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Beach, North Dakota
September 3, 1931     Golden Valley News
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September 3, 1931
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THE BEACH ADVANCE I t W. F. CUSHING, EDITOR AND PUBL]ISHEEt Member Natfonal and State Editorial Associations I~DBLI~SHED AT BEACH, NOR~I DAKOTA. EVERY THURSDAY mmored at po~totflee at ]Beach, North Dakota, on May 8, 1905, as secon~ class m.att er ~rlptions in North Dakota South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota, S2.O0. TO all other states, $2,50 A~[re~a eli communications to the BEACH ADVANCE. Beach, North Dakota THI~ ADVANCI~ I$ A RI'2AL COUNTY NE1VSPAPER A FEDERAL DOLE ~nless public opinion calls a halt, a federal dole to the unemployed pass Congress during the corn- lag seasion. 81gas for the forthcoming raid many and unmistakable, Pol- lens seeking votes are plannlng ingenious schemes to saddle upon the government the task of feeding wor~ peopIe. Certain gover- are willing to prostitute their ~tates to obtain federal alms. May- ors of cities are Joining in the mAtrch upon the treasury. Instead of meeting the emergency local and state organization, in- creasing numbers of citizens are nOW planning to shirk their duty. They haye to set up a bureaucracy in Washington which will be charg- ed with the task of feeding the idle. In order to pave the way for a federal dole a systematic effort is made to exaggregate the number of unemployed. A false picture of municipal and state impotence is foisted upon the public. One of the dangerous aspects of this subversive movement is the willingness of fairly well-informed mad patriotic men to destroy the fiber of American manhood. They close their eyes to the outrage that is to be perpetrated against the COOPERATION President Green of the American Federation of Labor said: "I would rather have 100,000,000 men work five days a week than 60.000.000 work six days a week and have 40,000,000 idle." That sounds both reasonable and sympathetic. And with the same logic and spirit it may be said that those employers who spread out their pay roll among the whole number of work- ers instead of discharging two- thirds in order to maintain the wages of the three-fifth are both wise and just. In times like these mutual aid and cooperation are of inestimable benefit. Everybody conhected with a business should be ready to make a sacrifice, if needed, to keep it going, there would be less unemployment. Half a loaf is better than no bread. Half a job is far better than idleness, despair--and possibly hunger. When an automobile comes to an exceedingly rough stretch of road it is necessary to go into low gear for a while. The same is true of the economic car.--Pathfinder. Some of our reformers will not be satisfied until our prisons are artificially cooled in the summer time and the prisoners are served BE~C~, N. D., ADVANCE == PERSONALS Gee. Ramsey of Sentinel Butte is suffering from rheumatism. We have made arrangements with Professor Grindstuen to handle the standard size note book filler ALPHA ~DAY, S~'E1MQBER 3, 1931 ..~ i :A WIFE'S APPEAL FOR .--9.-----. I HUSBAND'S ARMY PAY One of Many Such Letters That Are Received By War "" Department Among the humorous letters re- ceived at Washington during the late war. was the following: "Mr. Headquarters. U. S. Armory, Dear Mr. Headquarters. 'My husband was induced into the surface long months ago and I ain't received no pay from him sence he was gone. Please send me my elopement as I have a four- months old baby and he is my only support and I kneed him every day to buy food and keep us enclosed. I am a poor woman and all that I have is at the front. Both sides of my parents were very old and I can't suspect anything from them as my ;mother has been in bed 13 years with the same doctor and she won't take another. My husband is in charge of a spitoon. Do I ge~ any more than I am going to get? Please send me a letter and tell me if my husband made application for a wife and child and please send me a wife form to fill out. I have already written to Mr. Wilson and got` no answer and if I don't hear from you I will write Uncle Sam about you and him. Very truly, Mrs. Paul Quinn P, S. My husband says he sets in the Y. M. C. A. every night with the piano playing in his uniform. I think you can find him there.