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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
June 8, 1950     Golden Valley News
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June 8, 1950
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NUMBER 14 THE GOLDEN_VALLEY NEWS, _BEACH: N. D TI-I _SDAY, jUNE 8, 1950 ................ NUMBER Beach Population I ky B Studio Gutted By r , Mlchels Vie rusk, Wed Lomse Boh Walt s F'Y ire Early Thurs. Shows 279 Increase LIBERTY BELL REPLICA TO VISIT H RF: R Stolberg i w, o ,,o preliminary census ....... {Chas.Hardv June 6{ p - - - Last ThuTsday morning the{ ' Cooper Nu tlals * C! i figures were released this pastI { "/ }Cameo Photo studio here was double ring ceremony week end, Beach was revealed | Culminating a romance of[ gutted by fire, origin of wnicn Before an altar colorful with t " " s to have shown an increase of ::~: .... school days, was the wedding not been determined. It is ~Vhss Dorothy 'M. Mmhel .... i th last census 1 h,~,,~ +h{~ ,r,,,~,~, J,,n,~ ~ ~t g~ / believed to have started in the azaleas, tulips, apple blossoms, ~ter nf ~, Charle~I z~'J personss nee e ' J t .............. .~...7.--. ~. :ls, t~e:ch," t:doM~rs" E 'Stol~- taken in 1940. }, ~~~ | John's Catholic church, when[darkroom. Someone had noticed andBohn,iriseS,daughterMiSSof Louise~Mr. andMarYMrS, B8a',~h =~,~ ,~f ~?r ,,~ ~r { Most residents of Beach ex-~Miss Victoria Bruski daugW~erl smoke pouring out of the DUrra- ChaTles Bohn, Sentinel Butte, 8troll~e'r;"'R~chmond'~C'a~r~'! pressed some disappointment/ { of Mr. and Mrs. John Bruski, t!ng an,d had turned !n the alarm exchanged vows with Walte~ S+ -~'.-~o ~'~+h..l~o',-h .... i~ ! When they learned that the num- i~~~ | Beach, became the bride of{ 3us~ oeiorc ~ne pnotograp'ner, Cooper, jr., son of Mr. W. T. ~baux;~Iont.,~,"June ber of persons in the city, 1,457, {Charles Hardy, son of Mr. andt Chester Dr ehcr, ~as arriving to Cooper, ?ulbertson, Mont., at St, ther John Leahy peTformed' was far below the 2,000 mark, ! |Mrs. :lames F. Hardy, sr., Beach./open tne snop ior the nay.Michaels Catholic church, Senti. :30 a. m. nuptial .mass. The as the greater majority were ofi | Father Wm. Fred Hake celebrat-1 The interior of the building is ncl Butte, Thursday, June 1. was lovely with its bou- the opinion that it would ati ~~~ ] ed the nuptial high mass at 91 a complete loss, but some of the Father Laurence Tal@ officiated f~f .... ~ ..... t,,U~s l--~t be very close to that. I ~i:!~ [ a. m. Baskets of mixed springI fine cameras, pictures, ,and other fat the 10 a. m., double ring cere, ,ppl'e blos~'oms~. .......... ) ~'{Vhen vou consider that there' ] flowers decorated either side of{ equipment were carried to safety mony. Two brothers of the bride, ,,.~ . . ' " - ......{ ....... ~ ....... h,~m~ .u over ~~~ / the communion rail. { beforethe flames drove the[ Patrick, and Gerald, served maSS, -,u ot honor was iVllSS ~am- ,,~= ~- ...'--.v -. ............... , ;:.~,~:. ,. ........ ~ ......... ", -*-'--'+'-" -~+~r ~h"~ war ~ ~~ ] Serwng the bride .as matron{ .Beach volunteer firemen back, ] The bride was attended by two W[~, UU. XlJ~i~ blll~l LI g&t,~ L K. bnow, l~eacn, xrmna oi. rne tv ..........~.j ........ ~,.v, ~~',~."~ | of honor was Mrs. Mary ~] who did an excellent job oft maids of honor, Raedean Coope~t, ~, ar~d D nna Mac Micneis, ann triaL, eouplcu w~u~ w,c t,,z~. ! , .. o .... ; ......... , ....... ; ..... re, any' ~~m ] Wibaux, Mont., s~ster of the] bringing the blaze under control/ ~sln of the Dricle, was orlaes-i wh,V~arr]3~t ~l=ur;~_~ Drafter- the ~ ~~':: - { | bride; Richard ~Hardy, a brother} in a few minutes The owners] Culbertson, Mont., sister of the Herbert Michels, Beach, o 'g ~- ----- : --- - m m ...... , , bridegroom, and Charlotte Bohn, , .............. ur ~-:=_-- - ...... m ~ ox me orioegroom, was best man./of the studio are Mr. and Mrs.