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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
July 23, 1931     Golden Valley News
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July 23, 1931
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/ ..o Noon Today 76 Above Weather at Noon Today Clear XXlll. OFFICIAL PAPER OF GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND CITY OF BEACII ', ~r ' r , ...... ' , ,' , , i ALL HO~/~E PRINT BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY. NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY. JULY 23. 1931 EIGITT PAHES NUMBER 12 RULES THE SHRINE IO0[ARM[RSO[ COUNTI[$ [AVOR BUILT Tfl[R[ SLOPE AND G. V. COUNTIES ENDORSE SECTION 9 SITE ~me soil !! ~oRvOADM~FRIOM AMIDON TO !~: G _ DE FEDERAL t. ! HIGHWAY Tuesday afternoon Federal and representatives of 8tats Highway comnussion, of A. B. Linton, federal engineer of St. Paul; Cliff ~n, state bridge engineer, ck; John Doff, Federal y engineer; H. C. Knudson, ivision engineer, Dickinson, :~ A. D. McKinnon, project en- Bismarck; also Representa- llson, Lamb and Bishop, i.~ Commissioners of Slope and Valley counties, about 100' of the two counties and "Eyes" of the Blind Now Wears Boots Thomas J, Houston of Chicago, newly elected imperial potentate of the Shriners of North America. BAND O[ MANY WILD HORS[S ROUND[D UP SSPP[D TO [ACTORY men from Beach and Ool- Reginald D. White, blind war veteran, and his faithful German .~red on section 9, townshippolice dog, Wicker. White has rewarded his "eyes," as he calls him, range 104, and discussed the] with four boots for his blistered feet that he may guide his master AFTER SUFFERING HEAVY lbtllty of placing the highway about San Francisco streets on his daily duties. Wicker made his wants LOSSES BY THESE OUTLAWS provided for by legislative known to his charge by, putting a hot blistered foot in the hand of FARMERS CLEAN 'EM UP @riation at that point. White the other day w'hen the mercury soared to nearly the hundred -~ location is known locally as mark. ~e'r' crssing" The river is T~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ 150 SHIPPED MONDAY TO kEN" ow there, has high banks DERING FACTORY; WILL h sides which would neces- COME BACK AS SOAP Practically no fills for aP ~hes, and the grades down from ~:htgh prairies on both sides of BL~ fl'~ BY B[~C~ DIN0SAUR~ [0UND For some years back the farmers Prob~bly,Verare remarka~blYalyW'tha or~hr: wm~]~WN~S~Y TOP S[NT]N[[ BUTT[ ranchers of the north country on the river. In addition sand have been annoyed by the devasta- ~avel for construction work is tiGriS to farms, ranches and gras~ had in deposits a short dis- that wild horses have been guilty of, so a number of the folks of that Up the hill from the site, and "-=~ rtverls somewhatbank terralnprotectedat by athat L%C:2TlS AiG~EEGANC~ON~ sO:EER J%EO4LL~NOE ~ ~:IDNNcE D:~STericksasViCinitYa resUltwererganized aabOUtdrive to150townroUndheadandofUP'mav'ship-and of rock. ped to a rendering fac~ in .the ~inute examination of the loo central states. " the Mechanical Radio Cop Clmirman E. O. Sykes of the federal radio commission is inspecting a new mechanical radio cop, a device that records by means of a phono. graph any indecorous broadcasts. The record can then be run off in court as evidence. IMAN lV[RRANCfl tPRESENI OPINONS ON IBOIfl lfl[S[ SUBJECTS FEDERAL ENGINEER HOLDS 4 STATE MEETING TO LEARN RIVER PROSPECT OF IRRIGATi~Q RIVER VALLEY CAPTURES FARMERS' FANCY Representatives