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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
June 21, 1951     Golden Valley News
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June 21, 1951
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/ NUMBER 15 BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1951 NUMBER Officers Named Mrs- I? H l..vpll Prospects Bright War~ T. [Schillos Complete Betty Witte Bride1 131blVllbl~ .- ~,..l-.q ".,aK ,0 VIJL~o .L..fe .m..m.O .m..d'tTV',,.~JL-U ~ V'~ "117/ 2c ~ vv ~.F.,,.JL~ .m.,tl ~...~,O~U.W I#~-.I--L..---J.~--.--. T'WI__---- " . At lvleenng i_. = . ..o . {for wnear urop .. . I e eurauon flail8 lUll|tin yer n Shifted regular scheduled meeting Rites In Lamorma Prospects are better than aver- On Uounty to, d { Plans were complied thi K. Broc e of the Bishop Wehrle council, ~ ...... o, ..... i ..... ~ h,~M in age for a ,bumper wheat crop in ^+ ~ .~+;.~. ~.~;~, .,,,h+ ,,f [ week for the golden wedding an. of personnel charac- Knights of Columbus, was held the~a~lln"~k~lhan~ra['CaliL: Golden Valley county, with very la~eel~'o~"~le"~_~en"~]a~lev [niversary c~ebration.of Mr: and In a double rirtg ceremony ~t the local servicemen's at St. John's h.all in Beach{,.,~o o ~-~ ~o ~n,,~i, ~ T~,ql [good gowing conoitions so far r-^..+.. ~.~^.~o~ D~.t. ~o~,~ [~rs. donn ~cnlno ox J~eacn. St. Paul's Lutheran church i~t . ~ ......................... ,~vv ............ ~ ......... r ............. Ovi inall lanne 7" _.,this week, with very lit- Thursday, June.14. At this meet-]who died June 6 at the Oalifor- influencing the experts to e~!- bids were opened for cemerJt and[~ :g~==~YYnRt T,d,for~h30,~a,: ;Beach at 2 p. m., June 16, Betl~ acnon a~c me local aralx rag, an excepnonauy weu-a~- [ nia State Chapter House of the ] mate tnat,.wlm conunuea conm- concrete construction work on the [ cl~'.'.r~J".7_~~,~:_~_[" ~_~'_- : ....... Witte, daughter of Mr. and ~. tended one, officers mr the zis- I ~ w ~ ~4~*=,hN~ whnrn ~h,, I .hens tne nalance oz me grow. ~,,,,,~,,,~., r.~r~3 whi~.h t~ f~ h~ ] lltt Ca 111 ~eaca ads ~een. now Chris Witte of Wibaux, becaraO ~ut ~a little stir resulted from cal year ending June 30, 1952, I ~:~'~o~'n~"'',~" ~"~,,~-"~"]~ ~']~ I ing season equal to this spring's ~."...'~:"'.:':':~:~'~o"=:.,~j~: "~"~,,:: I set for 8 a. m., June 24. This the bzide of Kenneth Brock- r~ident Truman s s]gmng ~he we, re n~med. I Final interment will be in River [weather' we will harvest the of th,~ .~mall attendance the bids I will coincide wit:h the summer vneyer, son of ~Mr. and Mini, y draa Tuesday, Howard ,S +2y to be g and I Fal] , W s, b irde ,her husbandd largest crop m the state's were" not" a'c~ed upon, but dis-[ mass scheduled, zor ~ and 10 a. August Broekmeyer of "BeaCh, rue (]raft age, extending the knight; A1 Fascning, deputy [ who passed away December 28, I ~s_~.. ry. . ..... cussed quite thoroughly and [ ~-,.,. .................. Rev. G. Hinz ~)fllciated. ~alt bill four years and laying grand knight; Win. Szudera, jr., [ 1943, at Long Beach, Calif. [ The a,m.pie mo~s~.ure prow aea President Steve Sleight appoint- {..u~,v~ p,~ ~ tn~ ~v,~,~- Special wedding music wall foundation for universal rail- treasurer, .and Herman Dietz, [ ,a~ ,o,,~ no ..... -,~ wa= born I by me rams a week and a na]f ~a ...... ~ ,~,~,~,~ttees to meet I uon wm ~e a (]inner ror me Drovided by Mrs. Harry Haydelt dry training, chancellor. . . . . { _~_.