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Beach, North Dakota
July 2, 1942     Golden Valley News
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July 2, 1942
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i VOLUME VI BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1942 Beach Lions At- 0084,873 Lbs. Old 85 Youths Regis. Bells, Whistle, Bible Camp Closes IPrimary Election tend Convention 1 "Dhe District Convention of Lions Clubs of North and South Dakota and Saskatchewan yeas held in Bls- Rubber Collect- ter Here June 27 ed In County Laest reports are that fify-six young men of eighteen, mneteen and 'twenty years of age registered in The scrap ubber Salvage campaign he forepart of last week: Beach last Saturday in response to with a large attendance of Lions sged .in North Dakota during the  President's proclamation and that a ......... period of June 15-0 in accordac  na ms present uner being aoou . . .  -  I fifteen egJztered in entinel Butte three hUndred fife aster wire a proclamation ssued by oV-land fourteen registered in &olva vYo e?  ed... ernor John Moses produced old Rub- da-'y was de t o regstra-  , ]maing a total of eighty-five for her far .in exc cf the first es-lthe county tion and sght eeemg tours with an t,^-* ,,+ --  .^ ,..  'im, ates according to E E Campion ,,.-=---  u, vy ,,e w,L .... ' Opportunity was given hose who I Follies on Monday evening which is Executive Secretary of the North were unable to register on Saturday highly spoken of by those who were Dakota Division of the General Sal-leo do so on Tuesday, June 30tb at preen. On Tuesday morning the vague Section of the Burea of In-lthe Selective Service office. first sossion ws held in ,the Audi- dustrial Conservation. A list of all those who registered trium. Reports were given by Dis- While the campaign .was a huge will be published in the next Issue. trict Goverrmr Dan Lambert of Mince success over he entire state accord- I :for District 5-N and by Harold Chap- ing to reports, county chairman, Stub lqesIIHlI Ll''ty ' man of Mi_hell for Dtstric 5-8. The Noyes, also has a fine repor to make Secretary-Treasurer's report was given to the te for Golden Val`iey court- I by Arvd Wieklund of Bismarck who ty with scme over 84,873 its. of scrap, l:on Team ]i]u][ was appointed o mplete the trm rubber collected by our local filling[ Opened "Victory Campaign" Her, July 1st ws officially designated at the date for beginning the "Re- tailers for ictory Campaign" .thru- ou the ,nation. Beginning at 3:15 p. m. on aat i.ay, every retailer was o suspend business fr 15 m'nu, tes At Medora To.Nite The Badlands Bible Camp closes tonight, Thursday, July 2, with an evening serv,iee a,g igh follwed by a outdoor canp fire program. More than 250 persons, higher than the record for last year despite the num- ber of young me_ who have register- ed for service, registered for the camp his year. 150 of those are in at- tendance this week. and devote all the time to .the sale On Sunday more than 400 people of War Stamps and Bonds. Parti- were l attendance at services in the cipating merchants, expected o oe morning and afternoon. Offerings 100 per cent. are m be known as amcunting o nearly $75.00 were aken "Commandos of Main Stre:t". for Army Relief. In addition speelaJ The campaign  to continue for offerings were aken or Orphaned the dmation of the war. ,the ob-Missions, and Lutheran Bible .,Instl- ject being to sell War Stamps and itut e and Lutheran Book Missions. Bonds equal to four per cen of i Those enrolled from the Beac area the retail volume of the state, were Lucille Larsn, Carlyle; Mrs. Several meetings of local business John Berg, Donald Berg, Martha Berg, men have been held here n Beach Gwendoly Peterstlie. Jimmle Ruth- Goes Off Quiet. ly In Count-/ The Pmary Election in Goldet Valley county passed off ver$ quly Tuesday of this week hen averF light vote was cast with tween six and seven *hundred voters  of possible 1750 exercising their prlvllege. With eight out of .12e nine cincts reporting, PoweU. lal Henry missing, the following lnof- facial vote was cast as follows: Clerk of Court: James Donaldson .......... 