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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
July 30, 1931     Golden Valley News
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July 30, 1931
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/ / Temperature ~t Noon Today 70 Above | Weather at Noon Today Rainy OFFICIAL PAPER OP GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND CITY OF BEACH XXIII. ALL HOIVIE PRINT BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY. JULY 30 1931 EIGHT PAGES NUMBER 18 LOAN [ARM[R$ WHAT THYSAN BY [[DRAL A G'T FALLOWING LAND ONLY UNDER CERTAIN CON- DITIONS INVOLVING CROPS CASE WILL BE HANDLED ON ITS OWN MERIT, HE SAYS of the county who re- assistance thorugh the Fed= Seed l~an office. Grand Forks PEACEFUL VALLEY LUNCHEON Friday afternoon about thirty friends enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. Lucia and Mrs. C. B. Olsen at the Peaceful Valley ranch aown in the Badlands, the event being a, bridge luncheon in honor of the daughters of the elder Mrs. Olsen they being Antoinette Norton and Myra Olsen, Miss Norma -being a I teacher of music in the schools of Hawaii and now home of nor an= nual vacation The affair was de= lightful in every way and was greatly enjoyed by the friends of the Oisen family B[L[I[LD INVITS AlL be interested in the folIowmg received by County Agent T0 [COND Irom Walter E. Ellff, am= officer in charge, who' Secretary Hurley Inspects Wilson Dam the method of proceaure ANNUAL TOURNAMNT handling crops too poor to oe General view of the great Wilson dam, at Florence, Ala., as Secretary of War Patrick J Hurley e: ~ed by the usual method: made an inspection tour of the project. With the secretary were members of the new commission from Mr. Eliff states that "in view ot I Alabama and Tennessee who are co-operating with the War department in the construction and opera- fact that no administrative o~= has authority to waive or HERE IS CHANCE FOR LOCAL BUGS TO SHOW THEM any interest or right of government, I cannot authorize HOW fallowing on land describ= in the Federal crop mortgages is at all possible to pay a part Invitations have been sent out by the seed loan note," Continuing, the Belfield Town and Country Eliff says: club announcing the escond annual lion of the project. t MRS. OSTERHOUT ENTERTAINS Last Thursday Mrs. George Os- terhout of Medora entertained a number of friends at a bridge luncheon a~ the Chateau De|ores, the function being in honor of Beach lady friends and Mrs. Ger- trude Foley. The luncheon was of five courses, the table ablaze with the ancient De|ores china, flow- ers and a general" color scheme of white and gold After the luneneon adjournment was had to the Os- tert~out home. where bridge was played through the afternoon The guests included Mesdames L. J. Al= guire, Wieting, R.R. Ha|stead. Stone and Roberts of Beach. ann Mrs. Foley. 200 [ASI'BN [ARM[RS ON SPEIAL IP IN TO PASS B[ACll [EIDh WILL VISIT BISMARCK-MAN- DAN; SEE RODEO AT ME- DORA FRIDAY AFTERNOON St. Paul, Minn:, July 29.--East= ern farmers, the difficulties which attend the agricultural industry nothwithstanding, are poolh~.g $80,- 000 vacation fund and 200 of them GEORGE M'CLELLAN BACK[ROM7 TRIPTHROUGH VISITED MEDITERANIAN G~- TRIES, CONTINFANTAL N&- TIONS, GREAT BR~PA][N TALKS ENTFJtTAININGLY ~ PEOPLE AND CONDI~ION~ ACROSS WATER George McClellan, who has ~t the last seven months ~velll~ through the MecUteranian oou~- tries, Egypt, Palestine, Italy, (}l'eJN France, Germany, Austria, Dell- mark, Norway and Sweden, F~g- land, Scotland and Ireland, rer~rG- ed to Beach last evening. This globe trotter looks as thou~ he had had a wonderful time, mm he says he had and, from hi~ ~. versatlon it is evident he wan a close observer of the people conditions in the countries viJl~ and talks mos~ en~ertatningi~ O~ what he saw. He says conditions do not as bad over the water as he been led to believe; that near~ everybody seemed to be worki~ )~ more or leas prospering, althot~ "It is nossibl~ however tn ~. one-day invitational golf tourney to ........................ " b held r on ~ri, e the e Sunday August the world wide depressed . a borrower to graze on ,ann ...... , are about to begin a tour through ~cr )ed in a crop mortgage when ~' ~v~" the northwest and Pacific north- tions were in evidence tl~re is the opinion of the county ex- All amateurgolfers in western I west, according to passenger traf- here. He was in London W~t ~lon agent that the crops areNorth Dakota and easten~ Mon- The officers of Sunset lodge of I1W_ASTER OF LODGE HAS NAI~I- Felix Murphy, Carl Englund, I fic officers of the Northern Pacific, President Hoover's rarer Door to warrant harvesung, tana have beeninvited to part|c|- Masons have decided to roun~ up[ ED COMWH~EE TO PROVIDE Charles Hawarth, Ed. Fide, c~uylrallway. I broke and everybody hailed case will be handled on its pate in this tournament, the members of the lodge at a p~= I BIG ~ Curl and Bill Abernethy, each of I This unique party, which will I proposition favorably, great ~lts and the recommendation ot There will be a nine hole ouali nic to oe neld at the Felix Murphy ] whom is ordered bythe Master I number in excess of 200 ersons, I being given this country ~ot " " ~ " V P t~ county extension agent should lying round Sunday morning, after gro e, just over the hill north of -- . to at once begin to work overtime I left the East early this week, helpful efforts to get the wOrhl r-Ompany the request of the ~or- which players will be arranged in Sentinel Butte, Sunday afternoon, I STARS, RAINI~W GIRLS, DE- to make the affair a grand success. [ and will arrive in St. Paul-Minne- its feet a~atn. , ~er. for this permission. Before flights of eight according ~o scores August 9, when any Mason whoI MOLAY RO~'$, OTHER By grapevine telegraph we_ learn~apolis late Thursday, July 30, on a He said that American tarm4~ a~lssion to graze will be granted, made after which all matches will sails to attend with his wife (if he LODGES INVITED that there will be a bunch of sports [ special train It is sponsored by neea not expect to do much bl/~ borrower must give the govern- be played in nine holes. . has the good luck to have one) and / ~ for young and old and t~he age [the Northern Pacific passenger de= ne~ in Europe as those Co~ ~tt a chattel mortgage on a suf- Prize ......... I kids will be "hanged quartered ann " ~ ' limit wil be barred for that after=/partment and the Pennsylvania were striving to supply their s wm oe awaraea me wm- ,, "' n tent number of head of llvestocl~ n~, ~n~ ~,,, ...... ~ .... ~ ~.~.+ [drawn by a specml comm tte o~ expenses, and any': goodloomng noon, and that no matter what Farmer Magazine, Pittsburgh, Pa. I eects and seemed to l~ve ) -- ............. w ,~* ~ ~s-~ " ' "" ' 'of f S Provide secumty for the seed loan ) a-,~ +ho -,~ ...... A .........~.. ] hard boiled birds who know how I women folks -- unattached -- wno one s age may be at home he or she Each individual in the party will l cod tufts, and that Rtt~&~a w~ ,,~ I th'e" c~onso[a~"on" f~l;~lt;. ........ w "'!to do a good job in dissection. I would like to be dispensers of these, will be mere kids for that day ann expend $400 for this vacation tour. 1 bound to cut a wide swath a~l~ ,~useWith hreference" to harvestingn (I " The program is Sas follows" Rag ] The lodge is taking. ~ a summer ca- [ delicacies may volunter, able bodied [ everyone,. found with a glum face The- first st~,.sn m" the northwest I MostCulturallYof the in monethe nextl few y~. i. , t is office can reeog me| .......... "lcation and it has been a long t!me and brave and handsome smgm]w 11 be herded into a corral, tea on will be at Bismarck N D. where] . y caners ~ra~,on , a m ~o ~ ~u a m 7 Russmn thlstl ~ the wa~er, he said were such liens as the state statu~esi _ .~ " " ".. /since the brethren have got ~o- Masons being commandeered to l " e hay, and given no the vacationists will detrain and l , going uv ~a m to to a m quamymg round beneht of cler other bumneas than Amerl :, ida shall be p~or to the tool= "N" - " "" "-- "- " :I gather, so the master of the lodge assist them, which ought to bring t ' ' gy" motor to Mandan, where the Sloux i " can al crop mortgage." In conclusion ~ me ames.) . ~uan~ymg rouna thinks it would be well for the a flock of volunteers--both ways. ! This will be strictly a 1V~=~omc Indians will offer an entertam-Imrtgages' and that very little o~ ~ letter S~ys: l amust 7..compietea o y. lv..a.m. I0:15I craft to meet up, lest they forget The master being inclined to pay l affair, including of course the merit at noon July 31. Late that lthe money might be m ~r~ rouna all Illgn~s 1 la expec~ea over nere for some r~ n connectmn with crops which on a over much atte n o o th a d :. " " i " " _ _' .... ". : ~ e nother. The master also an= ntio t y u n i memebrs of the'Eastern Star' ann day, at Medora, N D., famous as l e abandon d b th borrower t P m seeona ann nnm rouna m all to come ~o ... e Y . e 'I ";~-~-1- ......... I nounces that the customary rule of beauty--in both sexes--has appmn~= t also including the Rainbow chris the ranch of the late Colonel t " o~fme will authorize the coun-i~u~nL~ .'~econ.~ ,anct nnm rouno m leach party bringing their "gruo" ed the following galaxy of talen~tand the DeMolay boys, these latter Roosevelt a rodeo entertainment l ..... ~ ... ex consolal;1Ol, Illgn~s ( nompson m a tension agent to have ~ne will b a as c mr| tee to a th ._ . . i An en* .....~ /. ....... ~ " e d~ered to, but that ~ce a o 't art n~e e ae= [two organizations being to some has been arranged. The tourlsts l . ~ .. ; '. . harvested, if, in nis opmlon, ] c .... ~r~nce ~ee oz ~.zo wm..~e ) cream and lemonade will be served tails for this deluxe affair: W. F. l extent under the patronage" of the will arirve at Oardiner Mont the t new root on ~ne o~lding oI e cr nargea 2Lu players are ur ea ~o ~ |moor yard that houses his _ ops are worth harvesting. And!_ _" _ . : . g ' /on the grounds to aid in paymg Cushing, Dr. Harm, L. R Menge,|Masonlc bodies, northern entranceto 'Yelolwstone~ mallll- ~er oe on nana earw m orael that the | factured stock deducting a reasonable , " l , Nation-1 na~k e~rlv .~at-~,~, Au= I " ~0 qualifying rounds be corn leted b i . ............... -, UUt for harvesting expense nel P Y) " ', ~,.~t ~ for - ~ d.