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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
July 2, 1942     Golden Valley News
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July 2, 1942
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! t I I bert, qmmt+ the  ot the day b.  . j Ms. IAa Oflbtt, Minor v &apos;he "'+ +were vtdng Smdy at  Otto a  with his son, C+ra, and Petersflle 'home. family. . ! Mr. alld Ms. Lloyd Fates vilted M, rs.  Rink and family moves :,te Sehoemmsker family on Sunday. inlD helr new home, known aa the Donald Thiesen and a cous, Clara NORSE house, on Friday. Sucky arrived on Wednesdgy from The Get-to-gerber club as en'iwest Bend, W+sc., for a few days tertated et ,the home of Mrs. Paul t visit with the Mike "Iniesen fancily. Wschow test Frilay wih ten mem-iDon expects to be indueted Iwto the bets presell. Visiting axed knil;t!ng United Stts army soon. were the diversion of the afternoon Mr. ad Mrs. Vic CarLson and Inga Ma's. Nell Hogoboom was ,lucky Garlson visited  the Werner Nt- winner of door prize. After the meet- ler family in Medora Sunday eve- lng a very delicious lunch was served ning. by the hostess. I Mrs. Lfllie Van Horn of Pomona, Galff., arrived here some tame ago, Wibaux to sped he sununer here. Among +those from here who at-! Mike Heckaman was a business tended le Bible Camp servers in visitor in Beach Tuesday. the Medora COC camp Sunday were, J Robert Peterson has +returned to Mr. and Mrs. WE. Gardner and Miss Billings for the summer quarter at Marion. the John and Kasper Berg the college. Of EIL Clil- were   at rll0Wli days in aoeordanc, with Chap- tm,tl+, Wm w'.  s+may: +tim  ter z+. +awe st I,, :: 1+:00 o'clock noon the bor0 ad. l rday llonin  by IIIO1'$ vilTn  @  let Joarned and reconv.ned 1:00 P. M. rs. wm We who wm vat reXs-  ere she vted+retaUvea d ,tves at Loyal, Whe. friends. Freinds here recedved word of the of, baby boy Mr. and NOTICE OF ANNUAL E. L. Anglemeyer tt Grass P,mge, Men+. Mr. was fo00erly MEETING Supt. of the W. C. H. S. ce K. White was approved by tle Board and the combined Beer Carroll Mdyer left Sunday for Notre is hereby 8ven tat the and ,off .al.e in the town o Gel- and retail liquor license for on Boyd, Mont., where he will have regular annual meeting of  Stock- va was issued in accordance wlth charge of a grain elevator. ,He will holders of he Bead Coopelwlve the Liquor Control Act and ap- proved and signed by the Board. return in a few days for his tamily. Grain Co. wll be held in Beeoh, The retail hquor bond was also He has worked t te Farmer's El- North Dakoh, in {te company office approved as to Form by the State's Attorney and s to efflo evator here for several years sn on Tuesday, July 14, 1942, at :0 ciency by the Board. will be missed by patrons and hl p. m. Eleotion of  cUrecrs for many friends who wish hs suoce, three years, dislaqbuton of dividends Mrs. Sig Pederson and son, Mrs. refreshments aud such oqher buness B. Welsh, Mr. and Mrs. Don Wel&h as may properly come before the and Charles Lynch were among meeting. those Wlbauxites seen in Beach shop- H.H. HAJJI'NAP, Seeretm-y. ping Tuesday of last week. -+The past week was an mlucky NOTICE OF ANNU&L MEETING time for Glenn Hayes. Te first of the week he was on horseback near Notice la hereby given thet the with all members present; bfMJ Glenn R. Olson appeared re tne Joard an lea.s the SW% of section 4 and th N and the NSW% of section 8' 144-105 for a period of five years. The appllcati.on for retail li- quor license received iron1 Fran- The Budget for the fiscal year July let 1942 t JUn.e 30, 1945 for local health work and agree- sent received from the State Health Department was approv- ed and signed by the Board, Miss Mildred Schmltz tppeared before the Board and made appli- cation to Purchase Lot 10 Block 7 Original Townslte of 'Beach. RiNOLUTION Commissioner Odland Presented tle following