44 A. A. Abel ................ 1 Sheriff: Ray insli ................ 41 oward Stocltvell .......... Co. Supt. of SchooLs: Faith Menke ............... her ten heir part devoted largely -  - ..... --- ^ ed the rubber campaign anot Monmnans Wibaux was trying to _ " ..... I ' " latin hat Tne , g as openea oy chair- present day nrobl,{.s For entertain- days, until July 10th, s g even up a ligle for that seventeent ......... /]r ....  .... .a -  1 man woiz wno expmne ne pro merit the Bismarck' Nordic Chorus tohe wstern sacs had done very wel o one licking they got in a six inning l ' in .... 1" '--in : - -- _" l|dll$ lrfil-HIUllt h 1 tern ruober ad gram uea  gv g msrucuons to ./ rendered several rmmbers as did a [bu very " e eas : :- contest at Miles City Thursday nigh ....... r ............. r. "r .rT ve #ne mca vtuers on now o maze trlb of ""n- t^,,  ..... been turfed in bu asks ,that "e ry- in Wibaux's first attempt to play, ' Jl[ 'lm m yuu  .u. -xne t-overnors' ' . ,th= a .?lCCess Wh, ,,'n,,  ,= .a|= ======= = ==.=r r" ne t n aa make }  = ...... --,v', [ v  = aa Ball  , , body du mg the x te ys under lights. , took pace after the banquet, v' ........ t, -termined effort to turn in what ............ , ...... a ^. v,n I &entlemn of Ji e orchestra played l Z;le Imal business session was field t "  _ z=w wag v,, "" ""=" "" "" '" ] v,-'ol ""mber ,n ,q o ,.,,,,,+.,  , -- Wednesday morning wren reports of i few pounds of rubber the. may, boux wtth Nistler catching. Ralph lh .. rw,,,. ,,,. ,,,, o.. I The Golden Valley chapter of the various vammit* were -"-- ....  able to collec around the home, Jones was on fit Bill Aldrich on 7" .... 7":.::'" .::" .... 2 ,, ,,,s- I Red Cross made a large shipment them w the report of e aesolu-] Ishort and Dyke started m. t "Dhe campairn opened here yster-I _.garments dur!ng., the ..Past. week tachs Oommlttee of which Aon Glen 1[ 1 1[ ] aM i relievea y o)y Jones m the .., afteraaxn-'wlth th" lin " I wmen snows mat ne mines m the Wolf was C1irnmn FAection of of I|| |:g]V l|r = [sixth. '_ ..........   ",'s,'[sewing room have not only been - .vv..u. ,,....-- .... , --- -t ...... , ram xn'e Vehicle ana ne rmgmg I " .... ---- - -- ivers end selection of a convention _ _J --- Both sines were..smgy wm metr of h church end school bells pumg m. nours vu nave teen work- cit for next ,ear followed Sioux] " / __t m_ hi Miles City gemg 't and Wibauxl _2"'..-" ......... ". . I zng over-tnne. " # " I1 Fonowmg m a m ox me meat cyi Th f 1 :Falls was chosen as e convention: ties lvlom:, lVla s. a.tes .bagger. _aknd.alehlrme n and the Golva and Senttnell e o!lowing knlt:.ted and sewed city and Lion W. L. Gardner of ! [ run. Aldrmn wmea ann scores. Doy [ Butte c2mirmen who :have appoimed ! garments nave 'en snipped rom the New England was elected Distrlot .Miss Vervle Horr daughter of Mr. [Jones got on on an e .rror. and scored Jtheir sub-chairmen but as vet we[ aden Valley County Red Croes room r of District 6N and Dr. !,nd Mrs -Fletcher 'Horr of this ely whlcn with Ber e,scnlng's score ac-[have not received their llst" " in. wee: . wletev of Sioux Fall of Dds I "" ..... r John counted for zour runs. er atso l ......... ." ..... I rave t)onvaescent Robes; Sixty- ' " l was un.l in marrmge o m. _ ; lelAn ut, Jr. lZ, . oil-Ill ...................... trk 5-S All these candldte bein ..- ..... . ..... ,o ,m.., . Jne, go on on an error. I _ ,._ .o. ,^  __ ,  ve rIXm  once,s; ave oper= . ressecl egrets ....  .... # ......................................... .............. Four Chll ...................... I Adln .ller ,had chosen to with= o. ^ o  a,t nf the l o. ele s' n.iy xurevn years ore. e.a .  . ....   ,r-^ ) u owvera, ae wnua mt; -ra e,s a candidate for Dlztrt -- ,--- --*-^^ -- lef t here set-, me ooys rnul nvawvs wen LIIU .... T-- - a- --u ........ " I e pall Ol K5 ICI1 pair ol .rvlltns army His eleetima wonld have been ,.^ -^ - ...... l^,,ed l a statewide reputation for heir play- o,..^, ,.,, .... ,,.^ o._^ ^, ,^, I he above shipment mukes a total ry popu] They will make' -t v euc2t apointing their own sub- an  ................. ll( withd,rawn ...... t.  has _' ...... u we agnau sn irom lqls cnap- sham, Mon., wzere z cnatrmen an vner towns, ter since e Red Cross room opene2 of A. M. Kuhfeld when the latter sessions and local buyers, during he past week to make ar- bun, Solvig Vanvig, and Gudrun Van- Natalie An ........... 