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July 26, 2018     Golden Valley News
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July 26, 2018
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Page 4 Golden Valley News July 26, 2018 Bids ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS BEACH SEWER REPLACEMENT 2018 Sealed bids for the purpose of fur- nishing all materials, labor, equipment and skill required for the construction of the BEACH SEWER REPLACEMENT 2018 will be received by the City of Beach, North Dakota until August 2, 2018 at the hour of 2:00 p.m. local time. Bids shall be mailed or delivered to city auditor, City of Beach, 153 E Main St, PO Box 278, Beach ND 58621. Bids will be opened in the City Commission Chambers at 2:00 p.m. local time and read aloud. The Work consists of all labor, skill, and materials required to properly con- struct the Improvements. Major compo- nents of the Project include: GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CON- TRACT: Work generally consists of mo- bilization, bonding, insurance; erosion control, traffic control, installation of 51 lineal feet of 12" PVC gravity sanitary sewer; 800 linear feet of directionally bored 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer force main; 200 linear feet of directionally bored and cased 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer force main; 3,039 linear feet of open cut 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer force main; Other components of the Project include furnish and install one lift station, related electrical and piping, etc.; force main fittings; temporary by- pass pumping, decommissioning of ex- isting lift station; surface restoration, traffic control, storm water plan, erosion control devices, and other miscella- neous and incidental items. Davis- Bacon wage requirements apply to this project. ALTERNATE NO. 1 - FORCE MAIN BORING: Work generally consists of the same work as the General Con- struction Contract except the force main will consist of 3,731 linear feet of direc- tionally bored 8-inch PVC sanitary force main and 108 linear feet of open cut 8- inch PVC in lieu of open cut installation. Complete digital project bidding doc- uments, pursuant to which labor, mate- rials, or services must be furnished, are available at or You may down- load the digital plan documents for Forty Bids shall be delivered or mailed to: SCHOOL DISTRICT #1 the agenda since a motion hadn't been M/S Klatt/Reis to establish the an- City Auditor, City of Beach, 153 East Minutes of Annual Meetingmade regarding the report at the last nual meeting calendar for the 2018-19 Main Street, PO Box 278, Beach, ND July 17, 2018 board meeting. Arthaud reported that fiscal year with regular meetings sched- 58621-0278. UNOFFICIAL MINUTES the majority of the responses on the uled for the second Tuesday of each The City of Beach reserves the right (Subject to review and revision by evaluation were satisfactory to exceeds month at 5:00 p.m. except for the July to reject any and all Bids, to waive any the board) expectations. Reis moved to approve annual meeting which will be held the informality in any Bid, to hold all Bids for the Business Manager evaluation with third Tuesday in July at 5:00 p.m All a period not to exceed thirty (30) days The annual meeting of the Billings a copy of the compiled report provided in favor. It was confirmed that the pub- from the date of opening Bids, and to County School Board was called to to each board member with the original lic meeting for discussion on the tax accept the Bid'deemed most favorable order at 5:00 p.m. MT, Tuesday, July 17, individual evaluations returDeFd-to each levy and adoption of the budget will be to the interest of the City. After the Bid 2018, at the DeMores School in member. The motion died for lack of a held September 11 at 5:00 p.m. at De- opening the Owner will return Bid Se- Medora. Present were members Lynn second. M/S Klatt/Joey Kessel to ap- Mores School in Medora. curity of all except the three lowest re- Arthaud, Joey Kessel, Stacey Kessel, prove the Business Manager evalua- M/S Reis/Klatt to appoint Anita sponsible Bidders. When a Contract is Mike Klatt, and Julie Reis. Also present tion. Arthaud, Joey Kessel, Stacey Adams as District representative on the awarded, the remaining unsuccessful for all or part of the meeting were Prin- Kessel, and Klatt in favor and Reis Roughrider Educational Services Part- Bidder's Bonds will be returned, cipal Shae Peplinski, Assistant Principal against. Motion carried, nership governing board