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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
August 29, 1935     Golden Valley News
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August 29, 1935
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THE BEACH RE,VIEW i~ublished every Thursday at Beach, North Dakota H. E. I~NDERLE and D. A. %VALI,ACE, Editors and I>ubllshers Subscriptions $2.00 per year in advance Entered as second class matter September 18, 1931, at the postoffice at Beach, North Dakota, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Advertising rates furnished upon request. Official paper of the City of Beach and of Golden Valley county How Quick Can You Stop? Some time ago a questionnaire was submitted to mo- torists by the city of Memphis concerning tile distance necessary for stopping cars going at given speeds. The survey demonstrated that the average driver has an ex- ceedingly poor conception, of stopping distances--and that he believes he can bring his car to a halt in a much shorter space than is actually required. For example, drivers were asked how many feet would be needed to stop a car with four-wheel brakes moving at a speed of 40 miles per hour on an ordinary highway. Two percent of the dNvers answered ten feet or less; 15.9 percent answered 11 to 20 feet; the heaviest majority, 23.2 percent answered 21 to 30 feet, and 14.1 percent answered 51 to 60 feet. ffi The true answer is 80 feet--and it was given by less than 6 percent of the drivers. Only a minority of motorists realize that, no matter how good a car's brakes, it is im- possible to stop within fifty feet--that a car going 40 miles an hour will skid further than that with locked wheels. Memphis has provided a good example showing that we vitally need continuous and intensified "schooling" for drivers--and that the driver who has operated a car for twenty years should be given attention, as well as the beginner. Adequate knowledge of the limitations and capabil- ities of the motor car is a fundamental of accident pre- vention. Guffey Bill And Lignite Bismarck Capital: The Guffey coal bill, aimed at cod- efying the coal industry and improving and regulating labor conditions, has the unqualified approval of labor but is viewed with alarm by the coal industry, including lignite The lign,ite people feel the situation is serious because lignite is at the bottom of the soft coal scale and its sale depends entirely upon price. It is a low cost coal and where it cannot be mined and sold at a reasonably lower figure than the more efficient eastern fuels, there is no sale at all. Labor constitutes 80 percent of the cost of lignite, operators say. The Guffey bill would almost double the cost. Whether or not this would narrow the lignite field seriously is the matter of argument. What the coal men fear is that the high price will drive users to natural gas and fuel oils with the resultin,g loss of customers forever due to expensive installations. The Guffey bill also provides for a 15 percent tax on the value of the coal as it comes from the mine. This is fair enough as one coal mine or industry to the other, but it is con,sidered preferential by the miners as far as gas and oil industries are concerned. ,i Chama News Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baxter of Sid- ney spent Sunday at the Thee. Kun- |k home, It was Mr. Kunick's birth- day. Mrs. Collis McCoy returned home Bunday from a week's visit with rel- aUvee and friends. Fred Bublitz has been cutting ml~ain this week on the Powers Elev- ator land. Miss Emma Roa Simmons was a Thursday ev~ting dinner guest at the Bell home. Charlie Ruedinger is the possessor of a fine new Plymouth car. He ex- t t ill pects to leave soon for eastern points to visit his daughter and family. Mrs. Roy Tuttle, son Art and Bob- by Jean and the A. E. Bell family spent Sunday at the Mrs. Luster Baxter home in Glendive. Mr~ and Mrs. John Thorp and two sons of Jamestown, and also a nephew Stanley Thorp of Wisconsin, spent Thursday night at the Bell home en- .outs to Big Tiimber, Mont. till - iii i Let Us Print Your Sale Bills J i i i q ~L - | - (STATEMENT FOR PUBLICATION) RECEIPTS IN GENERAL FUND &. CaJh in General Fund (in hands of District Treasurer and ex- cluding Sinking Fund) July 1, 1934 ........................ $ 2601.65 1. To~tl amount r~ceived during year from appor- tionment of State Tuition Fund .................. 