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May 19, 2016     Golden Valley News
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May 19, 2016
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Page 12 Golden Valley News May 19, 2016 Notice Annual Drinking Water Quality Report City of Beach, North Dakota 2015 We're very pleased to provide you with this year's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. We want to keep you in- formed about the excellent water and services we have delivered to you over the past year. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. The information contained in this re- port is from the test results of the South- west Water Authority (SWA) which manages the facility that treats South- west Pipeline Project (SWPP) water. The SWA takes Missouri River Water from Lake Sakakawea. This is a sur- face water source. The intake is about 86 miles northeast of Dickinson. From the intake, the water is pumped to the Zap Reservoirs and then flows by grav- ity to the Dodge pump station where chlorine and ammonia are added to form chloramines. The job of chlo- ramines is to kill disease producing bac- teria and viruses in the water. The water then travels to the Richardton reservoir and pump station. Sodium perman- ganate is added at the Richardton pump station when offensive tastes and odors are present due to changes in water quality that may have been attrib- uted to lake turnover, variations in lake level, spring runoff, algae, and other factors. From the Richardton pump sta- tion the water is pumped to the Dickin- son reservoir and then flows by gravity to the Water Treatment Plant in Dickin- son where it is treated using the follow- ing processes: Clarifying and softening, where quicklime is added to the water to change dissolved calcium and mag- nesium (hardness) into undissolved particles. Alum and a flocculant are then added to collect those particles into heavier pieces that will settle out of the water. Stabilization, where carbon dioxide is added to bring pH down to ac- ceptable levels. Phosphate is added to limit scale and corrosion. Fluoride is also added to provide resistance to tooth decay. Filtration, where seven sand and anthracite coal filters remove sus- pended particles not removed in the clarifying and softening process. Filtra- tion can also be effective in the physi- cal removal of the protozoan Cryptosporidium. Disinfection, where chlo- ramines are once again added to re- duce bacteria to a safe level and provide a residual that protects against contamination. As part of a nationwide program, the North Dakota Department of Health completed an assessment of our source water and determined that our water system is moderately susceptible to potential contaminant sources. They also noted that "historically" Southwest Water Authority has effectively treated this source water to meet drinking water standards. If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact Kimberly Nunberg, City Auditor at 872-4103. We , want our valued customers to be in- formed about their water utility. If you want to learn more, please attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings i held on the first and third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. If you are + aware of non-English speaking individ- uals who need help with the appropri- ! ate language translation of this report, please call Kimberly Nunberg, City Au- ', ditor at 872-4103. The city of Beach would appreciate it if large volume water customers would please post copies of the year's Annual , Drinking Water Quality Report in con- { spicuous locations or distribute them to ,*. tenants, residents, patients, students, and/or employees, so individuals who consume the water, but do not receive a water bill, can learn about our water N/A I *one ~tml~I site x~:ded tile ,-~,tit m lc~l in 2i)14 ** V~|i0n Monitoring I)BP ((;blotincK2hloramin) Rout|no Major: I',~r ~he fir~ qu~'t~" ,~ 2tH $ [acl~ir~g the m+mlh~ .~n.~. Fcb~l;tr~ a.d Match 2015. ~1~ City of flesh ~il,:'J I~ c~mply wilh ~he m~mito~i~Jrcp~+ti~g ~='qui~cme+~t~ ~=he I)i~m&.ct.~ll~ a~ Di~in~c~km B~ -prc, d~ct~ Rule. Ihi,, rote u~ Io +nonil~ ~n~llbl~ ~hh~ri~e 1~1~ a.d r~:l-x~t~ d~m ~ th~ ~;~a~ Ile~hh Dcpartmcm ~m a q~ty b~i~. ~in t~ ~qui~ "~ml~le v,~ not taken o~ th~ ~p~1 ~a~ m~t submi~cd ~ 6me. ~e a~ u+~,~ of~he I~et ~f di~in fcc~m ~m'ing ~ime. S~e people '-~o tt~ ~ler c~mlaini~,g ch~ri~ well itl x ~."~ o~'lh MRDL ~ould extricate irtltatia~ el't~l~ ~ ~ir e~ e': ~ m~e+ Stone people v-h~ drink v,~l~r containing chltmne ".