___~-~h~,~u~:'~,~'~'_..~_, ._~"~'~i,,~,"F~ll~.~._~. _ ~, } ago, .... followed by warm sun- ""..:".',..~'~.,A~"~.'"..Wm~ ~.~ ~,Uu~,~ ~.~, ~'''~ ,,,~=--t" ~,__~.,*,,.~ [immediate, . family, including the who played "Bridal Chorul" The draft law will now re- Others who will fill offmlal Wis. After graduation from the [shine, hght showers this Fn- arrangements, l,c~uple~ five chLldren~ and^b~o- from Lohengrin and sang "Thql [a~n in operation until July 1,1pests are: ,Hazold Lallg, record-Ira,,. Pou~ ~,~,mal o,'h~-q she I day evening and a aownpou .P~ aid ,~ c~ Thorson of lt.~v~ ~.u ~t=,~, a.u a ,corp. Lord's Prayer," and Mrs. Ri~. ... . ~ , . ..... . ................................. ti f "r" n- ~a, v~th the period of service er; Anton ,Lardy, advocate; was married to Edwin .H Lovelllrest of ~aturaay mght, have 723400 for the concrete con-I on r r le as. . . . ard Schroeder, who sang "0 k~reased from 21 to 24 months [Grant Rourke, warden; Frank[__ .., ..... ....^,,^L-." ..... ]been the basis for ~he agricul- ~.' ?. *'~ . ........... I .Both these are to ~aze place _, I ...... I on ~warcn ~, -oo-. e~,awn~ t~ / ~ _ , .. . strucuon on me pc~ w,a~ ~c- I in ~t ~o~-'o h~P +ho mn-~- o~ Promise Me." ,~amo permits the induction of[Kress, inside guam; Jack Sun, ]vear~ of nioneer farmin,~ in]rural experts optimism, ce~ted while the bid of $132I_ ~ ...... ..'~ .... ~....~. a~ Maid of honer was Alvin~t ~-year-olds for military ser- outside guard, and Bert Fasch- " - "- ' - in Mare rain the first part of this~" e " 1 p" ,m., and me reception zrom ....... [. . . I North Dakota and five years / .......... per 100 lb. sack of cem nt for [~ +~, ~. ,.~ ~,,na~, Witte of Wibaux, the bido'll ?~, ]~ local oraft beams ex- ! rag, ~rusme. ] Wisconsin, they returned ~o { week .nas a~so ..~ngntenea ~ne 2 000 sacks entered by Russell I ~ ~Y Y. u" "/" .... ::"-a" .. . sister, and Vernon Brockmeyer ~st their supply of older eli- ] The council presented Father I Grand Forks county, N. D., to ] outlook mr local ~armers, rain Douglas and Homer Smith was [ .. Asme ~rom me omer _rein- was his brother's best man. El. ~le mere It seems unlikely I Laurence Talty of Sentinel Butte ] ma~,~ their home in Gillbv and [ falling 3aonoay and Tuesday .~ a~,,eoted I uves expected ~rom out o~ town, mer Weyer, brother-in-law Of ........ ........... ~" " t hill e 'n tat ,this latter provision will I with $150, to be used ~owards I ~ana ~',~rl~ until they ioined [ mghts, w~th threatening skies ~-r~n and his crew of men ] he Sc . os ar looki g f~rwa.rd the bride, was usher. necessary however in this [ defraying expenses of the Cath- I their son_~ in Beach t Wednesday morning. -v~e~ ta start work on the .~ool I !o the a~ ]ai of his brother WL': The bride was esco~ed by her ...RUlty, as Draft Clerk Ruby KipploHc boys camp. This camp is] Because of a heart condition I The offmml. June forecast calls within the next week when In am, 2 .~lenwood~ ~jnn:, and father to the altar, which wall L~s only one person will be I sponsored annually by Father [ cau.~ad by an automobile acci- [ fc, a crop aaout thirty percent form~ will be installed for the [ lviazy.