229885 S. Total mount received during year from appor- tionment of County Tuition Fund ................ 1513.06 4. Amount received during year from Federal Aid .. 295.00 5. Amount received during year from Taxes Levied by District School Board .......................... 19128.73 6. Amount received during year from other Rerun- , ue Receipts (total of a, b. c, and d) ............ 3267.24 b, Tuition from other directc~'c ...... $ 2,186.00 c. Mlsc ............................... 258.61 d. Penalty & Interest .................. 642.63 R. Total amount received by SchOOl Treasurer during ,the year (Total of items 1 to 9 inclusive9 .......................... $ 26502.91 C. Grand Total amount received by SchOOl District Treasurer In- eluding cash on hand (Item A and B .................... 29103.96 EXPENDITURES OF GENERAL FUND Amounts Paid During year for the FollOwing Purpoaes: 1. General Control. (School Board Salaries $144.00 Expenses $249.8?; ................................. $ 393.87 2. Instructional Service. (Teachers Salaries 18316.72 Text Books $648.51;, Library Books $131.02; Sup- plies $663.28; Teacher's Retirement Fund 232i58) 19992.11 3. Auxiliary Agencies (Play F~lullpment, $87.$2) ., 87.82 4. Operation of Plant (Fuel $1276,03; Light, Water, etc., $551.65: Janitor's ~bages $1702.15: Supplies $292.48) ........................................... 3922.81 5. Maintenance of Plant (Includes upkeep and re- pairS) ............................................. 882.92 ~ Fixed Charges. (Includes insurance, rents, etc... 407.60 Capital Outlay, (Remodelling Heating P 1 a n t $707.36) ............................................ 707.36 D. Total Amount Paid During School Year by District Treas- urer ............................................................. 25593.99 RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES IN SINKING AND INTEREST FUND Receipts ............................... :::.::::::::::::.: .......... 16694.69 ~pendltures ......... GRA'N'I)" "TOT'AI~ ~ALANCES 15507.36 Grand Total Receipts ............................................. 45798.55 Grand Total Expenditures ................ . ...................... '41701.35 (]rand Total Cash on Hand tn both Funds. June 30, 1935 ...... 4097.20 STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) County of Golden Valley ) as. Reach School District No. 3 1 I do solemnly swear that to theb'est of my knowledge and belief the within is a true and correct report of all moneys received and paid out hy me as School Treasurer. (SEAL) M.P. LOVGREN, Treasurer of Beach School District No. 3 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2rd day of August 1935. HERMAN F. DIETZ County Strperlntendent of SchooI~. THE BEACH REVIEW Artist Sel S tares-in-H{mself --- -:;~:H'es in tl~e talents o~ young l~hard Crlst, Pittsburgi~ artist, shown her,. in his studio, sald at a par of $5, He wanted to go to Mexico on a pain: ng expedition, and to finance his trip offered to bring back a water color sr oil painting fo- each of those who would bug ouo or more shares In Richard ~Ikisl, Inc. Sentinel Butte Locals t111 Mrs. Boisen and Mrs. Young drove i the Back Hills. to Dickinson Saturday and broUght Pearl '~ates is working at tile Mr. Boisen home. He is recovering I Butte Hotel. nicely from his recent illness, havingt The 4-H Club held lhcir weekly been confined in the Dickinson hosp-lmeeting at the school house SatUr- l ial the past few ~eeks. Mrs. Youug, ~day night. who is a sister of Mr. Bmsea and t Mrs. Guy Hall and two sons, Bob- daughter Charlene plan to leave on by and Junior, returned home Satur- Saturday for their home in Sparta, l day from a weeks visit at Huntley; Wis. after sending two weeks here. I Montana. Miss Eleanor Powers, a sister ofI Mrs. ],'red Gilbert entertained for Vera Powers, left Friday for her home I members of the Ladies Aid at a work after making a few days visit here. !aid at bur home last Thursday after- Joe "Carlsou has been quite sick lnn' and is in the Beach hospital. ;l Mr., and Mrs. Hernmn Dletz spent Pat Murphy is qllit~ ill at his house]Sunday visiting at lhe Dtetz home north of town. [here. . Mr. Strong and Kenneth li'lom] Theresa Lievens silent Wednesday, were Sunday dinenr guests at the C. i Thursday and Friday visiting at the J. Englund home. I Miller home. She went to Dickinson Mrs. Lyle Martin is expected home Saturday to visit friends for a few this week