for the 2018- The Work on the improvements shall Danielle O'Brien, Business Manager Simnioniw presented the DPI annual 19 school year. All in favor. be completed and ready for Final Pay- Tammy Simnioniw, Anita Adams, Eric financial report for fiscal year ending M/S Bock/Adams to appoint Busi- ment no later than June 15, 2019, with Bock, Jessie Berger, Marjorie Jensen, June 30, 2018. M/S Klatt/Reis to ap- ness Manager Simnioniw as the au- intermediate completion dates for criti- and Markie Toso. prove the report. All in favor, thorized representative for Title cal Work as detailed in the Specifica- M/S Klatt/Joey Kessel to approve M/S Klatt/Stacey Kessel to adjourn Programs for the 2018-19 school year. tions. Should the Contractor fail to theconsent agenda, which included the the meeting for the 2017-18 fiscal year. All in favor. complete the Work within the time re- Minutes from the June 20 regular meet- All in favor. The meeting was then M/S Klatt/Bock to designate First quired, as set forth in the Agreement, or ing, the attached check list, and the ad- called to order for the 2018-19 fiscal State Bank of Golva as depository for within such extra time as may have dition of five items to the agenda. All in year with AnitaAdams seated for a four- regular working accounts, with invest- been granted by formal extensions ap- favor, year term and Eric Bock seated for a ments to be made through Choice Fi- proved by the City and Engineer, there GENERAL FUND two-year term. Lynn Arthaud and nancial Bank of Belfield, First State shall be deducted from any amount due Check Number Stacey Kessel retired from board serv- Bank of Golva, or Edward Jones public him the sum of $1,000.00 per day as Entity Name ice and were thanked for their valuable fund investment program. All in favor. compensation to the City for each day Amount DD contributions. A committee has been established and every day that the completion of the JULY PAYROLL 18,344.38 Members declared conflicts of inter- for conducting a study of changing to a Work is delayed. The Contractor and EFT AFLAC 338.42 est as follows. Adams, Klatt, and Reis four-day school week beginning the his surety shall be liable for any excess. EFT ELECTRONIC FEDERAL had no conflicts of interest to report. 2019-20 school year. Klatt is serving on Such payment shall be as and for liqui- TAX PAYMENT 5,461.70 Joey Kessel reported that Joe Kessel, the committee and Bock volunteered to dated damages and not as a penalty. 19456 JOHNSON CONTROLS772.00 his father, is a County Commissioner. serve as well. Adams stated interest Section 746 of Title VII of the Con- 19457 RESP 340.00 Eric Bock reported that his wife, also and will serve as an alternate. M/S solidated Appropriations Act of 2017 19458 BLUE CROSS BLUE DeeAnn Bock, is an employee of the Klatt/Reis to appoint Bock to the com- (Division A- Agriculture, Rural Develop- SHIELD 161.80 Billings County School District. mittee. All in favor. ment, Food and Drug Administration, 19459 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES Election of officers was conducted. The preliminary budget for the 2018- and Related Agencies Appropriations RETIREMENT 3,591.68 Klatt nominated Joey Kessel as presi- 19 school year was reviewed and revi- Act, 2017) and subsequent statutes 19460 NDPERS GROUP dent. Reis moved that nominations sions made to the original one mandating domestic preference applies HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN2,819.16 cease and a unanimous ballot be cast presented. Discussion was held on an American Iron and Steel requirement 19461 OFFICE OF STATE TAX for Joey Kessel, Bock seconded. All in whether to increase taxation levies, to this project. All listed iron and steel COMMISSION 200.00 favor. Klatt nominated Eric Bock as specifically the General Fund levy. M/S products used in this project must be 19462 VOID 0.00 vice president. Reis moved that nomi- Klatt/Bock to not increase the General produced in the United States. The term 19463 BILLINGS CO. SCHOOL nations cease and a unanimous ballot Fund tax levy for the 2018-19 fiscal "iron and steel products" means the fol- DIST. #1 5.40 be cast for Eric Bock, Adams seconded, year. All in favor. Discussion was held lowing products made primarily of iron 19464 BILLINGS COUNTY All in favor, on whether to request Land Utilization or steel: lined or unlined pipes and fit- PIONEER 6.84 Principal Peplinski and Assistant (Bankhead Jones) funds from the tings, manhole covers and other munic- 19465 BILLINGS COUNTY Principal O'Brien presented policies for county. M/S Adams/Reis to request ipal castings, hydrants, tanks, flanges, WEED CONTROL BOARD 51.24 review and adoption. Proposed revi- $350,000 in LU funds for the upcoming pipe clamps and restraints, valves, 19466 BLUE CROSS sions to Field and Other SchooI-Spon- fiscal year. All in favor. Reis, Klatt, structural steel, reinforced precast con- BLUE SHIELD 1,268.20 sored Trips Policy (FFF) were O'Brien, and Simnioniw will attend the crete, and construction materials. 