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August 13, 1931     Golden Valley News
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August 13, 1931
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West Point's Memorial to a Master of Swords BONNIE VIEW ]tfarY McCaskey, Tteporter '. and Mrs. Nick Uetz of Sen- Butte, accompanied by Mrs. ~elek and daughter, were Sun- dinner guests and visitors at home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank hl$. Mrs. Marselek and daugh- ter are here from Independence, Wkeonsin visiting at the Uetz home, they being mother and sis- respectively of Mrs. Uetz. Olaf Abraham has been at the] ~. F, Doblar home during the past wtyak assisting Mr. Doblar with ha iag, i Mr. and Mrs. Charley King and] thmally d~ve down from Glendive Thursday and spent that night and ,of Friday at the home of Mrs. ~s parente, Mr. and Mrs. John l~ilff0~l. Miss Nellie Glfford, who 11~ been visiting at the King home llz OIendlve fox" the past two weeks ~ed home with them. a~me, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. A. 1~. Doblar made uveral triI~s to Sentinel Butte last week, where Mr. Doblar consulted the doctor in regard to the abeess whtoh, had formed in his mouth. The doctor reports that he is get- along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Albers ac* ~mled by the f,ormer's mother, Mrs. Herman Albers, arrived Fri- day evening from Lo~anvine, Wls., ;tar a visit at the Ed. Feldmann home. The visitors planned to &five in and surprise the Feldmann ~y, but due to the rain Friday ~ng were afraid to start from h as they were unaware of the ~mdltion of the roads from town to the Feldmann home. After ar- ri~ in Beach about 9 o'clock p. m. they phoned to the Fe]dmann limally who met them part way. Mlm. Herman Albers is the lady [%ex 8oh 'u~z and mother moved lllllad~y from the farm owned by A view of the memorial erected to Lieut. Col. Herman J. Koehler, in charge of the physical development Feldmann, which they have oc- egtlX~led for the past month. It was of the cadets at the United States Military academy at West Point from 1885 to 1923. Koehler, a "master of swords~' was popular with the officers and cadets and their appreciation of his work led the Association of learned where they h~ moved m, ad.- ~" " '~rect th~ m@mnrt~l in th~ ~ntvanoa hall tcJ tho gymnasium hnildinvr Word has been received here of ~ ~----= ~ ----~ the birth of twins, a boy, Bened4ct ........................ ~ALL BUT SWI - - h George and a girl, Esther Marian, Mr. George W hel on GOLVA If q'HE ,.. .... 18, Mr. and Mrs. Mischel and l| WrlI 01" Lor. a Hurd. de,otter " SUPERSTI - fWatly resided here about five I! TIONS years ago on the Reeve ranch, so - -'-=--=- .......... il ~y are quite well known here. At The best ball game of ~e sea- ~ B ~ H. I R V ! N(} K l NQ l~et~nt they are living near Glad- son was played here Sunday after- noon between Oolva and Baker, Up With whom Mrs. Feldmann made hbr home from the time she was I~lht years old after her mofiaer's dl~th. This is the first time the ~Pa, eozmin ~otk~ have been out to country, and they appear to to the fourth inning no scores on either side were made but in the fourth La~Tence Nistler and Dick Carew made two good hits which resulted in scores for both. The Baker boys in the field did good work but up to bat rarely connect- ed with the Golva pitcher's balls. The game ended after an hour and a half of fast playlng with the score 2-0 in favor or GoZva. The next and last game of the season for Oolva will be played at Marmarth, August 16th. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hanson and family drove to Sentinel Butte on Shanday where they attended the picnic at the Murphy grove. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hurd and son Marvin drove to Rhame Mon- day and from there to the Parks ranch, where they will spend the week visiting. Quite a number from Beach and Sentinel Butte attended the ball game in Golva Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Page were Beach visitors Friday. Tony Kreitinger drove to Dick- Jason Thursday to get a load of fruit. Mr, and Mrs. Rider of Long p and take to Beach the horses Beach, Calif., formerly Mrs. Ingle- to Ben BenSon. Charley due of Wilflams and J. B. Linger Miss Katherine Rawls, tiny four. has purchasltd Mr. Ben- and family of Beach were pleasant teen-year-ol0 junior high school pu. , / callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bons horses. ., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Feldmann Viallace Page Thursday. Mr. and Stud family, Mr. and]Mrs. Ed. Feld- Mrs. Rider were enroute to YIln- and family, l~r. and Mrs. La- nesota, Iowa, Ohio and b mk )y a Yern Al~ers and ~rs. Herman A1- southern route to Long B~ ton. Mrs. were