~ +^,,, ,~ ~h~ ) Ill forward the balanceto tnm 0 a.m. ~||~|~||r||=r ~ | ~ ALUMNI PICNIC |~[~|||~t'r|| |g~|||! ~r park 1 The ladies of the U. B. ch~ rice" I The Bell|old course is in excel- |||. The special train then will move' will serve homemade ice cream ann ~ lent condition this year with plenty L|~L|'|~||| U| L~l About fifty alumni of Beach High I |'|rl|||'|rl||| || ~U~||| ~L I lunch north of Eliason's store Sat- . ~ ' i ,,. ~ through Butte to Missoula, Mont, , u school athered at the e~ hteen ur 11 ~JmlmMilMee~lci(;~Ulw%e~eryOhe!gfreena: rald h:]zi:d; ellp~dd ~l~d OA[ Vfll[~ ~[[~[~Fqq;mtle" Bgeaver creek brtdg? g rtn of[ F T ~17. :ch:e~ieuLm:t%tui~aOf the~u~tY ~t. day am to 10p m. ' " " " ort " nm mmm. mknm m_mmmr nrNr ont ann. day the train will arrive at P . and Mrs Laurity Dreyer of)North Dakota a--d astern .on- I'IHII lO alIIIUUIIbLU served and a sh busine meet- U|.uumm Um'|LilU*L' ak Wa " ' . , o. ' ' t wh h i "ma an. tne appte ann xrult land At ii 30 that ni ht I le Montana and their three tana Will come and enjoy one day ing conducted, a ic Guy t>ox ~ . ' ~ ' ...... . : g , t " ' " " ) ......... was ^l~vte~ ,-resident of the assoc [raLsmg cen~er The spa|at zram move into California and return spent Saturaay and Sunoaylot go~z at ~m~iela. ~ ~ ~, v - ! ..........L ............ h ' " " corn ea " " I wn~ arrive a~ oea~e a~ ~:ou p. m.~ via a soumern route e home of C J Fide m Beach t mtmn for the ing y r ~akmg EA F .. . .~ BRIDE-TO-BE TELLS SECRET .... , R LLY INE GAME SPOILED iWednesday, August 5 The parer C L Whl~ ...... :" ...... -- -- ~)swam ~me m nome from Chl- AT PARTY TO GLENDIVE !the place o~ harry ~me, wno nas BY SENSELESS DISPUTES I will remain at Seattle "until 8 a m" ---1['---'-'- ~ ~' v~,- v~. ~ne ~e~. d Jig tft time was had at the cago, for a short visit with his par- P O ~served the past two years All the OVER DECISIONS I " " ~y vama farmer ~wagazme, Wlll aC- T. C. U, meeting at the C. C. ants for the first time in eight . E. . , Auguts 7, when they will move to company the party on their to~. Tacoma. The nex~ stop will be a~ This farmers' tour probably Will Longview, Wash the "Magic Lure= attract the larges~ par~y which will The local diamond was the scene bar City" of the West, where they tour through the nortl~West al~ of a grea~ baseball battle last Sun- will arrive at 8 a. m., Saturday, Pacific northwest this year, day, when Marmarth defeated the ~ _ Beach 'Graybeards" 16 to 12 by vir= ~ue of a five run rally in the eighth other officers of the organization were re-elected. The following interesting newsi Last Friday Attorney A. H. I%un- item is taken from the Glendive ..... fold and Roy Halstead went ~o Review, and the ~riencts oi me . . .,. . ..... t Chicago on business mmsmns. The this Cl~) wnl De gmu young man in former on matters pertaining to a he is glad: case against the Rock Island rail- The engagement of Miss Kath- way for damages to a client, and farm home last Monday years They were certainly gald to A fine program was glv- see him. Cornell and Harola came and ice cream and cake served up from Dickinson to spend the a large crowd, week end at home also. oer Head ryn Farnum to Mr. Forrest Cur- the latter on personal business, inning. Up till then the Beach I~]rens of Beach was announced at a team had been leading and were ~)delightful party last Wednesday .m |. TUrlplaying nice ball, behind fine twirl- i afternoon. The Misses" Kathryn .mm, m|n,mmA[ ma |H[]ing by Ayers.. Marmarth has as yet MORRIS RULES N =iand Jo Farnum Were hostess to the a#|~ ~wsa~ awl a~ ~s~. not been defeated thls season, and AN ODD ACCIDENT O DANCE 'IP. E. O. at the Farnum home on ....... .m,||~m.~.^tthe locals knew they had a stiff aau " MCK]NNONl, aLq,U r FARH[R AHD . POLICE NECESSARY i north 1~eade Avenue Beautiful w.m..w.mnii:mm~,_~ game on theh hands and feel just- -- ',garden flowers in profusion adorn= I1 U||~ || III.JIIVI|UIIU)ly proud of the showing they made J.A. Alwell, wlm recently came * " Bismarck. N. D.. July 26.