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Golden Valley News
Beach, North Dakota
May 15, 1941     Golden Valley News
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May 15, 1941
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MAY 15, 1941 THE GOLD] N VALLEY NEWS PAGE 5 Music By Don and His Melodiers K SATURDAY, MAY U, 1941 , Tickets 45c and 5c tax ' " i FREE-16 Gallons of Beer at Shepherd s Bar i'|,,k highway NO. 10 was read ~----------~- " ~ rtr~ .-I r~ ~ NOTICE--All cars without 1941 ll-, A GOOD DEED lo 3couts Are Luster lrall Io cense after May, 15 are subject to 10c On May llth a large, group of _}'Ue~14' H~ * xltatlol: to a~tend a Zone Conference Y la day penahy, and the owner shall/friends and r~eigbors gathered at the rme lVlPPhna ,o be h~:~ at the: p~a~e on May ]F~.~s~ I;,,...~ W/~ll gh~-, Nalh~{-WJoL# L [also be arrested and taken before tTeddy Blue home to heip Teddy put W~W~ ..~vva.t.a~19th ]LflUIII~ Ythly ~11 UFUII ~2~t, Tv ~t st[ the judge. Please .bear this in miner, ' ill his crop. Due to the fact that Mr, ~ LIu:~ Coutts reques:ed that anyone ~ {and get your heense now. Sta,e Blue had the misfortune of getting ~ouna.~.#ons. meeting last Monday havi1:g tents that can be used bJ: "he .... ~ i - from Medora[Highway Police Patrol. his collar bone bro~en he has been per #f cluo voted to Be, Scouts , ~ rne ~oy ~cou[ lroop of Beach I Waldo Boe]ke was up . purchase a 5 ~hen they go ~o cam " o! unable to get hzs work done The IN . P , Monday making arrangements f r .ob ~High school band out of ale asked to please contact him sponsored by. the ..BeachLmns are ~ " f te Trail Dude 11 e lef he first of the kind assistance is greatly appreciat- u .... ras oe ~,,~ openmg o. the Cus r End Wa ac t t ~u ...... y Day expen- .. , . e dlawmg of the prize Lion .~^.__ .... ... ,~.~.~ ..,~ ..... e.qvo ~ranch. He is planning a dance to be week for a business trip to points ed and Mr. Blue hopes some day toIr Pla At th . mazmg rap| neactway ~owa - R~eet~n~UI~ o~ng placed be- uolanos name was drawn as the win- :~'~":~,~,d~hlf*:~n'i~i~'~"wl"t~al~ I held in the Lodge on Saturday night in Minnesota expecting to be gone for be able to repay is nmghbors. ~-..,s uy t ion Reverend net oi the prize furnished bv Lion ~""_ ........... ...=....._ .~7.,- __ __:!Mav 24 and on Sunday a ranch several days His chair at the bar ..... D ~alsotl., stated_ that the G:rl t~"~an, ~ and Rohan. " i mos~lth.i, ~..~,~f,,,,tevery memuer ..... i ..... nawngf~ pus~eu, rodeo~ will be held Mr Boehlke has[ber shop is "being handled by barber NOTICE.' Jr*"I ,:" need_of five dollars -- -- I-~*~, ~='~'~'~'~'~/ ~'~'"~':":~.: ..... m !discontinued his beer and liquor li-[Nellermoe during his absence. [ I will be in Golden Valley county .~l~Ap~d-e.V~ ~nelr club dues. ~.~---- ~P.....~.__|_.L_J I-.."/.. :?=='..".~:'~.:.~'2:^':.:"..=='..'"~vt Me"lcense and from now on dances willl ~ [the first part of June. Anyone who :~.~," o C bUlllUleLeu ................. I be held in the large lodge instead of . ]~mhes to have a cam built, leave F~D.