61 feats Wibaux Adanlson's naxe did not was alled into tle army. Campion reports that the rubber[ rangements for he inauguration of vig, all of Sentinel Butte; Dorothy [peaMrmon the ballot but e reve Tuesday afternoon was spent with campaign is still on and that rural `the program. Larz and Gladys Johnson of Golva; enough votes so that her name te IAols Club at Mndan and more mail carr,iers are now eing con- On Morday evening of this week a Hoawrd Goodale, Elsie Goodale, Hazel sightseeing in around that city. The ,tacted by the Postal Dept /o help The Miles City Junior Legion team !pep rally and mass meeting was Hoeck. Ann Rictmond. Clyde Wal- appear on the general election bal- in ne transfer of rubber and in defeated Wlbaux Sunday, in a thir- held at he city hall wth about 75:dahl, Lloyd Grove, Keih Farstveet, lot. C-oernors' banquet w held Tues- any way theft they may be able to leech innnig contest 5 to 4. employers and employees attending. Marjorie Farstveet, Eleanor Farstvee, States Attorney: day evening in 'the Memorial building Guy Lee ., .4"r3 at which Past 'nterrmtionl Presi- heIpPr" e Four Beach players, Marshal. Dyke, Rev. Boyd gave a very fine inspiTa- Clifford Pierzna, Ileen pirerLna, Chas. ................ dent Frank Birch of Milvtukee was sident Roosevelt in a radio the Jones brothers, BObby and Ralph, tiorml talk which sen everybody rankle, and the Rev. Oliver Everette W.R. chell ............... 289 the prirtcipal speaker. His talk was speech ,the first of the week extend-'and Bill Aldrich, played with the home more willing and anxious to do and family. The following unopposed te latter part of January. Red Cross Needs Garden Club More Workers The G00den Club will hold its reg- ular meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of Minnie Sorenson. The Local Chapter of the Golden The following program will be pre- In Arvid Wickhmd was elected employment. 00More Improvements District Secretary-Treasurer without. Mss:orr's. many friends  md ) oppotion. Greetings were sent to her best wishes and ongrtflations. Are Being Made fourier Secretary-Treasurer A1. Kuh- [ feld. ' Otto I-Iason, the lumber rnt of "Iie final event was a ,=00en Hospital Notes l oo,v is putlng ln aIull baevnent .lunCheon at e Patterson Hotel at in his business propery on Blanche roon Wednesday. De.gates from Beach were Glen The hospital has been a busy place street. The building is ,the old office of the lumber yard. The Congrega- Valley Red Cress has been called up- sented: i tonal church has finished its shing- on to +take on additional quota of New Things in the Plant World. ling job, the first since She building sewing and knitting. Round Table Discussion--Leader, If you can do good plain sewing, Ida Thompson. know how to knit, or have time to Plant Contributions from Hawa.fl. help cut garments, call e the Red lhilipp ines, and China. Gross Headquarters located one build- Developing rubber and other pro- ing souSh of the Bell Telephone Of- ducts from plants. face on Monday or Wednesday after-i Game--Addle Spiegelberg. Wolf, Ohas. Marmon, haurice Rehan, this week, as thirteen persons have Oeo. Lee, and C. O, Halvorson. entered during that time. Several people came for only one was dedicated nearly thirty-three Put Up Hay Is day's trea,ment. Miss Geraldin." Ris- ing, daughter of )Mr. and Mrs. Leo years ago. It is planned ,o paint Rising, Golva, was hospitalized from the parsonage and possibly the church _War Board xu ,ov Q June 2t-25: and Miss Shirley Witte, will be painted laer on. Paul Thomas daughter of Mr and Mrs. Chris W icte, has put in a cemen walk and a Wibaux, Mont., remained over night wa,lk vo the curb in front of his North Dakota's best hay crop in from June 28-29. Because of an in-i res':dence on James street. The Cth- Ye's should not be llowed to go fected foG%, Henry Schnadarle. Beach, ]olic church has just completed a to aste, in ,the opinion of Ervin sva:ed freen June 24-25. I redecorating job