from Dickinson where she days. has been convelescing in tile Diekin- Mr. and Mrs. Grant Noreln from son hospital following a serious nmj- Minot are visitng at the home of Mr. or operation. Norem's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ~. Margaret Boisen is spending a few J. Norem. days at the Nunn ranch. :Mrs. Messerschmldt of Fairfield Is The circus in town Thursday nightI drew a large crowd of young folks, i vlsitingGilbert forWitha fewher dyas.mther' Mrs. Fred i Mr. and Mrs. Tovey entertained at Lottte Walker helped at tile Htel]dinner Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. g. a few days last week. Russell Kirkpatrick l'eturned last lH. Mason and Mr.~ and Mrs. Sewell week from a few weeks vacation In i Mason. S V MER SA %DS in new dresses OFocuUres you know the kinds f salads yen wast to serve thl# summer. They're mu~h the sume salsds u you served lut summer--tender green things like ~a~mal~re, for instance. But even bve their feelings. They Img/n to sulk if you don't give them new dre~ now stud then. And that sulky look Is re~eeted on the fao~ of those who eat them u~ mentally, if not vocally, rsbel at the "same old thing." Pool 'era: Get a new dress or a new garnish or a new ingredi- ent for t well-known sa~d, and you'll nevsr see sulky look. "h~e encumbers. You've s~rved them in gelatin salad perha~, but have you ever served them in a combination with pineapple like this: Jellied Oueumber and IN~4~e ~a/ad: Soak two tablespoons gela- Un in cold water five minutes, then dissolve in one cup boiling water../,~i~ Add one.third cup mlgar, one-half tea- spoon salt. one-half enp vinegar and the ju/ee from ltalf a lemon. When cold and beginning to stiffen, add one cup grated cucumVer and one cup crushed,pineapple, and pour into shallow, wet pan. When ready to serve, cut in cubes and serve on lettuce. Garnish with whole w~ ~d cream mayennalm. eight. A New Red Drese Give the alligator pear, always l~putar for summer salads, new dress. Here's the way: Alligator Pear Baled with To. ~:L-~o Dre.,tng : Keep alligator pears very cold, and minute, to void dli- coloring. Then halve, stone and pare, aad arrange hollow side ltp In a bed of crisp cress, (]sx- nlsh with ripe olives and strilm of pimiento and pour over this lee cold. Tomato Preside: Mix well and Shill six tablespoons oHye oil, two teugoons lemon Jules, one teaspoon salt, one-fou~qh teaspoon i~prik~ nd two tableslmons ~aned etts~. Peur ov~ t~ .l~r ~st bw~ servl~ Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family and Mr. and Mrs. Frank I)avidson were Sunday dinner guests at friends in Baker. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS STATE HIGHWAY CONSTR~CTION It 1. l'rol)oSals for tile coastruetion of a State Highway Sentinel Butte North will be received by the ~tate ttighway Commissioner in the of- flees of the Department of State Highways at Bismarck, N. Dak., not later than 9:30 o'clock, A. b~., Sept. 6, 1935, at which place ar~l time they will bc Publicly opened and read. 2. The Proposals must be mailed to or otherwise deposited with the D~partment of State Highways at Bismarck, N. Dak. and shall be sealed and endorsed "Proposal for constructing a State Highway Sent- inel Butte North (NDUSPW project No. NRS 467 (1935)) in ~olden Val- ley County. '" A certified check for 5 peroent, to- gether with a bidder's bond In the full amount of the gross sum bid. murat accompany each proposal. All certified checks shall be drawn on N. Dak. hanks, and will be cashed by the Commissioner, and said cash will be returned to the successful bidder upon .the filing of an ap- proved contract bond. 4. Contemplated Work consists of 4.780 Miles of Gravel & Scoria Sur- fa~clng roac~ improvement involving approximately: Scoria 8urfaclns 2.286 Miles Subgrade Preparation 2256 C. Y. Furnish, Screen, Crush. Load, Unload & Spread 5165 C. Y. M. Hauling 500 C. Y. Stripping Pits Gravel Surfacing 2.494 Miles Sabgrade Preparation 2494 C. Y. Furnish, Screen, Crush, Load, Unload & Spread 11762 C. Y. M. Hauling 500 C. Y. Stripping Pits 2 No. Pit Moves 5. Copies of the Proposal blanks map be obtained from the Depart- ment of State Highways at Rl~- merck, N. Dak. Plans and specifi- cations are on file in the Division Office of the Department of State Highways at Dickinson, N. Dak. and the office of the Department of State Highways at Bismarck, N, Dak., and also at the office of the County Auditor in the County where- in the project or projects are locat- ed. 6. All bidders are invited to be present at the opening of the pro- i)osals 7. The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals, to waive tqchnleallttes, or to accept such as may be determined to be for the beat interests of the County and In The Reach Review State. 