Sunday/afternoon visit- Rider was well known in he s ~uth and supper gtl~sts at the Ernest country and to a numbe, of the ]~admarm h~ae treat Beach, Sunshine society memberr she be- Mr, and M~. ~Ionte Oasho and ing a charter member ~nd still daughter are ~l~nning on moving wears her pin. Her son Paul is Trotters Mthis week to 'the married and is practicing dentis- ralaeh formerly occupied by Hank try in Texas. Madison on the Beaver. Mr. Gasho Bill Hartman and Matt Waltzer will he em~loyed by T. E. Hudson. were up from the river Frtday for IN[r, and Mrs. Ed. Feldmann, Mr. supplies. and Mrs. LaVern Albers, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. Drake of Belf- Ort Albers made a trip to Wi- ingham, Wash., were guests at the today Jay Page home Thursday night. John Gifford accompanied Mrs. Drake is a cottsin of Prudence M~s. John Wentland, daughter Ruth and son Howard from Beach to the Kidder home nux Trotters Monday, where they were visitors. Mrs. A. J, Nellermoe and son Ar- thur had the misfortune to break Page and they were returning from a two months auto trip to South Dakota and Minnesota. They left Friday for the west. Miss Evelyn Peterson Is visiting at the home of her friend Miss Alvera Funk tilts weekc. ,~ Tony Kreitinger afl~ childre~iI and Marcella Fischer dr~e to t~e] Little Missouri Monday wl~re t~ey1 spent the day fishing. ~ / ~! B. A. Maprus has been ~ck-I Jason for ten days receiving me-] dical treatment for rheumatism. Mrs. Maprus went down Sunday t~ be with her husband. Glenn Hall from Ekalaka was 2a Golva ~rlday enroute to the Little MiSsouri where he will look after the winteringof W. C. Patents cattle. Father Lack returned home from car Tuesday even- the George Kerrlgan farm enroute to their home at from Beach. Roy Mc- took them the rest of the , home that evening, returning next morning accompanied by r Nellermoe, who repaired car an~ proceeded on ~ way, John ar~ Eme~ McDanold re- turned home last week from Bis- flaarck, where they had gone tak- ~ the former's wife, who entered there for treatment. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. ~, C. McFerran in Mandan for a his trip to Montana Saturday eve- time: Mrs, McDanold and ning. A priest from Hebron held Mass Sunday, Mrs. Murdock CamerOn and son word last week from Mrs. Mudel Hector, Mrs. Louis Fasching and ~rls0n of the death of her hue- son Earl and LaVerne Grey spent band, Axet Carlson, who was drown- a few days at the home of Mrs. ed while swimming at Seattle, Frank David, son of Sentinel Butte Washington, on July 25th Mr. last week. lZnd Mrs. Carlson have stopped off Mrs. Dan McPhee of Plevna is the McCaskey home several visiting her son Donald at the times while passing through to McPhee home in Ootva and many Seattle from Duluth, their former old friends. home, and have met a number of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Page and pe0t~le while here, Their last visit iMrs. Wallace Hurd were callers at was about two years ago. f the Wm. Moyer home in Beach on Supt. and Mrs. John Wentland Saturday. and family of Beach, A].bert John- A couple young men from Mar- CLOCK OMENS IN ,MANY superstitious house- It holds the sudden striking of a clock long silent is regarded as an omen of death ; and in many house- holds people who laugh at the su- perstitlon nevertheless have an un- comfortable feeling, even as they Sunday on laugh, when a silent clock unex- pectedly breaks its silence, because some sudden Jar or some relaxing of some part of Its interior mechan- Ism sets its wheels into motion. Thls superstition cannot be an old one, as superstitions go, for clocks did not come into common use until toward the close of the Middle ages-that is clocks run by interior mechanism--though they are said to have been invented by the Ger- roans In the Tenth century. Tbe superstition is merely an old and primitive idea applied to a com- paratively modern contrivance. The first striking clocks are said to have been of the "alarm" va- riety and were designed to awaken priests and monks that they might arise betimes in the night to say their "offices." If that is so, it may have had something to do with associating the striking of a clock with the supernatural In the minds of men. Be that as it may, the idea that the sudden striking of 8 clock long silent is a "warning," is but a sur- TI-IUI:hS~AY., AU~I~ST 13, L I Boy Vi zt Deet o t : i--OCCl 8 Barbara Woodsend attended theI Wi meeting of the 4H club at Carlyle as nners in Coach Corn Tuesday afternoon. Barbara has ~_ done considerable n~ce work in the club, which is quite a help to her. I :~::::;.i~ L. A. Bearfield and Frank Rid- ] $ enhowcr auteed to ElgSn. Monu, on business last Monday. They say cinity recently has greatly chang- ed the appearance of things there. Now ~i~e creeks are full of water t~!!!