[ war and sciatica here, ~ *s ~ - man the brides brother, , " " " n bTide; the four bridesmaids, ,--' ...... { ............ ~- ...... 'o+~"" in-' -i-- =- { /Small Karen Bruskt and JanieI Don Miller, who are carrying o / Sentinel Butte, ,a sister of the !ri~ii~i!bb~i~!~uT~dll ~ei~i~~gl~~[!~:i~l~dS'e~l 'gWit~e S~khI ~:lhirir~:w~an~I ~raatn;. ~!_h~re~ Eleanor, Annanell, Maxine, and Marlyn Bohn, were also the P~tu~ed iacabatVe i~ tt~ee f~lll-eslte [~ffcthjft~U:r~kJ~v::~n bride's sisters. Theodore Bohn, Wiiehels,and Mardel the total for " g , - e p" o Y "v ' r wh v ' e ' Sentinel Butte, brot,her of the ie ] ea a o " " dm ers sala y, o dro e th tram, fashmned with a round _ Mmhels, were flower gtrls,,pared wl'th 256 ten y rs g. Bell whmh will be displayed lo- t .... ~ h~,U f~m Ne~ V,~rl~ ~nd ...~t-~, ..... ~,.~ .... ...... D~ckmson Cubs bride, was best,man, while Pierre Master Jerome Momarty was{ Golvu s population as tst .tally and will tour the state as x,,"' ~+-,, with the dimnlav ,mtil .~n,,~n i,, ., "mo,..,~ ,-,,f~o. thole. ,. I-,. , ..... Lebo, Medora, was groomsman, Ibearer 174 with no populaUon recora the symbol of the Independence :~.~" ~'j]~ /=":..e~.n~'.:~"'~ Gob .-ys ........'? ..... ~:.-, ":"{ | |AgA,-.~" I1~,,~,~ /~'-~Nell Spreen, and Leroy Krausse, ~e brin~ on,~go a white sliD-i given for the previous census. Savings Bonds Drive from May L~...t,~ ,~ p:~,~=,~ ~,, ~,,~,: sic.eves were .m~g, e namg m IL~t;l~U/d[t l~WJd~51|9 1]~O both of'Medford, 'Wis, and Daniel ti,-":,,~';.~--:,ffv~.i .... ~o(The total opulation of Golden 15 to July 4, which urges the :~,~,a,am for j ne ~t~_t~ u~_~uv~ points at me wrm~,.,ana me panel/ ........... and Charles Bohn, the bride's .... ~ ..... ' ........ ' ...~,'~, ..... P. ._.._~.,^, . . ,,.. . _ ,_~_ ~aKo~a, at the ~ate gait lxt sKir~ was triremes in rumes oz/ l:ne ~eaen baseball team Jos~ brothers, were ushers. Little la ~heer yoke ot white mar-Valley ~oun~y was unavaua~,zc.)topic [o ~ave for your Htu~-. . .~_ _L:__..__ _, ,.,.. _ ............ ,..,.. , ...... ~. .... , .... ,, aamesmwn ~ne evvmng u. #u,y the marquisette at me Iron[ their secona league game or me Gloria Stock'well was flower girl, .~gte, bound m sa~m at ~ne -- "~ .... "~=" 5 The Ford Motor Co su--lled .......... " _ . ' .. ...[ . i-, . r~.'m There are fict'' two of these" ' ., vt, nemune. Her im'gerup veil was season nere last Sunaay to theand Howard Darrell Stockwelt, :, rounu neckline, wine lace ,.| ',~nz.h~q, tla~~ll#~ .... " -:" ~" -. . the transportation for the bell. arranged from a cap style head- Dickinson Cubs, by a score of 6"ring bearer. a~ed the oke The sleeves'l-~llq~lU~at~t~ a~ Dens muting tne nauon uurmg h be " b h n " " " ~ . Y . . } ,~.~..~; .... n ,~, ..... n man,, T e 11 will e s ow here m dress of satin, and her flowers to 3, m a game that was a thrfl- Given in marriage by her or~ef cap style, ann ~acel~-~ #-tee. IT ~'J,'~ ~.: .... ." .... ~_ .... ~ ..... ~ Beach on Wednesday, June 28, at were yellow roses tied with satin ler from start to finish, and one father, the bride wore a white .~, arranged in panels, era- 14~lt,| |ttlOO I-I~l'O o~ner items nave oeen uonat~u ~. onl and at''edora at ~.,_ - ... ,~,o~ x.~.,t.,.~.~x.,o ==~.,a,t.~~. ...... ~,,,.....~..a~,a ^.~,~to~ns it a.m., y, 'm streamers, attached to a whitethat was hard to lose. ,~aed ' " "n of the slort u~ ,,,~,,~ ~ .... - .................... satin gown, en train, fashioned . the h~ph e .," I .... ~ .. +h~ + .... L-o t~,~,~,,.