., and Harve Robinson of Dickinson. Mrs. Issac Hanson of Dickinson were also here for the funeral. LOCAL NEWS Andrew Carlson is improving nice- ly from his bruises acquired in the Run!on mine explosion. He is at the Beach hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wehrman of Sentinel Butte will live on the Nick Schitlo place when the Schillos leave for the east. after their sate. Young Carl Kenned)" was bumped by a car n~ar tl~e B~ach pos~ office last Friday afternoon, the resulting fall cracking a small bone m his l~g. After promp~ medical atten- tlon the young lad was sent home no~ much the worse for wear. You can ~t ~op~d.~y S~L~ at LOWEST ~R~F_~S at Ofl~.#BLE S. 12 gage, $1.0(~ gage, 88c; 20 gage 87c. " 19-1t. Fedreal engineers have surveyed a tract of land 300 feet ~pmxe, be- longing to Ohri~ Johnson,. ~ of the cemetery'at Oolva upon which it is said a radio station will be built as an adjunct to the airport. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Alist~ and Peter Hartse of CaHyle was a Beach visitor Monday making the Advance office a pleasant call. Tuesday at Sentinel Butte 104 children were lnnoculated against diphthexia and small pox by the FERA. Wednesday as many children will be vacminate~ in Beach as are brought in, This will be done for two days here then the (3olva chil- dren will have their chance to be vaccinated against these dread chil- dren's diseases. So far all cases have been on the relief rolls, no charge having been made for the innoculation. Mrs. P. J. Edkins has been quite ill this past week. Her many friends hope for her quick recovery. Mrs. D. J. Robert,son of Grenora, N. D,, who is here during the illness of her mother. Mrs. Rathbun, who is in the Beach hospital, made the Advance office yesterday a pleas- ant visit adding her name to our list of new subscribers. Mr. F. T. Reynolds of Olendive and Mr. and Mrs, John Marmon and Mrs. Fay Corgin. their daugh- ter. of Sidney, were in the city Sun- day" taking inventory at the Rey- nolds store. Mr. l~eynolds express- ed himself as well pleased with the appearance of the new store front. i~ being the "first time he had seen IN THE CHURCHES ORDER OF MASSES I ~t. Jolm's Church, Beach, N. ~." i let Sunday, 8:30 a. m. 2nd Sunday, 10:00 a. m. Zrd Sunday, 8:30 a. m. 4th Sunday, 10:00 a. m. St,. Michael's, Sentinel Butte, N. D. ist ~unday, .10:00 a. m. ~.nd Sunday, 8:30 ~. m 3rd Sunday, 10:00 a. m. ~th Sunday, 8:30 a. m. Win. Fred Hake, Pa~t~r UN|q[q~D BKETEIK~ CHURCH W. B. Nelson, Pastor i0:15 Unified service. Installation of officers. Special message. No evening service due to Young Peoples RaUy at M. E. church. UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH P. A. Gtsvold, Pastor Sunday, September 16. BEACH~ Sunday school, I0 a. m, Luther League Devotional. 8 p. m. Ladies' Aid a~ the Ole Moe home on Friday ~he 14~h. L.D.R. a~ the same place on Saturday afternoon. OLLIE-- Worship, II:00 a. m. CARLYLE Worship, 2:30 p. m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH "The Friendly Church" Rc~'. C. G. Ellinger, Pastor it. . j.J " ] [ i0 z-. m. Churc1~ school. FOR SALE--P~I~I~eS, early Ohio,/ 11 a. nL Morning worship: "The $I bushel. FaVOrers Elevator. 19-1t t Soul.s V~ ion.,. "~randpa" Marmon was down/ Thur.~day, 3 p. m. Ladies aid meet- Sunday from Olendive to visit the/lag. Henry Marm0ns here. Mrs. Andy Weinberger and datlgh- ~,:rs E.'~na and Josephine of ]~is- ma::ck were in the city Saturday, they s~0pping off for a day, on the w3y to -isit a sister of Mrs. Wetn- berger's at Olendive, to call on a Iew old friends here. There wiiI betf~hurch services nextI ~u'aday ~ St:.