--Dance ed the rooms and a most pleasing .............. l agains~ the league-lead g team ~o ~eif*eld from Ma on, w~con- PlJll:i: ~I: 0TJiTI: IJINJ NAMED 10R~N hall proprietors must employ suf-musical program was featured The ,, 0 PflU F~I, UATF.Marmarth had defeated Beach 25 ~in to be employed in the ~.~eo. ||.|L| .| |~,.. "'I~ ficient deputy sheriffs to maintain'; numbers included a vocal solo by U. ~. UUI~, LO/IJ'ltt/L[t 12 earlier inthe season on a Cl 1 ................ Ira. " i ....... "ysler ga'age was .~enousiy in- Ulll:r|r,,-v~ order .both mmde and outs de of~Mrs. R. H. Wollin of Miles C~ty;[ (muddy diamond, jured Wednesday evening w, hile at- I [:IVU)T .t/D/IWI:I Mhh dance halls, accordmg to an opin-iTrio piano violin and cello by Mrs ] The game was marred by a nun,- tempting to repair a tne The tire U[r fl I DI t~|Lfi/~mm ILL tLtV/ IUfl ion issued by Attorne~ General i~ Raymond Hildebrand, and thel "z'r'n~'~'~'~"~" FIGL'ICES. Eg'I'/MATED. ber of disputes, one of which last- became over-inflated and burs~, VII| James Morris. ~ Misses Dorothy Leiper and Kathryn,AT 25o .%IILLION LESS | ed for nearly half an hour, and I tearing it~self away from tne rmL __~ The opinion was given in reply ', Farnum. 1 TII~tN 1930 I these tended to slow up the game and the force of the explosion hm'l- to inquiry made by C. A. Whipple, ~ A delicious lunch was nServed at ) a lot, especially from the special= ed the rim at Mr. Alweil, stricking WELL KNOWN IN THIS SECTION , lhe close of the aftc~noo Beau ) Ellendale, Dickey county states at= ~ , ,- . . -) -- i ors viewpoint. The game was wit- him on the jaw and knocking him AND FAMILIAR WITH h nc naIl~ tlful favors of sweet peas~ith ) torney, w o 8aid some da e * " ~ ,~,~,-~--ton July 27~A world l nessed by the largest crowd at a to ~he cemen~ floor, says the Bel= ITS NEEDS o ement Twent -nee a to" heethlr- ' " proprietors clann the," can be re= cardsattaehed annuncedltl wl,eat crop 250,000000 to 300,000,000 .game in Beach for a number of field Review. quired to pay the fees of but one ~ag - y- g ......... ~ years, which speaks well for the re- His jaw was broken on each sicle, "----- man. iwe~e present. b:zSeh:2t i~hur2dn:; b~S~th[e:gri:u? viral of baseball interest in this and his face badly cut. The force A.D. McKinnon, who acc~n- "A regular salaried sheriff or he- ~ Mr Currens is at present local- .. ~ .,~,,~,~,~t. ~ ~ ~t~ ~,,m t t tu,'= ~,~v .......... n ............. ., section, but thl8 will be killed if the I with which he was l~it knocked the panied the federal read englr~ puty sheriff cannot make an exUa ' ed at Be~ch and is employed by the r ] disputes continue. ~ o mary of 1931 p ospects, air from .his lung~, and fib:st a~dI last week when the section nine dances,Charge ..... Mrfr. Morrispersnally' opmmnPlicing'sa~d. ' recent~Mntana'Dakta'y he ~as- m' Powerthe generalC" Untflof "*ever,SUrplUSmay SttotalO c ks Ofl00,000,000ol d wh eat,bushelshOw- I], BeachNeXt forSUndaYa re~urnGlVagame,CmeShavingt ~asmmutes. aamm~s~ereabefore he ~OrcouldneanYbreat~en~ m I brid~e~ site was inspected. , has _==..b~ ...... promoted from project engineer by The charge can only be made ~o rice of the same company here " . " . " more than remained on hand July won from the "Graybeards" at Gol- normauy r~e was taken ~o tne Governor Sharer to be Chief High- pay a speeim employed deputy or I Miss Farnum is a graauate of Daw- I 1 1930, in exporting countrles On va a f~w weeks ago in a game that hospital in Dickinson where his .......... ,~o, .............,,._ other,, special, officer. [son C~unty Hi and of Oberlin col-[+~oo..