~~ !i!} i and live stock will be able to have all they need. The pasture is also ~,~: ................... i:::!~;;!!i}i;i~}::i much improved. Quite a number ) =========7=========== of ranchers who, intended finding l~h..~,. other range for their live stock will ~ii~'~. % now be able to keep them on their own range, which will certainly be of much benefit to them. Ike Stowe has been busy the pas~ week hauling ha3. Mr. Stowe has a fine herd of pure bred Ram- boullet sheep and is laying In a supply of feed for them this ~un- HOWARD LEE SEVERIN KROHN ter. Lesli~ Fowler sold several horses Howard hi. Lee, of Aneta, and Two other North Dakota .....~ ....... i ~everin Krohn, of \Villiston, are pro-] Frank Meissner, of Glen Ullin, ~O wnnam aorams, mr. Abrams l paring for a three-day visit in Detroit, I Gilman Helland, of Fargo, will ....................h~ Chv~o emr lnarJS t-~ shin sor~n ~s guests, Ofil the Fisher Body. Crafts-[ have their models judged in ~,~. ~,,.,,t~ .,~ ~.,~,~+~ ,,,o~ in man s Gu !d,^ representing .North I scholarship competition, and re( o~.,~ ~ ~A ~,,,~- ~*, -~ Dakota at trio nrst annual meeting of I $50 each as winners of second aw~ tr,~ v~c~-it,, on ~dav He was ~isher Body Craftsman's Guild win-[ The r)etvoit rn~e~in~, t,~ be ~--~.-- ~ a . "T. "'. _ hers. The meeting will be held in the [ Au~ust'~4"-25 and 26=~viil be ! lcolong zor norse~ ~o Guy. J0thn automobile capital this month. ]wit~ entertainment and instruo t r arth in Lee and ~rohn qualified for the Conner tooz him, to Ma m ,. ..... ~i.~. ,o ,~.~,..~ .,. +_... ~.^_~ ~.. ] says adwce from Guild headquar the ~veninv l e~a'c"h"~ta't"e~'~:$'~',,'n'~r~,c,'~:~j~r,e'~TJ Ig will include visits to indus HaI~ L,,kken ~f El~m Mort miniature 'Napoleonio coac~aes in the] plants, a day atthe General M a y, e~ , ''' $50,000 competition sponsored by[.~rovmg.~rp.un9, a omner, e autoed to /;he hc~hae of L. A. Bear- the Fisher Body Craftsman's Ouild.]~mP,..and a. mg league bait g.a: fill~ on ~"~'~a,, ~ Mr Be-~fi~'~ ~- At the judging held recently in Fargo [ me nzmn only" a~e.w oz zne z eazt '~ " "~p ~ # ~' '~'~ ~"-' "" they were awarded tho trip, $50 each] The entire ~zsner ~oay ( companied lehinl[ to the Stevens in gold, and the right to have their] man's Ouild program is to be re: ranch Mr. ~,~,l~ken ~as lookin~ for models judged in the .national com-] next year, the same list of ..... ~'qp~" " ~ petition for four university ~ohola-] beineglaffered for outstandind ,~ location for~ band of his sheep, lhips of four years each. |mode . Carlyle Mor~Is and John Conner autoed to Medora Saturday morn- [ ing to take part in the rodeo. They The End Alone Counts I ADDITIONAL CARLYL]~ returned home Sunday evening. ~Iohn Bright once declared of his Carlyle rode several horses, mag.lng party, "We shall win in the long [ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ziebarth very good rides. ] run." And they did. It is the family of Prince~ Minn., L. A. Bearfield, Voyle Morris an(l win in the long run that is life's rived Tuesday. best win. Lea ! two young men from Kansas wag The runner, who" wins the first Mrs. are working for Miles Wee spen~ lap is a good runner, but he who Enid city? Peewee---Did I? Say I dropped ashes all over the rugs, brought mud in on my feet and never too~ son of Trotters and Frank Rogers lmarth stopped overnight in Goh, a it is quiet a~ Golva. They should enjoyed a picnic Sunday in the lWednesday with a bunch of horses grave on Mr. Rogers' farm. [taking them to Beach to trade fm~ have been in town soon after the Moody Hiltman spent Monday t a tractor. They reported young newlyweds arrived. Oh, geel night in Bonnie View as he was IHammel of Marmarth as having ..... en~oute h~an Beach to his home jdied recently from the effects of near Trotters, he having walked[being thrown from a horse at the Emeralds Mined 1850 B. C. Beach that far. Mr. Hfllman rodeo In Marmarth a few weeks Ancient inscriptions show that emerald mines existed in upper not stated defthitely whether ago. This young man ran in aI Egypt as far back as 1650 B. C. to attempt capturing ~ race at Golva the Sunday Mar-l and that in the time of Alexander record or whether he gaele- marth played ball here ~nd was the Great miners took many fine resm~ing to the old beaten by Dick Carew. Mr. Itam- gems from them. Still later CloG- reel dying making three young patra owned these minea, and it is men of their town to be buried last related that she made a practice of week. giving emeralds eugmvei wltkher portrait to her ambassador~ AT THE FOLLOWING LOW ,iS: 4.40x21 ...................................... $5.40 4.50x21 ..........................................$6.04 4.75x19 ............................. $6.79 5.00x19 ............................. $"/.47 ~.00x~0 .................................................. $7.56 52.