~Matthew's Episcol~l[ chu.'ch in ~each at 8 o'clock in thef evening. P~v. David Pierce-Jones,t ~ishop, a~t ~argo, will officiate. ' ~,~rs. Frank Dykns entert~ihed atI her home Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Nic Weinee, ht, Mrs. Kathryn O'Xeefe, M~ Pat Birmingham Mrs, Clarence O~erstad. The after- non was spent ~0cially at the close of which a delicious lunch was serv- ed by the hoste~ Mr. and ]V~:~ ~?,oy Williams and so~ Nell of Trotters were in Beach 7:30 p. m. Choir practice. Missionary meeting Thursday, S~p~ 20th, at the home of Mrs. M. P. Griffiths. SENTINEL BUTTE-- Church worship, 9:45 a. m. Duties of Holding C ,party A holding company is one formed ~o control the policies of other com- panies, whose income consists of the dividends ahd interest from stocks, and other obligations o~ the companies it owns or leases. A Small Woni; H~torlcally The achievements of mankind worthy of historical reeord through the ages have taken place In only a few small sectfons of the world. In fact. 90 per cent of all history books are about Europe, which tom, prises only 7 per cent of the earth~ land area.--Colller~,' Weekly. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 EXQUISITE FURS Molded into P Is, Fumes Fa - plus SOFT 1934 COATS F_ CEPTK)NAL VALUES- Brown~ Blacks Fully [UF C~ !d--Hea~j" late: There is wife and Mrs. George Was~m_ann F=~=ql~ were pleasant Advance visitors last shopping and vLsiting friends yes- - ............. -==- .... " -l-Y Friday, and looked the shop ~r. I' a Mrs.pleasantH. C.caliEaston made th~ o~fiCeMonday, we almost Mr. and Mrs. ]Dart Cox returned , ~[L/ U ,|,~J | \ FRo CK~ T~ followed heF home and committed from their trip east last Monday. 7 ......... .7 Mr. and Mrs.. Cox visited relatives ~ . ,,~ , ~ a robbery because she pratmd the while away at varlous points. They ~ImperiaI~ ~'l ~pinanel fine sweet corn she raised thia year. also attended ~ fair at Chicago. ~ra~ ~[ ~ii~slt~a n i - qut~, 7~oz. ~p |kag~ 10# Mrs. Lee .Wllliams vlslted us last The Lee Wiiliams of Wibaux were ~u.ant~ a ~1 qual~y Monday and renewed their su~rlp- in town Monday shopping, c~tmb~d. . ~o b~e_d tlon and said some nice things about __ ,~_~l ~ ~*a I e~.d chaco... , 50c from Grown feeling that seems to exist for the returned from ~efl~ead after tak-t iJ~t ,~._~~ bag$ I 1/2p 97 Paper'accrdingturblgsubscrip" ingEvelynT]~zmP$n and Helen Inl. ~ O.K~- - ~, C tion list up at Trotters. " Robertson to SChOOl at Concordia I nice vru ~tore , i college there. The Robertsons left ~ i~] ~ The railroad company has laid a last Friday cud returned Monday. i .......... __ ........... t i~ new sidewalk from First avenue to the tracks, a ,thing much needed. None of the new papas around -- - -- : ~ ~ - : Z~ town are prouder of recent arrivals Bea h Beauty P l I ~^~ ~ ~3~o in :~hefr family than Jack Lindt. "23': / T ,o..on,., Under the Postofflce 3'-" " ' tana, and Mrs. Fredrick Bolton and ALASKA'S FINEST FISH... DEEP RED COLOR ,,o. 30 Pkg, infant daUghter Sally Ann from Ft. Peck, visited their aister, Mrs. ColUs McCoy at the J. M. McCoy home on Sunday. Carl Davis is resting easily at the present writing, he having had his arm lanced at the Beach hospital this week. It seems that Carl had bumped his arm some time ago but while not severely enough to cause an abrasion or cut had been severe At last we have sec~aremedy-for dandruff and falling hair. Get v~I'AROL~AND~,UFF TREAT- MENT. This wflfl" als$1~fely check ~andruff and stopfalling hai . ! i With this tre4~ment ge give you a ~alp massage with an elec~c scal~ ~massager and lfibrator. This treatment i~only ~0c _ / We give all, types Of ~/~anents 9~ our new Fred- rics Combi~tion IVI~ li~_. _./ S MITH Permanent Wave Specialist Also News; Sing, Babies Sing; and Horse Power. i 7:30 and 9:00 P.M. -:- Adults 35c A meeting will be hem Friday night a t t h e ~ o ngregaltonal at Sentinel Butte by the Oongre~ational churches of this par- ish to map out the parish program the ~amln$ charge, Wools Cereal grepes T~ a~d ma~ 1934 Styles ~ele Neck Ripple Arid others