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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
June 13, 1935     Golden Valley News
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June 13, 1935
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I I I ll IIJll VOL:?~. FI 4 THE BEACH REVIE eV IIIIIIII I II IIIIII I I And SENTINEL BUTTE REVIEW OFFICIAL PAPER OF GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AND THE CITY OF BEACH BEACH, GOLDEN VAL[A!/Y COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, .IIYNE I:L 19:;5 I NI)MBER 39 CCC QUOTA FOR NeatH nAKOTA IS RAJS!OTO V,503 She Can Buy All the Dolls She Wants State Is AllOwed Nearly 500 More Boys Than Before -it Bismarck N. D., June 13.--North quota of CCC enrollees has been increased from 1,020 to 1,503, E. Williams. executive secre- ~ry of the PERA announced as he Ordered recruiting to start in Fargo h~ne 15. The increased quota, Williams de- Clared will mean that all of North l~tkota's 21 camps will be manned ' . . * . * * * . . * Q Elor n Ncrdby. county relief * administrator, reports that 12 * boys are to be enlisted in the * CCC from Golden Valley county. * Approximately 50 applications * are already on file in the 1Deal * Beverly Ann 8oper, four years old, of Detroit, can now buy thousands of relief office from which the 12 * |oils to add to her collection, for George C. Belch. wealthy bachelor who loved boys, along with two alternates, , clllld~n, left her one quarter of his $250,000 estate. The rest of it was dlvtded Will be selected to go to Dick- , among two other children and the mother of one of them. inson on June 28 for enrollment. * It is planned to make the se- "(TRI-COUNTY SUNDAY SCHOOL leetions for Golden Valley coun- * ty on Friday of this week, l~Ir. * Nordby states. * """'"'"" CONVENTION HERE JUNE16 by North Dakota lmys and war vet- Walls. Vacancies how exist in 11 .the camps in the state. Under the No Beef Shortage .Despite Reduction H Fargo, N. D., June 13.---111 spite of the most drastic reduction in cattle numbers oil record, brought about by the drouth of 1934, nalubers of cattle and calves on farms are still about 4 million more than in 1928 and only ahout half a nlillion under the average for tile !)revions 10 years. Market supplies ef beef are above normal aud there are tlear- ly normal supplies of Cattle and calves ou farnls, a('cordhig to a re- ................ ,~t- ! FINE PROGRAM IS ARRANGED; LARGE CROWD EXPECTED -It Delegates F r o m Billings Golden Valley and Wi- baux Counties The annual Golden Valley-Billings- Wibaux counties Sunday School con- quota order, vacancies over above the 1,020 would have been with CCC enrollees from other Balance of camps assigned North Dakotta-are expected to be about July 1. allotments have been made a population basis and the relief Williams said. Dickinson will the recruiting center for Golden Stark, Dunn. Billings. Slope, Hettinger and Adams eDna- and the registration date for ])lace is June 28. at which time boys will be enrolled. New enrollees will be selected from ~ more needy relief families by Cunty administrators and work- ~view on the cattle sitUation by the vention will be held at the Beach With the advice and assistance'ikAA" Methodist church on Sunday. June the county relief committees. Inspected slaughter of cattle, ex- 16. The program arranged is as tel- as the expenses of the:clusive of government slaughter for;lows: are paid out of national relief lrelief, for the first four months of it is mandatory Williams de- !1935 was that boys be selected fz'mle~a~( for 8.5 percent above the av- '~ ~ - the saule months in the families or families about ttprevious~ five years, and 8 percent be- oil relief. Deducted from each;low the same period in 1934 when relief load will be the sum i cattle slaughter was unusually large. Per month for each familY~The average farm pri('e for (.attic, which dropped froni $9,15 pet- 100 pounds in 192~i to $3.63 in 1933, has 11:30 risen to $5.05 Jan. 15. 