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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
June 2, 1938     Golden Valley News
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June 2, 1938
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The Golden.Valley News And THE BEACH REVIEW And THE BEACH ADVANCE V OLUME 2 ~ BEACH, GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1938 NUMBER ~ L Jr, ] Beach Nine Wins Golva Wins From j Baseball Benefit Candidates File T Dance Here June 7 For Various County One, Loses One, Baker In Ninth o Theo,__,Voters Of The Beach o. .o. m=o And State Offices Sunday-Monday a o,. game played Sunday.! t 3caool District: .rs is called to th. be Me- ~-_L'~t To Sidne~,~, ~-.. Sunday And Going into the ninth inning Baker wasI ball~ benefit dance to be held in the four runs behind, however, they man-~ t Beach city auditorium next ~y, Several Incumbent Official~ To .W_in Close Game From Golva ed to score five times in this inning, it Our schools face a serious problem. Since 1931 June 7th, when the Four Counts, well Have No Opposition At FA~ Monday. and were leading Oolva t to 7 when~ ,~ the cost of running our schools has been reduced 49 known g_~rR radio or~ wm ap- --,fen Thin Yekr .... Oolva came in for their last bat'l|. percent. But since 1930 the school taxes collected pear here for a dance ~ment ..... __":Z"-_ . . (By Special Correspondent) Baker made two errors in this inning,I under sponsorship of the local baseball ...J~.t. ~amr~ay, May ~, was me "~ballDuring teamthe paSthasWeektastedendboththe defeatBeach and this coupled witha hit predueed~ ~ have been reduced by 58 percent and the total re- club. Ladies will be admitted free to ozncml nay for znmg petttion~ for ~W the two needed runs, with nobody out, I ~ ceipts for the schools have gone down 61 percent, the event and men will be taxed m~h-- various oountly and state o~ that victory on the diamond. On Sun- ty-flve cents each. are to be voted on at the c0n~i~, ~naking the final score 9 to 8 in favort ~[ay the strong Sidney team took the of Golva. I t mary election on June 28th. This band, which is a hot and meal- lOCal boys into camp to the tune of x0rt0 the3" ThesidneyfineteamPitchingwas OftoDanmuchQUiCkfor Fasching was on the mound for Gel-/ L~ additionalIf we moneyare to maintainmust be thesecuredProperTheSChOOlDistrictStandardSmay em six ~Iece groun of swing nurveyors In this county the political pot lz~ " . deluxe, have made an enviable reputa- rdiy ~ to boil, althoU~ ~ Is va and pitched very good ball until ~ ...... ha ~ me ninth when he weakened. Baker ]~ ~ borrow or it may increase the schoo! Ievy. It is the ~ for themselves in North Dakota opposition Ior a number of the the Beach team as they were able to ~ster only 3 hits, while 17 of them used three pitchers in trying to halt !lt q opinion Of the Board of Education that it will be and Montana the past few mont~, county auditor _Mlnme Z. Went the ], and have been drawing banner ~rowds t~_u~~y "l.~.~urer Keneth StoUt, ~i~o Golwt team. out by the strikeout route. Do- cheaper for the local taxpayer if the levy were to be whereverin they have been booked CoronerY ~uperintenuentjack IAndt,I'Iermanand JtmtioeF" at~ ~g the catching for the Sidney team Baker scored 8 runs on 8 hits whlle~l Golva collected 13 hits for their nine" L increased by seven mills. Please let us know your addition to ,qayin~ the :latest Was our last years catcher, Dan Pintz scores, li~ opinion as expressed by your vote at the school elec- and best ~f do- mimic as ~u = an'* Peace A. M. Stoddard and 0at Who contributed materially to the .......... = n t ~1~ H,~o t,,nes th ...... ~ ,,~ ~ hoof u .... o least) the Golden Valley News aa ............. o cial paper, are all unopposed for r~ snow and imitation oz ~ne HoCSsler ~o~ ........ victory with a long home run in the Next Sunday Golva meets the strongI ~ tion on Tuesday, June 7. ~ .......... "~ ............ fn eighth inning with two men on bases. Marmarth team on the Golva diamond i Shots that has been exceptionally well el~zon ...r~Is ~Luae: Larry Tennyson who started the and a large turn-out is expected, it BOARD OF EDUCATION received. In this show they render Tne oznce oz snerlff has arewn~ the 1~Une for the Beach team pitched a ~OOd game for seven innings against M1a ~ -- some very clever novelty numbers that ~ost competition, with four cand/dst~s t~e heavy hitting Sidney boys. In thellea it P J" Edkins, president are highlv entertainin, and ,leachm liing, a~vo of the incumbent counter ~ghe~th inning he was relieved by Frank , t Mrs. D. L. Kukowski to an.- -- - " - commissioners will be opposed, and taw ellzelMondayWhO finishedwe mettheourgame'old rivals Widely Scattered ~vent in You will surely aet your deeds, and state representative have -- I ' O.W. Douglas Plan to be there and take this one offices of state's attorney, register Of q Golva and the u ual good g me Vr __ D" I and ach dr wn can a . Following a complete list of candt- ~4r l'T | | l~rl~ dates fried-with the county audlt~ II~Ulted. Frank Wenzel was selected to -nn~ ummerI /TIrS.HauglanoWI" during the filing period: Sheriff Frank Nehls Ray L. Ztnsll Glenn P. Cook Curt sm Ommty Auditor Minnie E. Smith C~mt~ ~ma, ar~ Kenneth 8tout Clerk of O~m% ~ of, A. E, Kastlen J. J. Hees Sts~s Attorney GUy Lee Daniel 1=. Keohane Superlnten/~t of Belmols Herman 1e. I~etz (~unty (~mner Jack Llndt County C~mmi~ioner of ][st that M. Von Ruden who played Minneapolis or in Mlssoula, Mont. ' man roses. The bridesmaid was gown- ~ ~ memJ=ers from BeIfleId were Funeral ~ were the Beach team a part of last ! Mr. Sevland is returning to his home ed in peach taffeta and carried car- ~p~ment, among them President Haney, the C. F~ churcit is now with New England. ~ in Everett, Washington. I nations and ~. o~.:the vaH~y ~e~:who .e~th~. l~)~Wc~on .Of ~ ScOres and also the batting and ~ ?~ Hesch, Kukowski, Evans plan groom and best man @ere cTml in ti~'~l~l chub for the Invltation to tlr~ ~10 the pitching for the locals and -_ .... ~rMadison did the honors for ~ ~ - -- last I ~| a~l,a~Ntoa~ _ Both these boys pitched fine The Beach city schools olo d , m ,rOn mt,, Uno" -- T resulting in a close ~ame, the final Friday after the report cards were I ,~r baux Laov Dies being 4 to 3 in favor of Beach. p~esed out to the students and the =/ ~!" '~ / *-- J' I~ I N * d~l 1 At the end of the first half of the class day exercises which were heldI arm.r 17/1.3Cllml[z*i! Peat. LIOIlS bltlD w~ :-~-/-or'-- - - ~tl~ ............ that mo-nin- ~- th~ ~ Followin,,t . ] rmttm erms o me zamuy were _~-~ mnmg me soore was uen a~ .. -. s ,~.. ~ s~-.-.. .. .~t =mr . ~ar _ I ~! ~ ~I IT ~ ,~rleved tohear Of thedeath of Mrs .~ With Beach ~ bat is the final ;are ~ne pmns oz tne ~eacn iacul~y zor l M.~....~d W~f~#~zr m~zr eL~r~nl~ Pet -- "and " t" -len " " " : and with Wenzel and Swift on It'he coming summer: Mr. and Mrs. ] ~V|aIIIHDU .ll.l.~Lq.~gU~aJ l" 1 lti~t7 l.~v~L, aJUaa~ ~( e ~uffla Lat me ~ azve nos~tai ~e l~.=o .~.~..~ ^. ~.,_ ~^,. ~...