- Exchange. ENVOY FROM EGYPT BONNIE VIEW Mary McCaskey, lleporter The Indian Hill school Monday, August 31st, with Flcssie Gash~ of Trotters teacher The SChOOl has c~ene~ again after being a number of years pas~, from lack of pupils. Seven pupils enrolled at present. The school also started the same with Miss Alma Brown as Mrs. John McDanold returned t her home the firs~ part of week after being in Bismarck about four. weeks where under the doctor's care Mrs. Danold has improved since away, and her friends hope will continue so. Mi~s Claricia Gifford has visiting at the Kidder home Trotters during the past Mrs. Frank Nehls attended Catholic Ladies Guild meeting a: the Theo. Tobias home in last Thursday. Mrs. Tobias Mrs. Roy McCaskey being es. Mrs. John Schroeder of spent a few days last week country visiting at the home Mrs. A. O. Roof. Oliver Jones of Terry, travels for the Raleigh Co.. calle~, in Bormie View Friday ! ternodta. Mrs.~:~y McCaskey was those w~ attended the Mrs. J. p, Smith held at the sonic Tem~ple in Beach Sunday ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Andy were visitors in Beach Frida Abraham delivered hogs to that day. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nehls Sunday dinner guests at Feldmann home. Mr. and Mrs. h~ahlon were business callers a~ the McCaskey home Monday Mr. and Mrs. Ed. FeIdmann ~ Americansystem of government, three times a day with highballs George and Mrs. Hammond were at five cents each. We are also A large crowd attended the old Rather than perform a heavy task clocking with real ice cubes, up from the south country Monday selling pencils at four for one dime. time dance given at the Alpha hall family visited at the A. F, they would wreck the government to see the excitements of the court- Rice Drug Store, Beach. 18-1t lastEd.SaturdaYziebarthnight.and children of home Sunday afternoon. ty metropolis. The Methodist ladies will serve a Thermopolis, Wyo., arrived here to Skeptical Lady: "And debauch the people. These re- Senator Nye ~s going to introduce Thor Plomasen, wife and daugh- harvest dinner at the church par- visit his brother Adolf Ziebarth wear this coat out in the rain ~~ble citizens are standing be-a bill in Congress to sell China ter, visited old friends in Beach lors Wednesday, September 9, to last Wednesday. They left again out hurting it?" ~tnd ~pulous legislators who 100,000,000 bushels of wheat. Theta Monday. Mr. Plomasen is diretcor which all are welcome.Ion Friday for Scranton, N. D., from Fur Salesman: are preparing the legislation that all that will be needed will be an- of maintenance and way for the you ever seen a skunk misappropriate the money other law to get China to buy it, State Highway commission and this Mrs. Lyle Martin of Sentinel there they will go on to visit rela- trip brought the good wife along, Butte and daughter, were Beach tivs in Minnesota. Mr. A. Ziebarth umbrell]a?" whlth these citizens themselves . 1- ide thus combining business with visitors Saturday. went along with them. Chile has openea a wor a w %fLoe paid in taxes. " " pleasure. The many old friends And speaking of that hill you go] Karnes and Mildred Johnston Pres4dent Hoover foresees this nitrate war. We thought those were glad to see them again over to the poorhouse, lots of pep- I called at the Odman home Friday ( WHEN YOU AR!~/READY Pan American countries were like .... ' ple seem to be trying to make it levening" IWAX YOUR FL~(OR B EI~ danger and is endeavoring to bringUncle" Sam had enough trouble ed~rS'rom':" hA" ~.ivermOrer has mov- in high. I The Dickinson Normal students |PER THAT WF~AVE A JO] returned home last Friday after- Sesostris Sidarouss Pasha, newly [SON FLOOJlg" WAXER ~I -- f t e fa m to Beach with Junior Schulz has an infected lnoon. Three of the girls are to appointed Egyptian minister to the [WE WII~fl~ENT YOU FOR about a counter-movement by self- already, her children for the winter to take respeoting eitizens, communities _ _ advantage of Beach's superior finger, begin teaching the 7th, Nellie Iron's United States, photographed at hls /~ERY SWIALL COST. ~nd states in behalf of unemploy- ~'~e trouble with being a revolu- s:hool facilities, and will be most Mrs. Marian McAdams of Minn-iwill teach at the Carew school, , LIASON HARDWARE ~" - ..... i- o et I welcome, eapolis is making her parents, Mr. ] Mildred Johnston the Tim school desk at the legation at W ashington. ~, ~t relief. Business men will be tionist in ~uoa ts that x y u g I to Join the movement to .... an't run ver- far un ' Mr. and Mrs Mona Haukaas have and Mrs. John Denton, and rela- by the river and Dorothy Hogo- nc~ea you c Y " " " tives, a pleasant visit. Mrs. Mc-]boom will teach the Nelson school ~ect the government against the -- " r I returned from their honeymoon tap less you are a good sw~mme . to Seattle and the Yellowstone park, Adams was formerly Miss Marian lnear Sentinel Butte. ~ieidal dole, laud this winter will make their Denton. I Edna Wassman returned home ~ ~-.=...