on the irterior of %'. Aaderson, chairman of he USA Hospitalized June 25 was Mrs. J. the church which is a noted improve- ,merit and the Methodist eluh is War Board. Farmers and trenchers E. Metealf, Trotters, N.D. I preparing for a shingling bee at the are urged to put up all the hay they Ted Sokoloski, son of Mr. and Mrs. church, the work wM1 be directed lsibly can. Joe Sokoloski, Beach, was brought Tremendous quantities of hay and in Tuesday mormng for treatment lbY ,the congregation. :egd will 'be needed to Sulfill live- of severe burns of both legs and the ock marketing goals and this year left hand and arm, received from We have the hay, he sid. If t2e an acciden which occurred when he l 1943 hay crop is ,poor, livestock pro- was filling the washing machine a#, duetin would nectssarily decrease his home sharply. A little farsightedness now Miss Marion Miesaloski, daughter ay save ,the day later on, Anderson of Mr .and Mrs. Frank Miesaloski, of added. "We need only remember Wibaux. Mont.. had a tonsillectomy 1934 and 1936 to realize what a poor June 25. An appendectomy was per- e and a hard wittier will do o formed June 30 on Miss Audrey livestock production. Sehmelling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F F Schmelling, Sentinel Butte. e An 8 lb. 5oz. boy was born to Mr. Form r Beach Resi- and Mrs. Albert Johnson, Beach, June dent Weds In Calif. 24 June 25  7 lb. 2 OZ. boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wil- h. ChGs. Carlson of this city re- son. also of Beach. Mr. and Mrs. eelVed word last eek of the mar- Victor HHden, Beach, are the proud e of her sister, MI Cora R. parents of 8 6 lb. 2 oz. daughter llison, to Mr. Luther James Joseph born June . A 6 lb. 13 oz. son or Saturday, June 20th in Los An- was born to Mr. and Mrs William elgs, Calif. Petermann, Wibaux, June 26. Mr. s Paulson is a former resident and Mrs. Ralph Slosh are he par- Of Beach, leaving here a number of ents of a 7 lb. 11 oz. girl born Jne  ago to reside in- California. 29. Mr. Sloan is stationed in Alaska, . fie ere she was employed at the and Mrs Sloan has been staying at tlVgren Jewelry store during which the home of her parents at Golva, for 1 she made many friends who the past few weeks. Wlll join in extending congratulations. Mrs. Frank Kukwski was an over- fter a honey-moon ,trip they will night patien at the hospital one at ome to their friends at 226 night this veek for treatment for her Sycamore, Los Angeles, Calif. hand. Chas. Rathbun of Sentinel Butte is Miss Knudson Weds a patient t the Johnstone Hospital having been brought in Tuesday of In L. A., California 00his week s00fferin00 from cut00 and h A belated announcemen' was ma=le bruises which 'e received in a run- ere of the marriage of Mi Frances away with a team and cultivator. F. Udsn He is recovering but will be laid-up of Eugene, Ore., to Mr. O. : Nichols, prominent insurance man for sometime.  that city. The wedding took place ..-" April 8th at Reno, evada ......... Dinner ........ xs, was cashier of the local J. C. l?eY store, ,leavg Beach obOreUt The Ladies Guild 0"" the St. John's years ago or .gene t) nda - ' "' ,,^ will serve a dinner Su y, -ue-,re .... n vz.--- .. . she held a similar pomtm I ........ rlors Ev- Wh the oomnv I July 5th at the cnurcn p . "--- '-:" . . I---bod.. is cordially nvted to a- ?'y are making their nome on =  ..... Tell ' Wichols fazm just on he ou ]exd thls dinner. 'ms k o e c of zugem, l yr mends. received the followng vote: Minnie rnith received 683  for County Auditor. Louise Stout, county , 894. Jack IAndt, Coroner, 550. Commissioner, Ist Dist.: ,Lewis Odland .............. 211 Commissioner 3rd Dist.: T. A. Woepka ............ 123 Stener Eckre ............... 38 Joe Jne .............. 8'/ &r. Fkre's amme did not Wz on te bDot but    on the l at the general fall. Votes cast for e  t follows: State P,.ep,mttves: Iogoboom .................... 416 Morland .................... $14 e ..................... 1615 Jd Dlstrct Court: Frank T. embke ........ 299 Paul W. Boem ............ 212 J. O. W`ige ................ 181 Congress: Win. Lemke ............ ...2,/8 Uher L. Burdick .......... 18 . R. Rain ............ 