~lWollan have returned to Coifax N D.,[ j "" ~a~ o oe~ Tnursaay mornm~, Mr n ] ' was taken llI Monday morning at her ~m~ to the p~te ~nd drove a single Ifor the summer. . a d Mrs. Sand- Yesterday morning at S:~0 there was ~e to Comencement excreta b~; ~,N =~ ,, ,~, ~o~, ~, ~o~ ,, center field sending Wenzel across ne~ ha_we re_turned to Moor Lead, MLnn i solemnized a pretty wedding ceremony at Beach and Belfield the attendance tween W1baux and ~lendDe ~e ~ mm th esom Mr ~mnara ~cnroe~er wm re = , Beach when I meetin of the L#m~s' ...... e winning run. l ", in St. John s church in at the specis g ,t~en t~ the ew~dive ~f~l ~hm~ main in Beach fo the summer with re became the evenin was not as l ~t Sunday the Beach te~a travels ~. ~ ....... Miss Florence Came n club last Frid~ g au m~,nti~ was ~rformed and later ~, .......... s=ne xcel~lOn el a snor~ summer scrmol ~._~^ of Arthur M Schmitz of Golvs ~,~ as had been anticipated _." -.'-7- ~ '".~ =- .... ,t~er Ior a game mere tna me *~' ~* *~ ~"lt .... ~ r,~n~.~ ~ u,,,,~ .... ? ..... " ~ " " blooa trnnstumm~ were gaven, mn to ~in ~ ......... = "~ ............ ~ =" Father Haze oznclatea a~ me cere-, meetin was neld as a test[ g Sunday the New Eng~nd j~ ......... Th g - no avail. Mrs. Haul]and who was 34 is also new to us. We are in- faille and carried a bouq o is- dr~s at* the high . her Imping- averages can be found on page to attend summer school at Mlssoula, conventional dark m~tS. ~ ~:~#.' Mont.. ' The bride is the daughter o~ rMre. .~0 fine attractions have been book- ~ Mr. Hylland will attend ~ Euphemia Cameron of Beach and is ~ ere for later in the season. On scholo at Mlssoul~t after WinCh he w~. very well and fav~:~ kz~m~rn ~ e 27th the famous House of David a~sume his new duties at Scobey, Mon~. throughout this seetkm. For the past ellng team will oppose the local Miss Lcslnskl will attend summer five years she, with her mother and !~l~e here and on July 19th the Piney school at Winona, Minn. family, have resided here in Beach, WOodswo Collegians will appear here. Miss Jahr will be at her home in coming here from Otolva. She has ~.~tn to see both of these fine travel- Dickinson. been employed at the Die,men store eaulm in action. Mrs. Oladys Goddard will be at her in this'city for several years and dur- Radio Station At Golva Being Builtt (Contributed) building and installation of a' Power loop antennae radio With a range of 30 to 60 miles, This field of trouble, equipped fences, using tele- instead of steel towers. Station will be equipped far and four directional of 3 degree width. A plane a beam receives continl0Us one without receives a tele- slKnal, depending on quadrant. klenffication is given about thirty seconds. ~aen have been employed dur- construction of this project and men will be employed regularly, ~ ~rators working on three 8- ~arts daily and one mechanic. Jim Kerr of Palestine. Texas. in charge of the installation. ? he left ~or Custer, Montana, the installalon of another AIrlifT" HOI~ffE EC CLASSES Fdldred Shetland informs the the adult classes in Home which she is teaching are every afternoon at 2:30 p, m. Economics department of high .school. Hemstitcl~ng Wednesd~ty, Smocking on Fagot4ng on Friday, and ' on Saturday. All in- Urged to pkmse bring their PARTY about a htmdred folks at the Page Hall in Oolva to and Mrs. S. D. ~nezevich their twenty-fifth wedding this well known couple been united in marriage 25 ago in Aurora, Minnesota. party was held and a very mOck wedding was held, and all, an enjoyable eve~hxg was Beach for the