8. Bidders must bid on all items contained iu the proposal blank. Any bid or bids received for an.'," number of items less than those contained in the Proposal will be considered as irregular and rejected its such. 9. "The attention of bidders is di- rected to he Special Provisions cov- ering subletting or assigning the contract and to the use of Domest- ic Materials. "The minimum wage paid to all skilled labor eml)loyed on this pro- ject shall be not less than eighty tS0) ce~ts per hour. 'The rnlnlmum wa~'e paid to all intermediate labor employed on this project shall be not less than sixty- five (65) cents pe~ hour. "The minimum wage paid to all unskilled labor employed on this pro- Ject shall be not less than fifty (50) cents per hour. "Where board is furnished by the contractor, a deduction in the above rate may be made for the actual (!oat of I,onrd. but not tO exceed eighty cents per (lay. "The minimum wages paid to the following (dasses of (~amp bell) to whom tbe provision regulating hours of employment does not apply shall be as follows: V*'atchme~, not less that, $15,00 per week. Timekeepers not less than $15.00 per week. (~[erks not less than $15,00 per week. Hostlers not less than $15.00 per week. Cook's helper sot less than $14.00 per week plus board. Cook not less than $18.00 Per week plus board. Barn boss not less than $15,00 per week. "The minimum *'ate for truck rent- al, exclusive of driver's wages, shalt be five cents per cubic yard mile. "Trucks shall be limited to a max- imum load of foul" (4) cubic yards for hauling surfacing material from the source of supply to its place on he road. 10. "Bids are requested oa the basis that if subsequent legislation shall require observance of minimum wages and-or ma,xhnum hours of employment and-or limitation :ts to age of employees, in the performance of government contracts any con- tract entered into shall be subject to accord with such statutory re- quirements to the extent authorized or required by law. STATE HIGH%VAY DEPARTMENT (Signed) W. J. Flannigan State Highway Commissioner 1)ated: 8-7-35 A22-2t NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORE- CLOSURE S~LE (Installments Only) Notice is hereby given that that certain morUgage o~ecuted and de- livered by Jens Gronning and Gurine Gronnlng, his wife. Mortgagors. to the Manager of the Bank of North Dakota, mortgagee, dated the 1st day of December, 1919, and filed for record in the office of the Register of Deeds of the County of Golden Valley and State of North Dakota oa the 2nd day of December, 1919, and recorded in Book "13" of ~[ort- gages at page 299-300 and duly as- signed by aald Mortgagee to the State Treasurer of North Dakota, and his successors in office. In trust, will be foreclosed hy a sale of the l)remlses In such mortgag~ and hereinafter descrihed, at the front door of the Court House in the City of Beach. in the County of Golden Valley, and State of North Dakota, at the hour of 2 o'clock, P. M., on the ]0th day of September, 1935, to satisfy the amount due upon the pa~t duo lnstarlments of such mortgage on the day of sale. The premises described In such mortgage and which will be sold to satisfy the In- stallments due under the same are d'~crlbed at follows: The Southwe~,, ,)-:,,'ter (SW~) of Section Twelve (12, Township One Hundred Thirty-Six (156) North. of Range One Hundred Five (105) West, in Golden Val- ley County, North Dakota, There wtll be due on such mort,. gage at the date of sale the sum of $570.56, together with the MJxtutory costs of foreclosure. The lien of the portion of such mortgage hereby toreclosed is inferior to the lien ~hereof for the residue of the amount ,~ecured by e/uCh mortgage. Dated July 27, 1955. State Treasurer of North Dakota, as T r~ee. Assignee of Mortgagee, R~b~rt Blrdzell, Attorney for A~ent el Ass~,nee, B Blsmarck, N. Dak, Aug. 1-8-15-22-29. Sept. 5 I IIIII GAY f DITNIFIED Schoollirl, house- wife, athlete and Ira- dent, conservative 8nd ulu'a-modern -- all use Clairol Sham- poe Oil Tint. 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