~wa]erus or ~t. ~lo~o, wno decorated with bouquets of yel- ~led from the county this [Talty, ,and is held at Dake ~Ie-[a,~-~#',~ ~vel~ wa~ unable t~)/above the 1950 harvest; their ~..;~r, ,~ ~he concrete and a~a4tenOed the c0upie at the ori- low and lavender iris and yen i~lth, to leave here June 28. [tigoshe near Bottineau, N. D. ]cont~nue~residence in ~each, the {Ju!y estimate will be based on c~mpl'etion date of August 10th, {gmal ceremony, low roses. She wore a nylon &nd such servicemen as Mar- [ Ca~p dates this year are the first I remainder of her married .life [ actual ptannngs or w~ea~. A~ has been set with a few days of I n ~1% marquisette gown over slippe~ Thill sce a ray of hope fo.r {two weeks in August I being spent in 'San Diego and [ !he present there is no indica- g,race allowed for inclemen,t [ ~eacll ]~ar~alll ][~a~/ satin, the bouffant skirt endnd- ease Irom me army, wnicn l I ~.~,~, .~o,..~ ~f {{ion ma,~ ~armers pmn ~o ex- , ~.~h,~. " t ~ ~ in,g in a full-ler~gth tra4n bo~. mn0unced this week t~- plans to []~--,]~.,.,~ ~l~l'~,,-,~,~ ] ~'~]'er "~de"t ",n:"Guy, preceded { pand the!r,ind~cated small grains --q~h~e'~excavation for the pool t qrI_ ][)_ ]1]t;~-]~ .... , - dered with chantilly lace. Long a r.t releasing volunteer and in- { ~It~UU][-d l~l~/'DtU1 ~ [ her in death. Survivors include / acreage ~y ny very great per- was completed last week when [ IU ]~I~. ][]t1~ ~~llt it|ted sleeves ended in points at ~xjve enustea reserves ia July. ,.~= .-.. ~ ~ ~ -- [ two sons, M,a~k and Harry, both [ cemage. . . . the 'Hudosn Co. donated their i t~ the wrist and the high neckline ms hoped that the lOGO00 men[|| [h fld Both gram crops and pastures nt nd d~d the ex 50Iced of Beach, thirteen gralldch" - . heavy equipme~ a " - Probably one of the biggest ~.e~ed can be released by De i--ca-. 5rod ren and twenty-three great gained equally by our recent cavating while ~he county crew[ I WaS close fitted, the yoke bar. bargain days ever held in Beach dered in chantilly lace. moer ralnialland rmtn ranchersand the :{Ill ~ " "~'. " ........ I Positive identification of the [ grandchildren. { ........ and equipment added " " [ will take place this coming Sat- Her fingertip veil was aV. ~ere a~ home ]$111 eel,men , , i~rmers are opnmlstlc now DU~ ~, .. . , : . .. [ Medora Mystery .Man was ad-{ Although ~vIrs. Lovell was[ ......... , ishing touches. [urdav, June 23~d, sponsored by ranged from a sweetheart core. t Tuesday mormng ~r u~ttle t h oz course it s a rang ume between Lovell has " ~- " r ........ {mitted by Billings county au- I m~re than 90 years of age a t e I .... ~o.,.. ~ ~..~ ~ ..... +, Engineer Mark., . ._ { the newl~ organized Beach Corn- net fashioned of net. A gold ffli, ~-K, ca, zortwo weeks am a retained --= p,al.~.,,s ~o~,.. ~.u ,1~ ~ on the ob Kee lng In ~:~ ' ." .. . " t th.orities Monday night, s ys Ad. ] time of her death, she " [ ...... been J P { mercial Clu,b, consisting of near- gree pendant and ea~lings, gifts cmious ~raining, men wih re- , - .... in - " ressi~ smoo~hl . of the bridegroom, were her only "~*ve ............ air mrce mooctnnanon a~ I E. Nordma.ken of the D]ckm. [a keen and kindly lntereSthad ke t t~'~ . ~nlZl | workmgver prOgdetafl ~s" gbem" taken" y [ly s~xty Beach businessmen and jewelry. Deep red American ~ . [ son Press. [ people and events. She , P {I .OHnIV w.ruer, and e y " g ] managers. casacola Fla, f~r three weeks ~ man's weather re "" .