next three weeks doing[a wedding dinner with Mrs. C~mero~ extension work for the Home Econom-ias hostess, honoring the newlyweds, Ics Departnmt. The balance of her[ was given at the Hotel Beach, with summer she will be in attendance at covers laid for 36. For the occasion the summer session of the Oregon the dining room was prettily decorated State College at Vorvallis, Oregon. with lilacs and cut flowers. An Out of Slept. A. R. Mflller plans to spend the town guest was John Doull of Miles ~most of the summer in Beach. , meett~j, and the hope ~tmt more ~h~t meetin~ could be aranged in the fu- tz~re. M~ ]~a~th-RizmeR~ accoml~s/ed at the pismo=~)y Mrs. 1~. H. Halstead. rendered a ~aphone solo in her usual efffe/ent manner. Lian Allan was then called upon and spoke for twenty minutes on L~onism in general, speaking very highly of the home south of Beach. ing that time has gained a wide chile activities of thb Beach club and the Miss Cyclle Hagen has returned to of friends here. , other clubs in the Bismarck zone. He her home at Hilisboro. N.D. The groom is the youngest son of also addressed a word of welcome to Miss Blanche Kirchner has returned ............. lva the Belfleld club on bel~alf of the In- Mr. and Mrs. ~. d. ~g~um~ m ~ ,.. ~^..~ ~..~,.-t . v~tors to her home at Bowman, N. D. She .............. ~-t".~,,m~,,~=, ~,-- .......... and is a .popular yum~ ,,~u m m.~ ~m,. ~ .... ~_ ~h.~ ~f v.~on plans to do some summer school work - - -'-- --" ~'-^w- in' ""= "~'~ "~ "~" ~"'~ ~ vicinity ana m ainu we, =..u . -'i ..... . ............. ,-, at Dickinson, N. Dak.,. or possibly at ~h. .. ~ , Presmen~ ~mo ~gan wno was pr~zu- Missoula, Montana. ~* hag for the last time as his term of MAss Hildred Shelland will remain in ! At one o'ciock yesterday afternoon oHlee expires on June ~0th. During his term the Beach club has continued its activlties in fine style as in the past. Several new members-have been added to the roster and as a high light during his administration the Beach club suc- City, a brother of Mrs. cameron. Tomorrow night a wedding dance will be held in Golva at which time all friends of the happy young oouple will be welcome to help celebrate the event. Best wishes and congratulations are extended the newlyweds from their host of friends in Beach, Golva and sur- rounding community. 'BALL G~ME AT SENTINEL BI.FFTE A baseball game will. be held next S.unday, June 5th, ~t Sentinel Butte, When the Sentinel Butte team will meet the Big Four nine in a game. Both teams are out to win and a ck~e game is in project. B at-tail Cars for Crack Train Work is nearly the oar~ ceeded in sponsoring the organization of the new club ~t Beifleid. the local ;club being one of three in the entire 'Fifth District to sponsor a new club in the year just past. I" At the regular meeting of the clUb ion May 23rd President Logan, Presi- dent-elect Gilman, Secretary Halverson and future Lion Tamer Smith were elected delgats to the Disstrtet con- vention ,'at Rapid City June 8-9-10. Old Settlers' Picnic Set For June 19th A real time is in project for Sunday, June 19th, when the annual Old Set- tlers picnic will be held at the Pat Murphy grove north ~f Sentinel Butte. There will be stands with ice cream, pop, etc., avdlable co all and possibly a ball game if it can be arranged. There may be some speakers and rmnor has it that every candidate for a county ~ce will be ca!led on for a talk, or~run a foot race instead: I There wlli ~ races for ~he kiddies also. Plan to ~ prasent f~* this annual AU membem please .be present. E. Brewer, See. A. F. t MglrrlNG HERE FRIDAY This ~ evening, June 3, at 8 p. m. there will be held in the court room of the local court house a meet- ing for the purpose of possible a Iocslof theA. F.L. The~' will be an ~:organizer present from[ Dickinson, and everyer~.