19467 CITY OF MEDORA 187.00 suggested. M/S Klatt/Adams to table a next County Commission meeting to Owner: City of Beach 19468 DOLLYWOOD first reading until the August meeting so present a formal request for the funds. By: Kim Gaugler FOUNDATION 54.34 language discussed could be presented M/S Bock/Klatt to approve a preliminary Title: City Auditor 19469 GEIGER'S LANDSCAPING clearly. All in favor. Field and Other budget for the 2018-19 school year with Date: July 5, 2018. & SPRINKLERS 694.28 School-Sponsored Trips Administrative noted changes. All in favor. (July 12, 19 and 26) 19470 GOLDEN VALLEY Regulation (FF-AR1) was reviewed by The board reviewed a thank you SOCIAL SERVICES 50.00 the board and consensus of board that card from Tasha Wanner. 19471 THE HORACE MANN it was acceptable as presented. A new Discussion was held on previously ~OMPANIES 423.54 policy Management of Student Activities tabled agenda topic regarding obtaining 19472 ND ASS'N OF SCHOOL Funds (HEAC) was presented. M/Sbulk fuel tanks at Prairie and in Medora. BUSINESS MANAGERS 50.00 Reis/Klatt to approve the first reading to It was the consensus of the board that 19473 ND EDUCATORS adopt this policy as presented. All in it would not be enough of a cost savings SERVICE COOPERATIVE 156.00 favor, to warrant the expense of purchasing 19474 ND HIGH SCHOOL O'Brien submitted a tuition waiver tanks. Internal controls and liability con- ACTIVITIES ASS'N 375.00 request for two Belfield School District cerns were also noted. Bock asked 19475 ND SCHOOL BOARDS students (a third grader and a seventh Simnioniw to check into the possibility ASS'N 900.00 grader) to attend Prairie School. of obtaining a federal excise tax rebate 19476 NORTH DAKOTA INSURANCE O'Brien reported that the class sizes from the fuel purchased at the pump. DEPARTMENT 6,529.27 were adequate to accommodate the ad- Thomas gave a written and verbal 19477 RESP 1,500.00 ditional students. M/S Adams/Reis to facilities report. 19478 SW WATER AUTHORITY70.13 approve the request. All in favor. : A special meeting was scheduled for 194~9 VALUATIONS Markie Toso, junior high inst[uctor at Monday, July 23, at 9:00 a.m. at I?~irie NORTHWEST 2,135i00 DeMores, reported that she and 19480 ADVANCED BUSINESS Chelsea Raaen, junior high instructor at METHODS 148.97 Prairie, plan to add a DD LAURAARMBRUST 38.15 Shop/STEM/Home Economics curricu- DD DANIELLE O'BRIEN 66.80 lum for their students. Ms. Toso re- DD SHAE PEPLINSKI 45.00 quested that $2,000 be added to the DD TAMMY SIMNIONIW 59.42 budget for the supplies needed for both EFT JP MORGAN CREDIT CARD schools for this curriculum. It was the 46,074.69 consensus of the board that this Old Busines,~ was dealt with prior to amount be added to the budget for the seating the newly elected board mem- 2018-19 fiscal year. bers. Peplinski reported that she con- Principal O'Brien reported on the tacted Larry Froehlic with MVP and he status of the Prairie Expansion Project. granted permission for our buses to use Dan Schaff, KLJ architect, requests to the MVP parking lot north of 1-94 in meet with the board on July 23 to pres- Belfield for the transferring of students ent architectural designs. A decision on from the Route 4 bus and the Route 1 holding a special meeting was tabled bus. The Route 1 bus will continue on until new board members are seated, to South Heart with high school stu- Thomas gave information on bulk dents enrolled there and the Route 4 storage tanks for fuel for activity and bus will continue to the Belfield school maintenance vehicles. M/S with those high school students. Klatt/Stacey Kessel to table a decision O'Brien stated that there is now one- until new board members are seated, to-one iPad use for K-8 grades and re- All in favor, quested if the board would like to Principal Peplinski requested acontinue with the $20 per student tech- $2,500 stipend for theteacher at Prairie nology fee and include K-8. M/S teaching a Preschool and Kindergarten Reis/Bock to assess a $20 technology combination classroom due to the fee f or students in Kindergarten through preparation required for that level. The eighth grades. All in favor. board