~v f b Mr Lovell to see that At *,- ,. ; ...... Representati "es of the- a daily diary and -[ ..... ,1 ...... care o y Practically every merchant in Beauty roses and white mums ,~yae end or ma~ ,nine ne ex- t parents were scheduled to arrive { cord for many years and h~ad ID_---*_.- ]~._ =_ _ {'i1.__*._ our community has one of the ] the city is offering some real { arranged in an arm b6uquet to have leave a,~ home un , 1 e w~th ][ od~'n and up to da~e ....... ' " [ in Dickinson Tuesday to c aim [ continued correspendenc ." [lrltl lYl ][~r~ 1][" p most m " ". [money saving bargains for this were hew flowers. ~.tne nrs~ of Occo~er. . [ he remains of ex-GI E. T. Hay, t scores of relatives and friends I . ~ pools in western North Dakota. { Saturday, many of which are The maid of honor wore 4W ,i~.v~_: Wesley Stockwell arrived ]which were previously buried t who will miss her frequent [ Mrs. C!inton .F. Phillips oz _ _---~--~---- * [being advertised in this week's pink marquisette ~rock over tar. -~saa m ht at the parental Mmneapons paid a visit to ~,~.. ty __ g~l .. _ u.. [ there, and return them to Brain- t cheerful letters. [_ . __ : . .' _ .. Roseh [issue of the :News. Read every feta, with lull gathered sl~Irt, : ,,~al~Cl ~[OCKWell home, Duz I ~rn a#inn { {Beacn on wednesday on benait ~L~lJ~tv~ ~jxv~.,~ ~.,~,-- /~., ^-~ ~. ", +~.~.^ ;o-,+ -.. ~*em and carried a bouquet of pink ~us return next week to Camp[ A to f,rther action involving, J~r~lz |. [of the starer Ehzabeth Kenny ,!, .,,o ,1, [... ......... ,~o,~ ,~.t ,,,~,, and white carnations. The cker, Ala. where he ~s actmg l he man who was "slain b~' a I~Jhglt~i~gwgllfhiL ln(llans {Foundation. It has been her V~l~'|'rglln]l~ll~ [ ................ P-- n^-- f'" bridegroom and best man wore ~--- ~ea .... ~'~ ."~".~ ..... ~" { violet blow", States Attorney W. { .... { pracnce eacn year Io persona~ L' [ture and at the same time save wh{te carnation boutonnieres --a, serving in ~glana, was re- l ,., ~,:_~.~. ...... '~ th, at the case ] {~ film |I___Ll ly entertain at her home an ....... t .... Z___^.. with their light business suits. ly ass,gned to a new positron [;s """ ~,~ina t-rned over corn ~_~omln~_ l ~)eacll {North Dakota people visiting The Beach basesan clue roOK {yvu ut~.~,. is now attached to the 3917~h I ". :":'" Y~':'-~- ~'~ ............ _" I ~ }the Sister Kenn-. Institute a~t a a trouncing from the Golva boys [ A cash drawing is being plan. A wedding reception, given by letei to Mlnneapun~ UIIIUI~I~ the rm]i~,~ :~-~a~,m I P Y .. . : [ One of the highlights of {~, .... on the local field .Monday night {ned and every customer in the the parents of the bride, follow;. ~5"':""."~- -:_-" "_ . I vho will also receive me denial 1 baseball season for ,Beach will ] ~"I .... . . ....... ~,~ ~,o*~"~ ,,~,,-'"~t" b"~ a score of 21 to / city that d,ay is asked to ~egister ed immediately in the churoh ~v~ ~.yle ~ wnasKa was atsorecords which her d in the post however lfi lb~D~under me ~, t,-o:~,.~-,~ from '~t{ _ . !.. pe "[ take place this Friday after-]~.~.~..' ,.,...~, ....n 14 in a game that ,both teams ]at the Golden .Valley News ~r0~.. parlors. The bridal table was ~1~::_~ ~-a...*-:-~ ....... '." I tive iclemincazion. I n .... ~ even4nc, when the El- { ..... ,~?.~. ,,, ....u~--.vv .