resolution and mov- reglllar 'ulual rnoetkag of 1 Golva ed its adoption: Cooperative Gra Co. will be held WHEREAS, 1+. B. Rsager, the Golva, North Dakota, on WqJ21ea- Executive Secretary of the County Gay, July 15th, III.I, at 2"30 p. In. Welfare Board has requisitioned Election of two drectors "for twee Golden Valley County for a trans- fer of $2000.00 to the Socitl Wel- Fe,rs   Otr  ,is fare Fund of Golden Valley Coun- Y r]y comte beol  . ty as the County's share of Poor Relief for the months of January, February March, Aril L. D PAOIg, 8ec. and May 194& " families, Mr. mui Mrs. Sivev Van-i R. H. Welsh md son autoed to the depot when his horse was frig, h,t- rig and family, Mr. and Mrs. WaltlGlendlve Monday. ened by the exhat from an engine Ixon m3d fan-Aly Mr. and Mrs .Hal-I Miss Dorothy Morgen is working and lunged through he railroad vet Oison, She Claxence Satre 1n- at the F and L dry goods store, fence which knocked Glenn uncon- ly, Mr, and Mrs. Vic Crlscn and Mrs. Joe Barnaby went to Beach scious for several hours. Altho badly Inffa O]Ison and Mr. and Mrs. NelslTuesdY r  her twin l:bies who bruised it wasn't long before he was Waldal, Clyde Waldahl and Loreniare still in incuba/cor at the John-i beck on the Job at the dairy. Sun- Rlle. i stone Memorial Hospital. The little day evening while after the cows he Mss Wands Va Horn ha been boy has gained enough in weight'was knocked down and gored in the viting her uncle and aurt in Medora so he can soon be moved to his face by a bull and had it not been home. for the rapid action of his asmbtant the past week. 1 The Pete Smith home east of town who ran .at the animal wih the ear Mrs. Clyde Myers en the. Congregtional Lad! Aid at her xs being improved by having the roof he would probably have been killed. farm home Th'sday zPnoon. A re, shingled. It is oped he speedily recovers from detlgh.ul leach was lerved by the Miss Margaret Lynch went to Glen- his injuries and dce't Ive any We e sorry to hear ht Mrs dive Sunday where she was an over* more. Miry Lehman 4 notin the best of night guest at the Remillard +he. I +.Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Steer and son heath arid s under doctor's care Monday she went to the Frank Rey-[ and Mrs. Will Welsh and Mrs. L., at present. She wlll remain in bed nold home wnere she will be era-iz tcx attt0ed . to Olend!ve Wednes- bout hree weeks, ployed, iy. Miss Jeannette Welsh returned Ernest Nelson received word from l Plans ,are completed for a Fourth with thegn and visited unt.l Thurs- . Gay evenmg .xs father art Wiscorn on 'lesdaylof July celebration ere. The pro-I .mat he .h! been quite Itdly hurt gram starts with a parade at 10 1 Mrs. Dorothy Bergqat and child- m a car accident ut he ,last reports o'clock. There will be races, picnic :ren of Longwew, Wh., and rs are  he is somewhat knproed, dinners, band mndc, a bll game Adrey Swanson and so of Kelso, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis tmgsw and in the aternoon and fun for every-Wash., Who have been visiting rela- diathter, C'a, of /.Sueur, Minn., one during e day and a dance in lves here, left undy morning for ce on Tuesday eye,An  for a brief the evening. o come to Wlbaux for Fairfield, Mont., to visit their broth- vlbtt with theh- dauglr, Mrs. Vie the celebration, er, Harold Woodhoue ar.d t gffe Cls and uslmnd. On Ltl&y A large family gthering was en-on their way to heir homes. They NOICIC OF C&LL FOIg 1511)8 City Council of Re,oh. No. Dak. will receive sealed bids up to elha o'clock p. m. Monday July 6th, liM for cleanln the cabS+ bsn+ wn the city., B  a, the pr/ee per for wh/oh the work mU 'e doe and bidder must aree t remove the refuse to some desig- Threfors Be It Resolved that the sum of 12000,00 be and is hereby transferred from the Gen- eral Fund to hs asocial Welfare Fund of Golden Valley County and thtt the County Auditor and County Treasurer are