+ 3 p. m., that afternoon, and at prayer book. Her only jewelry Beach started the scoring in with a sheer yoke edged in a ~lo style net crown, wire ...................... a~ ,~?, ~.~ :,.~ --~.~..:. ~---L-~E:-~- Belfield that evening at 7 p.m. was a pearl necklace, a gift of th~ f~rst "innin,- when Carlson ~rs ^, ,;,~-, ~.r +h,~ valleY' on wlln less man mree weev,~ ~, ins me DellS, and me SerWCeS ..... ~ ~, double ruffle. The sleeves were ,_ "..--..-- T....-- Plantin Season honor wore a gnd t:c:h:~djna: etrhrro? bt~eSechits longwas softlyand fitted,gatheredand theonto skirtthe '~'rhin,~stone choker neck el:,ction campaigning, with the J][-. l-~lO[][ l~d ~ blue taffeta frock, made similar tallied two runs m the third p. c . y J ~ lll " fitted bodice. Her headdress, ~- - ~ . ':fight for county sheriff drawing t.~" _ ~ rid ~'~l to the bride's gown Her head- inning, but Beach tied the score crown style and pearl embroider. anc[ matcl~ing earrings, ann 6 " of " e tl~u, .... roses' hc most contestants. As staCed T~rt ~'~lrt~n ~~l~lt Lomes [0 ~.~lO~ dress, cap style, and those when Stecker got on bas be- ed, topped a fingertip veil of wwers were Deep reu - . _tu x.~ ~at k.~.,UOVlt ...... ~-~"~'~ f,VO have filed .their De- ~ the flower girls, were made ahke, cause of an error, and scored on net illusion. A pearl necklace, w,+h .^a ,-,-,o,~,.,,,,~ carries r "~'~J J~ ~ ..... ~ " -- " ............... oitions for the sheriff's office, Almost without exception, and they all carried colonial a single by Beaton. The Cubs and a shower bouquet of Amerh White prayer book. ~s Snore, maid of honor, and ;)~m~y, Howard Stoekwell, JohnThere will be a Junior Legion practically every farmer in bouquets, with the flower girls then took the lead in the fifth can Beauty ,roses completed he-t K,alkm, an, MiRe Goodale, Ray baseball te~m this year. The Golden Valley County ~tas wearing yellow marquisette dres- inning, when they scored another ensemble. ~ridesntaid, vore Identical- Zinsli and Curt Sill. There will American Legion athletic corn- finished their seeding o~rations ses, made with ruffled necklines run, making the score 3 to 2, The maids of honor and .the ~hion~,d ,frocks of tafeta, Snow s ,of pale green, .and be a race for the States Attorney's mittee met with Coach Moria,rty this spring, and most Of them and hoops at the heraline, until the 1.ast half of the ninth office with Howard Mourn, pre- Monday of this week to discuss now are summerfallowir~g. Hijh bridesmaids ~ore nile green Michels of pale pink. The ~ent States attorney, being op- ways .and means of su.pporti~g w~nds in recent weeks d~ried up Following the ceremony, a inning, when Beach tied the score frocks of net over ,satin, made ~s were made with scallop- posed by Win. Eckes, local at- this worthwhile activity for the fields rapidly, and 'the moment breakfast, given by the bride's again at three all. ' similar to the bride s gown" but t~cklines, cap sleeves, and ,orney. Richard Halstead and Leo summer. Last year the money any of them were .able ,l~ get in parents, was held in the church With two men down, Flnkle with short sleeves; heart-shaped parlors, where covers were laid got a free pass to first on a walk, pockets appliqued with flowers :d skirts. With them they Nielsen have }fled their petitions was raised by having an Easter the fields at all, they were in for 70 guests. A four,tier wed- Carlson .g~ot on first on ,an error trimmed the skirts, and sweet. trge picture hats of taffeta, alloped inlets, peaxl cbak- for the office of Coun.ty Commis- Monday