of three statM, North and South Dakota and MoR- ~ana. met a~ the cour~ hou~ Beach last Monday morning to par~ in a hearing being hela Qy the war departme"nt 5n flood and irrigation, conditions of ~he Little Missouri river in the states of Nor~ and South Dakota. Montana a~ Wyomng, the stream, or lt~ tribu- taries being in all these steaM, There was a goodly representatt~ of farmers and ranchers Of M~ river valley. Repre~nta~iv~ oZ the Northern Pacific railway, aE,/r~ .il i ~rl~J i/~lstate engineer of Mon~na, people [OSSILIZED REHAINS-.- -.. ,,.-,x ooo--o w__ ,oo ~f]||LII ~f~LL li.~ll I~I point~ and farmers from So~t~h Dlb- O[ IRICEBATOPS DIS ,~o~, many Of whom spoke O~ dl$- P.IV~H Pl flf~: fHAV~ DV/ferent phazes of the river. T'v~ " UIILil ULUOLUlllqlIL U/|marks were taken down m | hand for official study later. COV[R[D WIBAUX CO e,,,n,v, was called to Ol~il~t UIIH/VLRilUO OUIIVHI captain Hube W. cnnm . V. S. A., of Kansas City, chief oI tl~ --- -- survey of the Missouri river and F~ LOCATED BY CO. SUPT. SCOTT BEACH BUNCHED ERRORS IN tributaries, who was accomp IN LIMESTONE ROCK IN FIRST AND MAR~ARTH by A. S. Wyman, chief of the f~ BADLANDS TOOK ADVANTAGE party, The meeting began soon ~. ter ten a. m. and closed at about 1 P. m., quite a lags audience oZ AFTER THAT BEACH ALMOST and women hearing the testimo~. ONE OF MONTANA'S FIRST TIED, PLAYING GOOD BALL This will be forwarded to Wa~ SETTLERS MANY MILLION ton to be incorporated in the re* YEARS AGO TO END cords of the survey mentioned, Captain Collins stated the "01~ The Beach Graybeards" Jour- ject' of the meeting, which was to Las~ Sunday County Superlnten- neyed to Baker last Sunday and ascertain the po.~lbilities for flood was made by the engineers, dent and Mrs. Scott of Wtbauv there were defeated, 12 to 10, in a control and for irrigation in ~- - Which an impromptu mee~- WHISKERLINGS JOURNEY TO On the top of the south bulk of close ~ame of baseball. Baker scor- nection with that endeavor. He held and M. B. Hogoboom, GLENDIVE SUNDAY TO PLAY Sentinel butte Joe Vlasoff, Ernest ed seven runs in the first inning r:va~e iPar~.f the acts. of con.g}-~. lalf of the farmers of that re- STRONG TEAM THERE ] Johnson and Miss Anna Vlasoff ' c r ng ~ne wor~ in nana, wlttCl~ but from then on the Beach team as now authorized does not ine'- orclbly and very clevely pre- have filed fossil claims as they be- outplayed the Montanans and kept . . _ , . .. mae the case for the advocates lieve they have discovered a bed of .... ' ..... construction ol worms, that del~a- location, and other endors- The Beach 'Whiskerlings" chalk-i fossil remains of the larger of the Mrs Simmons sent along which sCroaT:19gl:Pt nn:ntieme: gb~n~a:~e. ding upon the various reports and ' Badlands about22 miles south- failed to ass th m a- "" y further authorization by eongr~. P e ~ any time ks were made by people from ed up another victory last Sunday, dinosaurs that .roamed this re- had on its top In pir~,k ic~,,g: "For co.ties, and the location was this time taking the measure of the gion when Sentinel butte wa~ ~: the North Cowboys' supper,' besides west of Wibaux, the remains ofa aurmg ....... me game. ~t ,ew costly er- W.F. Cushing was asked by tl~ well preserved trlceratop~, one of rors were ma'e in ....... Captain to take charge of tl~ u ~ne nrs~ mmng e.