hereby authorized to make such trans- fer. Upon being put to a v,te all Commissioners voted "aye" and the Resolution wa adopted. The following bills were aud- Ited, aproved and ordered Paid by the Boar& subject to person- al property taxes due and delin- quent. morning hey left for their home by way of Effalo, . Dak., where fhey vited relativ over Sunday, lev/ng from the/r m Monday n-ning. Mrs. Dayton  of Seattle, Wn., a few dys  week with ;ater-in-law. Mrs. Homing and oer relativ here. Sh +wa CatGuts :rcm ehe east  she had been vis2 the pat few week. s. Dodge reamed Friday eve- nlg from I1 and other points where ee has been vising dm-L- e two weeks of her vacation. Mr. d Ms. Paul Wagner, John Hvnnald and Mr. and Mrs. Vic Crl- drove to Beach Friday eveni nffi pla. Bids must be fried with the un- not later a the above stated hour. Br order of the Beach ClW Cmo C.O. BLL, o Andg. Ju  JU fortune ,to fall a her home last week. er,, Mrs Jean Geibel and family, ex- This was too bad, as she has dif- pevtLng to he Irene several wee. i M Dorcy Hagemnn won the ficu]ty n getting around the htute I &5.00 bill at the Pot-O'-Gold draw- when at her best. Mrs. E. A. Armantrou and Mrs. !ins 8eturd+ty. We were tmable to get the names of the other winners. LeRoy Priess were in Beach I Mrs. Win. Monnug is Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wains and some time with her dster, Mrs. Loren and Mr. and .Mrs. Burton Ahren, and family at Torrlngton, Welsh and Russell were gles at e Wyoming. simon Hazelton home Sunday+ i Fred Reincke and  Jcn were oed at the Hugh Baird home Sunday. were acompanied by ,their mother,, .--.--______+ ................ tration of births and Lynn and ctildren. Mr. and .Mrs. lLleld, i   m Mary McCaskey, Regis- tration of births and Mr. and Mrs. g. A. Armontrout deaths ................................ Dave Baird, and Mrs. Wm. Baird left Sturday morning by eax for Josoph ]:lists, Rsgls- and daughter, tratinn of births and Mrs. M. -I. Booth had the sis- Weiser, Idaho, to visit heir daUght- OctAl ldSetcalf, Regis- Ralph Samuels, Registra- tion of birth and deaths ................................ $ 3.00 Lewis Drewniak. Regis- tration of births and deaths 3.00 tration of 'blrt'hs and dttl .............................. 3.00 Bertha Brown, Rglst ra- tion of births ant death .............................. 3.00 Flossle Barkland, Regis- where e men atvended a bus.ess Howard Alguixe returned Friday business visitors in Olandive Monday meeting conoerning the sale of wax'from a visit with relatives at Bel- Mr. and mrs. George Edighoffer re- saves stamp. The women air, ended lingham, Wn. His father, Robert AI- turned Thursday from Mtnnesot I show while xere md e re-iguire, came wLth him. and will look where they spent elr vacation. ninder of .the evenir visited wth af,r business interests here and visit, Mr. and Mrs. Finneseth from Nor- . Wtisan Gardner. -Mrs. Howard Van ,Horn and sons, I hisBeachbrther'for a fewLenarddays, and family at theWiCh's.N'N.D" SyvemonWere recnthome, Robert nd Donald attended Ladies ' Mrs. Cannon of Fairview, who is panied by Mr. and Mrs. Syversm and Aid at the Clyde Myers ome last visiting her daughter, Mrs. Hood at children hey spent the week end tn 2mrsdy. There was a large attend-'Glendlve, visited friends here lrs-the Black Hills of South Dakota. ance and Mrs. Myers served a very lday . She was accompanied by her Mr. and Mrs. Bud Mannings are good lnch, daughters, Mrs. Hood ad Mrs. Mark here from Miles C. visiting re- Mrs. Kenneth Ablieter and two Ferris and daughter from Helera. i latives for a few days. chi,ldrm me on Wednesday from E.B. Stair and Mr. and Mrs. Grant t Glen Flnkle sprung a surprise on Washingn, D. C., to visit 'her father, Moore returned from their trip to his friends Monday when he wen to i Cas. Reed, Who is in ill health. . Helena and Missoula, bu, t Mrs. Stair Baker where he was m.arrded