- Interested Is J conducted at Lewis Odland Sa~'urdsy afternoon J.M. Stecker at = l~ m.-in charge of E. B. Tollef-[CNmty ~ of ~ Of thei Lutheranin l Z" * ~el~Jffre. ~r& P.!A; Fk~her ~.nd Mrs.~A.M. Peterso~l .Tames ]~Ilott -a~mI~ar~d~:by Mrs. l~J~lee o~ the INmee P. CS~y mag com:orm~g h~m. ~ A.M. Stod~,xl The many friends from GIet~llve and Relwemmtatlws Hadgm and the many beauot, fful fioral~ H. W. Brown offerings showed tl~ hlg~l esteem in E.O. Sawyer which t~s young n)~th~'was held. She For Of 1~lal Paper was a sister Of ~m:/O. M. Helvik 0f'~ Golden Valley News WI~ux, .l&~. l~r~us of Olendlve,' Mrs. Herrlgstgd/.,~ Mrs. L,4rd and the,~.lm M~|! ~l. Anderson b~, of Hedges, and one .-,,a ,,,--': r " brother. Helge Anderson, lies at FrY-,to, ~ burg, ~. D, We extend sympathy ~lt~on the sorrowing family, t , ~ *~, .... rd ; Hagan, Omland Sat. ay Speak Here Sunday -- , ..... ~-- , ,Pretty Ceremony Unites .~nZ Last Sunday at t p. m. a t~r~med dive Man and Local Girl; mm~l~ crowd garaged to hear John mg~, i Out Of Town Guests Here Norrpartl~~ candidate for governor, and JohU=~mland, candidate ~or stateI A soft background of bridal musty treasurer, speak at the city auditorium, was played by Mrs. Alfred Klatmler IT he speakers were introduced by B. bridal vows were spoken Saturday ev~ IT..Pleslk. of Beach,.and sPoke interest- ~g a~ 8:~0 by Ehna A. Mt"er and t lnK~y on me many rogues that will ~ ~ on ~ at the A. Earl ~the voters in the coming primar~ ome in this city. The bride iS the election, eldest daughter of~ Mr. and , Mrs. ~~ ' ller, and the groom is the son Of BIG E~URErH DINNER ~ : Mr. E. Ellis of Olendive, Montana, The ladies of the St. PhRip's Cath: ~ev. Alfred Klauser before an altar olie parish are having *a big dinner at prettily lighted by candleabra. the c~urch on Sunday, June 12th, to For the occasion the bride wore an which the public is cordially invited, aqua blue silk and lace gown with & corsage of white gardenias. MISs Viro MARATHONER ginla Miller, sister of the bride, was her only attendant and wore a gown of blue sheer crepe and a corsage 07 sweet peas and rosebuds. Mr. M~urice Miller of Winona, Minnesota, brother of the bride, acted as attendant for the groom. f A ter the ceremony a wedding .sul~- per was served to the ~rids/par~ and immediate families an~ friends of the couple, Out of town guests included Mr, ]~. Ennis, Sr.. Mrs. Alice L~nb~ken. Jessie Riley, Ruth Enn!~. Miss St~pek~ Miss Norma Higgins. Mr. Henry Oeorge" "MUllendore, all Montana, Miss Luci!le ,wt~z, ~timesot~, M~ 9f M[asoula, Montan~ Mr:, Rex Miller of Miles C~ty, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Oiso~ o~ Washington After a short wedding trip the new- .. lyweds plan to be at home in Olendlv~ ~[ Ma~,~ Montana, Congratulations are extend- -- ~ .. ~.2 m,u ram= wmnes go with them ~or 'a ~'~e~--'"~d~S~. [ long and happy wedded llfe. S~t~g~o:O~uthtr0t B&G'~ FROM V~kC&TION" in slightly more ~ 41,4 hours. ~no day mght by train .'rein a pleasant two ,inner, thiz~ty-fo~r.year.old L~flio weezs vacation spent in Minnearm~.~ 'Stwsen, made the ronte In = lzou~, 'and ather old home at BrainVer~. } minutes ~ 'Mlnn~e*.a~. She reports that in tl~t particu1~ section there has been al- recently, and that is very hi~1~ at