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Newspaper Archive of
Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
July 2, 1942     Golden Valley News
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July 2, 1942
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/ GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS LASSIFIE[00I I r7nT ! Cleanliness First Rule 1131/ Broadway, Fargo, It. Dtdk. i TURKEYS BROAD BREASTED EGGS POULTS, May, June. GRISMORE Farms & Hatchery, Corydon, Iowa. Cuddle Toy For the Little One Pattern No. Z9393 skeptical eye of Mr. Turtle beams with joy at the thought the many childish companions soon have. Yes, he is a cud- toy for the little ones, and you have as much fun making a the children will have irt with him. $ $ color makes his shell--print, his the pattern is Z9393. Send your or- AUNT MARTHA lk 166-W Kansas City, Me. Enclose 15 cents for each pattern desired. Pattern No ............... Address ............................. VVORLDS LARGEST SEU.ER irrE PETROl s:UM A Gentle Way to Treat Constipation! Qet up and cheer, constipation eufferersl If you are one of the allllons of people with normal Intestines who suffer due to lack of "bulk" in the diet -- here's news of a gentler, pleasanter way to win welcome reUefl You see, many medicinal lax- atives pro the Intestines into ac- tion or draw moisture into them from other parts of the body. But KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, a delicious cereal, acts quite It works principally the contents of your colon, you to have easy and elimination. Eat it often and drink plenty of water. is made by Kellogg's your condStlon not helped, by this simple see your doctor. &O! (ss-s.z.I $.Ola/ THIS &DVICEII cros, restless, suffer hot nervous feelings, dizziness, of "lr regularittes'caused Pinkham's Vegetable at occ! 's Compound is made omen, and ao,,g relieve distress due to this functional disturbance. ds up thousands of reported gratifying label directions. TRYING ! For You To Feel Well 22--- blood, were aware of how the must constantly remove sur- excess acids and other waste that cannot stay tn the blood fnjury to health, there would understanding of why the upset when kidneys fail properly. too frequent ur[na- warns that something recommended the e the func- kidneys and help them to waste from the harmful. contain nothtnnfld4  '. Use with For Farm Creamery Lasting Care by Farmers Brings Profitable Results By PROF W. H. E. REID, (Dairy Department, Missouri College of A griclture.) After all is said, the fact remains that the kind of cream a farmer produces depends entirely on the care it receives on the farm and the frequency with which it is delivered to the butter-maker. Cleanliness is the first command- ment in the decalogue of the cow- keeping farmer. Every precaution should be taken to prevent the entry of dust or other foreign matter into milk at the source. If surroundings are unclean when milking is done, dirt is likely to get into the milk. A clean barn and air free from dust are imperative. Clipping the cow's flanks and ud- der is fine, but wiping with a clean, damp cloth helps a lot-too in get-. ting rid of loose hair, dust and dirt. Scrap that old-fashioned, rusty, open-faced pail with the open seams that harbor dirt and bacteria. Get a modern, well-tinned pail, one with a minimum of exposed surface to catch dirt. Keep that pail clean! Sanitation Comes First. Always strain the milk before sep- arating. Use a filter type of strain- er with cotton filter pads. Don't use a pad more than once. Cheesecloth does an unsatisfactory job, and when used more than once is downright dangerous. A well-kept mechanical separator Will guard cream against contamina- tion and yield the maximum amount of butterfat. Water separators should never be used. Run milk through the separator immediately after milking. Be sure the separator is thoroughly clean. It can't really be clean unless it is washed after each se. Just rinsing or flushing Is not enough. All utensils should first be rinsed with cold water--that makes the whole job easier--and then washed in hot water with washing powder and a brush. Do not use soap, and never use a dishrag. Then flood all uten- sils with briskly boiling water, right out of the teakettle. Just "hot" water won't do the job. Do not wipe utensils. Invert and place on a rack or table in a sunny place. Cooling Very Important. Cooling is highly important. Germs and mold don't grow readily in cool cream. Cool cream immedi- ately and keep R cool until it is sold. A simple cooling tank which provides a flow of cold water around the cream is the most