to Ml hcss. ;remained with her daughter, Mrs. Helen Lebo that evening. Their at- Owendolyn Petemilie spent last week C_od at Pompey's Pillar for a few tendants were Harold Abraham and atendlng Bble camp at Medora. days. Miss Reva Lein of Bowman, N. D. Mrs. led Smit entertained the! The Cottonwood Homemaker's Club Glen, who is bhe eldest son of Mr. Study club and Mrs. Ranctal Rnomp- held its regul meet#ng at the Harry and Mrs. Howard Finkle, was a grad- Sun n tonor of Mrs.Buframs at herJohnson home Sunday north of town. uate of WCHS, class of '41, and is hume Tuesday afrnoon. Tree tables A delicious dinner was served to aM now associated with his father in of bridge were in progress with MrIpresent. The hostesses were Mrs. farming. The happy young couple Wagner winning first  and Mrs. Johnson, Strainer Pederson and Mrs. returned to Wfbaux where they will make their home on a farm south Rasler second. Mrs. Burhmmm re-, Henry BOC. ceived the guest prize. A very de- The I-zlewood home was improved of town. Many friends wish them ttcious lunch was served in the late last week by a fresh coat of pint, a haply wedded life. afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Winkleman oi Thoe who came from a distance south of town were business visitors to be present at the last rles of Ed. in Glondive Friday Rf.tevnoon. They Cilbert on Tuday were a sister, stopped at the writer's home and Mrs. @hrite Howard and daughter left a large bouquet of btttiful from Circle, Mont., ,Harry Gilbert, a peonies whl0h we are still enjoying. broffner of he deceased and his Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Serr and lttle daughter, Mrs. Ed. Houck both of son of Milwaukee, Wisc., ad Mrs. lendive, Mrs. Jenrtie Souckerman a Sterr's moher, ,Mrs. Dou Mack of niece nd two eh1dren and Mrs. Loyal, arrived Tuesday evening to ustellaclcy of Glendlve. They andspend a few days vacationing. They June *3rd. 1,4, 9:00 o'clock A.M. 'Phe Board of county COm- missioners met pursuant to ad- Journment with all members pres- ent. The contract for deed for all of seotlon 1,-144-I05 hang Men paid a tax deed was lssu to Jo Stewart. ++ A tax deed was issued to Emma K. Johnson on Lots 1, , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, I0,+ 13, 14, 15. 16, 19, 20, 21. 22, 23, and 24 in block 22 Original "I'ownsl t e of Golva, 3.00 North Dakota. Lots 8 and 9 In block 14 , . Woodhull's Ist addition to Beach were sold to Floyd Christensen for tbe appraised price of $10.00 and a tax deed was issued. A duplicate tax deed was issued to J.ohn R. Wlll covering the S- %S%, SE%NW%, SW%NE, NW- E, NESW of section 22- 142-103, He having lost the or- iginal tax deed. Tie NE%SW%, NW%SE, Lots 10 and 11 of section 4-140-I04 was old to C. W. Myers Jr. for the appral+sed price of $240.00 un- der con'tnact for deed and the down payment paid. Amos Gash appeared before the Board and purchased the E ,,,of section 13, the N and the SE of section 14 in township 144-105 for the appraised price of $1120.00, land on which he was holding a lease and said leae and agree- ment gave him the first right of purchase. The applicwt|on pre- viously submitted for purchase of the land was cancelled by the board. Kyle Sperry appeared before the Board and purchased the S/ of section 2-144-105 for the appraised price of $640.00. The applicttion to purchase the land previously received was cancelled as Mr. Sperry had the land leased which gave him a prior right to purchase. All contracts issued on sale of land will be held for a l)eriod of + /llJ USED MACHINERY- CARS AND If LIVESTOCK 3.00 deaths ................................ 3.00 tration of births and deaths ............................... 3.00 Frank Ich ou+boe, Regis- 'tratlon of births and deaths ................................ 3.00 Charles Llngk, Regis- tration of births and deaths .............................. 