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Beach, North Dakota
May 15, 1941     Golden Valley News
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May 15, 1941
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~h shoppers Monday Mr. and Mrs. Vance Curlis and ~an. Robert Sonnek, The recent home of Mr. and Mrs. I baby spent Sunday with Mrs. Curl- Morrison, who has visited here sev- Bur! Wocdburn, just west of town Its' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. How- eral times. She sends greetings to Henry Smeby. Mrs. F, e $u~ Burke and Peter Ha- was purchased by Mr and Mr:~. Bill lard. all her friends. rs Va#!~ [Rodgers from C. A. Anderson. I The young people of the M. E. Rev. O. Lewis left the firs'~ of .-'- $tffe sorry to learn that Miss Bety Bryce, who has been ]church entertained Friday afternoon l~ea - employed at the local telephone let a Mother's tea and program at the week for his home in Minne- apolis afterholdiing special meet- $thrup was ill and in the office since graduating from high I the church basement This proved t0 ings at the C. F. church for one each but hope for her school, left Sunday for Miles Ci~v'~e a very enjoyable time for the week. Many from Beach came over Kouba a:tended the lwhere she has been placed by ~ne n'cthers who were ~resent. to enjoy the meetings. While here dance in Golva Thurs-Itelephone company Betty will be on We!sh's birthdays and they, with Mr.. Lewis was a house guest of Mr. greatly missed here by her many Mrs Mengel received many pretly and Mrs. Wes~norel~nd and they MAY 15, 1941 THE GOLDEN VALLEY NEWS __ appeared before the Board In the / -----and Mrs. Marcus enjoyed Sneak Day IT hose present to enjoy the lovely: home. Tuesday afternoon The. load::? interest of a rifle range for prao- ~la ! at Dickinson Tuesday. A full day had lpicnic dinner were Mrs. D. WassmK ]e1~loyecl looKm2~,t?~o~n1,~,~tu~nYf ~n rice. The Board referred them to 12"00 Noon the Board adjourned n .... I been planned for them and they en- I and son and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Men- 1 procures Mrs ...... . .... .~..;, v- -.- ~ the Beach Township Board. epnew oi Anarew~ ~,,~a ovo~, h~, ,~ ~, Two Wib~uxl~el and dau~h'er from Baker, Mr. ]teresting places she nab vm:~ea wnne, and "reconvened at 1:30 P. M. witn J"~ ..... J ~'~ "" "~ " " ~ lifornia ~tt Jachman a rel-I~_,~ ~,^ ~'~'~-- ~n~ ~'~-'-- N--^n~n ]and Mrs John Mingel and son Mr I with her son Walter in Ca " I ailchas.memberSPurvisPresent" appeared before the hel she Board regarding tires for the s.,. from Wrested, 'who attend Normal there were glad!and Mrs. Burton Welsh and son and Mrs.Scott writes has been?avinngI ay stoner guests at of :he opportunity to show them the lMr. and Mrs. Albion Welsh and Come,swops nan. ~t~r ~,esne -~" Y lCountYGeo. 11ammnndIia Machinery.appeared before the Board |n the interest of road . Sunday morning '~ sights at the college. After a fine ] children. The occasion was also in I trainmg camp May ~t.n.. and. ~ ! zorn: where they evening program ~hey returned -othonor of Mrs. Albion and Mrs. Burt- now in Los Angems vmlung her so I work in l~one Tree Township. some time } the'l homes ~ ~ Ar bur and her sis~er-in-iaw, ~ar~. Frank Itvigb appeared before the Board and leased the west p;trl of Lot 6 llloek7 Original T~,wnsite nnd four feet east ,,f tl:e driveway at South Side ot All of section 35-141-104 was sold to Peter Teacher for the :,.ppratsod price of $640.00 under contra I ,qA~:t the (h)w payment was pli i. The NEV, nf Section 34-141-t04 was sohi to XV. |~. Allen for the apprai.