~ If the President is supported by In the old days people used ihome in Sidney, Mona leaving for Mr. and Mrs. Bury and son Thursday from the Victor Ren- the people he will succeed in bricks for foot warmers but they lthere Tuesday last. lot Alppha were Beach callers last lstrom farro where she has been brlcks for stomach i t. Pe ~locking the movement for a fed- use these wine " Miss Carr e Witzig has returned]Thursday" Ivisiting' ~ / oral dole. All citizens who know warmers [to her school duties at Glen Ellyn, [ Misses Hollis GolIiet and Stellat Myrtle J~hn~on, Florence and the true character of their govern- " - - near Chicago. She left for Bis-IRiehards left Monday for Bismarck ~thel ]qoss~rr~an, Dorothy Hogo- ~ e n rf,~ ~{ careful there marck yesterday and will be joined]where they will return to duty as ]boom, Ruth~ngsvick, Evelyn and~ ~~lnrTw~' t ~/~ R~'a" meat, its lmwers and limitations, .~ w ....... . . . l there Friday by Sherry Anne Cush-J student nurses after a two-week'slDris Odm~n, Mildred Johnston support him, for the sake of are going to be a lot of dom-~uh~i~,g who has been spending her l vacation with their parents, Mr. and Bernice Carew were all din- a e5 preventing a disastrous perversion sounds emitted in Congress during I v~.cation with her aunt, Mrs. Rice. land Mrs. Peter Golliet and Mr. and [ net and supper guests at the A1 They will stand by the coming winter, add is on her way to rejoin her lMrs Buel Riehards. Mr. and Mrs.{h'ns home Sunday. onOc t' ~r~~o-'- * of government. I Andy Abraham accompanied the l Josephine Gronning left Sunday ~t Hoover for the still more n-:~ther at Minneapolis. [girts as far as Bismarck. for Bismarck where she will teach OO 51~"=~ important purpose of preserving the Isn't there some way the Farm Fountain pens in High school, o ~ s school the coming term. EN RAFTC PENS 1 rassho c~'lors at from $2 to $3 each Rice Tom Gilman rep rts th'ngs a Alex LaSota motored to Medora Board cou d tram those g P .... ~If-respect of the American pep-pers to eat the surplus cotton7 DtYegs2trd:i" mornin~ Mrs being very prosperous over in last Sunday. ple * * * Morris Hogoboom and AI Irons Probably the scheme to trans- Y ~ Mrs. Harold Smith is back home drove to Dickinson last Friday af- Dykens presented her husband with form the Treasury into an alms- s~s~ ~ s~ gt|l|T|| a fine ten and one-quarter-pound after a few weeks visit with some ter the girls who have been at- i A~ ED FOR LIFE--- R CED BELOW MAIL h,0USe will be disguised as a plan to M~ | ~ ~m||~ baby girl and there is great rejoic- friends in Bismarck. tending school there. cooperate" with states and cities. PllIO. $. l. ing in that family, the four other Marian Haigh is home after be- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hagen called~ " ORDER HOUSE PENS " children being boys. On being in- ing in Bismarck the past month at the Louis Drunick home Sunday. *'~" The ~vernment will be asked to (Continuedfrom page one) ~ formed of this event it is said for an oppendicitis operation. She -- $3.00 and up ~ntrlbute fifty-fifty with states in r~,~r,,+~,' In addition to the bro- Frank, his pet gentleman cow and is much Improved. Heat is an enemy of rubber, t~dieving unemployment. Then the ...... ~" ' ........... ur two heifers, did a scotch reel to Charlie Justesen and Miss Lena therefore, tires, particularly the ALSO DIXIE AND PENCRAFT PENS IN BEACH HIGH thers menuonea, Mrs. ~m,~n m s - ~'tates will fall down on the job, and ..... n h,, Mr~ Msrv Zonh~r and the moosic of a quartette in the Meyer were Bismarck callers last spares, should be protected from COLORS, RED AND WHITE WITH GOLD INSIGNIA .iw,, :v~_ .=: ....... 5 Z;_Y:L-L^ 2~s corral and things like that. Sunday. the sunlight In choosing a fire H.B.S. Congress will generously transfer Mrs. d. ~. xoung o~ ~mca~u, ~ - entire burden to the Federal ters, William Conion of Milwaukee Last Saturday a nice baby boy Miss Harta Lindt, who has been cover select one that will have a and her mother, Mrs. Mary Conlon came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. attending normal at Dickinson, tendency to neutralize sun rays, D~xte $2.00 Lifetime $3.00 %%rycltl~en of the United Stat- of Chicago. The Conlons and Miss Frank Sokolosky, southwest of is back home again, thereby prolonging the lifo and use- Dorothy left for Chicago Monday Beach, and everybody in the faro- Mrs. Fred Hulett, who has been fulness of the spare tire. ' " ug C eS wh0 wishes to maintain the late- morning, James and his wife re- ily is very happy, making her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Weigh, of Tobacco Rt :e Dr o. .~lty of governmentshould pro- malning here for the present. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thoemke are Peter Gel]let, a visit, left for he A house (,t tobacco usually Mrs. Smith was born in Worth, grieving over the loss of a baby boy home in Elgin, N. D., Sunday.. weighs 1,200 pounds for dark-col- HEADQUARTERS FOR STANDARD SCHOOL SUPP~IF_~ Ills., July 12, 1884, and was mar- who died at birth last Tuesday at Mrs. Louis Callendar is suffering prod tobacco and 1,000 pounds for tied in Chicago ~o James P. Smith Sentinel Butte. from kidney trouble, tight tobacco. pare to resist the movement that is coming. The American people ~n not afford to place a premium upon vice, vagrancy and willful idleness by maintaining them at the expense of virtue, self-reliance and hard work.---Washington Post. A London communist paper is angry because O. B. Shaw refused to gra~t it an interview and in- formed the editor that he writes only for capitalists. G. B. doesn't permit his views to interfere with his pocketbook, and in this respeez he has plenty of radica~ ~ompany. Those pacifists who think that the way for Uncle Sam to keep out war is to scuttle his navy ought o take a look at China. That un- fortunate country has on the aver- age about three wars a year, and hasn't enough navy to support one commodore. It has been decided to let Corn- wallis surrender again a~ the in 1904. In the spring of 1905 she John Linder of Deer River. and her husband moved to a home- Minnesota, was a pleasant visitor stead five miles south of Beach, this week to Mr. and Mrs. Glen and in 1911 moved to Beach. where McDonald. John being Mrs. Me- they resided until Mr. Smith's Donald's brother. He left Tuesday death, and a year after that Mrs. for his home. Smith moved to Chicago. Mrs. Claude Fuller and Miss Deceased was devoted to her home and her two children dur- Carrie Witzig motored to Glendlve in~ her married life in Beach, and Monday, returning that evening. her sterling qualities made her Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Overstad friends who }emained steadfast to Ieft by car Thursday evening for the end. These friends extend Hancock, Minn., to visit Mr. Over- their heartfelt sympathy to the stud's parents. Clarence having relatives and particularly to the received word that his mother was two children, quite ill. Maynard Linger. Ray and Rex Misses Evelyn Odman and Mil- Foster returned to the homes in dred Johnson of Alpha were Beach Beach after spending a month at, callers Friday. Fort Shelling, Minnesota. Ted Vaughn's little girl had her Dr. Lyons was up from Sentinel adenoids removed Saturday. Butte Tuesday on professional Leo Nielson's daughter is sick at business. the Beach hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fulton and family were up from Carlyle Phi]lip Dickinson has an infect- T~esday evening to see the movms. ed finger and can't "point with Tom said this was one way they pride." Otto Douglas' hey was thrown from a horse Sunday and was hur': quite badly. Jack Lindt has been under the Yorktcwn sesquicentennial this fail. weather for the past two weeks Thus is another grave tnternation- and. while about is feeling pretty al question settled without recourse punk. to the World Court. C.I.R.~w is over from LaMoure looking after his landed interest~ here. In a way you can't blame Gandhi Jimmic Neudick wont over to Ior not wanting to go to Europe Sidney today for a visit of a week for a diplomatic conference. Every or two. time Uncle Sam does that he loses A doctor is wanted a~ Edsell, S, cat" for the Black Hills for a week's his shirt, and Gandhi can't afford D., according to a ]et:er received i outing, this being Dan's vacation to lose his, by thi,s office today. But tl~ey do,trip. kind of ado~to~ l~ no~ say what " " ~ " '-~ The St. Pauls Ladles Aid will --- wanted, . meet in the church basement on Workmen excavating in New] Hilda Eliason is visiting the J. Wednesday, September 9, witl~ Mrs. Jersey the other day dug up come]C. Johnson family at Miles City, Lea. Treater as host`. [ pennies coined in 1776. They were Montana. Jimmie Smith and wife arrived 9robably buried by some timid[ In ironing the a~*erage family from the eastern part of the state ~v~rson who thought that the world,Wash] for five persons, the house, last Saturday to attend the fun- wife who uses a 6-pound iron lifts eral of his mother, Mrs. J.P. ~r~ ~:~ before 1780. [8~t 3,000 pOl~d,~. B~dtl~ :~. ~~ "~*~,:~-~-~:~ took to celebrate their silver wed- ding anniversary, which was that day. First Assistant Attorney General Charles Simon came up from Bis- marck Tuesday to represent the state auditor in a hearing before the county commissioners. Mrs. Warnke. wife of the editor of the Belfleld Review. and Miss Florence Dingman of Dickinson. were Beach visitors Saturday and paid this office a pleasant call. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wicka and Mrs. Verl Dot:,; left Saturday by Phone 28 Wibaux, Mont. / C Italian / Prunes / O..ox .ox 15-LB. BOX 5-LB, BASKET 2 FOR HEAVY PACK 3 FOR Ill Ill 75C .ox 2 FOR FANCY BARTLETS 42-LB BOX ;enA BOX SUNKIST--DOZEN FANCY BARTLETS 40-LB. BOX II I I II