-?-.~ - : ..... ,- +^ .,,,- hut l~isin~ on { 10 o'clock in ~ne morning until centered with a three tier cake, ~-~w~s, wn., m an overseas post ~...1, ~.,u ~" Mrs ~liliordWagner, tiolaellw~.~ v~t ~,, -..., -- .. :~fice ^'-t -" ~'ew York City[ The Press ,reports that the I,bowoods Legion ~eaz-n w~ll meet { ...:" ..... ~he vnound for Golva proved to { 8 p. m. A public address system topped with a miniature bridal , ~u u~ ~, ~. . . . " valley county Iam surpassed an " i o ration that da o Ano+~- ,---~ ~-,~,, leavino Ft I mamerd sheriff had [ the local legion team for a [ ~+~, ...... ~oo ,.~ +~.~ ~&, s, be too much for the Beach bats- [ will be n pe _ y t couple; vases of yellow roses ~- "~'~ 1.'~..~,.~'~'.~o~ ~ ow:,~" { said that if the body was Hay'.% [ double.header at the Beach { ~'j*=" .~"~""~ "::..:"= "~'o~-....'~" ~,~, [ give you more pariicula,rs. Mer- and iris, with ~a].l lxlnk candles, ~-~4~,'~"~,~.,~'~+~ *~'~" ~:'[ an arrest yeas planned in Minne-{Athletic field. The first game is t P~_~c~a~_ "~..~;;~"""~lvn started their scoring ill [chants, their wives and children were placed at'each end. Ruby , -~,..,, --,~ ......... ~-- . arm a~ ~vx,~ c,...g~ ~u .,~,,# .... .~ t r Kipp pour~d, while the bride's fh~t h~ w~uld be ~,oin~ ]sota, w,th a murder charge like-lcailed for~ 2:30 p. m., and .theI ................. ,~... ...... the f~rst inmng when one run {are ~ ked not to rel~ls e. sister, Mrs,. ~y ;~Weyer of Wl- ~'; E:-" "'L "'J---. -~ YYV- r 1- I~v.~-i-- ~:axne will start at 8 n {~PP. a~ ~Vva~ u~ ~,~.~;o [-... ~,uo,~ ,~, '+w. ~in~les bv[ The Commercial Chub is ca]l- ,znrougn ~eacn ruesaay/~" . 1~ ~":'~" ~" 'istanoin~, sne aecJaea ma~ only i~v.a~ ~,n ......... :-, .................. :-,.+ ,,,,...~ baux, cut the Wed~ting cake and m0tning. And after five months| Hay had left Brainerd October {m. sn~rp: .... {Golden "~V, alley coumy would be {,Hugo Kreitirtger and E. Fasch: {~ j,r~,,:,~+~ t~,~:, ~:~n~ Betty Haverluk served. ~t th Meao~a viol The ~mowooas ~eam axe all ,l=~u..~, ~,~ .... = ........ s-- .,~ Ft Lewis, Pv~ Duane Moses [ 16 and came to e " - { { her ~,uest~ this vea.r and that I ing, and then in the thircl aclaea {~ "" . ....... h m -~ - to ess {as~ minute aetans were been granted'a furlough ex- | nity with an NP section gar~g, ] Indian boys, most of t em be" g [ she would invite all of ~he I four more runs on 2 hits by A1 [ l~r .... Afte~ returning from a two weeks' wedding trip to Yellow- ~l~din~ ~vom June 11 to 30, at [ disappearing there on the night { members of the c~ack basKe~- { +~...~,.; ......... + .... *^ Fasehina and"E. Rising, a base | not avaname. . . ............... ,tu~,t,p cnmrm~** ~u ,.~,a**~ ~,~ ~, --- ' '+ is "-lanne-~ now that tl~e Di~ stone park and other western ! ~lti October 18 He reportedly ball ~eam Eraweas nao ,as~ . - balls and a hit baiter The ~ P ~' ~, .~; ch t~me he is to report ~ Ft. |of . .... { [ MmneaDohs raying herself the on , - ,_ [,,,-.~,,,~.~(. ,x,m ~ ~m ~+ q..~ ~ points, the' couple will, be at .~la~rthur Calif he is a com- 'umped up in the miaom o~ the season. } ..... 3 ..n ~'.~L~n ~, ~..~ +,, score was five for Goiva tteacn ! ....... s ................ ~' ' "' 3 ' " s re ed s ..... "" "~" ~ ........ " m immediately after ,the f:.,rst l)a~ engineer {night in the bunkhouse yelhngl The local legion boy d pp [-~ +~,. +~,.. ~.