~dorsed by all the county Trotters team, 11 to 4, in a game bed of a prehis or'e lake, wh ch " which the cook outfit more resem- the most remarkable animals of else there mi-ht have been dlf' meeting and call upon bhose who ~loners. Finally the folo on the local diamond. Trotters t variously estimated at from fifty bled a picnic dinner of good things ] forty or fifty million years ago, and feren. sto SB " . a - - had views to express, the first of t ry a~er previously ce resolution was unanimously scored two runs right off the reel ~ to 100 millions years ago. than a wayside grub stake, all oil which roamed this region with oth- feared Beach here 22 to 5 so the these being Walter Ray of Me,ors, a:~ but the Whiskerlings came back:, These remains long since turned whch shows that the country folks er species of dino~urs the roam- "Gra-"-cards" - el 'tha~ "-' _ who told of a survey of the rlvkr Y~ Ie ~ ~ney mane ~, PREAMBLE with three runs themselves in their lag stone and weather beaten, know how to live high whatever moths and other prehistoric crit- a creditable showin-there for 200 miles that Medora People ~ a gathering of over one hun- half of the first inning. Trotters ~ as they have lain o~ the surface of the yare doing, ters. "Ha "' A ers was o "y _ had made some years ago with a Ppy y ntne moans armers and business men, scored two runs more in the st-Ithe butte for countless ages, and In speaking of the round up]The bones he said are encased "r ......... i vle~ of securing waterpower for :~a of the Counties of Golden cond on a series of errors by the~while some of the stone formaTmns John Leakey and Charles Simmon~l ' ' zo ~ne ~eacn ~eam wkn Jones~ :~ ~nd Slopein the State of Beach boys, and blanked the locals I are doubtless rock, the others seem said Monday that in the bunch I in, limestOneexposedrock,andbUt2,~ athVveryheadgoodis catching an-~thrPoerfo', rnu'ng nicely," { tlon.~ electric works and -P~stbly irnga- ~::~y akota, held on Section in their bat~ but when the Beach ]to resemble very closely the bones there were many horses six ann iplainly and it was ugh no malt of state unless some vandal has since theirs "h ..... " " ( Carl Oisen also of Medora sugo ~ (9) in Township One Hun- boys came to bat in the third in-I of the largest of the prehistoric eight years old ~dthout a brand, l- tro ....... ~ a~ me local~ were no~ re-~.ested that the-r^atlo ..... ~,._ Thirty-six (136) North, of ning three runs more crossed the animaLs but of this the judgment showing they had been running the J ass yea ~. rTom ~ne par~s ex- turned winners Erra~ic-- support" ~! s 1~ ~ ~ sses uz *ann One Hundred Four (104) ~, ~ "' " ve t b se a ' " . .... mar "ca me ~eacn team's play, wkn come b,, win~, ~ .... , ~o,.. _ pan, and the locals assumed a lead of a ~cmntlst would ha o e - r nges all their life, some of these I posed it is estimated this animal z .... : .... , by e "osion could possibly be over- I the Fifth Principal Merid- which they never relinquished. In i cured, although a geologist from animals being splendid animals ] or ...... reptile was uncut 18 zeet long. errors a~ ........ crucial umes curingthe uohltsI ~wlllch" ~he_ ..~mob~ ~'.'~"~ ~ .... ~ne ~ricera~ops roamea in tvxon .... i .... IL.