expressed concern for setting a Peplinski reported that there are 14 precedent as other teachers have two- staff who committed to driving the ac- level combination classrooms and are tivity bus and will take an online defen- not given additional compensation. M/S sive driving course, which is a Klatt/Reis to deny the request for addi- requirement for driving this type of ve- tional compensation. All in favor, hicle. Peplinski asked the board if they The NDSBA policy services agree- wanted to commit to adding responsi- ment is up for renewal at an annual bilities to Shawn Thomas as a School maintenance rate of $900. Information Resource Officer in addition to his main- was presented regarding NDSBA policy tenance duties. M/S Joey Kessel/Reis services offering an option to prepare to approve to add this role to Thomas. the board policy manual in an on-line All in favor. Compensation was dis- format for an additional $1,000 with a cussed. Peplinski was asked to follow $100 deduction if full member. M/S up with the Billings County Sheriff's De- Klatt/Adams to renew the NDSBA Pol- Dollars and No Cents ($40.00) by in- putting Quest project #5832014 on the Notice website's Project Search page. Please contact at 952-233- AMENDED SUMMONS 1632 or for assis- tance in free membership registration, IN THE STATE OF NORTH downloading, and working with this dig- DAKOTA, COUNTY OF GOLDEN VAL- ital project information. Copies of the LEY Bidding Documents may be seen and IN THE DISTRICT COURT, examined at the office of Advanced En- SOUTHWEST JUDICIAL DISTRICT gineering and Environmental Services, COURT inc. (AE2S), 103 lstAvenue West Suite CIVIL NUMBER: 17-2017-CV- 300 Dickinson, ND 58601 (701 225- 00027 9636). The Bidding D0cuments.are Bayview .Loan Seryicing, LLC, a available in digital PDF f0rrfi on :CD f(~" Delaware LirnRed Liability~Ci0mpany, a non-refundablecharge'Of Fifty D6M~Ir~ Plaintiff, '~ ';'~ ~ and No Cents ($50.00) for each.set=of v. ,~,~, ::.i,~ii ,:, Plans and Specifications requested and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A Lila in the form of printed plans and specifi- Redetzke, Silvernale-Silha Funeral cations for a non-refundable charge of Home, Ronald D. Wissink, and any Per- One Hundred Fifty Dollars and No son in Possession, Cents ($150.00) for each set of Plans Defendants. and Specifications requested. Bidding 1. To the above-mentioned Defen- Documents may also be examined at dante including all persons unknown, the following locations: Builders Ex- claiming anyestate or interest in, or lien changes in Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND; or encumbrance upon, the real estate Minot, ND; Fargo, ND; Grand Forks, described in the complaint. ND; Rapid City, SD; Minneapolis, MN; 2. You are hereby summoned to ap- and Billings, MT. All Work shall be done pear and defend against the Complaint according to the Bidding Documents. in this action, which has been filed with All Bids are to be submitted on the the Clerk of Court and is herewith basis of cash payment for the Work and served upon you, by serving upon the materials, and each Bid shall be ac- undersigned a copy of an Answer or companied by a SEPARATE ENVE- other proper response within twenty- LOPE containing a Bidder's Bond, one (21) days after the service of this payable to the City of Beach, in a sum Summons upon you, exclusive of the equal to five percent (5%) of the full day of service. If you fail to do so, Judg- amount of the Bid, executed by the Bid- ment by default will be taken against der as principal and by a surety com- you for the relief demanded in the Com- pany authorized to do business in the plaint. The original Complaint is filed State of North Dakota, conditioned that with the Clerk of the District Court in the if the principal's Bid be accepted and County in which this action is com- the contract awarded, principal, within menced. fifteen (15) days after Notice of Award, 3. This action relates to the foreclo- will execute and effect a Contract in ac- sure of a mortgage upon the following cordance with the terms of the princi- described real property in the County of pal's Bid and a Contractor's Bond as Golden Valley, State of North Dakota: required by the laws of the State of Near's First Addition to the City of North Dakota and the regulations and Beach, North Dakota. Block 1: Lots 7, determinations of the City Commission 8, & 9 of the City of Mandan, North Dakota. All More Correctly Described as Fol- bidders shall also provide a valid North lows: Dakota Contractor's License in the sep- Near's First Addition to the City of arate envelope as described and listed Beach, North Dakota. Block 1: Lots 7, in the instructions to bidders. 