~ed~)rice (,f $200.00 under (,,~ntracta'~d the d,)w'n [)avment xva.~ paid. Land find Lots were sold and Frank PAGE SEVEN roads .................................. 7.25 Fred H. Stacker, Dragging roads ............................... 9.75 The Texas Co., For Gas and oil ............................... 47.77 Curtis Sill, Repair work .... 8.5ff Chas. I'urvis, Tire repair 4.75 F. M. B. Electric Ser- vice, For Oil Filter ........ 19.56 S'orensen Machine Shop, Hepair work ................... 42.55 Olaf Thorson, Operating patrol and repair ............ 171.95 Peter A, Teseher, Operat- i~ g patrol .......................... 49.50 1)(maht Kit tleson, t)perat- ins l~rader and repair work ........................... 186.00 G. tI. \Vassman,. ()perat- ins tractor . ................ 98.70 Lewis Odland, Comnaiss- issioner's Service ............ 11.6~q T. A. %Vosepk;~, Cotnlnis- ~t~)llOl"~ .~e rvice .......... l 5.8,~ 5:30 1'. M. th~ lhmrd adjourned to meet Monday, May 19, 1941. (Signed) LE~,VIS ODLAND, I : hairmfln og tile Board of County Commissioners. Golden Valley County. North Dakota. Rtx deed~ as follows: To Attest; I)under L,,~s 4 & 5 Hlock 2 Ilunt- Minnie Smith. ........ friends, but all wish her success in gifts. County Anditor. MaybellC:?oh,:stotne.wen her new location. ~ The ladies of the Cottonwood were all dinner guests at the follow- er's 3rd A( dittos, To A. E, Wood- ing homes on different days during ward L,,t i; Blo~'k 6 Hun~-r's 5th Gohlen Valley County, Addition' To Hollis Adams Lots North l)akota finn Was taken to Beach Many carloads went from here o Homemaker's club and their famil- the week, Glen Scammons, C. A. ~n 1l ,~',' 1o Blockit Hdnter'.'~ 511~ l is now under a dec- attend the Annual Music Festival in ies were royally entertained tpy their Steele E. B. Sherman George Hen- --, " " " .~t'MMONS ~e. Mr. and Mrs HaroldGlendive Saturday, where music lop- husbands at dinner Sunday at the sans. 'Simon Hazeltons and Burton state of North Pal{eta, e up to see he' ~ ers gathered from all the neighbor- a wonderful time Walter left for Welshs' The pictures painted during County of Golden Valley, and fou.~ .~_ Satu.-ins towns to enjoy a day of music"~-~al Mrs Osbv and Mr Warden In District Court, Sixth Judicial District, ,,'~ ~er some- .. . - - to '"~" ' ' ~ . the meetings were soldfor thecost . ! ~vt~ France Payne was nostess ~entertained the group with mterest-of the material used. E.F. Sellman, ars. John Ix ........ ',the ~ew and So Club at her home iw" ,~ic'uresMr and Mrs. Irv Plaintiff, bering of fri~nH~ ....~'Wednesday afternoon A damty lunc rr~.t~.. .nil Mr Ueckert .~I('E 're ALl, ,I'XXP&~EHS vs. -,,- , ................. and Mrs. , PIP GOLDEN VALLEY Marjorie F. Bucknell, Ed- tinner Sunday ........ ~ was enjoyed by all. Sr ard their daughter and her couNTY ward J. 3,Vrlght, E. J. mann and An~t'r~w ~',,~ At a recent meeting of the Amer- h~sband from Sentinel Butte were Curtin, Golden V a l l e y ........... n Pursuant to the provisions (~f County, a mnnlcipal cor- ~h shoppers Thur - t lean Legion Auxiliary the follow~ g t a~so -uests poration, Edith McLeod, saay ] . ' g section l, of Senate ~H x~,}- -. for to advise the Township Board rs Otto - - officers were elected for thecoming ~.o ixr ~ 'T' TT " e that claims sent to the county (]eorge C. Welch, Jr., John~. ~,, ............. held their r gul- L. 1941 which will become effect- Mms Ruth Clartn and year. president, Mrs Floyd Keys, I ar lilee~ding at the Burton Welsh lye July 1, 1941. board for p~tyment for road main- Thos. J. Henry, B. J. Me- Notice ishereby given