~d would. ~,"' ~tope County, being on the the sixth inning they added three Glendive says they are certainly and as wild as any mustang that[tana and W~oming He was the ~zae. i stop the erosion that was causing Missouri River in the north- runs again, and still two more ~n the lthe remains of the dinosaurs or ever ranged the prairies in olcenl - " ". ..... Next Sunday Marmarth will, ~reat economic loss er of Slope County on the eighth. After the first two innings " mammoths, not being certain wh:cn. I times. I mos~ penectly armea amma~ o~ ms ta "e ......... , ~ to far~er~ . , .... ngl wz~n ~ne locals here ant a/along the river, and r vi v. ca3 so far as nis neau was con- _ ....... ~ ' . __ e e ~'ed river ~,'~a site of the bridge herein- the "Whiskerlings" shut out the ; Others opine the remains are those i A great many of the animals ' _ ........... rea, game is an~;cipa~ea Mar-. conditionth"ou~h ~ ntioned, which meeting north country boys for the remain-:of broken stalagmites from some could not be corralled, regaraless!cerneoF'' ou~ ..... vumerame oenina ~na~ martn ...... has no~ oeen oea~en :-'~ms sea- i years - o . number O~ , ' , member so ina~ as long as no Iac- n ~ ' ~,aeld on this 21st day of July i,~,, seven innings playing airtight prehistoric cave washed to thelriof how many men made Yhe a~ 1 and at which there were b~l with the exception of a couple present site but this section was tempt" that in little rounds uPs the . , ' , . -- so and will present an array oi Albert Thom~son chai ea ms enemies ne was sate The ._iZ' ........ ~ ,- , rman 0[ ....... ' .. n ~ers ~na~ are nara to s~op t, re I the county board o Billin s . . , . ' . . ' ne re~nt officials of the State , n ub ect to laclal action the n of errors that were not costly, ot s J g , i animals could be got ear the cor-I as has ~nree norris, hence ~ne ...... .. "~ .. f g county name and rising back of these wousi.y .m me season, mey con-i also told of conditions along the Commission and the Fed- I NeLson started on the mound for i wash coming from the tremendous- i rais only to make a dash right ' . " querea me "~ray~earcts" with t ' river and ho ~ed dams u there is a bone hooc or collar abou~ ......... , I wo ld be !~.~agineer, together with Rep- Beach and pitched well, although~ly heavy rains of these early periods!through the ring of cowboys and l four feet in diameter, the edges of score o~ z~-tz a~ Marmartli, ana lbuil~ and irrigation made po~Ible; ve Ira J. Wilson, the au- [ his su~'~'ort ~- the o-ening innin-s i of the earth's formation I sometimes knocking over horses [ which are serrated like a saw old ~ne Beacn team is ou~ zor revenge. I that he would be willing to U~e he appropnatlon bill here- I was poor. Tattle hurled the last ! Many have climbed the butte to and riders, so that it is estimated [ ' " I slch Water It ma3 be mentioner ing in his defensive armor. We STA ...... ' " " ntioned, an@ Represent-lfour innings and held the visitors'see the rocky formations which!there are yet in the neighborhood l haye seen a number of heads ot t~'ttqjl5 I that Captain Collins asked nearly i:~~,an. H. Lamb and E. P. scoreless while he twirled. Ted !have been turned up from the sur- i of 100 wild animals on the north these creatures in eastern museums An associa"-~--'~'~- t all the speakers if they would us~ , anct the members of the ~ t ran Th ~11 robabI 1 ~cu tress correspond- 1 1 ! of County Commmmoners". ] Thompson caught for the locals, i face, the clusters of bones" be'ng, s ges. ese crowd'" P y ~e .1 ' , "rrlgat on should it be established, ......... Score by innings: fin three distinct groups, t hot. A large at attracted }a~d,;rh:n~.,certainlY present a WlCk den:t::t~Ta:eSetnhtatr In the past, receiving in every instance an af- |~ t~[,,.vaney ann ~mpe ~oun- I Trotter 2 2 0 O 0 0 0 0 0--- 4 On the very top of the north bulk i to the stockyards here Monday to .. ..... Y some 1,000[ firmative reply. '~= ~ollowin Resolution was ..... pointed to the governor's staff or certainity of preci~,itation ca "~ ~;n~- - g.