~: The members of :h |~ ..... ! ~drtl;:fah:~'e:neYn~dn't:'and ~":velthe barn INOTICE--I will be out of ~own Mon-[word at the AAA office or write to director of the playWild * .......... ~ e t~oiaen v auey[ ......... ~ ..... q t .......... a ~.t.~, I - I day and Tuesday of next week. In j me Prices are somewhat the same er" wh" - ~---= ~,~u a~nerea a~ tne Will- t'~uc~vcu t~tlt~*~ lit:tsKc~vttlv* .... ~, ..... : " ~El~ ~V lch is bein~ s~on-~ ............ t o. : n | l l L-~ ! | ] ] case of emergency contact Dr. E. [ as last year. ~e ~ club, was pre~nt 7nd ;in~~-^~ree~- aam las~ ~unoaY and ~I Ila~:s. ~ ........ h~if* ' ~aseoall caeoule , ~oonan Wibau~ =ont. Dr. ~. W. I ~v S~OST u~a words a ,,-~.=u ~zm projec~ so /na~ ~rees: ~ne ~l'oOp IS practlcutg ~ ~ ............ T,vnn~ ' ' " .~t .o~ ~a.~avsf r~'~.~ '~Th .... )out the play. may be planted and protected i plan whereby each Scou: saves part l __ ............................... ' ~lay and the uI~-~e further. Only two members from Beach of his earmngs .twards buying, hxm. May 18, Wflhston at Beach ] ' '~ C2~Li~s ontrac~ wxthcould attend the'- be[n- Hank We self the full uniform and paymg his[ May 25, Beach at Glendive ~1 ] T ~;n renderedjahl~n an:d JhT cDi:d2J?~a~soM::rxt 7:d[w~/i:h ~la;CBI~ta-i~a~" as scout Master ] JUnn: J' 2niddnlY, atopB:ach ] Let's Sell That Extra Pound ........ I ~m,,~. -:-~" . saxophone spent the day fishinz I and Charles Meyer as~ ~ Assistant, I June 22 Beach at Miles City | ~___2TM euJoyect. She was - -" i the troup has adV,{need much faster ~ "June 29' Beach at Williston t IIf every person uses one extra pound of butter during the next ~tl,, ! ~-' the piano. SI.INDA"~: ~~urtuttL CONVENTION ......... l; than~ anticiPate~~. and "is farther- I ~lul-, 6. ' Glendwe at Beach I| the ~tJon's butter sm'plus will disttppear and butterfat pHees will r~ents ~7,'~" ' ., , ~ I ahead than. ~nany troops that have ] July 13, Beach at Sidney. t l~tay Ul~ Advertising Will sell that extra pound. Contribute one' ! -:!:~ were - .... ' un ay, Ju e 1, is the date set for : .," I , I| per pound on your butterfat sales from Juno I to 15 to the adverffa- | ~uman Johnson, S d n 'been organized for a much ranger July 20 Beach at Miles City ~L .... --~,,c-a as a nom- the Count,, s,,n~., ~,-~^, ....... i perJod of time ! July 2% winlston at Beach ~l ....... l ~ .to present at slate tion which wnl ~ hel~ i- +h ...... The Scouts have been hawng a[ Augus" 3 Beach at Glend~ve i| | IV" ornce at the next Methodist church:'- the two se.i,m,[htle troublefindlng enough e ores tel August i0, Sidney at Beach !| . i | ~--- = beginnine -t 1-30"P M and 7"~P [fulfill their earning requirements, I August 17 and 24, open | NORTH DAKOTA DAIRY PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION | ~)~man. sU~mltted an estimate M r~^~-:--'-" " .... ~and anyone wishing their lawn mow-] August 31, Miles City at Beachi| ! to be p aeed or ,- led, their yards e eaned, errands run, I September 7. Beach at Wflliston I I ITS s rz : ||.~-- .~,u~s hill advertising r~cted "to "~dve th-e" or any other cadre that a 12 year[ September 14 Glen|re at Beach I| l F V~/~ ~ GOlden Valley It Schools from ~mb .... ~.ra~,~. r~m~ ] old boy can do are requested to give , ....... __.