8, & 9 More Correctly Described as Fol- All Bids are to be submitted on the lows: Lots 7, 8, and 9, in Block 1, Near's basis of cash payment for the Work and First Addition to the City of Beach, materials, and each Bid shall be ac- Golden Valley County, North Dakota. companied by a separate envelope Property Address: 205 2nd Avenue containing a Bidder's Bond, payable to Southwest, Beach, ND 58621 the City of Beach, in a sum equal to five 4. The Plaintiff is not seeking a percent (5%) of the full amount of the personal judgment against the above- Bid, executed by the Bidder as principal named Defendants. and by a surety company authorized to DATED this 22nd day of June, do business in the State of North 2018. Dakota, conditioned that if the princi- Is/Benjamin Mann pal's Bid be accepted and the contract Benjamin J. Mann awarded to him, he, within fifteen (15) 376 East 400 South, Suite 300 days after Notice of Award, will execute . Salt Lake City, UT 84111 and effect a Contract in accordance Tel: 801-355-2886 with the terms of his Bid and a Contrac- Fax: 801-328-9714 tor's Bond as required by the laws of the Emaih State of North Dakota and the regula- Bar Number: 08371 tions and determinations of the City HWM: 49601 Council of the City of Beach, North (July 19, 26 and August 2) Dakota. All Bidders must be licensed for the h ghest amount of their Bids, as pro- Hearing Notice vided by Section 43-07-05 of the North Dakota Century Code. Cost of prepa- Golden Valley County ration Of Bids by Bidder. Zoning Hearing Notice Contracts shall be awarded on the basis of the low Bid submitted by a re- Our next meeting is scheduled for sponsible and responsive Bidder Monday, July 30, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. in deemed most favorable to the City's in- the Commissioner's Room at the court- terest. The Owner will not award a house. Sch, pol for the purpose of revi,ewing ar- chitectural drawings' for the' Prairie Ex' pansion Project and to revisit the request from Belfield Public School for the use of the Kessel and Hlebechuk bus turnarounds. The next regular school board meeting will be held Tues- day, August 14, at 5:00 p.m. at De- Mores School in Medora. M/S Klatt/Adams to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. Joey Kessel, President Tammy Simnioniw, Business Man- ager (July 26) Zoning commission MEDORA PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION Official Proceedings on July 17, 2018 (Subject to board review and approval) Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Kinley Slauter. Pres- ent were Jim Bridger and Doug Ellison. Aaron Axvig was absent but available by phone. Ben Brannum was excused. Minutes from the June 19 meeting were presented to the Board for ap- proval. Bridger made the motion to ap- prove the minutes. Second by Ellison. Motion passed unanimously. NO. 18- 23, an application from Gary Edland at 425 Broadway to replace a garage door. Replacement will match the exist- ing door. Bridger moved to approve Ap- plication 18-23. Ellison seconded. Motion passed unanimously. NO. 18-24, an application from TRMF to review a concept design of the partment to see if they would be willing icy Services agreement and also con- Rough Riders Adventure Park at 6th to cost-share on the stipend for tract for services to place policies in an Street Eastof Badlands MoteI.TRMFis Thomas. on-line format. All in favor, looking for direction from the City on ac- Thomas discussed the DeMores Simnioniw reported that she had ceptability of the concept design, they landscaping needs. It was determined been contacted by Mr. Wade Northrop, will work on structural designs and a that the scope of the project was large Superintendent of Belfield School Dis- more detailed site plan if agreeable. enough to warrant obtaining the serv- trict, requesting on behalf of the school Points discussed included: -speed ices of an engineer to design the project board that their bus be allowed to use bumps and temporary planters, speed and develop bidding specifications, the Bill Kessel and Tom Hlebechuk bus bumps are a good idea as long as re- M/S Joey Kessel/Stacey Kessel to ad- turnarounds to transport open-enrolled movable for winter snow plowing, tem- vertise for qualifications for a civil engi- elementary students to Belfield. porary planters create traffic and neer for this project. All in favor. Simnioniw stated that the Kessel turn- insurance concerns. -access to the Simnioniw presented a