dance, there working around the clock, dins cake, topped with tiny wed- on the Cut's short.stop, Madison heart bri.nwned bonnets and sioner for the first commission- This year the Legion put on and the same applies:~er most dins Slippers, was flanked ,by went in to pinch hit for Plerzina, satin mitts, w:ith pearl necklaces, I matching earrings. Their ers district, ,and Roman Finne- a smoker to raise enough money areas of the state. ~ white tapers in crystal candela- and another error on Dickinson's completed their outfits. The were colonial style bou- man and Floyd Bosserman have to support this program, but Prospects have never beenI bra, and apple blossom and lilac third baseman, allowed the tieing maids of honor carried bouquets The small flower gi~ls if.led for the same pffice for the things didn't work out quite as better for a bumper crop,say { bouquets. A reception was held .at run. of yellow carnations, while the lressed in ye~ow and blue third district.- well as expected, and as an im- most of the old-timers, although] the brides home in the after- The tenth inning proved fatal bridesmaids had mixed pink and frocks, with matching ~1 bonnets and mitts, and Lewis Odland, present commis: mediate result, the Legion ,Post as usual, rain would be welcome, 1 noon, with a dinner for the bri. for the locals; when Oas, who yellow carnations. The bride. colonial bouquets. F_~mh sioner from the first district, and found themselves sorrowfully I but there is art ample supply of dal party, and immediate fatal- had pitched a three hit game up groom and attendants vore gold ~ necklace, glft To&~, Wosepka, ~~oner short of comb. But despite all set- { ~N~b.soil molstttre. The" !~ekly lies. untR that time, allowed, two hits white carn~ftlon boutonnieres. The ~:~'~n~;the third district, have de. backs, par~ .edWin thi& yearI Weather and crop report issued by After their honeymoon td by tl~e first two batters to the little flower girl was dressed in bride, re cided t)i@y ,l~ave held the office can go out to the baseba1.1 park[ the Dept. of Agriculture last western points, they will be at plate and was relieved by Doer- w~hite organdy, and carried a *Wlng the ceremony, a " long enough, and did not fi.le, and see their youngsters partici-~ t, and wedding dinner, Mr. Odland has held the office pate in Vhis all American sport.I week end say that the southern home in the Palmer Apts. The net. The first batter to face Doer- basket of sweet peas, and the and our own western section of bride is a graduate of the Beach. net was thrown out at first, the rinL bearer wore .a white suit by the ,parents of the for 33 years, while Mr. Wosepke Coach Mor~arty will have two the sta~e show that between 90 high school, class of '49, and second was' struck out, but the with ,a black tie. Was served in the dining groups to work with ,again th4s and 95 percent of the wheat had has been employed at the local third man to face Doerner placed Fo]1owin,~ rhe ceremony, a_ on Back Page} Men Get Job Done weeks ago" ~wo mem- )f the Board of Directors of and their newly ap- agronomist, Geo. Cadil- rocks at street lights. The boys lowing, and the ~ccomdmnying ~ed the Ranch, .and also are learning a worthwhile sport, high winds dried )out the top a short visit in Beach. and forgive me for patting m~'- soil some, but there is no cause here they expressed their sel on the back, but I know of for alarm at all. I of having about 70 acres two instances since this program Prospects of wheat prices re-. ~nd prepared at the '.Ranch, started, that I h, ave kept two -'eded to Sudan grass, .be- boys from getting off on the rosining at a high level