1935. and to 11:50 $6.71 in APril this year. Governnlel~t purchases ef cattle under tl}~ era.or- lil:00 [gency drouth relief llrov.ram total.~(t' I 8,296.398 head. !V; BEACH POSTOFFICE GETS SECOND CLASS RATINC- Seven North Dakota postoffices re- ,eeived higher classifications and tour 1:30 lower classifications than formerly as the result of the annual readjustment. 1:45 was annoUnced Monday in "4"ashiue- 1:50 toll. Advanced from third to second class : 2:20 Otherwise qualified whohave were postoffices at Beach, Enderlin, 2:30 enrolled in the CCC Fessenden, Hillsboro, LnMgu:-v, May-' o more than 18 "' ' of n t ~flle and Stanley and who have been. honor I Dropped from second ~o third ~'las~ tar ed may be resel~cted'Iwas the postoffice at Lidgerwood: 2:45 annon'nced NO pref;rence[frOm third to fourth class postoffic~s accorded these men by reas- at St. Michael, Sanborn and Verona Which a selection for the CCC made. eligible for the CCC camps be at least 18 years old and than 29. They must be un- of good moral charact.erand Pass a. physical examination While not as exacting as army is still strict enough the boys will be able to per- Vaanual labor without injury. Whose eyesight is not good to entitle them to enlist in S. army will be accepted for (~. No boy with a hernia, how- Slight, will be accepted, ~'ill- Said. Within the proper age lim- Previous service. enrolled in the CCC direction Passes to the war depart- assstgns them to differ- equips them with uni- transfers them to survey, national parkI departments under [ i they are assigned toI types of projects' [ has instructed enrolling] Select not less than twot than three alternates for in ease the enrollee fails 50 war veterans will for Service in the Vet- ............... W! Beach Kids Have Big Rodeo Tuesday H 3:15 (By Special Correspondent) 3:25 There were 20 small boys entered ,2:30 in a big rodeo at Charlie Simmons Tuesday, but only 10 rode, and the 4:00 rest got cold feet. Prizes were award- ed to Dean Rhyner, first-he said it 4:10 was worth a quarter to let the ea![ ~ut his foot in his month and sec- ond to Jerry Crone, who hurt his 4:30 leg. Other awards were made to little 7:30 Jimmie Crone, Junior Miller (in his 8:00 cowhoy ontfit, but said ha had ap- Th~.nw: "The t~ihle. Its Value and Use. " FORENOON SESSION ('ounty Preside/It. 1. P.. Linger. Presiding It:00 Opening Worship i:ervice--- Roy. W'. B. Nelson Music Sermon--Roy. B. T. Osborne Business---Appointment of com- mittees Announcenlents. Hymn. Ben- edict ion i)ele~ates should I)rin~ their lunch baskets and join in a picnic dinner ('offeo ~vill b~. furni:4hed by the enter- taining Sunday School. AFTERNOON SESSION Opening worship Service--tier. L. H Norton Music Business--Reports. election of officers, etc. Music "The Wonderful Story of How the Bible Came to Us Down Through the Ages"--Roy. Walt- er Lobb Divisional Confqrences Child- ren's Workers. Mrs. Cims Fult- on in charge: Young People & Adult Workers. Roy. I,. H. Norton in charge: Administrat- ive Division DiscUssion in Joint Session Music Address--Roy. L. G. Pulver of Dickinsnn Bible Reading Campaiun Re"- ognitlon Service "Influence of the Flibl~ Upon Human Histovy"--Rev. John Strong Music and Closing EVENING SESSION Devotions--Roy. Otto Ponath Five Minute Talks by Youn~ People Representing Trotters, Y. FAMOUS OANCE WELFORD ADDRESSES HUGE ORCHESTRA HERE l FltiD__AY__EVENING! CROWD HIlt[ LAST SUNDAY Joe HEH)S BUSINESS MEN EVERGREEN PARKIS Billo and His Chicago Orchestra At Ever- green Park H Music lovers and dunce l)atrous of this vicinity will have the opportunity of hearing a truly great dance band tomorrow evening, Friday, June 14, when Joe Stile and his famous Chi- cago Orchestra appears at Evergreen Park south of Beach. Iailing from Chicago, where he has achieved a high distinction among "name" orchestras. JOE B ILLO comes here with his own Chicago Band, "after playing a successful en- gagement of more than a year at the Aragon Ballroom In Minneapolis. ] His ni~ds'!cal career, as a famousI