~ .,~h"" ...... h~nd su._._liesun In im,__rt-no was also featured by a number of condition was pronounced serious I n*s,w~y~"~'~-'~-~-~"-~ucp~tr~meuL an~'~weu ~m~-~x~e It ~s the duty of all dance nail liege and last ~ear taught music inI runs are probabl smaller, r -" ~ ing nat y fruitless arguments, and a lot of by a~tending doctors They were ed "-romotion and wh ........... ] IJ ncn wm glvo propmetors to see that order is I Glasgow.- ) the department said. interest is attrached to the contest, unable to say at a late hour Thur~- satisfaction .... ....... ' ~o ~ne engmeer'$ many property maintained both inmcml -- _ The farm board is considering as the locals think they have an day whemer or not his sguu was.! friend~ in this section. " and outside o the dance hall and There will be a regular meeting .................. ~, ......... excellent prospect ol victory,fractmed sufficient deputies must be employ= of the American Legion Auxiliary [[~e s:::ei~I~U,c*ountil:;~-,~alrmT; " Mr. McKinnon has been with the ed to maintain this order whether at. the hall August 4. ~ .....i,~ haw~v@r ")1(', d~finita ~ _ Highway commission for" the Past it takes one or several" ~, .......... .- ...... , .......... And in talking of improvements It is unaerstoou me cnurcn pen- . . . ' ..... ...... , ....... ~. _~. ,~._ ten years' ne ~s very xnenaW ~o Tne~ rarmers'~------"~-~ .--U----~.:union l~lve ~mck agreements have been made. of home grounds we must not over= pie of ~w~w-~ ~avv ~v~t~-~ "*~ t~:ms sec~'ion' ann- ~ ...... people, ann '~ Aud Nunn, he of the nice ranch Commission of St. Paul, will hold op ne ~s lavoraole ~o the ~c= asTheeb~rdohaS advanced as, wellrec iveds me offershesaid and look what Miss Carrle Witzlg has Thelen church from the fact they is h ed ........ down on the river, was in town[ a meeting at the court house next .... dine to make the property occupiea are advertming elsewhere in this . "aTM ~or blds ~or h~' 1,... ,~.^tmn nine crossing, although he has ot made known his preference. Tuesday and did a good act for Saturday night at 8:30 o'clock when ::lmlr:dils :&%sams on a reason- by R. W. Johnson more homey. The .......... .... n Dr Nyman. The doctor went over Charles D Egley manager of the " lady has improved her property by church to anew location near Trot- .. ....... a . ne nas oeen wr~en ~o regaramg tOforgotBakersomeOn workinghiS regulartools,triP,andbUtas HeCmmissin'will speakWlllof bethe theFarmSpeakerProb_ rl~y : . . .^ the front of the lot at the street c urch was moved by volunteers - ~-^o a .... * ~- ..... f o oin ....... but no repl~ ,~ o ~=~ ~e~a ~,#= .... me u for a " " . r. Farm Board Etc Mr Egley 150,000,000 bushem oemw iv30 while edge and another at the edge r m a p .~ m ~a.e soumern _par~ ceived as to whether or not a atte e, ud nan co P crea men lem, , b the doctor, he drove to Baker is known a san able speaker and acreage reductions in Argentina, of the lawn inside the side- of tne county to l~s present inca- selection has been made. ~-~ nt~ Y .......... ' ....... n" of and Australia together may bring walk. Mr. Johnson has kept up a tion and if it goes to Trotters it er e~serttialmatters-= ~onn-~-~ with the mlssmg articles ann got douDtlesS will nave somf~m ~ " , ~ a treatment at the same time. Aud [ interest to say to bur f~rmers gen- a~u~t a further reduction of 100,- nice lawn and all lOokS better be- the most traveled church in therewith acted upon, " to page foury is always doing the nice thing,erally. ~'~" cause of the improvements, seven counties. (Continued to lm4t~ five)