are given encouTagement by reports in the near future they wrong track, of returning corfrbiners, who say to have stock on the There is qui~ .a, firmncial lay- the ,grain crops in the soumwest tha.t must have feed. Their out to get this started, so re- are extremely poor this year, and Were made known to sev- member when the season tickets some of them -returned to their each men; presto--the job go on sale, dig down, and help homes here weeks sooner than rflshed. . the Legion boys keep Junior Le- they expected ~ the call for donated la gion baseball alive in Beach. ' ------ td tractors was issued, the LEWIS ODLAND Last season about 60 boys par-Tom Tes.cher Breaks t~e was hardly believable, h,as been one of our commission- ticipated in the baseball pro- Leg Riding Bronc ,th Howard Hardy and Har- ~OWski in charge you might ers for 20 consecutive years, gram. This year more are expect- ed to turn out. All boys are that things were going .to when he completes this term. asked to meet at the Legion Hall Tommy Tescher, son of Mr. and ~Others who answered the Both men have a very fine re- 'Monday afternoon at 4 p. m., Mrs. Matt Teseher of Sentinel ere Frank Bares and cord and have served their county of his sons ~vho brought well. 'We feel that they deserve June 12th. If you can:t be there Butte,day vchilefracturedridinghiSa broncleg Will-SUn" .ase tractor,' Frank Kress their last vote as commissioners, and want to play, contact CoaCh iston, during the matched bronc a Massey-Harris tractor .a vote of thanks from everybody Moriarty before that 'time. T.he riding contest, sponsored by the t by the Hardy Motor C~,., in Golden Valley county, baseball season will be in full State Line Club, with Bill Linder- Kukowski drove his dad S Only one other commissioner swing next week. Each team will man, the latter being declared ~o~is - Moline, Johnny in the state has served as a tom- be sponsored by a local mer- winner Tommy was taken to the was in the drivers seat missioner longer than Mr. Od- chant. The committee .hopes that Wil~l,iston hospital, and probably International tractor and land, he being Commissioner Wm. more parents will take interest win be home in a few nays, ann Kiedrowski, brought his ,Krekow, of Stutsman county, who this year and attended the games expects to get ,around on crutches tractor and drill, the has served his county for 35 and practices, and make an el- shortly, after that. fort to get the boys out next Mon- Another of the Tescher boys doing all the seehdi~ years. Adamson was on n I *Mr. Odland was first elected to day. fared better, with Jim winning ng gas for the Beacon[ the office as commissioner m The Legion baseball committee the jackpot brone riding events, along with several others, I 1914 when 'he was 31 years of iSman;madejoeUPNiece,Of DOnFranklinBeaton, Smilya,chair" bOthTescherSaddle.tookandsecondbare~acl'~L_aa__ dtdtjAl"nn since except for a few years back Frankie Kippley and "Stub" bronc riding, and also as .~re interested in .the pro- { age and has served continuously { Noyes, as well as Commander Teseher was first in bronc rkting Work was started earlY{in the early '30's. He also set- James~ atannuncer'the JayceeLaStrodeoSaturdaYin Dickinson.Jim morning of last week,] ved as president of the North ln~lghtfall the job had{ Dak~ota Commissioners Associ, a- LUTHEBAN WOMEN S " tion back i.n 1947. RALLY HERE JUNE 14 MRS. UNA HKR"~E Pleted. The Cameo Stu- } Three names of local ~rPr 1; St. Paul's congregation is host TAKEN RY DEATlg also represented with a{ Vaan, taking pictures to/ will a~pear on the ballot mr m to the spring rally of_ the Mts- ,Mrs. Una Hartse or Carlyle, in this week's issue of{ of.rice of representative fmva the 39th district. Roy Snow, Prestel~lt. scurf Slope Women s Mi..