that the tenance within their respective kay, Mary Nine ~irst, and ! HarOld Zie~ :-.7 .... :vice-president, Mrs Tom Parker; sec. [ --__--~ Board of Township supervisors townships will not be allowed, all other persons unknown oar~n wereI k" cha lain I" 5:00 P. M. The board adjourned ~r guests at the, ~,~,+,,,~' treas., Mrs Alger Mee , P ', Ol~n; nll Pll DDfl of all organized townships, and and left in company with the claiming any estate or In- corporatedVillages will meet on Beach township board to view the cumbrance upon the prop- .......... Mrs. Ray Elsenbart; historian, Mrs. I I J| | "| .| l| |~| ~|| r~- ,he Board ,, Trustees of all in- terest in or lien or en- re. A J Z~.~- ...... Guy Hall; sargeant-at-arms, Mrs. N. ~/1 | |~/~|I~/BII~ z the secondMonday in June, and bridge on section 12-140-106 and erty described in the Com- .... ar~n drove ,~_ ~Zo,o,~,,~ and Mrs Jessie Mills/ the City Council or Board of ascertain the necessary require- plaint, " ~Unday to s 1~ ~,.~ .......... ments to repair it for use again. Defendants. willmeet on the second Tuesday HE$OLUTION THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA , Ziebarth,sP~o,,_MthersiMrs Mills was hostess and served a City Commissioners of each city mer, WhO I " In ViS~S,~loesavv Commissioner Teacher presented ~r 92nd birthda- i lovely lunch after the meet g. I _----. in June at the office of the TO THE ABOVE NAMED DE- ......``-~~ [ Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Porter and[ ~-~LAit MEETIN6 Clerk or Auditor for the purpose the following resolution and moved FENDANTS: ...~. or reviewing the assessment of its adoption: You are hereby summoned and I 1o1 I on of Glendive spent Sunday at l A~,~I 7, q~ll ..... district.Prperty Thatin eacheachSUChtaxpayeraSSessmenthas utlveWHERE~S'secretaryL B.ofReager,,the Countyexec" required to answer t)~e CompLaint [1 ~ 7ore ~R~ ::::~ =-: titled action, which is on file In r the right, on or before July 10th, Welfare Board has requl~lt~onekl l~aUX the Sutherland home. | The City Council of .each, ~o. of the Plaintiff in the wbove en- Coy rut The mes Aidofthe C.,. church] AD ~ I'.~V ns nAl:i to make application to the Board Golden Valley County for a trans- the office of the Clerk of the of County Commissioners or ap- fur of $600.00 to the Social Wel- District Court of the Sixth Judi- . urned from the! was entertained at the clubhouse on! Y " -"-- -" ~ -- Dick" cial District in and for the Coun- nll~la ermen Dan t;atterty, J. ~. - pear before such Board when act: fare Fund of Golden Valley coun- . Y where he spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. E. L.] lnson H. H. Halstead, M. P. Lob=t: Ins in the capacity of a Boars o[ ty as the County's share of Poor ty of Golden Valley and State of ~r ~lontl~ with his philo Watkil~, Mrs. Albion Weisn, Mrs.| gren,' Roy A. Noyes t and ~. " viewreVieWofr equalizatlonthe assessmentfr amadere- June,Relief the months of May and ofNrthyourDakta'answerandtheretot serVeupona coPFthe I | ThompSon being preeen, subscriber hereto at his offloe In Stipek and Mrs. Swart~ entertaining, tea of the regular by the assessor and equalized by Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED The mlnu the City nf Beach, County of Mrs- John Dotthlt and The annual meeting at which time/ meeting of March _ 3rd and the the local board,and has a right that the eum of $600.00 be and Is ~. Burton Do~thit and l Mrs. Glenn ~a~on was elected| Special n~e~a~nr~ov:dMoa~C~mo~[~oWe~ to appeal to the District Court hereby transferred from the Poor Golden Valley and State of North from the decision of such County Fund to the Social Welfare Fund Dakota, within thirty (30) days ~le ~1"o~1 M / reau a ~,v of Golden Valley County and that _. _ ties City tel president, Mrs. K B. Sherman, vice-ICaffertyand seconded by Dickin- Board and that if he faile to after the service of thie Summons make such application to the the County. Auditor and County upon you, exclusive of the day ot~ ~8 ..