report on the around is under an easement to the MCC on the concept isn't acceptable, District's investment performance for Billings County School District and the TRMF will address concerns in next the.past year. M/S Reis/Klatt to ap- Hlebechuk turnaround is privately stage designs -the current connector prove the Investment Report for fiscal owned by Helebechuks. The board dis- road between the Motel and the MCC year ending June 30, 2018. All in favor, cussed various issues to consider with lot is grandfathered in as a public ease- Simnioniw presented the pledged this request, primarily the liability risks ment and shouldn't be allowed to be assets report noting that there were ad- for the Kessel turnaround since it was closed off. -TRMF commented that a equate pledges to cover deposits. M/S under the jurisdiction of the Billings control fence around the property would Klatt/Joey Kessel to approve the County School District. Peplinski stated be needed, agreeable. -the Zip Line will pledged assets report. All in favor, that she would discuss the concerns of come from about half way up the hill The board reviewed a proposal from the board with Mr. Northrop and see if and will be about 24' over the street so Valuations Northwest, Inc. to do an as- there was another alternative. M/S shouldn't obstruct traffic. sessment of the DeMores and Prairie Klatt/Bock to table a decision until the Ellison moved we accept the Pre- Combined Bid unless it is lower than the 1. Unfinished Business fixed assets which would be used in de- next meeting date. All in favor, liminary Concept for the Adventure Park termining replacement cost for insur- M/S Klatt/Reis to designate the with specific details to be reviewed and combined total of the lowest and best none B~ds for separate Contracts 2. New Bus'ness ance purposes. M/~ HeB/aoey ~esse~ Billings County Pioneer as official news- agreed upon as the design is com- " Dietz Dennis & Kevin re-uest a to approve the request to contract with paper for the District. All in favor, pleted, TRMF is requested to incorpo- opepsnail y Omna~ ra~n~lQsl~nwa- " , sea?/~ ~Se, ,De, portion of Section line along 16~th Ave. Valuations.No ,rthwest, Inc for $2,065 for M/S Adams/Klatt to designate health rate the input that was received today. SW on the East s de of Sec 20 140 104 nxea asse~ va=uauon. /~, ~n favor, care professionals at Sanford Health, Bridger seconded. Slauter stated that mg mm SUCh envelope contains a u~o - - ~^tacey Kessel an-o Pep,nsK~ gave for the Project In addition, the Bidder be vacated or c osed. Parcel # 8-0- . Wellness Chiropractic, and CHI clinics as an employee of TRMF, there is a po- " 01936500 All 'Less Tract & R/VV' Sec RESP report It is ~ooKing favorable that for DOT required health physicals, and tential for conflict of interest. Since there snail p~ace upon me exzenor or sucn en- ~ / Dickinson F)ublic Schools will ;oin velope the following information" 20-140-104 } Performance Truck Center, Westlie is no direct and substantial personal or 1 Th~ Wnrk Pnv~r~H hv th~'Rirlrl=r Mulv I n I RESP That will be financially beneficial Truck Center, Wallworks Diesel, Nelson pecuniary interest in the matter, I intend 9a d26 ,-, 7 ;," ~,"" "- ~-~ =" to the organization Kessel also stated International, Harlow's, and Guy Tessier to participate as necessary in the ac- tL~enera= r'rocess L~enera= bRe or P.nmhin~-d C:.nntr~'~ =~ ;- --;;-~J~i:'~;~ ;~ .:. :: that there would need to be a replace- for DOT inspections of buses. All in tion. Motion passed unanimously. ~;%'~ .~ ~ ,~, '~~ment for her on the RESP board Th=s" NO,-; l~t~,:l~, ,tpp# ation from 2. The name of the Bidder. *;~ :~ ;~'" ,-:,~'~ . favor. 3. Separate envelope containing Bid School District will be determined once new members M/S Klatt/Adams to appoint Princi- TRMF for a Privacy Fence at 469 6th Bond and a copy of Contractor's Li- are seated, pal Peplinski as District representative Street. Bridger moved to approve Ap- Reis requested that the Business on the West River Student Services plication 18-25 for a 6'high, 44'privacy cense or Renewal Certificate. BILLINGS COUNTY Manager evaluation be placed "back on committee. All in favor, fence constructed to match the adjoin- 4. Acknowledgement of all Addenda. ing fence. Ellison seconded. Motion passed unanimously. NO. 18-26, an ap- plication from TRMF for a Privacy Fence at 340 4th Street. Ellison moved to approve Application 18-26 for a 6' high privacy fence painted to match the house. Bridger seconded. Motion passed unanimously NO. 18-27, an application from TRMF for a Privacy Fence at the