~i0n M'0nt., died here th.~ .Tues., e~ ~, but the fire last Thurs-[ Delega~ces and guests from the funeral services will De neia :n 'al'~lg at the studio de-{ representative, wig be a Dana- League Rally on Wed., June 14. at the Beach ~ptta_l, a na_zn. 1 the prints, we are[ date on the NPL ticket, Mrs. following parishes will attend the U. B. chureah in c;ariyie a~lotmce. ]RubY, and $ackDernerBallard'sn the ROCnameti _ck_e.~wu.~ the rally: Bismarck, New Salem, Sat., June 10, at 2__.p.m., .w~m NP~E~ ] .a~pear-Ym-the Democratic column. H.anrmver, Glen Ulli.n, Dickinson, burial in Carlyle. "me obituary Beulah, Hazen, antl Zap. will appear next w ~e@k. ~11 members and friends of ~t '" "~'~" ........ JU~NE 14 { REGULAR COURT TERM che loeal unit are urged to at- { The Weather { ~atative from the ~t. D./ POSTPONED ~L JULY tend the rally. Ployrnent Service .at) Very windy last Thursday and Will be in Beach, at the The regular term of court here ' and Sunday. Warmer, clear tiffs on June 14, at 9:30 a. has been postponed from June DINNER AT GOLVA Friday. Calm and fair Saturday P. m., to take applioa-1.3, to July 18, according to worn SUNDAY, JUNE 18 , Monday and Tuesday, .the .two Work, orders from era- received from ~ludge Broderick The ladies of St. Mary s Church, hottest days we have nan m~s [oyment cornpen- of the District Court at Mandan, Golva, will give a dinner Sun- spring. Much colder and cloudy and answer any who notified Judge Guy Lee, day, June 18, in the church hall. this Wednesday, accompanied by and appll- clerk of the district court, at the Th::du.blle is cordially invited to a light rain that was still coming regm'd to the Beach court ,hous~ down as we go to press. year, the Midget League and the already been sown. Other crops j. C. Penney Store prior to her a slow roller down toward third wodding din.ner was ~-iven by the regular Junior Legion baseball sown in lesser quantity here are marriage. The, bridegroom grad- base, ttttt Doerner" failed to re-~ (Continuded on Back Page) team. At the recen,t meeting potatoes, oats, barley, flax, and us ted here in 47, and is engaged trive the ba'll in time, aHo~ving [ ------T--==- -= Moriarty made a remark which v.orn, reel might v/'ell be remembered, "If Scattered rain squalls in thisin farming, in partnership with one runner to score. The next bat. Alf -- Dies his father, ter, a left handel placed a fluke[ In Rifle Accident l hit into left field, which fell just] "thiSingWill baseballs,knwPrgramtheircontinues'andbYSnotaretlvrowin~parentsthrw" cornSmewhatarea plantir~glaSt theweek, Mr.OUtandf townMrs, guestSEdward includedo,Neill inside the foul line, and two more] A1 ~red Larson of Carlyle, Mon~., and family, Rochester, Mi~n., Mr.' runs were tallied, was killed instantly this Monday A S, Bruski and sons, Billings, Beach collected a tectal of three morning, June 5, as he attempted Mont, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bru- hits for three runs, while the to crawl through a barbed wire ski and daughdmr, Baker, Mont., Cubs got 6 for 6. fence on his ranch, accidentally Mrs. Harry Kunda, KaHspell, The next game Beach will play discharging a 22.calibre rifle he Mont., and Mrs. Charles Marman, will be here next Sunday, when was carrying. A neighbor, ~C~'S. d. family of Billings, Mont Richardton comes to Beach for Stanley Nelson, who was passing an-------------------- another league game. by, noticed him laying beside the , . equipment has arrived and will Funeral services will be con- Hold