~ay with their mother[ president; Mrs. L. A. Westmoreland,[ eon~..... hie with the Auditor County Board the assessment Treasurer are hereby authortZe~t such service, and in ease of your _~, thit, who has been in[ secretary and Mrs. Mary Scammon,[ were"read and considereda.s fol- against his property and the pal- to make such transfer failure to appear or answ~r as ,~on the past week. ] freasurer. It was voted to buy one lowe: ...... No 1 transfer from I nation thereof for taxing pur- Upon being put to a vote all above required the Plaintiff will poses will be final, commissioners voted "aye" and take 'udgment a4galnst you ~y de~ .,.tier spe'tt tie Wee'-Iof Mrs I~wls' painted pictures for[ ~av~ngLev~'" Fund $1 154.,11; H. [ Dated this 1st day of May, Resolution was adopted, fault" for the relief demanded in mr sister, Mr~ ~ ~'|t~ ~h~',wh Tha hc~t~k .~erved a l w~'~r~A~ent F~eight' on pipe, 1941. The following bills were audited the Complaint. ..... aw. - .................................. ' r Dated at Beach, North Dakota, husband. /1~1~ 1,,~h [ $1005. Nlna Klrat, City_ Tre~:sure2 MINNIE E. SMITH, and approved by the County Wel- ~O Was a | ~ Pavln.g Warrants and Interest, County Auditor of Golden fare Board and submitted for pay- this 16th day of April A. D, Valley County, North 1941. rkel Dlckir~on Mr and Mrs L Heifer and child- ] v, 546 25" H W Blair, Agent, ment to the Board of County Com- ~y... " " " " .... " ell~cr.~en, $6 32; Dakota. missioners subject to personal JOHN KEOHANE, / ren of Baker called on friends and Fr,e~ght xrOnlev Wcounty" ~wo city [ property taxes due and delln- Attorney for Plaintiff, ~m~e_~te Welsh, Ruth/attended services at the C. F. churchI ~ap~s:"$5:~; 'N. W...Bel~, TelnNCo., [ at~ May 8-15 -- quent: Office and Postoffice Address. I ~OHHI~OH[RS' PRO Margaret LaMeres, cash aid Beach, North Dakota. ~. Marg~e l~altermeYerlFriday evening. [ local.s.ervlceand, t~t~l~s~i~'~ro[ for May .......................... 10.00 gn W -- en valley ,~w~, --- ~ -- May .................................... 10.00 n nlng he are instruct- [ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McLain Sr. [.~eail L'S $1l 27' Beach Library . Bert Mogle, cash aid for N~E ..... - , ,. ,, You, and each of you, will take ~endive schools snent]and Yvette, Mr and Mrs tester] c:.Uributt,,n::, $10~.00.~l~,~rl~'t~:Cr~' Mrs Alice Schaefer cash netice that the above entitled ec- lat their ' "-- Janitor WORK,2.~u; ....j,a..... [I ~ UIHb~~IR~|~|~ .... 000 ,. parental homes. [Parker and children and Clarence] ,,, Auditor's Salary, $ M. aid for May .................. - ..... tion Is brought for the purpose of ~. Stewart Stair and McLain Jr were Sunday dinner ~'~:" Lyons, He',lth Offi~el[s Samry, Sam Lundblad, cash aid for quieting title in the Plaintiff and May ................................... 15.00 deprlving you, and each of you, vatrvie ' ' one year $100.00; ~vi. l.... ..... , of any and all interest tn and to w were guests of]guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stainer Ped- o_,... ~9~ 00" L J Erickson Elbridge Sherwln, cash aid pareu.s s~,~.. ..... ' - ' for May ............................... 