~ their ow-~,,~o- scored one run that same inn-I ." . ...... home on the bridegrooms farm north of Wibaux. I~eith pi~zi,~ wh, nlnnn~d l."T~hev're ,after me" and ran out { another game last Sunday to the { ~:~.~,~,.~lw :. -~.~o~,~.~ ".~.~in {~,~ when Pavlish ~ot on t~ase ,snow ancl ~ne sound car will an. ............. , ....~ ~ ....... - . .~vm~. ..v~ ~1.~..1.1=1, ~.,., .-~, ..... nounce the location of the draw Join his wife here Saturday into the nig:ht. His body was not Belheld club by a score of 15 to {stay at h~- home 2125 Girard Ion an error stole second and . .. . Out of town guests at the set. Iti - - '- , ........... in- ' 18 in a ~ame that was a Httle, ~ ' -* ' * ....... n ' mg wnicn will be neid on main vices were Adellas Broekmeyer ~nt for 15 da s later notmea[ ~ouncl un~lt ~nls sI~ g [ ~ re on a mn smgm Dy Y , " " " Avenue South, while there They sco a g ' " " ~ ~ , U~ Se::ttle, thv bridegroom S s|s. l~lat'_ *ves that all furloughs out [ .. T~ ~ [ ragged,. . but exciting until ~he will be ~he honored guests 'at the ny Oas ........ s|reet. ~..~ ....... ;~,o. o, ~he ~ Cam Atterb had been - 'arm fro am last inning. ~t~ ....~i,~, a,,o~,st a In the sixth inning Golva put { w~. ~ ~=~, l~.S ........... ter, Robert Hafnm' of Portland, .... ...... ,_ {On _ g r~ Beach started the scoring in ~'~=~ ...~-;~.-.s -*=%= - ~. . .. [ - ......~"t netted four runs I News office anytime this Satur- ~;nc]e of the bride, and Eleanor ~ll~u, UIAL Lllctl. 111:3 ll=Jp~:=lNt ~& ,mrs Fn,"llips nas espeelany on a za~,y ~,1,~ - " m F,~rstveet, cousin of the bxide. 0~le beginning this Wednesday. {Sign-up June { the second inmng and ~t looked [ re-uested that this item be in- [ on five hits, which ran the I day from 10 a. m. until 8 p. . ~roo,m {rein Panama. " like it mi ht be an easy game "1 the -- nf g to nine to one In . .. irmation had not arnved as [ -" veterans who wish to par- [ ..... ]cluded in the paper to clear up {score {,,~ , ~-~ . r~_ Mrs. Brockmever is a ~raduate the N r after tour scores naa been made re ~. ews went to p ess. . Iticipate in the institutional-on-[by ,the l~als in that inning .but ta possible misunderstanding on [seventh they scoredh obn:t re:din [~/,OrK uonunues un iof the Wibaux high ~a,, word has also .been received {,_.~ +~o~.~;n~ nro~ram are ask-{ ......... ' ...... {the part of thepeople of ~he land two in me e g,. . g . tC~,~-~r ~i]'o~#~* ~1~{!1 of 1948, who until her marriage was employed at the First t National bank in Wibaux. Mr, Brockmeyer is a gradu,ate of the Beach high school, class of 1943, and is employed in farming. Odland's Dam Sun. Becoming more popular every summer, Odland s dam last Sun- day was a mecca for hundreds of local people and visitors who gathered there to spend the d~y picnicing, ,boating and fishing. ~! park. These teams saw ling should bring w4th .them a [for Beach but was relieved by{en Valley County o~Ofkers .and[iieved by Earl__Faschlngan2~ he {broken p~rlion while work was A number of e~rs were notic- ~ first action there Tuesday, I .... co - of their diseha~-e, t Bunke in the third inning, while { ~" ""'~ '~,v .~- ~" ....... , w~ { then .rennqmsnea um m~mm c~ / resumed on me prewous DI~aK, ed from Dickinson, Glendive ~lth Geccge Pavlish directing [cer~iaat~Yf the 1951 net ~n-{Richter started for Belfield and }hLd pr3iSewdherma~rke~tl~ high. {Al Faschi?