~.~ rect such a sign t~_..~..~ ~a.~ q~-,,tto.= ~,.,,..~]the Scouts a try at showing their[ WILL WED II ~- "Ll~s~ he State Hlghwa ...................... }ability ] Announcement of the engagement --~ ~ gran $ ~ub~ ~xtvxut, ~vutrra, oornam anct " ~ ~n~ :Ung permission tot Frvbur~ have been i-vi#,-a .,, .~t-o I The scout indoor meetings have, and approaching marriage of Miss H g'~ ~ ~ ~'N 1" - ~~ oa ~vlng- n'part in'the program .......... |been de,o dao, r of D It" E L 1 A L m _ ]requirements, signalling, knot tylng,]and Mrs. John Bosserman of Golva, ~ "~ | ] I first aid, and citizenship, with their[t0 Mr.. Donald rifts, son of Mrs. Hll- ~ ~f~d'~'l~l'irllk"~ A't~T~Y ~rlnlYI ~ ~| '~'~ . t " outdoor activities devoted to games| mer Lind~trom of Carlyle, wu made t m LUltlD - " - AINI IILI, " H s- * . r ........ [ [ and hiking. They participated in the | recently, m " m ~ N ATI TRD l V M A V 1 ~ ~. tree planting project at the Odland] ' MiSS Bosserman is a graduate of the ~ ' dr, : alUIUt$/'tl lVl/qkl l.~ ~land along several creeks helping to,IBlsmarck Evangelical school of nurs- ~ ~ ]~#~ l~]~t~ ~l[ ,_ Ir ,. | ]plant nearly a 1000 willow cuttings !Where "she has been employed. ,~ O It' U| .LUt5 , .~ ~ ~ ~Ig~,r~. ~__.__ ~W l | n 1 ~ I which are doing nicely and next year. ~,~. Virts is a graduate of the Den- ~ ~ s ~-~-,, for ,oc. also nea lar ; [it is hoped that the project can be ~e Bible Institute and ~s at present ~ ~PI~'F~'~k/" ]l~tDl TP ~rl~tDl ? | t doubled, employed in Bismarck. *~ I,lll llw ,' ll I ]['kl ~:~-,B .~ i m |! ~ ] Whe wedding is scheduled to take B ~ .-.,--.---v ~ v " " B ', e luen- ~] GOLVA HOMEMAKERB CLtI~ place In Beach at the United Breth- ~ ..... S .~ ,m |1 ten church on Thursday, May 22, at ~ O . .! ll~ d'l(ll| t"ll"V ~ 1" ' ~" ~" ~ |] " e Gol~'Homemakers clu 9"30 a m. .. ,m ~ee you at me tree ulo tvme rronc m t |1 Go va--T b ". " _ d d B . # I met at the home of Mrs. John BOSS- BETTER BEWARE~ J H] IH: : " Ierman n Thursday" The table was w " I H le m I The party he took the lawn mower add P es- Cookies - Cake . Ice t for cafeteria serving... Mrs. Flor-from the loaalng pl,,,o,~ Dance Saturday Night ence Hudson prestdmg at the coffee is known, If not returned immediately ~ - ~ [ [urn and Mrs. Hammond at the other action will be taken mmsm m= ~ mt I ~ I | . r~lH~ ~ ~__ | ~" 1--I ~ff 11 | I ed of the table served the h t -" h " ~BB i [] I ~ I I ~J ** ~.2 m , 0 CUS ....................... t" all{I itlalte{l ITIIIKS Y I (After the regular business session -- |) Mrs. Bosserman demonstrated making I I] ] if angel food cake and showed decora- [itions for same. Several recipes were I copied. The club ~scussed "check up t luncheon" to be held June 12 and --. | )made plans for it. There was a good " ;' attendance with several visitors, Tlle mm m next meeting will be with Mrs B ELMER'S PLACE | - Figgens on Tuesday, June 10th. Notice change of date as regular date would be June 12th. 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