~x18 ........................ .......................... $8.41 Try our ~,allty Piston Rings--Accessories of All Klnd~ Vi~L-NNA AUTO SUPPLY BEACH being too much for him. The sympathy of all is with Mrs. Schrom in her bereavement. /5. W. Page who has been staying ~t Beach the past week was show- qng quite an improvement in his health Sunday and returned ~o his home near Burkey. This is good news to Jess's friends who are hop- ing for his complete recovery. Dr. Bradley says absolute quiet and no work for the old timer. Miss Loretta Faschlng has charge of the corner store and po~t office during the absence Of Frank Schrom. This may be a joke but it IS re- ported that Marmarth boys wrote and wanted all those good looking girls of Golva that are such good rooters to be sure and come to the ball game in Marmarth next Sun- day so there will be Iota of excite- meal Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tschida who were recently married in Fargo re- turned from their hone)moon trip Monday evening at about eight o'clock and are receiving congrat- ulations from their many friends. They started keeping house at once in the grooms home in the west part of town that was all ready. Mrs. Taehlda formerly Miss Hilber has been assistant principal in our school the past two years, and Mr. Tschida cashier of the bank here. So this esteemed couple needs no introduction. Some one made the remark that viral of the spiritism common among primitive peoples, who ~.'ere pil of Hollywood, Fh~, who upset wont to ascribe a certain class of the dope bucket ,~t the seventh an otherwise inexplicable phenomena nual women's outdoor swimming to the spirits of the dead. It is on championships in the Bronx beach a par with the superstition which pool, New York, when she de- says that if a knock is heard at throned a long-reigning swim the door, and we open the door and champion and set a new world's see no one there, it is a sign of record In so doing. Miss Rawis de- death. Superstition with regard to rented Eleanor Holm, the defend- the rocking by itself of an undo- ing champion, in the 300-yard med- cupled chair is another example. icy race and set a mark of 4 mln, That the spirits of the departed utes, 45 4-5 seconds, could come back, come back and manifest themselves in various ways was a firm belief of the an- Of the death of her mother at A1- cleats. To prevent that return was bray, Minn. Frank and family left the object of many primitive cue- as soon as possible via car for toms now surviving as current su- Minnesota to attend the funeral, perstltions, It was a belief, also, Mrs. Schroms father ha~ reached of the ancients that the dead longed the advanced age of 90 and she was for the companionship of those very much worried about the shock whom they had left behind and "came for them" when their hour of diSsolution was near. The Inex. plicable striking of a long silent clock fitted in so exactly wlth these ideas that the superstition regard- ing it easily took root. (('~ 1951, Me,lure NewsPaper Syndicate. ) (WNU Service. ) my hat off until I felt like it. 'Texaco "Service Station GOODWIN THOMPSON Manager DELO LOGAN, PROP. ...... JL __ " - L---Z--_-_~_-- f ....... IS OFFERING THE Bring it to the and let us flush We s fix the leaks that work stays on and keeps at his running and wins the last is the best run- ner. The boxer who wins the fight Is he who wins in the long run. A chapter in a life may be tragic, but if the end Is happy, what does it matter? It is the end that counts.--London Chronicle. Biggest Eel Market The biggest eel market in ths world Is New York city, which con- ~me~ 2,000,000 potmds of eels a year, paying $1,000,000 for the priv- Uege.--Country Home ADVANCE ADS GET RESULTS a with H.B. Mrs. H. B. Fisk of Mr. day. IN S!X PARTS An epitah quoted by the Mercury via the Boston reads: "In Memory of our Gone ~o join his appendiv, Gone to join his prematurely removed by a surgeon who craved / Is all a class- in this paper one issue. NO AD ACCEPTED FOR LESS THAN ~5 CENTS Is all it costs each issue af- ter that. Cash must ac- of it when your wife went away on a trip and left you alone In the Teeball--Did you make the most a trip on horsebaca~ through the badlands. The boys from Kansas enjoyed the outing very much though they said they expected ~o feel the effects qulte "muchly" the next day as they had not ridden horse back for several years. They think the experience will be worth the inconvenlenee however and were well pleased witl~ the trip. The rains of the past week have prevented the farmers from doing much harvesting or haying. Some of them have improved the time in plowing. It seems as though there is always some work to be done at all times, especially a~ this time of year.