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August 27, 2009     Golden Valley News
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August 27, 2009
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August 27, 2009 Page 3 Hello, You know, I'm not very handy. Oh, I can pull a calf with a leg back. I used to be able to saddle a skittish colt or stretch up a broken wire. I could put plugs in an "A" John Deere. "'I can skin a buck deer or run a trap line". Naw, that's just the words of a song that HAT TIPS started running through my head. And they are probably wrong. I mean to say; I am just not real handy around the house. This came to mind the other night while help- :ing paint a new entryway. All I did was volunteer to let Daryl use nay paint sprayer. I even said I would deliver it. Shirley said to take along some old clothes to paint in. Like I 'was going to paint! I think it would have been all rigfit if I hadn't stopped off for a game of pinochle and refreshments at "the pipe". But you know how that "one more game and we'll all go" turns out. By the time 1 started painting, I thought I was Michelangelo painting the ceiling. Only I wasn't going to spend quite as much time. Kind of wish I had taken some other clothes along. But for now, if you need someone with new "'old" ,-clothes, I'd be your guy! Then, Shirley stooped to a new , low. She brought up the last time 1 ,- convinced her that she should not hire a "handy" man when she was . married to one. Hat Tips By Dean Meyer our Kind of wish I had taken some other clothes along. But for now, if you need someone with new "old" clothes, I'd be your guy! That was when we put some new carpet in. A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far. far away. The bedroom doors drug heavily on the new carpet. Shirley wanted to hire someone to trim a little off these doors. Now, 1 had a skill saw in the shop. And a chainsaw in the pickup. I can lift heavy objects. Just why the heck would she think she had to hire someone. The first door didn't go too bad. Oh, I scratched the paint on the wall up a little, trying to get the hinges loose. They hadn't been apart since the early thirties. But I got them out. And I didn't need one of those fancy, fold up metal saw horses like carpenters throw in back of their pickup. No, I could just lay that heavy old door on the kitchen island. Then way ou ;' The 2009 session of the Legislature joined a dozen other states with a resolution reminding the federal government that there was a Tenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution stating that powers not delegated to the national govern- ment, nor prohibited to the states, were reserved to the states or the people. The Amendment was attached to the Constitution in December, 1791, to allay the fear of states that their powers would be absorbed by the national government. So for the past 218 years, states have kept remind- ing national policymakers that the Tenth Amendment guaranteed states' rights. In spite of the repeated reminders, the national government ' has continued to pre-empt states' rights when some national objective ,.became involved. In cases where it " was clear that authority to deal with i,'an issue belonged solely to states, the national government has used - money to bribe states to bend to the national will. We now have such an issue at ,. hand. Four U. S. senators, alarmed - at the failure of states to act, have ;- introduced legislation in Congress ,; to outlaw message texting by driv- ,, ers in traffic. The issue is serious. The fatality figures are appalling, with studies indicating that texting N D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl A forgotten factor in arguments over states' rights is pub- lic opinion. After all, the reserved, pow- ers in the Tenth Amendment were for exercise by the states "or the peo- pie." IS many times worse than driving drunk. Action is warranted. Under the senators' proposal, states would be given two years to outlaw texting and e-mailing by drivers in moving vehicles or they would lose 25 percent of their feder- al highway money. In other words, the federal government doesn't have direct authority to regulate traffic but it can put conditions on the money it gives states. This same strategy was used to force states to pass seatbelt laws and to raise the drinking age to 21. Storyteller to offer special MEDORA - Matt Schanandore, an internationally known flutist and storyteller, will present an evening of music and interpretive story- telling at the Cottonwood Campground amphitheater in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park on Saturday, Aug. 29, at 8 p.m. A North Dakota native, Schanandore is of European, Native American and Hispanic ances- try. His native heritage originates from the Mandan-Hidatsa tribes of North Dakota and the Oneida tribe of Wisconsin. Matt learned to play By Ellen Feuerhelm Reporter : Dinner guests at the Flying J Travel Plaza on Tuesday. Aug. 18, watched an RV from Toomsboro, Ca,, hop a curb and land in a ditch ; near the Interstate underpass at '" Beach. Phillip and Charlotte Hadarits had "~-ordered dinner when they were " called to their vehicle. Their truck was pulling a 34-foot trailer when it starting rolling down the hill and into the ditch. It took the men from Walz Truck Repair Inc. until 10 p.m. to remove the trailer and truck from the ditch. "My husband had the vehicle in gear but didn't set the brake. We thought someone had hit the trailer, but 1 knew it was more serious when my husband started running," said Charlotte Hadarits. The Hadaritses were traveling with another family from Georgia on their way to a Special Military Active Retired Travel Club Convention :in Lacey, Wash. The vehicle became lodged in the ditch. The family could still open both doors on the RV and were able to get to their luggage. I could draw a straight line along the bottom, using the edge of a case of beer/'or a straight edge. Oh, I had to empty the box first, but that's another story. I got