trumpe{ ~ Player, comprises engage- ] ments with some of the nation's l leading Orchestras. including Paul 1 Whiteman's "Collegians." Zez Con- SCENE OF LARGE CO, GATHERING Sales Tax and Other Issues Discussed At Meeting H Speaking to a crowd of over 500 people at EVergreen Park SUnday afteruoon, Governor Walter Welford upheld the necessity of the sales rex and urged marintainance of t~jj~ when the matter is referred to 't~ voters of the state next month. It appears that sufficient signers have been received on the referendum pc- frey's Orchestra. He~bie Kay's Or-I (ltions to insure a sPecial election ehestra, Clyde McCoy's Orchestra. and ] [ and the governor has since set July Johnny Hamp's "World Famous Or-I Harper Slbley of Rochester. N. Y'., t15 as the date of that election. chestra." Having made Victor and i succeeding Henry L Harrlman as presl- [ A public banquet was held in the Columbia Records. and broadcast or-t dent of the Chamber of Commerce of ]evening at the Masonic Temple as a er coast-to-coast National and Co- the United States, Is a lawyer, banker, courtesy to the governor. John Keo- hlmbia Broadcasting Systems, he has Industrialist, agrteultnrlst, and a clvl, l hane acted as toastmaster and clew- acquired a wide range of musical edtlcatlonal and religious leader lie IS. cry introduced the guest of honor knowledge and experience: and his t fifty years old and was a fellow pupil who expressed his pleasure it] visiting unusual trunlpet playing makes him with Presldeut Roosevelt at Croton Golden Valley county for the first an outstanding artist. I school. , ~Iime. A number of local PeoPle, top- Among the featured members of ......... trese.nting Various groups and Insti- L R h i ,utions, were called on and Joined in thiSRaytalentedsmith.organizatiOnfeatured vocalist,are: eel- ] anger e- earng , welcoming the governor to Beach. l D i d M d t ou, of the count,, guests at ,he has ebrate~d for his silver-voiced tenor S en e on ay quet included Editor and Mrs. D. W. quality. He has been featured in say- TM II-- t Moffatt of Medora. oral noted musical organizations in- St. Paul, June 10.--The United l Z. Vlasoff presided at the Evergreen Garber'selUding HoaqyfamousCarmichael,Sorchestra. and Jan States circuit court of appeals Men-tPark meeting and first introduced A. day denied the government's petition M. Kuhfeld who laid a foundation Bud Siziffman, Premier saxaphoni~t Ifor a re-hearing in the case of former :,for the governor's talk by explaining and vocalist of the POpUlar baritone'Gov~rnor Win. Langer of North Da- some of the Problems wlzlch have type. His experience with some of kota. whose federal court eonvicHon confronted the new chief executive the nation's leading orchestras, in- was reversed last May 7. since his inauguration iu the office eluding Vincent Lopez, mukes him an A re-hearing was asked 1)y tile 3. M. Still. president of the local outstanding musical personality, federal government in a petition Farmers Union organization, wan Ken Thoml)son. accomplished plan- filed in St. Louis June 3. Briefs then In(redUced ,and explained that Ist, reputed to he among the best in were submitted by the gvernnlentIalthough he had always been opposed the dance mnsic profession, irepresented by U. S. Attorney P-Ire a sales tax, lie was now of the It is sommhing of an event for an''~V- Lanier of Fargo and A. ~V. !opinion that, inasmuch as the leg-Is. attraction of this calibre to appear lWoodcoek, special assistant attorney~lature had seen tit to srlopt the Plan, in ore- territory and no doilbt a large lgeneral, and counsel for lmnge.r. crowd will be on hand tomorrow Circuit cour~ judges A. K. Gardner, ] and that it appeared to be the only way at present to rals~ money needed night to be entertained by this "Band i J, ~V. VVoodrough and A. S. Van lie maintain the efficiency of North of Bands." This orchestra's next Val~eubnrgh, who overturned [~ng- Dakota's school system as well as stop will be in Billings. Mont. er's conviction on a charge of