20.00 the following described lands ..... .. Mr. and Mrs ]er~on. Sa,a,'.y.$85.00; M~'in~l?~a'l~t3~ I State of North Dakota, Mrs Ura Wyckoff, ,;ash aid and premises situated in the Coun- .~u:may I Elmer and Vernon Zieler and girl 13tilitles Co~_s_treet l~g,,,,;, s C'o' | County of Golden Valley, for May ............................. 10.00 t~.' ,. L Mon[ana ~a~ot~ '~ .......... J. M. Still, CWB meeting 4.20 ty of Golden Valley and State of O ,_--A. Westmoreland friends from Baker were guests of Lights and Gas .and Power, $106:60; April 26th, 1941, 9:00 A. M. North Dakota, to-wit: ~w~ visitors ~n Mr and Mrs E A Brenneise last A.C. Mogle, Lanor on w aterma~,a~;/ A special meeting of t uhre,,oB~'ardC.W. Myers, CWB meeting 3.90 The Northenst aunrter (NE- Ida Thompson, CWB meet- 'l'wenty-ei~ht " " " " " $4.20; Claus l~.lsnovu,I,~T~'-~ ~" was called for the . l ~" ' lng ....................................... fittings. $2.52; State Tre,tsurer, ~;cTtleng th. eJ:r~lg:a~Lj:,,fnC~n(1 I)oerner's I;afe, meals for Sales Tax, $25.34; Smith Service transients .................. . Station, Gas and oil t,n pump cn- considering the appointment o[ a Mrs -- Saturday and all went to Glendive in o 5o ,/~ ot ~eetlon o _po H-- red Forty-two (14~) North, of ~ ' ~tarence McClain[ the afternoon. [ ~t1 Hnnge One Hundred three , ,'" a~ues City Friday to ] Albert Nix who has been employ- [ CI~nr'~Y HA'g'le~'~- i;;' P ' rV? the weekend, led by the gove.T, ment in connection I gine, $1 03;Crane C( .... creesfor :y ,l Nortl~en.t .uar,er (NE'/4) of well, $384.79; Golden Valley Lumb- ri r eipal ~lerldinn. si:~. ,.~eorge Hansen were]with the AAA Dep't for several years,[er Yard, material for street signs t and well, $5.42; Curtis 1000 Inc., .~eetlon Twenty (2~)) in Town- ~hlp One Hundred ~orty-one ~ors in Glendive Wed-lhas gone to Bozeman where he will[ marking tags for hall, $2.25; City ' M- [be empI0yedqn-t~le same department=] of-Beach, ~vatev u~e-in, h~ll, $L.2~.; (1411) North, of Hange One aBBey and son Edgar] Mrs. Mary Edlghoffer passed away| Germo Mfg. Co., floor wax and ~ Hundred q~kree t103) W~t, of n us.l~and at the Dickl~onl at the Wagner hospital last week[cleaner, $40.92; Logan Auto Service 1he Fifth Princlpnl Msridlnn. Snndry repah's and labor, $31.41; nnd the 8outh Half of the trllirty-gour (34) in Townah[p ~raay. They report himlwhere she had been a patient for| Art Engebretson, labor on ~ater- North Half (~V,N~,' o' Beet|on mains, $'-~ 00; Roy Tuttle,Sharp- One Hundred Forty-two (1'121 . ~.u~g ",ery nicely from hislseveral weeks. Mrs. Edlghoffer had| ening well drills,$6.00; Sawyer _~ton and thought he [been a resident of Wibaux county[ Hardware, Miscellaneous hardware, North, o lgnnlge One Hundred ame to come home Tues- for many y~ars, coming here from] $3.91; T. A. Gilman, Drayage; ~lve (10~) ~Ve~t, of the Fifth $X.00; Simpson, Mackoff and Kell- Principal Meridian, ogg, Attorney fees,$194.50;Hllda hl son of !Minnesota where she frequently vis-/ and ofdetermining adverse claims I ~ . Cnas. Dahl and,ite(l, having spirit the past wmter] Eliason, act. A. N. Eltason, Mls-. thereto. Further that no persun- (.ethtne,,u:~ hardware, $14.00. al claim Is made against you, or u~tl~e w_nere he was born I there. Her body, accompanied by[ Motion made by Cafferteyand either of you, unless you appear _ ~- a~ter finishing hiehlson George and his wife, was taken~seconded by Dickinson thatbills and defend this action. JOHN KEOHANE, bill of Hilda Ellason which was Attorney for Plaintiff, a snarled in Billings last'iback tO Minnesota for burial beside[ be allowed "as read except the Z~g ~- ~ars. Dahl attended ' her husband. They left Friday morn- | not allowed and the bill of Simp- Beach, North Dakot~t. son, Mack,,ff and Kellogg which Aprll 24 May 1-8-15-22-29 .