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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
August 21, 1941     Golden Valley News
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August 21, 1941
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I 8 el 'v q :ssit .' (( ...stuvd lu .l /} I /) 0VERSFAD & S0N l/ ',OLYA TR .D EN' 120., Golval/ m mmlm m Leaner rWE.A,. ,s CONDUCTrD ~- -~- --=- :--:-5 :- : 1 Dickinson, N. D.,--Aug. 15--Funeral ]rites were held Tu~day for the I second victim of encephalitis in Stark ~~~~ ]county, Mrs. Katherine WeAner of I Lefor, who t=day. the day ~~~ l after she had been admitted to the ~~~ i St. Joseph's hospital in Dickinson. ~~~ I Encephalitis has 'been taking a ]heavy toll in the eastern part of I North Dakota anl over the northern ~~~~ ]section of the state is has been ~~~~ l spreading rapidly with it gradually ~-~~~ i working into western counties. ~~~ I Specialists from eastern states have ~~~ I been cooperating with the North Da- ~~ ]kota Board of Health to check the ~~~~~ I dlsease and to determine how it is i belng spread With the cool fall -~~~ ~ weather coming on it is though that ~ - - -_ ~-- ~-! i" l~t the'mosqulto which is known to ~~i~ help spread the disease, will be less active. Marshall Semeon Rudenny, com- mander of Russian armies oper~tt- ~ on the southwestern front, who led the Red counter-attack which in ....... .... G W ne~, ~U-lb .............. 82 some sectors threw DacK me er- 58 ~Ib " "81 man advance. -- " " ............... , , ~'mx ........................ 1.57 BUBONIC l~-~GUE Barley ....... ................. 25 GEgMS ON N. D. FLE~S Oats .......................... 20 -- Rye ........................... 37 Officials of the U. S. Department " Public Health found bacillus of Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Smith stop- ~e dreaded bubonic plague on fleas'ped in Beach several days the first which were found on groun,l squirreis~of the week to visit with friends. 111 Divide county in July, pub1~The Smiths were enroute to their h~ authertties at Bismarck re-i21ome at Spring V~lley~ Wise, after ~aled recently., It was pointed out a ~Mation trip through Yellowstone that there was little cause for alarm. Park. Rev. Smith was pastor of the BUt the presence of the p,lague germs local Congregational church for sev- among field rodents was a continual eral years until lest spring when they menace to adjacent communities." moved to Spring Valley. Danger of human infection becomes I~atest when these infected fleas, especially the oriental rat flea, use the common brown rat as their host, public health officials said. $100 Best protection against disease, Dr. Ooffey of U. S. public health ser- vice said, is the extermination of the ornmml house ra:. FOR INFORMATION LEAD- Plague epidemics have occurred on the west coast but this is the first ING TO THE ARREST AND time that the "bug" has been found CONVICTION OF ANYONE THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS I TRIJTH,I)out |DI ! [ , , By CHARLES 8. ROTH [ l& t FLY BY NIGHTS ~(;~ -~ ~\~. ~/HENEVER Jeff Peters, the en- I any minute, always expecting to (LL, :- ~ " ~ ) ][V gaging hero in the book of O. have to flee. ~:-"~-'~i~! ~:~' Farmers Henry stories called The GentleI The manufacturer or merchant ~ "~('~_~,-~'.,~t. effort pa ~L~'~y %~9- ~ ,!~,)~.) room for Grafter," went into a new town and who advertises, however, serves ~,~.~ ~/.~, !farm. At remver, etc', ut in frnt f him, he I f the cmmunity and sciety" HeSpread his samples of corn cure, ink notice that he has become a member ~, ,,.~ -- -"--~:~[ ' ~ :i rs are ac' i ndic~ always took one precaution He a nnouncesthatheintendstobeyour ~~'~ ~~ iand made note of how soon the next train business friend and to warrant your ~ ~.~;~2/ .~;~ tio will cc '..~ ~-.-~-~ -,o ,, ~ that ther~ left patronage ~~ 'cannot a~ ~. ~ . ~:_>-" He had to. Jeff never knew what And you buy from such a man with The i%.. day ~o minute he'd have to fold up his kit perfect assurance timt you ,,,ill al- I~ /// q~::~~'::::;:=~] um and s~ute to~ and hot-foot it for the station, with ways get your money's worth. And , farm stor~_=:~rents, policemen and angry customers inyou do. ] TO antage I or more l~Who wer, s n i It's possible for you to go into some i This is 1 and at clo e ._ursu t. He wn~ that kind of business man I stores and find merchandise which [ above I~X al baker. " v v "~ v I ghb salesmen assure you ~s ~ust as I ad v We call them fl~ b m hts. The .... difference ~ go on still infest our cities gooa. *'. ta;e~I nnd tnwn~ h.t vn. ~ I The fact that even they use adver- ] shall cient to n there ~t t~ip t~ ........... , ..__ ~v_ granary. " never saw one of ~ tlsed ,terns as the standard of com-, on either side. I secure g mas?e a, them advertise or ~[ parison, is proof enough that they i la, fild ~ l~*ina ~.e ] recognize the permanent power of I~t WilLam Penn ~[ provide t * w~ ,'ess ] the force we call advertising. [ IL~ ~ i fer the ~eth7 h, as soon " The man who ad l~:!