con-Ire aid iu other departments, the !I!1 ,spiracy to solicit political contribu- ~peopie of the state should ke~q) the PWA MeetingsAre ! tloiiSrelief fronZfunds,WOrkerSrefusedPaidthe withpetitioufederalinI sales tax for the two .years which, as ,an emergency measure, it is sched- I the case of LanDer and four others--Isled to run. Scheduled In State,scar J ,',ta,,,,t Frank A. Vogel, Governor V~'elford was next Pro- .l[ Harold McDonahl and R. A. Kinzer. seated, and following his address, In- The Review is in receipt of the following telegram from S. C. Knurl- son. acting state director of PWA: tn order that public officials slay bave complete and accurate informa- tion relative to the new rules and regulations applicable to PWA non federal projects under the new works relief bill. meetings have been ached- sled in the following cities of the state: June 17. Dickinson and Devils Russell Holds An- nual Training Class' .it A training class for tlte SUl)el'vi.~- ors who are to do the measuring of the wheat and contract acres was held last Saturday at Beach. County [Agent Russell lind charge of the class Lake: June 18. Willistou and Grand iconslsting of Anion l,ardy. Ross V. surance Commissioner Harold Hop- ton was introduced and talked ou various political matters. The Governor spoke at length con- cernitlg tile necessity of the sales tax and explained how the finances derived from it are to be used. point- lng out that It is to provide funds for relief, for sOcial security.~Old age pensions, mother's Pensions and the like--and for education. He stressed the fact that. in order to receive fed- Forks: Jnne 19. Minnt and Jumes-~Johnstone C. N. Haugse, E. R. oral money for relief, North Dakota town; June 20, Bismarck and Fargo. !Wentland. Floyd Hobbs, A. F. must match, dollar for dollar, or very. These meetings will be held in the Doblar. Kenneth Kannenberg, Burns nearly so, the money sent In hY ~o court room of the eonrt houses lo-ItAberaathy' Russell Denton. A. M. U. S. government, and that, w~il~ cated in the respective cities men-]Sclm~itz" O C. Schmitz O. O. John- some method of raising extra fiends, ........ son E G Sheen Martin Schillo A i this could not b~ done tionen, wits exception at t;rana,:' ats }el " h " = "i " ' " , l" D t t~ ogonoom and Matt Governor We Forks and l argo .... All meetings I i'(; tu:e .... . . _ Aford maintained that will (onvene at 2-00 p m 1 "~ - . . ~state expeuditures and appropriat|on~o .... : The forenoon was spent in the hed bee , Attending and conducting these ~ .......... ~ . n cut as much as they ~- ........... nero wnere lnsl.ruci.lon was given o'z siblv .... ,.~, . , ~s~- ' t;ottltl Ite a|l(lt ;~ ' nlPetlngs Will ne omciam from the :In t'-d f rn- u .......... I ." , . hat Withont tho' ............ t" O lID IS Or e~lS rlng tatltt, thiS!sales tux there woul-" - _ 4, state ~'wA omce. These omciats wil. _ r" t ~ "~ xx ~ - w s ........ f, : .... " - oe no n~e ~ , ~I!a t It Eat. '( rK a, in (:Ila.r~;~! o 'to provid~ for the U ' ' give talks relathe to the pzogra~ ~ ~ ic,,,~s -a ................... " .... " p rposes for ~h]ch ........ a.A ~ ill t211b~lll,~l='l lrlllll tilt"sates T'a ' ' and be prepared to answer any ques stale colle-e x money is destined to be g, used Iti~ warned th t tlons that may he advanced an(l will " " " ' , a. if the tax provide assistance that the different officials may require. These series of meetings are arranged for the purpose of expediting the future PWA ~rogram in thin state and all public officials interested are requested to be present. --C S. KNUDSON I111 ........ FAREWELL PARTY --II On Monday evening |he mere, bars Mr. Russell speet the afternoou ex. measure is (lofeated at the sPeCial plaining the use of the various forms electlnn it will be necessary to call to he used hv the ~upervisors. It ~'~ an eXtr.