190 Cw. M. Smart .............. tit Covernor: Hagen ...................... 274 Moses ...................... 224 Symington .................. 148 On all the amendments end InRl- ted Measures the No's predominated. Beach Defeats Miles Team, 7Jt, Play Here Sun. noons, also Friday evenings and do Wit Marshall Dyke pitching in. your share. BEACH HOMEMAKERS the formed he owed htle her At present there is yaxn for knit- The Beach Homemaker's club as last season, Beach easily took th ted Refuge Garments and army yarn postponed its meeting from Tuesday game under 11hts at Mll City, on hno also operating gowns to July 7th to Wednesday, July 15th be 6eW d  goods to  cut with the meeting to be held at the and with he new quot coming the!& F. Hardy home. All members are local Red Cross aks your assistav=e [asked to attend Vh:s meeting. =--== r0" U. S. TREASURY WAR BOND QUOTAS FOR JULY --,--= - -- "'--,-- U.S.TreasuryOff;c;alWarBond i i-i L00AI%UIA " ... _ e,_ Wuoras for July ] $18,700 I $21,000 I$26,4001 oonn ).,,w, ! ....... I .n on ; L. '-t . vu.,,vu ! z.o,uu [ [ 41IUU t 00,ouu \\; .... 11 ---- -,,---- .-- " , , L ..... , , ' ] i h ,.-- .... - $ - , -- I '3g,700 ! . !,55400 I i "i 96,300 ----v0--- j. f"---,.,.. ! 201,100 I , j i " I ;- x / I [ /3,UU " $18200 r - ? $35,300 ,I L L, $23,400 ,w,---,--V=--4 ' i "-- ...... "-, ,$7900 [$43,500 I,,---- $17,0001 1582, 000 i llleta  t ) ,! . I  ! . 00 ' r i ! $24,g00 I 124,7 I i .... __.A-- --- t _j i  2,70o . I ' o 24300] f,,.,,,--JO0---; .....  345,000 t12,500 II '103,500  78,30  488,700 ' i I f $7t,0o0 , ) i i ..-L .... I,-- I 't i 1 I _ _- ,jso ......... - .... 1 "" I I $2200 I 531200 t 13,100 .-,=, i i I t t t .a I 12,900 i 59,3o0 i 56,100 I | t. .... I i $34,900 I $12,200 l., -'  i 10,800 I $40,300 j 22,B00 i 78'001. ......... ..J , "--' 3,?00 ' ..... ..] t J ...... J The Ms? Ouota for North Daot Wes $1,393,000 The May 5]es for Norfh Dakota Were $2,059,000 The above map of North Dakota shows the War Bond American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen are quotas, by counties, for the month of July, 1942. Total on every front. They are giving 100 percent for their War Bond quota for the state is $3,112,000. With the country, What are we doing here on the home front? National quea total placed at a billion dollars, the lAre we lnding at least ten percent of income to help nation goes into high gear in its support of the War them? It's very little. But to fight this war success- financing and to give onr fighting forces adcqmte ira- fully our country needs a billion dollars in War Bonds plements of war which will bring ultimate Victory.' every month from us--the People. Let's Go, America. t '. S. 7'rmry Deporm# Mont., Tuesday night In a aleut--out contest ending 7 to 0. Dyke faIned sixteen of the first eighteen mm face him and went on to a str4ke- out record of twenty for the ne. [The iles City boys got throe-Lta, two of them ,bwo bagers ar: a ingle, for th, eir share of .e ittin F while Beach totaled ten it No one of te Monanans got beyond second base. Linson. local Smith-Hughes in- structor relieved Bob Jons at the plate. Boyd of Medora and Johnny Wanner of Glendive were also t1l. On Sunday Miles City (xmes and the fans are looking forward bo a good game. The Junior Zon- naires are in the game all the e and ask no odds becaame of hei youth. No bOy over 17 years of age plays w2th he Montana team. Church Sponsors Christian Film St. Paul's Lutheran Church is sl- sorlng te Christi'an Film "Power of God" which will be shown at the Beach Auditorium Sunday evev,ing, July 5, zt 8 p. m. This sund production tells'in the form of a gripping noden story what Christianity is. what it does to the individual, and 'hat the individual s4aould do with it. It is highly re- -- commended by leaders of the Chris- tian Church. A free-will offering will be lifted at the close. Golva-Alpha Iron Day In Beach Monday wa Golva and AIphst Ai day in Beach where between telVe and fiftee rucks of iron were sold to bhe local buyers, making trp some better tan 50 gons of srap. Iron has been coming in que rapidly d as usual Ook Valley eotm is making another fine showh in tn   effort. I