~ ~onn's many friends}ing. Sympathy is extended to the[ waa ordered held over. NOTICE O'F ~PECI.AI~ EXEC|;- ~. cn.gratulations. -- i falnily. ! Answering roll call, Cafferty. TION SALE N(,ves and Thompson voted "Yes." ~t~ ana Wife of Beach were i Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Pl~sik 0f| Dlckinao.Halstead Lovgren, tu_~ ~ar. and Mrs. E. D. !Billings visited relatives here Men-[ Na~'s None. Motion was declared NOTICE IS HP]BEBY GIVEN ,uf~ay. They and Mrs. i day ol carried. That by virtue of a Judgment anJ Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Radar con- Decree In Fureclosnre ren.lered :h~'~ and Mrs. Heaton~l Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pederson oz[ ferred with the Conncil relative to and given by the District ,'carl 7-~ o. L. Mingel home in iGlendive were overnight guests of hisI abatement of general taxes on the of the Sixth Judicial District In ~na. yr. and Mrs. Flgginslbrofl'ter, Sit and family Saturday. I J,,hnston Memorial Hospital. This and for the County of Golden Val- was referred to the City Attorney ley and State of North D.dota. ;~1 xrom sOuth of Beach!They spent Sunday with Mrs. ~'eaer-[ for fl, rth,,,' tnve.~tlgation, and ent.ered and docketed in the for further Investigation. office of the Clerk of said Court ~eler o[ Baker were dinner:arson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fireman R. A. Novas and Tom on the 3rd day of May, A D. 1~41. ~r. and Mrs. Mingel Sat-}C&rlson. ~ 1 Gilman and Mar. T. M. Leverson in an aetion wherein Anion Rise ('ouncil relative to mo:'),:g ,he fire Fischer and Mary Fischer. hi~ n~ i T1 e ~01)1 We:sh 1|,,,'12' ~qS. C. ] ,,f the Teleph.'m,; ~o. me' with the Ins was Plaintiff and Gerhar'~t ~ers of the senior class town was the place of a fine family siren to the City Hall. After some wife, were Defendants, wherein "a~ ~y their adviser, M_~' :,reunion for a grand old mother, Mrs.i discussion it was decided to defer It was adjudged and decreed na Supt. and Mrs Scott ~Annie Mengel on Mother's Day.: action until further information that there is due and owing to can be had as to the advisability the Plaintiff upon the note attd of euch move. mortgage therein described, to- " ' il City Health officer Dr. Lyons tether with costs and disburse- met with the Council relative to ments to date of Judgment and CARS L o, cow. etatutory attorney's fees, the s.l"~ which milk Is sold In the pity. of Nine Hundred Six and 02-100 JSED Building permits were granted ($906.62) Dollars, which |~dg- , to Carl R. Davis to eonetruct an ment and Decree, among other addition to hie service station to thlnge, directed the eale by u,~ Of be used as living quarters, and to the real e~rtate therein and here- toilet on his premises where sew- of said Judgment wleh in- MACHINERY [ er connections are unavaib~ble, tereet thereon and the cost, H. H. Halstead wa~ s~leeted,. In- of ~le, and , ,bY virtue AND specter of Electlone f~r tk~-iil~_ of a Writ of Special 1~,ecution lal City glectlon to be held MaY to ~e l~u~ out of the office let, lS41. ~ the Clerk of ~Id Court and nhd~r the zeal o~ said Cnurt dt- Motion to ad|o~r~ to m~t 9~ -~, 7 ".t~ng me. to:~8~11 ~t~ r~)_ pr,~p: C, O. ~r~s, the hlgl~ bidder tot Oaslt at (2tty Auditor. 1, publle auction at the front dour of "h0 Court .