~ You as a consumer get more for ] ~' * ~ or conS ke all f~ ~orflqo~ f~ vm~e n~t" I your money if, in all your buying,~ With these te6r6s Pc.. con. ~l ............ -'v---r--" .................................. ~ ~ summated on* ol the most L-~] ford to Vith ham rona~,t~o ............. ~hnw.~ that he ~~[i.:.,.:.:.~.:.:...:::. ] you avoid the Jeff Peterses of busi- ~ unique treaties i,~ h(storr. Nev. ~[ st SWeet c : ..... ~A~::~i ness and select whatever you need ] L~ or recorded in w~'itin'g, yet never ~1 the be b has zoreslgn~ anu ~~4~ ........ Y tho~ "~" -a~'^H~ " ^nts ~~! I Irom me stores oz mercnanzs wno I ~ violatod, it wa~, the pact made [~1 cuu~ ~g. ~ w,~ ========================= n h I ~ and he to establish -oodwill ~i I advertise a d w u sel adverhsed i I~ ~{ and to remai~ in bus- goods: ....... Ti" Bert! -____ ;,~.~o ~,~ +,-- ~,,~o+ i ~ ousmess orgamza~mn wnlen ! ~ way fnr him tn dn Charles Ruth I wants to get the most for the money' [ --.... ~h-~-t~in-~-~'-~e-t=-.c~nAd ...... ,, I sets uP standards bY which to judge i ~ ~-H ~ ......... ~ ...................... ed it " W what 1S offer to ,and m ash-j ICE and advertme so that you may come I ........ I to him whenever you need what he I governmen~ haS an elav- sells. I. 0ra~e ~ureau oz ~tanaarasr I ......... Standards, too. Just consult the ad- August 13 79 63 .02 Jeff Peters stands for the furtive You can have your own Bureau of _i paramte, Hanging arouna me zrmge [ vertisina columns 'of your newsn-- of respectable society, dashing in I Her They safe-uard your nurchas I AugUstAugust 1415 81835651 (Ill and taking whatever he can, giving ] ~.~ ..... r n ........I 1-~ nothing m return, ready to at @ Charles B. Rotl~ I AUgust 16 82 55 August 17 7557 L[ FORMER U STUDENT DIES AT WTJSAUX August 18 7747 | FLIER IN ENGLAND ] August19 82 50 -- "Wibaux---Monday nig, h~ Fred Eidenl ~ ; Edward Miluck ofMandan, student passed away at the Wagner hospitalI at the University of North Dakota here, where he had been confined l| ~- ~ two years ago, is going to have lots of the previous ten days. Surviving here !i for things o tell his friends when he re- are his wife and daughter Lucffle t ~g : t t " 'I urns from England. Miluck is a and a number of other relatives i~ U. ~. fly ;r i:~ the second ~a~ es aquae run ~me u of the RAP engaged in military up- the 82 55 75 57 .25 77 47 50 g at C. E. flyer in the second Eagles squadron away from here. 1. came u of t~ ~ AF engage~ in m itary up- Funeral services were conducted ~ the According to a recent letter receiv- odist church with Rev. Grant S. ~form ed by a friend, Miluck was married Moore in charge. in June to a resident of Edinburgh, The deceased was 79 years of age (BY POPULAR ~r MarJ ~rmy h~ Scotland. at the time of his passing and had ~g is re< been a resident here for many years. JUICY H Ued ankl~ John McDonald of Fargo spent sev- An attempt will be made to publish Past mort eral days in Beach last week buying a complete obituary next week. es. Ted cattle for art eastern concern. Mr. ~ ~'~ McDonald was county agent here for Ralph Kuske, traffic supervisor for =,i r vaeau t" several months this spring after the Greyhound Bus Lines was a - away ..... - ,~__.. sure to gin '~"~ County agent Jacobson resigned. Beach visitor Wednesday of last week. R/~ bnn It le ,1 ~ ~ ~ i~ have several VE BriaN WtNTi.N!L.o' Ill i1 ' ~ .... ESS Y~t,, 1,0~ C "BEACH'S ONLY To take the family and go to Fargo for a couple days? ! [ | Chern& Then here's a break for you! [ Walton t Children accompanied by parents can stay at Hotel Powers FREE Friday, Saturday and Sunday anytime during August or September. Pay only regular Room rates --- NO Room charge for children. aS far east as North Dakota. STEALING LIVESTOCK n0spitai ~t FROM A 1VIFAVIBER OF THIS Hotel Powers Leads the Way! eS ASSOCIATION. A baby boy was born to Mrs. Roger Rates from $1.25'and $1.50 single, $2 and $2.50 double Dent of Broadus, Montana, Aug. 14. . Home of the famous, air-conditioned Powers Coffee Treatment w~s aaministered to Mcdora Shop. Special food, service, equipment for children. Mrs. Lulu Dahl of Bismarck Thursday. Half regular portions at half prices. Mrs. Chas. Doubles of Beach re- St kgr ceived treatment Aug. 13. OC owers Glen Wagner, a transient, entered for treatment Aug. 14 and was dis- ~.~. ~.~ ~T* charged Aug. 15. octat,o n Wm. Johnson of Sentinel Butte was treated for quinsy Aug. 15. Mrs. Herman Wassman of Sentinel Butte received treatment Aug. 16. A tonsillectomy was performed on a son of F. J. Wicka Aug. 18. Dr. Cotton of Wibaux was a patient here Aug. 18 and 19. Geo. Franzen of Sentinel Butte'~e- ceived treatment Aug. 15. Geo. I~nton, a transient, was treat- ed Aug. 18. Mrs. Donald Ulfers of Beach gave birth to a baby girt Aug. 19. BIll Kiedvoski of Beach ~ treat- ed Aug. 19 for seeod degree burns on *~.--,his neck and face, caused by a gaso- line explosion. 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