~:11 ill eXC~ oft~ MRI)I. co.ld cxwricm'e ~,m~ach di~om fctt [he Cit~ of Be~h h~s ~ke~ ~p~ ~ ~m:cl Ihls ~iota~i~n of~he Di~in~lant~ and Di~i.~clio. Rul~ ~ ~tuming to a normal reporting ~chcdul and ha~ resumed to c e, mptia~c ~ilh this rule. TEST RESULTS FOR BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA TABLE OF DETECTED UNREGULATED CONTAMINANTS (2) .++-+o, / I / / +'1 .... I]ic,~l'~[e a,~ HCO N/A N'A 198 180-19~ N]A N~u rJI erotic, plato ,m:~i,.,ities. ~d t:'t~in 1 Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of the water. It is monitored be- cause it is a good indicator of the effectiveness of our filtration system. 2 The EPA requires testing for certain unregulated contaminants, but has not established enforceable drinking water standards for them. They are monitored to determine whether or not future regulation is warranted. To obtain information about these test you may contact Ken Knight Water Treatment Plant Operator (701-225-9149) or Sandra Burwick SWA CFO/Office Administrator at 1-888-425- 0241 or e-mail at can be naturally-occurring or be the re- sult of oil and gas production and min- ing activities. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the Environmental Pro- tection Agency (EPA) prescribes regu- lations, which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by pub- lic water systems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations estab- lish limits for contaminants in bottled water, which must provide the same protection for public health. In the following table you will find many terms and abbreviations you might not be familiar with. To help you better understand these terms we've provided the following definitions: EPA requires us to monitor for over 90 drinking water contaminants and those that were detected are listed in the table below. Test results are from 2013. North Dakota does allow re- duced monitoring for certain contami- nants because their levels do not change significantly over time. For this reason, some of the test results are more than one year old. Definitions and abbreviations: Action Level of AL-The concentra- tion of a contaminant which, if ex- ceeded, triggers treatment or other requirements which a water system must follow. Maximum Contaminant Level or MCL- The highest level of a contami- nant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as close to the MCLGs as feasible using the best available treat- ment technology. Maximum Contaminant Level Goal or MCLG - The ievel of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected risk to health. MCLGs allow for a margin of safety. Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level or MRDL - The highest level of a disinfectant allowed in drinking water. There is convincing evidence that addi- tion of a disinfectant is necessary for control of microbial contaminants. Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level Goal or MRDLG - The level of a drinking water disinfectant below which there is no known or expected risk to health. MRDLGs do not reflect the ben- efits of the use of disinfectants to control microbial contaminants. N/A - Not Applicable N/D - Not Detected NTU - Nephelometric Turbidity Unit Parts per billion or ppb - 1 ppb is equivalent to adding 1 pound of a con- taminant to 999,999,999 pounds of associated with service lines and home plumbing. The City of Beach is respon- sible for providing high quality drinking water, but cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing compo- nents. Use water from the cold tap for drinking and cooking. When your water has been sitting several hours, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing your tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. If you are concerned about lead in your drinking water, you may wish to have your water tested. Infor- mation on lead in drinking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure is available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at We're proud that your drinking water meets or exceeds all Federal and State requirements. We have learned through our monitoring and testing that some contaminants have been de- tected. The EPA has determined that your water IS SAFE at these levels. Thank you for allowing us to provide your family with clean, quality water this year. In order to maintain a safe and de- pendable water supply we sometimes need to make improvements that will benefit all of our customers. These im- provements sometimes require rate structure adjustments. Please feel free to call our office if you