~t~se in the Clt~ of Beth. County of Golden Val* ILAL MBI~'FING APmlL II11, IOdl . on Monday, the Nnd day of June' .. Tl~-City ~ln~l ~ I~..h ~I~. ley and State of North Dakota, MODEL | 1941. M~ygr R. W. Johnson ~nd A D. 194I at the hour uf ten Aldermen Dan Cafferty, fr. k o'clock in the forenoou of e&ld~ day, to s&tiefy said Judgment - - - ~ D|ckinson, H. H. Haletead, M. w|th in~erest and costs thereon, Lovgren, Roy A. Noyes and H.R. aL'~ut~ and the co~-te and expenses o~ CHEVROLET COUPE , Thompson "were present.] draSe~i--dbV--?--e~Ht/~:'" eaa~na2-'"~ 1 ~ra :P~'t~lr'~'" sale, or so much thereof as the' An application for a street light I proceeds of said sale applicable at the eouthwest corner of Block tItitt, keBl:k ~ ~lJ ntp ~-~-.. 25.33i thereto will satisfy. -_ --' 9 In Hunter's Third Addition filed , ~yii s ~"I ~~, ~e~i:'~V'ii :': !~!I~i~!i ~l!!i i~:(~I- i- ~ . &....,~i .~11 The premises to be wol~I .~: CHEVROLET, GOOD BUYED TRACTORS I by Mrs. Daisy Rice was referred ] aforesaid pursuant to said 3U~g': to the Street Light Committee for ment and Decree and to sat@ investig~tion, fi 000 Writ and to ttiis nuth'e are des- IBER OF NEW AND US ----.----. Ciy H,a Of eer Dr M W. LY- ons conferred with the council cribed lu s0Ad Judgmer~t, Decree ~~tALGOOD HORSE._._ CULTIVATORS_ --- "]relatiVehealthandwereitealt h.A financlaltherreferredPrt?etin't testingmatters..tatement~ to thef dairy cattleThesePertai~dngofBOardthematterScltytO,,f ii~!ii!!i~i/i/'e~!ii!~i!ili(@~" :!'i~" ~i ~ili~'.'';:!ii[": , ~ i :~~l!i~i!i~ !~_ ]!~i i:: I~iiil iiiill i "il i:. ; ii:i ii~i !i~ : !!::~ iii' -:i i~il2':.i and Writ. anderihedTownshlpeaat~eeiion Enut Hnlf of rheas O.nnrter folloWS,Twent y-elghtOueare llundr~lt'wlt:{ E~/~N E~/4 ) known and dcs~(~)North..qPhir,,nfi~a GOOD BULLS AND A NUMBER OF MILK COWS H,,ti Ope,'atlng Fund for the past "i t 'r "ei~h t t13~) Nor(h of P~tnff,~ ve;tr~ revealed the fact that a Mr. Murl)hy .. the - One Hundred Five (10if0 We~t* raisev IX: for dances sponsor- Tractor & Equipment C,,mpauy R. 1,. Zin'ql. Repair ~vork 27.60 of lhe i,'ifth Principal Merl~ ed b.' side partie~, to $17.50 and appeared before tl~e Board regard- Tr:Lctor & Equipment C,,. dlan in (]olden Valley CountY, SEED-OATS.CREsTED WHEAT GRASS SEED f,,,. those sponsored by local par- in~ c ...... tv road machlnery. For Used No. 7,1 Adams North Dukota, . ties to $12.00 and t,, elhnlnate the Henry ~rhoemk~ al,Pe~i-red before Tandenl l')rivc,die~*.l together with the hereditanak~nt~ the che:k room and for floor wax. Ins the coup tv equity ill the I':~ui I)u,,bam l,vn;~t,,~r 'o. Sop- longing" or in anywise appertain-" Moving the fire siren was dis- Thoemke Es'tate. No agreement plies ........................... 3.58 inS"ated at Beach, North Dakota, { VESI cu:sed but no action taken pend- was made. Ohtus Rtsh,,vd, For ptpe i~,% further i.~lvest!v.~.t!on. John r~rown and Norman Run- and scre-n on patrol .... 1.10 this 3rd day of May A. D. 194 . ,~otlou made by- Cafferty and Butte Township Board appeared Chas. }'. Reed, For 3 cans GL]~NN P. COO~ seconded by Dickinson to adjourn, ions Jr. members of the Sentinel ,,f S l'c,) .............. " ........... 2.30 Sheriff of Gblden surfacing of the road north of Repairs .............................. 18.02 ta~ Bed ,. N.D. M,,tlon carriedi. W. JOHNSON before the Board regarding the Ma~or, Sentinel Butte,Arrangements for Tractor and Eqiupment Co. ~O,HN KEOI~IA~I~f Attest: the work will be considered later. Model No. 42 Elevating C. O. HALVOR~N, Juck C~llal~an and D. M. Snow garder, less used NO. 42 Be c , ~. City Audltor. repreeentlng theBeach Rifle Club grader ........................ ..---. 2570.00 M~y 8-$5- g