satisfactory. Even keeping the cream covered with a clean, wet burlap sack tucked under the lid handle will do a fair job. Never mix warm cream with cooled cream. This not only causes a bitter flavor but also hastens de- terioration. It is also important to get cream to market quickly. The quicker you get the cream to market the less time there is for germs and mold to multiply. Deliver or ship cream at least twice a week in winter and three times in summer. Tainted Dairy Products Wild onions, garlic and other milk- tainting weeds cost American dairy- men thousands of dollars loss each year. Those ob- noxious pasture weeds impart un- desirable flavors and odors to milk and cream.Taint- ed butter, milk and cream are strongly objected to ,by customers everywhere. No mat- ter how good the quality otherwise, butter made from such cream is poor, offensive to the taste, and is almost unsalable. Since wild onion is one of the first green things to appear in pasture, this particular perennial is especial- ly bothersome in early grazing sea- son. The best solution of the prob- lem is to avoid pasturing milk cows on pastures with an abundance of onion in the spring and to handle the pasture so as to give grasses opportunity to grow by keeping cows off until grass has a good start. Heavy grass provides less opportu- nity for onions to get started. If only weedy pasture is availa- ble the best plan to prevent weedy- flavored cream is to keep cows in milk off the weedy pasture for three to five hours before milking. Fertilizer Suggestions In Case There Isn't Manure Available Manure has no substitute as a general garden fertilizer. However, if the manure is not available, then it will be necessary to furnish plant nutrients in the form of chemical fertilizers. On soils of average fer- tility, complete fertilizers may be used safely at the rate of one ton per acre,  applied broadcast. If applied in the furrow, the applica- tions should not be greater than 1!000 oounds per acre. T. S. Farrelly says he hears Goebbels has stolen the U. S. me- Tines song and rewritten it, "From the halls of Schicklegrubber to the Shores of Musoleen." * $ Apology in the Jap Manner By error we sailed The Coral Seas . , . Most regrettable mistake-- Excuse, please! --ELSA S. GREENE. Lieut. Col. Pete Barren of the U. S. marines says it is the duty of every American to help every Jap in his laudable desire to return to his honorable an- cestors. o $ a In a Furniture Store A lace-engirdled dressing table Intrigues me more than mink or sable. In choosing this chartreuse chaise longue I couldn't possibly go wrong. A tree of life in finest crewel I'd treasure as a flaming jewel. And, oh, this deep and downy sofa Is definitely what I go for! Pretty things in house or garden I'll want until my arteries harden. I'll sacrifice them all to taxes To sink an ax into the Axis! --JENNIE M. PALEN Poor Imitation It makes me laugh to great extreme, The stuff that some cafes call "cream." --MERRILL CHILCOTE $ $ S The Federal Reserve board has passed rules to curb installment buying further tnd to limit charge twcou.ts to 40 days. That's just i. case you go to a store and d tb.t ere', ..y. yo. can set. Hundreds of furniture plants have been converted to the purpose of winning the war. The process of throwing everything in the house except the kitchen sink at the enemy may be said to be on. a s The motorcycle cop who used to stop you for driving fast is now going to stop you for be- ing out on the road without a good reason. a s TOAST Here's to the cruiser Marblehead Battered and bashed and bombed and bledl The Japs had bumped her off, they said . . . But she just doesn't know she is dead l "For Sale---Seven pairs of shoes. Different sizes. Like new. B-11."-- Ad spotted by Robert W. Roger| in a Jersey paper. s a s With the gas ration so low aren't you taking a ehance mister? s s "The property consists of a large colonial house, a concrete sea wall, bathing dock, tennis court and garage on one and a half acre of land."--News item. $ $ It's a good trick i ,the.architect did i| Simile by J. G. Winchester: As unhealthy looking as an habitue of a vitamin bar. a s s "Mrs. Roosevelt has an A card but rides a bicycle as much as,pos- sible."--News item. No racing-handlebars, we hope. 1 $ "Not that I lack faith in our present song writers and gen- erals," writes Merrill Chilcote from St. Joe, Mo., "but I sort of wish 3ohn .1. Pershing and George M. Cohan were 25 years younger." Sir--So you think John Kieran re vealed something when he told o being a saddler in a World war out fit that had no horses! I was in one that had horseshoers and stable sergeants!