~r ~und theth:ll~hr%e { but the main ~rUrP~ead besbtdeth~ and from our neigh.boring towns, e Wor~ ,,t { . ............... I ..... ken out and re-laced b- ry } took anoth { sleeve, and wa At 3:30 p. m., a count of the ---~-,. come or u~ ~,,v ,.~:.,m~ ~- wa~ -o v a " " i " ,, ,, " ._ChOsen to head these teams n records, and if married, a certa-I Shypkowsk . Beach was anwed g ooclj: tent n of do ng a kind/ ; oe Page NLece was cal edt off again Tuesday... _ . cars was taken and at that I~h ,r~h~,~ ~i~k,, R,,an ~ .... ~.^ _..., ...... t. ~.;.~ ~nd Bellield 11 The [[el I'~nu n,~ ta'l',u~i. {in to the mouncl Io~ ,~eacn In/ This shut-ofI restored In move time 86 ears were present, not 0arre .............. {ned . py _ ,_ [ ...............~,.^a ~ men { Mrs. Ph~ll' ~s leamng wlthlthe last inning to rehre Golva{ than a serious nmsance for the eounting those ~hat had left by ~1~runsvolo and u,c~ ti~icate Any vezeran WhO ]Sun-liela pxt~n~r~w,a.~ ~ ~li Ruby Kipp a ,blank check to be 1 ten run r~lly It was Preszler locker plant, Chels [,ble to" attend this meeting, but ]while Beach allowed 4 bases on [~.~. ........ [after the'r . . . ~ {Welt & .. that time or those that went out a~_ : .... ~ . .... t .. lnnea in mr an amount su]nc,-t ~h,~ last time at ~a~ and a ! wh~r~ all the macnmery is wa- later during the day. which ~aTu~ ~. youngs.~e~ ~P~ta.~mlWhO is in~.~res~ea ~u~i.%mg 3n-[bails: rson -la--in- short st" [ertt to cover all the expenses to [determ~ined effort was made 'to |ier'.~eooled Anything that would means that a good many pc. y and appnea o re[lea in me ms - - i'e~e P Y g " P be " the lo " " " " " l~iti ...................... { ......... "~'^-ld [ ............ he --din sta- for incurred by . cal chair. [ close the gap, but five more rdns { disrupt the operatmn of this ple were at Odland's foe at least ,nm, uu~ more w,, .,~= ~,~ arm ~:ralnlng pr~,~*,* sn~,~,ior r, eacu w~ ~ m - .v .... t~k_n Up before the eight teams I f contact Frank Page or Sup't. A. I the locals getting three hits out !men m making this trip. lwe~e all that could be counted, [machinery" would show ~mmedi~ l a portion of the day. ~t re io ~, have been hoped for can '~R Miller on or before June 27. I of four trips to the plate and I, -- .,. , which brought Beacn s sco , ately in me cola s[orage and i Some very fine catehes of fish be r k l eglon AUXiliary 14,~ ns freezing room~, so the Wol,ts . organized. [ ". . . [making .three runs, while Za a { 9 [ r: [ . [were reported, and several 3 and ~M~ehant sponsors of the Theatre At [and Prokop for Belfieid each [p|~ ,~+~##, M#*#*# [ These same two teams meet[have run hoses across the auey{4 pound bass were displayed "~ara ......... ~'~" , ................... ,.,,'~ ............... u .......... i"ht of next t from the ~acn ~maners ~o Keep { dining the afternoon, while .. ~ aave no~ ye~ been ass~gu- t , _ . ,r~ t scoreu uu~e a u**~un ,Ju,: ***~ i i agaln ~v~onuay ** ~ I ..... ~, either, as an attempt is {Dickinson tmrns [each, ] Local deleffates of the Ameri- [week in a league game and the ]evefy, t mng working. , . . [others had to be satistied v~I~l ~ng made to cut the sponsor's | ......... the [ The ,Beach boys have been ] can Legion and the Leg~on aux- [ locals prom~se a much better [ work now on ~ne mm.n lnvoi- [ a short s~ring of orappies and ~e ia h it has been The" jinx slin nasn te~ . iliar , cave her owirt as both teams seemed yes ~ne repmcemen~ oI ~ne dam- [ sunfish. alf of what " | ......... *ires ]putting m some pretty tough [ y are to l e Sunday [ sh g [ _ _. "-- [city f DicKmsn a~ ~' "~beinpractices this week gettin reado nin for their an " a,gea sec~mn [ During the past week several ~14) SETTLERS TO {are .co. ncerned, thee laLte~tin .