have any ques- tions regarding this report. We work diligently to provide topquality water to every tap. We ask that all our cus- tomers help us protect our water sources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life, and our chil- dren's future. (May 5, 12 and 19) Bids ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AGGREGATE SURFACE COURSE GRAVELING GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Golden Val- ley County Commission, 150 1st Av- enue SE, PC Box 67, Beach, ND 58621, until 1:00 PM (MT), June 9th, 2016, at which time they will publically be opened and read aloud for the fur- nishings of materials, labor, equipment and skill required for the construction of GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY AGGRE- system, water (about 120,000,000 gallons). GATE SURFACE COURSE GRAVEL- Beach routinely monitors for con-Parts per million (ppm)or Milligrams ING and incidental items and, as is taminants in your drinking water ac- per liter (mg/I) - one part per million cor- more fully described and set forth in the cording to Federal and State laws. The responds to one minute in two years or plans and specifications therefore, following table shows the results of our a single penny in $10,000. which are now on file in the office of monitoring for the period of January 1st Picocuries per liter or pCi/l: A meas- Northern Plains Engineering. to December 31st, 2014. ure of radioactivity. Bids shall be upon cash payment on As authorized and approved by Treatment Technique or TT - A re- the following approximate quantities EPA, the state has reduced monitoring quired process intended to reduce the and major types of work: requirements for certain contaminants level of a contaminant in drinking water. PROJECT 1 : CMC 1746 (Pipeline ~; to less often than once per year be- Unregulated contaminants are those Road) - Aggregate Surface Course - cause the Concentrations of these con- for which the EPA has not established 30,000 Tons PROJECT 2: CMC 1746 & CMC taminants are not expected to vary significantly from year to year. Some of our data (e.g., for organic or inorganic contaminants,), though representative ~s more than one year old. The sources of drinking water (both "t tap and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, " springs and wells. As water travels over ,~ the surface of the land, or through the .~ ground, it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals and, in some cases, radioac- + tive material and can pick up sub- stances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity. Contaminants That May Be Present drinking water standards. The purpose of unregulated contaminant monitoring is to assist the EPA in determining the occurrence of unregulated contami- nants in drinking water and whether fu- ture regulation is warranted. Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. The presence of con- taminants does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk. More information about contaminants and po- tential health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Hotline +i in Source Water: (1-800-426-4791). Microbial contaminants, such as Some people may be more vulnera- viruses and bacteria, which may come ble to contaminants in drinking water from sewage treatment plants, septic than the general population. Immuno- systems, agricultural livestock opera- compromised persons, such as, per- I tions and wildlife, sons with cancer undergoing Inorganic contaminants, such as chemotherapy, persons who have un- ,~ salts and metals, which can be natu- dergone organ transplants, people with ,. rally-occurring or result from urban HIV/AIDS or other immune system dis- " stormwater, industrial or domestic orders, some elderly, and infants can be '~ wastewater discharges, oil production, .; mining or farming. } Pesticides and herbicides, which .~ come from a variety of sources such as ,; agriculture, urban stormwater runoff and residential uses. i Organic chemical contaminants, in- + eluding synthetic and volatile organic ~, chemicals, which are by-products of in- ~: dustrial processes and petroleum pro- ~! duction, and can also come from gas ',: stations, urban stormwater runoff and * septic systems. ' Radioactive contaminants, which particularly at risk from infections. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. EPA/CDC guidelines on ap- propriate means to lessen the risk of in- fection by cryptosporidium and other microbiological contaminants are avail- able from the Safe Drinking Water Hot- line (1-800-426-4791 ). If present, elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, es- pecially for pregnant women and young children. Lead in drinking water is pri- madly from materials and components 1703 (Carlyle Road & Marmarth Road) - Aggregate Surface Course -28,000 Tons PROJECT 3: CMC 1744 (163rd Ave. SW) - Aggregate Surface Course - 15,000 Tons The contract documents are on file and may be examined at the following: Northern Plains Engineering 141 Third Street West Dickinson, ND 58601 Project bidding documents are avail- able in digital format at You may down- load the digital plan documents for $20 by inputting Quest project #4499340 on the website's Project Search page. Please contact at 952- 233-1632 or for as- sistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information. An optional paper set of project documents is also available for a non-refundable price of $100 per set at Northern Plains Engineering (701.483.1858), 141 Third Street West, Dickinson, ND 58601. All bids are to be submitted on the basis of cash payment for the work and materials, and each bid shall be ac- companied by a separate envelope containing the contractor's license and bid security. The bid security must be in a sum equal to five percent (5%) of the full amount of the bid and must be in the form of a bidder's bond. A bidder's bond must be executed by the bidder as prin- cipal and by a surety company author- ized to do business in this stat=, conditioned that if the principal's bid be 32915 FORT UNION accepted and the contract awarded to SUPPLY & TRADING CO 327.50 the principal, the principal, within ten 32916 HARLOW'S (10) days after notice of award, will ex- BUS SALES INC 8673.70 ecute and effect a contract in accor- 32917 1-94 CONFERENCE 200.00 dance with the terms of this bid and the 32918 INTERSTATE bid bond as required by the laws of the ENGINEERING 3371.32 State of North Dakota and the regula- 32919 JW PEPPER tions and determinations of the govern- & SON INC 444.98 ing body. 32920 KDXN-FM 99.00 All bidders must be licensed for the 32921 KEMPS LLC, DBA full amount of the bid as required by CASS CLAY CREAMERY 1220.47 Section 43-07-05 and 43-07-12 of the 32922 KESSEL, KELLI 32.10 North Dakota Century Code. 32923 KEVIN'S AUTO & The successful Bidder(s) will be re- TRUCK REPAIR 466.29 quired to furnish Contract Performance 32924 KRAMLICH-KUBALL, and Payment Bonds in the full amount KRISTI 93.96 of the contract. 32925 KURLE, DAREN 224.84 Contracts shall be awarded on the 32926 MENARDS 1464.76 basis of the low bid submitted by a re- 32927 MESCHKE, LINDA 68.17 sponsible and responsive bidder for the 32928 MID-AMERICAN aggregate sum of all bid items for each RESEARCH CHEMICAL 522.90 project. A contract will be awarded for 32929 MONTANA-DAKOTA each project. UTILITIES 4479.16 All bids will be contained in a sealed 32930 NARDINI envelope, as above provided; plainly FIRE EQUIPMENT 222.00 marked showing that such envelope 32931 NORTHSTAR contains a bid for the above project. In TECHNOLOGY GROUP 604.18 addition, the bidder shall place upon the 32932 NSDASSP 180.00 exterior of such envelope the following 32933 PENNINGTON, ERIN24.93 information: 32934 PETERSEN, BRITTANY 21.60 1. The work covered by the bidder. 32935 POPP BINDING 2. The name of the bidder. & LAMINATING INC 123.40 3. Separate envelope containing bid 32936 PRAXAIR 695.12 bond and a copy of Contractor's Li- 32937 PROCIVE, STEPHEN 100.00 cense or certificate of renewal. 32938 QUILL CORPORATION 834.98 4. Acknowledgement of the Ad- 32939 RADIO TIME BILLING 282.00 denda. 32940 RADISSON HOTEL 160.20 No Bid will be read or considered 32941 RESP 250.00 which does not fully comply with the 32942 RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC59.16 above provisions as to Bond and 5- 32943 SANFORD HEALTH censees and any deficient Bid submit- OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE ted wilt be resealed and returned to the CLINIC 90.00 Bidder immediately. 32944 SCHNEIDER, MARYLOU10.62 The work shall be completed by Oc- 32945 SOUTH HEART tober 14, 2016. SCHOOL DISTRICT 12832.14 The Owner reserves the right to re- 32946 SPARTAN STORES LLC140.93 ject any and all bids, to waive any infor- 32947 ST BERNARD'S 300.00 mality in any bid, to hold all bids for a 32948 STAMP period not to exceed thirty (35) days FULFILLMENT SERVICE 1191.85 from the date of opening bids, and to 32949 TEMPRIGHT accept the bid deemed most favorable SERVICE INC 257.75 to the interest of the Owner. 