- Beach ....... 3 0 3 0 0 3 0 2 x--ll of the butt there ~s a soapstone I see these unowned animaI~. - CLEANL~T RULE r~enmclty colonels nave been ap- Aud Nunn rancher, said the un- u~_y aaoptea: Next Sunda- tho Whiskerlin~s! formation in which the best speci-, [ I faflmes of crops thiee yeats out of ~,l:~'.SOT~T~7~N!slature of wilt journey to"Glendive and the; f ments of petrified f~sh are found,J OLD TIMER REMEMBERS iTurkey raisino,,~an industry which ,enough000 to officer an army of 3,0'00,- . . , ~. . ~v~ ;,~.t9.~,~ ' )Ms,, ~ newl,~ ~.r~-~^~ ~.~ and this being a most convincing proof~ ~ t was almos~ wiped out a few years ".' .... t five, and that this disadvantage .:~,,:~ rth Dakot , at the ........... t **.~ ~- *h~ land h~re~bouts high ' When there were more stock- ~ - americans s~ri~e more [nan a t wo thereof a-nro,~rlate~ the on ~ne zonowlng ~uncay they wm ~,,~ ......... ~ , ............... ~ago in the East and Middle West h ......... uld beovercome by irrigation, eli milliOn ma:enes a minute an av 1] 5~ ~Jk , ~-~. ~- .... i~...~ ~^w was once the bed of a tno,cers In pu~mc~ Guan SaCKnOlfl-lis staging acomeback as aresuI ..... d g e is 1 ersonal views on ;~z Twenty Thousand Dollars play a re~urn engagement at Trot-l"'u ,v : .... I^.~ t o. ~ , . ~ _ as~ year z~7 miniaturegolf flood control. :; 00 ~ - - ters ~great inlana seas long ~lme ago, :,~. " r.ew rameaun~ r n~s newsystem mdern:_m_eth_d_Se0ftsamtatin" Tar" COT~Ces were w~th wkich to build a /, _~ as -rest hea"~ of sea shells When the entire family got to- the Little Missouri Riv- ~~ ~oTnd inSmany pla~es here lend au. i gethe~: at the breakfast table, tare" ~ed" zrom" clean waste-proof' . here are. 434reportedwoolworthbY 97 clties.thru_t speake~Mr" Stackhouse,., sainy g hehadwas 14 000 athe, cres next ::~ ~ northwestern corner of -h rit to tha~ "roposit~on :~ When there was an apple named ~oa ........ ~,.~. '.~. ....... pence an~ sixpence" stores in Great along the river more or less, and ~:~ Cotmty, and z~ ]~ o y ~ ~' " the Maiden's Blush. 1 ......... the When a do en or more men are Joe Vlasoff is in communication ] : ......... and~e::'~d~nk'f"rom~c'~ean~]~shes, B~tam. _ . ]that he would use water where- "~, ~ne engineer oz I when a rainy ~uncay cut uown i .......... ~eventy percent of the wor~ some ever possible on his land should lr- ~"~ .......... gathered together there is usually, with some of the museums to see t ........ I D:p:r~rnYt sp;cAa~s~Sltu~r~ene Yards dentists do is never paid for. I rtgation be made posstble, being :i, .-~'~uway t~ommlsmon ot ~uc a .................... ' ............ I the cnurcn a~enaance Ins~ea~t oI} 0~ North_ ................ r~n~ ~n~ the 1 sunni ~m~n. amung, ~nem,. no~ on- I. if they want anv~ oI ~ne specnnen~ ] the ............... numser oz aura accmen~s m ; - . . '.. The London Graphic reports 6,578 / willing to pay $2.50 an acre a year en ...... isit y n Amemca but practmaIly every- he has found 4. _., ....... ;.:. ~= "~gmeer are ~nls aayv " - ...... I ' I ~wo-~.x ........ ~ paper, t f:eel~Pitthlgarnv:~" 7oVer~? :ni~d~r; persons billed by autos in England t for it. ose ...... id e wnere. ~u~ aoroac me name var-~ * .......... .- ......... -/ ~'~l c site zor sala or g io~ For instance" ........ ~ ,~..~. ...... , when a sr~omacn ache w~ cures to clean location~ ~r~g Hmo ~s in 1930. ~ [ J. F. James, state engineer for tion 9, m Township 136,~-.