~ se~slna or the legislature, at !exilected that most of the sUpervis- a great added expense to the taxpay- , ors will be bnsy with the measuring ors to devise a new system of pro- this week. This work must be corn- duclmz the.needed income. It is ex- [pieted by July 10. ported that the revenue from the Lewis Odland. Jr. has been ap- sales tax would be at least $2,000,000 pointed office en~iueer in charge of a year. he stated. field compliance work for this county. The fact that the new measure wad [lll ............. purely an emergency measure, to bo SHERIFF STOCKWELL RE. in effect f6r I)ut two Years wad Corps camps. C. erSon of the U. S. Veterans at Fargo is the enrolling Service ramos :.~re now ac Mandan ~argo Medora and Watfrd'(~itv ~4~w park ser- lPs Will be located in the Peach Oarden, at Bis- Grand Forks. r ..... fill ................ -.- A REAL ODDiTy Sart of pig was born a: Pinnemau farm about tw~ The animal had two legs in all, two tails, head. The bodies were to ,b~ck. It was bor~ pe~.~dicitis and couldn't ride. Finally Ollia, Carlyle. Sentinel Butte, tot on a calf th:,t weigh!,d b~ss lh.'.m Medora and Wibaux himself, but came out O. K.), Bud 8:80 Address--Roy. L. G, Pulver Noyes. who dislocated a shouhb.r, 9:00 Closing and Benedictiou an.q Jo~ Maher. who said the ('atf .... ~af h~,.a f:)ot i'a his vest Doek!,t. I TO FIREMEN'S CONVENTION Cth,,r.~ wert. Rcb~,ri arid IUtywond ,l-- Brewer and Douahl Marn~,ap.. The, Thts boys are all looking forward to i anoth~,r rodeo it] the near future whom Ihe calves get, bigger. SADDLE BUTTE HCMEMAKERS The Saddle P, ntte ltolnemakers club will meet at '2 Iv:' m. vn June 20th at the home of Mrs. E. C. N~:Ison. Miss Virginia Miller returned tO]Beach department ,.has established in Beach Sunday. She has been attend-l,7~rmey yea-s will be npheld by the lug school at Winona~ ~I~aneaQta~ i above, named quartet. l of the U. B church held a farew~;ll party for two of their number, Mr. la:die Mrs. Harold Morris. Music. g .ss and plays were the diversion of the evenlng. 'A delicious lunch was served and Mr. ad "Mrs. Morris were presented with a parting gift. They left Thursday for Evansville. Ill. COVERS STOLEN CAR HERE 11 -- La'st Monday Sheriff Howard Stock- well was fortunate in recovering a stolen car here. the automobile hav- ing been abandoned near the local stockyards and being reported to year Beach is being repro- where they will make their home. sented at the state firemen's conven-i tion ;.it New Rockford by four of thet .................. )H ............ local depai-tmet~t members. Thei COURT POSTPONED thrc,!~ !b~leg:~t~,s a)'~, l,. A. Turnbull." ........... ;i Day, b,1 J. %Vicka and John Brown, T. A. Gilman. local chief, accompanied them. The convention began Tuesday IS I ~, 1[ a~..1 z:f.~ted th.ough %Fednesday, and W no doubt th~ prestige and rend n the biul hy local rai]ro;id men '['lie car. u 1.935 V-S, belonged to Jells IV. ]VJith.~i's, a Standa-d 0it .t~au residing l ID ~i~ill'![t n County Judge .\. E. Kastto~l an [ WED AT wIBAUX nOUI1Ct'S t|li~t ~.he regular Jllll9 termI ...... ,, ....... of court has been postponed and v, illl ()n Sunday afternoon Russell Talk. be held July 9. commencing ar. teu!ingttm and Ethtd Prle~s. both of a.. m. Judge H. I~. Berry of Man-IBelfield, were. untied in marriage at dan will preside at the session. No~ Wlbanx_ They have a ntlmber of ,l~Y will be called as there are very. friends In and around Beach who few cases on the docket;~ :,Join in extending congratulations. pointed out by the Governor and he explained fhaf a non-politcal board ia studying the tax problem in an effort to have a plan for a suitable, effective method of taxation ready to present to the state legislature when the sales tax runs out The Governor scored the tax le~,~u,~ which distributed petitions for the tax referendum for setting themselves l,p as beln~ b~tter qualified to dieter., the n~ettiod of r~i~in~ stat~, revenue than the legislators who had studied the problem thoroughly. He pointed out the fact that th~ measure had passed both houses nf the leglslature by commanding majo,:itles and ~hat it had reeelved the support c~ IVA leaders as well as the Nonpartisan faction.