32950 US Should the Contractor fail to com- FOODSERVICE, inc 3025.40 plete the work within the time required 32951 WEST RIVER herein or within such extra time as may STUDENT SERVICES 200.00 have been granted by formal exten- 32952 GEIGER, ALAN 117.52 sions of time approved by the Owner, .32953 KREBS, ANTHONY 161.60 there will be deducted from any amount 32954 OBRIGEWlTCH, DAN 161.60 due the Contractor the sum of $1000 32955 TEMPRIGHT per day and every day that the comple- SERVICE INC 3850.00 tion of the work is delayed. The Con- 32972 STREITZ, BONITA 2886.78 tractor and his surety will be liable for 32973 BRAUN INTERTEC any eXcess. Such payment will be as CORPORATION 9875.25 and for liquidated damages. 32974 BILLINGS By order of the Golden ValleyCOUNTY PIONEER 504.08 County Commission. 32975 CENTURY LINK 23.13 Dated this 19th day of May, 2016 32976 CENTURYLINK 234.24 GOLDEN VALLEY COUNTY 32977 CHASE CARD BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA SERVICES 972.58 /s/ Tamra Sperry 32978 JOB SERVICE ND 545.89 County Auditor 32979 PRAXAIR 791.47 (May 19, 26, and June 2) 32980 REISENAUER, JANE 617.76 32981 SCHIENO, HEATHER 42.60 Belfield School District 32982 WAL-MART COMMUNITY/RFCSLLC 148.47 32983 WEST RIVER REGULAR MEETING, BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICES 4376.59 EDUCATION, 32984 CHASE CARD BELFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL SERVICES 593.33 DISTRICT #13 32985 SCHOLASTIC 'APRIL 11, 2016 BOOK FAIRS 4356.74 ~~ ....... RA.Y- ........ ~--~ ......... STUDENT ACTIVITY 7780 COCA-COLA BOTTLING354.00 The meeting was called to order by 7781 GERRELLS Board President Krebs at 7:00 p.m AND COMPANY 462.80 Present: Terry Johnson, Anthony7782 HOLIDAY INN MINOT432.50 Krebs, Dan Obrigewitch, Edward Pro- 7783 TODD'S PHOTO 136.00 cive Supt. Northrop, Bus. Mgr. Berger, 7784 TRAPPERS 57.97 Elem Prin. Lorge, HS Prin. Kurle. (Ab- 7785 ACTION sent: Curt Buckman) ENTERTAINMENT CO 520.00 Also present: Alan Geiger 7786 TRAPPERS 35.00 M/S Johnson/Obrigewitch to ap- 7787 MOTT/REGENT prove the March 10, 2016 board meet- PUBLIC SCHOOL 60.00 ing with correction to name. Motion 7788 WAL-MART carried unanimously. COMMUNITY/RFCSLLC 53.11 M/S Johnson/Procive to approve the 7789 GREAT AMERICAN agenda. Motion carried unanimously. OPPORTUNITIES 2739.70 Pres. Krebs asked if there was any 7790 CHASE CARD more information on the pickup vandal- SERVICES 349.13 ism. Supt. Northrop reported nothing Supt. Northrop gave information on new has been reported. St. Bernard's parking lot. It is the con- Elem. Prin. Lorge noted upcoming sensus of the board not to provide fi- student activities, nancial help for this project. He noted HS Prin. Kurle noted work done on he had received bids for the technology next year's class schedule, that the contract for 16-17 and will be hiring handbook committee will be meeting North Star. He discussed the football and gave a list of upcoming student ac- abstracts, field and concession stand tivities, and also noted he has set two teacher The business manager presented inservice days right after school is out. the financial reports for March, 2016. Supt. Northrop gave a report on the M/S Johnson/Procive to approve RESP noting that the Succeed 2020 payment of the bills. Motion carried Grant is completed after 2016-2017. unanimously. The board reviewed the agenda and 32896 ND DEPT OF survey for the Community Meeting TRANSPORTATION 5.00 scheduled for April 14th. 32898ACTIVITY FUND BHS 116.53 Krebs and Obrigewitch review the 32899 ADVANCED negotiations progress and asked for BUSINESS METHODS 1627.95 input from the board. 32900 ALTERNATIVE Supt. Northrop presented two letters SANITATION 550.00 of resignation. M/S Obrigewitch/Pro- 32901 BELFIELD cive to accept Bonnie Streitz's resigna- AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY 15.99 tion as secondary special education 32902 BELFIELD teacher. Motion carried unanimously. PLUMBING & HTG. 44.20 M/S Procive/Obrigewitch to accept 32903 BILLINGS Jacob Keck's resignation as secondary COUNTY PIONEER 2t7.20 science teacher. Motion carried unani- 32904 BILLINGS COUNTY mously. SCHOOL DISTRICT 11943.65 Policy BDA authorizes the board to 32905 BRAUN adopt policies with one reading when DISTRIBUTING 9875.25 the board deems this action necessary. 