-~-~.~ ~..~*~. ~ ..... ~aw,~ ~ON ~ w~th a nlckel's worth of paregoric I "i - . ~. " ........... ". There are more than 15,000 "thou- Montana told of the posmbilities of :~:~:" '~-~ in Sloep C uto n Y, North ~"~.. ................... an --Jo'- " - ,,~. " 1 *r.~,,r~ ............... l insted of a $200 appendicitis oper-t e;ma aPw :vagroO: 2a~ure, anc shalt-nots" in Chicago's municipal [reservoirs on the--Little Mis~our/ " . t~erm y nann ~cnmi,~ g y 'eK ns 'me code and propose to visit and ......... " l . l ation { - - _. ' . - and its tributaries in Montana and r r~Oo~--~^ ~;* .... -~ .wonanc---Jan ~cnmi~ns. I The W C T U will meet on _..' . _ . ~A8 ............................ ~pam---ouan =mx~n~s Monday " evening" "' ~- ~, ....... ouiy ,,--~'' wnen a rec[ no~ mamma was one t lor~U~h~U~7~e;reat least one yearredefrpul~tnr~ reN;~r:Y NleS0'0yOOr'Pe:~ns-were .a.r: ( Wyoming which couid be used fo~ , The people here as- _ Ion Skmi" n" 1 . ~ .'. ..... ', with a broom in her hand bawlingI- " ~ ~a~e curing me[the aouble purpose of storage In reel that the location of ~reece-- ~o . with Mrs. Charley ~ouusem a~ ~ne, - ...... ~ ~ ~_-" f'rst.t four months of the current i flood times and for irrigation, as ~e on S~ction 9 will Poland--Ivan SchmittiweiskI. farm An interesting program is you ot~./or_ tracK_rag muu over her .... . ............. year [ these would control the flow of the ....... ~ an . . ~clean Kli~enen 11oor. eonvenien~ and w~lfare Russian--v Skmittowskk I belng planned. All Interested are( .,,.^.~ ,~. ..... ~.~ ~, ~,.~ ~o~ Most. Dm fb-,~ m~,voo,o geJt number of ueoDle ofChina Jahon S~himmit. t invited to be present Ice cream l~..T~::,:'~,,j~'~,ou~'~c;~'f~'~* mighty ~I' venture" I Little Missouri one of the greates~ ~.n~,,.~. ,'~f.= ~,~, ei~.~, a~t ,~.~ Newspapers in North Dakota l carriers of water and silt to the " " ' a i F r ............................ MOS~,7-- .....- .... ~ .........have a total circulation of 206,726, greater Missouri Of North Dakota an,~ foel Italy--GraY nn abb onl. I and cake will be served, a ct~rge t Proposed bridge sit'e on" I being made of hfteen cents Mrs. ) NOTICE, BOY SCOUTSMost." "Cos ah h_ahe de _arsonu according to figures compiled by [ Representative W~lliam Dyer ct due tothe natural topo-Irelana v e . A .... J Beler Secretary ~ sage,~ Esau sold h'm heirshitu to Herbert Hotaling, secretary of the I Marmar~h gave the lay of the Lit- the count lendin it France Jean /~fe r ry g - ~ ..... "~ ...... Owing to a forced change in Jacob," National Editorial association. The ltle Beaver and its junction with building of approaches " - .......... N -- [ Vamping Vi--Holding a handker- plans the date of leaving for camp ~ -- report recently published in the[the Little Missouri at Marmarth, e Of the river; to the l t~lw ~o~:-Icier rt? like tha mean~ I will be Wedn~day, July 29th, in- Mrs. Vlrts' two daughters of l~uxiliary gives the total nttmber of [tokt damage done h~ higll water Of the liver at this and,.. :, _ . "~U ...... ", you a:.e in ,, e._ ............... [stead of Tuesday, July 28th.--J. Carlyle, were Beach ViSitors Satur-, ~rSecircu atloninthelState o~ 1_080_194--with an [timeS.(CedllnOfd, nt ue tol~zwhiehefo~tr~'OuIdL he narrowness of the ....... grega~mnat cnurcp ~ au~y morn-i, I'veViCtlm'LV--'~ a code nuamnstid by head'U ate~ t r.atpa ............... a~,,~,,, ,~uv,a~,,~,.'~ ..... --*-- day..- . [ ag ".e.-- [ ) -.---- to pkge four) - 1Dg, JUlY ~o~. [ ~.~ j !