Meeting Here be installed as soon as possible, ducted by key. O. L. Olsrud of The first home game under lights the Lutheran church, in the Thursday evening, June 8th, will be played with Wibaux, and Fundamental church in the Golden V.a,lley Wildlife Club a game has a~ready been sched-. Wibaux, M.o~t., this Thursday, wilt hold its summer meeting at uled with the Kansas City Mon- June 8, at 2:30 p. m. the American Legion Hall in archs to be pl,ayed here under 'Survivors include his wife and Beach, N. Dak. lights on Thursday, June 29th.two daughters, aged 12 and 2 Deputy Fish and Game Corn- years, and four sisters and three missioner E. S. Brynjolfson will brothers. A complete obituary, speak on different wildlife prob. if available, will appear in the lems. He will show two films on next issue. ' r fishing and hunting, G eat Northern Tackle Busters", .and clarice--P-ies~ik-Is- "Thrill R~ver", or African big Named Rodeo Queen game picture. The Wildlife Club will meet Mrs. Clarice Piesik of Wibaux, was chosen queen of the Cowboys upstairs in the Legion Hall, be- Frolic Rodeo, at the western ball cause the American Legion Aux- at Jack's Club last Sat. eve, and iliary meets the same evening. won by 13 votes over Betty Arm. Ted Thorson, Soft Conservation- strong, of ~Medora, and Shirley ist, attended the State Wildlife Gundlach of Ekalaka, Mont. All Convention in Valley City. He went to Miles City this ~VIonday, will report to the members about the convention, and also on the Jimmy WhRe and his nine with the Bob Blomes, where the tree planting activity in the piece orchestra of Omaha, have queen selected her $200. outfit, been engaged to play for the and ~he runnersup their prizes. county. Considerable enthusiasm is opening of the VFVq Club at Wi- The Cowboys Frolic Rodeo, baux, Saturday and Sunday sponsored by Bob Blome, will be being shown in the. crow and nights, June 10 and 11, of this held at their Wibaux ranch thla magpie hunt. Severat men~oers have accumulated over 100 week. Sunday, June 11, all day. Chlp -- Morris and f~tmous horse, Doris poin.ts, and report that Magpies Circus To Arrive Morris and Birdie Askin, trick are more numerous than In many riders, will be there, and Earl years. Bring in eggs, wings, and Here This Monday Bird of Medora, who will do RoD feet to the meeting. Cyril Oden. Unfolding its mobile arsenal ofI man riding, Frank Chitwood, baugh will keep a running score amusements beneath a blgI clown, and mule, and 5 contest in the barbershop for the next 3 spread of canvas shot skyward, I events, promise to make a fir~e months, the circus will arrive in Beach, Irodeo. The Rohan Bros. Hardware Monday, June 12, { Store is Sponsoring a fishing The .birds and beasts will be[ BEAC--H---H0--~M~U~, contest for the summer and will there, the clowns, aerialists, wire/ TO MEET JUNE 15 display the prizes at the meet- walkers, the horses and the riders{ Members of the Beach Home- ins. and more ot everything than{ makers Clu~) will meet Tuesday, Dick and Dave will serve ever has before been ,assembled] June 13, at the home of the free lunch, and will offer and labled a circus will be on! William Melvin. another 25 lb. bag of Gaines dog view and Seal Bros. Circus will' food as door prize, be in town, June 12, and will i ~ ~ The membership in now is go direct to the ball grounds for 246. Be sure and bring a friend, erecting. fellow hunter or fisherman. There will be two performances Whea 1-99_ at 2 and 8 p. m., doors opening Oats o~ Don't fall to attend the Wild. one hour earller, for the band Barley ~ ~ ,77 tO life meeting tonighL concert. See their ~d elsewhere Flax ....... 3~6~