that line drawn, told Shirley to stand back. I started cutting over her objections, which were pretty hard to hear with that skill saw screaming. I whacked they baby off perfectly straight. As I lifted the door off, Shirley let out a...I know women shouldn't swear, but then again. I had cut the door off pretty good. You could see how straight my cut was by the nice straight line, a quarter inch deep, that runs the length of the kitchen island. Guess I should have moved the door a little farther to the east. Although Shirley was getting pretty vocal in her objections, by now I was getting into the carpenter thing. I pulled another door off. Going to trim a half-inch off. Made sure the door extended beyond the island. Drew as straight.a line as I could using that beer box and fight- ing off a mad woman. Got that skill saw screaming and sliced off a half inch of smoking wood from that door. Shirley's tears looked real. I carried that door down the hall and put it on. Still drug pretty heavy on that carpet. I had trimmed a half- inch off the top of the door! Did I ever tell you about when I fixed the screen door? Think I'll go riding. Later, Dean The North Dakota Legislature did consider a bill to outlaw texting but came up with anemic reasoning to kill the proposal. They argued that there were already so many other distractions for drivers, e.g. eating lunch, reading newspapers and dialing the radio, that outlawing another hazard wasn't important. Fourteen other states thought other- wise and passed laws to outlaw the : practiCe. A forgotten factor in arguments over states' rights is public opinion. After all, the reserved powers in the Tenth Amendment were for exercise by the states "or the people." Without much consideration for sophisticated arguments over the Tenth Amendment and federalism, reasonable people will conclude that outlawing texting is a no-brain- er and should be done by somebody somewhere. There will be public support for federal action, states' rights arguments not withstanding. After 218 years of experience, states should recognize that along with states' rights comes states' responsibilities and, when those responsibilities are not assumed, states lose. People want solutions. In the case of texting while driving, the evidence is so persuasive that states will be hard-pressed to invoke the Tenth Amendment to defend their refusal to act. presentation the piano at an early age from his grandmother who was an accom- plished pianist. She was also a well- known Native American storyteller. Through her stories Matt learned about his native heritage. The program is free and open to the public. Car seat checkup set for Sept. The Safe Communities organiza- the age, weight and developmental ty seats, b~t.approximately 85 per- tion, in conjunction with Safe Kids level of the child? cent of eatSeats are used incorrect- ND and the N.D. Department of Health, is hosting a free car seat check up on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at WlC, located at 1st Street SE in Beach, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. It is estimated that 85 percent of children who are placed in child safety seats and booster seats are improperly restrained. Certified child passenger safety technicians will be on hand at the checkup to assist parents and caregivers to assure the proper use and installa- tion of their child's car safety seats. At the checkup, car safety seats will be inspected for the following: - Is the car seat appropriate for Westin Music MEDORA - A music festival will be held in Medora at 2 p.m., Monday, Sept. 7, to honor Wade Westin. Westin was a well-known Medora Musical cast member "Gentleman Wade." He was the marketing director for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) when he passed away sud- denly in February 2009. The music fest will feature per- Does the car seat meet safety standards, has it been recalled, and is it in good condition? - - Howis the child secured in the car safety seat? How is the car safety seat installed in the vehicle? Each car seat checked will take 15-20 minutes. Parent should bring the car seat instructions and their vehicle's manual to the checkup. If possible, the child who rides in the seat should ~iccompany the parent. All participating families will receive free safety packets. "Most parents are trying to pro- tect their children by using car safe- ly," said.~Bec%y ByZeWski, Safe Communities coordinator. "A mis- used car seat may result in serious injury to a child in a crash. There are many different car safety seats and many different vehicle protection systems, and theydq not always work well together. I eneburage par- ents to participate in the car seat checkup. Don't wait until you have a crash to find out that your car seat was being used incorrectly. Our children are too precious to risk their lives in preventable situations." For more information, contact Byzewski at beck- Fest to be held on Labor Day formances by various artists and musical styles including Good Shepherd Lutheran Church's Worship Team from Bismarck; Jared and Noni Mason and family: cast members of the Medora Musical: and members of the Coal Diggers, the Medora Musical's band. "Wade's contributions to Medora will always be remem- bered," said Randy Hatzenbuhler, president of TRMF. "He loved Medora and he loved music. We feel this is a fitting way to pay trib- ute to him and celebrate his life." The Music Fest will be held at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. The event is free and open to the public. Donation proceeds would benefit the Wade Westin Memorial Fund. State, schools work on H 1 N 1 prevention BISMARCK - The North Dakota departments of Health and Public Instruction are working together to remind schools, parents and students to take simple steps to help prevent the spread of influenza. The new H1N1 influenza virus has continued to circulate through- out North Dakota and the United States since its discovery this spring. Schools will soon be open- ing, and the