--N. C. $ $ Under the new government bans on iron and steel it is going to be pretty hard to buy any kind of a gadget pretty soon. So many people are making a habit of throwing them around, that we hope it means a of monkey wrenches. shortage * $ $ Our idea of a reckless Ameri- can, under those new steel re- strictions, is the fellow who still loses his temper enough to break a golf club. a One day at Belmont $1,899,607 was bet on race horses. How's hat war bond sale coming long? s $ RIMES IN A DIMOUT Oh, mortified Is Broadway Gene: When he goes out He can't be seen! And shed a tear For Spotlight Joe: He's got to screen His ego's glow. 00TEDNS HERE is so much in this one simple pattern! A frock for your little girl cut with cunning cap sleeves and matching bonnet! Then overalls for play--and a romper play suit which opens flat ; 4sx Me ,) &NOTIIER I A General Quiz ? The Questions 1. Where is bilge water found? 2. What two countries fought the Hundred Years war? 3. A one-inch rainfall is equiva- lent to how much snowfall? 4. Where in London is the clock called Big Ben? 5. What date is set by the Greeks for the beginning of the Olympian games? 6. According to the Arthur!an legends, what knight found the Holy Grail? 7. What West Indian island yields large amounts of asphalt? 8. Gilbert Stuart painted the portraits of how many Presidents? 9. Who in the Bible ordered the massacre of the infants of Bethle- hem-Herod, Nebuchadnezzar or Pilate? 10. Who discovered the principle that the loss of weight of a body immersed in a liquid is equal to the weight of the displaced liquid? The Answers I. In a ship's bottom. 2. France and England (1337- I453). 3. Approximately ten inches. .4. The houses of parliament. 5. The year 776 B. C. 6. Galahad. 7. Trinidad. 8. Six--Washington, John Ad- ams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and John Quincy Adams. 9. Herod. 10. Archimedes. for ironing. When summer comes, be ready with several sets of these attractive, useful and charming garments made up in the cottons which are most becoming to your daughter ! Pattern No. 8142 is made in sizes 1, 2. 3. 4 and 5 years. Size 2 requires 4 & yards 39.inch material for set. 4, yards bias binding. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT, Room 1116 211 West Wacker Dr. Chicago Enclose 20 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No ............. Size ........ Name ............................ ...... Address .............................. [ Franklin's Creed] I believe in one God, the cre,tor of the universe. That he governs it by His Providence. That He ought to be worshiped. That the most acceptable service we ren- der to Him is doing good to His other children. That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this. These I take to be the fundamental points in all sound religion.--., Franklin. Freedom Exists Freedom exists only where the people take care of the govern ment.--Woodrow Wilson. The Stu Out o/Which Conversation Is Made / A tourist stopped at a farm- house for a drink of water. "Fine corn," he said, waving to a hill- side. ra;;H;;;e; s ekes , "Best in these parts," replied the farmer. "But how do you plow that hill? m t It's pretty steep?" "" "Don't plow it. The spring thaws bring down stones that tear it up so we can plant the corn." "How do you plant it?" "Shoot the seed in with a shot- gun." "Is that the truth!" exclaimed the tourist. "Of course not," replied the farmer, "but it's conversation." When the soldier talks about "the skipper" he means his cap- nBo  er:!!t h i nKngo!lm:g:t:h sacnh h tain, the head of his company. And that's just what the title "cap- k tain" means. It comes from the Latin t Better know nothing than half, word "caput" meaning "head." Another leader high in Army men's favor since '18 is Camel Cigarettes. (Based on ac- tual sales records from Post Ex- changes and Sales Commissaries.) It's the gift they prefer from the home folks. If you have a rela- tive or friend in the service, send him a carton of Camels. Your dealer is featuring Camel cartons to send to service men.--Adv. Learning Is Not Free All wish to be learned, but no one is willing to pay the price.- Juvenal. INNES PICK.UP Fits old or new combines 8 feet and larger  Power &Nan  sy _ - ' to attach. Sickle -- guards not feinted.  t B[TT[R PICK.UP----., ,'" FOR LESS MONEY - Sppll for 13 by John D. Over. C*se, I,m,e e,d th o,.b.. s *.4 eq.lpmt. Prims 20 to 60. Is th,. o*,  Unlv*al Modd -- $17.0. Some low a $]b.l.  12A--4Sg,SO. Up fW cU oornbkm wih Stse| 6r New Rubbar Wff TODAY TO DFI', W-! FOR COIVa.LrTE INFORiVTION snd PRICS INNES COMPANY =4 .T*h. CRISP POONFUL