32906 CANAD INNS 396.00 M/S Johnson/Obrigewitch to adopt the 32907 CARNEY, VICKI 49.26 following policies with one reading as 32908 CITY OF BELFIELD 801.24 written to expedite the completion of the 32909 CORNEIL, ELLA-JO 32.10 Belfield School District Policy Manual: 32910 CREATIVE ENERGY1055.39 GABC- Sex Education 32911 DEPT. OF GABDB - Title Programs Dispute PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 563.71 Resolution Procedure 32912 DICKINSON GACB- Patriotic Exercises NEWSPAPERS INC. 49.01 GCAA - Grade Promotion, Reten- 32913 FILKOWSKI, LAURA 59.83 tion & Acceleration 32914 FOOD SERVICES GCC - Educational Research & Sur- OF AMERICA - MIN 2788.22 veys of Students Beach, ND 2 Bedrooms Available * All Utilities Paid * Laundry Hookups * Income Based Call Wade 701-690-7552 Professionally Managed by ': Prairie Homes Management 1-888-893-9501 TTY 1-800-366-6888 HBAA- Federal Fiscal Compliance All policies containing bracketed lan- guage have been addressed and poli- cies with bracketed items selected are attached to these minutes. Roll call vote: Obrigewitch - yes, Krebs - yes, Johnson - yes, Procive - yes. Board policy GDB has been tabled. The next meeting is scheduled for May t2, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:46. Alice Berger, Business Manager Anthony Krebs, School Board Pres- ident (May 19) Belfield School District SPECIAL MEETING, BOARD OF EDUCATION, BELFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #13 April 11, 2016 Library A special meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm. Present: Terry Johnson, Tony Krebs, Dan Obrigewitch, Edward Pro- cive, Supt. Northrop Absent: Curt Buckman Agenda: Tour of Facilities. The board walked through the facil- ities. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm. Alice Berger, Business Manager Anthony Krebs, Board President (May 19) Belfield School District SPECIAL MEETING, BOARD OF EDUCATION, BELFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #13 April 14, 2016 7:00 pm GYM The community meeting was called to order at 7:00 pro. Present: Terry Johnson, Tony Krebs, Dan Obrigewitch, Edward Pro- cive, Curt Buckman, Supt. Northrop, Bus. Mgr. Berger, HS Prin Kurle, Elem Prin Lorge., Jim Perras from Consoli- dated Construction. Also present were members of the community and school staff. The agenda was to provide informa- tion on a possible land purchase for fu- ture new school buildings. Mr. Perras and Supt. Northrop pre- sented a Power Point Presentation on the need of updating buildings, past sur- vey results and proposals for the future. The floor was opened for questions from the audience. The audience was asked to fill out a simple survey before they left. Supt. Northrop thanked everyone for attending and for their questions. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm. Alice Berger, Business Manager Anthony Krebs, Board President (May 19) Belfield School District REGULAR MEETING, BOARD OF EDUCATION, BELFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #13 April 28, 2016 Library A special meeting was called to order at 7:30 AM. Present: Curt Buckman Tony Krebs, Dan Obrigewitch, Edward Procive, Supt. Northrop and Business Manager Berger. Absent: Terry Johnson Agenda: 2016-17 Master Contract. The board negotiators reviewed ne- gotiations. The board reviewed the ne- gotiated agreement for 2016-17. M/S Procive/Buckman to approve the 2016- 17 Master Contract. Roll call vote: Buckman - yes, Krebs - yes, Obrige- witch - yes, Procive - yes. Meeting adjourned at 7:41 AM. Alice Berger, Business Manager Anthony Krebs, Board President (May 19) ABBREVIATED NOTICE OF INTENT TO AMEND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES relating to n.d.a.c. Chapter 75-03-21 Licensing of Foster Homes for Adults North Dakota Department of Human Services will hold a public hearing to address proposed changes to the N.D. Admin. Code. Room 210, Second Floor Judicial Wing State Capitol Bismarck, N.D. Thursday, June 16, 2016 10 a.m. Copies of the proposed rules are available for review at county social services offices and at human service centers. Copies of the proposed rules and the regulatory analysis relating to these rules may be requested by telephoning (701) 328-2311. Written or oral data, views, or arguments may be entered at the hearing or sent to: Rules Administrator, North Dakota Department of Human Services, State Capitol - Judicial Wing, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 325, Bismarck, ND 58505-0250. Wntten data, views, or arguments must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 27, 2016. A'I-IENTION PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: If you plan to attend the heanng and will need spe~al facilities or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the Department of Human Services at the above telephone number or address at least two weeks prior to the hearing. Dated this lOth day of May, 2016.