~ge {fz the Elbowoods India~ theY [~rv~ert~ion in Bismarn~albeSt~e Itoh:Vw:db:L~ighi~ht of next/ ,ARDEN CL, B pLA:--[ {more Beach people have ex- l~l~N the hre that brok , m come ~ U NS [pressed their desire to build IC JULY 15 Rialto Th3a~e Tuesday morning{vi]l be here for two games this [.!ing Sun_day and .cor~tinu!ng week ~e Dt.k.ij, son. Cubs etin- BREAKFAST MEETING [cabins at the 1.ake and 'the folI~ llld ................. teeming rTiaay a~ernoon and Imrougn ",~esaay. Among tne It0 ~eacn xor the nrs~ me ~ I [that lost their cottage by fire uay, Jmy ~am, has uc~** el mlS week ares this ear to .... .......... -." ...... iced[evening. It will be well w~.h [business to be transacted by both [o-" these two te ' . Y. | The ,Beach Garden club will ]duxing the past week have al- -,- me aa~e el me ula ~er~- From rac~o repo,~ ~-~ rou wi be the ~ also rove to ~e ~, ............... ,.^,a ............. *-~otre was [Four while 'to see these two [g ps 11 election of |whlch should P [be entertained at an early [ ready taken steps to erect a new ~l.lllg WI[ICII Will I~ ll~:71v~t Irom D1CKlZI~JI1 Utt: ~**~ 1 --^- ~-~ --'~ know .~^~.^..-/state a,,.~|ct 0~.__ / .... .......... hl ..... ,-,,,.~, _..._ .-- .~. ....... .,^-,...^-,.a {nside lgazn~ ~--~ w= ~ ,w :u,~~$~ I "" ~"~ ~'~'-~*~- [a good one. , [DreaKIast Tuesday, ~une ~, vltn lone. I ---,~ ~as ~ y~ u~-~u u.- leaving nommg uu~ ,~**= --- . ~ tidaldole ares will tel , . ~-- g be Com. Re ,rt ence Hanson will be in charge[ ROAD CREWS BUSY Y decided ~pon but ~rlll Walls ten, alia. The $. C. Pen I, "I- "'" "-- '{mander Charles Boh ........II Market 13o r l ............ a~at side of lne weamer J oi stone eXnlDITS, wnue omer o, eed ,., ,,e, on t.he ..... }1 E. O. [exh bit wil Sec,o. bee, ". . . ~l~e ma~ro.reee.~vea cons*ae[.~.~. [ Weather conditions fluctuat. [Earnie SchmR, aRhough any Le. ]No 1 heavy 60 lb. -- $1.94 [ments of stones (r shells cr both, ~ing for the pact week on the N. ~gCO rm~a t~eenl~ caavge ~ s.mof~ t~aee ~e~ ~j~he l~ng over ,the past week, ~igh ef |glen membe may attend the | " Additional Premium for [combined with ~lants. | P" line, beginning general work and ev~ " invited ~o al~ou " e basement. [.the week 89 degrees F~lday, ~ow |sessmns. [13% Protein ' _ ~e ! -- {nea the state line, and wm L - ery~y ~s _ Penn~y s~a~ . " and o- 144 Sunday night. ~all for { Auxiliary delega~s are ~ {14% 1~ein 7e [~AJT MATRONS, O. F~ 8., [volves[Wrk 4oWn~ampingtO Chmms.ties andWVkbal-ln" Lw tch for rere d.eta _Tb.e, PerI_ as.30.,.mo o'tl l |C oedwL ,, ,.,-. " Thompson, Mrs. ~-|15%" Protein . - I Te|TO MEET WEDN,ImDAY {last, with more thorough work It Ia W~t-.- era_t~_~_ .v ,~,,. new Dickinson [,falling "l~e~ay .mgn~.. . lard Vashro and Charlotte Bohn;/16% Protein ~ [ ~ [necessary on the main amd relaflveL Chants' ~all Ch~ S~t~lz~, [noon W~ wa~ /aekI,~ ~lle PIincm hotel. [Extra Malt . Bs e ]the group. |day attemom m. /