potential for student to student transmission of influenza will increase. Along with the new HIN1 virus, the other seasonal viruses are expected to circulate this fall and winter as well. "With the threat of both seasonal flu and the new H1N1 flu this year, it's important that schools, parents and students all learn how they can reduce the spread of the virus," said Kirby Kruger, state epidemiologist with the North Dakota Department of Health. "The most effective steps are really easy and can be taught to kids of all ages." Parents and schools can help reduce the risk of students getting influenza by following these guide- lines: - Parents should get their chil- dren vaccinated against all circulat- ing influenza as soon as vaccine is available. (This year more than one vaccine will be required to cover ousing The state of North Dakota will conduct a public hearing at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 3, at Gate City Bank, 204 Sims, Dickinson, to receive input on housing and non- housing community development needs, for the development of the state's 2010-2014 Consolidated Plan, and the 2010 Action Plan. The Consolidated Plan, required by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), describes the state's demo- graphic characteristics; housing inventory, housing needs primarily for persons of low and moderate income, the homeless, and special needs persons; and the states hous- ing and non-housing priority needs. The plan also includes five-year goals for housing and non-housing needs, a description of available Playing August 28, August 29 and August 30 281 E MAIN - BEACH ND 701-872-4362 Pull Bingo Black Tabs Maria Ross $50 Jack Live Flk:lly & Saturday I I I! Hours: Mon-Fri. 3pm-lam Sat. lpm-lam Happy Hour: Mon.-Thurs. 5:30-6:30pm "The most effective steps are really easy and can be taught to kids of all ages." Kirby Kruger both seasonal and HINI influenza.) Children who are ill should stay home and not go to school or day care. - I!1 children should not return to school until 24 hours after fever subsides without the use of fever- reducing medications. - Practice good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. - Wash hands frequently, espe- cially after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. Cough or sneeze into a dispos- able tissue or the inside of the elbow. Throw away used tissues and staff home. - Having a separate room for ill students and staff waiting to go home. Parents whose children are at increased risks for complications of flu should contact their health-care provider if their child gets sick. People with influenza usually experience fever with a cough and/or a sore throat. They also may experience body aches, muscle and joint aches, headaches, chills and feeling tired. Some people have experienced vomiting and diarrhea with the new HIN 1 virus. the new Wirus becomes immediately ....... ;, ,, ..... - Avoid touching your face with your hands. - Avoid large crowds if possible. Avoid close contact with ill people or people who appear ill. Schools can help reduce illness by: Regularly cleaning surfaces, especially frequently touched sur- faces. - Monitoring students and staff for illness and sending ill students more severe or thenumber of illness- es exceeds the limit~ for normal school functioning, the priority this season will be to keep schools open. The N.D. Department of Health recently held a statewide meeting via videoconference and Webcast with schools to update them about HIN1 planning and this new guidance. Information about H 1N t, includ- ing case informatiotl for ' NOrth Dakota, can be -found at -- , , ,,, aring resources, and a description of how certain resources will be delivered. The emphasis of the plan is to ben- efit low and moderate income per- sons. In addition, the plan contains the Action Plan for the year 2010 that serves as the state's grant application for the Community Development Block Grant, HOME, and Emergency Shelter Grants programs. The Action Plan contains the program descriptions that describe how these programs will be delivered in the year 2000. The public is encouraged to attend the public hearing to learn about the plan and to provide ideas for its development. At a later The Golden Valley News and Billings County Pionner welcomes letters to the edi- tor. The letters must include the author's signature, address and phone number for verification of author- ship. Mail them to: Golden Valley News/ Billings County Pioneer PO Box 156 Beach, ND 58621 We reserve the right to shorten letters, edit out factu- al errors and reject those deemed libelous, in poor taste or of a personal nature. We will not run letters from the same author two weeks in a row. All opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent the opinions of The GVN or BCP date, the public will be invited to obtain a copy of the draft plan and to provide written cQmments, Should anyone rrquke" auxiliary aids or services, or need additional information, please contact Gordon LaFrance at 328-3698 prior to the public hearing. i i i Golden Valley News P.O. Box 156, Beach, ND 58621 (U.S.P.S. Pub. No. 221-280) Staff: Richard Volesky, editor, reporter, advertising and office manager; Jane Cook, office and news assis- tant; Ellen Feuerhelm, news and office assistant. The Golden Valley News is published each Thursday, 22 Central Ave., Suite 1, Beach, ND 58621 by Nordmark Publishing, Rolla, ND. Periodicals postage paid at Beach, ND and additional mail- ing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Golden Valley News, P.O. Box 156, Beach, ND 58621. Please allow two to three weeks for new subscriptions, renewal of expired subscrip- tions and for address changes. Contact Information Phone: 701-872-3755 Fax: 701-872-3756 Emaih Subscriptions 1 year: $31 Gblden Valley and Wibaux counties 1 year: $34 elsewhere in North Dakota 1 year: $37 out-of-state 9 months: $19 In-state college rate The Golden Valley News is a proud member of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. I