Showhall Alley. There will be a 5' open- ing to allow equipment movement. Will coordinate with City on how close to put the fence to the Public Restrooms. Bridger moved to approve Application 18-27 for a 6' high privacy fence con- structed to match the surrounding build- ings and set back from the Public Restrooms as requested by the City. EI- lison seconded. Motion passed unani- mously, deMores Park - Zoning Violation The July 6 letter received from Claudia Berg, SHSND, was reviewed. Comments included: D Zuroff - the let- ter didn't address the issues, Zoning needs to write letters to the Governor and whoever else may listen and invite them here to see what has occurred. She didn't even say she was sorry and her comment about a "courtesy call" to Zoning is a slap in the face. Public - the town needs to commit to getting the wall put back, if they (SHSND) really wanted public access they would have opened up the north side. We are concerned about the precedents being quoted being related to utilities based on previous comments from the City Attorney. Public - If they can change direction after decades of "honoring the Medora Historical Agreements" and get by with it how do we prevent further unwanted actions by the SHSND, who is sup- posed to be protecting our history. Elli- son - people are obviously deeply offended, so am I. What options do we have other than legal action which would be expensive, I guess we need to see if contacting the Governor and playing the Public Relations angle will have any impact. D Zuroff - this goes beyond State vs City, citizens appar- ently have no say in what happens here in our home. How can citizens rights be taken away with no say and no voting? It just does not make sense. Bridger - the City Council is supporting with a letter. Public - people from other cities in the area are asking if Medora is going to lose its History. What can we say when our "state officials" are taking it away?? Ellison - the letter seems to be about enhancing usage of the Park, but the approach certainly lacked courtesy and tact. Public - can we ask TRMF to put the wall back as they were involved in the deal that lead to it? The majority of City residents are not happy with the wall being taken down. Slauter - concerned that SHSND clearly doesn't feel they have to comply with Medora Zoning. Ellison moved that Zoning request the City Attorney to pu r- sue getting a North Dakota Attorney General opinion on our enforcing the City Of Medora Zoning ordinances, in- cluding the section designating all of Medora a historic integrity district, which have been honored for many years by the SHSND, other Medora businesses, and citizens. Bridger seconded. Motion passed unanimously. D Zuroff- I sug- gest Zoning write a letter to TRMF re- questing support of actions being requested by the citizens related to the wall and use of the Park. C Sitter - TRMF supports and values public input. Ellison moved that Zoning direct a let- ter to TRMF reflecting the will of the public and the public's request related to the deMores Park wall being recon- structed. Bridger seconded. Motion passed unanimously Ellison expressed his thanks to the public for coming to the meeting and being vocal and passionate about what they value. Ellison moved the meeting be adjourned. Bridger seconded. Meet- ing adjourned at 6:58 p.m. ATTEST: Kinley Slauter, President ATTEST: Gary Ridenhower, City Auditor (July 26) NOTICE OF INTENT TO AMEND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES North Dakota Highway Patrol will hold a public hearing to address proposed new and amended changes to the N.D. Admin. Code Title 38, Article 6, Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 7, Chapter 3, Section 1. Law Enforcement Training Academy Classroom 1 1320 Schafer St. Bismarck, ND Tues Aug. 14, 2018 2:00 p.m. CST The purpose of the proposed amendments is to comply with North Dakota Century Code. 38-06-02-01 #1 adding Annual overlength permits. Currently the rules only allow for overwidth. A copy of the proposed rules and/or a regulatory analysis may be requested by writing the above address or calling 701-328-2447. Wdtten or oral comments on the proposed rules sent to the above address or telephone number and received by August 24, 2018 at 11:59 pm will be fully considered If you plan to attend the public hearing and will need special facilities or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the NDHP at the above telephone number at least 10 days prior to the public hearing. Dated this 16th day of July, 2018. Colonel Brandon Solberg Superintendent