3.00 Ernest D. Nelson, Regis- tration of births and deaths ........................ 1.25 Anton Lardy, Regis" .... tration of births ,and death 3.00 rs. m. J.+ Rai:"'ffgi: tratlon of births and deaths ................................ $.00 Beds, Springs and Matresses of all kinds Two Gas Ranges One Coal Range Kitchen tables and Chairs Rocking Chairs Dressers, chiffoners Kitchen Cabinets Five wool rugs also Linoleum Five Dualfolds and Davenports 0verstcffed sets and Chairs Washing Macrine Mangle Radio Library tables, and Card tables Floor & table lamps Wardrobe Other articles to numerous to mention. CALL 113 or See R. R. HALSTEAD Few used combines priced right. One two-bottom John Deere Plow. Several good milk cows. One 9-ft. Duckfoot. Good Shape. GOLDEN VALLEY HARVESTER C. C. Clark, Mgr. Beach, N. D. tratlon deths J. J. Hes, births and C. O. Halvers ratlon of bH dearths County Treasurer. For quarterly expense ac- count ending June 30th 194'2 .................... . ............. 1 Jessie Schell, Clerk in Supt. office ........................ C. I. Woodward, for com- mencement address ........ 5.00 No. Dak. House of Mercy, for contribution $.05 Gamble tores, Supplies+""] 5.1i# Gaffaney's Office Specll- tis, upplles ........ .-+-- 1.0| Globe-Gazette Printing Co. Supplies for Primary Election ........................ $8.11 J, C. Penney Co., p. plies Cyril ()e'n bau'h ...... Sh'arp' .7 enlng hypo needles ........ 3,0$ Lorothy Woodhull Assist- ing county nurse .......... |.O0 Wm. R. Pearce, Ass't Ar- ty, tte' vs. Wilson et al expense ........................ 19.50 Burroug'hs Adding Mach- ine Co., Maintenance set vice on machines ............ 11.80 Frankel Carbon & Ribbon Co., Carbon paper ............ 18.00 New York School of Air- craft, Fcr evidence tate vs. Tom Smith ................ $.05 Public Welfare Board of No. Dak.. For Aid to Dependent cb/Id'en ........ 1II.$ Public Welfare Board of No. Dak., For Old Age Assistance ........................ 57.$ The Texas Company, For OIl 7.T E. R. ,inif:++3"b""o'n' strychnine .................... II.0 M. M. Hogb0om, Asss- Ins unorganized town- ships ................................ 70.00 A+rnold Beach, For Road work ................................ 5. Lewis Odland, Commi- sloner's aervlees ............ $.84 M. C. Teechsr, Commie* siGner's services ............ 4L T. T.H ea the <ollow/nff Resolut/on &nd movIt its+ adoption: WH][REAS Golden Valley Coun- ty hlt approximately F|fty-fIvs Iundrsd Dollars idle in Its grasshopper fund th&t wlll not be used for indefinite time, and WIEREAS the National Emer- gency War effort demands all financla! asistance available, and it is the desire of this Board O Coun,ty Commissioners that ma- teril aid can ,be rendered tha United tatee ffovernmen in Its war smorgeney w,bYt h purchase o defense bonds such idle funds. THER]FORE, RE "IT RE V]D, that Twenty-Nine Eudred nd Sixty Dollars of the County raashopPer Fund be inveatett In four one thousand pollar hon at eteven Hunaxea and Forty dollars ea'cn, lcnwn as Untted 8ttl 8avlntrs ]il0nds --- DefenSe 8rl F, as per cdreular issue by tlte Treasu ry Ipatment" -upon Iliig put o a vote all Commiioners voted aye" and the Resolution' was adopted. :00 P. /. th Board adJonrn. ed. The Board of county Commis- sioners will meat July 7th. 14|, MINNII E. &MITH: County Auditor. (/olden Valley County. North Dakota. FRIDAY- SATURDAY Saturday Matinee at 2:30 p. m. "Canal Zone" CAST: Chester Morris, John Hubbard, Harriet Hillard. A drama of the skies that is intensely interesting. Comedy - News. Sunday- Monday- Tuesday MATINEE SUNDAY AT 2:30 P. M. "Kathleen" CAST: Shirley Temple, Herbert Marshall, Lorraine Day, Gall Patrick. Here is Shir- ley Temple at her best. Don't miss it. This is a 4-A picture. Passing Parade and an Our Gang Comedy. Wednesday- Thursday "Lady Is Willing" CAST: Marlene Diet-rich, Fred MacMurray, Arline MacMahon, Roger Clark. A romance drama that will please. Comedy